The Avengers Roster Showcased in New Movie Artwork & Video [Updated]

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The Avengers Movie Artwork The Avengers Roster Showcased in New Movie Artwork & Video [Updated]


Outside of Tom Hiddleston’s villainous Loki returning in The Avengers after his introduction in Thor as the primary villain, Marvel Studios has kept a sealed lid on any official information regarding the other baddies that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will have to battle against. In fact, we haven’t really seen too much of the principal cast leaked online either.

Along with the button at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, eager fans were given their first real look at The Avengers roster during Comic-Con when Marvel released character posters for the team, that could fit together, forming a larger image. Today, we have a few more pieces of artwork, depicting the team posing together, fighting together and a little more.

The recent onslaught of set photos and videos of the final weeks of shooting The Avengers in Cleveland may at first, appear to offer plenty, but in reality we only got a good look at two heroes we already knew about with some potential spoilers regarding Loki’s “army” and the vehicles they use. All of the months of production before it gave rise to no spoilers at all so there’s still plenty of surprises left to come… that is, if the leaked images from the cancelled Avengers movie tie-in game didn’t spoil it already. Then again, anyone who’s been paying attention knows who the other villains of Joss Whedon’s film will be anyway.

Today, check out this new video highlighting The Avengers roster and the cast of actors playing them – then follow that with a look at some promo artwork of the Avengers standing together.

The four new images come from Spider Media and all take the form of conceptual and promotional art, but they do provide another detailed look at The Avengers team together in full costume – Click for super high res versions:

When you step back and really think about these images, these actors and the characters they’re playing on the silver screen, it’s hard to fathom that it’s really happening. Marvel has successfully brought to life Iron Man, Captain America and Thor and they’re actually going to join forces to fight the biggest threat we’ve seen in the movies to date. Enjoy it, fans. It’s been a long time coming.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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Source: Spider Media

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  1. Hey J.J. you weiner nosed goof! Take some notes and Get Trek moving now. I wanna see Captain Kirk dropkick some fools

    • He does have a phallic shnoz.

  2. I can’t wait for this movie……The only thing that bothers me is the lack of real, official pics from Iron Man and Hulk…..Especially Hulk……I want to see how they’ve updated his look since The Incredible Hulk to accomodate the switch from Edward Norton to Mark Ruffalo…..I’m sooooooo tired of “Avengers Artwork”….or “Avengers posters”…I mean, I understand Iron Man and Hulk are mostly (if not all) CGI in the film…..but NOTHING???? Really? Not even a glimpse??? It’s driving me crazy

    • I like the posters… hey, it’s better than nothing right?

      • Haha yea I agree, I’m just excited for the movie and want something a little new I geuss. But hey, everybody does. I’m not the only one suffering

    • tell me about it

    • They took it down already :(

      • @Ken
        You can watch it at if you’re still interested.

      • Not possible… I JUST watched it on youtube 5 minutes ago…

        • Aaannnd, I just watched it AGAIN! 😀
          Man, it’s so awesome 😉

        • It *is* possible…and true. You clearly watched it at a different link, because the video is still down.

          • Maybe it’s just YOUR internet… I clicked on the exact link I posted earlier. And while I’m typing this comment, I clicked on the link again (to see if it’s been removed) and the video started to play.
            I.e. I just watched it for the third time by clicking on the link I posted above.

            Maybe you should call your service provider?

            • Let me stop you right there. I’m a technology professional…not some noob that can’t tell the difference between an internet connection problem and a Youtube page that says “This video contains content from NBC Universal and Marvel Entertainment, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

              It works for you because when you look at the link it sends you to a cached copy of the video. You have access to it because your computer already contains it in your cache, because you watched it before they took it down. I can’t access it because I’m following the link after they removed the content.

              • Oh okay.
                No need to be so snippy though, I was only trying to help :(

  3. i still think they could of done better with captain america

    • The margin for “could have done better” is quite a large gap IMO.

  4. Bring on the HULK he is my favorite character in comics besides the X-MEN,and Spiderman, and spiderman villians LIZARD,DOC OCK, AND SCORPION. Question why has no villain ever used a E.M.P on ironman?i also think they made Thor way to powerful in his film.and where is the Incredible Hulk Sequel?

    • I’m sure Stark’s armor is advanced enough to NOT be affected by an EMP (i.e. his armor is probably able to counter-act an EMP attack).
      In the Avengers: EMH TV show (in the “Hail, Hydra!” episode) Hydra used an EMP to knock out the entire city and within seconds after the EMP hit, Stark’s armor came back online.
      Also, most of his enemies also rely on tech, so using an EMP would be a pretty stupid decision if they plan on beating Iron Man.

      Thor is one of the strongest people in the Marvel Universe, I think the way he was portrayed in the movie was pretty accurate. The battle between Thor and the Destroyer was a little to short though…

      A sequel to TIH will probably never happen :( – The movie didn’t do to well in box-office (it made less than HALF the amount of money than the other 4 Marvel movies) and at the end of the day, it’s all about the money.
      If an IH2 DOES happen – it’ll probably still be a while till we get to see it (2015 or 2016). Marvel’s attention is firmly rested on the “money-makers” at this point and that means we’ll likely see Avengers 2 BEFORE we ever see Hulk2.
      Also, I’d actually much rather see a NEW character be introduced (like the Black Panther or Dr. Strange) before I’d want to see a sequel to the Hulk.

    • If anything they underplayed Thor’s strength in the film…they certainly didn’t *over* do it.

      • I agree. Thor is the only one on the Avengers team who can hold his own against the Hulk….(granted Stark’s Hulkbuster armor is designed to….well, “bust” the Hulk)……but you guys know wat I mean.

  5. Here is a list of Avengers I would like to see:

    1.Vision (hey he was cool)
    2. Luke Cage(duh!!!)
    3. Scarlett Witch
    4. Quicksilver
    5. (and this one is a hoot!) Ronin
    6. Ms Marvel

    • I would like to see..

      1. Hank Pym
      2. Janet Van Dame(sp)
      3. Black Panther
      4. WonderMan

      I would like to see Ultron but I went him to be a slow transition to his villanous role. To have malfunction in the first filn would be too cliché and obvious. Avengers: EMH had a grwat src where the Ultron robots where peaceful pychiatric guards for prisoners. Pym reprogramed them with knowledge of violence in ordwr to serve as soldiers during a planet side invasion. In later episodes, Ultron decides that the perpetual violence has made humans the greatest threat and he plans his planetside genocide.

      • How great it would it be for Paul Bettany to voice Ultron (given that he voices JARVIS, and Ultron is originally a system created for the Avengers in the comics), and then after he’s corrupted Paul contributes a warped distorted voice. I think that would be a neat way to tie the film universe in with the regular one, without strictly following the same story.

        • Awesome idea…

  6. Oh and i am praying for Thanos to get the I.G. by the third film

    • I really hope Marvel Studios finds a way to introduce Adam Warlock, be it via the Guardians of the Galaxy project in the wings, or through a future Avengers film. Thanos & the Infinity Gauntlet would be a great opportunity for that. I know Warlock is a little bit more obscure when compared to Thor & Iron Man, but he’s a personal favorite, and did have some dealings w/the Avengers.

  7. I am wondering about whatever happened to war machine? Furthermore,what about the scarlet witch? She was part of the original avengers way back in the day. I hope that this movie comes out great,not only in terms of spectacle & grandeur but also in terms of story,plot,character arcs, acting,cinematography,etc.

    • War Machine isn’t appearing in the Avengers films, according to Don Cheadle.

      The original Avengers were Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Ant Man & Wasp, Captain America showed up in issue 3 or 4. Given that screen time is very expensive, and they haven’t introduced Scarlet Witch in any of the previous films, I doubt they’ll ever really use her in the immediate future. She has too much backstory and no real way to introduce her to the uninitiated.

      • Plus, Scarlet Witch is a mutant which means FOX owns the film rights to that character.

  8. The A on Cap’s mask stands for America. Captain America wasn’t technically a founding member by the way…yes he adopted the role of the Avengers leader, but it’s been long established that Cap & Iron Man repeatedly butt heads over who’s in command. Stark donated their headquarters (more than once actually) their transportation, and much of their technology, as a contributing member he had enough of his fingers in the pie that he would have a good foothold for claiming leadership. Personally I am glad there’s a philosophical struggle between Cap & IM because it makes things more interesting.

  9. S.J. is stolen biological material, taken against will and formed to clones line 200 pieces total.Original Scarlett Galabekian future pediatrician doctor, pediatrician nurse license she obtained in 2008

    • …..lolwut