The Avengers: Hawkeye & Black Widow Sporting Full Costumes & Weapons on Set

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With Marvel Studios delivering relatively faithful adaptations of their key characters, villains, stories and more, even down to the colorful costumes from the comics, we’ve always had a rough idea of what The Avengers would look like together on the silver screen. We were even treated to some beautiful character posters during Comic-Con that provided fans with their first look at the roster of heroes and their new, updated costumes.

Just last week, new artwork for The Avengers movie surfaced online, depicting Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk, fighting alongside SHIELD agents Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye, adding to that tease, but still now showing the heroes together in live-action, not since Cap (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fought together during a scene shot in Cleveland a few weeks ago. Now, with The Avengers finishing up principal photography, we have our first look at the entire cast together on set, including a few glimpses of Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson’s costumes and weaponry.

When Jeremy Renner spilled the beans a few years ago that when he went into chat with friend and screenwriter Zak Penn about the role of Captain America, he instead got chatting seriously about the character of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, it was more of a fanboy desire cool idea than a reality. Little did we know at the time, that everything he said about his character would be coming true, from his introductory cameo appearance in Thor (which didn’t even have a director or cast yet) to the details of Hawkeye’s onscreen costume.

He described the modern Hawkeye SHIELD outfit as being more representative of the Ultimates version of the character, with cool shades to go along with his bow and quiver. Gone are the purple outlandish tights and in is the leather, sleeveless combat vest. After officially nabbing the role and making a surprise appearance at Comic-Con, Renner’s words in interviews further confirmed what we suspected he’d look like and now you can see for yourself. Joining Hawkeye, is partner Black Widow who also supports an upgraded costume from her first appearance in Iron Man 2, this time with a pair of sidearms.


Much better than the Avengers promotional art which gave us our first look at Renner in costume, right? For those concerned with actors looking like their hand drawn, on-the-page counterparts, you couldn’t find a better match then Renner for Mr. Barton. If he, alongside Johansson’s Black Widow character make a big impression on fans, they along with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) could very well get their own spin-off movie about the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Sources: Marvel Movies!, Just Jared, Celebuzz

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  1. Wow. Hawkeye looks like he couldn’t be done any better. However, I’m not feeling Caps costume next to his. It seems almost cartoony. Is this being filmed in 3D? I mean will it be darker than how it looks right now.

    • Their gonna darken it up in the editing room most likely

    • They’re production photos, not movie stills. In other words, they’re just pics taken by some guy running around set with a digital camera. They would not reflect the tone of the movie at all.

    • Agreed. Cap looks bizarre next to them.

      Why on earth does he wear a mask?

      • This may be a bit far fetched, but I think the reason he wears a mask is to hide his face.

        • Maybe -and bear with me here- the reason he wears a brightly colored costume with a mask is because HE’S A SUPERHERO

          • I laughed my *** off at Scape’s and Xigbar’s comments

  2. Hawkeye`s costume looks very nice!

  3. Thank you Joss Whedon for that terrible Captain A outfit. Why not just keep the one they used in CA:TFA?

    • Because that one looked good in the 40s, they needed to modernize it.

      • That one still looks better IMO. This one looks like the USO costume. I never liked Captains costume, but they managed to make it pretty BA in The First Avenger, but this one just looks kinda B movie.
        I of course will still see it, it just seems like a step backwards in his costumes evolution.

        • I dont think it looks bad, plus like mentioned before these are production stills so it will look a tad different in the end. Plus he doesnt need a suit like he has in WWII as he isnt fighting a war he is actually being a normal superhero.

          • That’s a good point. I don’t know a whole lot about the Cap, but I liked TFA pretty well. Even if the publicity photos fail me I will always have Thor and Iron Man to keep me distracted!

  4. Awesome job on Hawkeye. That 2nd pic with him and Widow has me flashing back to The Ultimates #8.

    Though, is she wearing high heeled boots?

  5. Did anyone notice the last pic with Renner and Scarjo LMAO!

    • Oh, come on, he was just admiring… he was just looking at her, um… OK, you’re right, BUSTED! :)

      • Actually, seeing as Renner is gay, it is quite unlikely that he was ogling. Maybe he lost an arrow down there, or something.

  6. Gee. I can’t IMAGINE what Hawkeye is looking at in the second to last picture. lol. EYES UP HAWKEYE. lol

    • That’ll make the Archer’s liver “quiver”!

  7. Based on these photos–

    Are people really excited about this?

    • Damn Right, then what’s the update on the Justice League movie???…thought so

      • And there is the stereotypical rock-throw at DC… Haha FANBOYS ASSEMBLE!

    • Yes, people are very exited about this movie (what a silly question)

      You can’t base your opinion on some stupid (unofficial) set-photo taken by a guy with a 10MP camera.

      Wait for the trailer, then you’ll see how awesome this movie is gonna be.

    • Uh… Yes.

  8. Jeremy looks great as Hawkeye. I thing that Cap’s suit needs some serious bulking up to look anywhere near convincing. Or at least texturize it a bit like the somewhat scaly looking top part of his torso covering in the comics. Hawkeye on the other hand looks like a broader and buffer Neal Patrick Harris whose ready to kill stuff. ALL HAIL CLINT BARTON!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hey,how come Hawkeye doesn’t have a mask,or at least some sort of glasses/goggles/eye protection?

    Sorry,but without any type of head covering or eye wear,I feel like his outfit is incomplete.

    • Seems like alot of people are missing elements in headwear…ahem catwoman…

    • I agree. Give him something. Even sunglasses if they have to.

      • The article says he’s going to have shades, ala his Ultimates version.

      • Do you people even read the article? YES HE WILL HAVE GLASSES.

  10. I didnt think I would like Hawkeye’s suit when I say the promo pictures but now it looks great!

  11. And here comes the nitpicking and fanboy wars..

  12. Yeah, Hawkeye’s costume is fine. And I don’t mind the lack of the mask for the same reason I didn’t mind Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine not having it. One of these masks that just simply doesn’t work in the movies.

    Captain America’s though – *winces* Yep, I miss the WWII version a lot compared to that one.

    • Word.

  13. I still prefer the costumes–very much–from the 60s comics for Hawkeye, Cap, Thor, & Black Widow. I can live with these, I guess. I am looking forward very much to this movie–and many more in the franchise, as well. And just to make your comic heroine-lusting hearts go pitter-pat, try and access a picture of how Black Widow looked in the 60s comics when the team was Cap, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Goliath, and Wasp, with guest appearences by Black Widow, who was technically Hawkeye’s girl-friend back then. She would make a “hard man humble” in that little comic-book fantasy-land then, black fishnet nylons and all!

    • I don’t know, some people like their women in skintight leather ;)

  14. Not trying to hate, but cap does look campy. hopefully post production will help him out. Other than that everyone looks great.

    Also, did evans loose weight? he doesnt really look superhuman. he looks like comic con…

    • Cap technically isnt superhuman. And I think you meant he looks like whne he was at comic con, and he was still pretty big then:

      He did lose some weight, but that TFA suit also had a crapload of padding which made him look more built. He may be smaller abit but he still looks pretty built judging from his wide shoulders

      • Also since he hasnt worked out in 60 odd years his muscle tone will be a bit down even with the serum in his veins.

  15. I smell a Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. remake. Since thats all Hollywood ever does anymore. Their writers are getting pretty lame and lazy.

    • Yeah the Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD needs a remake and I dont think anybody on Earth that has seen it will complain.

  16. They cut her hair. BAD decision.
    Miss the curls.

    • Agreed.

  17. Lol at Jeremy Renners line of vision in the last pic

  18. Hawkeye looks awesome. Truly great decision on the costume.

    Black Widow also looks good (she seems to have Renner’s attention ;)).

    I have to agree, Cap’s costume looks pretty dorky from those photos, but you guys can rest assured, it will look a lot better in the movie. As I recall, most people hated the costume Cap wore in Cap: TFA, but now everyone loves it! Give the new costume a chance, it’ll be awesome when we see it in theaters.

    • There is definitely a difference in coolness from the WWII costume and this one. I still think it looks cool, but I like the shots with the new helmet OFF better…

  19. These two pics made me laugh so hard! :D RDJ rocks!

    If you guys brows through those pics, check out the awesome pics of Steve Rodgers on his Harley Davidson.

    • Thanks for the links bro, those were pretty awesome. Steve on his Harley is friggen awesome!

  20. Is it just me or does Black Widow have a slightly fat ass?? Not saying she is fat, just has a big ass ha…. Looking good but still not sure about Cap Americas outfit.

    • A fat ass according to who? You? Or me? Because I think our standards for asses might be slightly different based on that comment…

      • Haha! :D Good one Kofi…

    • You PHAT not fat. Right? Cuz PHAT is always good as opposed to fat. She definitley has a nice phatty on her ;P

      • I meant to say. You meant “Phat” not “fat”. Those lips, hips, boobs and booty on Scarjo mos def look delish!

    • Agreed. A bit of a beer gut as well. A little too much late night clubbing :)

    • She has a great dumper.

      • Seventh picture down on right. Got some cellulite going on there. Not that it’s still not nice but it’s not spectacular either.

  21. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t feeling the Captain America look. I’m sure it’ll be better in the movie but in these pics he looks like a silly oddball standing next to them.

  22. guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like the costumes… they look like members of the s.w.a.t. team, not superheroes.

    I guess I like my vibrant colours and gaudy contrasts.

    • That´s because they kinda are members of a SWAT team. It´s called SHIELD. Hence the SHIELD badges on the uniforms.

    • its gonna look different it the movie after they mess with visual effects

    • I know, it’s awesome…the costume designers successfully made Black Widow & Hawkeye’s costumes look like tactical equipment, which was the goal.

  23. I’m actually very impressed with Scarlet Johansen… a few months ago, I saw a picture of her in some stupid celeb-magazine and she didn’t look good at all – she looked fat (to put it bluntly), she was pale, unhealthy, etc. but in those few months, she managed to get herself into SUCH good shape.

    The only thing I don’t like about her new costume is the hour-glass-belt-buckle which looks nothing like an hour glass. (In the comics, the Black Widow’s belt-buckle used to be in the shape of an hour-glass – for those who didn’t know)

    • I hate her boots! The heels are ridiculous! Why can’t female superheros wear sensible footwear when combatting crime?

      • How does that saying go?: “Anything a guy can do, a woman can do just as good, but in high-heels”

    • I think it’s supposed to look like the mark on the back of a black widow spider, Avenger. And I don’t remember any symbol on her original costume. she had a belt made of linked circles over the form-fitting black leather.

      And Shannon, the boots do look a bit silly. But honestly all of these costumes look silly in these pictures. None of them look very comfortable or sensible. But I’m sure it will look better in the actual movie. Anyway, ScarJo is short and they felt like she needed some height, and they probably won’t show up very much in the movie. In the comics she wears stilettos. So these do seem sensible from that regard.

      I’ll admit I love the way Black Widow looks in the comics. Maybe the sexiest costume ever. But I get a little bothered when people complain about actors not “filling out” the proportions in the comics. Even the men get it just as bad with SH movies. Drawing on paper is a little less demanding than the dieting, working out, and god-knows-what they do for these rolls. And in the end, the actual human body can’t achieve the proportions of comics. Nor should it.

      • You seriously don’t remember the hour-glass?
        It’s like her symbol… Cap has his star, spider-man has his spider and the Black Widow has the hour-glass.

        But the Black Widow isn’t a very popular character so I guess it’s understandable if people didn’t notice those details.
        AND, the symbol is very discreet (i.e. a small emblem on her belt)

        • It wasn’t a hourglass last time I saw it, It was the same pattern that was on the back of a… You ready for this?… BLACK WIDOW…

          And these pictures just made my day, I get to see Scarlet running in tight leather :D

          And while the costumes ARE a bit silly, they look better then purple tights and a purple wolverine mask… But, I will not complain to much because these are only some pictures taken out of context, I will do the majority of my complaining when the movie is out and I see it (that is if there is complaining to do) and judging by the what marvel is doing lately, that wont be happening, or, VERY little…

          • “It wasn’t a hourglass last time I saw it, It was the same pattern that was on the back of a… You ready for this?… BLACK WIDOW…”

            You sillyhead, the pattern on the black widow spider IS an hourglass….on the underside of the abdomen.

        • I do remember the “hour glass” on later costumes but not the original. And it has an hour glass shape but it’s supposed to be the pattern found on the back of a black widow spider. Google images.

          I’m being too literal. I apologize. You said original and I took it seriously. You just meant the costume from the comics.

          Anyway, I wasn’t thinking of the original either. I was thinking of the seventies version. There was a rather lame sixties version that was gray with fishnet stocking, a small cape, and a cat-eared mask. That was the true original, and I don’t think it had an black widow symbol either.

          My nerdiness is completely under control thanks to therapy and medication. I’m fine with these costumes. They look good. Marvel is doing right by the hard-core fans while successfully bringing their characters to the the big screen.

        • Isn’t a hour glass and the mark on a black widow spider the same shape?

          • Are “semantics” the same as “some antics?”

  24. I love the second to last shot where Jeremy is staring at Scarlett’s boobs :) ha ha ha

    • Hah, I missed that the first time. Ah well, if we were standing where he is we’d be doing the same thing.

      • Mmmm… Like what Deadpool would say (Ryan Reynold’s was Scarlets husband BTW)

        DP: Are those real?
        BW: Excuse me?
        DP … I mean… Your teeth! They are so white and shiny…

        Something like that :D

  25. doesn’t Hawkeye wear a mask?

  26. He should Luis_PR…I hate when the characters don’t wear their costumes (i.e. Wolverine). I believe this is based on a newer version of Hawkeye, but I’d rather see a mask.

  27. HAWKEYE WILL WEAR SHADES/SUNGLASSES IN THIS MOVIE – and from the artwork I’ve seen, it looks pretty good.

  28. Sometimes I wish we didn’t post set photos. Hearing all the nitpicking is so annoying. You’re going to see this movie no matter if Hawkeye has a mask or not, no matter WHAT costume Cap is in, no matter how big (or not) Black Widow’s butt is or what shape her belt buckle is, or what shoes she’s wearing, no matter what version of armor Iron Man wears, no matter what kind of sleeves Thor wears…

    • @Kofi Outlaw

      ….but if the butt’s bigger than there will be repeated viewings in theatres.

    • Well said sir. It’s unreal what people find to complain about. Let’s just be happy that were getting an Avengers film huh? I can promise any of you that’s I’m just as (probably more) into comics, and have been my whole life, and I just don’t get how you guys complain, relatively speaking, everyone ‘s costume looks perfect. Go buy “The Ultimates” trade and read that if you don’t get Hawkeyes costume and Serisouly are thinking “where’s his mask”?

      • Well, to be fair, I don’t think everyone is “complaining” – I for one am not doing that – we are just discussing what we think is right or wrong – last time I checked, I have a right to express my likes and dislikes…

        But, as to Kofi’s comment: he’s absolutely right, I don’t know a single person who ISN’T going to go see this movie on opening night.

    • people are “discussing” their likes and dislikes regarding the images you posted.

      errr, if you didn’t want people to voice opinions, you shouldn’t have posted images and asked them to…errr… discuss them.

    • What do you expect when you post anything about a upcoming comic book movie?

      • @ Mike E and Patrick: while I do agree with you guys, I don’t think what you’re doing is wise… if you keep saying stuff like that, screenrant might stop posting set-photos altogether – and none of us want that right?

        • Yeah, you might be right -_-’

        • oh come now… there is SO much nitpicking on Screenrant, it should be renamed “Screen-nitpick-and-rant”. Nitpicking is the very caffeine that keeps the collective hearts of its contributors pounding… it’s how they know they are alive.

          It’s simply funny to read someone who nitpicks for a living, complain about OTHER people nitpicking.

          It’s also in the very nature of fans.

          I nitpicked… I find the costumes lack a certain “vibrancy” colour-wise. And most people here disagree with me, which is ok. I like my cartoons to look like cartoons. But then, I didn’t really like The Dark Knight. To me, that wasn’t Batman.

    • Kofi, you say this nitpicking is annoying? What about all this nitpicking on your TDKR articles? That was okay for you wasn´t it?

      • winning

        • Winning! lol

          I dont see anybody complaining except for the one or two that says they dont care for Black Widows boots (which who cares?) and talking about that Cap looks smaller than he did in his movie and his suit doesnt look right for now.

          But in all its mainly discussion not nitpicking like why Catwoman doesnt look like Catwoman at all or what ever second of the TDKR teaser trailer is about.

        • We maybe winning, but Kofi is proving his hypocrisy, and it wouldn’t be the first time either.

    • @Kofi, I generally like your articles, but I bet Vic won’t mind the “hits” the site gets from the so-called nitpicking. Besides, perhaps you forgot the title of the site.

      • @INK

        Double winning

        • If you guys keep Ranting on Screen Rant, they’re just not going post anymore articles, because the ranting is getting old on screen rant…

  29. I just don’t like the Cap costume, its seems to cartoonish. I wish they would have used the old one