The Avengers: Hawkeye & Black Widow Sporting Full Costumes & Weapons on Set

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With Marvel Studios delivering relatively faithful adaptations of their key characters, villains, stories and more, even down to the colorful costumes from the comics, we’ve always had a rough idea of what The Avengers would look like together on the silver screen. We were even treated to some beautiful character posters during Comic-Con that provided fans with their first look at the roster of heroes and their new, updated costumes.

Just last week, new artwork for The Avengers movie surfaced online, depicting Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk, fighting alongside SHIELD agents Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye, adding to that tease, but still now showing the heroes together in live-action, not since Cap (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fought together during a scene shot in Cleveland a few weeks ago. Now, with The Avengers finishing up principal photography, we have our first look at the entire cast together on set, including a few glimpses of Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson’s costumes and weaponry.

When Jeremy Renner spilled the beans a few years ago that when he went into chat with friend and screenwriter Zak Penn about the role of Captain America, he instead got chatting seriously about the character of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, it was more of a fanboy desire cool idea than a reality. Little did we know at the time, that everything he said about his character would be coming true, from his introductory cameo appearance in Thor (which didn’t even have a director or cast yet) to the details of Hawkeye’s onscreen costume.

He described the modern Hawkeye SHIELD outfit as being more representative of the Ultimates version of the character, with cool shades to go along with his bow and quiver. Gone are the purple outlandish tights and in is the leather, sleeveless combat vest. After officially nabbing the role and making a surprise appearance at Comic-Con, Renner’s words in interviews further confirmed what we suspected he’d look like and now you can see for yourself. Joining Hawkeye, is partner Black Widow who also supports an upgraded costume from her first appearance in Iron Man 2, this time with a pair of sidearms.


Much better than the Avengers promotional art which gave us our first look at Renner in costume, right? For those concerned with actors looking like their hand drawn, on-the-page counterparts, you couldn’t find a better match then Renner for Mr. Barton. If he, alongside Johansson’s Black Widow character make a big impression on fans, they along with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) could very well get their own spin-off movie about the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Sources: Marvel Movies!, Just Jared, Celebuzz

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  1. It looks like Jeremy Renner got caught looking at some boobies in that last pic.

    • Doubt it. He likes dong.

  2. Captain America looks terrible. The first avenger costume looked so much better.

  3. Hawkeye doesn’t strike me as the fun tough guy from the comics,that’s the Hawkeye I want to see in this movie.
    Or maybe the comic Hawkeye have changed???????

  4. theAvenger – you never corrected me. Your explanation was wrong and quite dumb. Quit educating. Nobody is asking you to do so

    • I’m leaving this whole argument between you and me alone with one last sentence: that explanation I gave about the cosmic-side and the supernatural-side of Marvel was mostly quoted from Don Payne (one of the writers of Thor the movie).

      There I’m done.

      @Screenrant: thank you for removing that offensive comment on page 2.

  5. Im really on the fence about this movie. Please don’t bash me as I am not trying to hate just for the sake of hating. Its just so many things that concern me. For one the. We gotta somehow get Thor back to earth, Iron man to join. Loki’s story and his intentions. Try to get hulk to join. Get Cap used to waking up in current time. Sam Jackson is good for a few minutes, but he can get tired some after to long. Obviously they all gotta get together and train. You got CGI bad guys all over he place, we have to explain their origin / intentions (villains). God knows what other villain’s are going to be thrown in the mix too, etc, etc. Its just so many things to get done in a 2 and a half hour movie.

    Again, im not hating. Im just generally concerned. Can they pull all this off with out the movie feeling rushed or screw up the pacing of the film? Are all our hero’s going to get equal amount of screen time? Are they going to be able to balance the seriousness of the plot, with the guaranteed good ole Marvel humor? Are all the hero’s just going to forget about the women they love and miss (ie Thor / Natalie Portman)?

    Im totally rooting for the movie, but if you really think about it, its got to be a real hard one to pull off, not to mention the all ready massive hype the films already has. There’s ALOT riding on this. I just hope the movie is going to b epic, because if it fails by box office numbers and critic reviews, it’ll probably be the only avengers movie we’ll ever get.

    Just a few thoughts…

    • Meant to be new post, Not a reply…

    • I’m also concerned/nervous, but I’m positive…

      Marvel wouldn’t rush a production like this if they didn’t know it was going to be epic – they have put SO much hard work into it, so I doubt they’ll “screw it up” or make it feel rushed. The’ve spent almost half a billion dollars PREPPING this film, so I doubt the execs would allow that money to be throw the drain.

      If I have to have ONE major concern then it’ll be WHEDON: I’ve never seen any of his work and his speech at comic-con 2010 wasn’t very positive IMO, but like I said… I’m gonna be positive.

      This movie IS going to be awesome, it IS going to awesome, it IS… ;)

      • Whedon was the perfect choice for this film. He wrote some of the best X-men comics in recent memory, his show Firefly is amazing, and even his previous shows Buffy & Angel were really good…they are sometimes dismissed as “teenager WB crap” but if you get over the hang-ups and actually watch, they’re very well put together. I didn’t get a chance to watch Dollhouse so I can’t say whether it was good or bad.

        Whedon’s forte is the interplay between multiple characters, and I love his sense of humor.

        • Well, then I’m happy!
          If you guys says he’s right for the job, then I’ll trust you.

          The only reason I was worried about him, is because I’ve never seen any of his work… so if his work was good, then I got nothing to worry about. :D

      • Okay some stuff to think on. First Stark is already involved in the avengers program and there is no way he would let someone else use his armor at this stage in his career. That will be the easiest to set up. Getting Thor to earth and on the team: I see a couple possibilities. Loki already established that there is more than one way to travel out of Asguard. A determined warrior like Thor would find one of those other ways. Loki is also not the only magic user in Asguard. Another possibility is Shield having already recorded all of Nattily Portman’s research and working with STark find away to open the bridge from earth. Thor will also want to go to earth not just for his girlfriend but also when Asguard learns of the cosmic cube discovery and that Loki is alive, Which of course would be two things Asguard would be watching for.

        Captain america woke up in the hands of Shield and it is part of a military system. He is still part of the military in his mind and still ready to fallow orders. I think also that the issue of his man out of time thing will be a big focus of the movie as Cap is the presumed leader of the Avengers. There will be interesting and funny interplay between stark and cap for sure!

        So Cap, Stark and Thor already are established with Shield in direct ways now on to hulk. The Army is still hunting hulk and Shield is helping them. Is has only been assumed but I believe that Hulk will be the reason the team first comes together. Banner will join the avengers in part because by working on a team with the only people possibly powerfull enough to stop the hulk might be a good precaution for him to take. Also I believe that Shield will offer him the chance to explore possible cures. Further more under the protection of Shield Banner can have some level of a normal life not having to worry about being hunted down all the time.

        All this is a lot to put in a movie I agree but I think if Joss puts the puzzle pieces together the way only he can then It will be great!

    • I am with you on this one. Too many things and too little time. There is no way this can be anything more than average. I am hoping i am totally wrong on this one. I hope. In the very least we get to see all the characters we like in the one space at the one place.

  6. Does anyone else think Hawkeye needs a mask? He looks so boring compared to the comics without one.

    • He will wear some pretty awesome shades…

      • Oakley’s? For Sale?

    • I dig the half face mask with shades Bart sports in the Ulitimateverse. They could have included a couple pictures of him sporting his “cool shades.”

      I think it’s the hollywood thing of having a star and giving him “Face time” as much as possible. I’d rather see him in full costume

      Scarlet looks to have been in better shape for Iron Man than she looks here.

      All in all it looks to be shaping up very well.

    • Agree, I think he needs the mask I dont understand why he`s not wearing it. At least dark eyes or goggles

      • Like it says in the article, he has goggles/shades, just not in these pictures. They look really good too.

    • His costume looks lousy, looks like he mugged an x-man. Besides, shades? Really? Didn’t we already see this sucky costume on Smallville?????

      If heroes aren’t going to be depicted in their masks, then they’re just regular people running around. Who wants to watch that? For the record, the X-Men movie costumes SUCKED.

      Hey Hollywood: if you’re so afraid of superhero costumes, do us all a favor and quit trying to use the characters. We already have plenty of crime fighters without masks; they’re called cops.

      • Wrong.

        Everyone would look stupid in the X-Men movies if they wore original costumes.

        These aren’t comic books, they are FILM ADAPTATIONS of the original source material.

        When will people come to grips with what works in books and comics does NOT always translate well at AT ALL in film.

        • That’s funny, the first 3 Spider-Man films did pretty well, and Spidey wore his iconic outfit. Guess Sam Raimi didn’t “come to grips” with what works in film.

          Christopher Reeve’s Superman was a damn fine job too, and no tinkering with the Superman costume. They made 4 movies with it.

          Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, fantastic, and 3 seasons on tv with no costume revamp. The “revamped” Wonder Woman concept? Scrapped before it could be aired.

          Zorro, Incredible Hulk, the Flash, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer worked too. When the intellectual properties are respected, they do well. Even Thor, Iron Man and Captain America were very careful not to stray far from the recognizable costume elements that have made them iconic.

          If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Or put nipples on a bat-suit.

          • I’m gonna have to agree with Hicks on this one, unless they stop using actors and start using bodybuilders the original costumes don’t work. You cited Spiderman and Superman, Spiderman is a teenage kid, not at all muscular, and Chris Reeves superman never looked super in my opinion. The Surfer, Hulk and Ghost rider were all cgi, so that didn’t count, and I think the biggest mistake made in all the Marvel movies was not making the Thing completey CGI. Just an opinion.

    • I don’t hes gonna wear a mask. But in all the promo art he has a purple goggles on

    • Yeah ! It’s good to know that someone other than myself notices that ! HAWKEYE is supposed to wear a mask just as he always has been in the comics, for crying out loud !! WHY OH WHY does Hollywood almost always have to make STUPID AND UN-necessary changes like that to iconic characters ??! I mean, look at Hugh Jackman’s WOLVERINE in all of the recent X-MEN films ?? Where’s HIS mask ????! WHY OH WHY do we have to see Hugh Jackman’s face all of the time ????! I also have to complain about what Hollywood has been doing in discarding the secret identities of superheroes who have them ! The general public was NOT supposed to know that IRON MAN, for example, was Tony Stark !! I mean, what the hell ????! And how about CAPTAIN AMERICA and HIS secret identity ??! I also have to complain about how these comic book films keep showing too much of the actor’s face rather than fans seeing our hero (or villain) wear his mask when Hollywood DOES decide to keep it ! Look at SPIDER-MAN 3, for example. WHY OH WHY must we be forced to see so much of Tobey MacGuire’s face ??! Same question goes for the version of VENOM in that same movie and the actor who played him ! Hollywood needs to stop trying too hard to please the actors as well as the general public too much and start paying attention to the REAL fans and original source material !!

      • I totally agree with you. But you and I are just the stupid fans who don’t know what works in film, lol. Wonder how these comics ever lasted for decades and decades with such stupid costumes, eh?

        But take heart, my friend. Those comics have made more money for their respective companies than the movie adaptations ever will.

        • That’s because with a comic you can do ANYTHING you want, with movies they have to try to keep it realistic otherwise it just looks stupid.

          P.S. if you were indeed a REAL comics fan, you would know that the Marvel movies (produced by Marvel Studios) are based on the ULTIMATE MARVEL universe… and in case you haven’t ever read any of the Ultimate comics (which I’m guessing is true) the costumes are VERY accurate to the comics.

          Do yourself a favor and go pick up these new Ultimate Marvel comics: The Ultimates #1 and Hawkeye #1.
          After you read them, please let us know if you feel silly about posting all these comments about the costumes not being true to the comics. ;)

          • “P.S. if you were indeed a REAL comics fan, you would know that the Marvel movies (produced by Marvel Studios) are based on the ULTIMATE MARVEL universe”

            Nope. The movies are partially based on Ultimate universe, and partially based on 616.

            • The movies take SOME source material from the Marvel U, but I think we can all agree that it’s MAINLY based on the Ultimates U…

              • That means it’s based on both, doesn’t it? Your prior statement only said “it’s based on Ulitmate universe” but it’s based on more than that.

      • Do you actually read comics? Because it doesn’t sound like it. Did you even read the article? This is the Ultimates version of the Avengers. No mask for Hawkeye. Wolverine has gone entire years without wearing his mask. And Spider-Man takes his mask off all the time. I can’t even believe you made the Venom comment. Broch’s symbiote mask retracting back and forth over his face is one the most well known aspects of the character.

        Just what do we have do to make folks like you understand that winged masks are stupid looking in real life? Then think about winged boots seriously for a minute.

        • Digital Jedi, don’t worry about it too much. People really hate considering the “other side” of their own viewpoint. It would make the heads of some regular Screen Rant readers explode to contemplate that an opinion different than their own could have a valid point.

          Personally I don’t see the need to poop my pants every time a comic film changes something from the comics…it only makes sense to me. Purple tights and pointy winged masks don’t always work in live-action film. Just take a look at the Captain America costume from the Avengers pictures…it’s very close to the “blue tights” look from the comics, but a lot of the same people that threw a fit because the WWII costume didn’t have scales or blue tights are now throwing a fit because blue tights don’t look very good in those spy shots.

          I like Cap’s Avengers uniform, and I realize that it will look better in the finished film. Sure it’s great when elements from the comics are replicated exactly in the film version, but that doesn’t always work, and many times when they do it that way it looks f@cking horrible.

      • Well at least they didn’t sow his mouth shut, give him retractable sword blades, and Cyclops’ eyes. I’ll take Hawkeye not wearing a mask over Baraka-pool anyday.

  7. i think i’m in the minority that actually likes the costumes and smart enough to admit that the comic costume for hawkeye is completely ridiculous, and you are all going to see this film regardless just like you are all going to buy the star wars blu ray, of course you won’t like it, but of course you are going to do it

    • Nope. You’re not in the minority.

  8. All this talk and not one person ive seen has noticed that the shield cap is using ISNT the same as the TFA shield. TFA shield has grooves and rivets on the star, this one doesnt, is it bc its a ‘stunt’ shield or did they change the shield for the avengers? it doesnt really bother me but its a detail i couldnt help but notice.

    • That is actually a VERY good observation… I never noticed that… maybe Cap’s shield gets upgraded a bit?

    • It´s probably a stunt shield. In some of the set videos you can see it´s plastic. Either that or it´s the shield from Iron Man´s lab.

      • The shield from Stark’s lab also had nuts and bolts holding the star in place… this new shield looks as if the star was painted on instead of being bolted on.

        • It’s a stunt shield.

  9. I liked Cap old custome so much better and thought it look better.

    His new custome looks so silly.

    Like Hawkeye custome too.

    • I have to agree as well. I think the old cap costum looks better compared to this one. Maybe cause its a photo still hopefully it’ll look better on the big screen but, he def needs to lose the helmet/face cover.

    • Agreed, WWII era is way better than this modern, at least in the pictures, might be it looks better in the final film.

      It it were me though, I would have kept at least the more HELMET looking WWII aspect, new mask looks a little silly.

      But again I will wait to see it on screen, might be they CG it a little for the final release.

  10. yea i liked caps old costume too

  11. Hmm I see that Jeremy Renner is lefthanded. I wonder if Hawkeye is in the Comic books. I don’t care I’m just wondering but i bet a few geeks would…lol.

    • He’s ambidextrous in the comics.

      • ^ Yeah, what Ken said? ;) – just kiddin’

        In the comics, Hawkeye can shoot just as well with either hands (ambidextrous) – it’s kinda his “superpower”…

    • you can’t see the hulk because he is computer generated

      • Haha wow, I didn’t see that question earlier. “Why can’t we see the Hulk?”

        CG dude.

  12. Last pic Renner’s thinkin “Nice.”

  13. That last pic is hilarious! Renner’s smirking, thinkin’ “Nice.”

  14. Hawkeye’s shades look pretty great…not over the top like his purple Wolvering mask from the 616 universe, which wouldn’t really have worked on film. You can see what a fit people are throwing over Cap’s mask, and it doesn’t even look bad…it just looks a little off in spy photos. Imagine how people would be freaking out if they actually saw Hawkeye’s old mask in live action.

  15. Captain America suit is horrible…

  16. Some times Hollywood makes these suits boring, why it always has to be black, apparently Hawkeyes suit couldve be at least dark purple

  17. People were going to complain about Cap’s suit no matter how good or bad it came out. Just like The Avenger and I have said on here, 90% of the people who saw the stills for Cap’s suit in CA:TFA initially hated it. I mean people loathed it saying it looked stupid too baggy, helmet looked retarded,etc,etc,. Now people love or at least like the suit from CA:TFA seeing how well it worked on film. Looking at still shots and live action are too different things, what may look stupid in a still shot, may not necessarily be the case while watching it live action. I’m pretty confident that after post editing, Cap’s Avenger’s suit will grow on people after actually seeing it in action. The only gripe I have about it, is that they allowed Chris Evans to lose TOO much weight which is why people are comparing him to a Power Ranger. They should have never let him lose so much weight,he should have bulked up much more actually.

    • Yup.

  18. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about production photos, is everything doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to. If it looks good, then it will look better or the same in the final film. If it looks bad, well, you just don’t now for certain how it’s going to look in post production. ESPECIALLY in the digital age. Not to mention, we don’t even know the context of what we’re looking at. We don’t even know if Cap only wears one suit in the film.

  19. Lookit Hawkeye’s totally catching a glimpse of what Isaac Mizrahi couldn’t help but grope for himself.

  20. It’s good to preview the costumes but it feels like this entire thing’s been shot in the open and we’ll be sick of the previews/ spoilers long before it’s out.

  21. I think Hawkeye looks cool without the mask on. Less cartoonish. Cant wait for the movie in 2012…

  22. very nice pics.

  23. For me as a kid growing up reading comics…the outfit was one of the best things about being a superhero. I agree with alot of the posters…its dissapointing not seeing hawkeye in his original costume. And yet the new marvel vs capcom 3 is coming out and they have the original hawkeye…the vast majority of comic readers grew up with the original avengers or the 90s avengers no one really cares about the ultimate marvel versions.

    For someone like hawkeye not to have his original oufit is disapointing but i will still support the movie…especially since I was an extra in the NM shoot.

  24. I can’t wait for this movie. Its all in one. AVENGERS!

  25. This movie takes place quite a bit after the other movies, as stated by Whedon, so we don’t have to worry about Captain America’s storyline.

  26. The only character I would like to see in their original comic costume would be the Vision, day glow green and yellow, cape, cowl, and tights. Red skin and shaded eyes. I think that would be awesome.