Marvel Movie Updates: Captain America News & An Avengers Hint

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Captain America Avengers Movie Updates Marvel Movie Updates: Captain America News & An Avengers Hint

There are less than three weeks until two major comic book movie events occur. Comic-Con International begins in San Diego on July 21st and one day later, Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters, rounding out the last of the four major comic book blockbusters of the 2011 summer movie season.

While Marvel Studios sadly will not be hosting a Hall H presentation for The Avengers, they will still have a presence at the year’s biggest Comic Book convention and there will certainly be news to be had. For now, let’s look at the latest news for Captain America and The Avengers in this 4th of July Marvel movie update!

In this round-up of recent Marvel movie news, we get a tidbit of interesting information from the set of The Avengers, new TV spots and a score preview for Captain America and news on Cap’s international acceptance.

Before we get to that, and since today many celebrated Independence Day with friends, family and fireworks, here’s a fun piece of artwork of Captain America doing what he does best: cooking.

Captain America 4th of July 280x362 Marvel Movie Updates: Captain America News & An Avengers Hint

Source: Agent_M


The Avengers Quinjet

Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, went to the set of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers a few days ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was joined by Brian Michael Bendis and Matt Fraction, likely as members of the Creative Committee to work on the comic-film connections and bigger Marvel Studios universe.

Screen Rant wasn’t part of the press group that went to The Avengers set unfortunately so we’ll take what we can from Quesada’s latest tweet from June 27th which simply read: “One word… QUINJET!”

We know the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier will be introduced in The Avengers so it’s not surprising to also see confirmation that the Quinjet vehicles will be introduced as well. The Quinjet is a fighter jet style air vehicle used by SHIELD and The Avengers. In the comics, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) takes possession of these vehicles, but more interestingly, they were developed by Black Panther’s Wakanda Design Group. Setup for Black Panther introduction in the Marvel Studios film universe?

Marvel Studios Avengers Quinjet 280x179 Marvel Movie Updates: Captain America News & An Avengers Hint

Sources: Joe Quesada, Marvel


Captain America’s International Film Title

Captain [insert country name here] isn’t always great marketing tool when it comes to foreign markets. So, with a title of Captain America: The First Avenger, there’s long been speculation that some international markets would see the Chris Evans starrer release with a different title.

As we now know, this is exactly the case. The Joe Johnston directed flick had two different titles offered to other countries: the full Captain America: The First Avenger or the shortened The First Avenger. Most countries opted to keep the hero’s name in the film as he’s a recognizable brand name, but Russia, Ukraine and South Korea did not feel the same way. They will be the only three countries using The First Avenger as the film’s title.

In other international markets news for Marvel Studios, China and their policy of only allowing 20 foreign films per year, may not screen the film at all, but that decision hasn’t been made yet.

Source: THR


Captain America: The First Avenger Score

If you’re into the scores behind epic films, then this 13-minute preview of Alan Silvestri’s orchestral score for The First Avenger is for you:

Source: AICN


Captain America: The First Avenger TV Spots

A pair of new TV spots for Captain America have surfaced online, one that starts out in present times with the finding of a the frozen hero, and the other featuring a mash-up of action sequences.


In other recent Marvel news:


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  1. I’ve never been into Captain America, it’s definitely one where I will wait for the reviews to come in before I head out to see it. I mean the movie needs to be really good for me to have any interest in seeing it.

    • Well I’m sure we’re all hoping it’s good enough to interest you.

    • Since when are reviews all that accurate? I wouldn’t let that be the basis for the movies I see. Green Lantern was critically a mess but I really enjoyed it. Then there are other movies that get good reviews that turn out to be terrible. If you are into comic movies then go see Cap.

      • Agreed, I enjoyed it to, and it seems like the movies that get great reviews from critics [like the ones nominated for best picture at the oscars until they changed it to 10 nominees] never made any money, not saying they’re not good but i guess there is a reason that they get a limited release.

        • I mean there are a good amount of them that do make good money but some of them are these critically acclaimed movies and get alot of praise [probably rightfully so] but were in limited release for whatever reason.

      • There’s such a thing as a film being terrible, or critically ravaged, and still be entertaining. As a huge movie nerd I agreed with most of the flaws pointed out in the reviews of GL, but I still had fun watching it.

        People have this strange, mistaken knee-jerk reaction when anyone mentions a review they didn’t agree with…they somehow make the case that because they don’t like the negative reviews of a movie they enjoyed, that means all reviews & critics have no value. This makes no sense to me…disagreeing with something doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

        If a film gets universally bad reviews, and all the reviews mention the same things, but you liked the movie, it doesn’t mean all those film critics are somehow magically wrong about the same things. It means those things really are in the film, and that you managed to enjoy it in spite of them. That’s a GOOD thing.

    • Which reviewers are you talking about? Would you be referring to the senile and biased Roger Ebert or to the more levelheaded guys like Vic and Kofi?

  2. I didn’t know the helicarrier was going to be in it. I’m happy now.

  3. I dont need reviews to see Captain America. Will be there opening night!

  4. If Captain America contains a negative stereotype of an Asian man, I will boycott this film internationally…

    • What a random comment…..

    • I, too, shall boycott it if it features yet another Asian caricature. Every time Hollywood’s involved, I wouldn’t put it past them. On one hand, it doesn’t have Ken Jeong in it.

    • do what!?

    • weird.

    • Has Marvel done anything like that? I have seen movies with that type of crap but I don’t remember ever seeing a Marvel movie do that.

  5. I will be there to see Captain America opening night. Or as its called in my country, “Liberty Fighter Strong Man”.

    • love it! got any more whitty international titles??

  6. S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier!
    Stark’s QUINJET!

    That is freakin awesome!

    I just peed my pants!

    *Ugghhm*… sorry about that, I just had a “fanboy moment” there.

    But seriously, The Avengers will rock 2012.

    Can’t wait for Cap (literally)… unfortunately in South-Africa Cap is being released on 5 August… that means I have to wait 2 WEEKS more than the rest of you guys :(. Figures huh, the ONE movie I look most forward to this year… and I have to wait like a month!

    • I feel your pain :(. I live in Sweden so it’s gonna be a while until I get to see alot of the summers block busters.

      Though the trailers have been awesome and they have really succeded to get across that Cap is a hero because he does the right thing which is something we can all aspire to, I wonder if their still gonna go with that “heroes are made in America” tag line ’cause I don’t know how that’s gonna fly outside of the USA…

  7. The “Heroes are made in America” will feature in America obviously but for some other countries, the tagline has been omitted already.

    • How do you know?

      • People on other sites who I talk to all the time, who live in other countries have reported seeing the trailers and that part has been omitted.

  8. the way i see it, if you dont like the tag line, dont watch the movie… in ANY country. fact is, this is an american made movie. deal with it rest of the world. (this is coming from a NON american living in america)

    • …That was largely filmed in England!

      Ah, the magic of Hollywood. ^-^

    • I dont have a problem with a movie called Captain America. Or with him being a hero. Or him being American. I do have a problem with the suggestion that only American soldiers can be heroes. Obviously this movie is not saying this, but I can understand why some may have a problem with that tag line.

  9. Wonderful that they got a real composer to do the score for First Avenger. Alan Silvestri is a wonderful and sadly under-appreciated film composer. At least we won’t be getting the 2-dimensional crap that’s been so prevalent in action films recently. It’s nice to see a return to good full orchestrations and layered writing. Film audiences are becoming inoculated against bad musical writing. They accept any crap tossed their way, thinking that “hey, it made it into the film, it’s got to be good”. And yes, I’m one of those who will criticize until my death the score to “Inception” as being the worst possible garbage ever foisted on an audience.

    • Inception’s score (IMO) was great, but I can see there is no arguing with you, so I won’t ;)

      The other night I watched a movie with my little sister (14) and after words I asked her what she thought of it… she said it was “good” and when I asked her what she thought of the “music” in the movie (the score) she asked me: “was there music in that movie? I didn’t hear any music”… My point being, you are right, people don’t even care or notice (or hear in some cases) the amazing work that goes into making a great score. And just to clarify, the movie we were watching was Sherlock Holmes (a great movie IMO) and it is perfectly possible to hear the score (composed by Hans Zimmer) in that film.

      • Well what this really means is that for your sister…the score really worked well. It so complimented the action on the screen that it blended into the action completely.

        • No, she’s just a little slow ;)
          But seriously, she just didn’t notice it.
          And whenever I play classical music (or any type of “instrumental” music) she says it “scares her”. These days if “Rihanna” or
          “Jason De Biever” isn’t singing in it – they (the youth) don’t think is’t music.

          • My kids asked me who I thought the greatest female singer was and to their amazement, I didn’t say Whitney Huston (before her downfall of course); I told them I thought Barbra Streisand had the greatest range (not the greatest music but the best voice).

            They told me I am no longer a black man. 8-)

  10. seeing this on opening day =))

  11. The score for Cap sounds great. My favorite movie-score-composer used to be Hans Zimmer, but I am starting to notice that a lot of his stuff sounds very much alike (there isn’t that much originality). His work on Inception and Sherlock Holmes was awesome though, but I digress… Silvestri’s score really sounds awesome.

  12. I’m there without a doubt. I really do hope the offer a replica of the shield to add to my collection.

  13. This still looks to be the comic blockbuster of the summer. I will be there opening night!

  14. @Screenrant: I hope you guys know that I have the utmost respect for you guys and love and admire all the hard work you do to bring us all this great movie news and rumors.

    But I ask you (no, I BEG you): PLEASE STOP USING THAT LAME, FAKE, FAN-MADE POSTER. Marvel has released a genuine, REAL poster of the movie (albeit, not an actual movie poster – more of a “concept art” piece)… so I beg you to use that one, or at least a BETTER fan-made poster like the one i found on facebook:

    • That’s a fan-made poster too…

      The problem is, if you cut out the correct size from that one, you’d only get 3 characters with some text instead of the one I used where I get the entire Avengers roster in one slice.

      There’s a reason to the madness ;)

      • I know the poster from facebook is fake: “or at least a BETTER fan-made poster like the one I found on facebook”.
        Like I said… there is the actual “concept art” photo ( and then there is the BETTER fan-made one from facebook (

        I just think that both of the above posters are better than the one used in this article.

        As for the “cutting” why do you have to cut it? You can have an Avengers logo for the heading/link and a poster (the “concept art” one or the fake on from facebook) on the actual article.

        It’s just a thought… use it or don’t use it… it’s not that big-a-deal, I just thought the poster you currently use looks wrong.

        P.S. Sorry if I’m making a big deal out of this… the IMPORTANT part is the article and as long as your articles stay flawless (as they usually do) I don’t really mind the (awful) poster ;)

  15. Marvel/Disney seems to be moving along on schedule. There really is a corporate managerial strategic plan in place. Unlike the other properties lisesnsed to other studios. Which is neither a bad or good thing..(you like that jist) Marvel has seen ,read,examined the negative of their properties managed by other studios and have found ‘what do..and have created a marketing strategic plan with the fan-base to go foward…

    The other studios have years of movie making experience but not of the genere of Comics to film..
    Warner has years of Batman and Superman but that didn’t prevent the negative films to be made. Bad direction (Joel Shumakuer-if that’s be you spell it.) Superman Returns..Brian Singer..
    Give Ari, Kevin some much deserved credit. They’ve studied the negatives by the provious attempts and have learned. While you can’t please everyone,and do everything in as far as these films are concerned. Marvel Studios by far with all the restrictions handcuffing them in the creative process and not producing their major characters. They seems to be doing a great job for a studio that’s only 5-6 years old.

    They are actually succeeding with propertives the *Major studios didnt want..

    • What?

    • AGREED!!!

  16. I could have sworn there was a small, single person Quinjet in the corner of Stark’s garage in Iron Man 2. You can see it near the entrance of the garage if you pause it at 1:22 in the first trailer:

    • It wasn’t. The director (Favreou) explained that thing that looked like a jet in IM2′s director commentary… unfortunately I can’t remember what he said it was (what his explanation was), but be assured that it’s not a quinjet.

      I did, however, get the feeling that a little Quinjet easter-egg was dropped: In IM2 – the scene were Tony Stark goes to Monaco and goes into the restaurant with Potts and the Black Widow – a rich business man tells Tony that he has “a great idea for an electric jet” – to which Tony replies, “You do? Well lets make it happen.”

      • I told my friend the same thing about that.

      • Thanks! I have posted that on numerous message boards, I had noticed it when the trailer was first released and have never gotten a response! I’m going to have to watch I.M. 2 today(sad to say I bought it on B.R. when it first came out and never opened it).

        • Yeah, you should seriously watch it. It’s amazing… the “SHIELD Data Vault” and Favreou’s director’s commentary really explains some of those confusing and unknown stuff seen in the movie.

          Also do the following to watch “secret videos” (I know it sounds strange/fake, but it works)

          Blu-Ray Disc 1:
          - In the “S.H.I.E.L.D DATA VAULT”
          - Go to “Personal Dossiers”
          - Scroll down to “Steve Rogers”
          - Press the right arrow key and then OK for a hidden video.

          - In the “S.H.I.E.L.D DATA VAULT”
          - Go to “Personal Dossiers”
          - Scroll down to “The Ten Rings”
          - Press the right arrow key for yet another hidden video.

          - In the “S.H.I.E.L.D DATA VAULT”
          - Go to “Personal Dossiers”
          - Scroll down to “H. Stark”
          - Press the right arrow key for the final hidden video.

          Blu-Ray Disc 2:
          - Go to “Ultimate Iron Man”
          - Scroll down to “Making of Iron Man 2″ and press OK
          - Scroll down to “Building a Legacy”
          - Press the Right Arrow key for a Thor featurette.

          *Please note: all those “secret videos” actually relate to Captain America: The First Avenger and some of the tech used in the movie.

          (It’s amazing to see how much detail Marvel put into making it.)

      • I have seen IM2 at least 4 times (and I remember that scene) and never thought the guy was referring to the Quinjet. Good catch!

  17. I can’t wait until this comes out it should be great. I will see Green Lantern this week hope it’s better than all the disappointing reviews. I’m sure it will be, most reviews are always off one way or the other. 3 Star movies get 4.5, 5 star movies get sent straight to DVD, same way things usually go you’ve got to go to the theater or just wait it out so you can figure it out for yourself. As for the Asian assassination I’m not to sure I got all that!????!

    • GL wasn’t that bad. Go see it, they could use all the support they can get ;)

  18. I’m seriously waiting for The Avengers next summer it sounds like it will be a winner. I hope at least! It could completely go wrong and be a dud though. I just hope it doesn’t. In the meantime Captain America is sounding awesome. One of my favorite super heroes finally comes to the big screen in a big way. I hope it’s better than The Green Lantern. Even though I enjoyed The Green Lantern I wanted more! We’ll wait to see.

  19. Critics are mostly members of the Know-squat-squad!

  20. I like this movie news and this is the best news provider.

  21. Dudes! I thought that rich business man said; “I have a great idea for an electric chair!”
    This whole time I thought that guy was MODOK! lol!

    • Hah, that’s awesome.

    • LOL!

  22. How cool would it be to see Hawkeye riding his glider in this!!!!!!!?

  23. i would like to see a Black Panther movie. I heard rumors about it but i have heard little else. I would like to see a black super hero on the screen as long as it was taken as seriously as superman or batman or spiderman, etc.