The Avengers Movie Villains Are The Skrulls?

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Who on Earth is mighty enough to stand up to The Avengers? A big question for fans of the Marvel comics and movies is what villain(s) will be featured in The Avengers movie who can act as worthy opponents to Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk. What if I were to say the answer to that question were “no one,” because no one from Earth will be fighting our favorite superheroes?

Instead, we just might be seeing The Avengers battling it out against aliens! If you’re a comic reader, you’re likely very well aware of the Skrulls, the green long-eared shapeshifters who were the focus of the recent Invasion crossover event in the Marvel universe. According to an “insider” of Comic Book Movie, The Skrulls will be the primary villains of Joss Whedon’s team-up epic.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumor about the Skrulls invading the Avengers movie. Almost a year ago, during the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, the guys over at C.H.U.D. (working in conjunction with Latino Review) managed to pry a little info out of some Marvel execs, which pointed to the possibility of an Avengers vs. Skrulls scenario. The golden nugget C.H.U.D. and Latino Review uncovered was that Marvel actually owns the rights to the Skrulls, and can therefore use them in a movie. (The worry was that 20th Century Fox owned the Skrull rights, since they own the Fantastic Four property, which is where the Skrulls first appeared in comic books.)

Joining the Skrulls in this rumored plot information would be the Kree, another alien species who ally with the good guys (us measily humans and our super-heroic friends) against the Skrulls. Tying that rumor into the news of Kevin Pennington signing a 3-picture deal with Marvel Studios, one of the characters he is rumored to play is a Kree.

Comparing this idea to what we know from the comics, the Skrulls have been a major player in recent years. And in the Ultimates series, where Marvel has been grabbing a lot of its ideas from for their films, the Skrulls were also the key villains, except presented in a more believable way and I can see them adapting that into The Avengers franchise.

Joss Whedon struck a chord with Marvel fans with his successful and critically acclaimed 25-issue run on Astonishing X-Men, where he told a story involving aliens who wanted to destroy our planet. This is not new to him and if this rumor has any truth to it, then Whedon’s work no doubt secured him the job of handing The Avengers for Marvel.

With Whedon’s history and the Skrulls playing a major role in the books, this might not be too off the mark. Again, this is a completely unverified rumor and the script is currently being re-worked with Whedon coming on board. He’s also reportedly re-working the script for The First Avenger: Captain America to ensure the interconnected share movie universe correctly flows into The Avengers and Marvel’s plans going forward.

As with most recent Marvel Studios rumors, we can expect some official details and major updates come San Diego International Comic-Con in July where we’ll be reporting every detail live as it breaks.

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What do you think about introduction of alien races into the Marvel Studios movie universe?

Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere; Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012

Source: CBM & C.H.U.D.

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  1. Way too soon.

  2. I always thought the only antagonists that could possibly fit into in the Avengers movie

    are the skrulls or ultron (or hydra I suppose)

    I support the skrulls if it turns out to be true, it would certainly warrant the avengers as opposed to one hero taking them on solo. With Joss Whedon at the helm of this project, I think it will turn out o be a fantastic movie

    • save Ultron (and subsequentially Vision) for the sequel and HYDRA for the SHIELD movie (should it actually happen)

  3. Fail.

  4. hell ya sounds good to me, … with the skrulls, could that mean that their distant cousins the Dire Wraiths aren’t far behind (read: ROM Spaceknight?) i can only hope, but that’s just me.
    anyway the skrulls are a great choice to battle the Avengers.

    till next time

  5. I’ve got one word for the villain in Avengers: ULTRON which means that Dr. Henry Pym NEEDS to be in the movie, the heck with the Skrulls, I’m sick of evil invading Aliens. Save the Skrulls for the second Avengers movie or something. Could even use the Masters of Evil, but Ultron is more than enough of a threat for the Avengers.

    • The Masters of Evil wouldn’t make since in the first movie. How would Nick Fury predict there would be an uprising of Supervillains that havent even turned into one yet? Ultron would be interesting for a sequel along with the Masters,but otherwise bring in the Skrull!!

  6. does anyone remember how fox tried adding skrull into fantastic four 2 ?
    one can only hope that they dont try to introduce skrull like that.. ever again.

  7. Well this is interesting.

    On a completely different, but Marvel related note, it’s been said that the Marvel side for the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3 is being chosen based from recent AND upcoming movies, and one of the practically confirmed characters is the Super Skrull (though Capcom more or less confirmed in a indirect way that SS was chosen because Marvel said no to using the F4, still though, this would make sense…)

    • You can also kind of see the Super Skrull’s silhouette on one of their promo pieces.

    • Does Marvel’s ownership of the Skrull film rights mean that they can include Super Skrull in The Avengers, despite the fact that he has the powers of the Fantastic Four? It would be interesting to see how that worked out…

        • Well you know that’s one of the things that bothers me about the “Spider-Man” reboot is most likely and people have mentioned it here on ScreenRant, reusing the Green Goblin and Doc Ock. That’s what the first two movies were about, yet a certain number of people think it’s OK to rehash that. As far as using the Super Skrull, I know that what ever Marvel allowed Fox to introduce in the X-Men franchise they could hang on to and use exclusively. So it would be kind of interesting if Marvel went into production with a Skrull script and Fox came right behind them just a matter of weeks later with a Super Skrull story…

  8. There can be no skrulls without the fantastic four so there is no way they can be involved

    • why?

  9. Meh I hope this isn’t the case. Marvel depends way to much on aliens and space I had hoped to see them avoid it in movies. Never could get in to all the skrull stories can’t read them with out rolling my eyes.

  10. Y’know Fox could piggyback Marvel’s effort and use the Super Skrull in their rumored reboot of FF. It would perhaps give Fox some credibility and isn’t out of the realm of their licensing deal with Marvel. Done right all coffers could get filled…

  11. If they get the story right, it can be huge success but they can also do it horribly wrong and make the biggest anticipated movie turn into a flop! Their interesting characters in the marvel universe so its many ways that they can introduce the characters and make them murderous evil villains. The movie is only as good as its villains. And the Kree are a nice addition too.

  12. The idea should be to introduce an antagonist that forces the heroes to come together. Build up a scenario that makes the heroes decide to form an alliance. And then have a discovery at the end that leaves the movie with a cliffhanger and the alliance intact.

    Avenger Assemble!

    • I forgot to mention…

      Have some type of WWII threat, Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Hydra, take your pick.

    • That does make a lot of sense but will the action junkies sit through that kind of a build up? I have no problem with it but I’m generally a patient viewer. No matter how you accomplish it the story has to be interesting. The stimulation keeps the mind from wondering. If the audience wonders too much away from the story it will be perceived as dragging. So whether a WWII threat is enough or not well I’ll see what others say…

  13. Shapeshifters. I am sooooooo tired of aliens/beings who can alter appearances to look like anyone they want. Sooooo tired of it on screens.

    Plus, if there is an alien invasion, that throws a whole new element into the mix. Okay, Thor’s from Asgard and all, but still…it’s a bit much.

    Since Whedon is rewriting Cap to have more connection to Avengers, my guess is more Baron Zemo.

  14. It always depends on how they play this out… But yeah a super race of aliens might be alil too much.. might pull us all out of that world of Marvel that they are tryin to establish,, taking them out into the universe might be alil bit too much too soon. I thought the idea of having Loki and Ultron being the bad guy might be interesting.. I thought maybe if they could slip Dr. Doom in there it might be totally appropriate cause Doom is the biggest villain in the Marvel Universe.
    The Skrulls I think might be a sequel villain. Hopefully this is a rumor. But I dont see the Avengers blowing away UFOs as being really in rhythm with that flow of the movies so far they have been establishing. especially key word ESTABLISH!

    It’s like having the first X-men movie dealing with the Dark Phoenix Saga and next thing you know Cyclops’s father is captain of an alien ship and they have to meet the StarJammers etc.. it would really confuse audiences and give them the wrong sense of what the Xmen really are about.

    • The Skrull maybe, but what of the Chitari? In the Ultimates they were considered the ultimate version. I think they have more of a threatening presence and more primitive than the Skrull. I think they should do that kind of invasion and then do Ultron and the Masters of Evil.

  15. I think id be all for the Skrulls to be the villains in The Avengers film, or atleast in one of its sequels. Especially if they included Super Skrull into the film.

  16. I could see a good movie coming out of this. Skrull invasion taking out the worlds military branches(possibly commandeering them, shapeshifters take gov. officer forms… use our own stuff against us). We need Cap cuz he KNOWS how to fight a war. IronMan to shut down our own defenses being used against us and new tech devices to fight with. Thor for power/coverfire. Hulk for power/Attack and Smash. Obviously whoever rounds out the team will compliment it as such. Hawkeye- Range, Ant-man – Stealth/tech, Wasp- surveyer/lookout… and more so on and so forth. Plus Pennington could be a dead ringer for Captain Mar-Vell… and that brings in the Kree support. Couple that with the Skrulls, Super Skrull, Power Skrulls, and Paibok… sounds good to me. Hell, Pym might even create Ultron to help out and Ultron becomes active in the third act and serves as a lead in to another Avenger film or as another side villian battle. Either way I can see and am hoping this comes together solidly.

    Icon Out.

    • @TheIconTake Well said and thought out dude!!! Makes sense!!!

  17. I think it would be better to have a single villain (my first choice would be Thanos) rather than a whole invading army of them. The first film of a franchise focusing on one villain always seems to work best; it just seems more ‘right’. Then expand into multiple villains in the sequels when everything’s already been established in the original.

    But I’m not too bothered; the Skrulls are a fairly good choice. I particularly like how the cinematic universe is starting to expand in so many different directions – science & technology, Asgard, space & aliens, and hopefully more in the future (I want to see Mephisto’s hell). It might be a little too early to go from Captain America and Thor straight to an alien invasion, but who cares? It won’t be the end of the world, and things could be far, far worse.

    • @ goldspire… I can kinda see where youre at in you statement although I find Thanos to be too powerful and too indepth for a new team to deal with yet. Im in favor of a skrull army invasion cause it makes everyones role in it important and serves as a catalyst to stay a team. One enemy would make them seem like a bunch of punks jumping a guy in a alley, if you get my analogy. Ya’know why would a whole team need to be present if Thor an all-powerful god or the Unstoppable Fury-machine that is the Hulk is there to pound whoever is starting trouble. They wouldnt stay a team for one opponent… not in a real world representation anyway. Plus each individual movie is a lead-in much like reading a series of comic books, so everyone of them ties together in continuity so an escalation to a full scale assault may be foreshadowed in the next 2 installments.
      I wouldn’t say it was a stretch for them to go into space aliens because the Marvel Univ. is designed behind the fact of such diversity, as long as they translate it realisticly in a similar tone as IronMan, Hulk, ect…. besides it kinda depends on the easter eggs used in Captain America and Thor’s movies. Those may have good lead-ins for an Invasion.

      The Super Skrull debate can be closed simply by not explaining his origin and just using him as a weapon or by cutting the FF ties and saying they experimented with cosmic rays on him thus making a Super Skrull kinda reminiscent of our Super Soldier, Captain America hint hint.

      • I can see it working as The Super Skrull invasion and Thanos appears at the end after the skrulls are defeated. Defeating Thanos at the end could make it even more climatic.

  18. So shallow minded are some of you. ;) The Avengers WILL be 3 pictures long. The Skrulls can be in it from movie one in the background until the 3rd movie.

    1st movie

    Hulk vs Avengers due to Loki’s involvement. Pym is working on Ultron as a “backup” to help The Avengers.

    2nd Movie. Ultron vs The Avengers (w/o the Hulk sorry you cant have Thor and Hulk on the team. They would make paste of anyone or not be able to go all out) Pym dies (suit goes to someone else?) revealed to be a Skrull.

    3rd movie. Skrulls vs The Avengers with The Hulk and about anyone else they need/want/can bring in.

    You can scatter the Skrulls throughout. “Hidden” people reporting back to a main base type area.

    Bring back people after the Skrulls have replaced them? No. I hated that about the Skrull Invasion. There cant be that many Super Heroes replaced or the non fans wont “get it”.

    By that time Marvel should most of their properties back? So the Marvel U vs the Skrulls in The Avengers 3… :D

  19. The Skrulls would be the only thing that could make this movie epic. If the Skrulls are done right, it WILL be the greatest comic book movie ever. If you’re not on board with this, then go back and read the secret invaion series. I thought it was the first time the Skrulls were actually taken serious by the writers. With the cast of characters that are set to be in Avengers, you just about have to throw everything you can at them. Imagine a massive pile of Skrulls on the Hulk pulling him down, or even the limitless possible cameos you could have with an army of shapeshifters. I think if this turns out to be true, it’s one of the smartest movies that marvel will make. Thinking you have to have Fantastic Four to have the Skrulls is rubbish.

  20. TheIconTake – You have some really good ideas about how to use all the characters for a Skrull invasion.

    Aknot – Nobody likes a know it all. Still, you do have some interesting ideas and your concept of how to set up the three films is pretty sound. I just think Marvel, Studios that is, has already given us three great films and then two more for next year. So, really this movie SHOULDN’T even touch on the origins, it can just slam into the action.

    • Know it all dont understand that…? Origins of whom?

  21. I really don’t like the idea of combining the relative realism of the Iron Man universe with aliens. But I can understand why this may not be a problem with hardcore comics fans.

    • meh if done right you shouldnt have to be a hardcore comic fan to like it.

      I mean if you can “beleive” Ironman and any of the others (Hulk/Superman/Spiderman) having aliens mix in shouldnt be an issue.

      What idea about it dont you like? Aliens can be as real as a man flying around in a suit or armor.

      • What I mean is that the Iron Man movies don’t contain anything supernatural/otherworldly. They are relatively realistic in the sense that Stark’s powers are derived from human-made technology that is just really advanced.
        But I’m not saying this movie is destined for failure if there are Skrulls in it or anything. I’m not even familiar with the material. But, having no idea what the movie is going to be like, I’m not real fond of the idea.

      • Doesn’t Jarvis say something in the first film about building a suit for flight capability in space when they are discussing the issue of ice build-up while flying to the stratosphere and trying to break the current record for highest altitude flight?

  22. Umm no a man flying in a suit of armor is not on the same realistic level as alians. There is a man who’s has made a armored suit prototype that increases Hunan strength and endurance he created it 3 years ago and is currently changing the look to make it match the Iron Mam suit. The suit can easily lift 200 pounds with out any strain on the man inside. Thank u popular sciance. The suit can’t fly but we have had Jet Packs for over a decade and with in 6 years they will be sold by a company out of New Zeland next year they will start allowing people to pay to try one for tourism purposes. Alians aren’t real. Argument over.

  23. Rob

    This is my big concern with the complexity of what Marvel is trying to accommplish with these movies being tied together:

    “He’s also reportedly re-working the script for The First Avenger: Captain America to ensure the interconnected share movie universe correctly flows into The Avengers and Marvel’s plans going forward.”

    Too many chefs are certainly going to spoil this broth!

    It will be interesting to look at these films in 5-10 years and see how many holes in the various scripts were missed when they try to tie it all together. The fans will pick them up immediately because of the love we have for these characters, the stories and the franchises, lets’s just hope that they have a great team to look at everything and tie it together properly and not give us a finished product that is far less then great.

    I am not a fan of Whedon either so that doesn’t help!!

  24. How about a super villain group such as ZODIAC, twelve villains to battle the Avengers, led by Scorpio, other than that, I don’t know who would make for a good foe?

    • That wouldnt make sense. If the Masters of Evil are made up of the Avengers individual hero villains than how is Nick Fury supposed to know that a group of supervillains will form if he hasnt even met all the superheroes yet.

      Though I will admit the Skrull are a little to much Fantastic Four. If they do show a villain or villains than they should go with something like the Kree, Kang, Modok (maybe),the Chitauri, or maybe even the Ten Rings working with Aim and Hammer Industries.

      • But then again the Masters of Evil would fit if AIM or HYDRA were involved. Like say that Nick Fury knew a doomsday plan, but not all of it and what they’re using, and then enlist the help of Justin Hammer, Crimson Dynamo (Whiplash, because I really don’t think that he died in that explosion), Abomination, The Leader (Samuel Sterns infected), and MODOK (Arnim Zola isnt exactly a big part of the Avengers so the guy whose rumored to play him should play MODOK instead). Then the Skrull (or the Kree instead).

  25. i guess it could work, secret Invation wasent the greatest Run but i still own the majority of the issues.

    i would of prefered Ultron.
    atleast that way they could have itrodueced Vision & maybe Wonder Man.

  26. Ok, some of you guys are thinking way too hard about this without thinking hard enough. lol….. The Skrulls first battled the 3D Man… so they existed without the FF. When they did battled the FF those where small teams and individual Skrulls that had their own agendas or grudges… mainly the Skrulls found the FF as an annoyance or as a sporting challenge. The whole empire never truly came down on the FF. However when the full force of the skrulls came to earth The Avengers were there and The Avengers dealt with it. I think that puts the Avengers up on the radar… don’t you.

    Oh and about the Skrulls not being a big enough challenge, think on this: Skrulls are basically humanoid aliens, so they function similarly to humans. No Super strength or crazy characteristics other than their appearances… wouldnt that lend to a realistic approach to a villain in a movie, especially an army. Next the only power they have over us is shapeshifting… kind of pedestrian yet effective if used right think an army of Mystiques from the X-Men Movies. Ok then… Oh yeah its a freaking planet of warriors who have sent an armada to takeover Earth, not America, EARTH!… this would be global! Imagine 4-7 guys with all different special abilities vs Millions of Skrulls. Better yet imagine yourself with 7 of the guys you work with vs the US Army. Yeah what are the odds? I dont care if you can lift a building, throw a shield, command S.H.I.E.L.D, have a power hammer that makes storms, or a really great suit… a battle with those odds would be terrifying. Add in a Super Skrull,(I already explained how that would work in a previous rant look back for ref.) some power skrull troops, and possibly Paibok or an equivalent commander for the skrull forces, it would be great. Not to mention on top of all that they will probably throw in Ultron or Loki or some other villain… but back to the point The Skrulls would be great for this and they dont have to be tied to the FF… This isnt DC where the Joker only commits crimes in Gotham there arent rogues gallerys in Marvel. The Kingpin fights Spider-man, Daredevil, Electra, Iron Fist, and anyone he comes across same goes for every villain and hero in Marvel. See bad guy, Stop bad guy. Villains dont belong to ppl thats kinda stupid. Go Marvel GO!

    Icon Out.