‘The Avengers’ Spoilers Discussion

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avengers movie spoilers The Avengers Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Avengers review, this is the place where you can discuss The Avengers spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Avengers for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its awesomeness!


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  1. I thought Coulson’s death was extremely well done, I was expecting a forced “Joss Whedon HAS to senselessly kill someone” ploy it turned out to be great. Nick Fury is a MF badass in this and Ruffalo/Hulk stole the show for me. Best Banner since Bixby.

    I thought the whole movie was glorious. Perfect balance of everything.

    Also, someone said that near the end, when they’re showing the news reports, that there was snippet that said something about superheroes having to register. I didn’t catch it, did anyone else?

    • I think Coulson is still alive. Remember the thing with the Captain America trading cards…how they were REALLY in his locker, but Fury told them they were in his pocket. They needed some motivation to fight for something, and Coulson’s death proved the spark. I bet he’s sitting in a med bay somewhere.

      • Agent Coulson will now be Vision in the sequel.

        • Well hoping he’s Vision in the sequel.

        • Vision is a android created from the original android body of the Human Torch. You can see him in the worlds fair display in Capt. America. Coulsin would be better brought back as a LMD, instead.

      • LoL i would hope not, I think Coulsons death just made him a legend… Coulson was going out trying to put the team together, and his death is the spark that really gets the team to unite! He is the symbol of the Avengers… I would hope that he remains dead… as much as I love him, they should leave it the way it is…

        • Good point. He was great. We want more. Was I sad for the characters or for myself as an audience member. But leave it be.

      • I admit I was hoping there was something there, but I think he’s just dead. Either way that wasn’t a clue. It was more like a nice little script moment that showed Fury manipulating, willing to use someone’s death to do so.

        • Well colson also gave fury the go-ahead with that idea, told him that this will brign them togeter, very very cool, very well done

      • It’s a trademark Whedon thing: don’t be afraid to kill of a character we care about, and they don’t come back.

    • The Hero registration is probably a future tie in to Civil War…In Movie Form!…

      …I just hope Rogers doesn’t suffer the same fate :-(

      • Feige said a Civil War movie might be the direction for Avengers 3.
        Personally, I don’t want a Civil War movie unless they release it in two Parts (like the recent HP and The Hobbit) and get all the characters (which includes Spider-Man and the X-Men) – it’s a very hard story to pull off in cinematic form and I don’t see that happening anytime soon so it might work better as an animated movie (where Marvel owns all the animation rights).
        My opinion of course…

        • Cannot ever get spiderman or xmen in the avengers movies. Studios own those.

          • It could happen… disney & warners got together to make roger rabbit—so if fox and paramount wanted to do it, they could. It would just cost gazillions

        • It would be hard to pull off without having a bunch of heroes with secret identities. I think the news clip was the seed for it. Would be awesome if pulled off right. The little bit of hero on hero in Avengers was awesome.

    • My money is that we see Coulson in the next movie. They showed him close his eyes and say goodbye but then quickly panned away. In addition to the cards being in the locker it is a sure bet we see him again!

      • so does anyone think that it would work very well to bring agent Coulson in as captain marvel? I mean you’re going cosmic and Coulson dies in bed, kinda similar to captain Marvel. Have the actor bulk up like Chris Evans did and it could work

          • No, there´s also a Captain Marvel in Marvel comics. He´s a Kree scientist who died of cancer.

        • Nah, if Coulson survived (which I’m on the fence about seeing as how emotional and powerful his death was) then I think he should stay a normal human.
          He’s the guy I can relate to in these movies (which is why I almost teared up when he died ;)).
          Turning him into a superhero doesn’t seem fitting IMO.
          I mean, in a way, Coulson is the bravest of them all. He has no powers and goes up against a god… they shouldn’t strip him of that heroic and tragic deed by turning him into a cyborg (Vision) or giving him cosmic powers (Captain Marvel).

          • What he said plus there’ve been so many throwaway cheap deaths in marvels stable for a while, especially in the x-men books. Marvel don’t really need to go there especially since their 616 (?) movie universe just now really kicked with The Avengers.

          • Oh man, come on! Good death. We feel bad. I want more Coulson, but that’s what makes it work.

            I hope they don’t bring him back. Otherwise they’ll ruin the scene for all our future viewings.

      • I agree. I suspect we will see Coulson again. My suspicion is Fury faked his death to motivate the Avengers. We never really see Coulson die in the way you do in a movie when you are 100% sure the person is dead.

        • You know I was thinking the same thing. It works well with thr secretive & manipulative Fury angle.

          Supposedly Coulson is listed in IM3 & the fact he is in Ultimate Spiderman TV shiw makes me think Marvel has more planned for the character.

          • Black Widow was also going to be in IM3, but that’s been denied now.
            Coulson might be in the Ultimate Spider-Man series (and he’ll be appearing in the mainstream Marvel comics as well), but since that doesn’t tie in to the movies, i wouldn’t get my hopes up :(

            He’s a symbol for what the Avengers stand for now, honestly, as much as I love the character, I have mixed feelings bringing him back from the dead, as it were.

            • yea im a big fan of the dead staying dead. I hate fake death scenes. I do think Coulson being barely alive and Fury not saying anything and volunteering him for the Vision Project would be cool and in line with the character. A big reveal over the next few movies the Vision was Coulson in the same was RoboCop was Alex would be awesome. It make everyone wonder who they really are working for and could lead to the Avengers going independent.

              Plus hiw sad would Cap be to see his once vibrant and exciting admirer now a cold calculation machine. All at the behest of Fury. In kind of ties into that line where Banner was like Does Fury tell you everything and Scarlett responded in silence.

              • Good point…
                I would like to see the Vision, but the fan in me is just screaming “He was created by Ultron! And Ulton was created by Pym and Stark! How can Coulson be the Vision!” ;)
                Personally, if Coulson does survive, I think it should be due to the Infinity Formula: Fury gives a new “untested serum” to Coulson as a last resort and it heals his wound…
                Gregg IS still signed on for more movies so it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the character either way (if they keep him dead, give him powers/turn him into a cyborg or just make it a miraculous, near death survival)

                • If son of cole comes back he will be a kree or skrull or some type of thanos controlled being.

                • I feel like if they bring Coulson back as the Vision or anything else, then he wouldn’t be Coulson anymore. What would be the point? I agree that it was sad to see him go, but it would now be annoying to have him back.

                  The only way bringing him back would have worked, in my opinion, would have been to use the post-credit scene to show him lying in a hospital bed, watching the news coverage of the Avengers. Maybe giving Fury a dirty look because of the blood all over his vintage Captain America cards. But it’ll feel cheap if they pull that bit now, in a future film.

        • Coulson was stabbed in the back by lokis staff, how could fury fake that and what was the point in his botton with him kickin ass in that store when all he did in the movie was be a geek over CA and fire (and miss loki) a gun from the movie thor so even if he is to return he won’t just be human he’ll be human+ which as The Avenger im on the fencew about

      • Yes, there was discussion that the actor was in talks to reprise his role in Iron Man 3, but I wonder if that was either flashback moments or something to give folks a surprise in the Avengers.

        After giving it thought, I can kind of see it, seeing how it was clearly established that Fury does not tell the Avengers “everything” and maybe only what they “need” to hear. The cards (with smears of blood) was something to jab at Captain America (“You never did sign them”) and Coulson’s sacrifice would resonate with Rogers. Stark would feel guilt to some degree because he treated Coulson poorly. Thor would also feel something because he would think “Son Of Coul” risked his life for him.

        Fury said “Coulson kept the program alive, he believed” this suggests the Initiative was Coulson’s idea. (This actually makes sense, given his role in the IM and Thor films, and the suggestion that he was present when they recovered Cap from the ice)

        Now…let’s suppose that Coulson was alive. While the core of Avengers (specifically Stark) would have probably defended NYC/The Earth from Loki’s army anyway, I can see how such a reveal would “be personal” to a sequel. (a mis-trust of Fury and/or SHIELD?) Or, in the sequel, instead of becoming Vision as some fans kind of hope for, New Avenger Pym messes up and makes Coulson into Ultron.

        I actually want to think that Coulson went into a Deathlok like program, and/or went to a backup program which involved War Machine, Doc Sampson and other SHIELD agents who would have thrown on Stark’s old IM units.

      • As much as I like Coulson, I hope they don’t cheapen things by bringing him back with an April Fools.

        I will miss the one shots, however. Hopefully they will have one on the Avengers BD.

        We may still see Coulson though, if they do Black Widow’s origin story. Or Hawkeye’s. (I suspect they will be combined, given their connection)

        • With all of the talk of Coulson being in the Spiderman series it’s starting to come together with the Avengers 3 Civil War idea. He faked his death to give them motivation. I mean, we all know that SHIELD was hiding things, and with their skills why would they make the weapon ideas so obvious? To throw them off the idea of Coulson dying to unite them. Yes I agree with both sides of the comments and would support arguments from either side. Seeing that he was such a good character, you’d want him to stay dead. In the same sense, alive. But if he played Captain America’s emotions with the creepiness, making Captain America treat him a little off, and he knew the others may feel partially responsible or just feel bad about his death so he volunteered to do this to motivate them. Let’s keep it at this-he loved them so much, he had to sacrifice their knowledge of him being alive so they can succeed. He was reassigned to Spider-Man. I still don’t know what the series is about BUT I know his weakness is small knives! (I love that trailer) So if Coulson IS in this, and has some other identity or even his own, then he can tie Spidey into the Civil War. It would be even better if X-Men makes a different origins type movie and tie in an avenger, or just Marvel in general. Same with Fantastic Four. Then all of these Marvel Universes can collide into 1, meeting up and taking sides in the Civil War. If Avengers 2 is more emotional then it would be better, because Iron Man would be partially responsible for Captain America’s death. This can fit together including the Civil War idea, if played out right. But then again, this Civil War movie would cost trillions of dollars, or billions, I don’t know how movie magic works out. So after spending so much movie on special effects, location, actors, they’d need to make a deal with the rights to all of the X-Men and all Marvel heroes not licensed to Marvel, costing a lot more money. The closest they can do to an easy Civil War is include Spider-Man and a few other solo heroes and have them choose sides and stuff. But then again, this would mean completely killing of Captain America and that would suck, no more Avenger movies unless they did an Avengers 1.5 or 2.5, depending on if they make it the 3rd or whatever.

      • Uh, no he did not close his eyes and say goodbye…he couldn’t finish his sentence, and died with his eyes open and blank. I don’t know why he would have to be alive for Nick Fury to get them from his locker and dip them in blood or even ketchup. It wasn’t THAT deep.

    • Yea I just the movie, which btw I thought was awesome, there is a clip with a senator calling for the Avengers to answer for the destruction they have caused to the city. Possible Civil Rights setup? I have my doubts about that bc it would take the involvement of a crazy amount of heroes.

    • I just came from the movie and there was a scene after Coulson death where Stark looks down at a vent, and sees blood on the vent. I wondered why they showed that scene and now I’m wondering if it has something to do with Coulson surviving.

      • I think we all liked Agent Coulson and he went too soon. But if they leave him dead, he’ll be more powerful than you could possibly imagine.
        This is like Boba Fett times a thousand. He’ll live on in fan fiction, but Marvel won’t bring him back. They’d be crazy to.

      • When he was looking at that stain, he said “This is personal” (or something to that effect). That the whole point of killing Coulson was that Loki knew it would hurt them. I didn’t take it as a hint that something was going on.

        I spent the rest of the film assuming that the post-credits scene was going to be Coulson in a hospital bed, watching the Avengers news coverage on TV. Or glaring at Fury as he tried to get the blood off of his Captain America cards.

      • the place where Stark was looking was the place where Coulson died, at first he is looking where the prison tank was where Thor was ejected from the helicarrier. then he walked over to where Coulson was dying at. that was coulsons blood and it was the first time that he saw where it happened. that is why it was emotional for him.

  2. I loved the movie. Some very funny moments with the hulk. Cinema cheered when he gave it to Loki.

    Was there are scene at the end of the credits? I saw the one with Thanos but was there one at the very end?

    If so I missed it

    • Yes there was, you see the ruins of the chitari army just floating in space and you see the chitari leader sucking up to some unknown character.

      • that “unknown character” that you are talking about is THANOS

        • Yes, all of the Avengers are sitting in that restaurant that Stark mentioned and they’re eating the food. It was pretty funny.

          • I’m glad I didn’t know that. It was a great joke to play on the audience. Everyone was laughing and it continued to build, just taking in the scene. It’s better if people are expecting some tease for the next movie.

            • I was thoroughly disappointed in the restaurant button scene. I think that would’ve been better as the middle one and then the Thanos scene at the very end. If they had had some sort of dialog at least commenting on the food being good or bad or something funny I think I could’ve enjoyed it but just watching them sit around for 30 seconds snacking, I had to apologize to my wife for making her sit through all those credits for that.

              • No. No no no.

                Showing them just slumped there, eating, without dialogue, was a brilliant move to show how exhausted they were.

              • It was HILARIOUS and perfect in my opinion. just the idea of these mighty heroes who have just saved the world, snacking down like regular people…idk. i thought it was perfect.

                • And you are correct, as is Ken. I’ll bet they did some different takes with more motion, and maybe something said. It was perfect. That food falling apart in Thor’s hand as he was taking a bite was,… again, perfect. It was a huge bonus on top of a great movie.

                  Chiguy, the main effect is that it was a joke on YOU (and the rest of the audience). They had us waiting all that time, expecting some clue regarding a future movie. They didn’t speak. They barely moved. The scene was an entire minute long, and we watched the whole thing.

    • Idly people told you about thanos again. The after credits scene is the heroes sitting at a table in a restaurant with the owners cleaning up debris from the destruction while eat schwarma. And they say absolutely nothing… It was hilarious.

  3. Damn, why did I read this?! Shame on me.

    • scape I’m thinking the same thing. I read. Now I’m disappointed in myself.

    • i couldn’t resist either :( but it will not spoil the film for me. 10 days to go!

    • same here, in 5 hours I’m going to be in the cinema watching this, i couldn’t wait 5 damn hours!!!

  4. Im so weak. But i know it wont ruin the movie.

    • Amen! I’m still amped to see it!!!

      • I am so glad I avoided this before I saw it.

        • Me too, knowing what happened to Coulson before seeing it wouldn’t have had the same impact.

  5. I’m not reading anything else but I have got to know what Loki’s army is?! Is it indeed the Chitauri as a few have claimed or what?

    • It’s the Chitauri… but Feige was right when he said the aliens’ identity isn’t impact-full.
      Plus, they aren’t shape-shifters, so they were very much re-envisioned for this movie.

    • I like most of your comments. I appreciate a well-orchestrated piece of “trashy” entertainment. It’s not as easy as people think to pull off, as evidenced by thousands of movies, and just wait for all the imitators.

      The only things I disagree with is that I don’t like Edward Norton and I liked Cap. I thought I was going to like Hulk, and I did of course, but I ended up liking Banner just as much. Not “timid” so much but there was a really nicely done social awkwardness and detached eccentricity to him. Cap had me when he blurted out about getting a reference. Like the others, he shined as part of an ensemble more than on his own, to me.

      • I totally agree about Cap. I think he could have had some more badass moments (Joss Whedon may have overplayed his humanity a bit) but when he was kicking ass he was KICKING ASS.

      • Evans played Cap as a man finding his feet in a completely new world. Of course when the fighting starts he’s back in the front lines leading as he was created to.

        Still not sold on his costume though. I think more Ultimates would have been better.

  6. It was a great movie. My favorite part was when Iron Man catches Loki off guard and catches him with the Proton Cannon and Cap finishes it off with a Gamma Wave destroying the streets in the process!…


    • Damn It! I meant *Hulk finishes it off! :-D :-D

      • id like everyone who has seen it tell me what they gave it out of 5. And place it where u think it stands as a comic book movie and marvel movie. If you all don’t mind I’m curious

        • I saw it at a free Marvel event here in the Chicago area last weekend. I’d give it a 4.5 out of 5 (9 out of 10). There were only a few hokey lines I felt could have been better, but other than that I was very satisfied with it. Best Marvel comic movie yet. For ME the best comic movie yet as well. Tops everything that has come thus far. Had me from start to finish.

          • I’m with Squareman, totally. Best comic book movie and a 4.5/5 (some hokey lines by RDJ took .5).

        • For me, it was the best comic book movie I’ve ever seen (maybe even the best movie, but I’ll have to see it a few more times before I can make that call).
          A well deserved, 5 out of 5.

          • 5 out of 5 for me as well. Bravo. It was a hard decision for me, but I place it ahead of Spider-Man 2. And for me, that’s saying ALOT!

            I didn’t want to like Ruffalo (I was won over). I did not want to like Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. Again I was won over.

            I agree with another post I read; I would have like to see Thor more arrogant, but that’s just looking for something to criticize.

            This movie is perfection!!

        • 5 out of 5 for me of course!

          One of the best comic book movies of all times!

        • Definitely 5/5 and by far the best comic movie to date… as long as the other movies were watched prior. Without the character development of all the other films over the last several years it would have been a bit confusing and emotionally flat. Still a blast to watch for non-fans I’m assuming…?

  7. How did you guys already see this movie?

    • Worldwide release is today. North America gets their viewing on May 4.

      • I’m in Madrid brotha do you know when it comes out in Spain?

      • dude… North America isnt the world :P
        We could see it in Norway 27th april

    • I saw it at a free premiere showing here in the Chicago area a couple weeks ago. it was awesome!

  8. I saw it last night at a preview screening in 3D. There is sooooooooo much in it that was not leaked on the internet. I agree that Agent Coulson is not gone from the Marvel world, there has to be something there and the card story Fury used has a backstory. Can’t wait to hear the Joss Whedon commentary when it comes out on dvd (and see the ton of extras that Joss likes to show). The Hulk exceeded expectations visually and his humour, he has surprised with the way he hit team mates.

    Biggest disapointment which has nothing to do with the film is that the previous preview for The Dark Knight Rises was shown before hand. That could of being done for non paying preview audiences. I will find out later today when I am a paying audience member whether the new preview is shown.

    • I saw this in Australia where I live.

    • I think the DKR trailer will only be in for the u.s release

      • That being May 4, means that the trailer is not put unofficially on the web from a non US country where The Avengers has being released like Australia.

    • how was the 3D? reviews of that aspect have been mostly negative.

      • Worth it.
        It adds a certain depth that really enhances the experience.
        It’s not necessarily to watch it in 3D, but it definitely makes the movie even more epic.
        This coming from a guy who’s generally against 3D.

      • the 3D blows ass. Only option on opening midnight showing. Liked it better 2 days later in 2D.
        I’ve got a beef against 3D in general so my opinion is very biased.
        Still, save the 3 bucks and go to 2D.

        • I have yet to see 3d that does anything other than distract

          • Then open your eyes and look. Why don’t you start with this film? The 3D is superb. Then you can move on to others like Avatar, Titanic, The Hobbit, Hugo, Tintin, Captain America, Transformers 3, ect, ect.
            And if that doesn’t work for you, maybe you’re better of wearing a eyepatch since the 2D world suits you so much better than the more realistic 3D world around us.

            • Nothing realistic about 3d movies. It’s a gimmick to make more money. I don’t need a trick to lose myself in a good movie, I actually posses imagination.

              • Then I suppose widescreen is also a gimmick, as is stereo sound (or sound at all), color, faster frame rates, or any other technological advancement movies made to make it more realistic. Who needs all that when you’ve got such a great imagination…

  9. I know I stated this up there but I didn’t mean to attach it to another comment. I’m curious what people gave it out of 5 or 10. Also where it compares to some of the comic book great being ironman, dark knight, batman begins, xmen 1 & 2 ect

    • LOL I responded up above. You can reply here if you like.

    • Just got back from the theater. 5 out of 5 for me. Absolute perfect movie, IMO. I couldn’t believe it when the credits started rolling. Fastest 2 1/2 hr movie I have ever been to. It’s not only the best Marvel movie to date, but it just might be the great comic book movie ever done. The scene when Hulk beat the living daylights out of Loki was one of the best scenes in the whole film for me. Right now, there MIGHT be only 2 movies I would put ahead of this in my favorite films list: Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is THAT good.

  10. Got an amazing chance to see it April 14th in Chicago part of the special fan screening and it was flawless. I had doubts about everyone getting enough screen time and honestly the whole group dynamic really worked. I was especially impressed with Jeremy Rener as Hawkeye and what they did with his character, getting essentially brainwashed by Loki and having some really awesome action scenes. People will no doubt compare it to the dark knight on which is better, and honestly you can’t compare them. DK is all about the grittiness and realism aspect of a comic book movie, focusing more on the messages and performances than anything else. Avengers on the otherhand is trying to fun, trying to be hilarious, and trying to give you a totally epic experience that you’ve been waiting for years to happen, and it delivers on all accounts. Mark Ruffalo is the best Hulk to appear on the big screen, Robert Downey Jr. continues to be an amazing Tony Stark/Iron Man, Thor is just plain awesome, and Loki gives off such an awesome performance as the villain, more so than in Thor. Captain America I will say was kind of just there, but the main focus here is the chemistry between the cast and the humor that comes with it steals the show. I would give it 5/5 stars and then some, as well as boldly say that it currently stands as the best comic book movie ever made, and I know pretty much everyone will agree…… At least until dark knight rises that is…

    • E seen a lot of reviews without criticism. Come on people I wanna see some nitpicking hahaIv

      • Honestly there wasn’t much to nitpick on. Comic book and movie fans alike get what they want. Then again everyone, including me, was in shock the whole time and everything was moving so fast, there wasn’t time soak in everything. I’ll have to see it a few more times, and I know I will, to catch anything that I missed, but for now there’s nothing to nitpick on.

        • Fair enough good review I’m glad to hear what uve said

      • My ONLY nitpick is a few of the lines were a bit hokey. Fury says “…and you might not be glad that you did.” and that didn’t sound right to me. I would have had him say “…and I think you’ll come to regret that.” or “…in the end I think you’ll regret that.” or something similar. But those were few and far between. I think the script is pretty good for the most part and I’d agree this is the best superhero/comic movie yet. Not too long, not too short, pace moves well, and everyone gets a chance to shine. That’s what struck me the most, the balancing act of getting everyone some juicy lines, some quality screen time, it’s all there. I don’t think anyone is missed and all the major players get plenty of meat in their roles. I can’t wait for Avengers 2, I only hope Whedon stays on as director.

          • I did say ONLY didn’t I? And yes, I think the lines I used were better composed and sound correct. That line didn’t, at least not to me. Minor, but as I said MY ONLY nitpick. Some people…funny how that’s the only thing you found to comment on…

      • WAY too short

  11. So who played Thanos, was it Jeffery Wright or a CGI creation?

    • Cgi but it was awesome

      • The scene actual hit youtube and it sounds like Wright just with some effects added.

        • Where Is The After-Credits Scene On Youtube ?

        • Well I saw the movie and it turns out that Thanos didn’t even speak.

  12. Arguably one of the most anticipated films of 2012; “The Avengers” has a lot to live up to. Nothing like this has ever been attempted before; weaving in characters from other films and trying to make them all part of one big universe. The first half of the film is has some great character interaction, a couple of cool action sequences and some genuinely funny moments. But when “The Avengers” kicks into the second and third acts of the film, it comes of as feeling rushed and lacks any substance that the film so desperately needed to have.

    The character interaction was the films best aspect and where it stands out most. The stuff between Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is hilarious, but unfortunately if you have seen the trailers then you have seen pretty much all you’re going to get between these two. Steve was by far the best character (which is funny because I was not a fan of “The First Avenger”) as he is the only one that actually gives a damn about what is happening. I was sad (and quite insulted actually) about how they handled Tony Stark. I mean, yeah Tony is an smart-ass and like to wind people up, but in the film he gets a little to playful I think and winds up being more offensive than funny. Between this and “Iron Man 2″ I’ve lost faith in the character.

    Mark Ruffalo was another stand out performance. I think he plays the character of Bruce Banner perfectly; you see the genius side of him shine through, and he also has a few jokes that are genuinely funny. Chris Hemsworth was okay this time around. Thor definitely has the most weight on his shoulders, but it was strange to see that the film pretty much revolved around him and Loki. Speaking of Loki, what a disappointment; they pretty much took a s*** on the character you saw in “Thor”. This time Loki has teamed up with a mysterious alien race and is now bent on dominating planet Earth. The thing I found weird though was that Loki has a one on one with pretty much all the heroes and each time he gets his ass handed to him… so what was the point of The Avengers exactly? Thor or even Captain America could have easily taken him out by themselves and you get the feeling that the team was more of a hindrance than a help. Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson were over used. I felt their characters had way too much screen time and by the end of it, I was hoping that they would just go away. Enough said.

    The CGI was pretty inconsistent; Hulk looks amazing, but then there are a few scenes in the film where the CGI literally looks like a video game. The film relied heavily on its CGI and unfortunately it shows. The third act seems like a “Transformers 3″ rip-off and it made me upset that they would take their lead from such a terrible movie. Mind you, this has now become the norm for “modern day cinema”; loud explosions? Check. Cheesy dialogue? Check. An over-saturation of CGI? Check. Yep, “The Avengers” pretty much ticks all the boxes. The jokes were funny to begin with but by the end got predictable and boring. I think “The Avengers” biggest flaw though is that it felt like an episode on TV.

    Everything about “The Avengers” could have been better. I seriously hope the IMDb ratting drops because a 9/10 is ridiculous, this is no where near on the same level as “Pulp Fiction” or “The Godfather Part II”. I’m sue most people reading this will disagree with this review, but those are the kind of people who are the exact type of market. The person I went to see the movie with me said he loved it… he plays a lot of video games and also loved “Transformers 3″. And that’s all I can really say; if you loved “Transformers 3″ you’ll love “The Avengers”. I didn’t like either.

    “The Avengers” is entertaining sure, but it lacks both substance and that something special that’ll have me going back for seconds. Shame.

    • Hmm interesting review nice to see the other side of the stick

    • I’m curious, exactly what “type of market” would you be referring to? Yes, I disagree with most of your review (like 95% actually, and though I won’t bag on you for having a negative review, as not everyone is going to like the movie, what is it with everyone that DOES have a negative review also painting the people that enjoyed it negatively as well? Considering the magnitude of what they were trying to do, I thought it had plenty of substance and I can’t wait to see it again, or to see what they do for the obvious part 2 that will be coming.

      The only part of your review I agreed with is that on a few occasions the CGI wasn’t as tight as it could have been, though the Hulk was pretty consistent. However I don’t think you can DO a movie like the Avengers and NOT use CGI. What threat could you possibly convey within regular means that would require the Avengers to come together for? Captain America got his ass whooped by Loki and needed Iron Man to come save the day, and the ONLY reason that happened was because Loki WANTED to go to further his machinations. He also gives it to Thor and Iron Man. I seriously don’t know what movie you were watching…

      • I don’t think “The Avengers” was a bad film by any stretch of the imagination, it was entertaining and did exactly what it was suppose to do. I just think it could have been a lot better and I don’t think Joss Whedon was the right guy to direct this film. To each his own though. Most people will love it: it has stupid one-liners, inconsistent CGI (with the exception of Hulk) and a lot of explosions; this has now become the norm for “modern day cinema” (and I use that term very f***ing loosely). I would give it a 6/10 (a 7/10 at best). I would have no quarrels with seeing it again, but I’d still rather watch “Blade Runner” or “Inception” any day of the week. Those are true masterpieces!

        • I disagree with your review almost completely, its seems that you went into The Avengers expecting The Dark Knight, if so i understand the review. But to take this film on its own, how did it stack up as just another action movie? OR even just another comic book movie?
          Great action, well fleshed out characters,actually some pretty damn good acting, dialogue ranging from heart broken siblings to super hero sized ego stand offs to hilarious.

          I went into this film expecting an CGI-fest and no substance to a story, with overshadowed characters and too much going on. I was more than proven wrong.

          It is an epic comic book film, designed to have action, cheesy witty dialogue and more action. CGI in some parts werent the best, but i think its more to do with the fact that the vast majority of the film blew my mind with CGI. The not so good shots were a couple of seconds if anything.

          Joss whedon was the perfect man for the job, he gave each character enough screen time to stamp their own mark on it. Black widow and Hawkeye weren’t just supporting characters, they played just as big a role as any other character. Nobody got too much screen time. The actors did a fantastic job, i have to say the development of Loki is one of my favourite points. He toys with the characters so much, yet gets too confidant and ends up screwing himself over. Yet he comes back, right when they least expect him to. He has planned everything,out gunned, out matched them in almost all possible ways.
          How The Avengers rally against him and his army is truly magnificent.
          He is definitely the most intimidating villain in all of marvels films to date. (Although the mid credit sequence does set up a worthy challenger to this claim)

          There was so much more character interaction between Cap and Stark that weren’t shown in the trailers, in fact each character interacts so well with each other, the already established relationships as well as the new ones are great to see fleshed out on screen.

          The humour in this beats alot of comedy films in recent years, actually applause and laughter from the ENTIRE audience.

          At the end of the day, pulp fiction or inception are very different films. Inception was a long film an you felt it, but still was great. The Avengers was a long film, time flew by and was amazing. I really wonder if we did watch the same film or if you had expected a gritty Nolan-esque style. You seem to criticize this film for accomplishing everything one would want from an epic comic book film.

          This film has substance, has comedy, has drama, has cheesy(or epic) lines and it most certainly has action.

          If you expect the Dark Knight or a gritty film, you have to be kidding yourself. This isn’t Nolan. This isn’t going to be a cult classic like blade runner. This is a blockbuster.

          If you go in expecting this film to be a continuation of what Marvel has been doing you would be expecting too little.
          This film takes everything they have tried to do and has taken it to a whole new level. The Avengers is all i had hoped it would be, and put to rest all doubts i had that this could be pulled off.

          • I agree with the above. It was excellent. Well paced, humour, good character moments and a fantastic 3rd act. A superhero movie will of course end with explosions. What, you want them to sit down and play rock-paper-scissors for the fate of the world?

          • Very well said sir.

        • A lot of people seem down on the one liners. Marvel comics are all about the one liners, what do you expect.
          I thought they were mostly awesome though.

          • BEST One-liner/Dialogue:

            For me, a tie between Stark/Loki having a friendly verbal p*ssing contest (“I have an army”/”We have a Hulk”) and the dialogue between Loki & Hulk:

            “Loki: Enough! All of you are beneath me. I am a god, you dull creature and I shall not be bullied…
            Bruce Banner: [Hulk flattens Loki with repeated smashes into the floor] Puny god. “


        • Inception was a great movie, but has no re-watch value.
          Blade Runner is a steaming pile of a “cinema” experience.(no offense to steaming piles intended)
          Don’t get me started on ‘Pulp Crap-tion’. I won’t insult God Father II, since I’ve never bothered to waste the time to watch it.
          Everyone is entitled to their opinion though. Even a condescending one.

        • Are you sure you’re a New Zealander? I didn’t realise we’d turned into such a bunch of pretentious twits.

          I blame the drinking of coffee mixed with frothed milk from little cups.

      • i’m really tired of every movie being compared to transformers. and #3 was better than 2, not as good as the 1st, but, transformers and avengers are different. maybe they are both big on action, but so is die hard, and terminator 1 & 2. are they like transformers? i guess i shouldn’t go see any movies this summer, because apparently, if i’ve seen transformers 3, i’ve seen them all. Prometheus? nah…transformer rip-off. battleship? nah…another transformer. MIB 3? nope. more aliens, just like…you guessed it, transformers! how about lawless? maybe, but it’s got the guy from transformers.

        • You’re taking it completely out of context. When I say that it borrows from “Transformers 3″ I mean the climax (like it is literally the same premise). The bad guy makes a portal to bring in other bad guys to take over Earth. That’s all I mean. And no, I wasn’t expecting it to be “The Dark Knight” I just thought it could have been a little more serious. An example of dialogue that made me cringe was when Iron Man says “I’m brining the party to you” and he flies around the… (oh who am I kidding, you’ve all seen the trailer) and anyway Black Widow makes a comment “I don’t see how that’s a party”. It was just little moments like that, that made me cringe and think “Why in pluperfect Hell would you have a line like that in this film?” it’s a minor nitpick to what is otherwise probably the most entertaining film we’ll see this year. And I’m not hating or anything, like I said, I’ll definitely pick it up on Blu-ray.

          • LoL i get what you saying, but your Review just sounds like someone that wants to hate AVENGERS, to be different from everybody else, trying to give a different point of view… but Honestly You can’t watch this film, looking for things to nitpick…

            All fans know exactly how bad this could of turned out, but it didn’t… Joss Whedon did a wonderful job, and i would certainly hope he would do the next one, Joss loves the material and he knows how to treat these characters, beside what makes them superhero’s is being able to look at something, that could potentially equal their death, yet they will still see the lighter side to the thing….

            About the opening of the portal, if I they didn’t show the aliens at all in the trailer, most fans would of still expected to see some type of portal open up through the use of the cosmic cube, because thats its purposes… Obviously the Avengers had to have a big challenge to take on.

            However, in the action scenes, you got to see the interaction between the group, how they work together as a team… even though there was a lot of explosions, you could still see them relying on each other in order to battle the Aliens… It was no Transformers 3, when a kid screams, and Optimus just kills everything… Everyone was important to the Battle….

            At the end of the day, if you Like the film, or Love it then write a review as such, because you just Nitpick, but then you say you will buy it on Blu-Ray… You Confuse everyone!!!

            • Think about how ridiculous everything about this movie really is, and then consider how great it turned out to be. They did an amazing job.

    • de above review is all wrong de avengers is amazing

    • With all due respect, I couldn’t DISAGREE more.
      Before I saw it, I thought your criticisms (on almost every other Avengers related article) might have been valid (everyone is entitled to their opinion), but after seeing it, I can say without a doubt that you must have been watching a different movie…


      I hear what your saying & All your points are very valid IMO but this isnt the type of film that is made for that kind of criticism.

      The commercials, dialogue, score and previous Marvel films already informed us what kind of movie this was gnna be. The Avengers wanted to be a fun action packed feel good movie and they accomplished that. I enjoyed it for what it was/intended to be.

      ASM, TDKR & what looks to be Dredd will be the more story driven films of the year.

    • yo i havent seen the avengers yet but dude. the people that love this movie are both the mass market and the fanboys. its literally a movie for everyone. this is exactly the movie marvel set out to make. a character driven film which is a lot more important than explosions. but they through in tons of explosions cuz thats what the market wants. so if u ask me ur review is good and ur entitled to ur opinion but dude, this is propbably a really awesome movie and at least deserves a 8/10.

    • @NAFilmCritic101 lol wow. Ur gonna Bring up “Pulp Fiction” and “the Godfather part2″ and compare it to The Avengers. I guess U feel smarter than everyone else who loves this movie, or comic books. Here is another ” every movie needs a god damn oscar nomination or else these movies are mindless trash” sorta person…Go watch Titanic ya tool!!

    • Yeah I don’t get this rant. If the comparisons you’re gonna make are to Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, or Inception as better films, it seems to me you miss the whole point of these movies. I’m thinking this guy walked in with serious pre-conceived notions about what to expect from a movie. It has to be more serious and intellectual on multiple levels to be a great film. Sorry, not every movie has to be up for an Oscar to be a great film. Some movies just get to be fun. Some movies, if done right, allow you to just sit back and enjoy the ride without having to think critically. Then again, maybe for some critics, that proves difficult.

    • If you like Pulp Fiction and The God(awful)father 2, then you’re review means spit to me. Those movies were beyond pretentious and boring. Turned off Pulp Fiction halfway through and fell asleep during GF2. Clearly this movie isn’t meant for you. Seems like you’re saying this just so you can be different from the crowd. EVERYONE in the theater tonight cheered throughout this movie. 9/10 is ridiculous because it deserves a 10/10.

      • Samuel L Jackson is awesome in pulp fiction
        *the rest of the film was meh*

    • Pulp fiction sucked btw

    • If they made it a 4 hour movie and cut it into 2 parts it could of been better getting more into the characters.

  13. My wishlist storylines for future Avengers sequels :

    Avengers 2 : Infinity Gauntlet (since Thanos is being shown in the after credits scene in part 1).
    - I’d like to see Namor the Submariner(Karl Urban), Black Panther(Tyrese Gibson) and Vision(CGI with Laurence Fishburne’s voiceover) added to the Avengers’ roster.

    Avengers 3 : Civil War / Avengers Disassembled mashup .

    Avengers 4 : Ultron

    Avengers 5 : Avengers Versus X-Men (current storyline in Marvel Comics right now).

    • I like the Fishburne for Vision’s voice idea. That would be cool. If DC isn’t gonna snag Michel Ironside fro Darsied, then Marvel should get him for Thanos.

  14. Thank you NAFilmCritic101… for your honestly…. Finally some balance…Everyone else on here is acting like this is just the Best Movie Ever… (I sincerely doubt it)

    They are acting like they just saw Star Wars the Original Trilogy…Thanks for putting things in perspective..

    • LOL it’s got to say SOMETHING when just about every where you read, just about everyone who has seen it has enjoyed it. Will everyone? No, of course not. But so far reviews like the one above are few and far between. Response to the film has been nothing short of amazing, even for me and I enjoyed it immensely. If 1000 people see it, and 995 of them tell me it was awesome, then I’ll assume it must be pretty good. There are some people that just WANT it to fail, WANT it to be bad, and won’t see the entertainment factor or the enjoyment no matter what anyone tells them. No worries here. I can’t wait to see it again. I’ll probably see it a few times to soak in what I missed because the crowd was so raucous and boisterous in their enjoyment of it, some of the quieter moments are hard to hear. That’s what the BluRay will be for!

      • an 8.2 is not nothing short of amazing. That is what the average critic score on rotten tomato has it. Is 8.2 bad? No its very good. But I feel like soem people are over boasting it slightly.

        • Well see what people have to realize that it’s targeting comic book fans first and movie fans seconds, and for the comic book fans like me, it was perfect because they don’t look for the inconsistency in cgi or any of the other stuff, but just look for their favorites come to life and interact. Another thing to consider is that it’s the first comic book movie of it’s kind, and for what it’s worth they set an amazing foundation for whatever is going to come next. It never meant to be this huge oscar-winning masterpiece, but as a comic book fan’s dream come true as well as an experiment to see if they can handle the massiveness of the marvel universe into a film and it worked.

          • I’m pretty sure there has been a crappy avengers movie before. But you are correct in everything you said.

            • Well if count the horrible 90s (i think) film with Sean Connery based on the british tv series the avengers, then yes lol

              • That was not Sean Connery…

                • In the 1998 film The Avengers that was Sean Connery….. He was the villain!

          • dude. truth. exactly. real comic book fans just want to see their favorite superheroes come to life on screen and kick some ass. and this movie did the avengers something that is really difficult to do putting together massive egos and crazy powers and insane cgi to create a dope ass awesome comic book film. fanboy out.

        • I couldn’t give a fig what most critics think. I’d rather listen to regular joes that have seen it and have them tell me what they think. So when I say “response to the film has been nothing short of amazing” I’m not talking about critics scores on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m talking about talking to people who have seen it and listening to their responses to the film and everyone I’ve talked to that has seen it enjoyed it thoroughly.

          • Oh fair enough

        • I don’t think so. Like me, I think most walked out of the theater with a big grin on their face because they enjoyed every frame of the movie.

      • Of course opinions are opinions and if people wanna boast boast away. I’m positive I will love this movie just depends on how much

        • Saw this movie at the Chicago screening and I have to say this movie is amazing. I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. Mark Ruffalo to pull off the Hulk as well as he did was a big surprise. He pulled it off and is the best Hulk/Banner ever thus far. The action sequence was out of this world. I’ve never been this happy with a film since the screening of the original Star Wars. I am pumped to go see it again

    • no this is much better than star wars… i understand that people in their 30′s and up who like sci-fi think that star wars is the top of the mountain of sci-fi, but in all honesty this is better. The acting is very good on all parts(star wars does not have good acting) . the first act gave a very in depth back story for all the character especially hawk-eye and black-widow which was very interesting and makes you care about the characters. Captain America has a much better personality and better character development than he did in his own movie (in which i thought was pretty s***). It was good how the movie didn’t revolve around thor and loki that was just part of the back story. Loki was a great villain, heartless and somewhat insane. Ironman was really good and had some cool new weaponry and does a great job of saving the day. Lastly the HULK, i had doubt on the new actor Mark Ruffalo since i loved ED Nortons performance from 2008, but the hulk stole the show in both the action and humorous scenes as well as having some very good dialogue with tony stark. the cgi was for the most part at the standard you would expect from a hollywood hit with a few -minor- inconsistencies. and the hulk looks a lot better in the movie than he does in the trailers.
      I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and will be going back for seconds.
      And also as a side note for people who grow up in the 90′s, the current Marvel story line is like the new star wars

      • The avengers shouldn’t ever be compared to the first 3 star wars…. it can only stay up to par with return of the jedie

        • How would you know if you haven’t seen the movie?

        • As a guy who saw the Avengers and even without seeing it, there’s no way the Avengers can be better than Star Wars! Come on!!!

          Star Wars is an original story that created an entire universe around a two hour feature!!!

          The Avengers is a 2 and a half hour movie based on an entire universe of comics! The complete opposite and basically impossible to compare! ;)

          • i liked the avengers better than star wars and thats just my opinion, i like lots of sci-fi movies more than star wars thats not to say i don’t occasionally enjoying watching it. if u watch star wars with a few mates its fine and a great movie but when u watch it and pay attention you tend to notice extremely bad acting and very bad dialogue. something that the avengers does not have.

        • Totally disagree. Star Wars had the wow factor, but really wasn’t that well written or acted.

          Avengers was well written, well directed, well acted, and had much more depth of character, and they still shoot first.

          I am a huge fan of Star Wars 4,5,6, by the way.

      • “Puny god.”

        I laughed.

    • Trust me when I say you shouldn’t base your opinion of this movie on ‘NAFilmCritic101′ review.
      Then again, why should you trust me? ;)
      But really, just take into account that most critics, most fans and most of the general audience loved the movie…

      • I’m not at all taking his review into account. A new hope and empire strikes back are classics. With one of the most incredible original ideas in movies of all time. A whole universe was created for the sake of these movies. The possibilites are endless. Where the avengers is adapted material from comic books.

        • My comment about “not taking his word for it” was actually in reply to “Truth”.
          But anyways, Star Wars is amazing (I’m a huge fan ever since I was a kid), but I think The Avengers will definitely be remembered as a classic as well.
          I think it’s the best comic book movie ever made (and so does a LOT of other people) — this’ll definitely stand the test of time along with movies like the original Superman movies and the great Batman movies like Tim Burton’s and Nolan’s.

          In a way… (and I’ll say it again I LOVE STAR WARS TO DEATH) I think The Avengers MIGHT just be a bit better (I’ll have to see the movie a few more times before I can completely admit to that though)

    • I don’t get it. Everyone says it’s great except one guy, and it’s him you believe? Sounds like you want to hate it too

  15. I’m so stoked to see this film! Marvel’s strategic planning has paid off from what it sounds like. Really excited to see Ruffalo’s take on Banner/Hulk. Just hope this is Smart Hulk cuz as a fan I don’t think people not as familiar with Marvel Universe will freak out by how much cooler of a character he really is.

    • He is VERY cool in this.

  16. Was there another scene during credits other than thanos?

    • I don’t think so then again I could be wrong since everyone left after the thanos scene. I’m pretty sure that is the only bonus scene and there wasn’t really anything else that needed answering, but, again, I could be wrong.

    • Not when I saw it. I stayed til the lights came up and all the credits were done and the Thanos mid-credit button was the only one I saw.

    • I actually hope they film a post credits button like they usually have as well. Maybe I’m just being greedy LOL!

    • Nope, just that one (and I stayed until all the credits were over – and what a large list of people! Geez! :)).
      But I’m kinda upset that they didn’t put it at the end as they as they usually do (it’s become somewhat of a tradition IMO).

  17. I’m not even gonna read comments here

    • The Chitauri. I think it was a last minute decision though (you’ll see what I mean).

    • The Chitauri:)

    • They gave them a name but I honestly don’t remember it. All I know is that they weren’t one of the major alien races from the comic books and just acted as part of Thanos’s army. So with all the hype and speculation, some might be disipointed on how unimportant they end up being and just act as filler for the finale.

      • They are the Chitauri, but mostly just are an army. No shifting.

      • they were the chitauri from the ultimate universe.. not major?

    • It’s the Chitauri bro. They only mention it once or twice in the film.

    • It’s the Chitauri. The name is only mentioned once or twice in the film though and it feels like this was a last minute decision (you will see what I mean). They certainly don’t do any shape-shifting.

      • Screen Rant; why do you keep removing my comment? This is a “spoilers discussion” is it not? What’s the problem?

        • IndependentFilmCritic,

          Sorry. Your comment WILL make it through, we promise. We had to put filters in place for certain spoiler terms related to the film because some people are being inconsiderate and are dropping major Avengers spoilers in other posts on the site.


          • Wow! Automatic spoiler filters for the comment section!!!

            Way to go Vic!!! ScreenRant never ceases to amaze me! :O

    • it was stated on another article that they are the chitauri

    • they are Chitauri….. that are the Ultimate line version of skrulls

    • Chitauri. Basically the Ultimate version of the Skrull.

  18. i cant believe you guys get this before us…

  19. In general this film surpassed my expections. Ruffalo’s take on the Hulk was my highlight, I thought he was well cast, better than Ed Norton, and I would like to see him in his own ‘Hulk’ film. The Hulk character got good screen time, my favourite scene being his cheap-shot on Thor.
    I thought the the film did a great job of establishing how all of the characters powers stack up relative to each other through their various battles particularly: Thor vs Ironman, Hulk vs Thor.
    Loki was well played but as a villain he never looked powerful enough to threaten the Avengers. Ironman, Thor and especially Hulk were all powerful enough to independantly defeat Loki. Hulk hilariously so.
    The Thanos teaser at the end was welcome and should provide a stronger opposition than Loki.

    • Hi, my friend… Can you spoil me how was IM vs Thor? So, i know too that Cap intervenes in IM vs Thor fight, so there is no winner, but who was winning? or who was the upper hand? Did cap intervenes where the match was a draw? Greets.

      • Well, lets just say that there wouldn’t be an “Iron Man 3″ in production if Captain America hadn’t intervened ;)

      • Iron Man holds his own, but the way they do it, it’s obvious that if the fight continued eventually Iron Man would lose.

      • As I recall in the post Civil War encounter between Iron Man and Thor, Thor beat him down like the proverbial red-headed stepchild.

        That’s how it would have gone if Cap hadn’t broken them up.

        But then, one is a smart man in a tin suit, the other is a god. How do you think it would end?

        Hulk versus Thor is a tighter fight, but I suspect that the non-World War Hulk Hulk would have gone down eventually too.

  20. Movie was good. Captain america is the only goofy looking creature in the screen when his helmet is on. Believe what you want about that costume–convince yourself that it’s not a big deal, that the action sequence will eventually mask it somehow, but the fact still remains, that helmet doesn’t work at all. I thought it would have grown on me by the time i watch the film. well, it didn’t.

    • I thought it worked, they modernized the suit but he was still captain America

    • The Suit didn’t bother me as much as i thought it would… I Was to busy enjoying the movie to really care about his helmet, it wasn’t that distracting…

      • It didn’t bother me either. They explained why it was the way it was. Fanboy Agent Colson helped design it.
        That said, I hope they go back to something more like the WWII from Cap’s solo film. I liked that one.

  21. okay this film lived up to all the expectations i had for it and certainly outdid all the 3rd acts of the previous films

    Highlights: hulk beating the crap out of loki, the shield agent playing galaga, explainging how hawkeye always picks the right arrow for the job, cap being the leader he’s supposed to be, the humour (hilarious) oh and THANOS!!

    gripes: these aren’t really problems with the film but something i wasn’t happy with: coulson being killed off, i knew someone had to die but i would of preferred coulson to live. was a well structured death though. still sad

    over all i can’t wait to see this film again and to see avengers 2 when thanos comes into play

  22. Saw it today in NZ, the only 2D version on the megascreen for the day. Theatre’s packed with teens and families, this film is gonna kick ass in the boxoffice. Thought there were rumors of “we will finally see Agent Coulson’s skill sets”, well, not really.

    Didn’t they film a post credit scene after the premiers? Didn’t see anything after the Thano scene

    • apparently what they filmed after the premier was a part in the movie its self not a button scene, although it was only like 2 weeks ago so it might end up being on the US version, or on the blu ray cut

  23. Ok, just watched the Avengers this morning, 12:03am (I’m in Australia).
    I loved the movie and want to watch it again.
    Now for the nitpickin’.

    - Hawkeye’s skill was inconsistent. At the start of the movie when Loki and him were being chased by Shield agents, he was missing his shots left and right. And then at the main battle at the end, he suddenly becomes super skilled. So much so that in one scene it seemed that he has eyes at the back of his head?

    - Agent Coulson’s death felt rushed. His joke at the end also didn’t help but lighten up what would’ve been a great tragic scene.

    - Jokes were great. A bit all-over-the-place though.

    - Loki having conversions with almost every Avenger were ok. Except sometime during the conversations, you’d think why the hell is he even bothering talking to these guys? He should really just concentrate on conquering the world.

    - Ruffalo’s acting/version-of-the-Hulk isn’t better than Norton’s. Whedon’s script/directing was.

    - Although Captain America’s suit looked a little bit goofy here (just a smidgen) than how it looked in his own movie, I’m sure glad they didn’t alter it much. One of the reason’s why you go to a comic-based movie is to see how your fav comicbook character would look like in a live film. Really hate it when overrated directors decide to change caharacter’s suit to black leather instead of blue and yellow.

    Anyway, a few others but just small. Great movie. 4 out of 5.

    • Two possibilities for Hawkeye:

      1. The brainwashing hadn’t fully taken effect to the point where he could kill his own team members.

      2. The brainwashing dulled his skills. Loki was mainly after his tactical knowledge anyway. He chose Hawkeye because he was close.

      I personally didn’t see any real ‘jokes’. Just situational humor of varying degrees, and all enjoyable.

      Loki wanted to get personal with each team member, in order to divide them. You can clearly see his influence in the dreamy scene with all the Avengers in the lab.

      I thought Banner/Hulk was much better written and displayed, but I also enjoyed Ruffalos’ take on the character. He had an underlying creepiness and sense of threat that the last two actors did not convey. (When he ‘tests’ Black Widow in the shack, that was scary). For the first time you really feel the Hulk inside Banner, and Banner inside the Hulk, rather than two separate characters.

      I too liked the WWII Cap suit, but the new one was fine. They would obviously make a new one with more advanced materials to allow Cap to move better, and protect him better. A lot better than TV attempts, and still faithful to the original without being silly.
      Honestly, if they were totally accurate to comic books, they would look ridiculous.

      Just my take on the Avengers.

  24. IIRC during the chase Hawkeye was using a gun and didn’t have his bow/arrow so it’s not inconsistent. Bow and arrow and guns are two completely different weapons which requires different skill sets so it is completely plausible that he hits the bulleyes with his arrows in the final battle but not with a gun.

    • Also he was under mind control, and may be fighting his programming, just like the scientest from Thor (can’t think of his name) was when he built in the failsafe.

      • Ive emailed it you through now, enjoy!

      • I’ve emailed it you all guys. Enjoy share the wealth

  25. Just got home from seeing the movie!


    Thoroughly enjoyed it, characters, script, every thing!

    After Avengers, I went and saw BattleShip for the second time, which I love!

    Great night!

    Well worth the wait!

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