Do New Toys Reveal ‘The Avengers’ Villains?

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What’s the one thing that we can always count on when a new superhero movies comes out? New toys. Yes, as the wise old Yogurt says in Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs, it’s all about merchandising.

Luckily for fans, the result of this merchandising extravaganza is that secrets from the movie occasionally slip out before the release date. Recently, some images of new toys based on The Avengers hit the web, revealing a familiar-looking alien villain.

A few weeks ago, Marvel Studios’ President of Production Kevin Feige definitively stated that the Skrulls would not be the villains in the film and that they wouldn’t be setting up a Kree-Skrull war. But at the recent Jakks Pacific Toy Fair, MTV Geek! found something called the “The Avengers Mighty Battle Skill and Strategy Game,” which featured figurines that look uncannily like the Skrulls.

So what’s the deal? Is Feige yanking our chain? When you see images like these, as well as the images from the canceled Avengers tie-in game, it becomes hard to dismiss the idea that the Skrulls aren’t in the movie. Or rather that something extremely similar to the Skrulls isn’t in the movie. And that’s where things get interesting.

During the recent Avengers Super Bowl commercial, we got a brief sneak peek at Loki’s army and in a subsequent poll, we asked Screen Rant readers to share their thoughts about who they might be. The overwhelming response from readers was that the villains were the Chitauri, otherwise known as the Ultimate Marvel Universe versions of the Skrulls.

Is it possible that when Feige says the Skrulls won’t be in The Avengers, he’s talking about the traditional Marvel Skrulls from Earth-616 and not the Chitauri from Earth-1610? Check out the pictures below and decide for yourself.

As some commenters will undoubtedly point out, the fact that this is a tie-in product means any and all theories related to the Skrulls and/or Chitauri must be taken with a grain of salt. Since games are meant to expand on the the movie, it’s not uncommon that they feature additional villains from within the comic universe.

However, the number of times that we’ve seen images like this pop up in advance of The Avengers, not to mention the set photos and trailer footage that we’ve seen so far, makes me really think that the Chitauri version of the Skrulls will be the villains in the film. If it looks like a Skrull, and it smells like a Skrull, then it’s a Skrull. Right?

What do you think? Do these images confirm your suspicions about the Skrulls or do you still think The Avengers will be facing someone else?

The Avengers opens in theaters on May 4, 2012.


Source: MTV

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  1. I was hoping you guys wouldn’t go all SuperHeroHype and post this, but oh well. Let the speculation begin!

    • I guess I was wrong, I thought for sure it was frost giants.

  2. the avengers vs green goblin

    • The Avengers vs. PINK goblin. :-P


      • Lol that’s a good one Vic :)

      • Still not as lame as Twilight.

        • Thanks for correcting my post. But now it doesn´t make sense anymore. You just should have deleted it instead.

  3. I thought it would be shatari cause from what I seen so far I thought it would be very close to the animated ultimate avenger movie even parts of the trailer look close to thet

  4. The aliens in the new Avengers trailer look similar to the ones in the pictures but a different color

    • Hmm. You’re right. They are a different color. I had to go back and look again. Good eye.

  5. Over at the hype ,
    The overwheming opinion is that it IS the Skrulls.
    But some think it coluld also be The Dark Elves .
    We shall see .

    • Then they should read that one interview with Kevin Feige in which he said the Skrulls are not in this movie.

    • Don’t Dark Elves use spears and swords? I’ve never seen one use a gun. If all we are seeing are toys and games with Skrulls and no other race, thats telling in itself. Why no toys or prototypes of Frost Giants or Badoon or Chitauri? Can they reallly keep it that secret?

      • But in the last trailer we actually saw the aliens, and they look nothing like the Skrulls.

        They certainly don’t look like these toys.

        e-weezy has it right, they look more like the Badoon.

        Most likely these toy manufacturers thought it would be the Skrulls, so they made Skrull figurines – nothing’s saying this is an official tie-in game.

  6. Kinda look like the Badoon but I could just be grasping at straws

  7. Um, IMO, these figurines don’t really look like images seen in the Superbowl spot…
    The head doesn’t look the same, the weapons don’t look exactly the same and the feet don’t look right either (the figurine seems to be wearing boots, while the images from the movie showed 3toed barefoot villains), this figurine is also wearing much more armor than the villains from the trailer.

    I could be wrong though… but it is possible that the toys and board games will manufacture multiple villains, even if they don’t appear in the movie (in the toys’ case, to make more money and in the board game’s case, to fill up the board with different characters).

    I would love it if the villains were Skrulls though (that, or Kree or Atlanteans) – those would be my guesses.

  8. Well considering the Avengers is pretty much following the Ultimates story arc with a black Nick Fury and all…….yeah, I knew it. Unbelievers, the lot of you!

    • but pink castings? PINK? Why the heck wouldn’t they at least use olive green or a nice dark purple. Who MAKES these choices??! You have to wonder if pink was the only color the manufacturer had left and they just shrugged their shoulders and said, “what the hell”.

      • It was obviously a DC fanboy who was in charge of the color scheme ;)

      • You know, I would love to someday see the Hulk fighting an army of those pink android Humonoid things the Leader made in the comics.

  9. Looks pretty much same shape (feet anyway) as the enemy falling from the sky in the new trailer !

    • The feet look nothing like the image from the trailer IMAO…
      The purple figurines are clearly wearing boots and loads of armor, while the aliens from the trailer were barefoot and didn’t have much clothing on.

      • I’ve been starring at the frozen images of the aliens in the commercial and have simply no idea where you’re seeing definitive proof of bear feet. The images are too blurred plus the feet are the same color as their armor. I do however possibly see three toes, but again, the images aren’t clear enough. I think taking into consideration that these are small plastic toy pieces that could not allow for exact representation of their film counterparts, that it is not completely unlikely that they are both the same characters.

        • I simply have no idea that you can’t see that they are bare foot and have three toes ;)… it’s VERY easy to spot.
          If you don’t have an HD tv with the capability to freeze frame the image with detailed accuracy, then just check out screenrant’s screen shots of the trailer… you can just as easily spot it there.

          • Yeah, thanks I have both. I can clearly see there are multiple digits on their feet (one appears to have three, the other two) but there is nothing in the picture that tells me it’s their bare feet as opposed to armored boots with multiple digits, say something like in the picture of the toys above. They make running shoes now with five individual tors for athletes, I’m sure a race more technologically advanced then us could figure it out as well.

            • Yeah, I’ve seen those shoes (the ones with 5 individual toes), and they look stupid.
              I doubt the badass villains from THE AVENGERS will wear those ;)

              Plus, in the trailer, it looks to me like they aren’t wearing much (a cloth to cover up the important bits, and soem armor here and there, but not much else) — so if they don’t even wear pants, why would they bother to wear shoes?

              • It looks like metalic armor to me and it looks like boots with toes. But we can’t be sure. I’m gonna stick with my opinion that the pink toy and the army in the trailer are one and the same. I guess one of us will have a good old fashioned case of “I told you so” in a few months.

  10. how about a lil side by side with the screen shots from the trailer vs. the comic version vs. the happy meal version?

    haha might clear some things up, either way i am stoked!

  11. Look at the gun he is holding and see if it matches the one in the movie

  12. I went by the trailer frame by frame four times and I couldn’t see any gun that looked like the toys, as a matter of fact it looks like some of them may be carrying spears

    • There have been pictures of similar guns in production shots (or snapshots from fans in Ohio). Not exactly the same, but similar. The guns on the figures could be variations, or the same weapon only “opened up.” Or these could be completely unrelated to the movie (like when they make Spider-man underwater costumes and such for toys). But the position of the costume on the figure, and the placement of horns and ears looks like it could correspond with the blurry stills we’ve seen so far.

      I hope they are Skrulls or even some generic alien army. For me, a little Thor goes a looong way. If the army turns out to be from Asgard you may as well call this “Thor and his Avenger pals.”

      • The army is DEFINITELY not from Asgard…
        I thought that much has been made clear now?

  13. wait, in the trailer loki’s staff looks it’s equiped with the cube from captain america that means that red skull must be involved.

    • bte i mentioned cosimic cube beacose on this picture it saise on the box battle for the cosmic cube

    • Not necessarily, have you not seen the after credits scene of Thor?

      • now i did.

    • Nope.
      If you take a closer look at Loki’s staff, it’s a small circular object attached to it – possibly an infinity gem (?), but definitely not a huge cube ;)

      The Red Skull won’t make an appearance in this movie…

  14. wepons look completly diferent, i think that figures are base on how charachters look in the comic so so they look same in the trailer.

    • *dont

  15. last one i promise, guy in the pic totaly is doing scrull pose from the figure.

  16. I’m willing to put money down that it’s the Skrulls. Not too long ago, I found an Avengers cover (with Super-Skrull on the front, mind you) that had robots/Skrull soldiers that were dressed not unlike the ones jumping out of that vehicle in the most recent trailer we were privy to. So, personally, I’m willing to bet it’s the Skrulls.

    Reason being that we’re not going to get a GOOD Fantastic Four movie anytime soon, so may as well throw the Skrulls into the Avengers, right? I’m personally hoping for some Super-Skrull action. Easily one of my favorite villains from the Fantastic Four, and Kl’rt is prevalent in other aspects of Marvel continuity than just the Fantastic Four.

    So, c’mon, Marvel, make me a happy man. Super-Skrull will make this my favorite Marvel movie ever. ’cause like I said, you’re apparently too scared to buy back the rights to the Fantastic Four, so throw me a friggin’ bone here.


    • LOL, I’ll be able to tell you guys who the villain is in 75 days :P
      (sorry INK, I can’t help myself anymore ;))

      • I´ll be able to tell you in 74 days. Couldn´t resist either. Sorry, Avenger…

        • Don’t count me out yet ;)
          I MIGHT be able to get my hands on some preview tickets (which means I MIGHT be able to catch a viewing in the 25th of April).
          It’s gonna be difficult to get a hold of em’ but for this movie, it’s definitely worth trying.

          • I guess i’ll have to stay off this site for at lease 2 weeks b4 the release here in the US.Why must you guys do this to me?lol

            • I promise I won’t blab about the movie ;) (and I’m sure Scape won’t spoil anything for you guys either)

  18. Just because this villian is in a board game doesnt mean hes in the movie… the board game could have thanos loki kane the conquerer ultron kree skrulls hydra and aim, doesnt mean the movie has them all…

    I am still waiting for more details of the movie, and not details of a board game.

    PS, I know you did the thing of who owns what marvel characters, but I heard that fox owns the skrulls because they were originally a FF villian, I forgot what site I saw it on, but it makes sense to me.

    • Fox only owns the rights to the Super Skrull. Marvel owns rights to the Skrulls.

      • Are you sure?

        • IDK… I hope your right, but I’m not sure Ghost.

          Its like fox owns the rights to iron fist but marvel own the rights to luke cage. I would think the skrulls are included with super skrull…

  19. They are The Neutrinos from Dimension X

  20. well if you were on tweeter a couple months ago clark gregg said that he had to go meet some skrull friends for lunch

    • Ever heard of a thing called a “joke” ;)

  21. “By Odin’s Beard”, what on pink checker board is this???

  22. Why are people getting there hopes up for this film? Has there ever been a good Marvel film?

    • Uuuuummm, YES.
      You’re kidding right?

      • no, they all suck.. I always feel let down after watching a marvel film.. and avengers will be the same, theres no doubt in my mind

        • Are you a Nolan fan? Just wondering.

          • If he claimed to not like one or two marvel movies, then I wouldn’t have had a beef with this guy (he’s entitled to his opinions), but since he’s saying every Marvel movie sucks, the word “troll” comes to mind…

    • Iron man
      The Incredible Hulk
      Spiderman 2

      • and captain america.

      • Marvel only produced Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and Thor on that list. Sony produced the Spider-man films and 20th Century Fox the X Men movies

  23. may is so far away!

  24. “The object Loki was carrying looked like a “Cosmic control rod”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Kang or Anihilus and his army of 200 with him…

  25. It sure seems like this argument for them being the sons of Muspel is RIGHT ON:

    • its not frost giants.Loki tried to kill them all, why would they trust him again?

      • The Frost Giants don’t know Loki tried to kill them…
        In their minds, Loki is actually their leader at this point (he helped them invade Asgard, and he’s the son of their old king, who, as far as they know, died in battle against Asgard’s warriors).

        BUT, the villains see in the trailer aren’t Frost Giants (as ‘Ken’ pointed out last week, the villains have three toes, while the frost giants have five)

        • it’s ninja turtles

          • the guns on the toys are the same guns from the set photos…

  26. Maybe it’s Mephisto and a bunch of demons.

  27. A friend suggested it may be Magus and the Universal Church of Truth, so if it turns out to be true you heard it hear first.

    • If I had to go out on a limb (and suggest something besides Skrulls/Chitauru, Kree or Altanteans), I’d guess that the villains could maybe be the Centaurians/Alpha Centaurians…

  28. I’m sorry man, I just don’t like any Marvel films.. Ironman.. Lame, Spiderman.. what a waste of some amazine characters.. Thor.. Natalie Portman = HOT, film = colder than my nan’s boob, X-Men = blah blah blah, First Class = blah blah blah, Hulk = cgi cgi cgi.
    Have I missed any?

  29. Oh Wolverine, I actually didn’t mind that one lol

    • Pff. Troll alert. Nothing else to see here folks. Move along…