‘The Avengers’: Chris Hemsworth Interview and New Photo Gallery

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Fans who have been curious about the logic behind giving Thor Odinson new sleeveless-and-capeless duds in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers – or how Chris Hemsworth’s superhero alter ego will have changed (or not) from his first solo venture – the actor addresses both issues (among others) in a new interview.

We also have yet another batch of stills from the Marvel movie juggernaut for you to glance through. Today’s gallery of Avengers pics isn’t so much centered around the theme of off-duty superheroes or the interior of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier – rather, it’s all about our favorites heroes (and villain) striking a pose.

First, here’s Hemsworth talking about Thor’s renovated outfit in The Avengers, courtesy of SciFi Now Magazine:

“I think [the costume department] did a great job of toning it back a little with the outfits so there was a little bit of a common thread between them. Individually, in their own films they’re probably a little flashier. In ‘The Avengers’, I removed my cape for some of the scenes, and that was more Thor’s casual number. Captain America had his sleeves rolled up. Just something that broke the formality of it all, and I think it works for that reason because of those slight adjustments. Everyone was scared of that, of how it was going to look, but then among the action scenes where everything is so hot and full on, it’s like now you want the colours; now you want everyone to be in their full glory. And then the stuff just kind of launches off the screen. It’s wicked.”

With regards to Thor’s character arc in The Avengers, Hemsworth said:

“With ['The Avengers'] it was a little more difficult to track an individual journey so much. You still do, but you have to work harder because it’s not as obvious. You’re much more a part of the flow of the group. For me, I guess Thor, in a different way from everyone else, was much more emotionally invested in the villain, and the problem that the villain brings because it was his brother. That’s his sort of difference, and it’s a much more personal conflict. For the rest of them it was more like they had a job to do… At the end of [the first 'Thor' movie] he’s matured somewhat. He’s been humbled and he’s earned his powers now, but then what do you do? Put it into action. It’s one thing to say you’ve learned a lesson, but now it’s like, “Show us that you’re not still a cocky petulant kid!”

It’s encouraging to hear Hemsworth reference some actual progression being made by Thor as a character in The Avengers, with respect to where he was at by the conclusion of his first solo film. A noteworthy number of fans have already expressed their frustration regarding how Tony Stark has seemingly been unable to do likewise – and instead, has simply been running in circles (as a character) in the Marvel live-action movie universe, to date.

That said: don’t expect there to be a huge amount of growth for anyone in The Avengers, since (logistically speaking) there are simply too many characters and narrative threads at play for that to happen. The film will instead probably focus more on the overall evolution of the team’s dynamic, for that reason.

avengers 2213 570x306 The Avengers: Chris Hemsworth Interview and New Photo Gallery

Moving onto the aforementioned Avengers photos – there’s nothing all that revelatory about the latest collection of pics, unless you count the image of Natasha Romanoff all dolled up and wearing something other than her customary Black Widow S.H.I.E.L.D. outfit.

There are nonetheless some eye-catching visuals (Captain America positioned against billowing clouds of black smoke) and stills from what look to be memorable moments in The Avengers, such as when Loki first arrives on Earth – or when Cap faces the trickster God down, rather than bow before him, like the people around him in a scene previously glimpsed over in the most recent domestic Avengers trailer.

Check out the latest gallery of images from The Avengers below:

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, and Tom Hiddleston. It was written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.


Source: SciFi Now Magazine [via Comic Book Movie], Moviezine.se

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  1. I know Tony Stark was kind of a jerk in Iron Man 2. Yes, I am aware he knows what he did wasn’t very nice at all, but I am sure he will mature a bit at least in The Avengers. And I am pretty sure Thor won’t go back to his old ways of being arrogant, and all that.

    • Yeah. I don’t want Stark to get too serious, but for the sake of studying the character, it’d be nice to get past the jokes for more than just a moment. So far, we’ve seen that Tony has his serious moments, and they’ve been really effective while they last. Like in the first movie, I have no complaints. In the second film however, I kind of feel like all the depth/weight of Tony’s realizations were limited so that they would only last for a second before someone made a funny, or til the action started.

  2. Here’s your chance to shine Mr. Whedon… if you pull this one off you can pretty much write your own ticket from here on out.

    Show us the right way to direct a Joss Whedon script. (unlike those Alien Resurrection mishandlers)

  3. Chris Hemsworth was a great choice for Thor, I was amazed how he handle the role, it was better than I expected.

    Also the photo gallery was great especially the ones where Cap faces Loki, Loki arrving on Earth and the rest are okay.

    I too think that Thor was arrogant but I am sure in The Avengers, Thor would be more nice and honorable and do anything to face the world.

    I just hope Joss Whedon gets this right and make a awesome comic book movie.

    The trailer was epic, The Avengers is my most anticapited movie of the year.

  4. i hope they explain how thor was able to return to earth since the gate was destroyed in thor. and why he doesnt go visit natalie portman like he promised.

    • I’m sure they’ll explain how he gets to Earth. And I hope that they at least give lip service to him visiting Jane, since it was a major factor in his own movie. A Portman cameo would be nice but I really doubt that will happen.

  5. I would imagine the growth Thor has to face is respecting the “mortals” for the powers that they possess. While he is committed to protecting Earth, he probably feels that the other supers pale in comparison to his powers, and just need to stay back and let him deal with it. Especially since his brother is involved.

    I have been thinking the whole time that the family connection really makes the story feel like it should be centered around Thor.

  6. I don’t get why people say Stark hasn’t evolved throughout his two films.
    I mean, if you’re expecting a total character change, then you’re going to be disappointed – Tony Stark will always be Tony Stark… but he has evolved as a character – not as much as say, Steve Rodgers or Thor, but he did evolve (and I can guarantee the character will keep developing in TA and IM3).

    IMO, people (these “fans” that are staying “Stark’s shtick is getting old”) just get bored to easily. They don’t have the attention span to stay with a character and NOTICE the subtle changes he goes through.
    I implore those fans to look at any person that they have known throughout their lives: a person doesn’t change everything that defines himself/herself in a matter of months… over the years they change and adapt to better themselves. (Let’s remember the time difference between IM1 and IM2 was 6 months).

    I’l ask you guys this: would you rather have a character like Thor, who went through a complete personality change in a few days (loved the movie, but that was a little silly), or would you want to build (let’s call it) a “relationship” with a character over the years and learn to know what makes him tick?
    I for one, would prefer the latter.

    • Personally, I’ve been okay with Stark’s evolution as character in the Marvel movies so far. It was arguably kind of inconsistent throughout Iron Man 2, which I suspect is where most of those complaints stem from – though (in my opinion, at least) that entire film was kind of messy and inconsistent as a whole, so I wouldn’t really single out “Stark’s shtick” as being the biggest problem.

      • Completely agree. I think people forget that there wasn’t some huge amount of time between Iron Man and Iron Man 2. The mere fact that he maintained his philosophy to right the wrongs his company helped facilitate is growth to me. Couple that with the fact that he was dying the whole time, and all that “shtick” is just deflection. It’s a defense mechanism.

        In Thor, he did “evolve” in a short time, but I mean, with what he believed happened to him, I don’t find it a stretch. His father died and it was his fault. His mother blames him and doesn’t want him to come back home. I think that would sober up any petulant child lol.

        All that said, I really wanna see the Avengers lol

    • Thor’s change in his filmwas fluke. Its a false peace that held no meaning. He only changed when he thought his father died not because he learned any real lesson. He was already nice to Portman and stopped smashing cups politely after one warning. It was an unsuccessful character study.

      As far as IronMan, I think (some) people are getting tired of the “schtick” b/c it was the basis for IM2, not a the story first, which has left a sour taste in people’s mouths. While IM balanced the “schtick” and a great character study, IM2 put the schtick before the story & is one of the reasons it suffered.

      • i disagree I R, when sif and TW3 came to find him, he knew loki had lied to him, but he still didn’t have his powers back, it was after he sacrificed himself to save the town from the destroyer that he “powered up”

        • @Jeffro @Avenger

          Well see I felt, Thor had the save the save the town in him the whole time. It wasnt some new feeling as he never was a truly arrogant character. To me it looked like he had decided to resign to his fate of a mortal life.

          I said it a couple times but I felt Portman would have been better served as a doctor operating a free clinic near the border for Americans, illegal aliens and people w/o health insurance. She would of taught Thor a appreciation for all life and a better reason not to kill the Frost Giants. There would be Parallels between illegal aliens and Frost Gaints. Selvig would just take a larger role as the astrophysicist.

      • @ignur: Have to disagree about what you said about THOR, but as for IM2, I’m gonna have to agree with you on that one ;)

  7. Man, I wish this movie was out already

  8. God,the lightning really looks like a TV Show or Movie !
    I respect Joss for his great character work,but all his Movies feel like like made for TV !

    • Can’t say I disagree….

    • I slightly agree. But not as much as say cabin the woods that looks like a tv show….. a good one lol

    • what lightning are you talking about? or did you mean lighting? either way i disagree. i think it will look good in the theaters, and on bluray

    • I agree. I’m really excited for this movie and love the comics and previous films, but it’s definitely got a television vibe to it. It’s not a deal breaker, but it would be nice if things looked more cinematic.

      • Seriously? The movies not even out yet and already it’s been decided it looks like a made for tv special? Im not sure if we just watched the same trailer cause what I saw kicked ass in every respect. Even if it ends up looking like it was supposed to go straight to DVD, I know Whedon is going to do justice to the characters and story. Better than going the Green Lantern route, with effects over story.

  9. Black widow looks sexy :)

    • giggity!

      • no no no, like this.


  10. Hate Caps helmet. Love the more retro comic vibe of Thor’s armour

    Would love to see a 2 hr. 30 minute sequel of scenes made up entirely of Cap kicking the ever loving sh*t out of rubber muscle suit Bats

  11. “I think [the costume department] did a great job of toning it back a little with the outfits so there was a little bit of a common thread between them.”

    This is why i have been so disappointed in Marvel films of late. Streamling these characters into the same superhero formula. What makes them so great is that they are completely different and should not be on a team.

    While the JL always meshed well The Avengers were so great b/c they didnt. It was the ultimate cross genre team up. A WW2 Super soldier, An olympic skilled Archer with a criminal past, a russian spy with hidden motives, A noree god of lightining, A dr Jekyll/MrHyde and An alcholic Howard Hughes esque character.

    • I found what Hemsworth said a little contradictory as well…
      He (basically) says they’re trying to (as you called it) “mesh” the characters and make them fit together, but Whedon has said quite the opposite (in multiple interviews), that these characters “clash”, and don’t really belong together… but that now, they have to fit together to save the world.

      I’m gonna go with what Whedon said (he is the writer and director after all ;)), we probably misunderstood Hemsworth’s comment a bit.

      • I’m guessing Hemsworth means the look of the characters will be toned down in conversational scenes so it’s not so jarring. I don’t expect Thor to be wearing his cape and Tony his armor while sitting around having coffee. I think Whedon is referring more to the clash of personalities than of costumes.

        • Yeah, that’s probably right… well said man.

      • Thats what I like to hear.

  12. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the growth of each character since they all have different reasons for doing what they do, and different ways that they’ve come by their power. Take Steve Rogers and Thor, for instance, one was a weak asthmatic who loved his country and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in, even though he was probably gonna get his ass kicked. He brings those ideals with him when he becomes Captain America. Thor, on the other hand, was an arrogant warrior prince with a short fuse and little compassion, if any. Him being an immortal alien with the powers of a god, he’s never truly felt helpless until he had his powers stripped from him and was sent to earth to gain his power back he had to become “worthy” by being compassionate and selfless. It’s like comparing apples and oranges

  13. anyone else think it would have been epic for thor to have his ‘ultimate’ look for this movie, his outfit atm looks really weird, the chest plate sticks out on the sides making it look obviously fake. i know it wouldn’t have been that appropriate to go with real metal but they could have done something to not make it look so fake.

    • I hate the Ultimate Thor costume (which is why I dislike the way they’re going with his new costume – sleeveless, no cape, etc.).
      –But hey, I’m not gonna keep making a fuss over a small detail – he’ll be back in the cape and chainmail sleeves before we know it :D

      • quite possible yes, for thor 2. idk the avengers version looks kinda bad a** with the nordic bear and metal plate chest piece, the suit in thor was ok but didn’t look convincing (to plstic looking imo).

      • Thor’s costume was sleeveless until, like, the last couple years, so it’s not necessarily noddles after the Ultimates look. In most of the pictures he has the cape even with the sleeveless version, he just takes it off when they’re hanging out in the Helicarrier.
        ( P. S. How cool is that Helicarrier)

        • *Modeled, sorry auto-correct

        • I know the original version of Thor’s costume (drawn by Kirby) was sleeveless, but if you put a picture of Kirby’s Thor, Ultimate Thor and movie Thor next to each other, I think the biggest resemblance is between Ultimate Thor and movie Thor (the chest armor is the biggest difference).
          That’s just my opinion though… I was quite fond of the chainmail sleeves from the movie, they looked awesome IMO.

      • at least he isn’t wielding a silly Final Fantasy version of Mjölnir.

        and sleeveless is the original look of the costume. The armored appendages was a recent update that I always felt was unnecessary. He is a god after all so he already has built in protection.

  14. While I think RDJ does a spectacular Tony Stark there are times when I think he should be a bit more serious. I mean is it just me or every once in awhile its like Spiderman is Tony Stark with some of those smart ass one liners. Dont get me wrong. I dont have a problem with the way he is playing the part. Just an observation is all.

    As far as Thor getting back to Earth. Maybe Odin showed Thor one of the enchantments that has not been used yet. Like the ability to travel through space and interdimensionally. And dont forget time travel. Originally he could travel through time until that power was stripped away.

    • Pretty sure Thor gets back to earth with the cosmic cube…
      I have no proof to back this (except for the whole Red Skull teleportation thing), it’s just an educated guess…

  15. All I know is: We. Need. Mandarin.

    Beyond that, I am hopeful future incarnations of this franchise will show Ultron, Kang, Skrulls, and a few other big-name villains show up to fight The avengers. On the good-guy side, I really want to see Goliath (hank Pym, blue & yellow costume), wasp, Quicksilver, and scarlet Witch make an appearance. There is room, if done right, to continue the Avengers franchise through quite a few movies, as well as the individual heroes in their own movies. I hope we will see quality efforts on a big scale for a long time.

    • How dare you mention Ultron without uttering the totally awesome name, Vision. Blasphemy!

  16. But if the cosmic cube is in Shields hands how would Thor use it? The red skull used it as a power source for Zola’s gadgets and nowhere near its potential. No one here knows how to use it. maybe Loki but thats it.

  17. I still believe Thor uses Mjlonir to either rebuild the Bifrost or teleport to Midgard. Like HG said, SHIELD has the cosmic cube, so I don’t see how Thor can use that.