The Avengers: Hawkeye & Black Widow Sporting Full Costumes & Weapons on Set

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With Marvel Studios delivering relatively faithful adaptations of their key characters, villains, stories and more, even down to the colorful costumes from the comics, we’ve always had a rough idea of what The Avengers would look like together on the silver screen. We were even treated to some beautiful character posters during Comic-Con that provided fans with their first look at the roster of heroes and their new, updated costumes.

Just last week, new artwork for The Avengers movie surfaced online, depicting Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk, fighting alongside SHIELD agents Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye, adding to that tease, but still now showing the heroes together in live-action, not since Cap (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fought together during a scene shot in Cleveland a few weeks ago. Now, with The Avengers finishing up principal photography, we have our first look at the entire cast together on set, including a few glimpses of Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson’s costumes and weaponry.

When Jeremy Renner spilled the beans a few years ago that when he went into chat with friend and screenwriter Zak Penn about the role of Captain America, he instead got chatting seriously about the character of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, it was more of a fanboy desire cool idea than a reality. Little did we know at the time, that everything he said about his character would be coming true, from his introductory cameo appearance in Thor (which didn’t even have a director or cast yet) to the details of Hawkeye’s onscreen costume.

He described the modern Hawkeye SHIELD outfit as being more representative of the Ultimates version of the character, with cool shades to go along with his bow and quiver. Gone are the purple outlandish tights and in is the leather, sleeveless combat vest. After officially nabbing the role and making a surprise appearance at Comic-Con, Renner’s words in interviews further confirmed what we suspected he’d look like and now you can see for yourself. Joining Hawkeye, is partner Black Widow who also supports an upgraded costume from her first appearance in Iron Man 2, this time with a pair of sidearms.


Much better than the Avengers promotional art which gave us our first look at Renner in costume, right? For those concerned with actors looking like their hand drawn, on-the-page counterparts, you couldn’t find a better match then Renner for Mr. Barton. If he, alongside Johansson’s Black Widow character make a big impression on fans, they along with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) could very well get their own spin-off movie about the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Sources: Marvel Movies!, Just Jared, Celebuzz

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  1. I wonder how fast Renner (or anyone) is able to shoot arrows repeatedly. Which makes me wonder if Wheadon will be able to use a single camera angle or have to switch up angles to make it look like he is shooting fast.

    Aaaand I wanna know if Hawkeye will use a any weapons beside the bow and arrow. The Ultimates version uses guns, knives and his own (gasp) fingernails.

    • Dude, watch the end of Fellowship of the Ring. They had Legolas firing off arrows pretty fast. I dont know how they did it, but it looked totally cool.

      • You can fire arrows pretty fast depending on how fast you can go from bow to bucket/holder and back.

  2. Hawkeye and Widow look great, but I can’t help noticing something well…strange about Cap’s costume. Not the color but does he look skinnier than he did in TFA or something? Or is it the helmet that’s throwing me off? I like the helmet in the artwork much better with the ears uncovered.

    • Also I think a little more purple on Hawkeye wouldn’t of hurt, seriously its like 95% black. Coulda given him purple sleeves or boots, or gloves, something.

      • Why does it need purple? This isn’t based on the “616″ universe – it’s Hawkeye’s costume from The Ultimates and it’s a perfect match.

        Again, these are SHIELD uniforms, not circus ones.

        • I wonder what his backstory will be the former criminal or strictly black ops agent. I like an amaglam where he was a former criminal now working with SHIELD for time off. Create a little distrust with him. The only reason I would like more purple is because it COULD (depending on how is portrayed) go hand in hand with his personality — Hawkeye being cocky and an ***hole.

          Anyways, I’ll see this movie sometime during its opening week but that depends how big Scarletts butt is. The moat important thing of this film, next to a Hayley Atwell Sharon Carter cameo.

          • I think the most important thing is a cameo by Natalie Portman, because she´s the reason Thor wants to go back to Earth.

      • The purple all over his torso is plenty of purple.

  3. I cant stand cap’s new outfit looks like soft cloth. why didnt they just use the same material as batman’s outfit woulda looked way way better.

    • Um no

      Batman needs a rubber muscle suit because Bale has no muscles (or he has had none since Batman Begins)

      Cap does not need a bulky latex fetesh, rubber muscle suit because he has real muscles. His suit is supposed to be a woven Kevlar

      For those keeping score:

      DC – Rather flamboyantly homosexual latex fetish and rubber muscle suits designed by Liberace and the Biker guy from the Village People (not there is anything wrong with that at all)

      Marvel – Practical costumes, real muscles, pretty darn close to the comics

      • Bale didn’t wear a rubber muscle suit. It was a basically thermal with metal plates over it. He was told not to regain the added muscle weight for TDK because of the design of the new suit.

        I have noticed (by way of your consistent jabs) You seem to have a lot of hate towards Bale. Not really towards Batman, Nolan or DC but specifically towards Bale. Are there some deeper issues? Do you wanna talk about it? It’s $25 an hour.

        • It’s a rubber muscle suit brother.
          Batfans crack me up when they try to justify a rubber muscle suit as some sort of real world, practical , Kevlar, body armor assualt suit.

          He didn’t have the same physique because he didn’t take the magic muscle pharmasudicals not because they redesigned the rubber muscle suit

          Batman Dead End guy Vs. Baleman = Batman Dead End guy wins

          • There is that anger I was talking about. And you wouldnt consider your self a Batfan. You seen to have a great wealth of information. How does that make you feel?

          • I agree with you, Garth. Rubber suits imitating muscles have a long history in Batman movies, starting with Keaton. The reason why the Dead End Batman wears a fabric suit is because the short movie is based on the Batman vs. Predator mini series. And the guy does a very good job. He´s more Batman than Bale will ever be.

            • I’m just being a prick. I love Bale as Bats but he really looked like Bats. Like a guy who could beat the sh*t out of a badguy in the first film then in the second film he looked like the Machinist? Yes Bat’s has always had a rubber muscle suit in film and yes i know it was supposed to be a complex kevlar- ballistic plate armor contraption underneath (Keaton’s suit actually was supposed to have an exoskeleton for semi-super strength)

              Then we see supes in a Liberace designed Sigfried and Roy rubber muscle suit. GL – rubber muscle suit

              Just seams to me Bats in the comics didn’t need a muscle suit. The Dead End Batguy look was terrific. Just like an Alex Ross

              • i feel the start of a beautiiful friendship. Even a theme song or buddy cop movie in the future. I wont even charge you for my services haha

                • Jealous, huh?

  4. IMO, the Hawkeye mask will never work in a movie. Some heros have masks for good reasons, others seem to have them just to look cool in drawings. I am surprised they gave Hawkeye a recurve bow and not a compound bow. I hope when he wears the goggles they are explained as being Stark tech with laser rangefinder, infrared, digital readout,etc.. That would make good sense considering his “superpower” is that he’s an archer. I think BW looked coolest in the comics when she had long red hair, a tight black suit, and the yellow bracelets that shot weblines and stingers. And guys, the mark on a black widow spider is a red hourglass shaped mark. I do remember her sporting that in the comics, and I’m pretty sure I saw it in IM2. I am bigtime ready for this movie, in spite of my “nitpicking”. And Kofi, we ARE going to nitpick, and you guys ARE going to post set pictures. So we can nitpick’em. :)

  5. And Kofi is right. We will all be seeing this movie, no matter what. On Fri., May 4, 2012, none of us will be on SR complaining.

    • Maybe I will. The movie opens on April 26th in Germany. Muahahahahah! (<- early opening laugh)

      • April 25th down here in Australia, insert smiley face

  6. I’m sorry that I’m the kind of GUY that pays attention to detail… at least I’m not some pervert that only stares at Johansen’s butt.

    And you are right, it doesn’t really matter, but then again, it also doesn’t really matter that Hawkeye won’t have a mask in this movie… yet, we still see quite a few comments where that subject is being debated for no reason…

  7. Looks awesome!!

  8. And besides , a mask is a big deal cause its something that we will all see and notice. just like captain americas helmet . But an ” hourglass” symbol on a belt buckle that nobody will see on film? please

  9. Real mature… you’re calling me gay now?
    I though screenrant had a policy for no “personal attacks”.

    Just because I’m not drooling over Scarlet Johansen 24/7 doesn’t mean I didn’t like what I saw (which I did) – I’m just not that kind of guy that falls over himself every time he sees a hot girl – I’m what people call “an old fashioned gentleman”.

    I get that you don’t like me because of that thing where I proved you wrong (on multiple occasions) a few months ago, but it’s no reason for this type of behavior.

    • The better tactic here is to ignore the personal attacks instead of giving more fuel to the fire.

      • True. That’s usually what the attacker wants is for you to get angry and start ranting at him. They’re not interested in having a conversation just in boosting their ego by bullying you. It’s a sign of the immature testosterone challenged mentality. Being a snotnosed punkass is the scientific term I think.

    • I was too late to see the offensive posts, but I know how it feels. A couple days ago some guy started insulting me on Superherohype for no reason because I said I “wasn’t sure about cap’s new helmet.”. He started getting really nasty. I can only think he picked me at random because I happened to be the first comment on the thread.

      Despite reporting the abuse Superherohype did nothing. His posts were left there for others to read. The worst thing was nobody chimed in to support me in any way. Ot just made me feel shi**y for the rest of the day. It was probably the same Troll. I pissed me off so much I may change my post-name to avoid getting picked on again.

      • Yeah, Superherohype is terrible about moderation. I think the staff just posts articles & doesn’t follow any of the comments. They don’t even have a “reply” button so when you respond to someone they will never see it – the site doesn’t notify them because you can’t actually reply directly.

    • I see nothing wrong with her butt.

      • Agreed.

    • Good to know there are others like me, lol xD I was starting to think I was weird xD

  10. Sure , But did cap’s belt make a huge difference in the film? I dont think so. And being “theAvenger” , im sure you gave TFA a passing grade regardless if he was wearing the right belt or not. My point is just sit back and relax and wait for the film. Quit nitpicking

    • How is stating my opinion “nitpicking”.

      You openly call me gay and say I have no life JUST because of some stupid comment about a belt?!

      And if you scroll up, you’ll see I’m not the only one who has opinions about the belt.

      Of course I know a belt won’t make a difference to the movie, but since when was it illegal to say “I don’t like the way they did that”?

      Maybe we should ALL quit “nitpicking” – meaning, maybe you could lay off the insults…

  11. that was Hilarious

  12. Anyone notice how Hawkeye is left-handed in all these pics (Notice his wrist and finger protection indicating left-handed bow stance) and yet in Thor he was right handed when he was eyeing Thor up in his sights?!

    Just a thought. It bugged me and I wondered if anyone noticed. Is Hawkeye Left-handed in the comics or something?

    • He holds the bow with his right hand and the arrow with the left. I’m not an archery expert, but I’m right handed and that’s the way I would hold a bow and arrow (bow in the right hand and arrow in the left.)

      • I´m right handed too, and I would hold the bow with the left hand and the arrow with the right hand.

        • Yes that is right. But if you look at Hawkeye in the pics he has the wrist guard (protects the arm that holds the bow from the whiplash of the cord when it is released) on his right arm which means he is priming the bow and holding the arrow with his left. So he is shooting left handed. Whereas in the Thor movie he was doing the opposite. The close-up of him talking to agent coulson while pulling back the bow shows his right hand against his cheek holding the bottom of the arrow.

          Maybe the reversed/mirrored the frame in Thor to make the editing flow better!?

          • That´s my guess.

      • I took archery in high school, and his padding is on his right forearm so that’s the hand he holds the bow in and he shoots with the left.

        • Okay, so it’s pretty clear Hawkeye holds the bow with his right hand and shoots with his left (am I right so far?), but does that mean that he’s left-handed or right-handed.

          • Just trying to help. :)

            • I’ve done some research on the web and it seems that the majority of RIGHT-HANDED people holds the bow in their LEFT-hand and the arrow in their RIGHT-hand… but apparently this doesn’t necessarily mean that ALL right-handed people holds the bow in their left hand (I guess I’m part of the “minority” right-handed people who holds the bow in the right hand).

              In short: apparently, just because Hawkeye holds his bow in his right hand, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s left handed.

              • Yes I know. The main point is that he is that he will be doing it the opposite way to how he did it in Thor.

                As I said, they may have flipped the image in Thor. I remember them doing that in Hellboy, but they forgot that Hellboy has a giant stone RIGHT hand! So if you watch Hellboy (the first one) again you’ll see a scene/shot with Hellboy having a giant stone LEFT hand.

                Sorry, i’m straying off topic a bit.

                • There´s a scene in Rise Of The Silver Surfer where Johnny Storm is flying; that scene is also mirror reversed.

          • According to what you’ve just said, that would make him left-handed.

            • lol

          • Holding the bow in his right hand does not necessarily mean he is left or right “handed”. It suggest he is left eye dominate. He instinctively aims with his left eye. Even if he’s right handed if he uses it left eye to focus he’d have to hold the bow in his right hand to do this. Plus the pics with him holding the bow in his right have a taxi in the back ground. The windshield wiper blades are pointed in a direction that shows that the picture is not reversed.

          • Jeremy Renner is actually left handed so he holds a bow differently then most people would. Hawkeye in the comics though is ambidextrous so he can shoot with both hands find. In the movie I would highly doubt we will be seeing him do that.

      • I am left-handed, and I like to shoot. I hold the bow with my right hand and pull back the bowstring with arrow nocked with my left.

        • To all who have discussed this issue, I am right handed and I am an archer. Right handed people hold a bow with the left hand, draw the bowstring with their right, and aim with their right eye. It is not uncommon for left handed people to have a dominant right eye, and therefore shoota bow right handed. I have found “left handed” to be a tricky situation. I know left handed guitarists who play right handed, and some who have to special order left handed guitars. I know of similisr situations with bowling writing archery gunnery, batting etc.. Suffice to say, a right handed archer holds his bow in the left hand to shoot.

    • The actor Jeremy Renner is left-handed.

  13. Everything about this movie looks freaking great so far, I cannot wait to see this movie. I only hope each character get’s a fair amount of screen time, I would hate to see the focus on one or two while the others work the backdrops. In a perfect world this movie would be 6 hours long, lol.

    • In a perfect world, this movie would never end.

  14. Black Widow’s costume looks very much like Major Motoko Kusanagi’s costume from Ghost In The Shell S.A.C. I have the 12″ medicom figure of her and it is very similar.

      • Uhmmm, sorry mate, but I don’t really see the resemblance…

        • It’s not the same obviously, Just similar. Mainly in the webbing and harnesses. I’m not trying to say they were influenced by it, just that the similarities are just there in more of the feel of it rather than precise details. When I first saw BW’s costume I instantly thought of this figure because I am familiar with it.

  15. Hopefully my girlfriend’s (Scarlet-Black Widow) role doesn’t get over shadowed like it did in Iron Man 2,what I mean is after seeing Kickass,Hitgirl’s performance made Black Widow looked like she wasn’t even trying…..

    • Yes that is true, but you have to remember the movie was called Iron Man 2 and they were just trying to introduce Black Widow to the masses.

    • Well as sexy as your “girlfriend” looks in that leather outfit, the movie is called The Avengers not Black Widow…

    • Who wouldn’t.

    • Brings new meaning to the term “BUSTed”

  16. I take it Black widow’s in iron man 2 was too sexy for Disney to use in this movie?

  17. Hawkeye being ambidextrous would make him even more badass. It’d be cool if that was the case.

      • Thanks Scape. You are the man. Only for today.

  18. These pics look sweet!
    lol, Jeremy Renner is gonna pull a ‘Ben Afflek’ and marry his on-screen super-hero girlfriend! (Daredevil and Elektra?)
    As for Hawkeye’s costume… i am torn. I love his purple outfit, but I am such a hardcore Ultimates fan (it rejuvenated my love for the Avengers) so I have no dis for this one.
    However… as for Cap’s costume… there is nothing anyone can do. Too much change to cap’s costume… and he’s no longer cap. He’s batman.
    Now here is where they COULD HAVE assisted with that:
    If they were so set on using Hawkeye’s Ultimate costume… why not use is post-Ultimatum/Ultimates 3 costume? Its purple… it has a mask (a badazz one) and it would help with leveling out the silliness of cap’s costume (post-Ultimatum Hawkeye uses guns *yuck*, so he’d still haveta use a bow and arrow if they had gone with this).
    P.S. If Hawkeye doesn’t have Bullseye’s deadly accuracy (like turning spoons into deadly projectiles) I am going to be PISSED.
    Can’t wait!

    • I liked it when Hawkeye was kidnapped by the people that killed his famly. While he’s tied up he tears off his own fingernails and kills the kidnappers by flicking them with super accuracy and speed at their throats.

      • that was waaaay cool!

    • “why not use his post-Ultimatum/Ultimates 3 costume?”

      Because it sucked. Like everything Jeph Loeb did with the Ultimate Universe.

  19. The last picture is funny it looks like Renner is looking at Scarlet’s amazing rack LOL

  20. Jeremy Renner is left handed:)

  21. (In general) seriously quit saying Captain America looks “silly”. He looks like Captain America!!! What else is he supposed to look like? Making him wear the WWII costume wouldn’t make sense. Why would he be wearing the same old, bulky suit from 70 years ago?

  22. Years ago Hawkeye proved (please dont ask for an issue, its been 20 plus years.) he can use either hand. It was either The Avengers or West Coast. I dont remember which. But I do remember it happening. I also remember that a villian of average strength was gonna use Hawkeyes weapon against him. But wasnt strong enough to string the bow.

  23. fo sho! they need something liek that in the movie!
    That’d make Hawkeye and american badazz!

  24. Captain America should have a darker blue costume, it looks so cartoony. Black Widow’s costume isn’t attractive enough either, more practical yes but not too good on the eyes.

    • that’s why they needed a Wasp/Ms. Marvel/Scarlet Witch on the team.
      Only one female avenger? Not enough eye-candy considering Colbie Smolders will be in a blue version of ScarJo’s costume with white stripes….
      sigh* why does nobody like Wasp?

      • I love the Wasp. Way hotter than Black Widow.

        I also find Scarlett Johansson a bit homely in the face.

        Finally why are all these costumes so baggy in the crotch? Did the seamstress fail superhero crotch sewing 101 or what?

        • Well if you want to talk character I’ll take Janet VanDyne over Natsha any day. Black Widow is the stereotypical Russian spy femme fatale. Not much originality at all.

          Wasp on the other hand worked her way up from sidekick to Antman to leader of the avengers. And she has a great sense of fashion to boot. heh.

  25. Don´t you have something better to do than insulting people online? Like you said: “get a life”.