The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

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The Avengers Movie Villains The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

Last week I wrote up a guide to the some of the easter eggs in Thor, special items that barely got any screen time and have no meaning to mainstream moviegoers. For fans of Marvel comics and its vast universe however, the artifacts of Odin’s vault mean so much more.

According to the latest rumor, one of these items in particular may play a key factor in The Avengers or at least, the stories The Avengers will set to introduce for potential spin-offs and sequels. If true, this would mean Thor has even more ties to The Avengers than we thought, so much so that we can almost say it’s a literal prequel to the epic team-up film.

During the Thor post-credits scene (that was directed by Joss Whedon and not Thor director, Kenneth Branagh) we see Loki alive and well, being as villainous as ever. This and press releases from Marvel confirmed that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will definitely be back for The Avengers as a villain. According to Latino Review, our expectations of there being more villains in the story are true…

 MAJOR SPOILERS Thor and The Avengers BELOW!!!





Thanos Alien Avengers 570x311 The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

One other cosmic being may be playing into The Avengers movie as well: Thanos.

The addition of Thanos, the intensely powerful cosmic villain, certainly gives more purpose for this special item that was shown at Comic-Con last year and in the Thor movie, locked away in Odin’s Vault. Say hello to the Infinity Gauntlet:

Thor Movie Infinity Gauntlet 280x419 The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

This is Thanos’ glove, augmented by the addition of the six Infinity Gems, collected and put together by Thanos himself to control the universe. As the inclusion of this item in Thor would indicate, Thanos already succeeded in accomplishing this but presumably, Odin managed to take it and store it safely on Asgard. If Thanos is in The Avengers, this glove plays a part in the movie too and fans will need to prepare for a very cosmic ride, with Loki, The Skrulls and now Thanos all possibly factoring in to the plot somehow.

If Thanos is more than just a cameo expect another important Marvel character, Adam Warlock (Thanos’ nemesis), to not be far behind. All of this seems to be too much if The Skrulls are in the film as well, but it’s likely that some of these stories are being planted for the sequels. Marvel is planning five years ahead and at Comic-Con this year they will announce some of their upcoming films post-Avengers.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Is this rumor believable to you? Are they fitting in too much into The Avengers?


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Source: Latino Review

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  1. I can see Thanos as a flashback character or a flash-foward, end of credits character.

    Otherwise it’s just too much. The movie would need to be 3 hours at minimum to give each hero and villain enough screen time.

    • Dude, if The Avengers have “flashback” and “flash-forward” scenes it would be c…

      Only Captain America: The First Avenger might be able to pull that of.

      If you are in fact living in the 80′s I suggest you get in your time machine and get back to 2011. (We don’t do flashbacks any more – they are corny and stupid). I think they only do flashbacks on soap-operas these days, but I digress.

      It would be sweet to have a villain like Thanos in a post-credit scene though…

      But were you really serious when you said that you could see Thanos as a “flashback character”. LOL. I’m hoping you meant that as a joke :D

  2. “They” aren’t putting too much into the Avengers movie… You are. lol

  3. Clearly this is a setup for a possible trilogy or more of Avengers films… to think this would all get shoved together is ignorant and stupid….but then so is most of Hollywood… I digress…

  4. Dont see Thanos being in this but if he is it will be behind the scenes and we wont kno that its him, hence starting a story for avengers 2, droping clues in there future films.

    but as a previous poster said thanos is like the darkseid of Marvel so it would be a better idea for him not to appear for a while. Raimi made the same mistake with spiderman 1 using the biggest villan first

  5. I still believe that the Villains will be a variation of The Masters of Evil, led by Loki, and they’ll use the Cosmic Cube as a weapon against The Avengers.

  6. hmmm

  7. LEADER???????????????????

    I am so thrilled to hear Thanos may be THE BIG VILLIAN – the minute the Cosmic Cube was mentioned…Thanos had to be there…and the fact that it’ll take more than one movie to tell the tale is just so exciting as a fan.

  9. I’ve been saying this for almost a year now!!! Why doesn’t anyone ever take my word for something? Someone else always has to call it!
    PISSES ME OFF!!!!!!!!! X(

    • Pardon my venting. . .

      • Agreed…its like someone saying “Thor will be in the Avengers…I call it now.” We’ve known for a while…

  10. Thanos? The Skrulls? Sounds like to me, Marvel is just copying the Bigger Studio and Comic company DC, like they always have! DC’s Batman had multiple villians long before Marvel, so now the second class company Marvel wants to stuff the second class team of heroes compared to the big boys of the block, The Justice League to try to unseat DC as the king of Comic movies. First Marvel, in order to do that, they have to win an Academy Award for one of the second rate films. The SUPER BIG news that was released this week, the have started to cast the biggest Super Hero movie Team-up this week, that will appear in DC Comics The Justice League! Any other news is only minor, with little or no significance! NUFF SAID!

    • As far as I see it, DC is Marvel’s slow cousin from out of state that no ones likes to talk about. Even in the rare instances where DC did it first, Marvel still did it better.

    • aaaaaaaaaahahahahaaha!!!

      Also, this whole Marvel vs. DC thing some people like to pull is garbage. I like aspects of both. You should too.

      • Marvel fan and proud of it. Besides, he started it……


      • Which comments section have you been reading? You only just noticed. You suck as a troll hunter.

  11. Has to be a trilogy folks!?! Other wise we get a Fantastic Four 2 – with Galactus & the Silver Surfer sold-out !

    Anybody know when and if marvel get the rights to bring back thee characters under their own roof – I mean…The Surfer & Galactus….could def be involved in future movies with The Avengers.

  12. 1st Avengers Movie – Hulk runs amok,controlled by Loki & has to be taken down by other heroes!
    2nd Movie – The Skrull attack the Earth
    3rd Movie – We find Thanos is the behind all the bad stuff…like the Emperor in Star Wars (which I’m sure was influenced by these Marvel books back in the day)!

    • It’s been stated by those involved with the film that the Hulk won’t be the reason the Avengers get together. They could change that…scripts are fluid, but that the moment that’s how it lies.

    • I don’t know… I think the cube that is at the end of Thor and is the main issue in captain america i think will be in it. (I am assuming that that is what it is). But I like what you are talking here. interesting concept, though I don’t know if having all 3 of those movies be related is such a good idea.

      • Keep in mind that “Captain America: The First Avenger” takes place primarily in WWII, with only the very beginning and very end taking place in present times. The Cosmic Cube scene at the end of Thor takes place about 65 years after the Captain America film. The Cosmic Cube is in Cap, but the Thor scene seems more like it’s meant for future Avengers plots simply because it occurs next chronologically.

    • Like your 1 and 2. What about Dr Pym creates Ultron, Ultron jealous of Pym because of Jane, Ultron creates The Vision, both attack avengers minus hulk however plus Giant Man and Wasp. The Vision sees error is his ways, help the Avengers defeat Ultron.

  13. This other villain could really enhance te storyline of the Avengers movie! Their original origin story was a bit too moribund and Silver-Age. This cosmic villain could give us a whole new, cosmic variation on dread.

    Bravo to Whedon if he can pull it off!

  14. The villains should be earthbound, before venturing off into the cosmos. stay basic. Not too much too soon. Bring back Dr Doom or combine him with Loki and bring in the Mandarin, and or Ultron and some lowerer level villains and when do they plan to bring in Vision.

    • wont work marvel doesnt have the rights to ff4. and henry pym isnt in the avengers so ultron can be built yet. if thanos in the movie than he can work i think going deep into the cosmic universe is the right direction make the avengers epic in scale expand the movies think bigger than avengers going against earthbound villains they can handle them individually. the only way the avengers will be put to good use is if a cosmic titan and alien army invades earth loki by himself isnt enough hes not strong enough he will manipulate the situation thats all thats what his character does he did that with the frost giants. be ready for thanos and the skrulls thats the treat we need for the avengers full potential

      • Yikes, talk about tough to read.

        As stated by Hiddleston himself, Loki is a changed being after going through that wormhole, he implied that he’s more powerful than he was before.

      • cant*

        • doubt it

          • What do you mean “doubt it?” The actor who plays Loki has said as much. He would know, having seen the script and actually knowing/talking to the writers and director.

  15. I can only hope that these rumors turn out to be true because if they want the avengers trilogy to truly turn out to be epic it will take some great story lines and larger than life villains like Thanos, Ultron, and the Kree snd the Skrull

    • I’m glad it’s Whedon. He won’t do anything stupid like change Thanos into a big cloud thingy and he’s always been good with multiple characters. My only fear is that he’s use to building stories slowly in series tv. This first Avengers film needs to move along at a pretty good pace.

      • In my opinion the best thing about Whedon directing is all the experience he has writing Marvel comics, but a close second to that is how well he handles multiple strong characters within the same story. When people who aren’t familiar with his work ask me what he’s worked on, I usually point them to Firefly/Serenity before I point them to Buffy/Angel. I love Buffy and Angel, but a lot of people who haven’t watched them think of them as teen drama/dorky scifi instead of given them due credit.

  16. so if thanos gets his hand on the gauntlet then the movie is over since he just has to snap his fingers to destroy half the marvel universe don’t worry iron man will find a way to stop the unstoppable

    • See you know what ure talking about .

  17. This rumor is crap. The Infinity Gauntlet was NOT in Thor. The shots showing it were cut out of movie’s editorial reel MONTHS before the film’s release… and even if it did make an genuine, appearance… logically, these directors already have more than enough Marvel mythology to contend with without wandering into outer space nonsense belonging to Adam Worlock or the Silver Surfer.

    • Apparently you haven’t read ANY of the comments before posting? Doing that is always good practice, because then you’ll be informed. It sounds like you’re only responding to the article itself, because myself and other people have described the scene where it appears.

      The gauntlet is in the background, just as the two frost giants get blasted by the Destroyer. It’s there. :)

      • You’re right, I’m sorry… OK, then… Let’s go ahead and expect Marvel to center the future of multiple movie franchises over some 1 second blurry shape that Digital Domain or Whiskeytree were too lazy to paint over in post.

  18. Mr. Keyes, please forgive me for getting so technical, but wouldn’t Thor be a ‘prelude’ to The Avengers, as opposed to a ‘prequel’? Since Thor came out first, and the events in Thor take place before the events in The Avengers?

  19. The Hulk having to be taken down by 3 other heroes if not nearly enough material for a blockbuster ,three hour movie. They could cram a Hulk rampage\follow up with containment,Loki scheme,maybe some skrull involvement, and a tail end set up for Thanos in a three hour movie.

  20. Aaaaannd, I would be delighted and not too surprised if a Black Panther set up showed up in the first Avengers movie.

  21. OOOHHH (ecstatic moans!)–Bring*It*On!!!! (But I still wanna see Iron Man fight The Mandarin, The Avengers fight Ultron, The X-Men fight The Sentinels….and I want to see more Cyclops!!!)!
    (Oh, and if it’s not asking too much on top of this wish list, how about Goliath/Hank Pym, The Wasp, Quicksilver, and The Scarlet Witch in The Avengers sequels?!)

    • Agreed, I really wish Marvel Studios could get the rights to X-Men and other properties, who knows when that will happen though.

  22. This is what i think… The Main Bad guy in avengers will be loki.. it will start with the hulk as in all the avenger cartoon movies.. loki will take over with the cube… i definatly see the skrulls playing a big part since why else will they need all the super heroes… but i would like to see the red skull.. and the leader playing a big part…. they haven brought the leader into the hulk movies but the recent hulk film showed a possibility… i really dislike the manderin as a villian but iron man plays a big role and that was his main bad guy… of course none of that will happen at least not in the first film… but loki and the skrulls will def play a role… as far as thanos i did peep the glove but i think it would be best if they dont throw him into the first film… just how i feel… the end of captain america post credits will be the icing on the cake

  23. I think if Thanos, the infinity gaunlet and cosmic cube are involved, we need to have a link to “The Celestials” at some point. That would be something we can see the Avengers assembling. but again i am thinking very comic booky… since this has to be set more on a earth realm, i guess is very unlikely… :(

  24. Too many villans can spoil the broth. Just stick with Loki and the cosmic cube story. For those who don’t know, it was Loki alone that brought the Avengers together to begin with. Thanos or the Skrulls can come in later movies. That being said, Adam Warlock was mentioned earlier as Thanos’ nemisis. Warlock would be a good part for Tom Welling. I believe he was contacted to play a Marvel character.

    • @Jim Oster, I agree and disagree. Loki has been used in “Thor” already. There should be at least one other “fresh face” as a villain or villains in “The Avengers” and it should be a surprise because we already know Loki will be a villain. The Hulk doesn’t count because he won’t be a “straight up” villain per say just maybe a conflict with him will happen, but Hulk will ultimately help save the day.

  25. Hey, did anyone see the “fan-made” LUKE CAGE trailer made by Isaiah Mustafa?


    And who knows? maybe we will see Mustafa as Luke Cage in the next few years. We all know that he has expressed his interest in a Luke Cage film and that he had a meeting with Marvel about it…

    • @The Avenger, Isaiah is REALLY anxious for this role but he just doesn’t fit. I doubt he’ll get it but I’m all for him as The Falcon. As The Falcon, he really looks and has the energy for the part. Idris Elba would have been the perfect Luke Cage. Whoever plays Luke Cage has to have tremendous SWAGGER and acting to chops to make the character stand out even more, Idris Elba has that. Maybe there’s an unknown out there that has it. What would be awseom though is to see The Falcon interact with Luke Cage on film being that they are both from Harlem.

      • I agree – I also don’t really see Mustafa as Cage (too skinny and not “butch” enough). The problem is that Elba is already a Marvel superhero (Heimdal The Protector of the Bifrost – Thor). Now, if we see a Luce Cage film it will most likely be part of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: thus, the same actor will be playing 2 different roles in the same connected universe. (And I think I speak for all of us when saying that that isn’t right.).

        • You would be amazed how many people I come across on various film and superhero sites that don’t seem to get the whole “marvel studios/cinematic universe” thing. They still complain about Evans getting cast as Captain America when he played Human Torch, even though it’s obvious (to me) and has been explained countless times that the FF movies aren’t in the same continuity as the Marvel films.

          • I know, right? I have tried explaining that to SO many people. They just don’t GET it. If the film is produced and developed by Marvel and is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe then it’s a MARVEL film. If the movie is made by other companies like FOX then it doesn’t count as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has nothing to do with Marvel whatsoever (except of course that the character was created by Marvel Comics).
            Thus, for instance: the new Spiderman flick will have nothing to do with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (because Marvel doesn’t own the rights to it and didn’t have anything to do with the development). A possible Luke Cage or Doctor Strange movie will most likely form part of the MCU (because Marvel own the rights to it). IT MAY SEEM COMPLICATED PEOPLE… BUT IT’S NOT! SO STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT EVANS!

            • @The Avenger, Oh well I totally agree. It’s just a shame that Idris Elba didn’t hold out to get the part as Luke Cage. I for one wouldn’t want to see him as Luke Cage NOW after the fact. It has to be somebody else and not Terry Crews. Crews doesn’t have the gravitas, swagger or facial features either. Luke Cage has to be cast by an actor that the women would swoon for also. Michael Jai White is close but no cigar, and Tyrese is too short and too “South Central California” to pull of the New York Harlemite swag. Plus Tyrese is the same character in all his movies(himself).

  26. what if the whole setup with the Infinity Gauntlet is to relaunch the whole Marvel Universe under Marvel Studios banner, Spiderman, X-men, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil. With the money they could make with this movie, couldnt Marvel buy back the rights to their properties from the other studios?

    • @allen, I’d love for that to happen but I don’t see those studios letting go of those franchises at all no matter how much money Marvel Studios offers them. I think it’ll either have to boil down to an actual all out fight in court or Fox and or Sony releases them due to no being able to bank on them anymore due to the public being tired of FoX-Men and Sonyman, Squaredevil, and Fantastic Faux.

    • I know Spider-Man does not become an avenger until later, but it would be cool to see that happen in later Avenger films. Also somehow connect the X men films to this universe, but use the same cast?

      • Well Robert that depends on each one of us NOT supporting the FOX/Sony productions. Marvel will only be able to get the license contracts rescinded if those two production companies no longer make profit on their films using our favorite characters…

  27. You know… I thought that the cast of The Avengers really KNEW something about their characters and the other Marvel characters…

    I guess I was wrong ;) :

    • Haha, that’s a pretty funny clip.
      Only one of those questions was of real concern, the Avengers battle cry.

  28. Though it would be great to have Thanos in the Avengers movie, the reality is that Thanos is way more powerful than the the Avengers could ever handle. Adam Warlock, The Silver Surfer are better able to handle Thanos. Marvel could make an Infinity Gauntlet movie done the way 300 was made would be the best way to go for a Thanos movie.

  29. I know the Marvel Universe has been split up & one can only hope that some kind reconciliation on franchise rights etc… however my fellow commentator’s I give you a “hypothetical end credit wet dream for the Avengers.”

    After saving civilization, the world, whatever this cube of power has linked together the different & alternate universes as so discussed in Thor.

    We see standing Iron Man (visor up) Captain America, Shield personal as they’re all looking at someone. All we see is this individual’s forearm. At this point one of the Avengers asks, “who are you?” A few seconds go by… the forearm in question clinched & out pops “Adamantium Claws!!”

    That right there is the foundation to the biggest movie blockbuster of all time!!

    Wishful thinking right?!!?