The Avengers Movie Villains Are The Skrulls?

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Who on Earth is mighty enough to stand up to The Avengers? A big question for fans of the Marvel comics and movies is what villain(s) will be featured in The Avengers movie who can act as worthy opponents to Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk. What if I were to say the answer to that question were “no one,” because no one from Earth will be fighting our favorite superheroes?

Instead, we just might be seeing The Avengers battling it out against aliens! If you’re a comic reader, you’re likely very well aware of the Skrulls, the green long-eared shapeshifters who were the focus of the recent Invasion crossover event in the Marvel universe. According to an “insider” of Comic Book Movie, The Skrulls will be the primary villains of Joss Whedon’s team-up epic.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumor about the Skrulls invading the Avengers movie. Almost a year ago, during the 2009 San Diego Comic Con, the guys over at C.H.U.D. (working in conjunction with Latino Review) managed to pry a little info out of some Marvel execs, which pointed to the possibility of an Avengers vs. Skrulls scenario. The golden nugget C.H.U.D. and Latino Review uncovered was that Marvel actually owns the rights to the Skrulls, and can therefore use them in a movie. (The worry was that 20th Century Fox owned the Skrull rights, since they own the Fantastic Four property, which is where the Skrulls first appeared in comic books.)

Joining the Skrulls in this rumored plot information would be the Kree, another alien species who ally with the good guys (us measily humans and our super-heroic friends) against the Skrulls. Tying that rumor into the news of Kevin Pennington signing a 3-picture deal with Marvel Studios, one of the characters he is rumored to play is a Kree.

Comparing this idea to what we know from the comics, the Skrulls have been a major player in recent years. And in the Ultimates series, where Marvel has been grabbing a lot of its ideas from for their films, the Skrulls were also the key villains, except presented in a more believable way and I can see them adapting that into The Avengers franchise.

Joss Whedon struck a chord with Marvel fans with his successful and critically acclaimed 25-issue run on Astonishing X-Men, where he told a story involving aliens who wanted to destroy our planet. This is not new to him and if this rumor has any truth to it, then Whedon’s work no doubt secured him the job of handing The Avengers for Marvel.

With Whedon’s history and the Skrulls playing a major role in the books, this might not be too off the mark. Again, this is a completely unverified rumor and the script is currently being re-worked with Whedon coming on board. He’s also reportedly re-working the script for The First Avenger: Captain America to ensure the interconnected share movie universe correctly flows into The Avengers and Marvel’s plans going forward.

As with most recent Marvel Studios rumors, we can expect some official details and major updates come San Diego International Comic-Con in July where we’ll be reporting every detail live as it breaks.

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What do you think about introduction of alien races into the Marvel Studios movie universe?

Iron Man 2 is currently in theaters everywhere; Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012

Source: CBM & C.H.U.D.

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  1. Interesting that u bring up scientific consensus because general scientific consensus is that there is no other intellegent lifeforms that alians do not exist. That consensus is so strong that any scientist that thinks other wise becomes a laughing stoke of the profession and is disowned. Even the very very few who are respected and believe it to be possible believe that they are nothing more than tiny organisms with out intellegence or with out much intellegence not capable of standing, speaking and certainly not capable of creating a car let Aline apace craft but I’m sure u know better than they do.

  2. Actually marvel has rogues gallerys just like DC does. Sure other people have had to fight Magneto once or twice but he mainly belongs to the xmen. Venom has fought other heroes but mostly it’s spider man. Rogues gallery doesn’t mean they only fight that single hero but that they have a primary focus on that hero. Compare how many times iron man fought doc ock and how many times spiderman has then tell me again they don’t have rogue gallerys.

    Also FYI Joker has Battled more than just Batman. He has left Gotham and fought superman and the justice league. Luther has appered in Batman a few times. In both companies the villains have a prime focus but still fight other heroes.

    • Is that the only thing you got from what I said to argue about? Kinda sad… the point being that in the Marvel Universe everyone is generally on top of each other… so you cant avoid running into each others villains and mixing it up happens more often. Readily available skirmishes happen in Marvel all the time. DC you have to go to someone else’s city like Opal, Keystone, Central, Star, Metropolis… etc.
      For the point of my rant I simplified and/or generalized. I think if you even cared about what I was talking about you would have known and accepted it. Are you just looking for an argument or do you have a point that goes along with my topic rants?

  3. Your the one looking for a fight I was simplying explaining to u the way things are ur the one who took offense had u been more clear with what u meant there would be no disagreement. I took ur exact words to mean what u said I didnt know there was a hidden point. Despite wishing I were no matter how hard I try I lack mind reading capabilities. U said there were no rogues galleries I took that to mean that u were saying there were no rogues galleries oops how very dumb of me.

    The reason for so much villian overlap is because marvel thinks every hero in the world should be in the same city. To them it seems logical that 100s of heroes would stay in the same city instead of spread out and view more areas. I prefer the DC method that the heroes would be all over the place…. Maybe it’s the drinking water in new York that makes all heroes born there.

  4. Any scientist who brings a worthy hypothesis to the table deserves to be heard and not made a laughing “stock” or ostracized because they believe something to be true.I may be a little officious here Daniel but this is what one of the most respected scientific minds has to say on the possibility of “alien” existence in the Universe.

    Stephen Hawking has indicated that he is almost certain that alien life exists in other parts of the universe and uses a mathematical basis for his assumptions.

    “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational. The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like.”

    He believes alien life not only certainly exists in planets but perhaps even in other places, like within stars or even floating in outer space. He also warns that a few of these species might be intelligent and threaten Earth. Contact with such species might be devastating for humanity.

    “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans,” he said.

    Hawking certainly is not a laughing stock and has not been ostracized by his peers. Now there is no proof of aliens but there is mathmatical probability and there is truth in the numbers.

  5. Hawking is great at math but math has very little to do with the existance of Alians. There are lots of differant kinds of science and when it comes to the existance of ET math isn’t one I’m going to listen to. Mathmatically the odds are in favor scientifically it’s highly unlikely. I’m sure all sound like an ass for saying this but some times honesty is needed. The only reason hawkings isn’t laughed at or talked down on for his views is because of his situation. If hawking were any other scientist his reputation would of been ruined years ago he’s done so much to damage it. Is situation has made his reputation invincable because it wouldn’t be PC to to talk down on him.

    Either way way in a real world stance we are far closer to a flying iron suit than proving the existance of Alians. Given that there is not one shread of evidance of their existance yet we have creaed every thing we need for the suit. It’s just a matter of improving it and putting it together. Super strength iron suit exists and so do jet packs. U may believe in little green or purple men but u have to at least admit there is zero hard proof of their existance.

    • Their are opposing hypothesis to the idea that their is life everywhere. Especially intelligent life. Johnny Von-Neumann one of the scientists that worked on Trinity stated that if intelligent life was out there it would have made itself known by now. When it comes to math and physics one should apply those tools to all the possibilities and consider all the known facts. For example the tremendous distances between the stars and the unlikelihood that a civilization has survived very far beyond the invention of nuclear weapons. We’ve lasted less than a hundred, so far so good but it’s no guarantee will last another hundred or a thousand…

  6. So again you dismiss the context of my comments and just take out the part you would like to prove me wrong at… very astute of you. Tell you what… whatever point it is you are trying to make over me… have it. However on this topic being “would the Skrulls work in a Avengers movie?” you dont make sense and am totally off subject in your remarks toward me.
    I happen to love both companies and respect there differences, if you dont, why are you on a Marvel discussion… it makes more sense that if you dont agree with Marvel’s approach, you would steer clear of their subjects. I made no negative comments about DC just observations of their set up to highlight a particular difference.
    Oh and FYI Marvel heroes dont refer to their enemies as Rogues, like say the Flash or Batman. Marvel rivalries are much more informal. Thats why my point of the skrulls not truly belonging to the FF and making them available for the Avengers is valid.
    Read a whole comment and respond to a whole comment instead of picking at a piece. example: Telling me the color blue on the rainbow is actually cyan doesnt make me wrong about saying theres a bunch of colors on the rainbow. Lets get it together shall we…

    Icon Out.

    • @theIcontake, I like your insight and the way you approach this info. Anybody who negates the possiblity of intelligent life existing outside of this planet has an extremely shallow and tunnel minded way of looking at the universe. The Universe within itself functions as an intelligent network system. For an intelligent network such as the Unviverse to choose ONLY earth to inhabit intelligent life would actually be an incredibly stupid notion. For all we know aliens could already coexist with us everyday but go totally undetected because they could be that advanced. Despite the fact that scientists discover new species of plants,animals,& multicelled lifeforms(which are intelligent) EVERYDAY right here on our OWN planet. Not too mention the thousands of accounts of ancient and modern history that point towards an ET presence here on earth.

      • Exactly i have a theory that we have been visited by intelligent life but they have concluded us premitive

  7. but this was hundreds mabe even thousands of years ago but there is so much proof its very hard to dismiss the fact that we are alone

  8. Wow qrevu crazy? I respond to ur comment so u claim to have said something else. Ur entire comment was spent saying one thing I responded to that one thing and u act as if u made 15 points. Give it a rest. Marvel has called it rogues gallerys as to the majority of sites I’ve seen professional comic sites comparing the ROGUES gallery from both sides comparing batmans to spidermans and the like.

    However I agree Skrulls are not limited to just one they have always seemed to be a group that belonged to no one more of a world threat than an FF one.

    I never said I hate Marvel. I just prefer DC but just barely I’m a huge Iron Man, Thor and Wolverine fan.

    Clearly there was some kind of big misunderstanding here and hopefully we can be a little more civil with each other. I never meant to offend u I didn’t think I said any thing that deserved a chest puff up but oh well. Let’s hope this issues has been ended. I’ve attempted to respond to everything u said even crap I didn’t care about. For future notice if u actually make a bunch of points and someone responds to just one that might mean the other stuff doesn’t matter to them or possibly agreed with u on them. People tend to reply to things they don’t agree with. If u said a bunch of things I agree with and one thing I don’t take a guess at the part I’m gonna reply to. I hate wasting time to just type I agree.

  9. Don’t talk about spelling errors when u neglect to input entire words like ‘you’.

    If u don’t agree that’s fine but don’t be an ass at Least the other guy is polite. U should try reading there is no proof what so ever. If u think it’s out there god fir we can discuss and argue for days but grow up and stop acting like an ass gave some respect douche.

  10. Oh and forgive my spelling and grammar errors i think faster than i type.

  11. Oh and forgive my spelling and grammar errors i think faster than i type.

  12. Hi Daniel F

    I don’t mean to partake in this pointless argument, I just have one question. Are you actually a scientist?

    Speaking as an active research scientist I can safely say that the scientific community at large do not condemn the existence of alien like intelligent or otherwise. Quite the contrary, in recent years it has become quite clear that “Earth” is not an improbable event, and most scientists believe the conditions for life to be quite common throughout the vast infinitum of the universe.
    The thought that we are the only planet with life is such a ridiculously deluded notion. As pointed out there are billions of stars each with their own orbiting planets and the conditions necessary for life (planter size, proximity to the sun) have been observed elsewhere in the universe.
    The universe is so vast we cannot even conceive what is beyond the tiny spec that is our solar system. Life has only existed on earth for just over 3 billion years, compare that with the entire lifespan of the universe and it is completely moronic to think we are the only intelligent creatures to have ever existed. Whole civilisations could have existed and died out long before earth even had nucleic acids. Life could be starting elsewhere as a single celled bacterium even as a type this. And there could be a bipedal race which evolved in parallel with humans in some distant galaxy, debating if they are alone right this instant.

    Of course there is no proof for or against, it is just extremely unlikely that we are alone. We scientists aren’t as we appear in the movies, and we surely do not condemn and ridicule theories without proof for either side of the argument.

    Bsck to the topic. I really hope ultron is the threat in avengers, mind you I do agree with a previous ranter in that ultron should be “built” in the first one while they are fighting another menace (hulk works) and then he can be the main villain in avengers 3.

    Saying that I am fine with the skrulls… as long as a greater threat is alluded to in the first movie setting up ultron (or indeed thanos) for the sequel

  13. Daniel, Shamose: Sorry guys, I deleted each of your last comments – getting way to ugly there with the personal attacks.

    Just drop it, please.



    • Hi Vic

      Thats cool, But if you read over my actual comment I think you will find it wasn’t really an attack or ugly in any way. Merely an expression of my views as a scientist on the subject matter. In fact I opened with “this isn’t an attack” or something along those lines.

      But I suppose for the most part the comment was about the existence of aliens and not on the actual topic of this article. So for that I apologize. I will repost the part that pertained to this article

      “sck to the topic. I really hope ultron is the threat in avengers, mind you I do agree with a previous ranter in that ultron should be “built” in the first one while they are fighting another menace (hulk works) and then he can be the main villain in avengers 3.

      Saying that I am fine with the skrulls… as long as a greater threat is alluded to in the first movie setting up ultron (or indeed thanos) for the sequel”

      Again let me stress, my comment was in no way an attack, merely a scientific view point on alein life


      • Sorry again, bud. It wasn’t yours I meant to delete. Thank you for being so gracious in your reply – proves I deleted the wrong comment. :)

        It’s restored.


  14. Vic sham sdidnt do anything wrong he’s been very polite and my last comment didn’t feature much persal attacking I explained my disabiltys and how it’s wrong to call some one an uneducated moron for bad spelling and pointed out that he has made many errors him self. I also suggested he learn more about people before making those assumptions.

    Either way Sham is polite we just disagreed nothing bad. TankD is the one u meant to delete I believe.

    • Daniel,

      My bad, mistake corrected.

      Thanks for pointing that out.


  15. I have to admit Vic this isn’t right. Tank crossed a line a long time ago and has gotten away with it this entire time. He went to far in his first response. I’ve tollerated for a little while and the moment I get angry and respond u finally step in removing my comic and leaving at least 3 where he insulted me repeatedly and way to harshly. My response hasn’t been any where near has harsh toward him as his toward me. U have been very fair in the past Vic but this time I can’t agree with u. I’d request that if I can’t respond to him than his repeated and very upsetting comments toward me be removed.

    I’ve delt with this issues most my life and I’m not going to tollerate this crap anymore. I’m done apologizing for my dissability.

    • Daniel,

      That’s the first comment I saw by him that was insulting, if there were others, I apologize for missing them – you know I have no tolerance for personal insults and attacks here. There are a LOT of comments every day and sometimes I miss some. I’ll go look through and delete any other recent ones that were out of line.

      Best regards,


  16. Wow that was fast I went back to count and point them out to u there were several but they are already being removed.

  17. Wow I missed alot apparently between my rants… sorry blame it on having a life. lol

    Anyway although I was indeed having a heated rant battle, I find the depth of some of this to be entirely ridiculous.
    Look, Daniel F. I dont have anything personal against you… as far as im concerned the back and forth we had is all apart of the game. My concluding point to you sir is that I feel you neglected the entire subject and reasoning behind my first comment on this topic and just picked out a inconsistency in the last few sentences that if stated verbally in a conversation, everyone would have gotten the context of the statement. I was speaking of Skrulls and the Marvel way of doing things and just using their closest equivalent (DC) as a gauge or counterweight. Further more the response you made toward me felt condescending… let me say obviously we should be polite to an extent while ranting. Flatout name calling is wrong in this forum, but if you feel that these things I just stated are wrong I think condescension should be one of your priorities as well…

    That is why as much as you say…
    “I’ve attempted to respond to everything u said even crap I didn’t care about. For future notice if u actually make a bunch of points and someone responds to just one that might mean the other stuff doesn’t matter to them or possibly agreed with u on them. People tend to reply to things they don’t agree with.”

    I find that to be wrong. If you want to respond to me do so respectfully… You should take the time to type out a small sentence that says: Hey I agree or I understand what your saying but….. then lay your problem out. Respect is all I ask for and by looking through this I know you would like the same.

    Overall I see your points I repectfully disagree where such a matter applies. I feel you were wronged however and choose to use this juncture as a time to clear up our discrepancies.

    Cya round the Rant.

    Icon Out

  18. @tankD

    Welcome to auto-moderation.


    • LMMFAO!!!

      Priceless, Vic, Priceless!

  19. I personally am just glad its not the AVENGERS vs the HULK as they did in the first animated AVENGERS film a few years back. I hate it when the bad guys is really good guy being bad.

  20. whoever the antogonists are in Avengers, there will almost certainly need to be a hint in one of the upcoming movies (most likely Cap). I was hoping there would be something in IM2 (but there was every other reference to Avengers).

    The Skrulls would make total sense (tho I’m not hot on the idea of aliens in Avengers either) – Skrulls have begun to infiltrate Earth (military, politics, whatever), SHIELD knows this and that’s why Fury is bent on getting the Avengers initiative up and running in anticipation of a war.

    I’m betting there will be epilogue scene of some sort in Cap that will say the Avengers villains for sure

  21. an after thought – Marvel film universe is already going to introduce Thor and Loki and the existence of Asgard (ie. there goes the “basis in reality” of IM) –> bring on the Skrulls! great antagonists for the Avengers!

  22. I hope they do the Kree-Skrull war in the first Avengers movie due out May 4,2012. In the Kree-Skrull War graphic novel adapting the Kree-Skrull War storyline from 1971 the Avengers go to the Andromeda Galaxy where the Skrulls are and confront them in a space battle. That would make an awesome Avengers movie. For the sequel if there is one they should definitely do Avengers:Operation:Galactic Storm based on the 19-part Galactic Storm story arc where the Avengers go to the Kree Galaxy through a stargate in the Avengers Quinjet and battle the Kree Empire and the Shi’ar in numerous space battles. Please Paramount do the Kree-Skrull War as the first movie and then Operation:Galactic Storm as the sequel. Please! Pretty Pleeeeease!!!