‘The Avengers’ Spoilers Discussion

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avengers movie spoilers The Avengers Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Avengers review, this is the place where you can discuss The Avengers spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Avengers for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its awesomeness!

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  1. Was it me or did anyone notice Thanos’s Hermain Caine grin

  2. Oh and how many attempts on Thor’s life must he endure by Loki before Thor and Odin decide to put him dowN?!?!?!?

  3. So I haven’t gone through every page here, but I know a lot of people had issues with The Hulk getting under control so quickly and I wanted to point something out.

    After he landed in that building and while talking to the dude from Alien he asked how many people he killed when he crashed and the guy said basically “none, it looked like you were aiming for this empty building.” It was at that point he realized there really was some ability to control the other guy. Just saying and again sorry if someone’s already pointed this out.

    • Banner had already learned how to control the Hulk..(see the end of The Incredible Hulk). He lost control earlier in the movie because Loki was manipulating him, along with the fact that there was just an explosion, and he was angry at everyone especially Black Widow for getting him into that mess. All of this basically happened around the same time mind you.

  4. I love this new Hulk but I don’t know if they should make another solo movie though. They should probably just keep him on as a guest star in the other superhero movies.

    • A solo movie is definetely in order because the last movie alluded to a Leader One and also other gamma-oriented characters (like in the comic book…they fight against the hulk). Remember he had all of that Hulk Blood in his apartment. Also as someone has stated…it opens the door for intelligent hulk (and/or grey hulk), who will need extra brains to fight leader one. And let’s not forget She-Hulk and Red-Hulk, etc. There are endless possibilities.

      • I’ve seen a few different folks refer to Leader One, but I think they’re talking about The Leader? I’ve never heard this “leader one” phrasing before.

        • “Leader-1″ was a Go-Bot from the 80’s. “The Leader” is a Hulk villian.

          • Yeah, I know that, I’m talking about all the comments I see on film sites (like the comment I’m responding to) that keep calling The Leader “Leader One.”

  5. Idris Alba says Thor 2 will involve more Asguardians and more worlds, and will go deeper into the characters. It may be something like THIS! Enjoy…Youtube = “Episode 3: Enchantress and Executioner, Giants Walk the Earth, Battle of the Gods”

  6. I don’t know if anyone has said this but where the plans that Tony and Pepper playing with at the end of the Movie the Avengers Tower? I only ask because there looked to be a Quinjet in the Model of the build.

    • They were probably the remodel plans for Avengers Tower.

      • Looked that way to me too.

    • Well, you do remember that in the comics Stark Towers becomes like a HQ for The Avengers… So he’s probably redesigning the tower to have like a big chunk in the middle devoted to that purpose which would include being able to “dock” a Quinjet inside of the tower… Just my guess.

  7. Were Tony and Pepper planning a Potts Tower at the beginning of the movie or was that just a joke?

    • it was a joke

  8. Will Tony design a suit for Pepper Potts (Rescue)

    • that would be really cool

  9. We need a Silver Surfer Movie

    • That would be awesome. Maybe if the next F4 reboot doesn’t make money, Sony will finally sell the rights back to marvel. Unfortunately I think Silver Surfer falls within the Fantastic 4 film license, since that’s where he first appeared & where he is present in the comics.

      • And when Captain America uses his flame generation ability . . .

  10. You know, it’s because of these long comment threads that I do wish there was the option of setting up an account here so you can easily track replies to your comments. I think that would be a good idea. Not force it on everyone, like allow people to comment in this same manner with a name and email address, but also have the option to set up an account where if you post while logged in, you can also look at your notifications for replies to any of your comments… :-)

    • Agreed. Also, it would be nice if the link within comment update emails sent you to the comment or page instead of just sending you to the most recent page. Clicking on the email sends me to Page 12 instead of whatever comment was in the email.

  11. Saw Avengers again. I’m even more convinced that the whole Hulk thing was virtually pulled out of left field. All of the movies have made huge multiple demonstrations of the transformation being a bad thing to be avoided, with the Hulk being out of control. Oh, there’s a mere mention of the possibility he could maaaaybe control the Hulk near the end of the least popular Marvel movie, IH. But then Avengers, again, Banner and everyone clearly want to avoid the transformation, and when he does he’s out of control. Later he’s mostly in control. Was it Tony’s pep talk?

    Nobody is using anything close to any far-reaching explanations laid out by the fiercely loyal fans (“Didn’t you see Ed Norton’s eyes at the end of IH?”). Nobody is asking at all. If I ask people about it they shrug and say “it’s a movie.” So they think it’s a silly anything goes sci-fi comic book movie, which isn’t far off.

    If they guess who the villain is at the end, it’s “Red Skull,” if they can guess at all, which is a perfectly sensible deduction. Marvel will explain it more.

    • Really, we’re back to this again? 😉
      Dude, they explained it in the movie! – you DON’T have to watch TIH to know why Banner Hulked out in the hellicarier, but it does help to have seen it…

      Seriously though, haven’t we been over this whole thing about a week ago?

    • If you saw it a 2nd time, I’m really baffled as to how you could still not get it. It’s actually really simple, I’ll lay it out again for you.

      “…then Avengers, again, Banner and everyone clearly want to avoid the transformation, and when he does he’s out of control. Later he’s mostly in control. Was it Tony’s pep talk?”

      Actually, everyone thinks Banner could change at the slightest provocation, EXCEPT banner. He knows he has the change under control. That first transformation, where he changes against his will, two things were going on. Loki has used his silver tongue to instigate tensions between the group, putting banner off his guard, and then there was a huge explosion that blasted him through the floor, knocked him around, sent him into shock, and he changed.

      This is THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE, not evidence against the rule (the rule being that Banner can now control when he changes). Banner knows he has control, everyone else doesn’t KNOW that. They aren’t sure whether to believe it or not. Later, when he tells everyone his trick for maintaining control “I’m always angry,” and he changes at will and goes off to kick butt, that’s him back to normal.

      As for “far reaching explanations,” your example is awful. Banner’s eyes at the end of TIH, which entirely meant to show that he was gaining control, isn’t far reaching at all. It’s basic & simple & logical. People who shrug and say “it’s a movie,” that doesn’t mean it wasn’t explained well enough, it doesn’t mean Banner went from uncontrolled to controlled without any real reason. It means those people you asked didn’t pick up on it.

      There’s generally two types of film goers, people who just watch the stuff and go “wow that was awesome!” and then there’s the people that follow the why & how of everything within the dialog and plot. There’s nothing wrong with not putting thought into it, just absorbing the wow factor, but I personally think viewers get a lot more out of a film if they follow the details.

      • ^^^
        Read this people (especially those of you who STILL don’t understand the Hulk-thing)! This man knows what he’s talking about!

      • Wow. Some people here, including this guy above, reeally take their movies seriously, huh.

  12. I think Thanos will be a villain in Thor 2 and might not be an Avengers villain until Avengers 3.

    I say this because in Avengers “the Other” promises Loki revenge and pain, and that there is nowhere he can hide if he fails to deliver the Cosmic Cube. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just include Thanos and the Infinity Guantlet in Avengers 2, but it just seems like they’d introduce him in Thor 2, and use him later with more power for Avengers 3.

    • Thanos is the big bahama, one of Marvel’s most dangerous & most powerful villains. That’s why I don’t think he will play a major role in Thor 2. They’ll want to save him for Avengers 2. He’ll probably play a roll as the controlling badguy in Thor 2, but I think he’ll send in some evil minions to capture the gauntlet and punish Loki. How cool would it be if he recruited Enchantress & Executioner for that purpose?

      • He could though. They could use Thanos as the antagonist because Asgard is petty much holding everything Thanos wants; Cosmic Cube (check), Infinity Gauntlet with all gems (check). Then at the last moment, Thor escapes to Earth with one or the other.

        We then take a breather with Ant-Man and Ultron in Avengers 2 awaiting Thanos in 3.

      • What would be cool is if they made a movie with the most powerful villains trying to destroy the WHOLE WORLD. not just new York. Where all of the marvel heroes have to work together to stop them.

  13. Because of the chemistry seen between Black Widow and Hawkeye, I belive there might be a movie with the two of them begining with their orgins.

    • If they did a SHIELD movie (they keep hinting about the possibility) it would be cool if they used Hawkeye & Black Widow at primary agents. I have a feeling Ant-man will also be a SHIELD agent so that opens up great possibilities as well.

  14. The chemistry seen between Black Widow and Hawkeye, I belive there might be a movie with the two of them begining with their orgins.

  15. We need Falcon in the next Captain America movie!

  16. I dont know if I am right or not.. but did I just see Doctor doom in the post credits???

    • You are not right 😉
      It was Thanos.

  17. Anybody notice how Stark’s chestlight is visible through the Black Sabbath t-shirt, but in some scenes WITH THE VERY SAME SHIRT, there’s no telltale blue glow?

    Methinks that either (A), someone forgot to turn the light on or (B), for those few scenes, Tony Stark was among the walking dead (i.e., a zombie).

    • I’m thinking they forgot to turn on the light, but the take was really good & they had budget & time constraints so they didn’t reshoot

  18. I just have to say that I think Chris Evans/Cap is underated in Avengers. The Hulk gets alot of credit, and rightfully so, he was incredible… ahem, but I really enjoyed every scene Cap was in. I was excited when I heard early on that the perspective would be Cap’s, then it changed obviously, but I can’t wait for the next Cap movie.

    I think it should be called… Captain America (the first had “the first avenger” added on, now the sequel can be the perfect simple title of the comic). The thought of Captain America fighting urban combat/modern warfare style gives me shivers. Not to be pointing the stereotypical finger to the middle east here, but Cap should go back to the terrorists that kidnapped Tony Stark, kick their butts! tie it all back to the beginning… nolan/TDKR-style!

    • I also liked every scene with Captain america in The Avengers. But I feel like he wasnt given the screen time and action that he should have gotten. I would have liked to see more. I could care less about black widow and hawkeye getting more screen time ( i’m not saying i didn’t like them. and I think they got a fair amount of screen time, although they had less than the others)

    • My only disappointment wit Cap. is getting pwned by Loki and not hucking his shield about in the final battle, rebounding off like 5 Chitauri heads and rebounding back to him. I was waiting for that moment but it never happened :(

      • Loki is a God, and if you look at his physical attributes, he is 6’4 545 pounds, how much physical damage was Capt suppose to do to him. If they’re sticking to the comics this is why Capt got owned by Loki:

        Loki possesses physical abilities far superior to humans, an increased lifespan, superhuman strength (able to lift up to 50 tons), immune to terrestrial diseases, and resistant to conventional injury.

        Loki is immune to most physical injury, and can reattach severed body parts, including his own head. Loki can mystically imbue objects or beings with specific but temporary powers, and enhance the powers of superhumans. Loki can also magically create rifts between dimensions, allowing him or other objects passage from one universe to another. Most often this rift is between Asgard and Earth.

        • “There’s only one God, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that!”


        • Thor and Loki squared off in the actual comic book back at least once in the late 70’s when I was in high school. (I mean they literally, physically fought one another, versus Loki working behind the scenes against Thor which he seemed to do pretty much non-stop.) In that battle, Loki gave Thor a run for his money. If I recall, he was strangling his golden-haired sibling, and Thor surprised him with two hammer blows (fists) to either side of his head. That was that! It was actually a heartbreaking story: everyone was cheering and slapping each other on the back; meanwhile, Thor slunk off alone, weeping at what he’d had to do to his brother.

          Anyway, my point is, Loki was clearly physically far superior to your average super-hero – after all, he went toe-to-toe with the greatest warrior Asgard ever produced. Cap is amazing, a human battle-prodigy, but no match for Loki.

          While we’re on the subject, seems to me the films are representing Cap as having some modest, actual super-powers (versus the comic book Cap who is, as others have pointed out, merely the perfect/maximum human athlete-soldier.)Along those lines, am I the only one who thinks ALL the Marvel films which have featured the Hulk have made him a bit more powerful than even the comic books did? (Granted, the printed Hulk’s strength levels have been all over the place since he debuted back in the early 1960’s – sometimes by design, sometimes because some writers were not consistent with other writers.)In the films, conversely, I don’t think Thor is being represented quite as mightily as in the books – I know he has fought the Hulk to a standstill on at least a few occassions in the past; whereas in “The Avengers” film he was clearly headed for a loss against ol’ Greenskin when that fighter jet intervened. For the record, along with the many problems with the Fantastic Four films, the Thing was not strong enough (recall, in the origins movie he had to strain to pull that eighteen-wheeler back up onto the bridge. The comice book Thing would have handled that rig with one arm, and without grimacing.)

          • In the avengers movie, it was obvious Thor was holding back, even against the Hulk. Thor is the strongest of the Asgardians, and when he blocked Hulks blow, he told Hulk” we are not your enemies, Banner”, why go full strength? He was toying against Iron Man, almost like seeing how much of a fight he can get from them. Hulk is far Superior in strngth than those he fought against. He has Superior speed as well< so to say that he lost to Hulk is inaccurate. Loki loss to Hulk!!!!

            • I meant Thor is far superior in strength and speed than those he fought against. Maybe in the next avengers movie, we will get to see Capt, pick up Thor’s hammer

              • that would be amazing!

            • Agreed, it could be argued that initially Thor was holding back in hopes of talking the Hulk out of his frenzy (good luck with that, Goldilocks!) But once he called for Mjolnir, and once it became clear the Hulk wasn’t in for the “can’t-we-all-just-get-along” approach, I think we are supposed to assume the kid-gloves were off. Remember, not only Natasha and Thor but the entire ship were at risk when Greenie started on his rampage; so at some point Odin’s son was going to have to stop him any possible way if able to do so.

              One of the few things I would have changed in this stupendous masterpiece of a Marvel film was to accentuate more vividly Thor’s truly cosmic strength; to have had him give the Hulk more of a run for the money. I had some idea of a few things to expect in “The Avengers”, but was delightedly surprised the first time I saw these two behemoths go at it; I knew Thor and Iron Man/Cap were going to clash, but if it was ever leaked that Thor and the Hulk were set for a face-off I missed that bit of information.

              I’ve seen the film twice now, and both times the sense I got was that the Asgardian was simply overmatched by his stronger adversary. Most folks would instinctively assume the larger, more ferocious Green giant is significantly more powerful than Thor (even though the body of comic book literature paints a much less definitive picture than that). I’m wondering if Joss Whedon and company fell into this assumption when choreographing the Hulk v. Thor on-screen brawl.

              • I agree with most of your points and yes at some point, Thor’s true strength should have been shown. Maybe the engines failing on the Helicarrier and Thor flying under to keep it from crashing and guiding it to the ocean. (Thats cheezy, I know) but constant battles with Loki doesnt show his strength. And why did Loki claim he was the rightful King and he was betrayed when he wasnt.
                Capt couldnt deal with Loki in a hand to hand match, so you know he cant deal with Thor who is the strongest of the Asgardians. And as far as the duel with Ironman, that was just a warm-up for Thor something to keep him interested. No one on earth can match Thor’s strength and speed. I almost thought Storm (X-Men) could match his control of the weather and I was wrong.

          • The Avengers Movie was a perfect depiction of Thor’s and the Hulk’s power according to my comics. Maybe you are going by early Hulk comics where Hulk wasn’t as powerful. The Hulk was also as powerful in the cartoons. In the more recent Hulk vs Thor animated movie, Thor (posessed by Loki), beat Thor to death! So Whendon did a great job.

          • I meant to say The Hulk beat Thor to death in the Hulk vs Thor animated movie.

            • Yes, I saw the animated movie. I was surprised by the way that turned out as, again, it didn’t square with what I’d remembered from the comic books of my youth. I watched a YouTube video (I think) several months ago that analyzed most/many of the times Thor and the Hulk went at it. From what I remember, the results were a mixed bag. Neither won every time, although, again if I am remembering correctly, the Hulk had the edge.

              I do distinctly remember a series of issues in which the Defenders and the Avengers fought each other one-on-one (the Vision vs. Silver Surfer, Cap America vs. Namor, etc.). Hulk, of course, battled Thor. Their fisticuffs terminated with them both, face-to-face, locked in a battle grip. They stood that way, dripping sweat, immobilized by each other, literally for hours, neither gaining an advantage. The stand-off only ended when the other team members called it off. At least in that case, an absolute draw.

              • yep…well no one really got the better of each other in Avengers in my opinion. Thor knocked the heck outta the Hulk with that hammer, and later on the Hulk sucker punched the heck outta Thor! lol

            • Did he also comment, “Puny god”?

        • But, matched up against Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk, still comes out as “Puny god!”

      • CApt is 6’2 220lbs, and I assume the laws of Physics apply:

        Capt represented the pinnacle of human physical perfection. but generally performed just below superhuman levels for most of his career. Captain America had a very high intelligence as well as agility, strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time superior to any Olympic athlete who ever competed. The Super-Soldier formula that he had metabolized had enhanced all of his bodily functions to the peak of human efficiency. Most notably, his body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing poisons in his muscles, granting him phenomenal endurance.

    • @Pitt

      The only problem with that idea is that Tony Stark pretty much already went back to deal with those that captured him. And the ones that he didn’t get Stane took care of… Well, except the leader that he allowed to live…

      • Yes, but I still feel like there are many mandarin-connected hydra-affiliated skulls to be crushed by Cap’s shield. Let’s connect a soviet Winter Soldier to a caucasus-chechnya revolution and throw Rogers in the middle. I just want to see Cap in a modern war setting.

        I can’t help but think of what the button scene of Iron Man 3 might be. It should connect to cap 2, if Thor 2 goes the celestial route.

        • @Pitt

          I’m not saying anything against seeing more of Cap, I’m merely referring to your comment about having Cap go back and take care of the terrorists that held Tony Stark. Was just pointing out that Stark had already done that in the first Iron Man after he developed the Mark III suit.

    • ” but Cap should go back to the terrorists that kidnapped Tony Stark, kick their butts!”
      I don’t know if you’ve seen IM1 yet ;), but Stark did go back to Gulmira and kick his captors’ asses. And I’m pretty sure that in IM3 he’ll have some more dealings with the 10 rings – i.e. there’s no need to bring Cap in to deal with Stark’s business.

      I do agree though: I loved Cap in this movie (my favorite scene was the one where he’s talking to the NYC cop :D) and I also think Evans didn’t receive the credit he deserved, but I’m sure Cap 2 will be awesome as well.

      • Oops, sorry… didn’t know Ken J already made my point (I’ll read trough all the comments next tiem ;))

  19. Hey, what if Thanos was made to acknowledge a truce with earth (ala FF/Galactus) into leaving earth alone? Does anyone believe this may be a story?

  20. BTW, had a chat today with one of the few people I’ve spoken to who has seen this film and not been BLOWN AWAY by it. He sort of shrugged his shoulders and said he thought it was alright. Preferred Iron Man and Thor(!!). Look, I enjoyed Thor; there was much to greatly recommend it (though tainted by a disappointing third act, imho. Final bout with the Destroyer was criminally deficient!)

    Iron Man? I could understand his preference for that flick a bit more, although I still disagree strongly.

    Anyway, the good news I decided not to hold it against him. ;o)

    • I agree about the battle with the Destroyer armor. Thor whupped its butt way too easily. They should’ve have a much longer and more brutal battle. Now they can’t use it again unless they generate a plot point where it’s rebuilt & a badguy gains control of it.

      • I agree with that completely. I also would not mind to see the Abomination come back. Maybe with Leader.

    • It’s not that marvel studios doesn’t want to do another Hulk movie, they just don’t have any PLANS for one at this moment (not surprising if you look at all the movies they have in development: Ant-Man, Dr Strange, GotG, Inhumans, Runaways, Avengers 2, Black Panther, Luke Cage, etc. plus the already confirmed and scheduled movies like IM3, Thor 2 and Cap 2)
      Personally, I just think they never counted on the Hulk “stealing the show” as he ended up doing.
      That said, Feige has mentioned that he, Ruffalo and some of the Marvel Studio execs have been talking about where they might take the Hulk next and what they could do with the character…
      So who knows? There are already rumors of a Hulk sequel in 2015.

  21. In the scene where Dr. Selvig is working on the cosmic cube for Loki, I wonder if the enemies of S.H.I.E.L.D that Barton mentioned, the group of scientist, could be A.I.M? I mean they are derived from HYDRA and they would be the best choice to help Loki rebuild the portal for the Chitauri.. just a thought

    • That’s a very interesting thought. My guess would be they were referring to any number of SHIELD enemies, and it’s a great way to leave it open to using a lot of different options. AIM, HYDRA, etc. Who knows who they’ll use!

      mmm…very interesting story ideas.

  22. They could be the enemies in the next Captain America movie seeing as how SHIELD will be a part of that film.

  23. I thought that The Iron Man/Thor fight in the movie was excellent and accurate, based upon previous battles between them in mainstream comics. While Iron Man did give a good account of himself, I have to agree that, more than likely the Odinson was holding back unleashing his full power against Tony. But just as he was about to deliver a knock-out blow, Cap’s shield caught his attention. Because Cap’s shield is a combination of Adamantium and Vibranium, Mjolnir cannot destroy it, nor did it upon impact.

    As for the fight between Thor and the Hulk; it could be said that Thor appeared physically weaker than old Greenie. But after watching the movie twice I was able to take careful note of exchange of blows between the two. 1) Thor crashes into the Hulk hurling them both away from The Black Widow and into the hangar area, 2) Thor catches the Hulk’s arm, forces it back up and dodges several swings from the Hulk’s fist’, before sending the Hulk back with a roundhouse, 3) To wit the Hulk strikes Goldilocks sending him through several cargo, 4) Thor realizes he must depend on Mjolnir and summons the hammer, 5) With a sweeping swing of his right arm and Mjolnir in tow Thor strikes the hulk, sending him into an aircraft, 6) The Hulk groggy, rips off the aircraft’s wing and hurls it at Thor, 7) Thor with superhuman speed bends beneath the oncoming wing and hurls Mjolnir at the Hulk who grabs it in midflight, only to be pulled with it to the floor, 8) The Hulk tries to lift Mjolnir but he can’t. Thor descends with a blow from his fist and then, leaps up behind the Hulk attempting to use Mjolnir in a choke hold but this doesn’t work. 9) The Hulk rips goldilocks off his back and the battle continues but we don’t see more until they are both crashing into the lower level. By this time an aircraft is firing multiple shells at the Hulk while Thor is scrambling for cover from the shells.

    The Hulk doesn’t fear Thor. He does fear Mjolnir, however. That’s okay. Mjolnir is an equal opportunity batterer that has sent The Silver Surfer, Superman and Shazam/Captain Marvel back.

    So that, while the battle could have gone more Thor’s direction it could also have been portrayed worst, as in the case of the horrific Hulk vs. Thor animated cartoon in 2009. Fortunately, like most cartoons it is an unreliable source while better still, non-canon.

  24. Did pritty good I like Thor caption America I like iron man a little bit but it’s mostly the hulk I wanted to see

  25. I’ve seen Avengers 4 times, and it is not old yet! I can’t get enough of seeing it. Dr. Banner is my fav, followed by Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. I would love to see BW and HE in their own movie.

    There are so many memorable lines in this movie!

    Avengers is definitely on my list of all time favs!

  26. I saw The Avengers three times already and I’m planning on seeing it AGAIN. I literally am in love with this movie and I can’t wait till the second Avengers comes out!!!!! 😀

  27. Loki wanted to get caught, because he wanted to get taken to Asgard so he could steal the gauntlet. Shabang.

    • @Ken

      The first time when he was brought to the heli-carrier, I would agree, but in the end… Yah, I doubt the smashing he received from Hulk was nowhere near something he would plan to happen to him… I’m pretty sure he was legitimately beat by that point…

      • I doubt he planned to get pummeled by Hulk. He definitely wanted to be captured & returned home. You have to consider what kind of twists & turns the God of Lies would be willing to take to achieve his ends. It would be totally like him to play on Thor’s honesty & honor…he knew Thor would bring him home to face justice.

        • @Ken

          OR, he actually thought the alien army would win and Thor’s honor of taking him home or not would not even come into play…

    • The way I see it, Loki definitely wasn’t planning on losing… he really, REALLY wanted to take over the earth lol (you could just feel it when he was giving his speech about “freedom”)

      Also, if he wanted the Gauntlet, why not invade Asgard after getting the cube? He could’ve opened a portal to Asgard and unleashed his army of Chitairi there… while everybody’s fighting, he sneaks into the vault and steals the gauntlet – it seems simpler.

      It’s an awesome theory Ken, but I’m going to have to disagree. I don’t think Loki had any intentions of going back to Asgard (at least, not until he became the ruler of earth and even more powerful than before – I could totally see him returning then and rubbing it in all the Asgardians’ faces ;))

    • I was hoping (praying) that this is the case. Really didnt care for Loki’s characterization in The Avengers. He was just a punk and a pawn used by everyone. Loki should have been a lot more well planed and prepared then that.

      It makes sense the entire Avengers plot was just a scheme to get captured and back into Asgard for the gauntlet. It would show that, Loki the master schemer side, that has been absent from the films and explain why the Chitauri army was so unthreatening and easily defeated was because he never planned to wim.