20th Century Fox is celebrating its 75th anniversary and published some beyond-cool altered logo posters using some of their most classic movies. The studio is showing off the beautiful work on the front page of an anniversary-specific website and it jumps out at you with stunning color. Only hours after posting a lazy Iron Man 2 poster, we are proud to present these beautiful odes to movie genres.

You may actually disagree with some of the choices to represent certain genres, as they are suggested on the bottom of each poster. Be that as it may, they are awesome and look great. No complaints are justified and I want all of these in my apartment.

The movies honored include: Walk The Line, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Ice Age, Patton, Independence Day, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids, and Alien.

And that’s what we call simple, yet satisfying art. I love how studios are more lenient these days with their logos, allowing filmmakers to play with the look and match the logo with the story or theme. On the website you can actually enter into a contest to win $75,000 in Blu-rays, DVDs and posters.

Source: IMDb via 20th Century Fox