The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

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The Avengers Movie Villains The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

Last week I wrote up a guide to the some of the easter eggs in Thor, special items that barely got any screen time and have no meaning to mainstream moviegoers. For fans of Marvel comics and its vast universe however, the artifacts of Odin’s vault mean so much more.

According to the latest rumor, one of these items in particular may play a key factor in The Avengers or at least, the stories The Avengers will set to introduce for potential spin-offs and sequels. If true, this would mean Thor has even more ties to The Avengers than we thought, so much so that we can almost say it’s a literal prequel to the epic team-up film.

During the Thor post-credits scene (that was directed by Joss Whedon and not Thor director, Kenneth Branagh) we see Loki alive and well, being as villainous as ever. This and press releases from Marvel confirmed that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will definitely be back for The Avengers as a villain. According to Latino Review, our expectations of there being more villains in the story are true…

 MAJOR SPOILERS Thor and The Avengers BELOW!!!





Thanos Alien Avengers 570x311 The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

One other cosmic being may be playing into The Avengers movie as well: Thanos.

The addition of Thanos, the intensely powerful cosmic villain, certainly gives more purpose for this special item that was shown at Comic-Con last year and in the Thor movie, locked away in Odin’s Vault. Say hello to the Infinity Gauntlet:

Thor Movie Infinity Gauntlet 280x419 The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

This is Thanos’ glove, augmented by the addition of the six Infinity Gems, collected and put together by Thanos himself to control the universe. As the inclusion of this item in Thor would indicate, Thanos already succeeded in accomplishing this but presumably, Odin managed to take it and store it safely on Asgard. If Thanos is in The Avengers, this glove plays a part in the movie too and fans will need to prepare for a very cosmic ride, with Loki, The Skrulls and now Thanos all possibly factoring in to the plot somehow.

If Thanos is more than just a cameo expect another important Marvel character, Adam Warlock (Thanos’ nemesis), to not be far behind. All of this seems to be too much if The Skrulls are in the film as well, but it’s likely that some of these stories are being planted for the sequels. Marvel is planning five years ahead and at Comic-Con this year they will announce some of their upcoming films post-Avengers.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Is this rumor believable to you? Are they fitting in too much into The Avengers?


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Source: Latino Review

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  1. I could see Thanos maybe in an Avengers sequel, but not really for their first fight. That being said, I’d LOVE to see him in a movie. :D

  2. IM very happy to hear this news!!! BRING ON THANOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I’d love to see a Thanos/Odin fight if the Mad Titan shows up in an Avengers sequel, but it feels way too early for the Infinity Gauntlet to come into play.

  4. Holy moly if this is true.

  5. As a fan of Marvel’s “cosmic” stories & characters, I would love it if Thanos or others were incorporated into a future Avengers film. I don’t think it would work to use him in the first Avengers film, because that’s going to be more of a setup film, I think of it as on level 1 on a tier, and Thanos/Infinity Gauntlet/etc. would be more like “level 3″ or something like that. You can’t just jump in other deep end with the craziness or it’s to far a leap. I think Thor was a great entry point and from here we can go to Loki/Skrulls and beyond.

    Just wanted to mention, Adam Warlock is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and I’ve wanted a film with him appearing for years.

  6. I like what a guy on LR wrote. He wrote that Thanos could be the leader(or I think God) of the Skrulls who follows them when they are summoned, by the cube, to fight. And that the cube is just the way he finds the gauntlet there by getting it to try to destroy the cosmos probably in Avengers 2.

  7. Also, “Thor” already had the bad guys trying to break into Odin’s vault for a powerful weapon, so it’s time for something new.

  8. I called it, right after I saw Thor.

  9. you got some facts wrong…the gauntlet wasn’t shown in Thor. That image came from the marvel floor at comic con last summer I believe it was. And wasn’t the skrulls envolvement debunct a long time ago? It will be loki messing with hulk at least in the beginning of Avengers (My guess due to the original hidden scenes from Iron man and The incredible Hulk)…If Thanos is the main villain, I dont see it working out that way, unless they manage to turn The Hulk into an ally in the first 10 min and then Loki goes on to thanos as a plan B…There are a lot of possibilities and even more opportunities for rumors…expect a lot more to come…next rumor I predict is that Wolverine is going to have a cameo in the avengers movie and he will be connected to a string of hidden scenes for the avengers sequel. You heard it here first ;)

    • The gauntlet WAS in Thor. You can see it behind one of the frost giants just before they get blasted by the Destroyer. The gauntlet image you’re referring to comes straight out of the “Art of Thor” art book, in the section that pertains to Odin’s vault. Notice the grey walls behind with runes engraved on them? Yes the same item was shown at Comic-Con, but that photo comes from the actual set where they shot the film scenes.

      Ruffalo and others involved with the film have said that Hulk won’t be manipulated by anyone, and he won’t be the impetus for the Avengers getting together. Now, this doesn’t mean they won’t change it and use some of the original Avengers founding story (Loki manipulating Hulk, Avengers gang up to take him down, etc.) but as of now that’s not how it’s going down.

      Wolverine has zero chance of showing up in Avengers, because Fox has a hold of the X-men license and those characters are not being touched by Marvel Studios. Maybe you were kidding around about that but just in case you weren’t…

    • LMao @ your comment about Wolverine , but its nice to have dreams, but Wolverine for all extents and purposes of the movies is Fox property, so no wolvie in any Marvel Movies anytime soon.

      I can also see Thanos maybe in a Cameo scene or an after credit scene to set up a back story such as you see Thanos or part of him talking to a defeated Asgardian ” Where is my Gauntlet, Odin took it and I will tear this Universe and every other one apart until I have it!”

      However before they get to that story in another movie, be it Thor 2 or one of the others, I think A Dr Strange , Guardians of the Galaxy and A 2nd Avengers needs to come out and they need to split up the Infinity Gems up and you begin to see Thanos getting a stone back in each after credit scene leading up to a Infinity Gauntlet Movie
      Now that would be truly ” EPIC”

  10. yeah that was all pretty much sarcasm at the end…I still dont see thanos showing up in Avengers for the first go around…seems a bit steap for a first movie set up. Though I do say each hero needs a villain to make this mash up work. People complain that it would be too big with too many villains…but the same goes for too many heroes. There has to be something to bring balance to the force so to speak…that all being said I admit I may not have given Thor a very scrutinizing look the time I went to see it. I hit the midnight showing the first night it opened and was not completely coherent…But it was worth it.

    • I personally don’t think they’re going to use Thanos in the first Avengers film, I think it will just be Loki bamfing around and pulling some other lesser villian’s strings, but I’m very hopeful that Loki will – instead of sneaking around instigating – show his true power and straight up incinerate some stuff. Someone connected to the films (don’t recall who) has said something to the effect of “Loki going through that wormhole in the end, yeah that changed him.” I am hoping that he really comes into his own.

      My guess would be, as far as Thanos is concerned, that they plant some further hint in Avengers regarding him or some other cosmic threat.

  11. Yeah, it is believable that Thanos would show up in an Avengers movie. He is definitely a major player in the Marvel Universe. It would be cool if we’d see a little bit of Death as well, Thanos’ obsession. That could all be saved for a sequel though… and maybe the Beyonder too. Would be fun to see a Secret War on the silver screen. XD

    A lot of possibilities indeed. :)

  12. Maybe with the Justice League coming soon, it will cause both Marvel and DC to dramatically up their respective games, and wow the hell out of us…..

  13. I have a disturbing thought what if Thanos and Deaths’ backstory ends up as a thread in the first and maybe even the second Avengers movies? Much like Avengers ended up threaded through Iron Man, Thor, and no doubt Captain America? Is Kofi’s theory turned into a Marvel movie paradigm, and if true will that ruin these movies for you?

  14. lol, I liked your HUGE spoiler gap there Rob :)

    And as much as it many be a spoiler, I called this a long time ago. The moment I heard the Infinity Gauntlet (fully assembled to boot) was going to be in Thor, I knew Thanos couldn’t be far behind. Then once the appearance of the Cosmic Cube was revealed it pretty much clinched it. These two items, above all others, attracts one of Marvels most epic bad guys like a moth to a flame.

    Now I can only hope they do him justice! I think I would prefer that he be all CGI since I feel mere prosthetics would fall short of making him look right.

    • It was really tempting for me to think “yeah it’s definitely Thanos in the Avenger film” when I saw the gauntlet at Comic-Con, and I still REALLY want to think that it will be, and I hope it is, but it just feels like “too deep too soon” for me. We’ll see. He’s one of the favorites in my list.

      • Yeah I know what you’re saying but I like that Marvel is adopting the idea of, “Go big or go home!”.

        This is something I think WB/DC keep missing, especially for Superman. It feels like they are saving Superman’s more epic villains for the “sequels” but are forgetting that if the first one isn’t a, “blow your socks off” hit, there WILL be no sequel. So we keep getting Luthor and now Zod over and over which further adds to the lame factor.

        So yeah, it may feel a bit too early but there are still plenty of other big problems for the Avengers to tackle (I’m hoping for Ultron 5 to be the next antagonist, especially if they use the Ultron bots in this movie).

        • Or Kang for the sequel and have the bots reprogrammed by Pym, and then number 3 could have Ultron as the villain.

          • NO, just no………I want Vision to show up at some point and end up as part of the team! If we wait till A3 to explore the Ultron story, we will probably not get to see that :(

            • Where are they going to get a red faced guy to play Vision? :)

  15. Wow sounds cool

  16. Thanos is awesome. But i doubt he’ll be a major villain in the first Avengers. I get the feeling that Loki’s usage of the Cosmic Cube gets Thanos’ attention, he turns up at the end of the movie, but then becomes aware of another powerful artifact, the Infinity Gauntlet. Setting it up for sequels.

  17. Honestly ever since Comic Con I saw no way for them to do this movie with out an appearance of Thanos. If he doesn’t appear at all in the film than making a big display for the gauntlet at Comic Con and making a big center piece out of it would of been pointless. Add the fact that it appeared in Thor and it seems even more likely. I’d be very let down by Marvel (wouldn’t be the first time) if he didn’t appear. If not him at least the Glove being used by someone. I see Thanos and the gauntlet playing a huge role in the Avengers franchise. I don’t think Thanos will be the main baddy in the first film, but I predict an appearance or a hint of his existence in the first. Maybe in the second he can play a secondary rogue chasing the gems/gauntlet that they can’t stop due to the imminent theat of the primary and in the epic third film they have the Infinity Gauntlet war.

  18. Sweet.

    I am pretty certain that most of these villains (Skrulls, Thanos, etc) will appear in sequels and not the film itself. To put this much stuff in a 2 hour film is crazy and will probably ruin the film. I am expecting MANY, MANY easter eggs and cameos for The Avengers, so hopefully, we will get to see Thanos.

    But, I am actually hoping that all these villains won’t appear in the film because it’s just too much to handle… (some of might think i’m crazy now)

    For the first one: keep it simple, Marvel. Don’t go over board. I would really like to see all these villains but I would much rather want the film to be a success (and to see many sequels where you guys and expand on the universe and villains)
    I am really looking forward to comic-con for the reveal of upcoming films and can’t wait to see how the Avengers will develop in the coming years.


  19. Sweet is all I can say. I saw those things in Odin’s vault and hoped some planning and tie-ins would come around! AWESOME.. Marvel plans so well! Forget DC people (who want to cast all new characters for the Justice League movie!!) Those guys just don’t get it..

    • @Doom3524, Man would I love to see Mephisto done right but unfortunately Sony royaly bastardized him and Blackheart in Ghostrider, so I’m sure they still own the rights. So many charcters I’d love to see like Adam Warlock, Puck, Moondragon, even Uatu The Watcher in a brief cameo scene wathching some event or a character fly by in space. EPIC.

      • I wasn’t saying that Mephisto would be in it. I know the Ghost Rider franchise has him locked up. I was suggesting that Loki would play his role in the movie, lake take the place of Mephisto doing the same thing.

  20. Boy – we sure got the mill spinning with a lot of stuff. My two cents – Since the Marvel Universe is so tied into each other – the villains for the Avengers could be one of many multiple villains from any characters sub-world. It is fun to try and speculate that because Marvel has such good villains across the board for each major character, with a few boners here and there but we are not looking at that aspect of it at this point. I would really dig to see Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet in action but I am afraid that with all thing IG it would not be a very good single story movie – you would have to fit way too much into a short time span of one movie, it would turn out choppy and unfinished with many missing pieces. The Skrull story line would have been good if a new FF movie could set the stage and link the universe prior to the Avengers. My pick is yes Loki will play a part with the Hulk but seeing that Cap. A is a major player with Tony Stark we should look at the return of Red Skull and or the entry of The Manderian as a more realistic villain set for the initial movie. This would ease us into the link of all the movies to this one point. What will give it away would be the end of Capt A after credit shot – If you have Loki popping in and the Red Skull still alive, which you know will happen, and then you have your base for the Avengers villain set. Just my thoughts on the matter but it is cool to see all these rumors around in any case

  21. Am I the only one who thinks this might not be the greatest news? I know that Thanos is like DC’s Darkseid, one of (if not THE) biggest baddies in the entire Marvel Universe, so I can understand the excitement. However, I worry that this cosmic addition to the Marvel Movie Universe could be jarring to audiences. I know that people are going to point to Thor as an example of people willing to accept this type of thing (last I checked it was at around $150 million at the US box office), but Thor – despite being connected to the other Marvel movies – could stand on its own.

    How will people – the general audience, not the internet crowd – react when they see Iron Man firing rockets at the Skrulls? Will they cheer or roll their eyes at Captain America chucking his shield at Thanos? The geek in me thinks it’ll be awesome, but I’m cautious that this increasingly fantastical world might not be as successful as people think. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I sort of agree with you. For the general audience standpoint, this is getting far into esoteric territory. It may be going a step too far, too insider. Thor is a major mythological character, aside from being a comic book character. People have some basic familiarity with him. I wouldn’t read too much into the general audience’s embrace of Thor as meaning they’ll go whole hog for every esoteric twist of the Marvel universe. But that is the advantage of a connected universe. They can use the familiar and popular characters and movies to introduce the really far-out challenging characters. It’s a big risk. We just don’t know how far the general audience is willing dive into the extremes of the comic book world.

      • I say screw the general public! These movies are meant for the fans! The general public can go watch Twilight or whatever. Leave these, awesome movies for the people who really care (and understand) about what it’s about. – That was the inner geek in me talking.

        Speaking as a critic and fellow human being: I kinda agree with what “superman4ever” and “Dan” are on about.

        • Now that is what I have been screaming. Forget the mainstream, and not speaking negatively but follow the source material, make it good and mainstreamers will see it, then understand it and would cease to be a mainstreamer and transform into a geek. But if you want a cupcake movie go watch Xmen: First Posterior.

          • LOL cupcake movie, good one zero… :)

    • I tend to think people short-change the audience too much.

      We’re talking about a world in which the Incredible Hulk is smashing things and turning green, a dude is flying around in robotic armor while some dude with a hammer is calling down lightening.

      It all boils down to the script. If it is done cheesy, then people will roll their eyes. If done in a well-thought-out manner and done within the confines of the universe/script … people will hoot and holler.

  22. Avengers 1: Loki brings Skrull war to earth
    Avengers 2: Due to the destruction of heroes and skulls, the government turns on them and hunts them down.
    Avengers 3: Civil War!!!!!!!!
    This is just a big wish list…

    • I have a feeling that the skrulls and loki will be in the first one, and thanos will have a cameo (post credits) getting his gaunlet back, which then will be the main point of avengers 2!!!

      I hope the third has ultron, but they will have to make an antman solo movie first…

      Or the third has the masters of evil…

    • @TheStuart: I hate to brake it to you but I am 99.99% sure that there won’t be a Marvel Civil War movie. There are WAY too many characters and way too much stuff that happens t fit into 2 (even 4) hours.

      The other 0.01%: Hey, it’s Hollywood, those guys are crazy enough to do it ;)

      • I have a feeling there might be, since Sebastian Stan (Bucky) has a long-term contract.

        One day he’ll wear the cap suit ;)

        • Yeah, and a Cap 2 would also be sweet. There were post’s about the Cap writers already writing Cap 2, so, I hope they bring in the Winter Soldier for that.

  23. You know what cracks me up?…

    the fact that for months to come, we will only be able to keep guessing and making up our own theories for how the Avengers will play out, reading about rumors and minor spoilers that will be discussed endlessly, and ticking of each day on our calenders until May 2012.

    It’s gonna drive me insane… and you know what?… it’s gonna be the best few months of my life!


  24. They gotta get the rights to Silver Surfer back if they are gonna do Thanos. Just doesn’t seem right without him.

  25. I read that the skulls and thanos were connected, being that thanos’ mother was a skrull. He had a somewhat similar story to Loki in terms of childhood. So that could be a way to string them together if the skulls are in the movie. Also I was under the impression that the cube was stronger than the gauntlet, the cube basically being god. The gauntlet gives you power once you have it, the cube IS power that can even be controlled with just a thought. Either way I just keep reading rumors and get excited for the possibilities!

    • I believe the Gauntlet is the 2nd most powerful artifact in all of the Marvel Universe (after the Ultimate Nullifier, though I personally question that). All you need to do is think it and its done. The Cube has small limitations from what I have read, and the Gauntlet does not. Thanos eliminated half of the Marvel Universe with a snap of his fingers (bet he wishes Surfer and Warlock were in that half…..)

      • The cube can alter reality according to the user’s wishes, but on a local level. The Infinity Gauntlet alters reality across all dimensions, universe wide. In fact when Adam Warlock had the gauntlet, all the rulers of the aspects of reality requested the Living Tribual judge whether he could keep it, and the Living Tribunal is the only one powerful enough to make him give away the gems. All those other powerful characters were considered under the Gauntlet’s power.

        • Indeed.

          I was surprised the Tri-Bunal did not stop Thanos earlier than when the heroes did.

          I am such a gauntlet fan……I so want to see them make a quality version of the story in movie form.