‘The Avengers’ to Start Shooting in February

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the avengers movie logo The Avengers to Start Shooting in February

It seems like only yesterday I sat through the end credits of Iron Man to hear Nick Fury introduce Tony Stark to the idea of the “Avengers initiative”. The crowd cheered and fanboys like myself immediately began to ponder the possibilities of an interconnected Marvel movie universe and The Avengers on screen together. A similar moment in The Incredible Hulk didn’t pack quite the same punch but assured us that Marvel intended to deliver on its promise and that these films were all closely tied together.

Some would argue that Iron Man 2 made some sacrifices to its central narrative for the sake of teasing how cool The Avengers was going to be and it remains to be seen if The First Avenger: Captain America and Thor will do a better job of juggling those elements. What we do know is that The Avengers has evolved from a fanboy daydream to a massive production moving ahead at full speed.  On the heels of the cast assembling for the first time at this year’s Comic-Con, Superhero Hype has learned that the film will start shooting this February for its May4, 2012 release date. We’ve heard that the film would begin early next year so it’s of no surprise to anyone.

Directed by Joss Whedon, The Avengers is intended to be the culmination of all the in-house Marvel movies produced thus far and will be a huge factor in the direction subsequent films take as well. At the risk of starting another angry debate, I’m going to be honest and say that I think the runaway success of Iron Man was both a blessing and a cure for Marvel… and for the fans.

On the one hand a comic book company was now directly responsible for the film adaptations of some of their most important characters. The filmmakers were rubbing shoulders with the writers and artists on a daily basis and their opinions weren’t just considered, they were valued and encouraged. It was also further proof that the closer a movie stuck to the tone and spirit of its source material, the more successful it would likely be.

In many ways, Iron Man was the antithesis of that summer’s other big comic book hit The Dark Knight. Had Iron Man tanked I think the message may have been sent that all of these films need to be dark and serious and that’s what audiences respond to. Yet, because Iron Man was lighter and fun I think the message was instead the importance of lining these properties up with a director who understands the character and brings the right sensibilities to the project.

AVENGERS header The Avengers to Start Shooting in February

Iron Man 2 was inevitable before the first film finished its opening weekend and for the first time Marvel was no longer in uncharted waters- they were dealing with a hit franchise and the anticipation of a hungry fan base. Many of you love that film and I respect that. The same things I can’t stand about it (the S.H.I.E.L.D. subplot, Cap’s shield, too many characters) were the same things other people really responded to.

One of the things I found most effective about Iron Man was Tony Stark’s journey and how much has changed by the end of the film. When all is said and done in Iron Man 2, things aren’t tremendously different from when the film started. There was a more compelling story for Tony buried in there somewhere, but it never had the screen time or payoff it deserved. So what does this rant have to do with The Avengers- specifically the fact that it starts shooting so soon?

I have one main concern with The Avengers. It’s not the crowded roster (despite the fact that we’ve seen that kill several other comic book films) and it’s not Joss Whedon (I actually think that’s a pretty inspired choice). It’s that when they start shooting in February, Captain America and Thor will not have been released yet. That means the bulk of production on The Avengers will be complete before those films hit theaters.

I realize Whedon surely knows what happens in those films, I’m talking about taking note of how an audience responds to them. I don’t think it’s bold to assume the success of Captain America or Thor, but I do think it’s unfortunate they won’t have an opportunity to examine what’s worked and what hasn’t before taking on The Avengers. Even worse, what if they try to incorporate feedback they receive in the middle of shooting or during post-production?

I understand this is an ambitious project and there’s a desire to get these actors locked in and make this movie while they still can. I know many of you are ready for this right now and no one wants to wait a decade for this to come together. However, what I’m saying is that I think they’re putting themselves in an unfortunate position by rushing into it like this. I think they got drunk on their early success and we’re getting too much thrown at us too quickly. I’m not entirely convinced that The Avengers wouldn’t benefit from the experience they gain and the lessons they learn from these other films.

the avengers cast comic con 2010 570x380 The Avengers to Start Shooting in February

The cast of The Avengers

For me personally, the three years between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight made me even more excited to see the latter. We’re going to get a train of these Marvel movies one right after the other and while I’m not suggesting fans are going to get sick of them, I don’t think the level of interest or enthusiasm will be quite the same as it would if there was a little bit more time to breathe between installments.

I don’t mean to imply that The Avengers is definitely going to be a disaster or that it’s absolutely necessary they slow down a little bit. I’m only saying it wouldn’t hurt.

Thor hits theaters on May 6, 2011. Captain America: The First Avenger follows on July 22, 2011. The Avengers assemble on May 4, 2012.

Source: Superhero Hype.

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  1. ya

  2. Batman needs more time because it’s Nolan; it’s psychological and intricate on the details of superheroism…which is ART. These Marvels are just a part of one big epic soap opera on the big screen. Time is relative to soap operas. It just keeps going and going. I’m not choosing sides between DC and Marvel, they just stand for two different things; DC: symbolism Marvel: characterization. And symbolism is more than the characters themselves, in turn DC should focus on the quality…not the quantity.

    • excellent observation, and a TRUE one.

    • With Nolan’s version of Batman, I can say yes, you are correct. However, I wouldn’t necessarily make the sweeping generalization that “DC: symbolism” because we don’t have a lot of heavily-DC-penned movies out there yet. I think we’d have to wait until we have a larger plethora of DC-guided films before we could come to a conclusion of that kind.

      • Zombiehunter, I just meant in general, like from the DC comics. Like, when Superman died, it was the death of a symbol. Something everyone could get behind. When Captain America died, it was the death of the American government…something everyone could do without. I love my country and I didn’t mean to sound crast, but I was just talking about generalities.

        • Yeah no sweat man, I just assumed you were talking about films and not the comics. I haven’t delved at all into DC like I have with Marvel, so I have no idea about that one. So, I shall agree with you after all!

        • “When Captain America died, it was the death of the American government…”

          What? If anything Captain America is the symbol… the reason he died was becasue his Government (made up of people) failed and he did not believe in it.

          How can you say it was the death of the American Government? The American Government has been dead for a long time now… ;)

          What was Superman a “symbol” of?

  3. im actually geting tired of the marvel comics movies..the only one i wanna see done DEADPOOL

  4. Question….whats going to come after Avengers for Marvel?

    • a crapload of bad movies

    • Probably Ant-man. With Scott Pilgrim coming out friday, Wright can begin work on it.

  5. I don’t think the “Ultimates” route for this film is in keeping to the tone and spirit of the ORIGINAL mainstream source material, which is steeped in just as much realism and maturity.

    I don’t understand why we simply couldn’t have the ORIGINAL founding members to start with and introduce other characters with the second and third film.

    Whilst I enjoyed the “Ultimates” series, I think it’s grossly over rated for reasons of it being an extremely small window in MARVEL’S history with these characters.

    I agree MARVEL should slow down a bit. I’m not going to be impressed by quantity over quality.

    • if it was from the old schol stuff Fury would be white lol

      • @ anthony

        That’s true

        The original (old school) Avengers title has now spawned three new titles:

        New Avengers
        Mighty Avengers
        Dark Avengers

        I would prefer it go back to one title again. Less money, easier to collect. :-)

        • not to mention Wilson Fisk..

          • Yes but as much as I didn’t like the Daredevil movie, I thought Michael Clarke Duncan portrayed The Kingpin really well.

            I would love to see Robert Rodríguez and Frank Miller work on a gritty film noir Daredevil film.

  6. I’m worried about the opposite of this rant actually. I don’t think they will keep people interested or happy with the revealed casting so far. Think about it. You are giving comic book fans 2 whole years to really think about the Avenger cast. I mean, remember the rants about the horrible casting of superheroes that could have been? Does it even take a year for a fan to decide whether or not Ben Affleck was the right choice for DareDevil? Btw I dont remember Capt America being a douche in the comic book but Chris whateverhisnamebe is a huge douche.

    • Thought it also gives everyone more time to get comfortable with the thought of these actors playing these parts. Without a lot of time to think about it, people would probably be even more sketchy. I think thousands more people are okay with Chris Evans playing Cap right NOW than there were back when it was just announced.

      And your opinion of a specific actor shouldn’t have any relevance on the character that he or she is portraying. I’m positive that there are tons of actors that we all like that are douchebags.

  7. Yeah, I just wanna see Deadpool. I like Marvel’s roster of “characters” more than DC. Deadpool is a self-confessed Deathstroke rip-off that breaks down the fourth wall which is sweet. Gambit represents the real south, Cable is a prodigal son(especially in the Age of Apocalypse), Wolverine(my hero) is the most characterized IMO who shares an uncanny resemblance to my other hero(Danzig), and the Fantasic Four is the epitome of family characterization. Deadpool is at the helm of all this craziness and I hope they do him justice. I will say I do enjoy Captain America being called The First Avenger. Cuz(back in the day) we were the first avengers!!!!!! America @#!$ yeah!

    • im Pro Deadpool and Punisher, the rest is just ehh

      • Dude, an awesome trailer clip IMO would be this for Deadpool: If Michael Biehn was Cable he could come in and Wade would go “Who the heck are you?” (Kyle Reese as Cable) “I’m a time traveler…from the future.” Then Deadpool busts out laughing. That sums it up for me ladies and gentleman

  8. Marvel is doing this so right. They are ahead of their time. I don’t want to wait 10 years to see The Avengers, which is what is being suggested. Since there has never been a movie like The Avengers our 1st instinct is to worry. It could fail but if done right it could set the bar for others superhero films. That’s my opinion.

    • Jeffro, good call. I say we get all we can before the end of 2012…that includes X-Men 4 with Apocalypse(no pun intended)!

    • things coming too fast isnt always a good thing….

  9. I think the movie will be fine, no matter when the production date starts, and me personally I HATE the long gaps between the batman movies

  10. Just thinking out loud:
    1. If Green Lantern tanks, Ryan Reynolds will assume some of the blame (rightly or wrongly), diminishing any studio’s interest in having him pursue another hero-oriented film franchise for fear of replicating the bad box office take.
    2. If Green Lantern kills, DC Entertainment will use financial inducements to get Ryan Reynolds to commit to its sequels which, according to the reportage here, seem to be imminent.
    3. Reynolds will be too tied-up in the near-term to make any Deadpool movie.
    I’m guessing either it won’t happen with Reynolds, it won’t happen at all, or they should start looking for another actor to play the role NOW.

    If you disagree with that line of thought, you’ll disagree with this hypothetical, too:
    Hey, Edward Norton, eat some humble pie and audition for a role in Batman 3. That would make King Mob very amused in 2012.

    • King Mob,
      Isn’t there more than just one Green Lantern? I mean, if it’s a trilogy than Reynolds could do the first, let Will Smith do the second, than have all of them in the third. The second movie is the gap allowed for Dead Man Wade(Deadpool)

      • Will Smith?? HAHAHA

        • I was halfway kidding

          • LOL halfway :)

            • lol the other half is a good call though XD except it would be very similar to hancock, with the flying and such :/

      • Joseph,
        I’m going to play devil’s advocate; the devil being DC Entertainment. The whole four musketeers thing works in the comic, but there’s no way DCE or Warners will change the lead actor in a GL film franchise if it delivers for them. Too much future revenue for WB will be at stake, if GL becomes a box office success.

        If it is not a success, WB will not swap out leads on the premise that GL part two WILL work with Smith or someone affordable like Columbus Short as John Stewart. Reynolds is the ‘face’ of their product.

        What I’m saying is blame DC/WB if Deadpool never gets made or if its done with some other actor.

        • If that happens, King Mob, I will @#$!@*?!@ kill DC comics. Who do you guys think could actually pull off Deadpool besides Reynolds btw? I seriously can’t think of anyone at the moment.

          • Brother, I hear you. Being a huge Punisher fan, I’d like Marvel Films to adapt Garth Ennis’s The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe, but that’s well beyond hope. The idea of Ray Stephenson gunning down the cast of the Avengers is catnip to me. (Yes, on the screen.)

  11. I disagree. I haven’t read any of the comments yet, but since it was announced in 2008 that these movies would intertwine and lead up to an Avengers movie 3 years later, I was stoked. But it eventually got changed from a 2011 release to a 2012 release which disappointed a lot of people. So, it’s really 4 years that we’ll all have waited in the end to get the Avengers movie…that’s long enough. The individual movies that precede it are mostly that – individual movies – and can more or less stand on their own.

  12. What’s with the fantastic 4 looking avengers logo? Why does thor look like brad pitt? Why is nick fury african american? Why didn’t I get cast for this movie?

    • “What’s with the fantastic 4 looking avengers logo? ”

      You mean the Avengers Logo that has been around since 1972? Granted without the “circle”. The circle could be a nod to the Young Avengers as they have a circle of sorts behind their “logo”.

  13. ^^^ This Nick Fury is based on the Ultimate Version and the Ultimate Version is based off of Samuel L Jackson

    • um we knew that lol

  14. Thank you for the nick fury info. Can you anwser any of my other questions?

  15. Mcd was a bad ass kingpin. If they make another daredevil I hope he gets recast.

    • mmm no not really he wasnt

      • hahahaha…i was thinking that same thing. MCD was just being himself, which is pretty BA, but it’s not the Kingpin. It should be Kevin Spacey meets the Juggernaut…lol

    • I hated MCD as the Kingpin. Kingpin was a short, squat, uber strong italian “Maggia’ bad guy. MCD was non of those. It would be like casting Michael Cera in the Terrell Owens story. :)

      Just because an actor is bad ass does not mean he would be good in every role. I thought Michael Chickliss would have been a better choice.

  16. I love the observation in this article. It’s a breath of fresh air thats for sure. But the thing I feel is that, the problem might not be the fact that it is coming out back to back. Year after year. Nobody got sick of Harry potter or Lord of the Rings. They came out in consecutive years. Harry Potters latest missed a year I believe? But the final two will come out year to year.
    I can see your point about how they would have benefitted by having the Captain America and Thor movie coming out 2 years ahead of the Avengers instead of 1 year to give the film makers some time to adapt any changes they might see fans suggest, but the Avengers is a different film from Ironman, Captain America, Thor. This is an ensemble film, which will be a different format from the other Marvel Films.

    There will not by anything substantial enough that is going to change or have an effect on how the Avengers will be developed. There is nothing like it before and might not be anything like it afterwards. I personally like the idea of the Avengers starting production ASAP. Tomorrow is promised to nobody.

  17. There are actually four or five Avengers titles as Marvel has started new volumes of all their Avengers titles since Seige ended..The Dark Avengers is done as a title..

    New Avengers
    Secret Avengers
    Avengers Prime
    Avengers Academy
    Avengers : The Children’s Crusade

    Overkill…but I highly recommend Secret Avengers..it’s been great so far..

    • @ Greenknight333

      You beat me to it. I was going to do an update post, but thanks. I still wish they would go back to one or two titles. This over capitilization of titles really hurts the budget. :-)

  18. I really hope if the Skrulls are indeed the villains in The Avengers, I sincerly hope Whedon doesn’t rip off the Fantastic Four and make the Super Skrull’s power the sum of the four Avengers, not the Fantastic Four. Whedon’s cool, though, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t do that. I saw the Infinity Gaunlet at Comic Con so I suppose Thanos would be introduced…which is epic. I know this is too forwardthinking, but I can’t wait for the ending credit extra for the Avengers! How big could things possibly get here?

    • That would be one piss poor effort if the Skrulls are the villians in The Avengers.

      • Maybe, but aliens from outer space seems like the only reason Avengers would have to assemble. I mean, Galactus was already portrayed basically as a nebula in Rise of the Silver Surfer so that idea’s scratched. I suppose if they put the epic into epicness they could put a villain from each of the heroes into play. Maybe a story with Loki controlling Hulk while Thor looks into it, Mandarin(Ten Rings was mentioned in Iron Man 1) could play a part with otherworldly types like Loki(they did mention Doctor Stange having a ten minute short film next year), annnnnnd for Captain America I suppose the Red Skull will be messing around with the cosmic cube to mend all of the worlds to his liking…which then could lead to Thanos. (sighs) I’m such a nerd

  19. Mcd was just playing himeslf? Please explain how he was playing himself. Is mcd a leader of a major criminal organization in real life? Because that would be the only way he would be playing himself.

    • I’m just saying that MCD didn’t really break too much out of character. He physically fit the part aside from the obvious, and that’s probably the only reason he was cast. He’s pretty cool as a Kingpin(ultimately speaking) but as THE Kingpin? MCD is cool, but he was just being himself in the picture. Himself, as in most of the other times I’ve seen him in an action flick(not Green Mile)…IMO I don’t see a huge transition from his role in say, The Whole Nine Yards, to Daredevil. Retort?

  20. Out of curiosity, are we sure that they’re going exactly for the Ultimates version of the Avengers? I could be wrong, but what I’ve heard ( and seen) of Thor and Captain America sounded a bit more in line with the original versions.

    I think you make a bit of a point regarding starting work on the film when we haven’t even had Thor and Captain America out yet. Are they going to do anything if both tank or end up doing a bad job with the critics or something along those lines? Maybe waiting just one more year wouldn’t have been such a bad idea. And I am for one rather am worried about them getting the proper balance between all the characters while also delivering a compelling enough story.

    As for Batman, that mainly has to do with the way Nolan approaches these things. The hype build between the the two films in the series was rather substantial and did contribute to its success though I think so perhaps it may have been a better idea to allow a bit more of time between The Avengers and the other films. I mean, aren’t Captain America and The Avengers opening with only a few months between them?

    I’m somewhat curious how DC and WB will proceed though. Marvel has been doing a lot to get all their characters to the big screen and obviously have big plans, but we don’t know much about the other side’s plans.

    DC seems to have big plans for Green Lantern going by the article saying they already have teams working on the next film. Another Batman film should be coming (did we get official confirmation of any sort?) and Nolan plans on producing the nest Superman film, though that is likely a ways off.

    Batman, to me, was probably the easiest sell out of all DC’s heroes given who he is and whatnot. Superman also isn’t that hard to really get out, though the Superman Returns wasn’t nearly as well recieved as they had hoped.

    Green Lantern though is probably the biggest risk they’ve made so far. I say this given how he probably isn’t as well known as other heroes really along with how big the mythos is for that character with the Lantern Corps and such. The sheer amount of CG that the film is going to have is the biggest worry I have since there are a large amount of characters within the Corps that are likely to be full CG characters like Kiliwog.

    Should it do well, I’m actually curious what it might lead to. I doubt we’ll see a Justice League film anytime soon, if at all. I could see a Flash film as well as one for Wonder Woman perhaps in the future if GL is successful. I’d actually very much like to see a Flash film.

  21. Sean,
    1.) I think the source material for Thor and Cap are the same regarding the origin plot, but a few things could be altered to be modernized like the ultimates. Like Thor’s look…it resembles qualities of Ultimate Thor w/ the beard and no helmet. And Cap, well, I’m pretty sure the movie origin is the original w/o the wings on the helmet(even though Rogers will be a mascot in the beginning of the movie wearing the original costume). Idk about you guys, but I’m willing to compromise a little on the originals to update it for a movie(isn’t that the overall purpose of the ultimates anyways?)
    2.) In regards to the waiting period(more or less), Joss Whedon doesn’t seem like a sellout to me. He wouldn’t base his own script and direction of his Avengers story to cater to box office sales or the public(the public doesn’t dominantly consist of fanboys/girls). That’s actually a complicated issue for any director, let alone a director that only has Avengers as his second film if I’m not mistaken.
    3.) Captain America is actually about a year before The Avengers. I think the Avengers coming out in 2012 makes sense in that an ensemble film of this caliber is something even a loner like myself can get into. The world might come together a little bit more before/after the possible end of the world.
    4.) Batman AND the Superman reboot are slated for 2012 releases. Consider the 2012 race on…
    5.) The Flash TV show was awesome when I was a kid, so I’d love a movie also. Anyone notice the coincidental similarity between The Flash’s tights and Quiksilver’s? Always wondered about that…

    • 1) The look doesn’t bother me much really since I like aspects of the Ultimate designs and like how they appear to be incorporated with the older designs. It’s more the feel and personalities that kind of worry me, particularly with Cap. The Ultimate version of Cap irritated me for some reason since he came off as more cynical for some reason. Then again, that whole series came across as more cynical to me as well as being a bit over the top in terms of violence. I guess I’m just hoping that aspect of the series isn’t in the film.

      2) I don’t know much about Whedon honestly. The only thing by him that I saw was Firefly and Serenity and I know I enjoyed those quite a bit. I also thought his run on X-Men was pretty good and he does seem to be a fan of the characters so I’m expecting he’ll try to do a good storyline that works for the characters. Just have to hope for the best.

      3) Oh, I had thought it was actually rather close. That’s a bit of a relief then since I didn’t think it was such a great idea to have two movies with the same character present so close to one another.

      4) Oh, I’d heard 2012 as a rumored time for Batman 3, but I hadn’t heard that for Superman. 2012 is going to be quite a year for superheroes. Even better if all the films end up being great.

      5) Oh, I think I’ve heard of that show though I’ve never seen it. Mark Hamill was The Trickster, right? There is some similarity there I suppose.

  22. I think there is way too much emphasis placed on the Ultimates series as being some sort of definitive Avengers blueprint for updating these characters for modern cinema.

    What a misleading notion that is and what a load of CRAP!

    The current modern Avengers from the ORIGINAL mainstream series are just as beleivable and better with their realistic storylines. After all this is meant to be an action packed sci-fi epic. We are all going to suspend our disbelief.

    The Ultimates is a but one small alternative version compared to the ORIGINAL mainstream Avengers series which has been running for five decades.

  23. Too much too soon, its bordering on over exposure, a new comic book movie used to be an event and now it just the norm. They dont seem like anything special anymore.

    Iron Man 2 was average. The real story JF and RDJ wanted to tell was hidden so deep it was barely noticable. It was still better than all 3 Spiderman and all 4 X Men movies combined.

    I have zero faith in Whedon being able to deliver on a movie of this magnitude, he has never done anything close, and will his re written script just be the same basic script he uses for all of his projects? You could guess the story for his entire Astonishing X Men run, providing you had seen more than one season of Buffy.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Captain America (although the costume is awful, I’ve seen the comic con trailer) and Thor certainly looks interesting and different.

    I’m completely losing interest in everything Marvel are doing, and their varying franchises they pimped out to other companies, The Avengers is their make or break film, and unless the story is perfect, and all those characters can find a way to co exist in 2 hours, it will be break.

    DC are playing a slower game, they arent rushing movies into production left right and centre like Marvel, and to be fair they have better characters anyway, but DC will come out on top, if not through quantity but quality.

    • (formerly Joseph) Those are the facts, Sam. But I can’t say DC has better characters than Marvel. DC/WB have been together for so long they’ve established a relationship they can take time to work on, and Marvel had to punt their franchises in the last decade to get heard. That’s what I hear anyways. Anyways, I love Batman and Superman. But, seriously, Cable, Gambit, Wolverine, that whole Cyclops/Jean/Sinister thing, Magneto, Sunfire, Random(yeah I said it), Shatterstar, Deadpool(c’mon), Cap, Iron Man, FF, Thor, APOCALYPSE and the Four Horseman including Archangel, Psylocke, Beast, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Omega Red, Venom and Carnage, Doctor Doom, Bishop, Hulk, Heroes for Hire, X-Force, X-Factor, Generation X, Excalibur, Tusk, Mojo and Spiral(one of my favs), Moon Knight, NAMOR, Punisher, STRYFE, The Starjammers, Silver Surfer, and plenty more. Dude, can you seriously say that DC has better characters? I mean, Batman and Superman are above any of these characters…but the storylines? Batman always reigns supreme, sort of, but the only thing from Superman I can recall is his death. I mean, Wonder Woman? Really? What a lame excuse for a female superhero to sit on her butt while flying.

      • YOu just named lots of Marvel characters there!





        The Joker

        Two Face

        The Riddler

        Mr Freeze

        Green Lantern (Hal Jordan of course)



        Lex Luthor

        Lois Lane

        Jimmy Olsen


        Green Arrow

        The Justice League

        Justice Society Of America

        I could carry this list on all day. You maay have more characters, certainly heroes in Marvel, but DC’s villains triumph over Marvels, ask anyone to name you a comic book villain, there is no way they will choose a Marvel villian.

        As for stories, all the best Marvel stories were in the 70s, now all they do is regergitate old material.

        You think DC dont have good stories, Blackest Night was amazing, it crossed so many different characters, almost every DC comic for last year. And all of Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern, brilliant stuff.

        • Actually the first comic book villain that came to mind here: Doctor Doom.

          I have a healthy love-and-hate relationship with both Marvel and DC though.

          • ask some random person on the street to name a comic book villan and 8 times out of 10 you’ll get THE JOKER. I guarantee it.

        • @ DrSamBeckett

          Not having a go or anything but here is a quick list of Marvel villains that comes to mind.

          Green Goblin
          Dr Doom
          Red Skull
          Dr Octopus
          Kraven The Hunter

        • also anything from DC/Vertigo blows anything marvel has put out ever. PREACHER? WATCHMEN? THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS? THE LONG HALLOWEEN? RED SON? ETC…..

          Anyone who dismisses Wonder Women really doesn’t know s***, go pick up the 2009 animated Wonder Women movie and youll see what im taking about. if she can hold her own against Superman or the Greek Gods she can probably waste bums like thor. easily. Shes the OG female super heroine. respect.

          by the way you forgot to list The Question, Hawkman, The FLASH, Black Canary, Martian Manhunter, Dr. Fate, Wild Cat, Death Stroke, Red Tornado, Aquaman, the Blue Beetle, Zatanna, Captain Marvel, Vigilante, Shining Knight, Jonah Hex, The Spectre, and Etc……. all kick-ass DC characters.

          not to mention they rule the tv/movie world:
          Batman The Animated Series: Best Animated Super hero Tv Show EVER.
          Justice League Unlimited: Best Animated Team-Up Tv Show EVER.
          The Flash (’90): Best Super hero live action Tv show EVER. (Although Smallville might take the throne if they get Season 10 right)
          Superman The Movie, Watchmen (The Ultimate Cut), V for Vendetta, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight.: Best Live Action Comic Book Movies EVER.
          Batman Mask of the Phantasm, Under the Red Hood, Return of the Joker, Wonder Woman 2009, Justice League A New Frontier, Crisis on two earths, Public Enemies, Worlds Finest, GL First Flight: Best Animate Super hero movies EVER.
          DC Showcase: Jonah Hex & The Spectre: Best Animated Comic Book Short Films Ever.

          • You’re kidding right? Still presenting your high school Marvel versus DC debate. It’s pointless and at the end of the day very subjective.

            I enjoy titles from both companies and even from some of the smaller independent companies, but to go around on your high horse claiming DC is better than everything else out there is pretty childish.

            Great super heroes are only as good as their stories, their histories, their mythos and there are many of them we can share and enjoy from various sources, NOT just DC. :-)

          • Furthermore how you account for writers and artists who freelance for both Marvel and DC and possibly on the very same titles you have listed?

            Do these people suddenly lose their creativity when working for Marvel? LOL

  24. ompletely agree with the author of this article – How they can start shooting before CA/Thor is even released is evidence that they are rushing and drunk on their own success.

    This will be the most disappointing movie of all time if they ruin this.

    Not even the God, Joss Whedon himself could stop this train wreck if it is indeed rushed.

  25. Sam,
    you named Superman twice. And Jimmy Olsen? C’mon. DC have awesome stories(Vertigo is the best by far) like The Killing Joke. But you also listed Lois Lane. C’mon with all that. It’s pointless and immature of me to even start a list war but really The Joker is probably the BEST villain there is. But am I alone on this that Apocalypse is the most interesting villain there is? He’s Apocalypse; not good not evil but eternal. The Four Horseman(one of which represents a zombie apocalypse)…He was the first mutant ever born AND he was born in Egypt worshipped by the Mayans. Not to mention the Age of Apocalypse freaking ruled! That stuff is way cooler than…well anything on that list. Oh, jeez, none of this stuff matters. Jack Kirby left Marvel and made The New Gods for DC out of spite. In other words, the writers(good or bad) are on both sides so, relatively speaking, it’s all in the same. I haven’t been reading comics as of late, I mean the last thing I saw was X-Men vs. Vampires apparently in due to Twilight, so I’m done mostly with Marvel comics now. Canle and Deadpool are ok.

  26. I heard that the comic-con footage of Captain America had the Red Skull on the search for something related to Asgard. Maybe the Infinity Gauntlet is the key to why the Avengers get together?

    • The Infinity Gauntlet will play a part in Thor from what I understand.
      I do remember Loki having a hand (get it glove… hand… HA!) on a few of the gems but not the Gauntlet itself…

      I just hope they don’t get to caught up in the Gauntlet.. it is a plot device that is just to powerful…

      “Each Gem grants its bearer complete mastery over one aspect of the universe: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power”

      Talk about the ability to “do over”….. :D

    • I believe thats what the Red Skull is searching for in the cave sequence that was shown at comic con, so they have tied all the films together without the Avengers.

      • eeeek Im not liking the sound of that…. While us comic geeks may be abler to follow along they may loose the public… then if they try to “dumb” it down to much it will more then likely irk us….

  27. Chris”Douchebag”Evans is Capt America!

    • Chris Evans is going to suprise a lot of people and WHEN he does I have the names of a few of the biggest naysayers written down so you can actually eat some crow..

  28. Michael chickless you got to be joking. He is a terrible actor and is one of the main reasons the fantastic 4 sucks. I don’t agree mcd should of been cast as kingpin but he did play the best part in that movie. I personally think daredevil is a terrible comic and there is nothing cool about his character.