‘Avengers NOW!’ Reboot: What It Means for Future Marvel Movies [Updated]

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Marvel Avengers NOW Female Thor Black Captain Americajpg Avengers NOW! Reboot: What It Means for Future Marvel Movies [Updated]

UPDATE: Learn about the New Thor, Captain America & SUPERIOR Iron Man!


About two years ago, Marvel Comics made a major shift in approach with their Marvel NOW! reboot. While alterations to teams like The Avengers and The X-Men were officially cited as being done to offer new readers an easy jumping-on point for the Marvel comic book universe, unofficially it was clear that roster changes and the re-positioning of certain characters (see: Rocket Raccoon) was meant to better align the comics with what fans experience through the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well, two years is a long time in the entertainment business. Now, as Marvel Studios gears up for films like Avengers: Age of Ultron and the subsequent Phase 3 initiative (which is expected to launch some wildly different superhero properties), it seems another comic book shift is in order to once again help the Marvel Universe (from comic page to movie screen) better fit with the times and market. As Marvel NOW! approaches its two-year anniversary, and Phase 2 of the MCU enters the final stretch, the biggest discussion amongst the fanbase has become diversity – or lack thereof. Superhero movies continue to earn bank, yet minority or female or gay characters are not the ones standing in the spotlight. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye… Take away Black Widow and The Avengers team quickly looks like a white guy frat party.

Female Thor God of Thunder Cover 001 570x810 Avengers NOW! Reboot: What It Means for Future Marvel Movies [Updated]

The All-New Female Thor(CLICK FOR FULL SIZE)

Even DC Comics is trying to overcome a diversity problem; for months it’s been speculated that the unexpected casting choices for Batman V Superman could have something to do with adding more international flavor to that lily-white team of heroes. Exotic-looking Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Israeli Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, black stage actor Ray Fisher as Cyborg – clearly Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are angling for a Justice League that is more suited to the realities of earning box office profits in a global market. …But back to Marvel.

All New Captain America Sam Wilson Falcon1 674x1024 Avengers NOW! Reboot: What It Means for Future Marvel Movies [Updated]

All-New Captain America Sam Wilson/Falcon (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE)

In an article by EW, we learn the full span of the changes that The Avengers roster is going through as part of the Avengers NOW! relaunch; big changes that Marvel has been slowly unveiling in big, attention-grabbing media stunts. First we learned that a new female Thor will be introduced; then last night on The Colbert Report Marvel announced that Sam Wilson (a.k.a. Falcon) is the new Captain America – or as Colbert joked, “Captain African-America.” Completing the transformation of “The Big Three” will be Iron Man, who will get a new Apple-style armored suit, while Tony Stark takes on a new (and maybe not so wholesome) role in the Marvel Universe.

Superior Iron Man Avengers NOW 682x1024 Avengers NOW! Reboot: What It Means for Future Marvel Movies [Updated]

The Superior Iron Man (CLICK FOR FULL SIZE)

But that’s not all: some other changes are in store – changes that could have far-reaching effects on the Marvel Cinematic Universe…


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  1. “Lily white”, wow I got a little offended by that, but since I’m white I guess I’m not allowed to be offended. Have yah ever wondered why most characters are white? And male? Because most were created years ago, for one, but also because a lot of the readers are white, or male, or both. I have two comic shops around where I live and I have never seen a black person in either one. (I live in Texas if you are wondering). I see white guys, and white girls. Then I see a few Hispanics here and there but mainly white people. Probably the main reason you don’t see more solo titles with ethnic characters as the lead and not in a team is because the sales suck. Why do they suck? I’ll explain from my point of view. Not to be offensive, I don’t actively look for characters of any race to read, but I usually read about white characters mainly because, 1. I’m white and 2. I have really no interest in reading about ethnic characters because I’m not ethnic. I connect more with characters like me, if that’s a crime you can suck it because I don’t care. I’m not going to walk on eggshells my entire life so I can make everyone happy. Does that mean they shouldn’t make new characters ethnic? No, I don’t mind how many ethnic characters they have. Just don’t expect them to headline that many of their own titles mainly because they probably won’t sell well. Do I think it’s a bad thing if they try to get new readers who aren’t white or male? The more new readers the better I don’t care what color. Am I upset about the new Cap and new Thor? (Who isn’t ethnic but I’m just including her here) Not really because it’s like how DC does their legacy heroes. I have no problem with a black Cap, it just seems weird that they made Falcon Into a different hero but whatever. What I am saying though is that I’m tired if people complaining about all the white heroes, well you live in a predominately white country and most of the writers are probably white as well so it’s gonna happen. I write a lot and none of the characters I create are anything but white, I have no reason to make them not white. If you don’t like all the white characters, go get a job at DC or Marvel and start making new, non white characters. Until then though I will keep my “lily white Justice League” and enjoy it.

    • Sorry for any typos, I did that on my phone at twelve at night. Since screenrant has no option button I guess they will have to stay.

      • Yes! My feelings exactly . Thank You

    • “If you don’t like all the white characters, go get a job at DC or Marvel and start making new, non white characters. Until then though I will keep my “lily white Justice League” and enjoy it.”

      So you’re saying only white people should write about white characters and other ehnicitys and sexes should write about their own? I get that’s your opinion because you don’t see any black people and therefore don’t believe in them, but please tell me you realise how stupid that point is

      • Wow you really did not read my comment very well did you? I said that the reason most characters are white is because the writers are white and therefore they are going to naturally make white characters. Why? Because anyone who writes fiction knows that the best way to bring a character to life is to inject yourself, or part of yourself, into your character. Also I never mentioned anything about writing different sexed characters. I have created about thirty or so characters and about half of them are female. Why? Because I enjoy reading about strong woman in Comics or other media. One of my favorite games is Metroid, which is about a kickass bounty hunter covered head to toe in armor. One of my favorite DC characters is Mera, I think she is awesome. I see a lot of black people, but I have never seen one in either comic book shop I go too, and my point was the Majority of readers are male, or white, or both. So of course the best selling characters are going to be Male, or White, or Both. Now go back and use your reading comprehension skills you learned in school.

    • …so you don’t have any interest in reading about “ethnic” characters because you’re “not ethnic”? are you implying that people should only read about characters who are “just like them”? do you know how ignorant and small minded that sounds?

      Are you saying people of color shouldn’t be interested in white super heroes? LoL?!?
      Or are you saying it’s okay for people of color to read about white heroes, but white people shouldn’t care to read about heroes/people of color?

      You can relate to beings from other planets, and beings with super powers, but not someone who is a different “ethnicity” than you?!? WTF?!?! that makes NO SENSE!
      I’m pretty sure a person of color is more “like you” than some made-up being from another world with super powers.

      I hope you’re able to understand the lack of sense present in your “rationalization”.
      I also hope you’ll to make a moment to pause and actually reflect on that rather than becoming defensive.

      • I don’t have to think about anything, I said I “don’t actively look for ethnic characters to read”. It means I don’t walk into a comic book shop and say, gee I want to read about a black character today. Nor do I mumble to myself when reading books, man I wish this book had more diversity. I said I like to read about characters like me, that I can relate to, doesn’t mean that’s the only thing I read. Nor didnI ever say once that people should only read about their own race. I read Justice League and I think Cyborg is an awesome character. I read Firestorm for a long while and that had two lead characters, one was White and one Black. I read Earth 2 which has an ethnic Hawkgirl and Dr. Fate ( who is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE CHARACTERS. I would read a Dr. Fate book no matter what because I think he is cool) and it has a Gay Green Lantern. Other books I read with ethnic characters include Birds of Prey, The Flash, and JL: United. Those are all the ones off the top of my head. What I was saying though is that I DONT ACTIVELY go into a comic shop and say “GOSH DANG I HAVE TO GET A BOOK WITH A NATIVE AMERICAN MAIN CHARACTER TODAY. Partly because there are none, partly because I gravitate to characters like me. Why do you think ethnic readers want ethnic main characters? Because they gravitate towards character like themselves, duh, just like me. As for Alien characters I don’t read about many books where the main character is an alien, I have a few though, like Superman. I love Superman, not because he is white but because he is human, not literally. I am also very excited for the new BLACK SUPERMAN debuting in Earth 2. I think it should open up some doors for some new stories. Now if an ethnic character was a lead in his own book and it was being written by, let’s say Geoff Johns, I would pick it up for sure because he is an awesome writer.
        Never did I once say we should only read about characters like us, and I also said I am all for female and ethnic characters, and if they can bring in more readers awesome. Read the whole statement next time and not just what suits you, thanks

  2. Sweet Jesus, yes they cast a black stage actor as Cyborg instead of a white actor….oh holy crap Cyborg IS black! And Wonder Woman is Israeli….cause she doesn’t look like a white woman at all, cause she’s not American ya know.

    There has been diversity in teh films, Black Widow and Sif are female, with Pepper Potts not even having powers and getting considerable screen time, while War Machine and Falcon are black. Are any of them the main characters, no, but SWEET JESUS it’s been 1 Avengers movie, 3 origin films, and 4 other films total. How much and how fast can they put in more diversity without making it seem like it’s being staged only for that purpose? Widow and Cap just hit their stride with the last film and Falcon was a great addition. Let the system breathe for dang sake.

    • +1

  3. And people say the 80′s and 90′s Marvel stuff was convoluted and lacked continuity. At least they went a few decades without blowing up the whole universe and trying to start everything over so new fans can “catch-on” easier. This also throws any argument regarding canon out the window, it is as fictional an idea as the comic characters themselves.

  4. I don’t have a problem with mixing things up and I’m all for a more diverse roster. However, I can’t get on board with a female Thor, we are talking about a god that lives for thousands of years and suddenly he can’t use the hammer, then some chick rocks up and suddenly she is Thor? I don’t get that, surely Thor is still Thor and this girl is just someone else who can suddenly pick up this hammer, why not give her a whole new name and identity, use one of the other numerous Norse gods and create a new character, Thor then becomes a legend who still exists.

    Female Iron man would work, Tony Stark has a daughter and she grows up to take over as Irongirl….or whatever.

    I like the sound of what they are doing with Cap.

    • The thing about female Thor is that in the 616 universe it can happen..
      Cause Thor is not only a name but a mantle carried by the holder of mjolir.
      Thor once lost his worthiness of mjolnir in the 90′s and a character by the name of Eric Masterson finds Mjolnir and becomes Thor for quite some time.
      When the “real” Thor comes back and is worthy once again, Odin grants Eric his own version of Mjolnir named “Thunderstrike”

      I think this “female Thor” story line will end up in the same way.

      • Also, Beta Ray Bill and Stormbringer.

        • Stormbringer? Didn’t anyone tell them it was Elric’s sword?

      • Oh, and Storm was Thor for a brief point too.

  5. Such intrusive efforts to be “diverse” should be revealed for what it truly is…DOMINATION and REVENGE.
    This is why NEW, diverse characters should be introduced.
    What…should we assume that female, gay, and characters of color cannot survive without straight, male whitey, after all?
    No, diverse characters can stand on their own. Grow a set and proceed.

  6. I’m always open to new things as long as they tell me a good story with good characters. Bring it on! I trust marvel, they did not let me down so far.

  7. Attention Marvel: Just make a “Super hero in the city” series for the gals, where the leader of the team writes articles about super heros fight with moral correctness.

  8. Errgh why… why can’t you just let the characters be turning thor the greek mythology character not fully owned by marvel into a women and change captian americas skin color i don’t mind if it’s just a spin of comic but if it is going to be in the cinematic universe like it says they should just leave the characters as they are and make new ones. there classic characters they should be kept as they are as they where made and fans identify them.

    • Thor is from Norse mythology – not Greek

  9. Any one else confused how Falcon can just become Captain America? Isn’t Falcon just a guy with jet pack with Wings on?

    • The original Falcom was a Black hero with flight powers. The Marvel Cinematic universe has him as a jet pack based hero.

      • The only power the Falcon ever had was the telepathic link with Redwing and, eventually, other birds. His flight ability has always been dependent on his wing harness, which was originally jet-powered just like in the movie. His hard light wings are powered by a magnetic drive.

        He’s certainly no supersoldier. Though he’s been trained by Cap, apart from his link with birds he’s just a regular human. Which is why making him the new Cap is kinda far-fetched unless they plan to give him the supersoldier serum.

    • Falconamerica seems a lot like Archangel, whose sole power was just to simply fly around. That is until Apocalypse got hold of him and made him the Bird of Prey.

  10. Is this the end of “Time Runs Out”? A little change up, and no reboot if it is.

  11. Silly topic (typically/non typically confusing “strategy” by marvel)
    Sillier article (black cyborg? captain African America? Really?)

  12. That is kinda ridiculous Bucky doesn’t inherate the mantle of Captain America.

    • He did for some time (I think it was after Rogers’ death in Civil War).

  13. I’m fine with a bit of a shakeup in the comics as long as it makes sense storywise and tells a good tale I’m optimistic.

    Saying that, this means by years end Thor and Caps title will be held by New characters and Wolverine will be dead. Add that to Prof X being dead, Cyclops and iron man being ‘evil’ it suggests to me a big last hurrah before Marvel finally reboot everything. They have never done a DC style continuity reboot. I predict it will all be back to normal by the time age of Ultron is out, with a few key characters jumping over to a new universe.

    Just a question, where did the big 3 term come from? A few years ago Iron Man was a bit of a joke and Thor was largely unknown. If anything I would say Marvel has a big 2 in Spiderman and Wolverine. Cap being a potential third

    • I know right? Marvels big three are definitely not Iron man, Thor, and Captain America. Honestly I don’t see a marvel universe with a big three, or two or whatever. I have always viewed Marvels characters as more equal with each other and not really having a Big (insert number here). DC has a hierarchy with Supes at the top and Wonder Woman and Batman right beside him. Then comes Gl, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. After that you have the rest of the DC universe. I mean Spider-Man is obviously Marvels biggest character and has been for a long time. Until the MCU Iron man was maybe low B list and high C list, while Thor was below that. It just seems that if Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights to a character they just don’t care anymore.

      • Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk – The REAL big 3

  14. “A wider demographic”, eh? The Avengers grossed $623 million in North America and more than $1.5 billion worldwide. Why change the characters when they appear to be doing alright already? I’ve been saying this for years: Create NEW characters who are black, female, Hispanic, etc. Why change classic characters that everyone has loved for years and years just to appear “diverse”? The characters are not the same. They’re only wearing the costumes. And a flying Captain America? Ridiculous.

    • New characters (especially ethnic ones) don’t sell as well as the classic ones. Araña, for example, who became the new 616 Spider-Girl after Grim Hunt, is a great latino character, but apart from a couple of short appearances she hasn’t been seen since Spider-Island.

  15. Wait, so Iron Man won’t be g@y and Spider Man wouldn’t have a mental disability? This is no way to round out the new Political Correctness League!! I’m calling the ACLU…

  16. Diversity for diversity’s sake. Doesn’t add anything to the story or the characters. I’m all for thinking outside the box when there is a valid reason but some of these changes are just stupid and are being made purely to seem more politically correct and please every demographic. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. You can’t please everyone all the time. Grow some fracking b@lls Marvel.

    • Ditto.

  17. Where is the gay superhero? I think a gay Spiderman would be awesome. I always loved the character.

    We get an entire rainbow of new characters but they are all still straight. (or so it seems)

  18. Nope… I see white guys that aren’t obviously crippled or gay in the above picture, so the racist contingent here at SR and other places that wraps themselves in diversity rhetoric won’t be satisfied.

  19. Yeah, Marvel is taking the express elevator to HELL! Cant wait to see how they rape second tier hero cannon on netflix! Hope they make Luke Cage an Iranian female, and Danny(iron fist)Rand an Israeli. Til Batman wears a skirt, make mine DC!

    • I hear there’s a Batwoman in town now. A jewish lesbian. But she’s wearing pants…

  20. Why does this even matter in the grand scope of things? Once the Phase 3 movies hit, everything will predictably and inevitably go back to the status quo. Remember Superior Spider-Man? Of course you don’t.

  21. I have a theory on Iron Man’s new duds. Notice the jewel on the forehead. It seems that Tony may be bringing the Vision back to life as his on-board A.I.

  22. Why mess with the originals? Falcon as the new Cap? Marvel could’ve. Went back to Truth comics series and brought in Josiah X as the the new Cap. If you want more diversity in comics, don’t mess with the originals; create new authentic characters and build from there because there openers of the Earth and Universe that I think comics have yet to tap

  23. Iron Man looks like the Vision designed by Moebius.

  24. I personally wouldn’t mind to see Iron Man die in Avengers 2 with Vision subsequently downloading Tony’s consciousness. Since Ultron is created by Tony this would make sense. I think that it’d be interesting to see Vision team up with Iron Patriot(War Machine).

    • I don’t see the Vision as a wisecracking playboy. Not one bit. Also, I want an Iron Man 4 with the real Mandarin.

  25. I don’t like it. These characters are historic. Don’t change them for the sake of diversity, create new characters! This is just lame.

  26. I don’t like that they are changing Captain America

  27. I would just like to say im not a hige fan of this whole “not a rebbot but actually screcetly kinda is a reboot”thing. Its gotte slightly tiresome over the years, t least in the past they did it in ways that were engaing and intelligent way, this however can be clearly seen as a way to maimize profits. I dont understand why they have to make things fit into the MCU, I mean are the comics the source material or is it the movies? Changing things to make them more similar to the movies is a terrible thing to do. I mean why change things? it was clear in the beginning that the two dont have to coincide with everything, for one the comics are just such a vast and rich in sotry that trying to fit things into the MCU is ridiculous. These new Avengers look cheap and corny, they dont seem at all like the quality super heros that were used to in marvel comics. I hope that it is true and this will only last for a little while, beacuse if not marvel will be losing me as a reader, I might still buy some good comics like amazing spider man, deadpool, and maybe a few others but from now on I think I will be reaing more DC comics for the forseeable future. At least until marvel decides to get its s*** straight, but until then I think marvel will be loosing a number of readers all for the sake of trying to make more money. If they want to bring in more readers they should look at what dc did with the new 52, which rebooted the whole universe but kept all the same characters, that was a good marketing poly, this is being done purely to make more money, not even out of comics, but out of the films. When I first began reading comics I jumped right in, yes it took me awhile to fully create an accurate picture of the universe and its history but it was worht it beacuse the stories and the characters were so good and well established. It is a sorry thing to see a giant fall so low.

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