‘The Avengers’ to Start Shooting in February

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the avengers movie logo The Avengers to Start Shooting in February

It seems like only yesterday I sat through the end credits of Iron Man to hear Nick Fury introduce Tony Stark to the idea of the “Avengers initiative”. The crowd cheered and fanboys like myself immediately began to ponder the possibilities of an interconnected Marvel movie universe and The Avengers on screen together. A similar moment in The Incredible Hulk didn’t pack quite the same punch but assured us that Marvel intended to deliver on its promise and that these films were all closely tied together.

Some would argue that Iron Man 2 made some sacrifices to its central narrative for the sake of teasing how cool The Avengers was going to be and it remains to be seen if The First Avenger: Captain America and Thor will do a better job of juggling those elements. What we do know is that The Avengers has evolved from a fanboy daydream to a massive production moving ahead at full speed.  On the heels of the cast assembling for the first time at this year’s Comic-Con, Superhero Hype has learned that the film will start shooting this February for its May4, 2012 release date. We’ve heard that the film would begin early next year so it’s of no surprise to anyone.

Directed by Joss Whedon, The Avengers is intended to be the culmination of all the in-house Marvel movies produced thus far and will be a huge factor in the direction subsequent films take as well. At the risk of starting another angry debate, I’m going to be honest and say that I think the runaway success of Iron Man was both a blessing and a cure for Marvel… and for the fans.

On the one hand a comic book company was now directly responsible for the film adaptations of some of their most important characters. The filmmakers were rubbing shoulders with the writers and artists on a daily basis and their opinions weren’t just considered, they were valued and encouraged. It was also further proof that the closer a movie stuck to the tone and spirit of its source material, the more successful it would likely be.

In many ways, Iron Man was the antithesis of that summer’s other big comic book hit The Dark Knight. Had Iron Man tanked I think the message may have been sent that all of these films need to be dark and serious and that’s what audiences respond to. Yet, because Iron Man was lighter and fun I think the message was instead the importance of lining these properties up with a director who understands the character and brings the right sensibilities to the project.

AVENGERS header The Avengers to Start Shooting in February

Iron Man 2 was inevitable before the first film finished its opening weekend and for the first time Marvel was no longer in uncharted waters- they were dealing with a hit franchise and the anticipation of a hungry fan base. Many of you love that film and I respect that. The same things I can’t stand about it (the S.H.I.E.L.D. subplot, Cap’s shield, too many characters) were the same things other people really responded to.

One of the things I found most effective about Iron Man was Tony Stark’s journey and how much has changed by the end of the film. When all is said and done in Iron Man 2, things aren’t tremendously different from when the film started. There was a more compelling story for Tony buried in there somewhere, but it never had the screen time or payoff it deserved. So what does this rant have to do with The Avengers- specifically the fact that it starts shooting so soon?

I have one main concern with The Avengers. It’s not the crowded roster (despite the fact that we’ve seen that kill several other comic book films) and it’s not Joss Whedon (I actually think that’s a pretty inspired choice). It’s that when they start shooting in February, Captain America and Thor will not have been released yet. That means the bulk of production on The Avengers will be complete before those films hit theaters.

I realize Whedon surely knows what happens in those films, I’m talking about taking note of how an audience responds to them. I don’t think it’s bold to assume the success of Captain America or Thor, but I do think it’s unfortunate they won’t have an opportunity to examine what’s worked and what hasn’t before taking on The Avengers. Even worse, what if they try to incorporate feedback they receive in the middle of shooting or during post-production?

I understand this is an ambitious project and there’s a desire to get these actors locked in and make this movie while they still can. I know many of you are ready for this right now and no one wants to wait a decade for this to come together. However, what I’m saying is that I think they’re putting themselves in an unfortunate position by rushing into it like this. I think they got drunk on their early success and we’re getting too much thrown at us too quickly. I’m not entirely convinced that The Avengers wouldn’t benefit from the experience they gain and the lessons they learn from these other films.

the avengers cast comic con 2010 570x380 The Avengers to Start Shooting in February

The cast of The Avengers

For me personally, the three years between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight made me even more excited to see the latter. We’re going to get a train of these Marvel movies one right after the other and while I’m not suggesting fans are going to get sick of them, I don’t think the level of interest or enthusiasm will be quite the same as it would if there was a little bit more time to breathe between installments.

I don’t mean to imply that The Avengers is definitely going to be a disaster or that it’s absolutely necessary they slow down a little bit. I’m only saying it wouldn’t hurt.

Thor hits theaters on May 6, 2011. Captain America: The First Avenger follows on July 22, 2011. The Avengers assemble on May 4, 2012.

Source: Superhero Hype.

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  1. Question?
    You guys know that for all intents and purposes these movies are suppose to be Mainstream Marvel Universe right?
    The references to the Ultimate Line are meant to apply to the timeline
    (why this ultimate roster came together instead of the original roster)
    and the up-to-date origins,technology, and settings(everything is established in recent years and not the 60′s)
    I would guess that includes “affirmative Action” for the part of Nick Fury and a few others LOL, but otherwise its pretty straight forward what the plan is and how the dynamics will work.
    Any questions?

    Icon Out

  2. I wasn’t being entirely serious in my Marvel Vs DC argument, I prefer DC but understand full well the massive impact Marvel characters have had, I was more interested in starting the debate.

  3. i see ur point but i for one am excited about this and the point fact that films are coming out back to back to back. for die hard marvel fans this is like a dream. i just only hope they balance the characters well in the avengers.

  4. A lot of good solid points made here Chris. Overall it’s good to have a project such as Avengers brought to the big screen, as it’s never been done before and will probably not be done again (A Justice League movie just looks so way off at this time)Iron Man 2 was actually better than the first film in that it had all of same elements but on on a higher level – more characters and more action – particulary the climatic battle near the end. 2011 is going to be such a crucial year both for the Avengers and the genre in general. Thor and Captain America will need to be big at the box office to ensure that Avengers can be success (i.e at least £200 million domestic gross each) If both films were released in individual years, it would give them more chance to standout (just like Iron Man did). It’s a big ask for moviegoers releasing these films so closely together, which is what could hurt Green Lantern being third in line next year. If both Thor and Captain America were to flop, then Iron Man would almost certainly have to be the main character and a crossover project such as this would only work if everyone has an equal amount of screentime, giving the film a better balance and appeasing fans. So yes they should delay Avengers by a year so that they have more time to assess and deliver the film hopefully everyone wants.

  5. Do we even know the plot of The Avengers movie yet? I’ve heard the Cree/Skrull thing and also, from someone whose opinion I respect, that it’s about them chasing the Hulk around. Does that even make sense? Have I missed the big plot revelation?

  6. Its going to be shot in 3D,,,

    Here we go,,, all Marvel films will go 3D if this is a hit. Guarantee Disney pushed this through, since their totally behind mind control, I mean 3D,,,

    • 790 LOL, you owe me a beer, i have Kona Pale ale on my shirt now thanks to you :)

  7. I don’t believe the pacing between THOR/CAPT AMERICA and THE AVENGERS is too short at lall; we are talking a year apart. As for THOR & CAPT AMERICA being so cloose I don’t believe thats a problem either as boith should stand apart and not be dependent on the other. I too felt that IM 2 sacrificied (more then it shoudl have) to setup the next films but I’d like to believe that Branighan (fro THOR) and Wheaton realized that and made an effort to ensure that doesn;t happen in their respective films.

    IRON MAN (the first one) set a great example for how one can make references to the upcoming AVENGERS project without letting it take over the film as it almost did in IM 2.

    • I suppose my whole argument is directly related to what you just said. You’re hoping Marvel took note of the overwhelming reaction that Iron Man 2 devoted too much time to advertising The Avengers- that it’s something Branagh and Johnston can contemplate when tackling their films.

      I’m only pointing out they won’t get to do the same thing with The Avengers. They won’t have a chance to take a step back and evaluate what worked and what didn’t in Cap & Thor. So, for instance, if Thor is met with the same hostility as Ang Lee’s Hulk and fans despise the whole approach it’ll be too late.

      I want to see this movie happen as badly as any fan. And I want it to be great. I think they’re doing themselves a disservice by rushing into this instead of taking their time and figuring out how to make the best possible version of this they can possibly make. It’s an incredibly tricky prospect and it seems like they’re more concerned with hitting a release date and getting fans all amped up rather than making sure they deliver on their promise. I hope I’m wrong. Sincerely.

      • The only problem with Brannagh and Johnson contemplating this with their movies, is that Thor has finished filming, and they wont have any say in how much of The Avengers influences their movies, Marvel Studios call the shots. They forced all that stuff into IM2 over what JF wanted.

        • @Christopher Schrader

          “I suppose my whole argument is directly related to what..I hope I’m wrong. Sincerely.”

          Well said and I too hope they don’t screw this up for if they do it will probably do more to set back the comic book genre in films then any other action in teh industry as the money men will take it as a sign that the cmoic book to film transition days are over.

  8. Lol Anthony. Virtual Kona coming at ya!

    Heads up!

    • sweettt..i think i need to call it, had too many today already lol