‘The Avengers’ Spoilers Discussion

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avengers movie spoilers The Avengers Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Avengers review, this is the place where you can discuss The Avengers spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you avoid reading the comments here until after you have seen the film.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. 

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate The Avengers for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its awesomeness!


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  1. I don’t believe that Loki planned to be defeated by the Avengers one bit. However I don’t put it past him, that he will try to turn his defeat in to victory. I believe he will solicit the help of Enchantress and Executioner, which will happen in Thor 2, and that Thanos will be in Thor 2 but be in full bloom in Avengers 2.

  2. im just wondering how people didn’t like green lantern, but it seems like everyone loves this movie.

    The biggest reason I cant fully praise this movie with everyone else, is the fact that firstly, these “mature heroes” and even a “god” are arguing for no reason for like 5 minutes. Then Bruce Banner changed to the hulk for almost no reason at all.. it could have been turbulence for all he knew inside the aircraft.. then he goes about destroying everything, and attacking someone who hadn’t done anything to him.

    The worst part in my opinion, all of a sudden Bruce Banner instantly hulks up, and all of a sudden is in control, and fights on the avengers side? and some how, the little comedy part about Hulk randomly punching Thor makes up for it? Hulks supposed to be pure rage, I expected them to tactically use him, not just some how happen to fight along side him..

    I also found Loki to be incredibly weak, regardless of his hidden agenda, I dont think Loki would ever let Hulk smash him like that with his tricks and abilities.. and Captain America I felt the movie kind of forced him to be useful.

    Aside from all that, I thought this movie was pretty fun, and entertaining, I just thought they should keep it serious, and the characters true to the comics.

    • “arguing for no reason for like 5 minutes.”

      Loki is the master of lies & manipulation, that whole scene was orchestrated by Loki, playing each personality against the other for the purposes of sowing dissension & conflict.

      “Bruce Banner changed to the hulk for almost no reason at all.. it could have been turbulence for all he knew inside the aircraft.. then he goes about destroying everything, and attacking someone who hadn’t done anything to him.”

      Bruce has control over his transformations, and some control over his Hulk self. The combination of Loki causing a heated argument between the members of the Avengers (Loki was messing with Banner’s head) and the pure shock of being blasted through the floor broke Banner’s discipline long enough for the change to take over and Hulk to lash out at nearby threats. Whether Black Widow had done anything or not is beside the point, Hulk was in animal reflex mode, cornered and scared, and she was standing there.

      “all of a sudden Bruce Banner instantly hulks up, and all of a sudden is in control, and fights on the avengers side? and some how, the little comedy part about Hulk randomly punching Thor makes up for it?”

      This has been covered extensively in discussions on this page (Avengers Spoiler discussion). Banner is usually in control, that is the “default setting.” An unusual circumstance happened that created the EXCEPTION TO THE RULE. You have the rule or “norm” established, that norm being “Banner can change when he wants,” and then you have a exceptional situation that breaks the norm without negating it.

      What does that mean? It means when that exceptional situation is over (the situation being when he accidentally Hulked out due to Loki & explosion), then you go back to the normal status…Banner can STILL change when he wants, STILL has control over it. That’s the normal Banner…when he unwillingly changed and lashed out at people nearby, that was a fluke.

      As for Hulk “randomly” punching Thor, it wasn’t really random. It was comedically-timed payback for their earlier scuffle. It’s like when brothers rough-house, one accidentally gets a black eye, and as revenge he trips his brother as he runs by.

      • As to why he would go after the black widow, it may slightly be because she is the one who talked him into coming along. in other words he would blame her for the sudden pain of being blasted thru a window to drop about ten/fifteen feet flat on his face… that would kind of piss me off as well.

    • obviously by your comments you watched a completely different movie than the rest of the world

      • As a huge fan of ‘The Avengers’ (and someone who likes to think he understood everything about it), I’m gonna have to disagree.
        It’s fine to point out some things that one didn’t fully understand (or in Treazon’s case, didn’t understand at all)… it’s just when someone starts to use those “few things” and turn it into ways of belittling the movie, THAT’S when things get unnecessary and rude IMO…

        If you look back at the other 12 pages of comments (which I’m sure you won’t do, so just take my word for it ;)), you’ll see many others who ask the same questions as this guy…

  3. Absolutely the best action film EVER!! Built slowly at first (Tom Hiddleston is great as Loki – his voice makes the part!) but once it starts going then it keeps building the tempo until it gets you breathless! Some real funny parts in it like the Hulk hitting Thor and Hulk smashing Loki into the ground. Special effects are mind-blowing and the story is really well thought out and well paced! Difficult to actually describe how great I think this film is!!!

  4. Okay 1 im not a big comic book person but im in love with marvel movies but i’ve never really seen the guy at the very very end so im kinda confused at by like who he is and why he’s so evil.

    • To get a better idea of why he is such a bad a$$, google thanos and read up on him and you will see why the Avengers will need more heroes when they face him

  5. So many people have commented on how great Hulk was in the Avengers. I thought he was the worst special effect Hulk ever. Yes, I would have preferred Ed Norton, but I realized that it was the new Hulk, I really disliked. Ed Norton’s Hulk actually showed emotional content and fit into the scenes so much better. Avengers Hulk just looks cheap to me. So Marvel would not pay the money for Ed Norton, and they apparently cheaped on the Hulk as well. I love the Avengers movie and have watched it several times, but the new Hulk for me ruins every scene he is in. Ruffalo was adequate, but he is not Ed Norton, who always makes a movie his own. As for the other cast members, I thought Chris Evans stole the show, but they were all excellent. I like a franchise that keeps and nutures its supporting cast, because the viewer invests time and feeling for these people, and as we get to see them more, we watch their character develop and change over time.

    • @doreenmh

      Well, it’s a difference of opinion and I respect yours. I really liked the new Hulk compared to Norton’s BECAUSE it finally added the “fun” into the mix. Honestly, it’s hard to REALLY take a movie about a guy who turns big and green whenever he is angry too seriously, and while I liked TIH, I did think that they took itself just a little bit too seriously and would have rather they put more humor into it, which is what makes all of the other Marvel movies so great in my opinion.

      But I will have to say something about the REASON why they didn’t bring Norton back. I am pretty sure it’s not the money issue. I don’t think they will ever openly admit this because it could be considered trash-talking an actor and that’s just not professional, but there have been many little bits of info that has come out that suggest that they didn’t want Norton back for more personal reasons. This is what I know about Edward Norton. Yes he is a great actor, BUT unfortunately his actual greatness will never match how great he considers himself. Basically he’s completely full of himself, he thinks he is the best thing to happen to cinema since sound… From what I’ve read about the way it is to work with him in other movies is that directors and other actors HATE working with him because he pretty much tries to take over the project because he thinks his vision is better than that of the assigned director’s. When I first heard that they are replacing him, I had a suspicion that it was because of this and either Joss Whedon or someone else in Marvel just plain didn’t want to work with him anymore. But the official story was that he was asking too much money. BUT something was said later that completely shoots down this “official” story.

      In one of the featurettes, I forgot who was being interviewed, I think it was Kevin Feige, but basically, he accidentally spilled the beans. He was talking about how in preproduction Joss Whedon approached him and suggested to recast Hulk. Feige responded that it’s out of the question… UNLESS Whedon was thinking of Mark Ruffulo, and Whedon reacted surprised and was saying that Ruffalo was on top of his list of people he would have liked to play Hulk. The person being interviewed, again, think it is Feige, was telling this story because he thought it was funny how both him and Whedon was on the same exact page about casting Ruffalo for Hulk. But in the process of telling this “humorous” story, I think they finally spilled the beans that Whedon WANTED to recast Hulk, and it had nothing to do with the typical “he was asking too much money” story that they use for every recast…

      And personally, this seemed too much of an accidental slip while the other was a planned press release, which leads me to believe the slip a lot more because that part of it doesn’t help the humorous part of his story at all which would lead me to believe that there’s no reason for him to lie about it. And it also fits right in line with what I know about Edward Norton and the effect he has on directors, lol.

    • @doreenmh

      Oh, and just for the record, I thought Norton’s TIH was about 100000 times better than Bana’s The Hulk. So I’m not “hating” on Norton’s TIH character or movie at all…

    • Just want to chime in my opinion. I at first thought Ruffalo’s Banner might be inferior to Norton’s Banner because of Ruffalo’s past roles but it turns out that Ruffalo pulled off playing a quiet, mousy and sweet Doctor Banner whereas Norton’s was more like a certain Bourne. I love a good Bourne but I love an accurate played Banner much more, especially when said sweet doctor turns out to be pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

      I thoroughly enjoyed Norton’s Hulk despite not being a fan of the normally two-note Hulk concept. But Ruffalo simply bested him even though it’s hard to put into words why. Perhaps I should say that what Downey did for Iron Man, Ruffalo finally did for hulk, i.e. he humanized and humourized him.

      Well done.

    • @doreenmh

      It all depends on the context. The Incredible Hulk was a more serious take on the character in a real world like setting.

      The tone of the Avengers was alot more tounge-in-cheek with an action-comedy vibe, so the Hulk needed to be molded to fit that scenario.

      Ruffalo played him like a playful kid who happens to have the biggest gun (the hulk) in his possession. Norton played him like a desperate scientist who has become a slightly darker man because he has been a fugitive of 5 years.

  6. They made it into a g****** comedy circus!! I cant believe I was laughing watching AVENGERS for crying out loud and I hate myself for it. For all I care Joss Whedon should be stoned for his downright oblivious betrayal! Im speaking for the comic book fans so the rest of you can shut the hell up on this one!!!

    • “A comedy circus”? Well, I’ll concede once again that movie tastes are completely subjective — but as a genuine “comic book fan” (from way back in the 1970′s), I found the humorous elements in this superb film to be delightful. A little comedic relif judiciously provided throughout a storyline of apocalyptic proportons never hurt anyone. That’s what we got in “The Avengers”, far as I’m concerned. At no point did the movie strike me as frivolous or silly, however. I think it’s tone was faithful to the original printed material, as well — recall, for instance, Hawkeye’s incessant wise-cracking in the comic books. The superheroes’ cocky banter was a staple of most of the various Marvel titles. They regularly featured their protagonists engaging in good-natured joshing, whether among themselves or against the bad guys. Of course, since that funny stuff was being read and not viewed on a billboard-size movie screen the humor across a bit more subtly. I respectfully continue to insist this film hit on all cylinders, including the laugh-out-loud category.

  7. They did a perfect job on the Avengers. It made you laugh, cry, and cheer like any good movie. I’m a comic book fan and I am thoroughly pleased with how marvel handles all of it’s characters…with the exception of Venom and The Green Goblin’s power ranger villain mask.

  8. @ Dee
    “… marvel handles all of it’s characters … with the exception of Venom and The Green Goblin’s power ranger villain mask.”

    Columbia Pictures (& Sony) are solely responsible for that mess. As far as The Avengers movie is concerned, speaking as a hardcore fan, I enthusiastically enjoyed it. I am especially pleased that Joss Whedon will return as writer/director for the sequel.

  9. OK, especially good things were the special effects, Tony Stark’s perfect integration with the rest of the team (and Downey’s with the rest of the cast), the special effects, Mark Ruffalo’s take on the Hulk, the special effects, Johansson’s athleticism, those effects again, and the action sequences.

    However, it’s the last Joss Whedon film I’ll be watching. He kills off decent characters and keeps bad or morally ambiguous ones going to shock the audience (Wash, anybody?) – I don’t enjoy that.

    Coulson’s death knocked me right out of the movie for that reason. Yes, done differently it could well have been very satisfying dramatically and emotionally, but the way it happened in “The Avengers” made no sense.

    When Coulson brought out the Destroyer weapon, I thought, “Well, this is a game changer.” He fired it once at Loki after being stabbed in the back and it was never heard from again, despite how useful it would have been when the Council wanted to nuke Manhattan (just one instance) – Fury could have given them the alternative, a nuke-like weapon that could be focused, not causing theater-wide destruction. Sure, it didn’t kill Loki, but it would have distracted him, and it might have cooked the Chitauri. Thor could have fired it into the dimensional hole from the top of the building to close it or at least stop more creatures from coming through, or Iron Man could have hovered close to the hole and fired it.

    But it never appeared again after its first appearance with Coulson. That doesn’t make much sense overall.

    Loki’s action doesn’t either. He’s got the ability to turn scientists and Avengers into minions just by tapping them on the chest. Here’s an ordinary and likely very susceptible human, highly placed in the SHIELD organization and carrying this incredibly powerful weapon – the ideal minion, and it also would have been good for the audience to watch Coulson “turned” and the struggle to get him back.

    Instead Loki just stabs him in the back. It makes no sense.

    I think Whedon does this sometimes (Wash, again) just to shock the audience and I’m no masochist.

  10. They should add the character Marine. If you ( I mean marvl ) email me and I will tell you more!

  11. How can I start catching up from the beginning to now of marvel and or dc comic stuff in a sense of knowing what is going on. For example someone read twilight books and now watched the movie and see the end and knows what the end teaser means cuz they read it all. But me I didn’t know the end of avengers the guy at the end cuz I’ve only collected never read and want to get into this stuff is there a book of all the comics or stories of all heroes so I don’t have to buy all comics what can I do or get that has the most in one or a few things that can get me up to par?

  12. Can’t wait for part two hope 2014 not 2015 damn. To long

  13. The new actor for hulk is just ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

  14. At the end of the warehouse scene in which Black Widow finishes off her “interrogation” of the Russian and his buddies, Coulson tells her to talk to “the big guy” (i.e., Bruce Banner). She pauses and utters something which closed captioning describes only as “(Curses in Russian)”. Might anyone know what she said and how it translates?

  15. I don’t know about you but I think that they should do a Budapest movie because all us marverlers out there have asked ourselves at one point or another “what happened in Budapest?” and as Natasha said “we remember Budapest very differently”

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