The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

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The Avengers Movie Villains The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

Last week I wrote up a guide to the some of the easter eggs in Thor, special items that barely got any screen time and have no meaning to mainstream moviegoers. For fans of Marvel comics and its vast universe however, the artifacts of Odin’s vault mean so much more.

According to the latest rumor, one of these items in particular may play a key factor in The Avengers or at least, the stories The Avengers will set to introduce for potential spin-offs and sequels. If true, this would mean Thor has even more ties to The Avengers than we thought, so much so that we can almost say it’s a literal prequel to the epic team-up film.

During the Thor post-credits scene (that was directed by Joss Whedon and not Thor director, Kenneth Branagh) we see Loki alive and well, being as villainous as ever. This and press releases from Marvel confirmed that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will definitely be back for The Avengers as a villain. According to Latino Review, our expectations of there being more villains in the story are true…

 MAJOR SPOILERS Thor and The Avengers BELOW!!!





Thanos Alien Avengers 570x311 The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

One other cosmic being may be playing into The Avengers movie as well: Thanos.

The addition of Thanos, the intensely powerful cosmic villain, certainly gives more purpose for this special item that was shown at Comic-Con last year and in the Thor movie, locked away in Odin’s Vault. Say hello to the Infinity Gauntlet:

Thor Movie Infinity Gauntlet 280x419 The Avengers: Another Major Villain Rumored

This is Thanos’ glove, augmented by the addition of the six Infinity Gems, collected and put together by Thanos himself to control the universe. As the inclusion of this item in Thor would indicate, Thanos already succeeded in accomplishing this but presumably, Odin managed to take it and store it safely on Asgard. If Thanos is in The Avengers, this glove plays a part in the movie too and fans will need to prepare for a very cosmic ride, with Loki, The Skrulls and now Thanos all possibly factoring in to the plot somehow.

If Thanos is more than just a cameo expect another important Marvel character, Adam Warlock (Thanos’ nemesis), to not be far behind. All of this seems to be too much if The Skrulls are in the film as well, but it’s likely that some of these stories are being planted for the sequels. Marvel is planning five years ahead and at Comic-Con this year they will announce some of their upcoming films post-Avengers.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Is this rumor believable to you? Are they fitting in too much into The Avengers?


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Source: Latino Review

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  1. wrong wrong wrong their fighting allians.the cube at the end of thor exsplains it all. allians fights i mean hulk ironman thor captain america hawkeye and cant all fight one guy just ass loads of allians and a power sorce can do it.

    • Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s ESL session.

      • No Hunter has just been watching Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1,and has Allen as voiced by Matt Berry,of Mighty Boosh,Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace,SNUFF BOX,and The IT Crowd fame,on the brain.

        • LOL

    • well you are forgetting one major player in THANOS world and the is CAPTAIN MARVEL


  3. Guys why was SHEILD put together in the first place? What is the real need for putting together the avengers unit.
    we also have to think about what the cosmic cube and the super soldier cerum have to do with sheild/loki plans.

  4. Well if they are makin two movies it may not be as big as we think but for anyone who has read anything with thanos I’n it he’s no joke. Now how the guanlet was I’n the vault is beyond me …they twisting up alot of stories,and thanos better not be a cloud I’n the sky. But marvels got everything figured out so we can just hope for the best.

  5. Hey does anyone know how the guanlet was even I’n the vault. ??? I’n the story Thanos went around and collected all the gems himself . The glove was just thanoses glove. Explain?

    • I think the gauntlet was only there as a hint to Thanos being in the movies at some point. That’s why it wasn’t actually shown, you literally have to pause the movie to view one frame that shows it while the destroyer is killing the frost giants. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense if you know the story lines from the comics. Also I think Mandarin is going to be the villian in the third Iron Man movie because if you remember in the first movie, in the tent where the terrorist was when he was giving the mark 1 suit to Stark’s partner there is a banner hanging up that shows the ten rings. Maybe not though. We’ll have to wait n see. But if they are making a Guardians movie, then it is almost a fact that there will be an Infinity Gauntlet story line in one of the Avengers sequels or perhaps the Guardians movie. Or maybe the Guardians movie will lead into the Avengers 2, making it a sequel to the story so they can tell the story of the Gauntlet. I smell cross-over, like they did with the comics. Anyways, I hope my ideas helped you out and also I think it is fact that the guantlet was only in the vault as a hint, I mean c’mon, otherwise it would have gotten into an actual scene and not just a split second pause the screen so I can see it type of deal. lol

  6. I wouldn’t be that optimistic on the upcoming movie THE AVENGERS nor THOR 2 since Hollywood has showed us time and time again the kind of movies it generates when it is in a rush rush attitude. Look, THOR and THE INCREDIBLE HULK are ok but not as great as SPIDERMAN 2003. There may never be a movie as exceptional as THE DARK KNIGHT if Hollywood keeps on rushing movies and shoving it down peoples’ throat. The movie AVENGERS is not even shooting yet nor is the script finalized but you have a release date.

    Think I am talking nonsense … go watch TRANSFORMER 3

    • Umm Pat you are WRONG.

      It’s not only finished on the script, but has been filming for about 3 months now.

      • ok so Im wrong on that (lool) but you cant tell me transformers 3, Thor and others are at the level of the dark knight and spiderman 2003. And I have a feeling The upcoming spiderman movie will be better than all of those rush rush marvel movies

        • Pat you seem to be misinformed about a lot of things currently.

          1. Avengers is not a rushed film. It’s had lots of time to build it’s self up more than most films. The script was written almost a year ago.

          2. Spiderman is possibly the most rush film of the past 5 years aside from X-men First Class. It’s so rush that it wasn’t even planned until this year. They were actually getting ready to film Spiderman 4 when they out of no where cancelled it and rushed hiring a writer/director team for it as well as rushed casting choices. This is a film that hired it’s writer, director, lead actor and begin filming in less than a full year. It’s very rushed. Only out rushed by XFC. Captain America and Thor were not at all rushed in comparison considering both were announced when Iron Man hit big on it’s opening weekend. in fact thor was so unrushed that they even delayed it a year to give it more time. Since the time of the announcement of thor and cap Iron man 2 has already come and gone.

          • actually, The Amazing Spider-Man was always planned. They planned on releasing Spider-Man 4 in 2011 and then a year later the reboot, but Sam Raimi told them he wouldn’t be able to meet the release date with a quality film (like he was ever really concerned about that, looking at spidey 3)

            also, Spider-Man 2 is much much better than “Spider-Man 2003″ (which doesn’t even make sense, Spider-Man 1 was in 2002 and Spider-Man 2 was 2004 soooo yeah….)

            but that’s what i have to say.

            Also, Thor was underwhelming. Captain my Captain America was awesome except for the underwhelming end-of-fight with Red Skull into Cosmic Cube.

            also, how the FUDGE MUFFIN are they gonna have SOOOOO many villains? lol.

        • Batmans story line makes for an better movie in general.

          • That isn’t a fact that is an opinion. First of all they are two completely different films and ideas. If you like the more sci-fi fantasy superhero films, then Batman isn’t probably going to be your favorite. If you like dark and gritty, more based on reality super hero films then Batman is your film.

            I don’t even understand the comparison. That’s like saying Alien is a better movie than 2001 Space Odyssey. They are both space movies but very different ideas.

            I think they did an Excellent job with Thor. I never read Thor comics. I actually thought the character was so lame. I thought the movie was the only medium that makes Thor an interesting character. I though it was great.

        • they have been making avengers for 6 years

    • spiderman 2003 was a good movie? this pat guy lost his mind or something

  7. What about loki using the cube to not only bring the skrulls down to earth but red skull as well? As seen in captain America first avenger red skull never died he just got teleported to another realm is it a possibility that Loki enlist the help of red skull as well??

  8. I for one have faith in the fact that, if Joss Wheddon is involved in the writing and direction of this it will be good. He may not follow the comics and make you comic Nazi’s happy but if you can put aside he did not follow the exact plot of the avengers comics, I’m certain you will enjoy the movie.

  9. I want to see wolverine In the movie along with hulk. Thanos Loki and skrulls sounds like it’s ganna need a lot of action

    • Wolverine, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Punisher, and Spider-Man can NEVER be in any of these Marvel Movies–different studios own them.

  10. evans signed a contract for 6 movies, he has completed one so there are 5 more…. simple math people. the marvel universe is also open to them with the exception of some xmen and spidey, however i saw black panther in the trailer so… villains can also be making single movie appearances to help the baddys as well as good guys coming to aid the avengers. buckle up people this is goin to be fun

  11. I agree. If they keep rushin these movies, I, along with a lot of ppl will be pissed and they will do damage to the story. HEAVILY! (that wont keep the younger population that are into MTV from diggin it tho, sadly). Perfect example: THOR –HORRIBLE. Spiderman 3 –HORRIBLE (2 was bad too) Wolverine origins –HORRIBLE X-men 3 –HORRIBLE the Punisher 2 –HORRIBLE x200 many. they rush em n they turn out TERRIBLE.

    • Are you seriously calling Thor and Spiderman 2 bad ? Thor was good and a lot of people consider Spiderman 2 one of the best comic movies period.

      Also Thor wasn’t rushed at all. Your argument is worthless if you try and include it. Thor has been in the pipeline for years and years. The scripts have been re written several times with multiple directors attached. Then when they had the director and script finalized they delayed the movie a full year from the original plan to give it plenty of time to develop.

    • Perfect example of all emotion and no logic. The exact reason that no body REALLY listens to the fans. Most of those movies were fine. Your just a DC fan.

      Anyway, Loki with the cube, Red Skull from the grave, and Hulk (in the beginning) are MY expected villians, anything more is too big too soon.

  12. What makes anyone here think that Hulk will be part of the avengers? I think it’s incredibly likely that we’ll see him as a villain. He’s the Original Omega Level Threat, and the reason the Avengers formed to begin with (in the comics) so what makes anyone think he’ll be a functioning unit on the team?

  13. the potential of this being a really really REALLY bad movie is huge. Too many characters, too many highly paid actors.
    Spiderman 3 was terrible because there were way too many characters. X-Men Last Stand was horrid because it was brimming with too many characters. I sense this will be nothing more than fanboy eye candy. IF that, at most.




  15. well, as far as the hulk is concerned, he is most certainly in the movie (played by mark ruffalo) and i think it’s safe to say they don’t have room in the movie to play out some sort of avengers vs. hulk scenario (where hulk eventually joins the avengers) AND deal with the obvious villain of the film, loki. i think they’ll script it to where he is invited and joins the avengers, straight away.

    as far as the thanos rumors, i feel the only time he will be in the avengers, or even alluded to for that matter, will be to spark a possible plot-line for an avengers sequel or perhaps something even more epic and less strictly avengers-based. in the infinity gauntlet it took pretty much the entire marvel universe teaming up just to overthrow him. being that this was one of my favorite mini-series’ as a child, to see it play out on screen would be more than i could ever dream of, however i think it’s FARRRR beyond the scope of anything plausible, unless you’re either gonna almost completely rewrite the series in order to SEVERELY downplay thanos’ power (in order to allow the avengers, alone, to defeat him, as opposed to the entire collective marvel universe teaming up to strip him of the gauntlet like in the books) i don’t see him being a major player in any avengers movies or any other spin-offs, unless it’s set post-infinity gauntlet and his power is that of your ordinary villain. but why they would have the gauntlet (WITH all it’s jewels in place) is beyond me, unless it was just purely a fun little anecdote to stick in odin’s vault because it’s so recognizable to marvel fans.

  16. Makes a LOT of sense; Also the Cosmic Cube was in Capt. America as well.

    Thanos is the only one who possessed both at one time or another.

    I don’t see any Skulls showing up in the Avengers movies because 21st Century Fox has the Fantastic Four,the Super Skrull,the Skrulls,Galactus, and the Silver Surfer under their licensing.. That’s the reason that you will never heard any mention of Batman/Bruce Wayne in any Superman films and vice versa.

    However,the Chituri might make an appearance….The Avengers are based on the Ultimate Avengers,and the Chituri were aiding the Nazis in the Ultimate Capt. America storyline.

  17. hope in the post credit scene of the first avengers movie ,there thanos and the red skull in Odin vault stealing the infinity gauntlet. and in the second movie there a scene that Hank is done making Ultron.and in the post credits of the 2nd movie, there the leader (a hulk villain ) standing with him is Ultron and behind them are their robots and gamma soldiers

  18. i’m hoping the last movie is about the civil war story line

  19. I know that some of the villains sound exciting but if I’m not mistaken even the xmen movies didnt
    Mention quicksilver or the scarlet witch bolth of whom fight the avengers tooth and nail, but let’s be honest this movie looks alot better that the most recent ghost rider spirit of vengeance movie which was verry disappointing. Then there’s also this new spiderman movie, I wonder if there’s ever going to be any major clashes like with the punisher or wolverine or. Electro. And am I the only dude who wants a batman movie with clay face and killer krock?

  20. I know that some of the villains sound exciting but if I’m not mistaken even the xmen movies didnt Mention quicksilver or the scarlet witch bolth of whom fight the avengers tooth and nail, but let’s be honest this movie looks alot better that the most recent ghost rider spirit of vengeance movie which was verry disappointing. Then there’s also this new spiderman movie, I wonder if there’s ever going to be any major clashes like with the punisher or wolverine or. Electro. And am I the only dude who wants a batman movie with clay face and killer krock?

  21. plot ideas in no particular order…

    THOR 2: full on invasion of asgard, with odin and the rest high tailing out of there while thanos goes for the gauntlet. thor and company manage to battle back the army and retake asgard, left in ruins, but not before thanos gets what he wants and leaves, kills a lot of people, and whoops everyone’s ass to show how powerful he is. enter adam warlock cameo.

    THOR 3: while rebuilding the kingdom, surtur decides the time is right to strike back.

    Avengers 2: after realizing the new cosmic threats, shield and the rest of world decide to build an army (think clone wars) since there aren’t enough hero’s in the world. enter ultron storyline. cameo vision.

    Guardians: sometime after thor 2, adam warlock is investigating Thanos’s plans while introducing cosmic beings like the watcher and death, comes across Thano’s wrath but not before escaping to earth looking for backup.

    Avengers 3: adam warlock comes to earth to warn them, full on Thanos fight, with the guardians and extra avengers roster. possibly in some other dimension or even time period or all the time periods simultaneously as thanos bends reality. (things like dinosaurs running thru new york and cave men appearing on airplanes).

    thats my dream story.

  22. OK, here are things we *NEED* to see in Avengers #2, or someplace along the various heroes’ franchise lines, and the sooner the better:
    For the heroes: Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, Goliath (Hank Pym in the cool blue/yellow costume, please!).
    For the villains: Thanos, Skrulls, Kang, Mandarin, Ultron.

    I doubt there are very many of you out there who could disagree with me too strenuously….

    • i mentioned thanos and skrulls in a different site and got burned by so-called fans. but fans have different opinions. i vote thanos and skrulls

  23. just saw the movie if wait till end credits will see Thanos
    that’s who i think it was, avengers 2 coming?

    • I think he’ll be the villain for Thor 2 and The Avengers 2