Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Joss Whedon on the Set of ‘The Avengers’

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Samuel L Jackson Talks Avengers Set Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Joss Whedon on the Set of The Avengers

It would be hard to deny that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury – like Thor, Captain America, or Iron Man – is an integral piece of The Avengers group. His character has been featured in numerous Marvel Studios films, slowly planting the seeds that would inevitably lead to the fictional events of the blockbuster movie.

With that in mind, it’s fair to say that Samuel L. Jackson has a unique perspective on the Marvel universe and, more importantly, the character of Nick Fury. Still, when it came to working with Avengers director Joss Whedon, a Marvel veteran in his own right, Jackson discovered a new level of devotion to these storylines and characters.

Speaking with Comic Book Movie, Jackson gave a brief retrospective on his Avengers work, and talked a little bit about the success of the movie since its May release. One of the most interesting things Jackson revealed was Whedon’s attention to detail, most notably evidenced by his script.

When the actor would deviate from the lines Joss Whedon had written on the page, Whedon – rather than chalk it up to improvisation and let the scene play out – would ensure Jackson followed them to a T.

“He was very hands-on and he was always incredibly focused on set. Actors like to come in, look at the script and then say, ‘I’m going to make this mine.’ So I’d start saying words and then Joss comments, ‘Wait a minute… That’s not what I wrote in the script.’ He wanted us to say exactly the same words that he wrote because that’s how these comic book characters talk. He only had to tell me once and I got it right away. He understands the language of comic books and that’s how we needed to sound.”

While some actors might look at this sort of direction as egotistical, Samuel L. Jackson was willing to give Whedon the benefit of the doubt. The director was not afraid to mess with previously established Marvel Studios canon (like Nick Fury’s scar) either, especially if it meant delivering the most authentic comic book adaptation possible.

The difference between Fury’s scar in previous films (Iron Man 2, Thor) and in The Avengers is something Jackson is surprised more fans haven’t jumped on. Obviously, the intent was to give the character a scar that more closely resembles the one in The Ultimates comic book, even if it meant a little more time in the make-up chair for Jackson.

“At a certain point in the production, it only took the makeup team 20 minutes to put on the eye patch and scars. However, the first time it took about an hour-and-a-half because we had to go back and forth to Joss. We’d have to ask things like, ‘Is this too much? Is this not enough?’ We actually changed the scar to the comic book scar for this movie, which is something that a few people have noticed. If you look at the ‘Iron Man’ and ‘Thor’ movies, the scar looks like two little cat scratches. ”

Nick Fury Scar Samuel L. Jackson Talks About Joss Whedon on the Set of The Avengers

Along with some interesting stories from The Avengers set, Jackson talks a little bit about the success of The Avengers, which holds the record for biggest opening weekend of all time. Unsurprisingly, Jackson once again attributes that tremendous result to Whedon’s comic book knowledge.

“Joss knows more about the comic book genre than most people, especially within this particular franchise. He has an understanding of the relationships of the characters and he understands the Marvel world. He put the story and the characters together in a very unique and wonderful way. “

This glowing evaluation from Samuel L. Jackson should put fans worried about The Avengers‘ future at ease, knowing that Whedon will write and direct at least one more Avengers film. Furthermore, his presence on future Marvel properties like the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show elevates the likelihood of that series being a success.

It’s funny to think that at one point the Buffy and Angel creator couldn’t keep a show on the air for more than a season, and now he’s attached to some of the most profitable pieces of entertainment available right now.

The Avengers releases on DVD and Blu-Ray September 25th, 2012.


Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. Um, it’s only [ONLY!] ‘Firefly’ which lasted one season. Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse had two or two plus a bunch more seasons!

  2. they could of put a picture of the eye patch in the thor movie and captain america move next to each other for comparison…lazy writer!

    • Why don’t do it yourself… lazy kal el! ;)

  3. When the actor would deviate from the lines Joss Whedon had written on the page, Whedon – rather than chalk it up to improvisation and let the scene play out – would ensure Jackson followed them to a T.

    • Nice copy and paste…

  4. I actually would have liked it if SLJ could have been a bit more like… SLJ in the movie ;)

    IMO the dialogue and script of the movie was fantastic, but there were a few hockey moments, and most of them were with SLJ’s lines.

    What’s done is done I suppose… the movie was still incredible and I look forward to seeing SLJ reprise his role again in future movies, and of course, Avengers 2!!!!

    • the worst line SLJ had, IMO, was in the beginning while talking to hawkeye, and hawkeye says “…not on this side”, then nick says “this side?” you would think fury would know it’s a doorway into space. to me, that was the silliest piece of dialogue from the film, that i can remember atm.

      • Well yeah he would know it’s a doorway into space, but he thought it was just that – space on the other side. He wouldn’t have expected any live activity on the other side.

        • He’s Nick Fury… I think of all people he should be the most aware of alien life (he about Thor and the Asgardians didn’t he?).

          IMO that piece of dialogue was more for the audience… to inform THEM/US of a possible threat on the “other side” of the doorway.

      • Worst line by Samuel J was the line when they were all arguing with each other,(To Thor) ” Did we come to your planet and blow stuff up?! ” We all know the profanity “sh*t” would make more sense for Fury and for SMJ.

        Worst line in the movie was by Loki (after being captured by the Avengers), ” If it is alright with you, I will have that drink now.” Yeah like he is gonna be joking after being thrashed by the Hulk. The Joker might say it but not Loki.

        But hey the movie rocked despite of these lines.

        • your crazy… that Loki line was great,remember Loki is a GOD so the Hulk thrashing would have hurt but thats about it! it was not gonna kill him, THE BEST LINE WAS THE HULK’s “PUNY GOD” that was the best line. even hulk knew it was not gonna kill him!

          and yes there would have been some swearing during some of those events….. when Iron Man is flying up into the incoming Chitari, there would MOST CERTAINLY have been an OH SH*T!! or WERE FU**ED!
          and Nick Fury seems to me like he would be a cussing mofo, it would just suit him so much better than some of his cheesy lines!! oh well i still have seen the movie about 7 times and still love it

          • You clearly missed my point, the topic was about cheesy/hokey lines. I know Loki can take a thrashing, that is pretty obvious…However the line doesn’t work (for me) because he was just defeated once again by his brother (who he despises) and was thrashed by the monster he was gonna let loose on the Avengers. Loki HATES being second fiddle to Thor clearly. This would not have been the moment to joke about it.

            What would have been funnier is if once the Avengers had Loki surrounded Hulk lunges forward to punk him and Loki flinches. Or if Loki was going to say anything at all it would have been “No Mas”. Loki needs time to lick his wounds so he could come back later with some other half-cocked plan to take down Thor.

  5. SLJ never dissapoints in whatever film ive seen him in. The only show i know Joss Whedon for was Buffy mostly but had a hunch he’d be good for The Avengers & im glad everything worked out because The Avengers was one of the best cbm imo. Can’t wait for whats in store in phase 2.

  6. I wonder if they’ll ever reveal why Fury wears an eye patch. I’m sure the explanation in the comics has been changed or retconned over the years. One of those little things that they may never touch on or they may if there’s ever a moment in, say, the new SHIELD TV show where a new agent asks one of the veterans about Fury. Who he is, what his background is, why he wears an eyepatch etc.

    • In the Ultimate comic books they did show the instance in which Fury lost his eye. They didn’t show the exact moment, but the events surrounding the incident.

      • could you please tell us then?? im not a big comic book person! I have read some and have always loved these and most of the prominent marvel characters since i was a young boy, one of my earliest memories is a damn neighbor took my incredible hulk shirt (that I had taken off because of the heat) and used it to wipe up some oil a car had dripped in front of his house I have hated that man ever since! I was probably 4 yrs old and am now 38 and I still dont like that neighbor…. arrrgggh
        so any little tid bits that I get from the real comic book fans I really love to hear, those are the ones that really know what they are talking about

        • In the ultimate comics, I believe it was Wolverine who caused Fury to wear an eye patch (hence the three cuts/marks on his face), but in the normal Marvel U it’s Fury’s evil brother who shot him in the face…

          Don’t take my word for it though because I can’t remember the exact details, but I can tell you that it’s impossible for them to go with the Wolverine version, since Wolvie is owned by Fox.

          • Nope, wasn´t Wolverine. He even saved him.

      • They actually showed what happened in some Ultimate comic. I don´t remember it clearly enough, but I think it happened when Fury and some soldiers transported Wolverine (in a cage) in Afghanistan when they drove over a landmine or something…

        No clue about the 616 story though.

        • In Ultimate X-Men comics, in a flashback, Fury is part of the team which is transporting Wolverine, when he was being used as Weapon X by the govverment. The transport gets attacked by insurgents, looking for surplies or weapons. All of the American soldiers are killed in the explosions and gunfire, except Fury, who is injured and loses his eye. Wolverine is freed by the explosions, and kills most of the insurgents. Fury expects Wolverine to kill him too, but instead Wolverine carries him back to base and is recaptured, to continue being used as Weapon X. Fury later helps Wolverine escape Weapon X.

          I also dont know about the 616 version.

  7. I have to admit I love Whedon, and have never, I repeat NEVER been a Marvel comics fan. But simply because Whedon wrote and directed I gave Avengers a chance and LOVED IT. And I am also not a horror fan, but because Whedon wrote and directed Cabin in the Woods I saw it and LOVED it. Whedon has created some of my favorite TV and is now adding to my favorite movies. Unlike Abrams who is very hit and miss, I have enjoyed everything Whedon has touched.

    Joss is my new entertainment hero (Especially since George Lucas is letting unimportant fanboi’s bully him into retirement).

    • Joss co wrote Cabin in the Woods, with Drew Goddard, who directed it.

    • So, just to be sure, you’ve never been a Marvel Comics fan?

      • Im just not a big comic book fan, I love the characters and the movies and even watched the cartoons and the old hulk tv show when i was young but just not much of a comic book reader!!! so I do not know very much of the back stories on the more obscure characters,I knew who Nick Fury was b4 iron man but I do not know his back story

      • No. I am sure I will draw instant ire from the fanbois out there, but Marvel has always been the silly 10 year old’s comic book characters to me. And granted I didn’t give them many chances as a kid but when you compare Spiderman, Hulk, The Xmen, and Fantastic 4 to Batman and Superman, they just seem so underwhelming. Batman is the most complex character in comic book history IMHO. Superman is #2. They create higher drama, and I know Superman is an alien, but they seem more realistic to me.

        But I really enjoyed Iron Man in Avengers. I may even attempt to watch I.M. 1&2…

        • I’d respond but I’m irrelevant.

        • You obviously havent read any Marvel comics. I suggest you do. Its cool if you prefer DC over Marvel, I hear they group therapies for people with such afflictions, but your comment does sound ignorant. Marvel has plenty of impressive and complex characters.


    • that would have been funny to hear in the movie

  9. live with it eddie ppl like the hulk and the helicarrier was awesome so when you put the 2 together what do u think ppl are gonna say???

  10. what i love most about the movie is that is flows almost perfectly making the 2hr 20min run time seem like half that due to how everything is paced.

    why one negative would be that nick fury wasn’t as much a BA as he is in the comics and that hawkeye was underplayed (minus the battle scene), that is something the shield tv series could explore more imo, to further flesh out fury, hawkeye and black widow.

  11. GOD.. I am scare.. :)

  12. He’s just a token hire and, because of his hateful political ideology, I won’t be watching anything with him anymore.

  13. In the main (616) Marvel Universe, Fury lost his eye in a grenade blast during WWII in Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #27 (Feb. 1966).