Thor & Captain America Tag Team in New ‘Avengers’ Set Photos

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What may be two of the biggest and most anticipated superhero movies ever are both hitting theaters everywhere next summer, and they are competing on every possible front. We are of course referring to classic fanboy battle of Marvel vs. DC, or in the case of their upcoming respective films, The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises.

Disney and Warner Bros. both held back when it came to showing off their flagship blockbusters at Comic-Con but there’s no shortage of marketing materials and spoilers coming out of each film’s production anyway, and by that I mean viral marketing, unintentional viral marketing as a result of shooting the films public. Today’s addition to the library of candid unofficial set photos and videos focuses in on a scene of The Avengers featuring Thor and Captain America fighting together in costume.

The Pittsburgh production of The Dark Knight Rises introduced us to Bane and Catwoman in costume along with the film’s iconic vehicles, revealing several key moments and plot points of the film. For The Avengers, we’re learning more about the team’s battle with a mysterious new foe…

Before moving on to the goodies, be forewarned that all of what you’ll see below is entering spoiler territory. You may be familiar with the characters and costumes of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Chris Evans’ Cap, but what’s occurring and who else is involved has only begun to unfold in the public’s eye and some may wish to save the surprise until the official trailer for The Avengers or until the movie debuts next May.












Below is a gallery of photos, followed by three videos of our heroes in action.


Captain America isn’t feeling too great and it’s self-evident as to why – Falling through windows onto cars even hurts super soldiers. Now for videos of the first Avenger and the Asgardian Avenger in battle:

Some of the most fun and exciting moments of The Avengers will be when the team forms to fight a common threat together, and this is our first hint of that happening. The best part for me is seeing Evans and Hemsworth laughing and chatting it up in between takes, showing the team dynamic working both on and off the screens. That and Thor bringing hammer time to that sedan. Car, meet Mjolnir.

If you missed the, check out the previous set photos of Chris Evans in his Captain America costume, also fighting stuntmen in mo-cap suits. Those images also reveal one of the enemy’s weapons, hinting that these are likely the long-rumored Skrull or Kree alien forces.

Who do you think The Avengers are fighting and how will they look compared to their designs in Marvel Comics?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Sources: Splash News, NewsNet5

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  1. u can tell by the fact that the bad guys are wearing suit means there probably aliens

  2. Thor has sleeves!! Whew! Lol

  3. Great but what about Cap’s mask and Thor’s helmet?

    • Maybe this is rehearsal

    • Precisely, this face time action sequences aren’t needed, wear the costumes.

      And yes thank Odin Thor has sleeves.

    • No kidding…i’m thinking “doesn’t anybody wear masks anymore?”.

  4. looks frackin awesome

  5. Those clips were a blast to watch. I cant wait to the finished product

  6. It looks they have some great chemistry between them. I knew Chris Hemsworth really was Thor…did you see the way he tore up that sedan? ;)

  7. This movie just keeps lookin better n better!!! I figured we haven’t seen Iron Man and Hulk yet because they’re going to be CGI. Only 9 months left!!!

  8. Will be the best movie of 2012

    • Yes it certainly will lol

      • Captain America. One I don’t think any of the comic book or action films will be best of the year there will be other good movies that year.

        Also between Avengers and other comic films TDKR will probably be the best. Marvel films are just mindless actoin. They are kind of fun but hardly great films. This will be another good Marvel film maybe even the best but will fall short of it’s potential which is what Marvel seems to always do. Lots of action lots of laughs and no depth or substance or even character development.

        • Well thats what I meant actually, best Comic film of the year.

        • Since watching Captain America, I have become a tad worries about the Avengers. After Ironman and TIH, Marvel has upped the comedy&mindless action while lessening the seriousness of their recent movies. I do hope we get back to the tone Ironman and TIH had set. Ironman had terrorist cells and TIH had subtle remarks of The Hulk killing people. Marvel films have been B (arguably C at times) qualtity movies in my opinion. Im hoping for A+ film from The Avengers that takes it self a little more serious. Here’s to The Avengers and Wheadon.

          • Ignur I’m gonna just assume you have no idea what a B movie is because they are horrible direct to dvd type films.

            It sucks becaue I half agree and half disagree with you. I agree that Cap and thor could of been much better and that all the Marvel films over all could of been better that they should of been better.

            I do however, disagree that they have gotten more humors than they started. I think IM was far more light hearted and comedy driven than Thor TIH or Cap. IMO IM was more comedy and mindless action than any of the other Marvel films other than maybe IM2. IM was only not mindless for the first 20 mins as soon as he escaped the cave it was mindless action and straight up comedy. Nothing more or less. TIH was the most serious and intelligent of them all. Thor and cap tried to find a balance between IM and TIH.

            • @Daniel F

              Yea, I know B movies are direct-to-dvd movies but I really wanted to say A+ and Avengers in the same sentence.

    • the dark knight rises will be the best movie of 2012, that is a fact

      • @jake

        Nah bro, maybe 2nd :P. But you can’t really compare the films.

    • I think TDKR will be the best action movie of 2012 but I doubt either this or TDKR will be the best movie of 2012. Good Yes and fantastic action block busters, but best over all movie of the year? Almost an absolute no.

  9. After all those years waiting for Thor I get the Avengers and then another Thor. Life is good. looks awesome by the way.

  10. Y’know it’s going to be ugly if both Captain America and Thor get torn up. Thor tosses a car like a bathtoy! Priceless!

  11. Thor to the Rescue!!! :)

  12. This movie looks so bbeast!

  13. And I like how Captain America is roughed up but still kicking ass like a young Shatner Kirk


    We don’t even know what the Hulk will be doing here as he will be added in Post

    • We know the Hulk will be kicking @$$ !! :)

  14. Seems in the last video that Thor gets mad because Captain America is hurt.

    • …or Cap suggested Thor to get a military length hair cut.

  15. I CAN’T WAIT!
    It’s going to be awesome gaiz.

  16. I know this is off-topic, but there´s a rumor floating around that Fox hasn´t renewed the rights for the Fantastic Four franchise. Maybe someday we´ll get a proper Marvel-Heroes vs. Galactus!

    • That is potentially great news. The last SR article on the reboot was right at a year ago. Love to see Marvel get the rights to FF.

    • @Scapegoat

      That would be so badass its not even funny

    • @ Scapegoat

      I think they (FOX) has five years to start production on another FF movie..I’m not sure how long the deal is for Daredevil.. but if they haven’t started production by next year they lose the rights to the characters…

      I kind of think FOX has their hands full with the X-Men universe and it’s plethora of characters at their disposal..

      It would be great if this happened and the rights did revert to Marvel/Disney..

      • @greenknight 5years from when?

        • 5 years from 2007 when FF2:ROTSS was released

      • I’m not entirely sure on the dates but Fantastic Four reboot was meant to get started last year but they fast-tracked First Class instead when Singer came onboard.

        They had gotten to the point of locking in two actors and talking with a bunch for the other two characters from what I’m told.

  17. Looks like they’re having fun, the possibility of it being a fun movie just increased.

    • Also, I can’t believe what such a good Thor that Hemsworth has turned out to be. Brilliant, brilliant casting.

      • Amen. I knew it was an awesome choice back when many people were questioning it, but it’s really been shown to be a great decision.

  18. This is my most anticipated film of 2012 but I’m calling the Hobbit as the best movie next year.

  19. Cap’s holding his stomach and side all during the fight…boy, I sure hope Iron Man is on the way to help by flying in some Tums!

  20. Geeeeez. No helmet Thor. No mask Cap? Where is your professional pride? I wonder if Ironman is gonna be without his helmet as well since its casual thursday at The Avengers.

    • I don’t mind Thor helmetless, gotta let that long hair flow.

      But Captain America maskless is ridiculous.

      • He does have a mask in the movie. There are pics of it. He obviously lost it in the battle.

        • I laughed in the theatre (to the scorn of many a fanboy) when he was fihhting redskull and simply punched in his mask off.

      • I totally agree!

    • Ignur meh i actually like Thor with out his helmet. I like the idea that he only wears it during formal events rather than in a big knock down drag out fight.

      Cap with out his mask though is a major I’m hoping that maybe over the course of the fight he just got beat up so bad that it was ravaged and he ripped it off or something.

      • @Daniel F: I agree… I’m not to bothered that Thor doesn’t wear his helmet all the time, but that doesn’t apply to Cap: he should have his mask on.

      • That´s my idea as well. And since his identity is probably public, it´s not unusual…

  21. I hope that they have Captain America getting the snot beat out of him worse than the others and make it clear that he isn’t as powerful or strong as them while at the same time showing his incredible heart. No matter how badly he gets beat he just keeps coming and let the others notice that. Maybe even have Thor suggest that he take a rest and they will cover him and have cap just jump back in to the fight. Cap at the end of the day is still a human with out a high tech suit of armor. He isn’t a powerful God/Alien or a brilliant scientist with a suit of armor and lasers he’s just a man a heroic man with a lot of heart and a strong will. He gets heart a lot easier than the others, but doesn’t give up. The only way to stop him is to kill him.

    • Like he said in his solo movie: “I can do this all day long.”

      • Actually, the quote is, “I can do this all day”. Get it right next time! :-D

    • @ Daniel F

      In a discussion with a friend of mine, I used pretty much the same reasons on why Cap is such an admirable character. My friend called him “boring and just a dude with a shield” and didn’t understand why he would be leading the team with the likes of Thor, Stark and Hulk being on the roster The statements you said are exactly why he is my favorite character compared to Thor, Deadpool, Wolverine etc. This is also why I hold TFA in such high regard us because Steve’s sense of heart, I never got any deep sense of feeling from any other MCU film, except maybe Thor learning humility and humbleness.

      • And that´s why so many people can relate to Cap. Because he´s just a dude with a shield. Or in his own words, just a kid from Brooklyn.

    • And as various foes have learned over the years, killing him doesn’t keep him down for long either.

  22. Glad to see that Thor still has his original costume with sleeves (there are some minor tweaks though). SO I’m completely happy with his costume.

    Like I said before, I love Cap’s new costume, but he should wear his mask… Evans said in an interview that the new costume is very nice (comfortable), but that the helmet is uncomfortable, so I get that it’s difficult to wear in a fight scene, but frankly, he should just man up and put the darn mask on! ;)

    I’m still unsure who those aliens are… in one of the pictures, Thor supposedly kicks the one guy, but he still stands firm (he doesn’t even budge – he doesn’t feel any pain): that would imply that the aliens are pretty strong duded – so I’m starting to doubt that they’re Kree soldiers (if the guy being kicked is Ronan, then it would still be plausible) – so it does seem that The Avengers are fighting Super Skrulls out there.
    I dunno :( I hope that D23 will bring some news about the movie.

    • Or when the movie is done Thor could be scattering dozens of opponents into the air, while Cap is fighting a few at a time. They could be switching sides depending on the amount of opponents at the time. Unlike the car he hit out of the way, they’re unlikely to use a stuntman in a similar fashion to create a practical effect.

      Just watching these films I was also wondering why Thor and Cap seemed equal in strength.

    • The Avenger

      I think it’s crazy that we knew months before they were filming that Bane and Catwoman were the big main additions to TDKR and we even had a picture of what Bane would look like only a few weeks in to shooting.

      Avengers however is filming we even have action scene footage and yet still other than Loki we have no idea who the villains are. Everything we know is mostly just educated guesses. People talk about how secretive Nolan is, but lets stop and think what we know about TDKR and what we know about Avengers.

      My problems with caps costume are only the head piece and all the dang silver on it. The head piece just looks awkward and I don’t like the silver it doesn’t fit the rest of the costume it just looks odd. It should be white instead of silver. It just looks off.

      I like Thors costume though agree i’m glad to see the sleeves. Sleeveless Thor looks wrong.

      • @Daniel F: I agree AGAIN (this must be some sort of record for you and me ;)).

        Cap’s helmet does look a bit off, and the silver stuff makes no sense (like you said, it should be white) – or even better, get rid of the stripe all-together and put stars on his shoulders instead (like Bucky’s Cap costume in the comics or Steve Rodger’s Super Soldier suit during the ‘Heroic Age’).

        And now that I think about it… I’m GLAD we don’t know that much about the Avengers’s plot or villains… the longer we’re in the dark, the more time we’ll have to make up our own theories and discuss them (which is so much fun :D).

        • The Avenger

          I agree remove the things from the arms but if you notice his chest star is silver and stands out as well. It should be flush with the entire uniform and be white and I think it would look a lot better and wouldn’t rub so many people the wrong way. Some time it’s just minor things. It doesn’t have to match the comics perfectly it just has to look good. Just looking at it I can say it just doesn’t look right. I really think it’s the silver other than the awkwardness of the head piece obviously.

          I want to know more to be honest. I’m not the type to worry about little spoilers. I don’t want to know the story exactly, but a general plot synopsis and the main bad guys is good for me. I’m not the type to usually mind spoilers as long as someone isn’t ruining a twist or major surprise for me. For instance I have not seen one bit of spoiler info from TDKR that’s bothered me yet none of it’s been to much yet. Heck most of it has been expected given what I know about Nolans stlyle and given what I know from reading Knightfall which TDKR will clearly be loosely based on.

          To go off topic for a second I’m so glad that it seems Nolan has the same taste in Batman comics as me. He follows closely to to a lot of comics stories (which is more than I can say for any other comic films so far) and he seems to be using a lot of my faves. All the stories he has followed closely but with his own twist are Year One, The Man Who falls, Killing Joke, Long Halloween and it appears Knightfall. These are all in my top comics of all time other than Man who falls which is good, but just shy of my all time faves.

          • I’m not too bothered by the star on his chest… it’s also not the same color as the silver stripes on his shoulders, so I wouldn’t be too fussy about that. Sure, it would look better if the star was white, but I think the “standing out” thing looks kinda cool – it makes the whole costume look a lot more 3 dimensional if you get what I’m saying.

            • The chest star looks exactly like the one on his 40s era costume. So does the helmet, except for the chin strap.

              • A silver star on a military soldier is also very symbolic.

          • It should flush & white why? Because that’s how you like it? It’s nice when something comes from comics to film without change (a superhero’s costume is a good example) but it’s also nice to see some reinterpretation. The varied textures and edges are what make Cap’s costume work.

    • My apologies: I just watched the set-videos and those guys aren’t as strong as I thought they were ;) – Sssooo embarrassing :( Sorry

      Anyway, it seems the Kree or the Atlanteans could still be a possibility, seeing as all those guys have things (spears/lances/javelins) in their hands – just like the Atlanteans with their spear-type-things and the Kree with their battle staffs.

    • @TheAvenger
      I liked the more Soldier than Superhero look for Cap but I suppose he is more Superhero than soldier. I would have liked to seen Cap using military jargon and Thor using Asgardian jargon while Tony stands their dumbfounded with a bombay martini.

      • Lmao!!!

  23. I don´t think the CGI guys are Atlanteans. Since they look human, why would they need CGI bodies?

    • Only Namor looks human -the rest are a blueish-green color if memory serves correctly – also the Altanteans have weird ears, hands and feet ;)

      But, I think you’re right – I’m almost certain these guys will be Kree soldiers. (At least I hope so)

  24. It’s one scene in the movie and you have no frame of context.

  25. What if the Skrulls ambush the Avengers? Thor and Cap and the Rest ccould be taken by surpsrise and not have time to get in full costume.

    Everybody relax.

    • There´s some more pics from that very same set on which Cap wears the helmet and gloves.

  26. dammm

  27. Off topic, but it seems kinda meh to put a Google+ link at the top, but relegate the Facebook share to the bottom. Regardless if you like Google+ or not, Facebook still has a magnitude more users.

    • Just a judgment call on the social media buttons. Probably a good point – we should have a FB share at the top, too.


  28. I don’t mind Thor without his helmet but CA’s costume is wrong it looks cartoonish where Tony Stark aka Ironman he’s not any of the set photos or videos it seem AC and thor getting more spotlight than tony honestly Ironman should get it!

      • Just because Iron Man is not on those pics doesn´t mean he has a minor role in the movie. We haven´t seen set pics of the other characters, does that mean they have minor roles as well?

      • @TheAvenger

        I highly doubt a major character like Tony Stark/IM would have a small part in this movie. We’ve only seen one battle scene. He will probably be added later with CGI along with Hulk.

        • Whoh there! I said MAYBE. it’s not a confirmed fact that RDJ will have a smaller role. For all we know, he’ll still be the star. Read my post more carefully – I only said it SEEMS as if he’ll have a smaller part.

        • He is involved.

    • the reason they probably dont have a lot of pics of robert downy jr. is because iron man is completely CGI as is The hulk. Thats probably why right now they just have pics of Captain america and thor

      • The Iron Man suit isn’t all CGI – most of it was REAL – watch the DVD’s special features (the “making of the movie”).

        It’s pretty cool: the torso, most of the arms and legs, helmet, etc was all REAL! They used CGI for the joints of the suit and some other stuff and then just edited the stuff to make it look “fluid”. All the flight/heavy action scenes were mostly CGI though…

        • In battle scenes they will most certainly use an all-CGI Iron Man. Real suit for close ups, but action scenes will have to CGI.

        • When they’re shooting close-ups of Iron Man standing there talking, the torso, helmet and upper arms are real. everything else, plus all other scenes, are cg.