‘The Avengers': 25 New Images, Cap & Thor Clip, Box Office Projections

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With just two weeks to go until The Avengers begins a theatrical release in certain countries around the globe (followed by the U.S. a week afterwards), Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Pictures are pulling out all the stops to make sure that the preliminary positive buzz from the film’s red carpet premiere paves the way for a monstrous debut at the worldwide box office. That even includes shooting an additional scene after the first official screening of the movie.

According to early tracking results from Deadline, awareness surrounding Joss Whedon’s dream-team superhero flick is very high. More so, interest in The Avengers is solid enough among both the general male and female demographics that the movie stands a very good chance of breaking Iron Man 2‘s $128 million opening in the U.S. (a record for Marvel Studios). Exactly how much higher it can (and will) fly, remains to be seen.

The Avengers trailers have already broken records for most viewings on iTunes, while the “Ultimate Marvel Marathons” being held in major U.S. and Canadian cities (where all five previous Marvel flicks are screened, prior to the Avengers‘ midnight premiere) are already sold out. Even casual moviegoers recognize that this is an event film – which is why it’s now gearing up to present a serious challenge to The Hunger Games for biggest opening of 2012 (to date).

Now, for all you readers out there who are more interested in seeing some new footage from The Avengers, rather than reading about box office predictions: here’s a short clip featuring Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) teaming up against some alien foes – a scene we saw in some early Avengers set photos:

If that scene of camaraderie between superheroes wasn’t enough for you – check out these 25 new Avengers photos, which include such attention-worthy imagery as Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) clutching the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube, Hulk (Mark Ruffalo, via motion-capture) tearing a jet to shreds, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) preparing to conquer the people of Earth, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) unleashing his laser power on an unsuspecting enemy – and much, much more.

The Avengers assemble in theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

Source: Deadline, Digital Spy, The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide

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  1. ya 2 more weeks ..

  2. Is Nick Fury ( SLJ ) putting the cosmic cube in Iron Man Hulk Buster Suit??

    • Honestly I thought it may be powering the heli carrier.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s the device on top of Stark Tower that opens the portal. You can see it in a different shot with the blue beam shooting up.

  3. Cool clip not really digging the music there tho just me

    • Seems slightly cheesy

      • When we see the scene in the context of the film, I think the music will work.

        • That’s true. I just don’t like the patriotic music when fighting

          • Gotta remember that when watching a clip like this, you haven’t gone through the buildup and emotional involvement, so when you listen to climactic, rousing music out of context, it sounds weird and out of place. It doesn’t mean it IS weird and out of place, your brain is just reacting that way even though the music fits in the overall film.

  4. i feel as if i have seen 20 – 25 mins of this movie already… :(

    • That means there is 2 hours you havent! :)

  5. I Hate to say it but it’s a little OVERKILL now. Seems like every day now there’s a new “exclusive” of ‘The Avengers’. They’re giving away too much.

    • And yet … here you are …

      • :)

    • If you guys are tired of this stuff. then BOUNCE! No one is forcing you to watch this. As of right now, I dont know who the army is, or whats going on in the movie. Nothing has been spoiled thus far like other movies (DKR!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      • Id love for you to tell me the plot of the DKR without any hesitasion. Don’t hate on a movie just to hate on it.

        • +1

    • I see this kind of comment everywhere. People who have seen screenings are saying not to worry, these are just teases and there’s tons of action.

    • These kinds of comments come from folks who aren’t familiar with Joss Whedon. He loves to keep things secret and holds back on the important stuff. Yes, there’s a lot of material being released, but because Whedon is the writer/director, you can automatically be assured that nothing big is being given away, and that there are twists waiting in the wings.

  6. Reached…..Avenger……..overload……must……stop…..watching……clips…../head explodes.

  7. My friend got the chance to see the film and he said no matter how many clips we’ve seen we haven’t seen anything and that there’s a massive surprise at the end, which is taking everything I got not to ask him what it is.

    • From the reviews it was more that the first half was underwhelming

      • THANOS. oops

      • Yeah, but wasn’t that like one guy who said it in a Tweet? A sentence isn’t really a review, so the 1st 2 acts might not be that bad.

    • resistance is futile…WHAT IS IT?!?!

  8. Will … not … watch …

  9. This movie is going to rake in the cash, mine included! Can’t wait.

  10. “Ready for another bout?”
    “Why, you gettin’ sleepy?”

    I should expect better dialog than that.
    I trust that is not a representative sample.

    • After watching cabin in the woods it had dialog. Tho some jokes afe very funny not all one liners can be good

      • *that kind of dialog

  11. Man, I kind of feel sorry for Airforce pilots in the Marvel universe. First it was Iron Man, not Hulk?? lol

    • Actually it was the Hulk first. If you remember. in the FIRST Hulk movie. The Hulk did go for a ride on a jet.

      • Brokeback Hulk doesn’t count because it doesn’t exist in the same universe. Plus, I try to block out as much of that movie as I can… lol

  12. What was Captain America shot with? A regular bullet would have killed, or seriously injured him.

    • Some sort of alien laser blaster bolt…..thing. His “armor” probably stopped it from killing him but Cap is supposed to be better than that! That’s the whole idea behind him wielding the shield so I think that particular scene could/should have been done better.

      • Maybe Cap’s uniform absorbs the energy. Some special fibre or material. Maybe there is a reason for it that they give in the movie. And its probably not Caps first battle that day. Could have just taken on many more of the alien army before hand which is why he is not 100%. Even Thor looks a little tired there. I’d say its been a big day for the both of them.

        • Yeah, I figured the costume, but still. Oh well, I’m over-analyzing.
          It’s not a big deal to me. You have to show them taking some punishment.

      • I like that Cap got some damage/got beat up a bit. It’s really doofy when a character goes through hell and back unscathed, getting blasted around a bit lends humanity to a character. After all that’s what Marvel is all about. Crazy powers and experiences, but still have flaws and humanity.

  13. Hawkeye looks amazing!! The pic with Loki in the quinjet, I bet that’s the part when Thor lands on the plane and tries to release Loki. C’MON MAY!!

  14. I was gonna ask why Hulk is smashing a jet (a clearly human made jet and not an alien jet), but then I thought about it, and decided that I would rather wait and see for myself then have someone tell me.

  15. all my coworkers are tired of me talking about this movie. i wish someone would piece all the footage together that we’ve seen so far and make a killer trailer. i would do it but don’t have the editing software necessary…anyone?…anyone?

  16. ami me gustaria ver al Hulk garchandoce a nick furi, es un morbo que tengo, a algun salame de aca le pasa lo mismo? bueno espero que si,

    • I would suggest sticking with English simply because a translator could do a horrible translation job and get taken the wrong way. When don’t need a repeat performance of the Wolverine Japan poster debacle. 😉

    • Tu ortografía es horrible. El español es mi idioma nativo y no pude entender lo que escribiste. Maybe you should use English instead of Spanish to make your comment more understandable.

      • wut

  17. So nobody wants to help the families of cancer patients (FOR FREE) while getting the chance to win prizes? Alright then. I guess it’s a slow day…

    • i signed up

    • I just submitted a vote, but it don’t seem like you guys are winning.

      • Uh, yah, that’s why we NEED votes… Kind of the point of me promoting it. 😛

    • Did you two vote for Camp Kesem? If so, please don’t forget to email me at the address provided so I can enter you into the contest. :-)

      • Was I suppose to give my name and address in the e-mail? I only said “I voted. Good luck, and qaplaQ!”?

        • I didn’t get your email? Are you sure you sent it to the right email??? 😮

        • Make sure you sent it to campkesem@rocketmail.com :-)

          I’m getting other emails so I know it’s working. I hope it’s not for some reason not working for others…

          • I’ll have to wait until I get home, but I’m sure I clicked on the link in the instructions. Nonetheless, the important thing is I voted.

            • @John

              I believe you, I’ve put your name in the drawing anyway, but would need a way to contact you if you win something…

  18. i hope avengers makes like 160 million opening weekend. and over 300 million worldwide. that would be nice for an opening weekend. except its being released in some countries sooner so that might not be the case.

  19. cool pics but come on MARVEL, as a fan i want to see what is going on with Samuel Stern Aka The Leader, and the Abomination. Dont leave us hanging MARVEL.

    • Is that a spoiler?

      • A spoiler of what?

  20. This this will be as good as Iron Man?

  21. I literally don’t want to sleep until I see this movie. I keep worrying that the tickets will sell out before I even get the chance to get one. If they do sell out before I get one, I’ll probably mug somebody for one lol

    • you can book the tickess now i booked mine about a week ago

  22. I got my midnight Imax tickets a month ago, the guy at the theater said when i bought them, there were less than a dozen left.

    so excited

    Which do you think will make more, this or Dark Knight Rises?

    • I think The Dark Knight Rises will probably make more, but maybe The Avengers will surprise us. But frankly, it doesn’t matter to me one bit. I never cared what other people thought before I made up my mind about something. I couldn’t care less if something I like is extremely unpopular. I stopped trying to be “cool” and going with what the majority thinks a long time ago… :-)

      For me, I’m 20 times more excited for The Avengers than The Dark Knight Rises. Mainly because the ending of The Dark Knight was a disappointment in my opinion, and if this movie is going in that same direction, then it might be just as disappointing… Not to mention I REALLY think catwoman looks ridiculous in TDKR… I’m also not sure what to think about that so-called “intimidating” mask of Bane, it looks like Reptiles mask in the original Mortal Kombat…

      • I honestly believe TA will make more, but I don’t care which makes more, just give me some epic comic book action and suspense.

        • Based on the early reviews I’ve read, it definitely delivers on that end… 😀 I can’t wait!!!

          (Oh, and I keep forgetting to answer your other question, no, no personal info needed. But resend the email, double check the address)

    • Honestly its gonna be a close race either way. I have the dark knight rises making more. But not blowing out the avengers

    • First of all, they’ll both be hits, and I agree with Ken J that it doesn’t matter which one wins. They are really polar opposites as far as SH movies go. I’ll be wanting different things from each.

      I give TDKR the edge at this point. It’s part of a more successful franchise and following one of the biggest movies of all time. It’ll have a huge opening weekend, probably bigger than Avengers. The only way I see it “losing” to TA is if it’s not that good, or even bad. I’m thinking of Spider-man III. That movie broke records early on and definitely made a lot of money, but could have made a lot more if better received. However, in order for TA to overtake it (provided it stumbles a bit), it will have to generate a lot of buzz and repeat viewings, among it’s core fans and also general audiences.

      I’ve been asking people I work with and other “average” movie goer types which Avengers movies they’ve seen. Most people don’t even know they’ve seen any of them unless you tell them Iron Man is one of them. That’s the only movie, I think, that really broke beyond the usual demographic of SH and action movie goers. A lot of people simply aren’t that into the Marvel movies. I recall one very tepid, and kind of disappointed reaction to CA last year.

      All that said, I think people are more aware of this whole project than they realize. With the marketing so far, and if it gets an RT rating of 90% or higher, it’ll be a massive hit. And if TDKR gets a rating lower than 85% (with Avengers over 90), then TA could win.

    • The Dark Knight Rises, hands down.

      Sure, The Avengers is gonna be huge among fanboys, possibly even topping TDKR in that demographic. But when it comes to the casual moviegoer, i think batman wins. From among my friends, casual movie fans, I’ve heard reviews of Thor and Captain America ranging from solid to decent to terrible. I have yet to hear anyone call it amazing. On the other hand, so many people loved The Dark Knight, especially casual movie fans (although some people think it to be overrated).

      Basically, the movies leading up to the avengers were OK, so I don’t think the casual movie fan is so excited about the avengers. That’s not to say they won’t see it, just that the buzz isn’t so high. On the other hand, The Dark Knight was so popular, people are going to flock to the theaters to see TDKR, no matter what.

      Just my humble opinion. Feel free to argue.

      • Oh yah, the people who like the Marvel movies are just fanboys, but the people who like TDK are not, they are normal… Funny how everytime there is any mention of any comic book movie, some TDK fanboys will jump in to compare it to TDK… Oh wait, did I just call them fanboys? Oops, my mistake…

        • Ken J,

          Not sure what your talking about. Sorry if you misunderstood my comment.
          Both the avengers and TDK have tons and tons of fanboys. All I’m saying is that when you take general audiences into account, I believe that TDKR will beat out the avengers, although both will make tons of money.

          • And BTW, I do not consider myself to be any kind of fanboy. Just a guy who watches movies.

      • Except that Marvel/Disney are marketing the hell out of this movie so if you have seen a movie or watched TV in the last 3-4 months you know The Avengers is teaming everyone from the previous movies up. Add to that huge battle scene clips and I think we have a real fight.

        Batman, on the other hand, we have heard virtually nothing about (on a public scale). Most casuals don’t even know it will be out in 3 months. Maybe they are sitting patently, waiting for The Avengers to blow over but if it was me I would have already started to generate buzz and steal a bit of The Avengers thunder.

        From what I have seen of the footage/trailer thus far I don’t think the DKR trailer has nearly the visual impact that the Avengers has managed to achieve. So comparing the trailers, Avengers wins hands down for excitement factor. Weather that will translate to the actual movie, we will have to wait and see.

        • Ken J,

          I’m not a TDK fanboy. If anything I’m a Marvel guy. I’m just giving an opinion, and I’m trying to be objective. They’ll both be successful. Avengers could, sounds like, and I hope will be a crowd pleasing movie. It might very well draw a lot of people in and have repeat business from fantasy/comic/action/sci-fi goers as well as general audiences. Bringing in the general audiences repeat business is what will determine how much past say, 400 mil USA, the movie goes. Dark Knight will have a stronger start, and it’s further success will depend on how it’s received. But I’m going to maintain that in order for TA to rival or overtake TDKR, it has to be really well received, AND TDKR has to be not so well received. That COULD happen. I’m not saying it will or won’t. Now I’d say they’re both going to be really good and well received, but one will make more money, and I’m saying it’s TDKR’s “game to lose.”

          Also, the amount of box office TDK took in wasn’t all generated by TDK fanboys. That’s ludicrous. People were going to see it because it’s Batman and the Joker, a lot of people had seen BB at least on TV or video and liked it a lot, and, yes, there were a lot of people who went because of Heath Ledger (and hadn’t even seen BB).


          You’re right about the amount of advertising. But, for one thing, TDKR is still months away so expect more and more. Also, it’s BATMAN! Everyone and their grandma knows Batman, Gotham, Joker, Batcave. I’m a Marvel guy but DC is deeper in the DNA of our society, especially Batman. A recent NY times article about Joss Whedon and the Avengers got several responses from people thinking it was about Emma Peel and John Steed. You could stand on a street corner with a picture of the Avengers and a lot of people couldn’t name one of them (except maybe Hulk). Few could name them all (not even including Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Hawkeye). I’ve always contended that DC Warner could make a Justice League movie tomorrow with no problem. They don’t need to introduce each hero in a solo movie. They don’t even have to use the same incarnation and actors from the movies. Marvel is still building it’s brand (and doing a good job of it too). Also, none of the Nolan Batman movies have had the kind of flashy visuals the Avengers has. They aren’t made that way. They are intended to be DARK. The movies are practically Black on grey.


          I agree with you almost completely. I do think there is a chance that TA could draw a lot of new fans in. I think Joss Whedon has the ability to deliver. It could have great humor and I’ve always thought that the Hulk, if done right (which he really hasn’t been so far), could alone be a huge crowd pleaser. The only Marvel movie I’ve liked completely is the first Iron Man. Thor is goofy and was only OK (Green Lantern reminded me of what a really bad movie is, making Thor look like “Citizen Kane”). CA never really got going for me, but it was well done. All that said, I know I’m ready to go see them again in TA, and I think audiences will too.

          Feel free to disagree, just don’t accuse me of being a TDK fanboy. I’m excited about both of them.

          • @nostelg

            I was replying to ezra’s post, not yours… :-)

            • No worries Ken J, I kind of realized that. But it can sound a little dismissive to attribute opinions to blind fanboyism. Not that that isn’t the case sometimes, but still.

              • @Nostelg

                If you read ezra’s post, you’ll see that he’s actually the one doing that but to fans of Marvel movies. So I was kind of mocking that with my post…

                • The way I understood ezra was that “fanboys” was shorthand for those more familiar with comics, cartoons, movies, etc. He referred to the other half as “casual moviegoers.” I would think that “fanboy” in this context includes everyone on this site, himself included. I would include myself in that context. I don’t think he meant it dismissivily, even though it can and is used that way too. He’s just illustrating a fact that I find to be true as well. Most people aren’t familiar with the Avengers characters. Comics are written for a pretty focused and narrow audience. Most of the population haven’t even seen a comic in years.

                • Sorry if I offended anybody. I just want to make things clear.

                  First off, by “fanboy” I mean people who have read most of the comics and watched most of the tv shows and movies with regards to a specific comic book character or team, and are in general very familiar with said character or team. Nostelgo articulated it very well as people “more familiar with comics, cartoons, movies, etc.” So, I guess according to that definition, I would be somewhat of a fanboy, although much less than many people who are also defined as fanboys. I’m not saying that because I’m a self-hating fanboy or someone who doesn’t want to be labelled as a fanboy or anything like that. The fact of the matter is I simply have not read any of the comics and not watched much of the tv shows either. My familiarity with comic book characters stems from my watching of all of the big superhero movies of the last decade (and before that as well) and my time spent in the past year or so on this website and others, reading articles and other people’s comments.

                  That said, here’s what I was trying to say:

                  Both The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers will make a lot of money. That much is obvious. Both have lots of “fanboys”, people familiar with the source material, who will obviously flock to the theaters to see the movie. (Very often, they’re/we’re the one’s dressed in costume at the midnight premier, but not always.) When it comes to fanboys, I don’t know which will movie will get more money. But, when taking into account the average Joe, who knows little about the comics and characters, I believe that The Dark Knight Rises will beat out The Avengers and make more money.

                  I’ll give a few reasons for why:

                  1) The Dark Knight was so insanely popular, both among general audiences and critics. Almost every critic loved it and it is now (in my opinion) an iconic film in movie history. Everything about that movie was amazing. So, obviously, the sequel to this movie is going to rake in the money at the box office, even if it’s terrible (god forbid!)
                  The movies leading up to The Avengers, on the other hand were different. Some were more popular than others. None were as popular as TDK, although Iron Man was pretty damn popular. Still, Thor and Cap were somewhat underwhelming last year, and Iron Man 2 was simply disjointed for those who had know idea that it was leading up to The Avengers. I enjoyed all of the above movies, but I’m not sure general audiences did. Although The Avengers has been all over marketing the past few months, and there is significant buzz around it, and although tons and tons of people are going to see it, I don’t think it will match TDKR

                  2) 2 words: Chris Nolan. Chris Nolan’s movies are genuine masterpieces on their own, focusing very much on the characters, plot, and themes of the film. And not to mention his dedication to giving his audience the best possible film experience (IMAX). I have seen all of his movies (with the exceptions of Following and Insomnia, although they got good reviews), and they have all blown me away. This man simply does not know how to make a bad movie. He does not do anything for the sole purpose of making money, but rather, in order to create an incredible story and experience. There is no doubt in my mind that TDKR will be incredible as well. And the hype leading up to this movie combined with excellent reviews will just blow it out of the water.

                  3) The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are great. But they are superhero movies. Don’t get me wrong, they have great plot and characters and themes and visuals (some better than others). They are great films. But, at the core, they are superhero movies. Now, I know some people will argue with me on this, but I believe that the Nolanverse Bat films are not superhero films, at least not at the core. For example, The Dark Knight is a classic cop/criminal action drama film about 3 men and the lengths that they will go to to stop criminals. Oh yeah, and there’s a guy who dresses up like a bat, an evil clown, and a guy with his face burnt off. Batman Begins is about a man trying to find himself and about the meaning of revenge and true justice and the criminal underworld. And he decides to dress up like a bat. The Nolan films would be excellent movies on their own, without the superhero element. Now, the superhero element makes them so much more popular, and probably also enhances the quality of the film somehow.
                  The Marvel movies are great, but they are superhero movies first, films second. I don’t think any of them would be so great without the superhero element.
                  That said, I believe The Dark Knight Rises will be a better film than The Avengers, when it boils down to film quality, and that will certainly play a role in the reception of both movies.

                  That’s all I can think of for now. Again, everything I said above is my personal opinion, and anybody is welcome to argue, debate, condemn, etc. anything that I said.

                  And again, I apologize if I offended anybody with my whole “fanboy” misunderstanding. I hope now you get what I was trying to say.

                  • I got your intention clearly, didn’t think about it, but I guess “fanboy” generally means hardcore fans and it probably has the connotation that someone is an unquestioning fan steeped in the given “lore” almost to exclusion of social realities. It’s not like “nerd” or “geek” which both can be used playfully and can even be complimentary. I think.

                    But enough anthropology.

                    First: I’ve seen Following and Insomnia. Following is good. I don’t remember it entirely but it’s like a really well done low-budget first film. If you like Nolan you should see it. I really like Insomnia. I saw it in the theater because I liked Memento so much. It’s a good movie. It really uses the physical location well, and Robin Williams makes a great villain (not really giving away too much).

                    I like an artful “film” and I like an entertaining “movie.” Homer (Simpson) said it best when he said, “I enjoy all the meats of our cultural stew.” But to judge any kind of art you have to consider the intention and then ask if it succeeds at what it is trying to do. It may turn out that Avengers isn’t as good as TDKR, or vice versa. But it won’t be because one is not enough like the other. Frankly, I don’t want to see a realistic take on Avengers, and I don’t want TDKR to introduce magic and monsters. To me Avengers needs to tell a good story with the given elements. I want lots of good action, with a good mix of humor and drama. I don’t think a good Avengers movie is an easy task. There are a ton of movies that have all kind of great elements and good production, but still can’t manage to tell a story. If it’s well done it will have cheesy emotional drama, and I might even be thinking that, but if it’s good I’ll just go along with it. If it can do that, that will be quite a success.

                    Now as far as Nolan’s Batman goes: I love them, so far, but to me there is a huge amount of suspension of disbelief that I willingly go along with. In fact, sometimes the “realistic” approach can put a strain on that for me. I mean, if someone wants to do good, run for office, promote scholarships, lead investigations into police and politics. Dress up as a bat? The only reason I buy that is because it’s a Batman movie. That said, I go along with this fantasy and really enjoy it. Now the characters problems and motivations can get me dramatically, but it’s kind of in a hyper reality way. For instance, I like that Bruce Wayne is carrying on the legacy of his parents, and he’s sacrificing himself for others. These things get to me because I think they reflect real things in life. Maybe I don’t encounter murderers or a “league of shadows” bent on destruction, but sometimes the way people are evil and sick can be so subtle, insidious, and seemingly benign that depicting it in a film is next to impossible. So I can enjoy the theatrical version.

                    Now I was talking to a friend about movies the other day and she really hated Inception and Dark Knight. She just thought they lacked emotion, and were too humorless. I agree with her. I liked both movies because they were both, in their way, like “puzzles” where the story was being laid out with lots of detail and it was kind of like riding a wild bull to get to the end with it all together. Nolan is a good storyteller and he gives the audience what it needs, and keeps us interested enough to go along. I enjoy that, but I would say that his movies can lack humanity sometimes.

                    Now I also believe in Joss Whedon. I think his TV shows managed to jump effortlessly between comedy, slapstick, adventure, and drama. I think he did a great job with Serenity, so I really think he is the man for the job with Avengers.

                    I agree about Marvel movies. My first thought when the Avengers project was announced was that we were going to get a lot of risk-free homogenous films. I don’t think I was wrong. I much preferred Ang Lee’s Hulk to IH, but I feared the days of any unique visions might be over. Iron Man is the only one I liked. The rest were just kind of serviceable. I think, and hope, the reigns will be a bit loosened for Avengers. But I won’t be rushing to any more Marvel movies in the future unless they get good reviews. Thor and CA almost felt like homework. For this reason I’m not anxious for Marvel to reacquire Spider-man and X-men.

                    Anyway, ezra, I enjoyed the exchange and I hope I get to read more from you in other blogs on this site.

          • Nostelg-O,

            Thanks for your support. I too, agree almost completely with everything you say.

            TDK was so popular, not only because it was an excellent movie, but also because of great marketing, and amazing reviews and word-of-mouth. EVERYONE went to see it, even people who didn’t see Batman Begins. To this day, I have friends that only saw TDK, and still haven’t seen BB.

            The Avengers, on the other hand, just isn’t as well known among the masses. Some people, when you tell them that The Avengers is being released, they say “Oh, that British TV show?” (I have actually seen that happen.) People know Hulk, and most people seemed to love Iron Man, so they know him too. Captain America is pretty well known too, and Thor is only really known to those who saw or heard about the movie. The 2 shield agents are pretty no-name, maybe some people remember Scarjo from Iron Man 2. And Nick Fury is Samuel L Jackson, so even if people don’t remember him from IM2 and deleted scenes, he’s awesome.

            I also agree with you that if TDKR isn’t so great critically, and the Avengers is really great critically, The Avengers will win. But, as you said, it’s TDKR’s game to lose.

            Again, just my opinion. Feel free to reply.

            • When I ask some people what Avengers movies they’ve seen, they think and say, “Is Spider-man one?” I have to tell them Iron Man is one of them. People know Hulk because he’s big and green and the old TV show. Also, the characters have been featured on lunch boxes and wrapping paper for decades. People “know” them, but not as well as Batman and Superman. Spider-man has joined that elite club thanks to the Raimi movies, and Iron Man, to my surprise, looks like he’s almost there.

              I think the same thing about critical reviews. agree or disagree, if a big summer movie scores high and gets a lot of praise from “name” reviewers, people will gravitate towards it.

              Anyway, I’m looking forward to these movies more than any last year. I don’t “hope they do well.” If they are good then I do, but I’m not rooting for some mega-funded summer movie simply because I want more superhero movies. It’s kind of a fun side-game though, especially with the Marvel-DC rivalry, and the Marvel-Fox-Sony angle too.

            • They are missing out, I liked Batman Begins more than TDK as a whole to be honest with you. I would say I like TDK more if it didn’t have that last act, if they would have ended it with Joker’s capture and maybe just teased Two-Face, it would have been better than BB easily. But the last 20 minutes or so of the movie kind of lowered my opinion of it…

              • I like them both, and I think the whole Harvey story is part of the overall theme of the movie. But yeah, BB is kind of a more satisfying movie. All the details and elements come together more clearly in the finale.

        • mongoose,

          I respectfully disagree. I actually haven’t watched so much TV in the past few months (I’ve been out of the country and don’t have a TV near me, although I’ve watched all of the TV spots online). I can only imagine how much Avengers has been showing up all over TV, restaurants, stores, advertisements, etc, in the past few weeks.

          For TDKR it seems that Chris Nolan and WB have been waiting for The Avengers to die down. (or maybe just the opposite, they’re waiting for superhero movie hype to be at its fullest?) Either way, it’s been pretty quiet. But when there was stuff being released, it was insane. The trailer in December broke records with most downloads. (Although The Avengers may have broken that record. Confirmation?) Also, I’m pretty sure that IMAX screenings began to sell out 6 months or so before TDKR was even scheduled to be released!

          Now, with the entertainment weekly article last week, it seems that TDKR hype may finally be starting up. And when it does, it will be all over the media just like The Avengers, and I think it will break records and be THE most anticipated movie of 2012.

          Just my humble opinion. Feel free to respond.

          • I can’t argue with anything you say. But honestly I really think TDKR and TA are not in competition at all. One is a flashy go-for-broke superhero bonanza which is probably going to mostly appeal to “children of all ages (adults included).” TDKR is a darker, probably more complex, sophisticated movie that will appeal to the young, but will bring in a lot of adults looking for something a bit more “layered.” I mean look at the plots. Are there really any surprises in TA? It’s an invading army. I’m sure there will be some little surprises, but that’s really about it. TDKR on the other hand is shrouded in mystery. Even on sites like this people are grasping at straws as to what is going on and what will happen. How do you think general audiences see this? And given the release dates, I doubt anyone is truly concerned about one movies effect on the other. the new Spider-man is probably TDKR’s closest competition in terms of tone and release date. How come nobody’s talking about that as much?

            Anyway, I hope they are both great in their own ways. But one will inevitably make more money, so it’s just a friendly side-game to speculate which one.

  23. Chitauri anyone? Chitauri?…Skrulls of the Ultimate universe

  24. Pretty Cool! I cannot wait for the Avengers to be released next month!

  25. Freakin April is killing me!!!!! AARRRGGGGG!!! >:-O

    • Yeah. When was April ever this long?! 😎