Early Animatics for ‘The Avengers’ Show Wasp at the Battle of New York

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The on-screen world of The Avengers is almost certainly going to expand dramatically when the team reunites in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, but those who followed the development of the first movie closely are probably aware that the team was originally supposed to be slightly bigger than it was. Joss Whedon’s early drafts of the script included Janet von Dyne AKA Wasp, one of the original founding members in the comics, and for a long time it was rumored that Eva Longoria would take the role.

For better or worse, Whedon eventually cut Wasp out of the film altogether, on the grounds that the script had simply become “too Wasp-y.” Making The Avengers meant facing with the task of bringing together heroes from four existing franchises and introducing a new handful of important characters, so perhaps trying to fit Wasp in as well would have made the focus of the movie too dissipated across all the different team members.

For those who really would love a glimpse of what the battle of New York might have looked like if Wasp were present, storyboard artist Federico D’Alessandro is on hand to oblige. D’Alessandro has helped to develop the visuals for a number of Marvel Studios’ films, and has now released four of the original animatics sequences that were created for The Avengers. The last one, which depicts the final battle of The Avengers, includes glimpses of Wasp on the team at the 0:17 and 2:27 marks, first in the air with her trademark wings and then on the ground as the camera circles our heroes.

Wasp in The Avengers animatics Early Animatics for The Avengers Show Wasp at the Battle of New York

The animatics sequence really is a fascinating look at the plot elements which didn’t make it to the final version of The Avengers (Loki being betrayed by Thanos, for example) and the moments which were clearly planned out in great detail from the very start (Bruce Banner’s reveal of his ‘secret’). Also note that Hawkeye was originally drawn wearing his classic costume from the comic books, complete with mask, but that this was eventually toned down into something a little more…. utilitarian.

D’Alessandro has also released three more animatics sequences, some of which have elements that survived the various drafts and made it into the final cut of the film, and others which were dropped altogether. Apparently Iron Man’s introduction was originally going to be a lot more dramatic, with a full battle sequence against another mech. Tony is the main subject of most of these sequences, though it’s unclear whether that means that The Avengers was originally going to be a lot more Iron Man-y, or whether D’Alessandro just decided to upload Iron Man-centric sequences.

The second video is particularly interesting for those who are theorizing that Ultron in The Avengers: Age of Ultron will be one of Tony Stark’s creations, and might even be Tony’s faithful AI butler J.A.R.V.I.S. In dialogue that was cut from the final film, it appears for a moment that JARVIS is trying to convince Tony to turn against the Avengers, who are dragging him down from greatness. Of course, Loki soon shows up and reveals that it was actually him whispering in Tony’s ear all along, but it’s an intriguing hint at what an evil J.A.R.V.I.S. might be like.

As for Wasp, right now it seems most likely that she will be introduced in Edgar Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man movie, since the two characterss powers both come from Pym Particles and they also have a romantic relationship. This means that both Wasp and Ant-Man could eventually join the Avengers, though that won’t come until at least The Avengers 3 (and they may well end up replacing fallen members).

It’s clear that The Avengers underwent a great deal of evolution between these animatics and the finished film. Do you think that Whedon was wise to trim the movie down in the way that he did, or would you have loved to see all of these action sequences full fleshed-out?


Thor: The Dark World arrives in theaters on November 8th, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4th, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6th, 2015, and as-yet unannounced films will be released on May 6 2016, July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Source: Federico D’Alessandro (via CBM)

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  1. Would have preferred Wasp in the Avengers lineup instead of Black Widow.

    Only with the caveat of Scarlett Johansson inhabiting the role of Janet van Dyne.

    How’s that for a catch 22?

    • If they don’t include her eventually I’ll be very disappointed. She’s a fun character. I like Johansson as Black Widow. We need someone more fairy-like and cute and spunky to be wasp.

      • Well Hank Pym and Wasp go together like ants and honey ( see what I did there?) so hopefully we WILL see Ms Van Dyne in some incarnation in the ANT MAN flick.

        • Fear not, clever boy…it does not “bug” us at all!

          • +1.
            Both of you deserve cookies.

            • Mila Kunis for Wasp.

              • Mila Kunis for my wife!

                • I predict neither will happen.

  2. Hey look at that, originaly Hawkeye donned his classic outfit. personaly I would have preferred if he had decided to don it after he was compromised and decided to quit sheild, or if they did something along those lines in the later movies

    • I love his classic costume but I have no idea how well that would translate on film. I at least would like to have seen more purple in his movie costume though. I wonder if he’ll get a new one in Avengers 2?

      • I think ALL of the original comics costumes for ALL of the characters on ALL of the teams should be included. It does not look silly: Spiderman, Green Lantern, Superman, batman…they all look at least a bit like the comics, and it certainly looks more unique and significant than black leather.

        • Look to porn. :)

          I love the comics, but some stuff needs to stay there. Hawkeye is a secret agent man who uses a bow and arrow. He shows up in New York wearing purple with a pointy mask.

          Everyone stops and looks at him. Hulk scratches his head. Natasha asks, “Clint, um, what are you wearing?”

          Hawkeye responds, “Cap told me to suit up… this is my suit”

          BW: “Why is it purple?”

          Hawkeye: “Purple makes me… more… um, accurate?”

          It absolutely IS silly. If not to you, that’s fine, but it would pull these movies into camp status FAST. You (entitled comic fans) would love it (but you would really probably hate it and complain about the texture or the SHADE of purple or the angle of the points on the mask).

          Something people (entitled comic fans) need to realize. These movies aren’t made for you. Or me. They are for everyone. The millions of people who have NEVER seen Hawkeye’s comic costume. THOSE are the people that make these movies financially successful, and therefore, allow more movies to be made. And those people would run screaming from a movie where everyone wore brightly colored tights. It would be for us. Just us. And there would be 1 or 2, then they would run out of money. Because we don’t number enough to make a movie profitable. We are the people that camp out and fill up the first two showings. Then everyone else goes to see the movie all weekend and THEY determine the BO rank and.

          And I’m great with that. I don’t care, AT ALL, about the costumes. If they care about the source material, the characters, the stories and make a good movie, then awesome. I don’t care if they wear jeans and Hawaiian Shirts so long as the characters, the action, the drama, etc. are there.

          • This is why I didn’t care about the X-Men movies not using the comic book costumes. A lot of them look silly and wouldn’t translate well.

            Someone like Hawkeye would definitely wear black leather because his choice of weapon is more towards stealth and so he’d need an outfit to match.

            It’s why we think of ninjas wearing black these days (they didn’t) because of the Japanese stage hands who moved scenery wearing it to blend into the black background so as not to be seen.

          • @JB- You’re talking like the Avengers didn’t happen. Almost every character had their bright superhero costume and it worked. Lots of superhero movies make it work.

            My only concern about Hawkeye’s costume not translating well would be because they made him a SHIELD agent in the movie. Not a vigilante like he started in the comics.

            • Check out the early appearences of hawkeye and Black Widow in the comics…not black leather. Or the X-men throughout most of their careers in the comics–not black leather either. My couch looks good in black leather. A turtle (Ninja or otherwise) looks OK in green leather (uh, oops, that’s their skin). But not superheroes. I can wear black leather and go in a disco (are they still around anymore, or am I thinking too far back), but I don’t think I will be honored or glorified as a superhero (beat up for a leather-freak, maybe). No, gotta stay with canon!
              One point is right, tho, there were some characters in hero costumes: Thor, Cap, IM, and no one made fun of them.

            • The problem comes in when you try to get a semi-realistic vibe for a super-hero movie. Hawkeye is a government agent basically. Why would his uniform be a purple pointy mask?

              Spider-Man is mentioned. His costume, in the movies, is made by a kid. It can look however it wants, and still make sense in the world the movie is set in. Ironman is wearing a robotic exoskeleton. Superman and Thor are aliens wearing traditional outfits of their people. Green Lantern is wearing a suit made of green light. Batman is wearing a suit he made so he would resemble a bat. all these outfits make sense in the movie world that was created to tell these stories. These movies need an internal consistency.

              I still defend the X-Men leather suits. They gave a good reason. They looked like a uniform a secretive team might wear.

              Batman suits have looked like the ones Adam West wore at some points during the comics. Do you think Nolans Batman trilogy would have worked and made billions of dollars if Bale was running around in dark grey lycra? Costumes do matter. They can change the way a film is perceived by general audiences.

              If you can give me a good reason why a government, one that exists in a realistic world, would give an agent an outfit like the original Hawkeye outfit, than I would buy it. But you really cant. The price we pay to have awesome comic book stories on the big screen. I say its totally worth it.

              • +1

          • OK, then, everyone is nude except for fig-leaves (don’t book Koalas or Giraffes for the movie..they eat leaves).

  3. I agree with both of you. I think she needs to be involved eventually but I would have preferred to have Wasp in the line up from the beginning.

    • Hopefully, Edgar Wright will get it RIGHT.

      • He’ll cast Simon Pegg as Wasp.

  4. I think Wasp has the potential to really catch the female audience…maybe even merchandising power of a tinker bell.

  5. Ugh – I am sure Joss would have done a great movie version of her but The Wasp was always one of the most annoying, useless characters in The Avengers comics.

    Glad he left her out.

    • Annoying? Useless? Put her in a bikini, and you will be ratcheting your jaw right off the floor. Same for Scarlet Witch!

      • If your first selling point was “bikinis” then you actually just proved his point.

  6. I actually really liked Loki’s sudden realization with the whole, “But that’s not my army!” and then his horrified expressions as he looks on at what he’s done.

  7. Angry space wormy looks even angrier in this.

    Also, gotta love the classic Hawkeye costume in pre-vis before they settled on the Ultimates look.

    • It’s the ALASKAN BULL WORM!!

  8. I can see why Wasp was left out of Avengers #1, but should have been included, along with Goliath/Hank Pym in Avengers #2, and sure as thunder they’d better be in Avengers #3!!!!

  9. I guess this is the reason why Black Widow got a short haircut… to implement the scrapped Wasp design XD.
    Anyway, I’m guessing the decision to omit her from the 1st Avengers, was due to the fact that Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man was greenlit. But Eva Longoria? I don’t like the idea, so I’m glad it didn’t happen haha. I guess they’re saving her for the 3rd movie, which would take a bigger team considering (probably) they’re facing toe to toe with Thanos himself. A cameo along with Hank in the 2nd won’t hurt at all though (since both movies are in the same range of production schedules right?).

  10. I hope when they add those 2 in it wont be because others died

    • I’d agree with that. At least don’t croak Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Quicksilver, or Scarlet Witch.

  11. IDK,but the action from these vids seem better than some of the initial action between IM/Loki.

  12. I’m i the only one who would love having Eva Longoria as the wasp!? She be daaaamn hot n can pull it off as she’s petite herself :)

    • Now there’s a Wasp that would give a buzz! (Hope she won’t “sting” me when I call her up to ask her out!).

  13. Ah, what could have been… still a pretty great movie, though.

  14. These scenes would have made the movie that much better.

  15. Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby. LONG LIVE THE KING’S LEGACY!

  16. I love all the Iron Man – Loki scenes in these. The fight in the tunnel is pretty epic and the mind games are even better. I would have loved an extended scene of Loki and Tony on Stark Tower in the movie. The rest I can guess why they were cut.

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