‘The Avengers’ Teaser Trailer From Comic-Con

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the avengers movie logo The Avengers Teaser Trailer From Comic Con

The most exciting and fun panel to be at during Comic-Con 2010 was without a doubt the Marvel Studios panel for The First Avenger: Captain America and Thor. Not only were we treated to a Q&A session with the entire casts of both flicks, including directors Kenneth Branagh and Joe Johnston, but Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige introduced to us, the 6000 screaming fans, the entire core cast of The Avengers.

Before our favorite superstar actors came out to show us their allegiance to playing the ultimate team-up of superhero characters, we were treated to a little teaser trailer for The Avengers narrated by Nick Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

The Avengers teaser is now available online and while it doesn’t show any footage from the film (it doesn’t begin shooting until early next year), it was an epic moment when the lights came down after we thought the panel was over.

See what we saw, before we met the cast of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers:

Here’s Nick Fury’s monologue transcribed:

There came a day

A day unlike any other

When earth’s mightiest heroes found themselves united against a common threat

To fight the foes no single superhero could withstand

On that day, The Avengers were born.

Awesome, right? It’s like a geek’s dream come true. They’re actually bringing together all of biggest of superheroes from the comics, into their own movies then together into this, The Avengers. The logo design and intro comes from Ahmet Ahmet and Peter Frankfurt of Imaginary Forces who made it for Paramount Pictures.

Unfortunately, the one scene director Joe Johnston was able to put together for Captain America in just a few days time for Comic-Con hasn’t found its way online yet, but we did get a glimpse at the Thor trailer.

What do you think of what we’ve seen so far for Marvel Studios’ franchise plans?

The Joss Whedon-directed Avengers film stars Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and Clark Gregg.

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Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: Imaginary Forces

Also, check out the official Marvel page for The Avengers movie.

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  1. Reminds me a little of Abrams first “Star Trek” teaser.

    • very true. I wish we got the equivalent of someone working on the Enterprise here. Maybe a SHIELD helicarrier?

      • That would be a nice buzz starter Rob. Hopefully something like that, first quarter of next year…

    • wow, so simple yet it gets me so pumped up!!!!!

  2. Uhh…cool logo? Haha that wasn’t much. But hey it hasn’t even started production so I guess it’s cool.

    • Remember, it’s a tease and it was an intro to the entire cast (and confirmation of Renner and Ruffalo) which was huge.

  3. I can’t wait until the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving) footage from comic con gets leaked on the Internet!!! I heard that Schmidt finds the Cosmic Cube in it, which sounds awesome.

    As for the Avengers Trailer, it’s cool. I think the Thor Trailer was a lot better, but that’s because Whedo hasn’t started filming the movie yet. I think they, Branagh, Whedon, and Johnston, all did good jobs putting these teasers together. I am still a little doubtful about Samuel L Jackson as Fury, but I’ll reserve my judgement until we get to see him in action in The Avengers. To sum it all up: I am very impressed with The Avengers franchise!!!

    • I think there’s a difference, Thor had a trailer. This is just a teaser

    • Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury.

      • Ultimates. I preferred the white one to the Samuel L one. I don’t know if I’m just getting sick of seeing him everywhere or somethin, but I don’t find myself too excited about his presence as Fury these days.

        • Sure as heck beats “The Hoff” reprising the role…heh.

  4. Looks aite.

  5. Clichéd, but at least it’s something……….

  6. Teasers are pretty much a complete waste of time.This one is no exception.

    Call me when there are some production stills,at the least.

  7. I don’t know much about the Avengers comics, but does anyone else think the logo looks like an anarchy symbol?

  8. I was kind of hoping we would know who the common threat was. Is it gonna be Ultron? Thanos? The Leader?

    • Well why not Loki? As long as they don’t push a showdown in “Thor” he could still make a good first major villain. It would be nice to coincide with the first “Avengers” comic as well…

      • Because Thor can take Loki by himself.

        • Well that’s were the extras come in and the plot thickens, doesn’t it???

          • Skrulls over a 3 movie story arc is what I was under the impression of.

            Possibly other Villains/Fights as it goes case in point the Hulk (controled by Loki) in the first one, Ultron in the second nd the final confrontation with the Skrulls in the last one.

  9. wasnt Spidey and Wolverine part of the avengers at some point? if so they shld be in the film to coz that would make the film even better ;)

    • You know that can’t happen as long as Sony and Fox have licenses to produce movies out of those properties! What you trying to do Kobra get everybody upset? You Joker face you… ;)

    • No it wouldn’t.

  10. well at some stage their gonna have to add more Heroes to the mix and seeing as in the comics those 2 were part of the avengers at some point then why not add them to the sequel at least ;) but obviously the top studios dont wanna do a collaboration and share the profits even thought they both own heroes from the shame universe but im sure the avengers will be awesome even without Spidey and Wolverine ;)

    • “add more Heroes to the mix”

      True, so true Kobraman they were always evolving it seems…

    • Well… Spider-Man and Wolverine was a part of the New Avengers with Luke Cage and Miss Marvel among others. It’s going to be a great movie, that’s no question, but they said that their initial approach was to do it “Classic” Avengers style… that’s the reason you have Hawkeye… so no Spidey and Wolverine…

      • Wolverine and Spidey did not become Avengers until after 30 years or more of Avengers comics. Why would you even be consider them for the First Avengers movie??

        • Well so far so good they have the Logo right………….

        • I would’ve preferred for Wolverine and Spidey to never have become Avengers in the first place; the occasional guest role was just fine.

          In fact I think there are just too many Avengers titles now. It’s over saturation and many comic book collectors like myself already have their budgets stretched to the limit.

  11. Wow that sucked….i wanted to see some ACTION!!!

    • Ricky18,

      Um, it hasn’t started shooting yet.



  12. Reminds me of “The Dark Knight” teaser, except way less exciting/cool.

  13. Dan
    I 100% agree!!!!

  14. It was basic, but absolutely effective. Anyone who’s seen Iron Man and knows SLJ’s voice should be able to equate this tease with what’s to come.

  15. *sigh* With Nolan’s idea of Batman and Superman in separate universes we’d never see a Justice League movie.

    • Yep that sums up that situation.

      • That has to change if Nolan is involved with both franchises.. We may not see Nolan’s version of The Batman in any other DC movies but we will see Batman in a Justice League movie or with potential rossovers into other DC character movies..

        • Guys, in case you missed it:

          The rumor is that With Nolan taking over Supes and GL on the way, the DC continuity is being set up. Batman Begins and TDK would be the starting point – i.e. Batman is the first superhero – and the rest of the universe springs out of that beginning. ‘

          This allows Nolan to play in his own sandbox before opening the playground to other heroes.

          Stay tuned.

          • That could lead to some interesting tie-ins.

            The next Batman, Bruce visits Metropolis. On the nightly news they show a certain bespectacled newsreader.

            A certain criminal operation is disrupted by a red-blue blur. No one seems to know anything about it.

            Bruce finishes his business and leaves Metropolis.

            Leave everyone hanging.

  16. Mandarin could be a villain in the Avengers. The Ten Rings was mentioned in the first Iron Man…

    • Was it really? who mentioned them i forget?

      • That terrorist group that capture stark is called the Ten Rings. And Yinsen says it.

  17. The word cheesey springs to mind, I know its the most basic of teaser but does nothing at all for me.

    • Well when your running on empty you burn whats left in the tank including the fumes :D
      Cheesy would have been throwing out a bunch of expensive artist stills with narration. Cheesier still would be the stills would have nothing to do with the story…

  18. Hopefully, they do a multi-villain thing where each of the heroes gets a knockdown-dragout with a big super-villain, maybe lending each other a little assistance. Tag-team, anyone?

  19. Start Shooting and give us footage now!!! Can’t wait for this!!

  20. Vic
    Oops lol! my bad. Hahaha…..

  21. am i the only one who thinks that jackson should have said, ” on that day the Avengers assembled” instead of ” the Avengers were born” lol

    • dc,

      It would be a nice nod to the comics but I think it would have sounded kind of clunky.


    • Perhaps a better verse would have been “On that day the call went out Avengers Assemble!”

  22. Dc
    wow,they shouldve said that!!!

  23. Vic
    Yeah but them saying they were born?!? They always say that! They shouldve said something else IDK what but i didnt like how they finished it DCs way wouldve been better IMHO!

  24. that was incredibly lame

  25. I think the villains are the Skrulls, not because I want then to be, but because they are listed on several sites as being “prime candidates” for the villains. If so, that means Miss Marvel will be in the movies as Carol Danvers and it will show her origins. If not, then Hulk and Loki will be the villains. In my opinion,I want Thanos to be a villain at some point, especially since they unveiled the Infinity Gauntlet. As for Samuel L Jackson, he is not Fury, there were plenty of other actors capable of doing the part. But I guess we’ll have to deal with him.

  26. makes me wish marvel had the rights to spidey and x-men too so they could be done correctly. Each franchise had terrible endings to their trilogies and now they both have stupid reboots/not reboots/prequels/not prequels on the way. I’m definately more excited for thor and cap next year then the messed up contiuity of the x-men first class “prequel” and ultimate spidey/not ultimate spidey “reboot”

  27. hmm post didnt show…

    Well so far so good they have the logo right.

  28. According to SamLJackson in the teaser:

    It all happens on one day…


    “The Foes… ” Plural. The Avengers will face many foes.

    This means that Cap and his brigade will face multiple villains on the same day, which points to an invasion of some sort. Whether that be from asgard, outer space or the crime-ridden city streets, it will be an all- out, knock-down, drag-out super-hero team AND super-villain movie. (this could be either Loki, Skrulls or a crime syndicate (such as the ACTS OF VENGENCE storyline from the mid-nineties, when all villains united to throw the heros off guard and switch opponents).

    Or it could be ONE super-villain with an army of minions. My guess is Ultron, created by Pym and Ultron’s army of robot drones. This is likely for Avengers 1 and lead into ANTMAN, and the super-villain team-up will build to include Mandarin and Leader for Avengers 2

    And I hope we get some T’CHALLA in THAT ONE!!! HAIL WAKANDA!

  29. The Logo is way super cool. However I am worried, based on Hollywood’s recent pattern of treatment towards superhero movies.

    They can barely have proper plot or action scenes with just one hero or 4. How are they gonna manage a whole team? Will it be action packed? Or will the overpaid stars eat all the budget so that there is nothing left on screen?

    Or will it end up like THE horrible X-MEN 3, where we mainly get to see Wolverine and Wolverine and Wolverine + the other teammates are just here to tag along?

    So far THOR seems to be promising. Would hate to see him become furniture in the Avengers.
    The avengers were not born, they assembled to become Earth mightiest heroes !!!

    • X Men? You mean Wolverine and his Amazing Friends?