Thor & Captain America Tag Team in New ‘Avengers’ Set Photos

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What may be two of the biggest and most anticipated superhero movies ever are both hitting theaters everywhere next summer, and they are competing on every possible front. We are of course referring to classic fanboy battle of Marvel vs. DC, or in the case of their upcoming respective films, The Avengers vs. The Dark Knight Rises.

Disney and Warner Bros. both held back when it came to showing off their flagship blockbusters at Comic-Con but there’s no shortage of marketing materials and spoilers coming out of each film’s production anyway, and by that I mean viral marketing, unintentional viral marketing as a result of shooting the films public. Today’s addition to the library of candid unofficial set photos and videos focuses in on a scene of The Avengers featuring Thor and Captain America fighting together in costume.

The Pittsburgh production of The Dark Knight Rises introduced us to Bane and Catwoman in costume along with the film’s iconic vehicles, revealing several key moments and plot points of the film. For The Avengers, we’re learning more about the team’s battle with a mysterious new foe…

Before moving on to the goodies, be forewarned that all of what you’ll see below is entering spoiler territory. You may be familiar with the characters and costumes of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Chris Evans’ Cap, but what’s occurring and who else is involved has only begun to unfold in the public’s eye and some may wish to save the surprise until the official trailer for The Avengers or until the movie debuts next May.












Below is a gallery of photos, followed by three videos of our heroes in action.


Captain America isn’t feeling too great and it’s self-evident as to why – Falling through windows onto cars even hurts super soldiers. Now for videos of the first Avenger and the Asgardian Avenger in battle:

Some of the most fun and exciting moments of The Avengers will be when the team forms to fight a common threat together, and this is our first hint of that happening. The best part for me is seeing Evans and Hemsworth laughing and chatting it up in between takes, showing the team dynamic working both on and off the screens. That and Thor bringing hammer time to that sedan. Car, meet Mjolnir.

If you missed the, check out the previous set photos of Chris Evans in his Captain America costume, also fighting stuntmen in mo-cap suits. Those images also reveal one of the enemy’s weapons, hinting that these are likely the long-rumored Skrull or Kree alien forces.

Who do you think The Avengers are fighting and how will they look compared to their designs in Marvel Comics?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Sources: Splash News, NewsNet5

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  1. I hope by the time we’ve dismembered these spoilers and onset shots there’ll still be something to be excited about when the movie comes out. I think that was one of Thor’s issues: overexposure before release. The producers should be wary of that.

  2. D23 Avengers footage:

    Loki’s being locked in a giant prison cell completely lined with windows
    Nick Fury is threatening Loki!
    Hmmmm. There’s sky and a storm below them.
    Nick Fury says that if Loki tries to escape, the cell gets dropped from the bottom of the Helicarrier…30,000 feet straight down
    “It’s an impressive cage.”
    Nick and Loki allude to the cage being made to hold the Hulk!
    Fury is steppin’ right up to Loki and he looks pissed!
    Loki’s looking at the camera knowing that Banner’s watching, pointing out that they built this prison cell for the Hulk.
    Loki’s smiles are full of evil!
    Coby Smulders as Maria Hill, watching them on the monitors.
    Captain America’s watching this all on a helicarrier monitor.

    Footage is shifting.
    Bruce Banner on Loki: He really grows on you, doesn’t he?

    Hawkeye let loose an arrow!

    Showing Fury talking about bringing the team together. Shots of everyone.

    Quick clips now. Fury talking about his idea to assemble all the heroes together.
    RDJ is sizing up the team. In his Tony Stark way.
    We saw the Hulk roar!
    Kevin’s [Feige] got a big smile.

    Update: They showed the footage again, with more description:
    The helicarrier is 30,000 feet in the air!

    Loki sees the camera and knows that the Avengers are watching him.
    Lord, Thor’s arms are MASSIVE.
    “You talk about peace and you kill cuz it’s fun.” – Fury to Loki
    Loki looks even more menacing than he did in Thor.
    We got to see Hawkeye loose an arrow. LOOKED GREAT.
    Big explosion!
    Renner also using guns. But he has a full quiver of arrows on his back.
    Tony Stark is doing a headcount of the Avengers: A couple of master assassins, a demigod, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend
    Iron Man and somone battling. Maybe Thor?
    And the last scene of Tony Stark talking? It was to Loki!
    To Loki: “And you, big fella, managed to piss off every one of them.” Loki: “I have an army.” Stark: “We have a Hulk!”

    • You just copied all of that from the Marvel LiveBlog, right?

      • Man! That was intense! :D It was 2 hours of HORROR (WAITING for the Avengers’s panel to start)! And when they finally said: “Here we go” I almost had a heart attack :D.

        Thank god for Marvel, because I live in South Africa and couldn’t be at the expo myself… so unfortunately I couldn’t see that awesome footage, but luckily Marvel provided all the info.

      • Yes, I did. And I have another idea about those CGI suits, because Hiddleston said: “What happens in the space between the end of Thor and the beginning of The Avengers is Loki’s made some very shady deals with the gangsters on the streets of the Nine Realms.”

        What if there are no aliens, but Frost Giants, fire demons or other fantastic looking monsters from the other 8 realms.

        • I also thought it was frost giants at first (Loki is their new master/heir to the throne after all) but I’m still on the fence about that theory.
          It does make more sense though…

  3. I’m dying to know about The Hulk – nothing much has shown up reg him.

  4. Okay lets think about this for a moment.

    Item one: Why would the guys in the motion capture suit all see to be hunched over. If they were Kree they wouldnt need motion capture.

    Item Two: The Thor and Cap footage could be them rehursing the sceen. Why have CAPS mask on for that. And since there is no blonde timt in his hair I think they plan on covering it/

    Item three: In the teaser and the end of Caps flick we see Thor with bare arms and no cape. Then the last sceen we see Thor with bare arms and a cape. And now in this we see him with the arms covered with the cape. Yet the body armour doest go completely around him like in his movie. Could it be that Thors armor and Cape are destroyed and he is wearing a new armour?

    • Maybe this is the first action sequence in the film and Cap and Thor get trashed a little so they need more help and the Avengers are formed..maybe

    • Or perhaps Marvel is going the DC/Wonder Woman route… retractable sleeves!

  5. haha, looks like chris waves to the camera just at the end of the first video. i’m praying for bloopers from this movie.

  6. Thor’s got sleeves… I’m a happy man!

  7. Almost everybody hated Captain America’s suit for CA:TFA but it grew on mostly everyone after seeing it for a while and in action. Just give it a while. . . This new costume just needs some getting used to because of it being so much more close to the comics, it looks almost campy but it WILL look good in action. HG pointed out some great points BUT THE most important point is that the “mocap-men” are all wearing “MOCAP-HATS”. If they were the Kree, then that wouldn’t be necessary, if it were the Atlanteans, then they could just make small pointy prosthetic ears for them. HOWEVER, THE SKRULLS have VERY LARGE EARS and generally move around hunched over while in battle and most of the weaponry looks like Skrull weaponry. Last point is that there are more than one Captain America and more than one Thor in some of the SAME SCENES, it looks as though Cap and or Thor will be fighting their own selves(dopplegangers) and or each other. Only one group of villains fit this category the most and that is the skrulls.

    • “Almost everybody hated Captain America’s suit for CA:TFA”

      Huh? It got near-universal acclaim, and that was before the movie even came out.

  8. For those who are curious, know that these scenes are being filmed in Cleveland, Ohio. That doesn’t get as much notice as Pitt with TDKR. Just sticking up for the Hall of Fame city. ;)

  9. Hi, this is off topic, but i want to ask, if the script that leeked was overwrited or its official and they just continue shooting with script leaked online or it was fake or what did acutally happen? ( I mean Samuel´s L.J. script from May, im a little bit late for this q :D) Thanks..

    • It happened. The studio sent Jackson the script and he asked his assistant to print it out. But the assistant didn´t know that the printer had a memory and saved everything that´s been printed. Someone knew and printed the script. That´s what Jackson said.

  10. I really don’t have high hopes for this movie, comics, video games and toy lines just are not meant for the big screen, they don’t translate well and more often you see writers and directors struggling to create compelling plots and dialog. Comic movies especially seem to suffer from poor character development, weak villains, sub par canned story lines and writing that usually serves as nothing more than a way to get the viewer from one scene of digital wizardry to the next.with the exception of The Dark Knight I have yet to see a comic movie that comes close to capturing the title hero.I like Wheadon, but he’s got one hell of a potential train wreck on his hands with Avengers…

    • Weeellll, errrrmmm, that’s YOUR opinion ;) (a messed up opinion mind you ;))
      Don’t be so negative.

      • not trying to be negative, just saying it’s difficult to take characters that have had 30 years or more of history and development and cram them into a 2hr movie that will still appeal to a wide enough audience to pull in 200 million in box office receipts…outside of Burton’s Batman films and the Dark Knight trilogy the others have been largely effects driven fluff, which is what audiences want to see. I was very surprised to see Nolan’s movies doing as well as they did (though I would guess that Ledgers death helped TDNs titanic box office numbers as much as his performance as the joker did). As a long time fan and collector of comics I just don’t like the idea of the characters I grew up with on the page being constantly exploited and strip mined by big Hollywood studios in order to turn a few bucks.

        sorry if that’s to “negative” for your sensibilities…

    • Gonna have to disagree I think comics translate very well the problem isn’t that they don’t the problem is that people try to hard to change them especially the studios. They typically gut the comics removing the things that have brought people back for decades. Most people don’t read comics for the actions scenes it’s for the characters and stories the writing. The movies always gut those good aspects and leave us with mindless action films or movies that have very little to do with the comics that people loved.

      Comics translate to film just fine studios just don’t care about making a good film they only care about making money. As the last few years have proven the two don’t typically go hand and hand look at the twilight and transformers films. A movie makes money with out being good all the time.

  11. Avengers have a unique quality which I would like Whedon to emphasize. Each Avenger has a tool which upgrades them. Tony Stark is a mere man but donning his armour puts him on a superhuman level at perhaps the class of Namor and with an arsenal at his disposal. Capt America has augmented human strength but his shield gives him added protection and can be used offensively against stiff opposition. Hawkeye is a mere man who dependends on his special arrows to survive. Thor (and this one always thrilled me) is mighty in his own right- in the class of Wonderman/Thing- but with his mjolnir his power is almost immeasurable and (with it) is probably the only being that can take down the Hulk in physical combat. Each member depends on something for a boost and if only these could be kept away from them the odds might tilt in your favour… Even Bruce Banner needs to become Hulk to be of any use to anybody.

    That is one of Avengers’ qualities. And the similarities between Thor and Cap? Neither one goes down easily: Thor due to his warrior spirit and immortality and Cap due to his sheer resilience and doggedness.

    ‘Avengers’ has the potential of being a classic superhero movie under the right hands. It needs at least 2 hours of screentime to allow for proper plot development. Anything short of this and the film may bomb. I sure hope someone is listening…

    • The film need to be at least 2 AND A HALF hours long for proper plot development.

      • Yep!I agree! 2hrs and a half. just like TDKR will be. :)

  12. TheAvenger, I concur completely. I actually wrote 2 and half but thought it might sound greedy:) Two and half is what we need.

  13. Here’s a pole from’s latest liveblog where fans (all across the world) got the opportunity to VOTE “Which is your favorite Marvel Studios film so far?” Here are the results: (voted by the FANS)
    1. Iron Man (34%)
    2. Captain America: TFA (31%)
    3. Thor (26%)
    4. Iron Man 2 (6%)
    5. The Incredible Hulk (3%)
    - @Daniel F: HA! ;) Your favorite Marvel movie is the least favorite in general :P … sorry, that was childish ;)

    And for those who don’t believe me (for whatever reason), here’s the link:

    Here’s to hoping that Avengers TOPS that list next year! :D

    • I notice you put in brackets, all across the world. I would actually like to know what country the people who voted came from. I would have to think that most were from America.

      While The Incredible Hulk has made the least internationally, Captain America is not that far ahead of it. While we need to wait for it to finish its international run, I’d say outside of America, that list would look alot different.

      International takings from Box Office Mojo

      Ironman 2 $311,500,000
      Thor $267,166,560
      Ironman $266,762,121
      Captain America: The First Avenger $147,000,000
      The Incredible Hulk $128,620,638

      I know box office popularity sometimes has little to do with how the fans actually like a movie, but I just feel that mostly Americans took part in survey, (which I couldnt actually find using your link?), cause outside of the USA, that list would look a little different.

      • I think the majority of voters were mainly American…
        Remember, this was the pole for the FAN favorites, which means the Box Office records doesn’t really have anything to do with it (IM2 raked in the most money than any of the other Marvel movies and it still came in second last place)

        BUT, to answer your question: YES, most of the people who voted were American, and I would guess that a few thousand people voted (there are usually about 3 thousand people who watch “Marvel Live Blogs” – according to Marvel)… soooo, that’s my guess. I would say about 2 thousand Americans, and the rest from international countries. (But, that’s only my guess)

    • theavenger

      Yea it was extremely childish… And meaningless.

      1. Thats an internet poll. It’s not like everyone in the world is required to respond. Maybe it’s accurate of the general sentimet of the world and maybe not. It proves nothing though.

      2. Not only is it just a poll on the internet it’s a poll on one site be it Marvel or any other site it’s still one site. I know I didn’t respond to it. I know none of my close friends responded to it nor did anyone in my family. So clearly there are plenty of people who didn’t respond to it. I’d say that’s safe to say.

      3. The poll specifically says what’s your Fave not rank the marvel films. For all you know every single person that picked a movie as their fave could of had Hulk as their second fave. Just because the majority of people who voted on the poll choose another movie as their fave does not mean that most people consider Hulk to be the worst. In fact the general sentiment that I’ve seen on the net is that it’s with in the top 3 of all the films for most. IM 2 usually makes last for the vast majority.

      4. Who cares? Even if it was only 1 percent and it was everyone in the world who took the poll and Hulk was also all their least fave movie. Doesn’t matter. I offered up MY opinion. I don’t care if you disagree or if my neighbor disagrees or if the president of the united states disagrees (he’s proven he makes bad decisions all the time anyway) at the end of the day it’s my opinion. No amount of so called evidence can prove me wrong just like I can’t prove you wrong. You think IM is the best and Hulk wasn’t very good. Good for you you go enjoy IM and I’ll enjoy the superior film TIH. IM was a fun but mindless action film. Hulk was smart had layers of depth and substance a better end fight and better acting from the supporting cast while the lead was just as good.

      Of course that’s my opinion and lucky for me I’m welcome to have it.

      In related news I conducted a poll of self here are the results of their fave

      1. The Incredible Hulk 100%

      Yay I’m right that poll proves it….. What Childish?

      • Oh, c’mon! It was only a joke :( I didn’t mean to upset you – I thought you’d take it for what it was – a tease. But I guess you don’t have a sense of humor ;) so I won’t do it again.
        I would guess about 3-4 thousand (definitely more than 2 thousand) people voted, so the results are pretty conclusive IMO.
        I posted that information merely so that people could see the RESULTS (many people ask for poles like this – they want to see which movie is the fan’s favorite) and to give a little nod to the Avengers (hoping it would top the list next year).

        I meant no offence.

        • So now I don’t have a sense of humor ? Wow you do a great job at trying to keep the peace jeez man. We both know even if it was mostly meant to be a joke but it’s obvious your still trying to push the issue. Lets not forget this is still the internet. Jokes are not always obvious and people are generally A-holes so it’s never gonna be obvious if it’s a joke or if your just being a jerk.

          More reason to think it wasn’t as much of a joke as you claim is you continue to push the poll issue actually calling it ‘conclusive’ seriously? 3-4 K to you is conclusive? Polls are meaningless elections have proved that for years. Millions of people in the US billions in the world and 3-4k is conclusive ? Even if it did say for sure what the rest of the world feel it’s still meaningless considering most of the world is a bunch of low IQ people with no taste how much money does Twilight make? How much money did Transformers 2 make? I have very little respect for what most of the rest of the world things they have demonstrated they don’t have very good taste. That’s the mindless masses for you. I’ll take a smart movie with substance over dazzling special effects and a couple of funny lines.

          Lets just accept that I have an opinion and you have an opinion

          • I thought the winking-smiley-face (;)) meant that a joke is being made or that sarcasm is being applied? If I was being deliberately rude (or an a-hole) I wouldn’t have used the ;) icon.

            Also, I DO think that 4K is a substantial amount of votes considering all the variables (i.e. the amount of Marvel fans, the amount with internet access, the amount who visits on a regular basis, the amount that lives in certain parts of the world where it wasn’t 3AM when the liveblog started, etc, etc.).
            The amount of votes ARE enough to form a general opinion… if, for instance, there were 200 000 people who voted, the new results would still RESEMBLE the old results (it is a fact – mathematical science). Iron Man was “the most favorite Marvel movie voted by the fans” and TIH was the least favorite – those results will basically remain the same. In fact, if I had to guess, the only substantial changes that could occur, if more people voted, would be that IM2 would go down to the least favorite and that Thor and TIH “would even out” and their results would become very similar, while Cap and IM1′s results would basically remain the same. You can say I’m wrong (and I respect that), but from life-experience with these situations I can tell you it is FACT: the RESULTS drawn from this data will BASICALLY be the same even if more data were to be included.

            And, I do accept that you have your opinions (and you are rightfully entitled to them), but as I recall… you said that people liked TIH more than Iron Man – I just wanted to prove that statement wrong (if you DIDN’T say that – then I am TRULY SORRY)
            If YOU think TIH was better than IM… so be it (you are allowed to say that), but you can’t say that “OTHERS like TIH more” or that “it is a fact that TIH is the superior movie”, because that isn’t the case.

            “most of the world is a bunch of low IQ people with no taste” – if you feel that way, then I am sorry, because throughout my life (which hasn’t even been that long) – I have learned SO MUCH from people around the world… I have had the privilege to meet/dine/talk with the French, the Australians, the Chinese, the Brits, etc. and every-single-person that I have met has a truly unique and exiting story to tell. I have learned much from each of my guests and hosts from other countries and wouldn’t trade that knowledge/privilege for anything else in the world. So if you think that most people on this planet are stupid idiots… then I really don’t have much else to say except, “you are wrong in that matter”.

            • The Avenger

              On the internet faces don’t mean much people use them all the time. There was a guy who used to use this very site and would insult people all the time and mean it, but add the smile or wink just to be a jerk. He has been banned now though. So it can be hard to tell.

              While I respect your opinion no it is not a Mathmatical fact. Most math teachers make fun of polls to an extent. My calculus teacher used to trash them on nearly a monthly basis. A poll can be wrong in so many ways and there is nothing fact about it. Not only do the number represent only that specific group of people and that specific group alone, but polls typically are worded in certain ways so that typically the poll maker gets the response they want. That’s not really the case here with the wording issue, but in general it’s been proven by many experts that polls prove nothing and don’t actually give a very good representation of the general population.

              There are experiments you can find where they randomly select a couple hundred people ask them a question get a cetain set of results then ask a entirely new set of people the exact same questions with drastically different results. There are all kinds of experiments that show just how useless polls really are.

              Still none of that matters it’s a stupid debate. We are talking about comic book movies that we like. It’s a difference of opinion and nothing more.

              As far as me saying that other people liked the incredible hulk more well that’s true. I didn’t say everyone else in the world liked it more. I said I like it more and other people that I know like it more. It would be stupid to claim that everyone else in the world liked it more or try to find some kind of poll that put it in first to prove me right. How childish do you think I am……Wait… opps ;) (Winky face that’s clearly a joke)

              If you disagree about the rest of the world that’s fine, but I’m not wrong. You simply disagree. As I said movies like Twilight and transformers if nothing else at least prove they have terrible taste and like dumb films.

      • Now, That’s childish.

  14. car didnt take enough damage from the hammer :|

    • Thats what editing and CGI are for

      • bet you it still doesnt take enough damage when you see it in the movie.

  15. How fun! I just love the movie-making process!

  16. Thor, Cap, Ironman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Thre versions of the Punisher, Spiderman, Hell I like em all.

    Okay. Dare Devil, Electra,and Nick Fury agent of Shield not so much.

  17. I bet though, that despite Hulk apparently making less money and not being ‘popular’ Hulk has the best scenes.

    • (In The Avengers movie)

  18. I do believe ‘The Incredible Hulk’ is the best Marvel movie to date.

    Here’s how I rank the top 3 Marvel films:

    1. The Incredible Hulk
    2. Iron Man
    3. Captain America

  19. The car took enough damage. It was a glancing blow.

    • I have to agree with Mark & Daniel F in terms of “Best Quality” Marvel films V.S “Best Selling” Marvel Studios films; I think there would be an “honest” difference looking at it that way. In terms of overall better “Quality”, “I” rank them as 1) TIH, 2)Captain America, 3)Iron Man, 4)Thor, &5) Iron Man 2. Each movie had it’s pro’s & cons but overall The Incredible Hulk had THE best overall qualities for a great film but was somewhat of a bastard child because of Ang Lee’s previous version tainting it and the fact that not enough people died in “TIH”. Believe it or not people actually dying in these films add a lot more drama and realism. By far, THOR had THE GREATEST “ACTING” and drama but what brought it down was not enough character development, not enough action and a mediocre climax, otherwise Thor might have taken the number #2 spot but Captain America beats Iron Man and Thor for having more ACTION and more HEART.

  20. can someone please put a mask on chris evans, he is CAPTAIN AMERICA

  21. Geez I commented on a thread about Supe’s not having his red trunks on in his new film and now Cap aint wearing his mask. Of course is could just be this scene, but we’re seeng a lot of pictures of him not wearing it :-( also I don’t think Thor is getting enough love can I ask what people didnt like about the Thor film. I actually thought it beat Captain America (or maybe it was on par, I did really like the first avenger).


  22. More than likely Captain America having the mask off may have to do with the fact of an other/s running around looking like him.

  23. Cant wait to see the Big 3 in action – and Tony Stark joking Thor and Cap! haha!