‘The Avengers’ Early Reactions & Reviews; New Set Visit Video

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avengers movie poster The Avengers Early Reactions & Reviews; New Set Visit Video

Twitter is abuzz right now with talk of The Avengers, thanks to the onslaught of early reactions posted by those who attended the comic book blockbuster’s red carpet premiere. We’ve assembled (pun intended) several of those responses together, so as to provide you with a better idea of what the early consensus is for the Joss Whedon-supervised production.

To make it a full meal, we also have a new ET set visit clip featuring new behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the movie’s central cast – including Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (The Incredible Hulk), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), and more.

Here are just a handful of early Twitter responses to The Avengers, from some of the biggest movie blogger names around the Interwebz (via Comic Book Movie):

“Absolutely loved THE AVENGERS. Was smiling from beginning to end. If you’re a Marvel fan you’re going to lose your shit in the theater…Also, the two things that made #THEAVENGERS amazing: the Hulk and the humor. Joss Whedon gets a 10 out of 10 on both of those.” Steve Weintraub

“THE AVENGERS. Finally, a Marvel film with a rousing finish. I’ll deal with the first two acts in my review… And that third act is more than enough to make THE AVENGERS the best Marvel movie yet.” Jeremy Smith

“The Avengers is pretty epic. There is probably more action in this film’s climax than all the other Marvel movie [sic] combines!…  I have a lot of nitpicks in the first half. But second half is pretty solid.” Peter Sciretta

“That’ll do, Joss, that’ll do… Btw, avoid THE AVENGERS in 3D. Worthless. See it 2D… AVENGERS is good enough to make me forgive IRON MAN 2.” Devin Faraci

“The Avengers – Epic. EPIC! Everyone fights everyone, but it does deliver. Marvel’s movies get better every single one. Hulk! HULK!!… Some good shots, but overall the 3D is meh as usual.” Alex Billington

“Not a false note. Innovative. BRUTAL. And goddamn funny. Hype = believe it. #Avengers… It’s the bomb. I could not possibly say enough.” Josh Dickey

avengers second trailer The Avengers Early Reactions & Reviews; New Set Visit Video

Overall, it sounds like the highlights of The Avengers includes Whedon’s trademark repartee, improved Hulk effects and a concluding act that breaks the anti-climax trend that has pervaded throughout previous Marvel Studio releases (with, arguably, the exception of The Incredible Hulk). The 3D aspect is apparently nothing to write home about, but that’s to be expected – as the film features post-converted 3D and was (seemingly) not shot so as to take full advantage of the added dimension.

As for how reliable these early positive reactions are: for comparison’s sake, you might recall that the preliminary consensus from many of these same movie blogger folk for recent titles like John Carter (ie. flawed, but entertaining) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (ie. a lackluster sequel) was actually right in line with the eventual mass critical response. If that holds true here, then The Avengers could indeed be Marvel’s overall best production to date.

On that note – feel free to finish off your daily dose of Avengers goodness by watching the aforementioned ET clip (which includes cool set footage, PR-friendly cast interviews – you know the drill):

The Avengers will be unleashed in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.


Source: CBM, ET

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  1. I look forward to the first negative review on Rotten Tomatoes followed the the slew of fanboy attacks.

    I’m hoping for a great summer at the movies; Avengers looks to be promising.

    • I shall be there to flame them!

    • I enjoyed Roger Ebert’s review of Thor, and also the fan reaction. Boy, did they school him on not having read the source material (sarcasm). He didn’t care for Spider-man either (which didn’t stop me from liking it), but he called Spider-man II “the best superhero adaptation.” It’s not like he hasn’t read a comic or two-hundred in his day. He just has opinions.

      I’ll bet he gives Avengers a good review. Just my guess.

  2. Exactly 2 Weeks to go here – before it opens in the UK – As a life-long Hulk fan I am delighted to hear the he plays such a big role in this movie – at last the real Marvel Hulk is showing up on the big screen.

  3. Can’t wait, it better be at least 3 hours long and then prometheus and bring on the rapture

    • It has already been stated it is 2 hours 22 minutes long.

      • I thought it was 2 hours 15 minutes?

        • Who cares? The longer the better! :)

          • That’s what she said.

        • I pulled that from my (shaky) memory. I just wanted Berserker to know it wasn’t anywhere near three hours.

    • The Avengers is 2 hours and 10 minutes long.

  4. Giggitty!!! ;-)

      • I totally agree, theres no way that Thor takes any kind of beating from anyone on the team except HULK!!! The Only disappointing thing from the previews so far!

      • Getting knocked around doesn’t mean he took damage.
        Physics dictate that energy has to go somewhere, getting smacked is going to move you regardless if whether it does damage.

        Also, 90 tons is accurate, at least for the comics. It’s unknown what Marvel Cinematic Universe IM’s strength level is.

        • T’is a VERY good point you make there, sir…

        • You have a good point, however i have a counter.

          I am 220lbs, pretty solid, around 12% body fat. My brother is 300lbs, around 18% body fat. Im a pretty strong guy but when i shove my brother or hit him when we are boxing, i dont move him more than an inch.

          does that count as a counter point?

      • Would you say that IM is as strong, or stronger, than a Frost Giant? Because if he is, in Thor, a frost Giant knocked Thor about 20 feet; it didn’t damage Thor but it did knock him around.

        • also when Thor came back after civil war, he kicked the crap outta IM and told him that all this time he’s held back and could kill him whenever he wanted!

          • When you put it that way, the movie is totally ruined. When the public gets wind of this, Avengers is going to make John Carter look like a blockbuster.

            What were they thinking?

            • Again with the “this one aspect that we ALREADY KNEW was going to be different from the comics is going to RUIN THE MOVIE OMGZ!”

              Nope. They change things up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure I want Thor to be equal to unenraged Hulk (both at 100 tons lifting strength) but it’s not going to ruin the movie if Thor is less strong.

              • Ken, I was being completely sarcastic. I’ve read more than my fair share of comics and I never could find any consistent understanding of the extent or limitations of any characters powers, at least in the stories. That goes especially for Thor.

                Sorry to say I’ve never read any Marvel encyclopedias, but I’m going to go way out on a limb and assume that most moviegoers haven’t either. In fact, a lot of non-comic reading people only know of these characters because they saw the first Iron Man movie. That’s it.

                Personally I think the scenes look awesome, and if I try to imagine a scene with Thor taking an Iron Man punch on the chin with no reaction, I don’t think that would work. Just a normal person wearing a metal glove could kill someone with a punch. The movie is clearly demonstrating that both characters are super-powerful (which it must do for general audiences).

                Given the kind of Superhero TV and movies I’ve seen most of my life, some of these uber-fans come off as completely insane. I never would have imagined any of these characters in a big budget movie virtually unchanged from the comics.

                • Fair enough, sir. I’ve seen enough idiot comments on this site (and plenty of other sites) – idiot comments that were sincere in their belief, not sarcastic – that I usually default to “let’s take this at face value, and address what he’s talking about.”

                  Since 80% of communication is nonverbal, it’s pretty common for intonation and intention to get lost on message boards and website comments, since those places lack all nonverbal communication queues.

                  • My fault Ken. I always enjoy other’s sly understated sarcasm that isn’t flagged with an emoticon, so that’s what I was going for. But, I don’t blame you one bit. I do the same thing all the time. I try to make any sarcastic statements just over-the-top (like the public really gives a **** about Thor’s “power level,” and that could stop Avengers from being a hit), but that seldom works on an internet forum.

        • No fair Kahless! You’re restricting the argument to the movieverse:).


          • “I”… was going to say more but….

      • I saw it weekend before last here in Chicago. You won’t be unhappy with the fights. Trust me. As far as IM knocking Thor around, that’s just basic physics. Energy has to be dissipated somehow. But when you look at how they look after the fight, you’ll see who had the hardest time of it. I’m a big time comic fan, and I thought they handled the fights and potential power levels well between all the characters fights. As for Cap taking Thors blow, consider all the energy behind Thors blow. Not only does the movie shield absorb vibration and energy, it can also REFLECT it. So when you see Thor smack Caps shield and get knocked back, imagine it was Thor himself hitting himself with all that energy and it makes more sense.

    • I saw the Red Carpet premiere, and I wish I hadn’t. They showed the Black Widow interrogation clip and it didn’t empress me. Also, some of those reviews are making me get a little worried. Nonetheless, I’m still stoked to see it, but my anticipation has dropped a little.

      • When that clip came around (and I’m not lying about this) I put my hands over my ears, closed my eyes and turned around until the clip was over.
        I don’t want to see any new footage until April 26th!!

        But I wouldn’t be too worried. So far, all the good press has FAR outweighed the negative press/reactions.
        I mean, of course the movie won’t be PERFECT (very few films are), but I think people like you and me, will get a 5 out of 5 star experience from this movie…
        There’ll always be haters, but in the end, if I love it, you love it, and it makes tons of cash, then that’s all that matters right?

        • Well said good sir.

        • I’m sure I will love it. I suppose I was just hoping against hope that this would be the first…perfect, comic book movie. But like you said, no film is perfect (rather, you said very few are perfect). Who knows, maybe those first and second acts will be great for me.

          • Actually, I thought IM2 was good, and most everyone else felt it was crap, so maybe I still may think Avengers is perfect (for me).

            • I’m pretty sure The Avengers will be perfect for me as well.
              Which is why I’ll be seeing it (at least) three times… :D

  5. I am ready! Goofy smile during the film, check! Swooning like a preteen girl at a Justin Bieber concert, check! Depends grown up pampers for involutary geekgasm, double check! All that is left is the popcorn.

    • LOL and true!

    • lol

  6. I love the reviews. It makes me more eager than ever to see this movie! I am not worried about the slight negative reviews about the first and second act. Who knows? Maybe its just comic book goodness that only true fans will enjoy. We will see soon enough. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

  7. What did Screenrant’s representative at the premiere think of the movie? I’m not familiar with every writer’s name, forgive me if I missed it in the roundup.

    • I don’t think they were present at the premier… :(

  8. What is screen rants policy on comments about spoilers? Will they be deleted? Already ruined something for me on another site. Boycotting that site till 5-4.

    • We generally prefer people to not post spoilers – unless it’s on a spoiler discussion thread, of course – but, if they have to, we at least ask that they at least put a big SPOILER WARNING note on it. Otherwise, we just tend to just delete those comments.

    • @Kyle – We don’t monitor 24/7 but do keep a keen eye out for spoilers and will catch them as we see them. If you see something that is spoilerish please drop us a line through our contact page and we will get on it ASAP.


      Paul Young

  9. My nlpples explode with delight.

  10. I am FURKLEMPT! Talk amoung yourselves, I will be alright one this heart attack passes.

  11. Sgsharubsujndjaeisnebj!!!!! Can’t breathe, *faint* @-@’

  12. i really, really, REALLY want to see this opening night!!! why does it have to open thurs night/friday morning? i actually wish it would open a week later just so i could go at midnight!!!

  13. Yay, I hope the reviews keep being positive. I was so worried that this movie would disappoint, but it looks to be unlikely right now.

  14. How about they just show this on IMAX/HiDef and fuggadabout the 3D crap!

    If they’re going to fleece us, why don’t throw all the viewing options out there?

  15. Any news on if there will be a post credit scene?

    • Yep. No word yet on what it’s about (thankfully).

    • my money’s on a Captain America connection on the button scene. Cap2 carries on “where the avengers leaves off”.

      maybe something with a connection to Winter Soldier or Zemo?

    • There will be a post-credit button – confirmed by Feige a few months ago.

      And I’ve heard talk that the button for the Avengers is FREAKIN HUGE and sets up a sequel – whether that’s true or not, is yet to be determined…

      • I could easily imagine them going for a “blown away” moment…fans will be expecting *something* cool, Marvel knows that. I almost assume that Marvel will try to go beyond that with something MASSIVE. My dream would be some kind of hint or reference to Thanos/Infinity Gauntlet, and given that the gauntlet already appeared in Thor, this isn’t beyond probability.

  16. Er…didn’t we see the same exact type of reactions when Green Lantern was screened?

    • Nope. There was one early positive review for Green Lantern that made the rounds – but once the film was screened for actual critics/bloggers, that positive buzz quickly died out.

        • Yes, but my point is that those tweets primarily came from non-major movie blogger/critic types, whereas The Avengers is generating good word of mouth from journalists/critics who are generally held in a higher regard.

          Plus, like I said, after that one early positive review (NOT from a major critic) made the rounds, that’s when bad word of mouth started spreading.

          • Understood…and I didn’t mean to come off accusatory, I’m just trying to guard against another huge letdown

            • No worries, I definitely understand being wary when stories about “early positive buzz’” pop up about movies like this. ;-)

          • And who are these bloggers? I’ve never heard of them. What gives them enough street cred to call them major? Can I start a blog and be major?

            If its not from ebert or traverse it didn’t get reviewed yet.

            • Mostly, I’m talking about the folk who run sites like Collider, Badass Digest, Moveline and /Film (among others). As far as the movie blogosphere goes, they’re well-known names.

            • Also it’s important to remember “I’ve never heard of them” does NOT equal “they aren’t important bloggers” or “they aren’t major bloggers.” We as humans like to impose our view or experience onto reality, but the truth is our perceptions are only a small part of what is actual & existant.

  17. Don’t worry Mark Ruffalo, we’ll want more of them. Lots more! The only question is… will I wear an avengers t-shirt to the movie, or play it cool and wear my “Let’s go Clubbin’” thor shirt. Mmmmm…. life is so hard.

  18. Sounds like everyone really enjoyed it. Good to hear.

  19. Yes, I am happy that The Avengers is getting good reviews.

    I hope Marvel pulls this off right.

  20. So the guy who said I’ll review the 1st and 2nd act in my review? Is he saying it wasn’t good and the end was great? Cause id like a great one all around

    • That one concerned me as well. I want an all around epic experience, not another Transformers 3.

  21. Here is a thought about all those hits you see Thor taking. Yeah he gets kicked through a tree and yes Ironman hits him in the head from the side, and yes an explosing goes off in his face but his arm half blocks it. There is one thing no one is mentioning. He took those shots true. But he got up. You think Cap is gonna take a shot like that and get up? I dont think so. I think Josh edited the trailers like this on purpose just to spark a little contriversy. It seems to have worked.

  22. Lot of hype’s been around… have to see it with my own eyes for sure…

    • Jeremy Renner is bad@$$!
      Evans and Hemsworth are ripped, no doubt about that, but Renner has some serious skills IMO and he does most of his own stunts.

    • In the comic, Thor is about as strong as Hulk but Hulk gets stronger the angrier he gets. When Hulk fought Thor, Hulk got so strong that he even lifted Mjolnir; that’s no small feat.

  23. 1st and 2nd act?!?! How long is this movie???

    • Err… 2hrs and 15mins.

    • Heh, they’re referring to the 1st and 2nd act in a 3-act narrative structure. As opposed to, say, the first and second act/half of a 3-4 hour long production. 8-)

    • 3 acts is normal for any film. I can’t even think of one off the top of my head that doesn’t follow it. (not that there aren’t any. My brain is just still in sleep mode.)

      • Battlefield Earth had 1 act: Act terrible. 8-)

        • Bazinga!

          • Indeed!

        • Battlefield Earth is amazing and wonderful, because of how terrible it was. The overuse of dutch angles alone made it fantastic & unbearable to watch.

        • I finally saw that. I’ve never seen villains abuse semantics so much. “I told you “I” wouldn’t kill you. I didn’t say my minions wouldn’t.”

  24. Thank God someone saw it in 3D and gave their review. Now i don’t have to waste money on 3D

    • As a rule, I NEVER watch post-converted 3D films. They have always been bad experiences for me, whereas “filmed with 3D cameras” has always been a great experience. I just took that and applied it to any future viewings.

      I’ll be watching The Hobbit in 3D, but not Avengers.

    • here’s another:

      CIA Spy Girl ‏ @CIAspygirl Close
      LOVED The #Avengers! 3D was fantastic! Great script too!!! Well done #Marvel.
      11:11 PM – 11 Apr 12 via web · Details
      Reply Retweet Favorite

  25. The nearest theater to me with an IMAX doesn’t seem to be showing Avengers on it; not a good idea. Hopefully it just means it’s to far in advance to know but the theater near my job in Virginia is showing it on IMAX; guess which theater wins? :-D

  26. I figured the 3D was going to be crap. Saw the last trailer in 3D and it was bad, very distracting.

    • I thought it looked pretty good.

  27. Shiny!