Strange Vehicle Spotted on ‘The Avengers’ Set

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Avengers Crashed Alien Spaceships Strange Vehicle Spotted on The Avengers Set
Principal photography on The Avengers is just over a week away from completion and since production has moved to the very public streets of Cleveland, we’ve all been treated to a series of revealing set photos and videos. First we saw Chris Evans in his modern Captain America costume along with some mysterious villains and technology then we saw him get knocked out of a building onto a car, where he then teamed up with Thor for some more fisticuffs.

Not unlike the recent series of set photos for The Dark Knight Rises, this unofficial publicity for Marvel Studios is helping fans of the comics piece together plot elements for The Avengers, and now we can add another piece to that puzzle with new set photos which reveal an alien vehicle that has crash landed in the city.

The latest set photos depict what we safely assume is an alien space vehicle of some sort. After seeing the recent Avengers set videos and photos of Thor and Captain America fighting a group of stuntmen in motion-capture suits – who we assume are alien invaders – them having vehicles is only logical.

However, the design of this vehicle looks very to similar to that of the architecture, weapons and attire from Asgard we saw throughout Thor so at first glance, we thought it could be the vehicle that helps Chris Hemsworth’s character return to earth.

Take a look at the vehicle itself and tell us what you think it is:

But, there are more photos of a similar vehicle that crashed, with one sporting an injured motion-capture actor beside it. By alien invaders, we are of course referring to the Skrulls who have long been rumored – and now seemingly confirmed – to be the villainous “army” that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) brings to earth, spreading their conflict with another aliens species, the Kree, to our home where Cap, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and the S.H.I.E.L.D. organizing must protect us.

These next two images, show another vehicle of the same design, with what we believe to be a Skrull beside it. Is this confirmation of alien attack vehicles being used against The Avengers on earth and was it Iron Man, Thor, SHIELD’s helicarrier and quinjets, or a combination of them all that shot them down?

I guess it’s not Thor’s ride.

Either way, The Avengers are without a doubt battling alien characters, and just a few weeks ago director Joss Whedon and co. shot scenes at NASA’s Plum Brook Station’s Space Power Facility which included Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye characters. This may mean that SHIELD also has some space tech, along with their quinjets.

For the latest on The Avengers, be sure to read our recap of the new footage shown at Disney’s D23 event last weekend. Avengers Assemble? No. Aliens Invade!

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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Sources: Cleveland Live, Daily Blam, SHH

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  1. It most likely belongs to a Super Skrull.

    • There are two different ones.

      • Two different super skrull? Maybe one in the 616 universe and another in a different universe, but I never knew there was more then one super skrull…

  2. why does it have to come out next year

    • Lame and literal answer: Because they aren’t even done filming yet. :)

      • I believe he was venting his frustration by complaining that he has to wait another year…

        In that case, I agree…

        • I thought the “Lame and literal” part coupled with the smiley face would be enough to show post was in jest. I suppose I was wrong.

  3. seems like an asgardian design, after all they are considered ‘aliens’ in the marvel movie universe 😉

  4. ya it’s the skrull.

  5. Almost looks like a sled for the Green Goblin….

  6. “Would the owner of an Asgardian Camaro please come to the front desk. Your vehicle is parked in a disaster zone.”

    • LOL!

  7. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!

    • Doooooooouuuuuuuuubbbbbtttttttttt iiiiiiiiitttttttt! 😉

      • But it would be coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Just like the way he´s on the Avengers cartoon. IMO the best animated series in a very looooooooooooooong time.

  8. This looks freakin awesome, but I guarantee the Dark Knight Rises is gonna be better. Bane is in it! And it’s Chris Nolan, you can’t go wrong.

    • please don’t hate until you see the movie :) you never know if Nolan actually messes up, every director has a sour apple, but hey, as of right now, they BOTH have the potential to be major critical and financial successes :) keep an open mind

      • No, no. There’s no hating. I’m sure they feel The Avengers will be great. However, I think the appropriate phrase should be “The Avengers will be less awesome than The Dark Knight Rises.”

        • True true, but then again, it’s Joss Whedon, he did write (and direct) the Firefly series, and the Serenity movie, which in my honest opinion was a great movie and tv show, and it showed that Joss knows character development and can write a great story with different people and somehow mesh them together at a near perfect level, but so can Nolan, so in my eyes, I see the two as a tie :) awesome or not I’m just glad both movies are being made, with care and passion, I hope for the best for both movies 😀

        • @ Eric Nixon

          You never know, my friends I talked about the two and mentioned The Avengers could have a good chance since it’s been just as highly anticipated as TDKR, especially since it’s a team-up film. TDKR on the otherhand, Batman ran his course & how many 3rd films turned out to be great? Nolan may not have the same spark with the 3rd film as he did with TDK. Id say all bets should be off.

    • jdirk, of course TDKR will be better because it has Bane in it and it´s directed by Nolan. The Avengers features only Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury and it´s directed by comic book veteran Whedon, so they don´t have a chance against Bane.

      *holds up sarcasm sign*

      • You are now, officially the funniest person on screenrant IMO.
        But yeah, I agree.
        From what we’ve been able to see so far, I would say that Avengers is gonna be the best movie of 2012 (IMO).

          • Sorry, not on facebook, twitter – or any social network.
            I only spend about 3hrs on the web every day because I don’t get much free time, and that 3hrs that I DO have on the web are usually spent on sites like sreenrant.

            But thanks for the invite anyway, I appreciate it 😀

  9. This movie is gonna be the best one of the series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hmmm…crashed space-ship, alien lying wounded beside it…I got it, it’s Abin Sur! Wow, I can’t wait to see the guest appearance by Green Lantern!! (–or is this how rumors get started?!)

  11. i was watching an episode of the avengers earth mightiest heroes where kang was trying to conquer earth and he had flying objects that look like that thing

    • I dont think it’ll be Kang.. There are already rumours of this being Thanos……

      • I hope (and think) you are wrong. Thanos is too big a threat, not to mention too smart, to be used by Loki.

        • He might not be used by Loki…. he might be using Loki …. an wht abt the Infinity Gaunltlet being shown in Thor??

          • Hiddleston said that Loki has an “army”, and while Thanos is AS STRONG as an army, the fact remains that he isn’t really an entire army.

            Also, there was about 7 other artifacts in Odin’s weapons-vault as well, in case you forgot… and most of those artifacts will probably never see the light of day again, and while the chances are pretty good that Thanos will show up sooner or later, I doubt he’ll be in the Avengers… maybe in the post-credit scene, but I’m about 90% sure he won’t be in the actual movie.

  12. Call me old fashioned but would’ve liked to see a battle against man and technology. Maybe a new axis of evil of some sort. The Mandarin, Red Skull, The Leader, and Loki joining forces against The Avengers. Now that would be epic as hell!

    • They’re saving Mandarin for Ironman 3 !!

    • Fox does not own the rights to the F4, Super Skrulls, and related groups/individuals any more.

      • Then who does own the rights to the FF now? It sure isn’t Marvel that’s for sure…
        To my knowledge, FOX is still in control of the franchise – a reboot is even in development (albeit, a VERY SLOOOOOWWW development)

        Is this merely a rumor or a confirmed fact that FOX doesn’t own the rights anymore?

        • It´s (as far as I know) fact that Fow hasn´t renewed the rights to the FF franchise. That includes the Super Skrull as well.

          • Even if they didn’t “renew” the rights… it is still in their property AT THIS MOMENT am I right?
            And if Fox doesn’t own the rights to the FF franchise anymore, then who does?

            I would like to see some proof.

            • If Fox didn´t renew the rights, they belong to Marvel again.

              • Well, that is the best news I’ve heard all week! 😀
                Maybe now we can get a FF movie that is actually GOOD 😀
                I’d love to see what Marvel can do with the franchise.
                Maybe (in the far future), we can get an Avengers/FF team up movie 😀 (I know, it’s far fetched, but a guy can dream…)

                • I would still like some news on this. Where did this thought come from?

                  The ORIGINAL HUMAN TORCH is a lot different then The Human Torch.

    • Thats actually the plot for the “Ultimate Avengers” comic storyline. The avengers do take a beating, then bruce banner transforms into the hulk to help them, but he loses control of himself and goes on a rampage and the avengers end up fighting the Hulk in the end trying to subdue him . But i really dont think they’re gonna use that as the script… its too obvious…

      • Not only is it too obvious, it was also the plot for the Ultimate Avengers animated movie.

  13. Maybe it is asgardian and loki, being who he is,took the ships from asgard. I dont know.

    • Arrrgg! It’s not Asgardian.

  14. Some of you are saying that thing is a “space-ship”, but IMO it isn’t big enough… I think it’s some sort of hover-board used as transport for a few aliens from the big-ship up in the sky to the battleground. (Almost like the Green Goblin’s hover-board, just a bit bigger – big enough for 2 or 3 “aliens”).

    I don’t understand this obsession with it being Asgardian, because (as we’ve all seen) in Thor they didn’t use that stuff: they ride around on horses, use swords and battle-axes, at no point did I see the Warriors Three floating around in a space-ship or using lazer-guns…

    I’m still sticking with the “Kree theory” only because the weapon/vehicles are of a Kree design (IMO). If the weapons and the HOVER-BOARDS 😉 looked a little different then I would’ve probably also said Skrulls.

      • Point taken.

        A “plausible explanation” to why aliens are invading earth and why Loki would welcome the help:
        Loki offers the “aliens” a proposal to help him take over the earth, in return, Loki promises to give the “aliens” the cosmic cube to use for their own goals (away from earth). They make the deal: the Skrulls/Chitauri or the Kree are to invade earth and help Loki, after they win the battle – Loki promises to hand over the cube as long as THEY promise TO STAY AWAY FROM EARTH AND NEVER RETURN.

        Man! I just wish we could get an actual trailer for this movie already :(
        OR that Marvel would just announce who “Loki’s army” will be.

        • but why would Loki feel the need to search the cosmos for a possible army when he HAS a willing one right in his backyard? (Frost Giants and other nasties from the 9 realms) One that wouldn’t demand him turning over an item he would never willingly give away in a million years if he got his grubby hands on it.

          You (or anyone else for that matter) have yet to explain just how Loki miraculously even knows about the existence of either the Kree or Chitauri?

          • Yeah, I can’t answer THAT one…
            Guess we’ll just have to wait and find out :(

      • Just so everyone is clear, the Chitauri ARE the Skrulls – that’s their Ultimate universe counterpart.

        • ACK! No, they are not Rob. They are definitely related to the Skrulls but even they take offense at being considered the same race as the Chitauri.

          Ask your fellow writer Ben about it, he will set you straight. 😉

  15. Whatever.. Tell us something we dont know

  16. I just wander which avenger is going to “star.” I think IM will be used for more comic relief (and he is the weakest of the group). I mean, will they really have Hulk save the day? He is probably the most recognizable character (everyone knows who the hulk is) but his movie was probably the least watched and known about and was a long time ago.

    anyway, why does this site continue to think Skrull instead of Kree?

    • “Anyway, why does this site continue to think Skrull instead of Kree?”

      Because nothing has been conformed yet.

  17. Looks like a PIECE of something, not an entire ship. I mean, you pointed out is looks like architecture. Could it not be a hatch off a ship, or a piece of some other alien structure set up in the vicinity? :)

    • Look at ALL the photos more carefully… in one or two you can clearly see it is a VERY small aircraft (not really a “space-ship”).

  18. Krulls/Chitauri.. this was taken from the Marvel database:

    Origin: A conquering shape-shifting alien race whose origins vary from an offshoot, cult or separate civilization from the Skrulls.
    Creators Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch

    • The Chitauri in the animated movie were more like battle for LA type aliens it seemed. Didnt they have bio-weapons of some sort (not nessesarily “bio” but rather meant it as bring a part of them). The golden/purple weapons pictures in Cleveland don’t fit with that version of the Chitauri at all.. unless of course in the Ultimate comics they look completelly different (sorry, havent read Ultimate stuff). anybody know of a good site that shows pics and side by aide comps?

    • Thank you! 😀
      PEOPLE! Listen to this guy!
      The Chitauri are an offshoot/variation of the Skrulls! They aren’t “the same thing”.
      – In the Marvel U there are ONLY Skrulls (no variations).
      – In the Ultimate U there are Skrulls (who look like Skrulls) and then there is the Chitauri (who look different) who are like basically the Skrulls’ “cousins”. They are of the same RACE, but not of the same CIVILIZATION. There is a difference between the Skrulls and the Chitauri in the Ultimate U.

      • The only difference is that the author of Ultimate F4 didn´t know that Mark Millar had already introduced the Skrulls as Chitauri. Thats why the Ultimate Skrulls and the Chitauri look different. And they had to find a way to make them kinda different. But fact is that Millar came up with the Chitauri because the ‘regualar’ Skrulls looked too human-like.

        • STAAANN… 😀

  19. I doubt RDJ will mainly be used for “comic relief”. From the evidence so far, it doesn’t SEEM as if he’ll have that much screen time, but I still think he’ll be one of the most important elements of the film.
    Time will tell.

    • Sorry, this comment was supposed to be a reply to “Shadow”‘s comment on page one. Don’t know why it ended up here…

  20. This film is looking great. I am with the majority, I feel it is the Kree or Skrull.

    With this big of story and the depth this film has in characters; even though the charcter’s stories and backgrounds have been already developed.

    I wonder how long the film will be? More importantly. How long it should be?

    • 3hrs and 12 mins so it feel rushed like the dreaded Xmen:Last Dumper.

      • I was thinking some what around that. But with such a long running time, do you think it will keep the interest of the younger audience that Marvel seems to cater to a little more than Nolan’s Batman?

        • I think 3hrs is a reasonably long enough run-time… it would ensure that each character gets enough screen-time and it also gives enough time for the plot to develop without that annoying “rushed” feeling that we got from Thor and Cap.

          I really hope this movie will at least be longer than 2hrs 30min because the Avengers has been building up for over 5 years… and for 4-5 years of anticipation to be over in less than 2 and a half hours? That just wouldn’t do…

          • I feel the same way. Usually those type of hours are reserved for Oscar caliber flims that are meant for the more patient adult viewer. Still, what about the younger viewers. They can be a little impatient. Especially if it is not an actionfest. What if they try to some how make into two films? Like really to be continued type of thing.

              • 3 hours sounds good in theory but I imagine the suits not standing for it. Still, with so many multiplexes having gone up over the years its harder to make the argument that they don’t get enough presentation in a given day. Unless Uhum they’re in 3-D…

                • TDK was almost 3hrs long and that worked out pretty well IMO…
                  Avatar (even though I didn’t really like it that much) was 2hrs 45min (if I’m not mistaken) and that worked out pretty good as well.
                  Transformers 3 was 2hrs 40min and that was quite successful too.

                  There are many big, action, blockbuster movies that are at least 2hrs 30min long and they all proved to be a huge success (even more so than the other blockbusters).
                  Now that I think about it… I can’t mention a big-blockbuster that was longer than 2hrs 30min that DIDN’T end up being a huge success.

                  Nah, I think Marvel have learned from past mistakes to not RUSH their movies… I’m sure Avengers will be at least 2hrs 30min long. I’m just hoping that they’ll push the limit even further (i.e. try for 3hrs).

                  • This discussion reminds me of how much screen-time was wasted on that stupid parrot in Iron Man 2 😉
                    If not for Mickey Rourike saying “Vher iz my burd” every 5 minutes… that movie could have been MUCH better. (I’m pretty sure about 15 minutes were wasted because of him – 15 minutes that could have been used for far more important plot developments).

                    The editing process is very important. If done right, the actual duration of the movie doesn’t even matter that much.

                    • Not matter how it’s done, I really just do not want it to feel rushed and a horrible final act.

                    • Yes I agree with both of you on this it’s a balancing act, editing.

                      Well you give me hope that it will stand up there with the few movies that take their time, use it well, and tell an awesome story. Here’s to a 150+ minute blockbuster like no other!!!

                    • Definitely at at least 3 hours. No 2hr 10 min bull crap lol. With a cast of characters and scope of the plot THIS big, everybody needs screen time.

  21. Those are not Spaceships! Look at the first pic of it next to a car. They are power glider like Green Goblin used, but a different design. Making the Skrulls show up for the next movie would be great, with the Super Skrulls, Into to the Kree then intro Captain Mar-vel.
    I also thing there should be a Defender’s movie, Namor, Valkrie, Dr Strange, Gargoyle would be great to see as they hit Supernatural villains. Or maybe do a “Team-up” with the Avengers.

  22. You’re all wrong! It’s OBVIOUSLY Cloverfield’s retainer…:)

  23. this looks frikin awesome

  24. Why would Thor need a spaceship to get to Earth? I guess the Bifrost is still destroyed? I would assume it would have been rebuilt (honestly, I don’t think we need a whole movie or two to explain that; just rebuild the bloody thing).



  25. 1: it’s pretty much confirmed the aliens are the skrulls
    2: loki fell through a worm hole at the end of thor, the actor tom hidelston has said that this is a different more powerful loki we are seeng, it’s very possible for him to have a greater understanding of the cosmic universe

    hope that clears things up for people

    Also: there is no point trying to compare the TDKR and the avengers before we’ve even seen them, set’s say nothing of what a films narrative is going to be like, i bet the sets for x-men the last stand looked pretty good and look how that film turned out

  26. Extracted from Wikipedia and verified by Marvel:
    The first alien shapeshifters introduced in the Ultimate Marvel Universe are known on Earth as the Chitauri, who financed the Nazi regime in an attempt to conquer the Earth. Their leader Herr Kleiser states that they are called by other names on various worlds, including the name “Skrull”. These Chitauri claim to originate in the “lower fourth dimension”, and assume others’ forms by devouring them; it is unknown what their true form looks like, since the only time one of them is shown in it is after it has been killed and dissected. The Chitauri have a hivelike social order, with the “officer caste” having superhuman strength, durability and high intelligence. They are defeated by the Ultimates.
    Another race called Skrulls, physically resembling the Skrulls of the mainstream Marvel universe appear later (led by the billion year old Skrull Emperor); these Skrulls dislike being confused with the Chitauri, whom they call terrorists. They have extremely advanced technology, but have not been observed to shapeshift. These Skrulls were seen only in an alternate timeline in which Reed Richards contacted their world via his teleporter; the events leading to that timeline were altered in Ultimate Fantastic Four #29 so that contact was never made.