New ‘Avengers’ TV Spots Reveal More Alien & Hulk Footage

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Hulk in The Avengers TV spots New Avengers TV Spots Reveal More Alien & Hulk Footage

With Marvel’s The Avengers now coming down the home stretch to its May 2012 theatrical premiere, we’re starting to see more promotional materials for the film.

Today we have both domestic and international TV spots for The Avengers, featuring new footage beyond what was featured in The Avengers trailer. And it all looks pretty sweet.

The Avengers brings together Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Hulk (new addition Mark Ruffalo) and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to battle the global threat of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his army of yet-unnamed aliens, who make a much more prominent appearance in the Avengers TV Spots below:


THE AVENGERS TV SPOT (International)

The Brazilian TV spot is not as cool as the domestic one (read: not as much new footage); however, both manage to showcase the combination of pitch-perfect character interaction (the signature of director Joss Whedon) and blockbuster-style action that will (hopefully) make The Avengers the total package in terms of being a smart, thrilling, epic, and respectable translation of its comic book source material.

So far, all signs point to Whedon and Co. having done a bang-up job with this flick. Marvel is also betting that the film will deliver, as Variety points out that the studio has invested a great deal of money to up Avengers awareness all across the globe:

With the Joss Whedon-helmed film assembling, for the first time, characters from previous pics, Marvel and parent Disney have secured an estimated $100 million in worldwide marketing support — Marvel’s largest such effort to date — from Acura, Dr. Pepper, Visa, Wyndham hotels, Harley-Davidson, Land O’Frost lunchmeats, Farmers Insurance, Hershey, Symantec, Oracle, bracelet-maker Colantotte and Red Baron pizza.”

After all, what was the point of all this if not to saturate the market with the Marvel brand? What’s that you say? ‘To deliver a film that fanboys can die happy after seeing? Nope, sorry. Pretty sure market saturation was always the end game…

The Avengers will be in 2D and 3D theaters on May 4th 2012.

Source: Marvel, Fandango & Variety (via SHH)

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  1. Just what are those aliens…

    • Ugly as hell!!! LOL

      • Forces of Hel? The realm of death?


        Definitly not Skrulls and not Kree, unless Loki messed them up with the cosmic cube.

        • Forces of Hel tickles my fancy

          • Disir they are Disir

    • Hulk fodder. duh!

      • I second this opinion

  2. Don’t know about anyone else but I think I’m good now…with all of The Avengers trailers. Yeah, yeah, looks awesome. Definitely looking forward to it but It might be getting to be a little much. A couple more trailers and it might water down my anxiety for seeing it opening night.

    • I guess they just can’t keep things secret. they are bursting to show us as much as possible. Just as long as there is plenty to surprise us with left.

  3. The new tv spot makes it look a lot better. the aliens look sweet too.

  4. I say it every time. I’m done watching new stuff. Then, 3 seconds after seeing a new TV spot, I hit play. COME ON!!!

    • Patience, grasshopper, patience. :-)

  5. DOMESTIC TV SPOT incase the video isn’t playing.

    • thx

  6. What aliens are they? Dont look like Skrulls, or the Kree.

    Could be Atlantians I guess, the helmets they wear could allow them to breath, and it would make sense because of the map at the end of IM2, bring on Namor…

    (This last one is a bit far fetched) That giant flying thing at the end of the other trailer awhile back? Fin Fang Foom? Not saying it is, but i think it would be cool if he was in it.

    I think its the Atlantians, I hope it is, I hope its not aliens, just some people that share this world and decided to go to war with the surface world because Namor was under the Lokis spell.

    And given the map at the end of IM2, wouldnt it make sense? The three toes cancel out the frost giant rumor, and if you look at all the pics in the link I posted, you get to see why it COULD be them.

    • hate to break the news to you there Tex but Atlanteans also don’t have 3 toes ;) (unless they are really screwing with the source material)

      • Just some ideas.

        How about the army of Hel? (the realm of death, loki and the ruler of that realm forgot her name has always been causing trouble)

        • Her name is He’ll or Vela depending on which source they go with

          • Thats Hel or Hela stupid auto correct

            • She and Loki sometimes team up, so why not in this movie? They look like skeletons after all.

  7. At closer inspection, it could be forces from Hel, one of the nine realms, the realm of death, kinda looks like skeletons…

    IDK, Im sure we will find out soon though, but not soon enough.

  8. The aliens look like the Covenant from Halo. How badass was it when the Hulk smashed that aliens face into the brick wall? :)

    • Right you are,just still don’t have a clue who they are.Just hope they name drop’em in the film.

  9. Spinning backhand by Hulk, FTMFW!!

  10. Korbinites? at least we have a better idea of what they are and what they are not

  11. I’m posting just to say i won’t watch it. :)

    • Me to. 8-)

  12. I don’t think there Korbinites, Beta Ray Bill was transformed into the being he looks like now the rest look like gold humans plus the Korbinites are a peaceful race.

  13. Hulk Smash puny rubble Muscle suit, S&M fetishist Batman

  14. Vinga ‘dores indeed!

  15. is there a setting other than downtown in the day time? (rhetorical)

    • Sure show off every scene and ruin the whole movie why don’t you

      • id have thought that theyd want to keep a fair bit of the climactic scenes under wraps

  16. Not an expert on the matter, but I’ve heard they’re called the baddoon.

    • The baboons?

  17. i write this comment only to say that i refuse to watch any more footage before may!!!

  18. Those aliens look like mummies from the Mummy

  19. They definitely look like they were sent from Thanos. Some wear a VERY similar helmet like the one Thanos wears. While other ones look quite different and wear robotic-like helmets. They look like at least two different species involved.

  20. rdj is so awesome as iron man =DD

  21. Badoon would be interesting. Shows they’ve really done some research. Also maybe a lead in to a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Plus they can take some liberties with them since they aren’t that well known.

    • Badoon could hold some credence. The race itself is reptilian but the “monsters of Badoon” are a type of soldier used by the badoon that have 3 fingers on each hand, in addition to the fact that the badoon also use Zom soldiers which are corpses of fallen enemies enhanced with cybernetics. So, some possibilities there.

      The badoon are also involved with the New Warriors and the Guardians of the Galaxy which also makes some sense.

  22. Badoon for me too ;)

  23. If you want a close up look at the aliens :

  24. Alright well I found something very interesting first if you look at the shot where hulk jumps through glass window and smashes alien into wall you will notice it is two completely different shots but the real big thing is I you look in the reflection of the glass you see the leviathan hulk is jumping at the leviathan and you can see it move if you pay attention

  25. Loki’s daughter is the queen of the underworld isnt she? I think she is in the comics either way I just hope they are not some made up species of alien theres just to many characters to choose from to just make some up.

  26. i posted image from super bowl trailer where you can see two species. this one and behind another one wearing gold armour, but no one noticed it so i wil post it again.
    here tell me what do you think…

      • two amors styles do not mean two species.
        And btw, it coud only be the sunlight.

        • Actually, I had also thought that in all of the footage before these close-ups up the aliens were a lot “greener” too. If the “main” invasion force is really badoon, we might be seeing badoons (reptilian green guys) and their Zom cyborg dead soldiers also. It could be more than one type of alien/soldier involved.

          • The designs of the ships and vehicles involved is rather radically different also. We have the speeder bike flyers in some scenes and the big “leviathan” ship thing as well, but there was an early shot of a one man ship type vehicle (crashed on the street with the shooting footage) that looks nothing like the rest of the things. It had a lot of gold embellishment too I think?

            My original hope was that both the skrulls (by one of their names) and the Kree were in the film, lending some creative links to other Marvel characters that are Kree-related for future “cosmic” Marvel features (SHIELD recovering Kree tech that enables Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel or Quasar to emerge, for example).

            If they are the badoon, at least there is some potential story linking.

  27. Hulk looks like a cross-eyed chubby guy in the pic above!

    • Oh sure, you say that now when he can’t touch you. :-P

  28. Lemmee clue ya about the Academy Awards: I got 2 movies for ya: The Avengers and Prometheus. They will sweep them totally. And rightly so.

    • In what world is the avenegers an academy movie? No marvel movie has ever been nominated for anything besides special affect and that won’t change. Let’s try lincoln and les miserables. They alteast have a chance

    • Unfortunately trey is right. The only movies that will win for Best Picture are the ones that make you sleepy. :-)

  29. that movie is going to be sweet