‘The Avengers’ Early Reactions & Reviews; New Set Visit Video

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avengers movie poster The Avengers Early Reactions & Reviews; New Set Visit Video

Twitter is abuzz right now with talk of The Avengers, thanks to the onslaught of early reactions posted by those who attended the comic book blockbuster’s red carpet premiere. We’ve assembled (pun intended) several of those responses together, so as to provide you with a better idea of what the early consensus is for the Joss Whedon-supervised production.

To make it a full meal, we also have a new ET set visit clip featuring new behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the movie’s central cast – including Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (The Incredible Hulk), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), and more.

Here are just a handful of early Twitter responses to The Avengers, from some of the biggest movie blogger names around the Interwebz (via Comic Book Movie):

“Absolutely loved THE AVENGERS. Was smiling from beginning to end. If you’re a Marvel fan you’re going to lose your shit in the theater…Also, the two things that made #THEAVENGERS amazing: the Hulk and the humor. Joss Whedon gets a 10 out of 10 on both of those.” Steve Weintraub

“THE AVENGERS. Finally, a Marvel film with a rousing finish. I’ll deal with the first two acts in my review… And that third act is more than enough to make THE AVENGERS the best Marvel movie yet.” Jeremy Smith

“The Avengers is pretty epic. There is probably more action in this film’s climax than all the other Marvel movie [sic] combines!…  I have a lot of nitpicks in the first half. But second half is pretty solid.” Peter Sciretta

“That’ll do, Joss, that’ll do… Btw, avoid THE AVENGERS in 3D. Worthless. See it 2D… AVENGERS is good enough to make me forgive IRON MAN 2.” Devin Faraci

“The Avengers – Epic. EPIC! Everyone fights everyone, but it does deliver. Marvel’s movies get better every single one. Hulk! HULK!!… Some good shots, but overall the 3D is meh as usual.” Alex Billington

“Not a false note. Innovative. BRUTAL. And goddamn funny. Hype = believe it. #Avengers… It’s the bomb. I could not possibly say enough.” Josh Dickey

avengers second trailer The Avengers Early Reactions & Reviews; New Set Visit Video

Overall, it sounds like the highlights of The Avengers includes Whedon’s trademark repartee, improved Hulk effects and a concluding act that breaks the anti-climax trend that has pervaded throughout previous Marvel Studio releases (with, arguably, the exception of The Incredible Hulk). The 3D aspect is apparently nothing to write home about, but that’s to be expected – as the film features post-converted 3D and was (seemingly) not shot so as to take full advantage of the added dimension.

As for how reliable these early positive reactions are: for comparison’s sake, you might recall that the preliminary consensus from many of these same movie blogger folk for recent titles like John Carter (ie. flawed, but entertaining) and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (ie. a lackluster sequel) was actually right in line with the eventual mass critical response. If that holds true here, then The Avengers could indeed be Marvel’s overall best production to date.

On that note – feel free to finish off your daily dose of Avengers goodness by watching the aforementioned ET clip (which includes cool set footage, PR-friendly cast interviews – you know the drill):

The Avengers will be unleashed in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

Source: CBM, ET

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  1. We should always be slightly cautious or early reviews. There will always be an fanboy fused enthusiasm and willingness for these movies to be good. This often causes the review to be mis-guided.

    As many have noted Green Lantern enjoyed similar good vibes, even Empire magazine called Superman Returns something like the best cinematic entertainment post Lord Of the Rings!!!!!

    I’m glad about the 3D review – which will save me some oney. Just wish these kind of movies could be filmed in pure 3D.

    • @lebsta

      LOL Green Lantern & Superman Returns had good early reviews!? Well that doesnt bring peace of mind

  2. Getting so close to may 4th!!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

    CBM has an even bigger list of tweets, but SR got a nice sample of what they had over there. The only complaints I’ve seen so far pertain to the first two acts. But,

    since no one is allowed to go into any more detail than what they’ve already revealed, it’s hard to say exactly what the problem was, or if it was significant enough for the reviewers to call their complaints “real problems” at all.

    I do wonder though, when they say “Hulk steals the show” are they saying that the CGI Mark Ruffalo/ILM creation steals the show, or are they saying that Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner AND the Hulk steal the show. I hope it’s the second one, because it’d make the movie better and I’d like to feel confident in him for a Hulk sequel.

  4. i think it is probably “hulk steals the show” because of the 2 less than stellar films so far, and as we have all seen, he looks great.(i think so anyway) i think it was probably due to crowd oooing and ahhhing over the big greenie. but i could be way off. we will see. i don’t care what any review has to say. i am a grown @$$ man who can make up my own mind as to whether i like a movie or not. as far as post 3d films go, i haven’t seen one yet. i wanted to go see hugo in 3d but it was out of the theaters before i got a chance. Titanic was post converted, and SR gave it great reviews. mostly it added new depth to the film, not a whloe lot of “in your face” things flying off the screen. i’m going to see it in both formats. i havent been this excited over seeing a movie since LOTR.

    • Hulk is like Riddick &Wolverine. Best used as a great side character not the star

      • Thats your opinion

        • There is nothing more exciting than the Hulk flippin out. And that is what most movie goers will going to see.

      • Why does everyone call them Hulk 1 and Hulk 2 or even assume they’re connected in any way? Ang Lee’s Hulk was made by a separate studio with few to none of the people involved in Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk. TIH simply didn’t rehash an origin that everyone already knows. THEY AREN”T CONNECTED, and Ang Lee’s Hulk IS NOT PART OF THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!!! the Hulk movie with Ed Norton is Hulk one. It’s like Captain America: The First Avenger’s relationship with that crappy 1990 Cap movie.

        • Some people subscribe to the philosophy “the details don’t matter” which when compounded out into all aspects of life creates a lot of probems. People who call those films “Hulk 1″ and “Hulk 2″ only care about what order they came out, not who produced them or how they’re related. Personally I think it’s important to make that distinction, because it informs so many other things about the movies.

      • some arguments as to why “Hulk” kinda fits in to the MCU:
        1)Kevin Feige, Avi Arad, Gale ann Hurd, stan Lee served as producers on both Hulk films.
        1a) production companies on Hulk- Universal Pictures (presents)
        Marvel Enterprises (in association with)
        Valhalla Motion Pictures
        Good Machine
        1b production companies on The Incredible Hulk – Universal Pictures (presents)
        Marvel Enterprises (presents)
        Marvel Studios
        Valhalla Motion Pictures
        MVL Incredible Productions
        2)Hulk ends with Banner in South America. TIH starts there
        3)Lou Ferrigno played a campus security guard in both films
        4) you can watch 1 right after the other, and it appears to be a sequel. the story fits in the time-line of the MCU, I know “technically” it’s not a sequel, but, your arguments of all the different producers and companies and such are incorrect. if you don’t want to include it in your watching, then don’t. for me, and probably other people, it fits in the story. so what if there are different actors in the roles. i can look past that. so starting april 26, i will watch 1 film a night, starting with CA, Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, TIH, Thor, Then go see The Avengers.
        on your CA film comparisons, you are correct. they are 2 entirely different stories that do not work together at all. that film from 1990 was ok at the time. supposedly there is a directors cut. i’d like to see that just to see it.
        these are my opinions only. feel free to debate or reject them.

        • It’s important to remember that “Marvel Entertainment” existed primarily to facilitate licensing for TV and film, and served as liason to the studios, but didn’t really involve themselves in production except when reference materials or other help were needed.

          There are some common elements between Ang Lee’s Hulk and The Incredble Hulk, cross pollination of you will, but they aren not direct sequels. Furthermore The Incredible Hulk is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Ang Lee’s Hulk is not. This is the main, most important distinction. Stuff that happened in the previous film as no bearing or connection to what happened in the latter.

      • Unfortunately, Ang Lee’s version is the easiest way to distinguish serious, quality film making from people who are basically, well, little kids. Ang Lee’s Hulk was by far the better Hulk film. It just flew over the heads of kids.

        • @Derek

          Unfortunately, that’s only your opinion, and one that’s easy to argue against. Ang Lee’s Hulk was a very poorly made movie, even on a technical aspect. Scene to scene, Hulk’s size wouldn’t stay the same, and there didn’t seem to be any logic behind it besides poor filmmaking where the effects team didn’t really work very hard to maintain continuity between the scenes. Don’t get me started on the Hulk dogs, and the final “climax” being them riding through the clouds as “energy?” Please…

          Here’s betting that I’m older than you, before you try to passively imply that I’m just not “mature enough” to like Ang Lee’s Hulk. Also, I’m Asian, and I can tell you right now that Asian directors like Ang Lee suffer from “overdramatizitis” where while they might make a few gems here and there, ultimately they always end up trying too hard to over-dramatize the movies they make. It’s something about the Chinese culture. Traditionally, the Chinese audience likes exaggerated drama. Unfortunately this carries over even when they’re doing a western film, and often times, it’s pretty cheesy, which Hulk was, like with Hulk crying, even though while he’s the Hulk, he’s not supposed to have his memory or rational thought, well, except later in the comics when he learns to control it and becomes “Smart” Hulk, lol.

          So please, don’t think you’re just so “deep” for “getting” that terrible film. No, people who didn’t like it are not “childish” while you’re above all of them, sorry. :-)

        • i have to agree with my man ken on this issue. i am 44, certainly well beyond the “little kid” years, and while there are some major issues with both hulk films, i liked TIH more than Hulk simply due to the story, and The Hulk looked better, but still not quite right. I also agree with the over emphasisation (is that a word) part that ken talks about. imho, there was too much split-screen shots trying to make it look like comic book panels. i will say that lee’s hulk looked more like bana’s banner than did TIH look like norton’s. at no time did any of the story fly over my head, except maybe when i nodded off from boredom.

  5. I am literally trying not to giggle like a little girl. I am so freaking excited. I really need to get a ticket. I do not want to miss out on being one of the first of the multitudes in CA to see this film.

  6. There were 3 immediate tweets on the 3D, one was positive, but only the two negative ones were posted. How Biased. Look if you don’t like 3D fine, bugger off and go see the 2D version, or if you’re stuck at a 3 premiere, just be thankful you were invited and there :)

    • There’s a difference between not liking 3D, and commenting that the 3D of a certain film doesn’t work well.

      • sure and two tweeters commented that, but one posted that it did, but that one is not mentioned in the articles.

    • The Tweets I posted were chosen because they came from well-known movie bloggers. That they happened to agree that the 3D was nothing fantastic is just how it worked out. It wasn’t some sort of nefarious attempt to diss the 3D aspect of the film, on my end.

      • Well, I’m doing that Ultimate Marvel Marathon thing and it just so happens to be The Avengers in 3D, so I’m not really paying any extra for it, it was the only choice, lol.

      • Also, Wrath of the Titans was converted into 3D and it actually looked very good in that movie, unlike the first one and other conversions before it. So hopefully the conversion looks good in The Avengers too…

    • I saw the free premiere here in the Chicago area. The 3D was poor as usual with post prod, and some scenes weren’t even in 3D. I don’t like post prod 3D. Stuff FILMED in 3D is much much better. The movie itself however did NOT fail to impress. Very good balance of humor and action and depth. WELL worth the wait and I will see it again several more times when it comes out May 4th.

  7. What was the ship/searpent looking thing flying after Iron Man, some speculations are that it s Fin Fang foom

  8. I CAN’T W8!!!

  9. With this movie, somewhere there has to be a thought to merge other hero’s with the Avenger concept, Why not bring in the Fanatstic 4 (I’m sure they can use some work), blade and ghost rider. Bring them all in, some members of the X-men, it can be done and I’m sure people will pay to see it. Introduce Doctor Strange and Vision, Spiderwoman and Miss Marvel.

    • Not to mention, eventually they will have to merge, show the encounter with Ms Marvel and Rogue, when rogue was a member of the brotherhood, led to Rogue draining Ms. Marvels powers and rogue gaining new ones

    • They would need to go ahead with the Fantastic Four reboot, having two Chris Evans would be ridiculous. Also I don’t think Ghost Rider would fit properly.

      • Wouldnt ghost rider, blade, and dr strange fit will in a Avengers supernatural team just in case they had to pay a visit to Mephisto’s dimension

      • I agree that they would have to use someone else to play the human torch.

      • “They would need to go ahead with the Fantastic Four reboot, having two Chris Evans would be ridiculous.”

        You say that like they would have the option of not rebooting FF? As it stands now, FF film rights aren’t held by Marvel Studios, they’re held by Fox. If Marvel Studios wanted to do an FF film, they would have to get the rights back, and it would automatically be a reboot. They wouldn’t continue the previous actors/stories/designs. Also they wouldn’t be using Chris Evans, but because he plays Cap, not because of the previous FF films.

        • That’s exactly what I just said *rolls eyes*

          • Your phrasing indicated that you thought there was a choice, and they would do best to choose a reboot. I’m saying there wouldn’t even be a choice, there would be an automatic decision. If that’s what you were saying as well, congrats.

            Also, I was reiterating the overall situation because a lot of people who read this site don’t understand the problem with character rights and other studios vs. Marvel Studios.

            Your eyeroll is real cute.

            • One way or another, we are going to get a new Fantastic Four movie with a new cast. i.e. a reboot. So it’s the same difference.

              PS. I think you meant “really”.

            • You’re analysing this way too much. One way or another, we are going to get a new Fantastic Four movie with a new cast. i.e. a reboot. So it’s the same difference.

              PS. I think you meant “really”.

              • Not really analyzing, just explaining in more detail the overall gist for folks who don’t follow every detail of the licensing/studio situation. Lots of folks want Spider-man in Avengers, or FF to show up for a cameo, and don’t know why Marvel doesn’t follow up with this great idea.

                There’s nothing wrong with passing along info to folks of like interests. You seem awfully reactionary and aggressive. It’s odd.

    • Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Ghost Rider’s film rights are all owned by other studios at the moment.

    • It won’t happen because they can’t do it. Different Marvel properties are owned by different studios. The Fantastic Four and the X-Men are both owned by 21st Century Fox and Spider-Man is owned by Sony, to name two.

      More than that, why would you want a movie with all these characters together? It’s not like a comic book, in film you will not have the ability to use all the characters. Remember all the mutants who appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand and essentially just served as background dressing? That’s what you’d get if you try to make a movie with the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc.

  10. It was just a thought at other directions they can go

  11. Regardless of what studios have what rights; I just think that cameos from other characters seen on film or not scene on film would do so much for the upcoming films. Imagine a sppiderman cameo during the film, they are in new york, hell all of the heroes are in New York, and since they are marvel, how can they be exempt. spiderman, fantastic four, i would even involve a few villains like Magneto or Dr. Doom, not to join the Heroes, but to defend their turf. what bad guy wants another bad guy messing on his turf or with his victims. Its lalmost like satan coming up from hell to defend humans because there’s a hell on earth, which in his mind is one hell too many. A small part for the FF, spiderman, luke cage, who ever. WHY NOT?!?!?!?!/

      • Dude, you calm down, No need to be a butt, these are just thoughts running through my head thats all. Is that allowed?!?!?

      • It was mainly about the idea of including the rest of the characters into an avengers type film. The fans dont get into who’s got what rights to whom, they just want to see it play out on film. so the more fans talk about what actors would play what/whom the best, the more thoughts, ideas and comics related films they will want to see. i have basic knowledge of who my favorite characters are, so i wont put in the time to google, ask, wikipedia, I dont patrol these threads, i have a life, i had an idea, so i through it out there, for the fans who may have had similar thoughts. So why not?!?!?!?!?!

        • You keep asking why not, but I don’t think you are actually asking. The why not is easy, the why not has been answered. 20 times on this site alone. I think you really mean “I like to speculate, even if I get why it can’t happen.”

          • Whatever Dude!!!

            • You’ve stumped me with your amazing powers of debate & logic.

        • “The fans dont get into who’s got what rights to whom, they just want to see it play out on film.” — VERY untrue.
          I’m a fan, most of these guys on SR are fans and they know very well that the movie rights/character ownership plays a big part in all of this.
          In fact, now that I think about it, most die-hard fans of comics know about the ownership issues.
          People have explained COUNTLESS times why we can’t see Spider-Man in The Avengers, or Iron Man fighting Dr. Doom… just accept the explanation (that’s been presented to you SO many times now) and move on dude.

          I really wanted Dr. Doom to be in IM3, but realistically, I know it can’t happen, so I don’t go around saying “hey! Who cares about legal ownership, let’s put him in there! Why not?”

          • There’s a fine line between being a fan and a fanatic. You move on, I let it go when i first ranted about it, who are you trying to convince. I fugure its just a matter of time before it happens, and if it doesnt STFW!!! I’m good. It’s saturday, leave the house and go meet a woman or something, get off the computer!!!

            • Just pointin’ a few things out:
              “There’s a fine line between being a fan and a fanatic.” — no there isn’t. A “fan” and “fanatic” is the same thing (fan is just a shortened word) lol

              “You move on, I let it go when i first ranted about it, who are you trying to convince.” — nope. You didn’t let it go. For months/years people have been explaining how different studios own different character, and I know for a fact that people on this very site have explained it to you, but you don’t seem to listen to/read their comments…

              And not that I need to defend myself, but it’s almost midnight here in SA – the only women out this hour, aren’t really the type you want to be seen with (if you know what I mean ;))

              Anywho, I’m sure by now, you get the whole “X-Men, Daredevil and FF are owned by Fox, Spidey is owned by Sony”-thing, so I’m sure we won’t get into this AGAIN (hopefully)
              Enjoy your Saturday sir.

  12. Hey all, today was a early screening of ‘The Avengers’ in NYC and i was lucky enough to get a ticket (and a great seat, so lucky) and honestly after the movie ended, i was speechless. there not much more i can say besides that it was pretty much perfect. i loved it, it was pure fantasy fulfillment 110 percent. believe the hype. ive kept up with this movie like a lot of you and had really really high hopes, and this actually exceeded my expectations. i know a few of you will think this is a ‘plant’ or whatever, but I really enjoyed this movie and so will you. @’the avenger’ prepare to have your socks blown off dude, however good you hope this is, its better.

    • Agreed. I got to see the early free screening in the Chicago area and it blew my socks off. If you think you’ve “seen the movie” based on the trailers, think again. The trailers only hint at the action in this movie and the way they are done they really don’t spoil anything.

      Ruffalo was my only “I’m not too sure about it” spot and he absolutely knocked it out of the park. Not only did he do a good job as Banner, but he also did the mo-cap and “acting” for the Hulk and it was stellar.

      Some are dinging the first two acts, but I felt they did a really good job of setting everything up. There were very few “slow” moments where you might feel things are dragging. The story progressed well and you’re so engrossed that the 2+ hours pass very quickly and you find yourself wanting more.

      Epic combat, epic 3rd act, and I can’t wait to see it again when it opens. Actually I’ll see it 2 or 3 more times to soak in everything I missed the first time through, because the crowd was enjoying the movie so much that some quieter dialog after a funny or action packed scene you might miss.

      Get ready. Avengers Assemble!

  13. @Tedw and Squareman357

    After both your comments – the real important question is does Avengers take over The Dark Knight’s supposed title of best comic book movie ever – or is it simply a great cinematic experience on it’s own.

    • Honestly I never felt TDK was the best comic movie ever. I liked it and felt it was good but I’ve enjoyed other movies just as much. I think The Avengers lives up to its own hype and will be a great addition tithe comic movie pantheon. And yes I liked it more than The Dark Knight.

    • Um, The Dark Knight isn’t the “best comic book movie ever” unless all you care about is the box office take. Other than that, it’s just an opinion and in my own opinion Iron Man is still the best CBM. That’s my opinion. TDK was good, but for me, the last act killed the movie. If it ended when they caught the Joker, then I would have liked it a whole lot more… To me, that truck chase scene was way more fit for a final act than that stupid using cell phones to see people thing and the stupid bombs in the boats part… I keep asking, why, why did they ruin an otherwise awesome movie with that retarded final act??? And to make it worse, that stupid wannabe dramatic voice-over narration speech about how Batman is the hero the city needs or whatever, so lame, lol. But that’s my opinion of course…

    • I’d probably say Spiderman 2 was my favorite comic-book movie, followed closely by TDK. The Avengers is now not only my favorite comic book movie, but i’d probably go so far to say it’s my favorite movie ever. It’s got great humor(the bickering between the cast is absolutely hilarious), the acting is top-notch, along with the special effects.

      I also had no problems with the first two acts; everything was entertaining enough that even “slow” parts will have your eyes glued to the screen waiting for what’s going to happen next. I REALLY wish I could describe why the climax is so mind-blowing without giving anything away but it’s definitely not possible. As someone said before the action that you see in the trailers is NOTHING compared to what awaits you in the 3rd act.

      I’m gonna go ahead and say what my friend who saw the movie with me said along with most of the people who were at the screening: TDKR is going to have to pull something miraculous off to surpass this movie. DC should be shaking in their boots.

  14. Reading some of the user reviews on RT from people who have seen this movie in screenings, it’s looking VERY promising. One phrase I read multiple times is how it’s not only the best comic book movie, but possibly the best movie they’ve seen… Wow, big praises… I can’t freakin’ wait…

    • *I’ve read

  15. Guys,

    i have a pass to a special screening of the avengers tonight here in Auckland, NZ!!!

    I’ll write out a mini “spoiler-free” review tonight! I CANNOT WAIT!

    oh we here in little old middle earth get the movie on the 25th April!

    • did you do the little review?

  16. @ Ken J

    Yes I actually agree with a lot on your views about The Dark Knight. Whilst it is an excellent movie – i too felt that it was around 20-25 mins too long. Christopher Nolan’s weakness is staging a exciting final flash and the whole sonar decide to take out the guards was messily handled.

    I also felt that Two Face was shoe-horned in at the end of the film and may have served better as a cliffhanger for the third film as he is every bit as compelling a villain as the Joker is.

    I asked the question as Dark Knight has been put on this pedestal by many as ‘the best cbm movie ever’ and just wanted to see how people felt Avengers stood in comparison following all the positive reviews it’s getting so far. Guess being in the UK I’ll find out for myself in just under two weeks time.

    Just to throw my aregument out there – I think the best cbm movies for me are Superman’s I & II, Blade, Ang Lee’s Hulk and Spiderman 2.

    • I’ll agree with Spiderman 2. I can also see why some would add Superman 1 & 2, though they haven’t aged well. Ang Lee’s Hulk was different, and an interesting take on it, and I enjoyed it for what it was, but it doesn’t make my list of best CBMs. Mine would be Spiderman 2, Superman 1 (nostalgic reasons), Iron Man, Batman Begins, and Avengers. Not in that order. Definite Honorable Mentions include TDK, Captain America, Spiderman 1, X-Men 2. I’m not a fan boy, or a stickler for sticking to the comics cannon and can enjoy the movie universes seperately. I enjoyed Green Lantern though I thought it was too short, didn’t develop the relationship between GL and Sinestro nearly enough, and didn’t spend enough time on Oa, and I’d like to see more DC offerings on the big screen. I also liked Thor, Ironman 2, X-Men 1, X-Men First Class, and others. As an avid comic reader/collector for over 35 years, I’m enjoying the “golden age” of comic book movies and can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

    • Yes, I really thought Two-Face being killed off was so dumb since in the comics and in the animated series he was such an important RECURRING villain… Not a villain that’s in the story for 20 minutes and poof, gone…

      • It’s not dumb; that’s the director’s vision. If you see movies (or sets of movies like Nolan’s Batman) as graphic novels, then you’re seeing a particular story play out which may not necessarily be canon with another medium. Tommy Lee Jones didn’t die in Batman Forever as Two-Face, but Aaron Eckhart does… and that’s okay. The Batman franchise will continue in the future in order for the studio to keep rights, so you’ll see these characters play out yet again AND AGAIN.

        • Thing is, as great as Nolan’s Batman movies are, they keep rebooting the franchise (there’s already plans to reboot Batman after TDKR)
          And I’m just starting to get a little tired of it… :(
          Nolan’s Batman movies have been amazing IMO – the best of all the Batman movies, so how could they top it with yet ANOTHER version, with yet ANOTHER lead actor and yet ANOTHER director.
          I mean (I might be wrong in saying this), but the Batman movies are probably the most rebooted franchise in the film industry!
          DC and WB needs to get some continuity going IMO.

          • @The Avenger

            That would suck if they reboot it again, but if that’s true, I think it’s because of The Avengers… They want to do an ensemble movie like The Avengers and they know they cannot get Bale and Nolan to get on board that. Not to mention, they might do something drastic in the end of TDKR like kill off batman or make him retire or something which would really kill their chances of doing an ensemble movie with Batman in it within the same universe…

            If they do it though, I do wish they get someone with some bulk to play Batman… He has no super powers but is able to whoop some major ass, so you would expect some really strong muscle bound guy like he is in the comics and animated series…

            • It was confirmed a while ago that they’re rebooting Batman after TDKR. They aren’t going for an ensemble JL film with this iteration of Batman, so don’t sweat it too much. We’ll see the gameplan in a few years.

              • Wow, so just reboot it every few years, awesome… Imagine if they did that with every movie franchise…

                • I dont’ like it, but it’s also not surprising. Films are art, but commercial art…a business. Actors & directors are people. They don’t want to get stuck doing the same stuff over and over, but the studios want to make more money from something that’s proven to be successful and popular. These two forces collide, and you end up getting reboots. The money machine has to keep rolling, even if the gears decide they want to move on to other things.

        • There are no “rights” to keep with Batman. It’s a DC property being put out by Warner Bros, which owns DC.

  17. @The Avenger

    The same reason that every classic 80s film – gets remade / rebooted – MONEY.

    From Burton’s films to even Schumacher’s ones – they will always make money because Batman’s story covers so many themes that audiences find compelling. From vengeance, justice, reckoning, retribution. There’s the technology, the gritty , street criminology, the dark, gothic fantasy. It’s just great source material that can recycled again as much as possible.

    In a way the failure of Green Lantern, ensures that we will see a Batman reboot within 10-15 years. A successful Green Lantern movie would’ve allowed DC to fully exploit their back catalogue of heroes – in the same way Iron Man cleared the way for Thor, Captain America and now The Avengers. Unfortunately Batman represents DC’s most surefire box office certainty and until DC starts taking more risks like Marvel did, then we will see many more Batma movies in the future.

  18. WTF man. Spoiler much? You mentioned the name of the aliens, which I don’t want to know until I see the movie. I don’t even accept that you know the name or that they named them in the film. For all I know you could be just calling them what some internet rumors have been calling them…but still. No spoilers are to be given.

    Screen Rant will post a Spoilers Discussion at some point, but this isn’t it.

    • I’m talking about site policy. Spoiler discussions go in spoiler discussion threads, not in discussions where 99% of people haven’t watched the movie yet. Personally I like having some mystery around whether it’s really the Chitauri or if that’s just want everyone’s been calling them.

      Don’t be afraid to learn something new. If you didn’t know about the site’s spoiler policy, that’s fine. But don’t act like I’m an idiot just because I’m passing along the information. Sounds like You need to get with the program, I’m already on board.

    • Dude!!!!!
      No!! Everyone didn’t know that!
      Geez man, you just spoiled it for me!
      If you’re going to post a spoiler-filled review, say so!
      Here I was, reading your (seemingly) spoiler-free review, and then suddenly, you throw this massive piece of information at us!

      And don’t dare try to defend yourself mate.
      Did you ever think that some people didn’t read the news about the aliens’ identity to avoid being spoiled?! I knew they released the info, but I (and a LOT of other people) didn’t read it, nor has anyone on this site been so careless to just let it slip like that.

  19. I’ve deleted the “mini-review” with the spoilers.

    Not cool going into details about the film.


  20. it seems t0 be the c0ncensus generally don’t like the 1st and 2nd acts but that the 3rd made up for all its flaws. I hope these people are just being perfectionists because I want the whole movie to be stunning. From what I’ve seen from the trsilers I don’t think I’ll be disappointed

  21. i was dissapointed the post credit scene wasn’t there when the film opened here in NZ yesterday. it will probably be in the US version on May 5th.

  22. I have seen this movie in 3d which was really awesome experience of my life.