Rumor Patrol: The Avengers To Battle The Skrulls & The Kree

Published 4 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 3:12 pm,

While we reported last Wednesday that Marvel Studios will be shooting the majority of The Avengers in New Mexico next year, that news hit local Albuquerque papers on Friday. With it however, may have also come the ultimate confirmation about the film’s story: who the villains will be!

There has long been speculation about the Skrulls playing the part of the featured villains in The Avengers, from casting rumors for characters of the alien races, the Kree and Skrulls, to Marvel President Kevin Feige confirming that they own the rights to the Skrulls and that using them against their best superheroes in The Avengers is certainly a possibility.

An Albuquerque resident sent in images from the Albuquerque Journal article on the subject to our friends at Ain’t It Cool News who posted the images and quote online.

“‘The Avengers” script will blend ‘Iron Man’, ‘Thor’, and ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ story lines as the Avengers battle with two alien races, the Skrulls and the Kree.”

The story then went on to list the impressive cast members and their respective roles but we don’t know where the Albuquerque Journal nabbed this rather important info from.

If we play with the idea that this is true, and I believe the Skrulls (or a variation of them) will play a part in The Avengers movie series, then we can start to theorize on what storylines from the comics may be drawn from for The Avengers script. To date, the Marvel Studios movies have been heavily influenced by the Ultimate  Universe line of Marvel Comics and coincidence or not the first volume of “The Ultimates” pits the Ultimate version of The Avengers against an alien race of shapeshifters known as the Chitauri (The Ultimate version of The Skrulls).

The history between The Skrulls and The Kree goes back hundreds of thousands of years and Earth has long been involved as a strategic location between the two space-faring races, and their war comes to Earth when The Avengers get involved.

If you live in New Mexico, be on the look out come April 2011 for a glimpse of Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson, Clark Gregg or Samuel L. Jackson in costume fighting Loki, the Skrulls or whatever villains play a part in the first Avengers installment.

Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

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Source: AICN

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  1. Well… Area 51 is an infamous alien hotspot… and that, as we all know, is located in New Mexico.

    New Mexico being the primary filming location of The Avengers leads me to believe this rumor to be worth paying attention to.

    • Area 51 is located in southern Nevada, not New Mexico.

    • I think you are thinking about Roswell.

      • Either that or he’s a government-plant trying to throw-us off… ;)

  2. That was New Mexico where Thor’s Hammer landed in Iron Man 2, yes?

    • Yes.

    • ? I missed that part..when was it mentioned about Thors hammer n Iron man 2?

      • it was mentioned after the end credits

        • Kenoboss actually it was mentioned around the end of the middle of the film when Culson leaves Tony he tells him he’s heading to new Mexico. The end credits just has him showing up there.

        • I never saw that teaser at the end of IM2 – thanks! :)

  3. This film is tarting to sound more & more like the animated avengers moie released a couple of years back, That movie was top, but I was hoping for something a little different, but I suppose it will play off well as a starting point for the franchise

    • i knew from the very beginning it would sorta follow the animated movie, seeing as how the have hulk and are allegedly going to have cameos from hank pym… or was is hawkeye…

      • There´s a rumor around that Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne will have cameos in the after-credit scenes in the Avengers…

  4. If Ultron is not the villian then I doubt I’ll be seeing this movie. I don’t care about the Kree or the Skrulls for that matter, Ultron has ties to Origin of The Avengers. But if Hollywood wants mess this up then who’s to stop them.

    • Ultron would be awesome but if ultron was the boss ude have to have some members eventually die (well you dont really but you know it would be way better) but the idea of ultron is still awesome, it would also be a nice to see hints of his conception in at least one of these solo films and hopefully have him as the big bad if the avengers becomes a trilogy

    • You’re only going to see The Avengers if the first movie is about Ultron? Really?

      • My thoughts exactly.

    • “they changed it now it sucks”

    • How about introducing Michael Korvac? An enemy so powerful that only the wavering of his love can induce him to die? That would be epic.

      Alternatively Korvac versus Ultron.

      Ultron: I have defeated the Avengers, slain Captain America, broken the Iron Man, cast down that self-proclaimed god Thor. Now I must proceed with organising the Earth into a model of efficiency, ridding it of those inefficient human beings.

      Korvac: Pardon me.

      Ultron: Who are you, what do you want.

      Korvac: I’m afraid that you’re in my house, and you’ve set fire to some very fine paintings.

      Ultron: What is that to me? Begone before I destroy you prematurely.

      Korvac: Well we wouldn’t want to do anything prematurely would we?

      Makes as if to leave.

      Korvac: Did you say you wanted to make the Earth into a model of efficiency?

      Ultron: Yes, I will end their wars and their diseases. I will make them into biological units in a vast production line producing more Ultron units.

      Korvac: I had a similar idea once. I gave up after a while.


      Korvac: I really can’t let you do it. It just wouldn’t be right.

      Ultron: I am Ultron, I am armoured with adamantium and fuelled with a reactor like the sun. I have defeated Earth’s mightiest mortals. How are you supposed to stop me?

      Korvac: Well, I infiltrated the ship of Galactus and learned how to channel and manipulate cosmic energy on a near godlike scale.

      Ultron: Who’s Galactus?

      Korvac: You’ve never heard of Galactus, the planet devourer? Oh wait.

      Checks his DVD collection.

      Korvac: Sorry, he didn’t turn up in this universe, another company owned the rights to filming. Let’s just say that on a power scale of one to ten, he’s a googleplex.

      Ultron: Then die you fool.

      Ultron unleashes all the energy of his fusion reactor in a massive blast at Korvac. Korvac stands there completely unphased as the energy yield gets higher and higher.

      Korvac: And on another occasion in the realm of the dead I fought with the Silver Surfer, and would have defeated him too if he hadn’t charged his board into a bomb capable of wiping out a quarter of creation.

      Ultron: Who’s the Silver Surfer?

      Korvac: Sorry, wrong universe again. Anyway, pardon my monologuing, I’m just a bit caught up in my own importance at the moment. Also I need to fill in time because the studios would never allow a fight sequence as short as this is going to be.

      Ultron: I will draw on all the power on Earth to destroy you.

      Cables shoot out of Ultron and connect him to the main grid. All across the country reactors hit overload as he drains their power.

      Korvac: Could you turn it up a little? It’s a little drafty in here. I wouldn’t want to catch a chill.

      Ultron: You cannot defeat me. I’m the ultimate machine, I am armoured with adamantium you insignificant worm.

      Korvac: Seriouly, there’s no cause for name calling. As for adamantium…

      Korvac checks his copy of The Official Guide to the Marvel Universe.

      Korvac: Hmm. Well you’re right, adamantium is seen as pretty near indestructible… apart from molecular rearrangement… did I tell you what else I could do?

      Ultron: This does not compute.

      Korvac: Certainly, while you’re a metal monstrosity you could pose a threat… well to others. But how about if you’re a mix of sponge, custard and whipped cream?

      Ultron tries to scream as he is transformed. His eye lights dim as he hears Korvacs last words.

      Korvac: After I resurrect the Avengers we’ll have you for dessert, after all Ultron… as a threat you’re merely… a trifle.

      • lmao

        • I wanted to see Korvac versus the Sentry, but given their characters they’d probably sit down, discuss their differences, and then go down to the pub for a pint and a pizza.

      • If you replace Korvac with Deadpool then it’d be one humorous scene, even just watch the Deadpool movie for that little conversation

    • No it does not , Ultron is nt introduced into the Avengers until issue 54 and that means he wasnt introduced until its 4 year after the Avengers are formed.


    • yeahhh yh same here

  6. Uh, this is bogus. Hasn’t most of the actors’ interviews strongly hint at the Loki/Hulk storyline?

  7. But the Skrulls are Fantastic 4 characters!!! What about Ultron or Thanos or Kang or The Masters of Evil (Zemo, Loki, Mandarin, etc)? Y’know, AVENGERS VILLAINS!!! I actually wouldn’t even mind if they faced Hulk.

    • Fanboy,

      The Skrulls were a major villain in a couple of huge recent Marvel universe story arcs including Civil War (in hindsight) and Secret Invasion.


      • @Vic, i’ve posted a link from comic book movie that says apparently the paper was just giving theories and that none of it was actual fact

        • @Corey Good work there chum, I was just about to say that this is just a rumor according to “Aint it cool”. The Skrulls/Kree may make a subtle appearance in some from but won’t be the main baddies in Avengers #1. Thank goodness,whew! Nobody likes premature climaxes(get your minds out of the gutter lol.)

          • thanks man, guess we’re both double checkers huh?

            • Thanks, guys.

              Did you happen to notice the first two words in the title of this artice? :-P

              BTW, just because it hasn’t been confirmed by Disney/Marvel doesn’t mean it might still not be true.


              • haha good point, just trying to help :)

      • or going back to the 80′s and 90′s with secret wars, Galactic storm, and the First Kree skrull war took place in the pages of the Avengers, in issues 89 – 97

      • Still, I think there are much bigger and (in my opinion) better villains to kick off with. Ones that made the name for themselves early on as famed Avengers villains.

  8. Well if the first movie is going straight to “Secret Invasion” then how are they going to top that in the sequels? The only way I can see them topping that is Avengers#1 “Skrulls&Kree/Loki”, Avengers#2 “Ultron” Avengers#3 “Kang The Conqueror”(If this is a trilogy). With this franchise, Marvel will have to stir away from the trilogy idea and think of this as the Star Wars or Harry Potter of comic book movies. Marvel has a plan for a major event in 2017, so by that time, some if not all of the characters at other studios will be acquired back at Marvel/Disney this way by 2017 a proper “Infinity Gauntlet/War” movie could be done. An “Infinity War” movie just wouldn’t be right without certain characters that are at other studios.

  9. Since the rumor has long been kicked around regarding Skrulls, it may just be the reference to that rumor. Now, that does not mean I discount it. It would not surprise me in the least if Marvel chose that long talked about “second tier” movie with Captain Mar-Vell of The Kree…

  10. yeah the paper just said it was just a rumor

  11. Debunked

  12. Well this is very disappointing new. I was hoping for an good villain instead of this. I suspect it to be pretty cheesy.

    • no there was an article that debunked this and said that it still looks to be a Loki/Hulk thing

      • I think Loki will absolutely play a part in it – The alien invasion could just be a setup for the sequels

        • yeah loki can be a good starting villain…then use aliens later, no need to play all the cards at once

  13. well i want to see the leader and abomination. i think since they have so many heros they need alot of villains to face, and it would be cool to see them fight the skrull,but i would love to see the leader,more abomination,winter soldier,absorbingman,and ultron.

  14. Sounds good – tho I must admit I was really hoping to finally gt to see THANOS get a chance to be involved and brought to life on the big screen,, then again I am sure this will only be part-one of The Avengers movie with mabey a trilogy in the making!

  15. I think these are just are main enemy. Just because the Skrulls and the Kree are in it, dosen’t mean we won’t see Loki or Enchantress some where. We will probably see Hydra stuffed somewhere. I have very high hopes for this movie. Hulk smash stupid green men. Hulk smash stupid hammer man. Either way, Hulk Smash.

  16. i think its to early for the skrull/kree war/storyline it will be hard to explain the 2 races as well show char dev between the main cast all within 2 or so hrs. With ultron you can have the team members act naive and selfish (for the most part) to start off with, not wanting to team up etc and by the end they realise they need each other to achieve victory.

  17. Seems unlikely to me. Adding shape shifting aliens and Kree spaceships to all those super heroes would be a gigantic budget blowout!

  18. let in as many villains as possible, this could be Marvel’s & Disney’s way of creating more movies or spin offs. Masters of Evil, i.e. Mandarin vs. Iron Man in IR3. Black Widow and Hawkeye could face one and S.H.I.E.L.D. with Fury could face another M of E. Ant-Man and Wasp could be spun into another Avenger movie. The plan is supposed to be thru 2017 and that is an awesome ambition for movie goers and Marvel fans.

    • I think Max is right, or leaning in the right direction. The Avengers is almost certainly going to be a 3 hour movie. No telling how many sub-plots they are going to throw in it to set up future films. The Thor trailer makes it clear that Shield is unaware of The Asgardians so, since they are about to find out about them, it makes sense that they are about to find out about a whole butt load of “advanced aliens”. Speaking of, before Batman Begins came out, did anyone know they were going to set up the Joker at the end? Just no telling what surprises are going to jump out of The Avengers. Looking forward to it myself.

  19. I always saw it as the three main villains, Loki, Red Skull, and Mandarain (if he gets put in Iron Man 3) all try to find the cosmic cube or infinity gaulent which would set the stage for the Avengers fighting Thanos, Kree, Skrull, etc. Personally Kang would be awesome to see ( as Avengers Forever and other story arcs of his are great). But Avengers 1 won’t go that rout, maybe Avengers 2 or 24 or however many they will get to make.

  20. I would like them to at least make a nod to the Loki/Hulk origin.

    I wouldn’t mind if the after credit scene in Thor involved Loki setting events in motion that involved Banner/Hulk. That could be the cameo. Not controlling him outright, just setting some machiavellian plot in motion and then bows out grinning. Then in Avengers it would work to have them subdue the Hulk before talking Banner into joining them.

    You could tie it together in a neat bow, make a nod to the original origin, and still not have Loki in the Avengers. All with minimal impact or change to the movie. That would work for me.

    I think you need a new villain for Avengers though. It also has to be a sufficient challenge. Thanos, Ultron, or Skrull are the best options IMO. Remember that the infinity gauntlet was on display as a Thor prop at Comic-con. Could that signify Thanos?

  21. Unless they plan of introducing Capt. Mar-vell, I highly doubt the Kree will be a part of it. While I would like to see Mar-vell, that is one too many to add to the already unprecedented cast line-up.

    I would also like to see Ultron because that is a prelude to adding the Vision but again, Wonder Man needs to be introduced and again, that’s too many people. The Avengers need to be established FIRST. Would be a really great movie though, just not for the first show.

    What everyone seems to be forgetting is the foundation the Thor and Capt. America movies are laying down……the intro. of BOTH the Cosmic Cube and Infinity Gauntlet. This just SCREAMS having Thanos involved. And while I know the Skrull have a connection to the Cube, only Thanos is so intimately linked to both objects.

    If you are only going to make one group movie (who knows if the gamble will work right?) then make it epic! Thanos would be perfect for the task.

    If only the makers of “The Man of Steel” would reach a bit and be willing to use Darkseid as Superman’s arch villain! I am tired of Lex and he needs to be kicked to the curb because he has been overused.

    • Here, here! If the Superman movie franchise is to survive they need a supervillan not of earth. Darkseid, Brainiac, or even Lobo.

  22. Just “BRING IT ON” I can’t wait ! ! ! Long Live The AVENGERS ! ! !

  23. i dont see this happening, In fact this seems to line up more with what is currently happening in the new Avengers: EMH cartoon.

  24. Superhero hype is reporting that the information in que4stion did NOT come from Marvel Studios.
    It was an error by the newspapers research staff.

  25. They shouldn’t have the Avengers battle the Skrulls. This should be for the next Fantastic 4 movie. If they do battle the Skrulls, then the next Fantastic 4 movie should have them battle the Super Skrull. thanks

  26. They should make a movie for release in 2014 with the X-men, Fanstastic 4, Submariner, and Silver Surfer battling Galactus. This would be the ultimate Marvel movie.

  27. I always thought the Skrulls would be a good villain for the Avengers movie. Colson and Fury have a reason for starting the Avengers initiative and what better reason than SHIELD knowing there is an alien invasion about to occur.