‘Avengers’ Concept Art & Behind-the-Scenes Photo Reveal More Thanos

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While the main villain of The Avengers was Loki and the main threat was an alien army called the Chitauri, the threat behind those threats was a cosmic force of evil known as Thanos (or, conversely, The Mad Titan). Of course, you would only know that if you stuck around for the mid-credits sequence and had a firm grasp of the Marvel comic book universe.

The brief glimpse of Thanos in the mid-credits scene revealed less than half his otherworldly face to the audience, but new images and concept art extracted from The Avengers Second Screen Experience app have revealed the villain in his entirety.

He looks a bit more imposing in these images than he did in the film, where he had a vaguely elf-like appearance about him. Perhaps that was because we only saw the right side of his very pink face and none of his gargantuan alien body. It’s also worth pointing out that he looks almost identical to his comic book counterpart, give or take a few details.



According to recent reports, Thanos will be featured in both Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2 (probably less the former and more the latter). It’s unclear in what capacity he’ll appear, or what comic book stories those movies will draw from – perhaps ‘The Infinity Gauntlet,’ ‘Annihilation,’ or the more recent ‘The Thanos Imperative’ – though he will almost certainly be “courting death” at every turn.

In the Marvel comic book universe, Thanos is considered to be one of the major villains, though perhaps not quite top-tier. Visually-speaking, he’s a bit derivative of Jack Kirby’s Darkseid from the New Gods of the DC Universe. Thanos’ creator, Jim Starlin, admitted as much in an interview:

“Kirby had done ‘The New Gods,’ which I thought was terrific. He was over at DC at the time. I came up with some things that were inspired by that. You’d think that Thanos was inspired by Darkseid, but that was not the case when I showed up. In my first Thanos drawings, if he looked like anybody, it was Metron. I had all these different gods and things I wanted to do, which became Thanos and the Titans. Roy took one look at the guy in the Metron-like chair and said : ‘Beef him up! If you’re going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one!’”

Some New Gods fans have lamented that Thanos will likely hit the big screen before Darkseid, which could make Darkseid’s inevitable appearance in a DC movie less impactful. Then again, it’s entirely possible – if DC gets its movie-making act together, that is – that both Thanos and Darkseid could appear in The Avengers 2 and Justice League, respectively, around the same time, as the two tent-pole superhero projects are expected to hit theaters in 2015.

Don’t you just want to pinch those adorable jowls?

Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see how Marvel explores Thanos as a villain and realizes him on the big screen for longer than five seconds. It’s comforting that Joss Whedon and company didn’t resort to CGI to bring him to life in The Avengers, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a version of Thanos that’s a little bit creepier than the one we saw previously.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Thanos in Marvel’s upcoming films, Screen Ranters?

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters August 1st, 2014. The Avengers 2  hits theaters May 1st, 2015. The Avengers is out on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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Source: The Avengers Second Screen Experience [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Looks pretty awesome!

    Btw, did anyone else think Ron Perlman when they saw the second picture?

    • Sure did. LOL

      • Absolutely.

        • I so did.. It took me a second to realise it wasn’t when I saw the film at the cinema too…

    • I SOOOOO thought Ron Perlman. Marvel will REALLY prove that they know what they’re doing if they can land him for Thanos.

    • +1

    • All he needs is some Hellboy horns and a SOA cut lol

    • Was just about to say that lol

    • Yes “Ron Pearlman has to play this guy” was the first thing me and my best friend was thinking first time we saw him at the end of evengers :P

  2. Sweeeeet!

  3. Certainly looks a lot better in the concept art than it did on screen.

    And yes, if they don’t get Ron Pearlman to be Thanos, there is something very wrong with the world.

  4. Ah-ha! I knew they used prosthetics. I think he looks great.

  5. Thanos will destroy all!

  6. Clancy Brown would make a good Thanos, but yeah… Ron Pearlman would be great as well.

    Frank Welker (megatron) would be an awesome voice for him if the entire character is G.

    • I meant CG.

      • Mr. Krabs is pretty intimidating isn’t he?

    • Clancy Brown from Highlander would be perfect for Thanos. That sinister voice he does OMG!

      • he was great when he voiced Luthor in the animated Superman series

        • Oh wow hell yea! You just brought back good memories.

          Frank Welker would be better as the voice of Worldmind, if they’re going to have the Nova Corps be in GotG.

          • **Sorry I meant to say Peter Cullen would be an awesome voice for Worldmind.

  7. Aw come on guys really thanks for the spoilers it hasn’t even been released in my country yet!

    • This movie was released in theaters almost 6 months ago. I think its a little late to complain about spoilers. :-)

      • But I live in Youthamania :(

        • Weak troll

        • What?

          • You can’t take anything JerseySchindler says seriously. Just look at his comments on the 43 trailer.

            I wouldn’t call him a troll per se, because he doesn’t really blatantly and rudely insult people with racial slurs and other things commonly associated with trolls. But he does like to have fun on these threads. Gets kinda annoying though.

  8. I Want Damion Poitier To Reprise The Role

    • I know Damion, and while this is a great breakthrough role for him, I know that if he had his choice, he’d take the rumored Black Panther role that has been floating around as of late. Plus while he’s got the size (him being 6’4″ tall), the consensus of Ron Pearlman as Thanos would be a better fit.

  9. I don’t see how the avengers are going to take on Thanos. The only things which adversely affected Thanos were himself or other celestial beings. I recall in one comic he picked up all of Manhattan and tossed it. They will have to severely level him down a huge notch from the comics Thanos and even then the comic book people will freak out.

    • The Avengers would have to use mental trickery instead of brute force. The only way Thanos lost in The Infinity Gauntlet was because of his arrogance (leaving his body and becoming god) and his obsession with Mistress Death.

  10. Thanos looks freaking awesome.

  11. The CG model is already very creepy-looking for me…

  12. Thanos looks like Lee Arenberg in that mug shot (1st picture) lol

    Marvel doesn’t own the writes to F4, therefore they can’t use Galactus, Annihilus or Silver Surfer so they can’t do Annihilation. They would have to introduce Captain Marvel and sum up why and how The Fault was created to do the Thanos Imperative. However I can see them do something similar too Thanos Imperative with plot points taken from Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest.

    Instead of the Guardians (at the time Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Mantis) being brought together by the Kree to stop the Phalanx, they can be brought together by the Nova Corps. They were Kree Ex-Cons; considered to be expendable. I can totally see Nova Corps play the substitute. This will bring in Richard Rider (as a Rookie) and explain the Nova Corps symbol shaped ships in the background of the movie concept art.

    • Forgot to mention the Kree play a huge part of GotG and the Kree are from F4 so they can’t be used either. Shi’ar are from X-Men so Fox owns those rights. Marvel Studios are going to be limited in regards to GotG. They will have no choice but to use the Nova Corps instead of the Kree Empire.

      • I think the only way they CAN’T use those characters is if they appeared in a movie already. I don’t believe either of those did, so…

        • Hopefully your right. However I’d be just as content if they do use the Nova Corps as a substitute.

          Cuz if you look at it, this gives Fox more toys to play with. They can do the Kree vs Shi’ar War. They’ll have Ronan, Super Skrull, Gladiator, and the Starjammers to play with.

          • I personally don’t trust Fox to do those characters justice, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

            • Haha, I’m with ya on that. Just thinking about how Fox has access to those powers, sends shivers down my spine. If Marvel truly wants to go cosmic, they will need access to those characters. Those big 3 societies take up a majority of the cosmic culture. I truly hope your right about your statement before or else GotG will be in trouble if they’re gonna make it to Phase 3.

            • FIRST CLASS…

  13. Don’t be such stick in the muds, I love Ron Perlman but he is not the only actor in Hollywood to play prosteticly made up characters, Damien Poitier should reprise the role, they just need to beef up the prostitics, you guys kill me if it were left up to you there would only be 3 or 4 actors in Hollywood, give others a chance to shine

    • *applause*

    • Damion doesn’t have the acting chops to pull off this role in a grand way over the course of two major motion pictures. Don’t get me wrong, he’s rock solid as a stunt performer and a featured stunt actor, but he hasn’t done anything to this point that has shown that he can handle the role on a large scale.

      While I agree that the Hollywood Short List for roles needs to expand, I see from a business sense why a movie studio would want a more seasoned actor to play it’s key villain in two blockbuster films that can net BILLIONS for it……. Play it safe and put it in the hands of the people who are bonafide talents

  14. f I recall, Star-Lord got his GotG suit from the Kree (?). Since they cant use the Kree, use the Chitauri. It could be a perfect way to connect GotG with Avengers (aside from both including Thanos).

    • @Stark Rogers, The Kree are more Human than the Chitauri. However it’s possible for Star-Lord and friends to be Ex-Cons of the Chitauri and he’d be given a suit. However the Chitauri would have to turn on Thanos for this to happen and the Chitauri don’t look like your ones to create an expendable team (of non-Chitauri) to take out Thanos. They seem to not care for their dead in Avengers movie.

      Star-Lord’s team was brought together because they were expendable convicts of the Kree Empire. The Kree didn’t want to waste a Kree’s life to embark on taking out the Phalanx. So they sent you know who in and introduced him to the other convicts; Rocket, Mantis, Bug, Groot, Capt Universe and some Shi’ar chick.

      Nova Corps is a more fitting substitute to take the Kree Empire’s place.

    • Who holds the rights to the Kree? I know the Skrulls are tied to the Fantastic Four, so they can’t be used but I thought the Kree were fair game. What other property are they tied up with?

      • Fox owns the rights to the Kree, the Skrulls and the Shi’ar.

        • Actually the Skrulls can be used by either (just not Super Skrull). No one has ever discussed the Kree or Shi’ar so it may be a similar deal.

          • Why not Super Skrull?

            • Because he (the original, because I know there’s like 8 “super skrulls” running around now) is first and formost an enemy of the fantastic four. I mean he has all four of their powers in one package. If he didn’t go up against the four specifically then everyone else would be going “whats with all those random powers?” He’s a strechy flaming rocky alien that turns invisible. It’d be wierd if they couldn’t even mention that the fantastic four was the insparation for all those “random” powers.

        • Do you have a breakdown of this? I have never seen a definitive list of what studios own the rights to what characters?

          The only reason I ask is I see a lot of people assuming just because it is a faction of one character (or team) it has to be owned by that studio that owns the rights to that character/team.

          Would be nice if you could provide reference to this.


          • That was directed to Guardian Outlaw or anyone else that can provide the information.

            • @Aknot, Hey man, I’m with you. I’m just playing devils advocate, “what if?” I’d like to see this all on paper too.

              @CaptainMagnum, Even still, none of the Skrulls have been mentioned in any of the F4 movies therefore Kl’rt is useable to who drops the name 1st. You don’t have to explain the origins to his powers (as of why he has those same 4 attributes). In Annihilation, F4 is hardly mentioned by him.

            • there is an article on here that breaks it down. just use the search feature

  15. More Thanos? Sure. They could and probably will use the same technology that they used to bring the latest Hulk incarnation to the screen. But most commenting here have a good point, that it’s natural to want to see an actor behind the character, whether it’s practically done or CGI derived or some combination. Here’s hoping the action is just right and the intensity slowly builds to a cinematic crescendo as Thanos attempts to have his way with the Galaxy in the final act…

    • They could have Thanos be CGI, but use the methods that the developer of “Heavy Rain” used to capture the exact facial features of the actors playing the game character. They could have an 8 foot tall goliath in Thanos (I guess that’s how tall he is), but use motion capture to capture all of the actors mannerisms.

      So if Ron Perlman (using that because that’s who everyone keeps throwing around) played Thanos, they could use motion captures for his face and his voice, but use CGI to bring Thanos to life on screen.

      • Ron Perlman, Ron Perlman, Here’s another guy with only one actor in Hollywood mindset. Damien peitier played Thanos in the Avengers after credits, hey heres an original idea why don’t they let DAMIEN POITIER PLAY THANOS BOTH IN GoG and The Avengers 2, let Ron Perlman play Hellboy 4,5,and 6. How about that, huh.

        • Excuse the typo, POITIER

        • Because names bring in the money. While I have nothing against Mr. Poitier I do not know if I would want someone at his level (his resume is not that impressive) playing such a pivitol character across the franchise.

          HOWEVER there is also a lot to say in taking a chance on a no name.

          If they were to pick him I would lock him into the deal with promises of increases etc. I hate to see when a person steals the show (and he might) than holds out so to speak.

  16. thanos is a graet villain,i hope that he´ll be the maine villain in -the av.2-. he is a giant, it would be a cool presence on the big screen.

    • Yep, wholeheartedly agree…

  17. Thanos is a creep, period. They don’t have to do much to the character for that effect besides be faithful to the source material. The guy is head over heels in love with a SKELETON for frigsakes! How much creepier can you get? Destroy the universe to win the sexual attraction of literally The Grim Reaper. Stick with that and everything else will be fine.

    • Well we’re already safe in that regards. They already said, he aims to court Death. All puns intended.

  18. Perlman would be great but honestly, despite him being more than capable of ation at his age, how far are Marvel looking as far as character possibilities?

    Ron’s in his 60s now, he might not wanna do this forever.

    I still sort of think that Thanos could be a sort of background villain in Avengers 2 while the team have to fight off Surtur or some other threat until we finally get the build to the big Thanos showdown throughout Phase 3.


  20. Fox screwed up some of the best marvel characters already Glactus and The Silver Surfer, I wish Marvel could get all of their characters bace into the Marvel fold, no body does them better.

  21. i think they have captured Thanos perfectly. I cant wait to see him animated on screen properly and moving.

  22. My favorite villain ever! Would love to do a fan short film on Thanos!