‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Producers Talk ‘Venom’ Movie & Spider-Man Joining ‘The Avengers’

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amazing spider man venom avengers Amazing Spider Man Producers Talk Venom Movie & Spider Man Joining The Avengers

The press junket for Amazing Spider-Man provided producers Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach with an opportunity to discuss such topics as the Venom movie spinoff, and how it will imitate TASM‘s modernized, grounded portrayal of the Spider-Man universe.

Arad and Tolmach also hinted at their intention to follow Marvel Studios’ example and maintain narrative continuity between all upcoming Spider-Man films (similar to the planned DC superhero universe). Furthermore, Marvel’s Avengers success has increased the likelihood of a cross-over featuring Spidey, according to Arad.

Here’s what Arad and Tolmach told Crave Online, with regards to the Venom spinoff:

“As you know, Venom [in the comics] is defender of the innocent. The only guy he really, really hates is Peter Parker, Spider-Man. The reason you didn’t see more development on Venom in the comics is because this power that he was given, he knew who Peter was, he knew who Spider-Man was, so go kill him already. We always struggle with storylines and you see the new Venom books. It’s Flash in Iraq. We know that if we put him in a certain position and concentrate on the human, not on the creature, which I thought was a really good beginning in ['Spider-Man 3].”

Spider-Man 3 was heavily-criticized by fans for not devoting a sufficient amount of screen time to developing Eddie Brock/Venom. It didn’t help that the character was watered down into a stereotypical sleazy photographer, motivated by his own self-interest – instead of the over-ambitious journalist whose suicidal and vengeful desires fuel the Venom symbiote, after he is disgraced in the original “Amazing Spider-Man” comic book storyline. Tolmach conceded as much during the interview:

“The truth is he also deserves his own movie. We’ve been sitting around in a room talking about Venom stories and it’s a really full bodied complicated character, Eddie Brock and this character. Maybe people feel there wasn’t enough of a chance to unravel it, but we’re all in on him.”

venom movie spider man 4 5 Amazing Spider Man Producers Talk Venom Movie & Spider Man Joining The Avengers

Previous reports that Chronicle director Josh Trank was circling Venom has helped to generate positive buzz, and inspired hope for a more nuanced iteration of the Eddie Brock/Venom character – similar to the anti-hero/villain who defends “the innocent” in the comics. Although that stone was left unturned during their TASM interview, Tolmach and Arad did offer assurances that Venom will “stay close to the bible, stay close to the emotional story” of Eddie Brock.

However, Arad also alluded to the idea that Venom will modernize the character, saying (in a separate interview with Hollywood.com):

“[Pseudo-sceince] is becoming science. All these tidbits about webs, artificial webs, is a huge industry now. Spiderwebs have unique qualities that will be huge for communications, fibers, and so forth. So we have taken the approach that we want to make the huge amazing movie about Eddie.”

Arad’s comments are worth noting, as it’s been pretty much acknowledged by now that Amazing Spider-Man primarily draws from the more contemporary “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic book continuity. Yet, in spite of that, the decision for Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) to utilize self-made web-shooters seems like more of a throwback to the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko Spider-Man comics from the 1960s. That is, unless you look at it from the perspective that Arad mentioned.

amazing spider man webshooters Amazing Spider Man Producers Talk Venom Movie & Spider Man Joining The Avengers

Pete builds an artificial web-shooter in 'Amazing Spider-Man'

That the worlds of Amazing Spider-Man and Venom will “make sense with one another” in terms of tone and their comparatively realistic design, is essentially a given (according to Arad and Tolmach); hence, the two universes could organically mesh together in a future Amazing Spider-Movie sequel. Arad also offered a glimmer of hope for fans who’ve been hoping that the web-slinger could show up in a future Avengers sequel:

“Everything is possible. If something like that happens, it’s great for Disney, it’s great for Sony. If the right story comes in, we are now working on ‘Venom’ first. It’s our first out. So our thinking is in the right direction. ‘Avengers’ to me was an expected success so I never looked at it because ‘Avengers’ was successful.”

Will Sony make a serious push to get in on the billion-dollar pie that is Marvel’s Avengers franchise? The financial incentive is certainly there – and, as everyone should know by now, that’s ultimately the bottom line in Hollywood.

To cap all that off: check out a recent featurette for The Amazing Spider-Man, focusing on Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard:

The Amazing Spider-Man swings into theaters around the U.S. on July 3rd, 2012.


Source: Crave Online, Hollywood.com

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  1. Please no Venom movie until after he is introduced in the Amazing Spider Man movies. Or better yet, none at all. Venom can easily be introduced in the movie. But I just really dislike that he gets his own movie. The Spider-Man universe should be focused on, guess who? SPIDER-MAN!!!!

  2. This Venom movie sounds pretty weird to me. Venom a hero? Is he in the comics? I don’t know much about him, I gotta admit, but I always assumed he was just a nasty character.

    And do people really want to see a Venom movie? (apart from fans) I’m not hating, It just seems an odd choice. Would they be radically altering this character to shoe-horn him into a solo movie?

    • @motoko,

      Yes, Venom is a sort of anti hero in the comics. one issue comes to mind when he’s in an all out brawl with spiderman in a mall. A little girl starts crying and venom stops, changest hsi face to look more “normal” and tells her something to the effect of “it’s ok, i wont let that mean spiderman hurt you” the really does think he’s doing whats best.

      • thats just creepy.

      • Haha I had that issue.

    • NO, he’s not a hero. He will kill innocents if they get in the way between him and Spider-Man, because in doing so they become guilty in his eyes and deserving of death. He’s no hero, just a psycho.

      Keep in mind, though, we are talking about Eddie Brock. Flash Thompson actually has been an interesting Venom so far.

    • The article is a bit misleading. He started out as a villain for Spidey because Spidey rejected the symbiote and Brock got fired and shamed for publishing a fake story when Spidey caught the real bad guy. Venom has been shown to threaten Spidey’s loved one and rationalize it by saying they’re evil because they don’t see Spidey for who he is. This led to a run in the 90s that had Venom starring as a “Lethal Protector” who killed villains to protect innocents but he’s still crazy.

      These days the Symbiote is being used by Flash Thompson who is a spec ops soldier after serving in Iraq and losing his legs.

      • That’s all true, but my meaning was simply that Eddie Brock (with his original appearance in the comics) made for a more interesting Spider-Man foe – as opposed to, the version featured in Spider-Man 3.

  3. Well, how would they make a movie about Venom, without having the symbiote first apear on Spider Man? I’d like to see how Mark Webb would do this arch of Peter’s story.

  4. Marvel/Disney wouldn’t bother with an Avengers/Spidey cross-over unless Marvel/Disney had all of Spidey’s rights back. Why help Sony make money when the Avengers have so many heroes to choose from for sequels.

    • An Avengers-Spider-man crossover at this point would just not make sense. If not for tge fact that clearly the events in The Avengers movie clearly didn’t happen in the New York that The Amazing Spider-Man takes place in, the movies are just completely different aesthetically. It would be like Vincent LaGuardia Gambinni showing up in a John Grisham movie.

      • I believe what Speshlk37 is trying to state is the fact that the Avengers heroes are part of the same shared universe under Marvel/Disney studios where as Spider-Man is under Sony… meaning that the damage dealt to NYC in Avengers would have to be added to Spider-Man’s universe.

        • ok i had to hit the reply button to you because if i don`t it goes under magnolia fan`s comment.

          oops, used the word neither twice their by accident.

        • The way they could work out would be adding it into the last movie, in my opinion. That way they won’t have to worry about muddying up future plot lines either. Since this first one was his origin movie, but the third one he’ll be fully developed. Then from there he can pursue an interest in the Avengers. It could even be the very last clip/post-credits clip. He could see the invasion while sitting atop a building, sigh, pull his mask back down and swing off into the chaos. Since it was so large an invasion, there wouldn’t be any continuity issues if the Avengers didn’t see him.

          Really though, the Avengers movies really haven’t shown any shared damage things besides the little post-credits tie-ins and whatever Fury mentions. Granted, the only real chances at this point would be between Hulk and Iron Man, but even so it doesn’t seem like they were too worried about that.

          • I like that post credit scene bit actually.

            As for the continuity, there are lots of small things. Iron Man 2 is chock full of references, Tony Stark’s dad is in Captain America and even made his shield, of course SHIELD is in all the movies, and in Thor they reference Ant Man

            • I think to solve the problem of the avengers universe thing is that in the second spiderman movie peter could be heavily damaged due to his battle with whoever the villain is and is in hospital in a coma or something whilst thd fight in new york with the avengers is happening and in a marcel special mid credits scene you see peter awakening from the coma and seeing the coverage on tv

              • I actually really like that idea, maybe when he wakes up and sees the coverage Fury could come in and tell him to join the team. But, their are a whole bunch of other ways it could happen too. I’m just saying it is a clever idea, but I can almost guarantee it won’t happen that way. The reason Spiderman becomes an Avenger is because he needs their help, not the other way around.

    • I think with spiderman added to the Avengers it would rival avatar.

    • There were a lot of Civil War hints dropped and Spider-man has a pivotal role in that storyline. Also Sony is never going to let their rights lapse back to Marvel so this is the only way to do that story justice. Like they said, Sony wants a piece of that money.

  5. As many are saying, Venom has to be developed in whatever version of Spider-man is on screen. This new one needs to develop.

    Disney won’t have Spider-man in the Avengers until Disney has Spider-man. Avengers doesn’t need the box office boost. I think they’d rather Sony ran out of options.

    They could buy back Spidey at some point. But that’ll be when Sony is having trouble, and when they feel it’s worthwhile. They spent 4.5 Billion on Marvel, so it will be a while before they make back that money (and the money they “lost” not investing it elsewhere). .

    • I’m sure they aren’t too far away from recouping that 4.5 billion investment. I mean the Avengers made over 1 billion in its theatrical run alone. That isn’t counting the Iron Man, Thor, Cap America, and Hulk movies or the DVD purchases and merchandise like toys, games, etc.

  6. I personally would love a Venom movie. He’s probably the one character in the whole Spidey universe that interests me the most, apart from Spiderman himself. It would have to be cast very well though, not an easy character to play. (Carnage would be nice as well!)

  7. If they really wanted to do it, they could. It would be a bonus to Disney and Sony, help bolster their sequels, not that The Avengers 2 really needs it.
    The question is, does The Avengers really need Spider-Man?

    And the answer sadly, is no.

    • Which is a good thing, to be honest.

    • I agree.
      The company that would benefit the most from Spidey being in Avengers would be Sony.
      Sure, Spidey being in The Avengers would increase the gross a bit, but not that much IMO (most Spidey fans would watch an Avengers movie anyway).

    • Certainly not a Sony Spider-Man…

      A Marvel Spider-Man could fit just great into an Avengers movie though.

  8. I would hate to see Andrew Garfield doofusing up The Avengers 2. Please don’t bring him in.

    • Peter Parker is a doofus…it’s the character.

  9. When I read articles where producers (whoever this guy is) say things like,“As you know, Venom [in the comics] is defender of the innocent” I can’t help think about Kevin Smith’s meeting with Jon Peters. “Superman is from the streets!”

  10. The idea of the merging of the different studios to make one ultimate product is optimistic. So if son gives in and let Disney borrow spiderman for the Avengers, then that also means that the interjection of the Finatastic Four once its rebooted is possible as well. And since Fox won’t want to miss out on the cash cow, we can forsee members of the X-men joining the Avengers!! Maybe, I’m jumping the gun, but its possible

    • I hate to say it but All those characters in one 2 and1/2 hour movie seems like it would be a clusterf***. But I get the idea and would love to see Marvel pull it off :)

  11. I want to see Carnage in a movie! That’s all I really care about at this point. Spiderman… been there and done that. Venom solo… Not really interested. But I know Carnage probably won’t happen until it occurs so bring it on

  12. It would be a great treat, I think, if Sony and Marvel/Disney could somehow make it possible for Spider-Man to be involved with an Avengers sequel to some extent.

    I don’t really see much reason for Venom getting his own movie series though. He is one of these characters who I can see being a wonderful silver-screen nemesis for Spider-Man but just for one memorable movie, if made correctly.

  13. How about a Spiderman-Venon-Carnage movie. Where Venon becomes an anti-hero in saving Spidey at the last moment from Carnage.

    • Yes please

    • The Maximum Carnage storyline would make a cool movie, or even Carnage’s first appearance. That would have to be Venom’s second movie appearance though, Venom teaming up with Spider-man in their first movie would lose a lot of impact. Venom needs to be a true villian for AT LEAST one movie before he sets aside his hatred for a team-up, otherwise the relevance of that act is lost.

  14. Amazing Spidey 1 – Lizard
    Spidey 2 – Green Goblin (and a minor villain like Scorpion or hobgoblin)Spidey 3 – Venom/Carnage

    No Venom movie, just a proper part 3 with just the symbiotes, Eddy and Cletus. And clue up the captain stacy/gwen/goblin story in the sequel. Why’d they sign Gwen for 3 movies? Are they seriously going to stretch out what we all know will happen?

    just my take.

    • Please no more Green Goblin…

      Bring on new villains like Scorpion, Electro, Morbius!!!

    • I’d rather see Gwen than Mary Jane in the reboot movies. Mary Jane to me is a really annoying character.

  15. I would love to see spiderman cameo in the avengers, and avengers in spiderman, same goes with the x-men and others.

    • Yes, my thoughts exactly, a cameo if anything.

  16. the next movie should focus on green goblin and doc ock showing they work together and in the third build on venom and have mysterio or kraven as the main villain, then use venom and carnage, but somewhere they need to use rhino and scorpion as side villains.

  17. Well, correct me if i;’m wrong, but haven’t they already announced Amazing Spider-Man 2 for 2014? IF so, maybe they’ll introduce Venom there and them spin him off into his own movie.
    Honestly though, I don’t know if I would go see a Venom movie… I guess it depends on what they can bring to the table and what other movies would be showing near it’s release (but a Venom flick is definitely not something I’d rush out to go see on opening night).

    As for Spidey appearing in The Avengers… doubtful. (Kinda mad that he made that comment because now there’ll be even more crazy theories about Spidey being in Avengers 2).

  18. Not much good about this interview……

    ‘Man’-Lizard – “we spent a massive quantity of time looking at the jaw, the mouth the lips…..”

    If they invested such a huge amount of time they should have gone the extra 10 yards and made all that work with an actual lizard snout and match the Ultimates version of The Lizard.

    Venom – he is historically NOT a hero or even anti-hero and has been a villain for 20+ years. I believe it was only 5 years ago when they decided to turn him into an anti-hero.

    I have no desire to see Venom get his own movie and would prefer he remain Spider-Man’s nemesis….period.

    Spidey joining the Avengers – Please for the love of all that is sacred NO. I don’t want someone elses version of the franchise bleeding into the OFFICIAL Marvel universe Earth 199999. That would only lead to potential problems down the road and further obligate Marvel to have the Sony Spider-Man be in more Avengers related outings. Sony has their pound of flesh and if they are unwilling to relinquish control of it then they don’t deserve any more in roads that would leech off Marvel.

    The Avengers also has an already overflowing roster of more deserving characters waiting in the wings (Hank Pym, Wasp, Black Panther, Vision) without Spider-man, so he is pretty superfluous anyway.
    A thought though…..Does Sony own the rights to Spider-Woman? afaik they don’t so couldn’t Marvel Studios use her?

    • No true, he could be considered a hero when he and spidey faced carnage and crew

      • Not sure how that somehow turns him into a hero. Villains have, on occasion, begrudgingly teamed up with their nemesis’ to battle and even greater threat. Happens ALL the time but after the situation is resolved that doesn’t mean the villain suddenly turns to being a good guy. The two usually part ways and the villain usually says something iconic and cliche like, “the next time I see you we will be enemies again”.

        As I said……Venom has historically been a villain and he should remain this.

    • I like your style kind sir.

    • How did you get those letters to appear in “bold”?

      • What? You’re me so you should already know! Or maybe since you are a younger version of myself you haven’t learned that yet…..so if I teach you then I will always know……who taught me?! then paradox…../head explodes.

        Yeah ok, I’ll risk it…..simple HTML tags. http://www.austen.com/tutorial/

        be mindful….”with great power come great responsibility!” and I’m unsure what will and won’t wont work on this site. I do know if done incorrectly it can break how posts display below it ;)

        • thanks

  19. See here we go sony already talking about screwing up a franchise before it starts. First off I agree with the commenter s above when they say that Venom has to start off in a Spider-man sequel but to introduce him before his time is just plain stupid. The next Spider-man has to involve Osborn and The Green Goblin or at least show him in the back ground in the end Manipulating Octavis. Which if they did that then they could go the route of having Octavis being behind the creation of Venom, spurred on by Osborn. Either way they have to kill off Gwen, her death like Uncle Ben’s is a defining moment in the development of the Peter Parker/ Spider-man character. If the second movie isnt about the death of Gwen stacy, then it has to be the lead up to it.
    To the part of Venom in the involvement in the movies, I still believe that there are much better story lines that they can follow. If I where to have a say I would say that they should do the following start with Amazing. Then go to The introduction of Doc Ock and the Green Goblin as Osborn being his Puppet master and the death of George Stacy. The third would be the death of Gwen Stacy and Spiderman taking on the Green Goblin. The Fourth Introduce MJ and the black costume and Bring in Kraven for his “Last Hunt”, which should be at least a two parter. Then Bring in Venom.

    • Just an fyi but Sony doesn’t own the rights to Kraven afaik.

      • Kraven is a Spiderman villain so he should be covered by Sony. They do own the rights to all Spiderman characters for their movie properties. Marvel can still use the characters in anything but their movies unless agreed upon by Sony. At least as far as I know.

        • No, they don’t. This is the list of exactly who is attached to the Sony deal; Spider-Man: Spider-Man/Peter Parker, Doctor Octopus/Otto Octavius, Green Goblin/Norman Osborn, (New) Green Goblin/Harry Osborn, [The Lizard]/Dr. Curt Connors, Sandman/Flint Marko, Venom/Eddie Brock Jr., Betty Brant, Dennis Carradine (Buglar), J. Jonah Jameson, Ben Parker, May Parker, John Jameson, Joseph “Robbie” Robertson, Gwen Stacy, Mendel Stromm, Flash Thompson.

          Kevin Feige himself said that there are very few characters that are in a grey area (Scarlet Witch, QuickSilver and the Skrulls being part of that) and could be used by either studio but all of the contracts are very specific as to who is controlled by whom.

          That explains why we haven’t seen other characters like Rhino, Vulture, Mysterio and the like…..Sony cannot use them. I can only guess that when the deal was made they never dreamed of needing ALL of Spider-Man’s villains and only went with the big ones. Going with all the villains would most likely have been a much more expensive deal.

          That’s not to say Sony couldn’t negotiate with Marvel to use more characters but rest assured, it wouldn’t come cheap.

          • Then how was Sony in pre-production on Spider-Man 4 with John Malkovich set to portray the Vulture?

            • Did you miss the last sentence?

  20. Oh yeah and truthfully Kraven’s Last Hunt is still today one of the best Spider man stories ever done.

  21. Spidermn joining the Avengers is ineveitable. The current group of Avengers are no match for whats coming in the future avengers 2 and or 3. The merging of the other marvel heroes outside of disney opens the door and makes it easier to go in the direction that marvel want to go with the civil war story. it will eventually happen and if Disney is smart they will run it the way X-men should have been ran.

    • Wait, since when did Marvel decide they were going to adapt the Civil War arc in their Avengers films?

      • Thats the Superhero Registration Act that they were eluding to at the end of the Avengers

      • Kevin Feige said a while back that Civil War MIGHT be a possibility in Avengers 3…

  22. “Phase 2″ of the Avengers should include Marvel trying to get the rights to ALL of the franchises back! But unfortunately it most likely will never happen. :(

  23. I don’t have any problems with the Green Goblin or Doctor Octopus or Venom but why is everyone so adamant that they “have” to be the villians in the second and third movies. Do you really want them to have used up all three of Spider-Man’s archenemies by the third movie again! Come on, can’t we be a little more open to other Spider-Man villians then the “Big Three”, because Spider-Man has one of the best Rouges Galleries of them all.

    Personally I want Electro to be the villian in the second movie. I think he would be a great choice because he’s so different from any villian that they’ve used in the films so far (atleast before Sony got through with changing them).

    First of all, Electro has absolutly NO prior connection to Spider-Man before he became a Supervillian: He’s not family or a childhood friend or the parent of a childhood friend, He’s not a remowned scientest that Peter would look up to or who could act as a mentor to him, none of that. In fact Spider-Man doesn’t meet Electro until after he’s become Electro. That would create a whole new dynamic then what we’ve seen between Spider-Man and the villians of any of the previous films. (Side note: Sandman also has no connection to Spider-Man before being a villian in th comics, and he was most definitely NOT Uncle Ben’s killer, Ive got no idea why Sony thought that change was a good idea.)

    Secondly, Electro’s origin would make him in many was the opposite of Spider-Man: Max Dillion was just a regular guy until he got struck by a bolt a Lightning while fixing a powerline, and suddenly he has the power to generate and control Electricity. So he’s in the same position that Peter was after the spider bite, he realizes he has the power to do whatever he wants, and then he chooses to do exactly that and becomes a villian. That would make him different from the other villains used in the films so much, in that he doesn’t have that sort of victim aspect to his personality, he wants to be the bad guy, he wants to do what he’s doing and that changes the dymanic between the villan and Spider-Man even more. Though when I think about, we don’t even really need the origin for Electro, atleast not right away. They could do it like the Joker in Dark Knight and just heve him show up as Electro already then explain the origin later on, that way they could jump into the action sooner and have room to focus on Spider-Man deveopment or take time to set up future villans.

    Thirdly, Electro’s powers would not only look awesome on screen, it would introduce a new kind a fight for Spider-Man. Because Spider-man can’t just punch Electro because he would be electrocuted at the touch, so he would have to actually THINK and plan out a strategy to bring Electro down. It would just give the actions scenes a whole new feeling then what we’ve seen in any of thre movies so far.

    These are the main reasons I really want to see Electro in a Spider-Man movies and I hope its the Amazing Spider-Man 2. I jsut feel he would be a differently awesome villian if Sony does him right. Opinions anyone?

    • I agree completely, I have been dying for Electro. Also, Scorpion he was created SPECIFICALLY to fight Spider-man. That’s unique motivation compared to his other villians.

  24. man it would be so awesome if spidey was in avengers

  25. Hope spidey in Avengers happens, talk about a box office record.

  26. So looking at the clips in the video, I noticed the Lizard’s mouth going through multiple changes. It went from being human-like (when he is saying “I can save them”). Then there is the less-human looking mouth (When he says “You won’t stop me again”). Then there is the reptilian looking jaw-mouth that we see all the time, but then there was the protruded semi-snout shown in the sketch of the Lizard from a side view.

    As most of us know, Conners transforms gradually into his full lizard form the first couple of times he changes.(transformation time increases after his transformations occur more often) It looks like his mutations get more and more prominent as the movie goes on.

    It makes me wonder if it is possible that (considering that his behavior becomes more and more animalistic as the mutation grows worse) that he could come close to having a snout as his need for communication regresses over time.

  27. Venom movie? No. Fans of the character or just your ave. joe doesn’t want to see this film. No one knows who Eddie Brock is and when they do google him, they will see the awful Topher Grace from Spider-Man 3, thus placing doubts in your average movie goer’s mind.

    I am really excited to see this new Spider-Man but everyone should be rooting for this to fail and saying no to a Venom film. Every one should WANT the rights to go back to Marvel one day. The more people that get behind this thinking, the faster it could happen. Fans voicing their views in large waves can’t hurt. I liked Xmen: First Class but it wasn’t a very True X-Men story.

  28. The Lizard doesn’t look as bad as i thought he would :]

  29. No Venom movie, please. He is not that great of a character that he could carry his own solo movie, it is too complicated to make a Venom movie without Spiderman, and there are better villains needing to be addressed in Spidey’s world: Scorpion, Electro, Mysterio, and maybe even Morbius (this last might be to much for the kiddies, tho). And no Spiderman in Avengers, either. He was a later addition of the “come-one, come-all” school that anyone who made it to their doorstep: hero, villain, or whoever–could join, at least as relates to The Avengers. This ain’t “The Funny Company” (kiddie cartoon for the younger and uninitiated). That was a similar problem with Avengers, Justice League, X-men, etc. Even the fantastic Four to a much lesser degree. besides, there are more older characters more integral to The Avengers’ roots, that need to be addressed: Goliath (hank Pym), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch to name a few. And I suppose eventually we might have to add Vision or Black Panther (but let’s add Goliath/Wasp/Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch first). And villains: we need The Avengers to fight mandarin, Ultron, Kang, Thanos, and Skrulls first. So there are alot of issues needing to be addressed before the studios try to make the biggest Marvel movie ever with an Avengers/Spiderman team-up just to be greedy-guts. If for no other reason, it is wwwaaayyy too early for that, way too many other characters to be addressed and way too many tales to be told first.