The 10 Best Things about ‘The Avengers’

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Marvel Avengers LogoThe Avengers catapulted into theaters with the highest-grossing opening weekend of all time. Earning over $200 million dollars in three days, this superhero blockbuster has established itself as the movie to beat this summer.Both critics and audiences responded well to the killer combination of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, The Hulk and Black Widow, and we at Screen Rant awarded it 4.5 stars in our official review. But now that the movie is a box office hit and Avengers 2 has been greenlit, we decided to come up with a list of the 10 best things about The Avengers. Check out our list and then let us know in the comments what your favorite things about the movie were.WARNING! THIS POST CONTAINS AVENGERS SPOILERS!

The Pacing

Captain America and Thor in The AvengersClocking in at nearly two and a half hours, making it the Marvel film with the longest run time so far, The Avengers could have felt like an extremely long film. Although the movie had a lot of characters to focus on and a lot of story to tell, its running time might have seemed excessive if the film's pacing hadn't been so well-defined.Without bogging itself down in exposition or clogging itself with an overuse of special effects, this film had a solid structure that kept the story going. It's to the credit of writer/director Joss Whedon that this epic film never seemed as long as it actually was.

The Visual Effects

In a movie about superheroes trying to save the planet from a sociopath and his alien army, it was inevitable that The Avengers would use tons of special effects. But unlike lesser films, these special effects work to complement the story rather than detract from it.From Bruce Banner transforming into the Incredible Hulk, to the climactic battle sequence that finds the Avengers fighting against an alien armada, the special effects were imaginative and highly-effective.Director Joss Whedon is known for his supernatural stories (see Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cabin in the Woods), but this new movie was in another league entirely, and Whedon lived up to the challenge.

The Surprises

Thanos in 'The Avengers' (art by_QuinteroART)What The Avengers offers - and other superhero movies often fail to - are surprises that keep the audience enthralled with the story. This new film offers up plenty of fun surprises that both fans and non-fans of the comic books can enjoy.Two of the best surprises in this film occurred after the credits started to roll. The first post-credits scene hinted at a future battle with Thanos, while the latter one - a secret scene filmed a few weeks ago - showed how tired the team was at the end of their adventure.Not all of the surprises were fun, though. Some of them were far more serious and even tragic (R.I.P. Agent Coulson). But these surprises helped keep audiences on the edge of their seats, wanting to know what happened next. (Thanos Artwork by Quintero ART)

The Characters

Captain America and Iron Man in the AvengersThe Avengers was always going to be a difficult movie to write. The screenwriter needed to please the fanboys and girls who have read the comic books, while also exciting non-fans who might not be interested in seeing a superhero movie.But it turns out that the geeky Joss Whedon was the perfect choice to write this film, along with the help of Zak Penn (X2). As Kofi Outlaw noted in his review, "Whedon is in tune with every single one of the superheroes (and villains) in Marvel’s stables, and knows how to arrange those personalities into a well-balanced ensemble like a perfectly assembled puzzle."Whedon's love for both the characters and the story was evident in The Avengers, and that affection helped bring these characters to life on the big screen.

The Convergence of the Plot Threads

Agent Caulson in the AvengersA capitalist egomaniac from contemporary America. A patriotic soldier from World War II. A demigod from another planet. Those are simply a few of the characters that come together to form the Avengers.It was never going to be easy to craft a story that brings such disparate personalities together to fight a common threat. Although this alliance was foreshadowed in many of the earlier Marvel movies, Whedon - like Agent Coulson in the film - had to bring them together.But Whedon's script did more than that. It tied the story together nicely and addressed some loose ends - and missing characters - from the previous films.

New Appreciation for Certain Characters

Black Widow in the AvengersAlthough many of the Marvel superheroes were introduced in their own respective films, The Black Widow was only given a small introduction in Iron Man 2. But in The Avengers, her self-reliant character takes on a larger role, and actress Scarlett Johansson is up to the task as a butt-kicking and ferocious female super-spy.Whedon, who previously created another strong female character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has now showcased another powerful female who is as tough and agile as her male counterparts.

The Main Cast

Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America in the AvengersYes, The Avengers is a group of six, but four of them have previously been introduced in their own films. While their roles are all limited in this group effort, each of them has a chance to build on their previously-established characters here.From Robert Downey's performance as the ever-lovable Tony Stark, to Chris Hemworth's performance as the ill-tempered Thor, The Avengers allows us the opportunity to catch up with these beloved characters and see them develop into greater heroes than they were before.The witty banter between these main characters allows the actors a chance to earn a few laughs, too, leading us to...

The Humor

Iron Man in the AvengersConsidering that the film is about a team of superheroes fighting an alien army, The Avengers is a surprisingly funny film. Although Tony Stark was always amusing, the other Marvel heroes are given a chance to shine, with a witty script that includes great one-liners and numerous references to the characters' odd backgrounds.From Captain America recognizing a Wizard of Oz reference, to Black Widow's comments about the climactic battle, the smart script uses levity and humor to keep the story humming even when the action has slowed down. A far cry from the more serious (too serious?) tone of Chris Nolan's Batman movies.

The Iconic Moments

The Avengers AssembledAlthough I don't consider myself a comic book fan, it was nearly chill-inducing to see The Avengers standing together as one unit preparing for battle. These characters each have their own unique traits and powers - but as one unit, they came together to take on the biggest threat to our planet. And the film takes pleasure in showing them assembled as a team.Years from now, one of the things that will stand out about The Avengers is its iconic moments featuring all of these superheroes together. This is a movie that celebrates its purpose and gladly gives the fans what they want: a team of Marvel comic heroes battling together.

The Action

Iron Man Flying in the AvengersThe last thirty minutes of The Avengers is mostly one big action sequence with aliens invading, Avengers fighting, and New York being ravaged. But this sequence is so well directed and exciting that audiences will enjoy nearly every second of it.It is in this section of the film that Joss Whedon's direction truly stands out. His camera follows the action from one Avenger to the next, showing this battle sequence in all of its glory. It's truly a thrilling conclusion to a strong film and has kicked off the summer 2012 movie season with a bang.

The 10 Best Things about 'The Avengers'

If you haven't seen The Avengers, it's definitely worth checking out on the big screen. Although I'm still more pumped about The Dark Knight Rises than I ever was about The Avengers, the latter proves to be a strong and film. Here, again, are the 10 best things about The Avengers:
  1. The Pace
  2. The Visual Effects
  3. The Surprises
  4. The Affection for the Characters
  5. The Ties that Bring the Story Together
  6. The Stand-Out
  7. The Main Cast
  8. The Comedy
  9. The Iconic Moments
  10. The Action
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  1. Two things though:

    1. Why call Thor a demigod? I thought he was the God of Thunder as mentioned in his solo film? A demigod means he is half-human like Perseus from Wrath of the Titans.

    2. Iron Man falling back into the rift hole after redirecting the nuclear missile. I mean, it’s in outer space and he’s supposed to float as opposed to falling down. There wasn’t any gravitational pull either as the Chitauri leaped into the rift at the start of the invasion.

    Otherwise, the Avengers is definitely the action film of 2012 :)

    • 1. I guess Tony Stark didn’t know that, so he called him a demigod :D
      2. I have no idea :P

    • @Wira – Um…Iron Man (!!!) flew a nuke through a wormhole (!!!) to destroy an alien armada (!!!) and you’re disbelief kicks in at his propulsion through space? LOL. Come on dude. Lighten up. :)

      Paul Young

    • @ Wira
      1) It’s an alternative definition (and more consistent with Cap’s line during their first encounter).

      2) The location of the portal was such that Stark was still well within the gravitational “pull” of Earth. He lost cell contact and had a system failure for a different set of reasons.

      • One more thing… the Chitauri didn’t have the gravity concern, as they weren’t coming from a planet (just a location in space).

        Too bad for them, as you could see that their tech was being harvested by government officials, once the fight was over.

        Wait a minute… if their leviathans have been mutated to grow to their size, and our scientists analyze their bodies…

      • he was losing oxygen, guess his armor is not made for space travel.

    • I think the Earth’s gravity can interact with IronMan, even through the wormhole.

    • 1. No idea-I guess cause he spent his first days on earth in his movie as a human, ppl forget he didn’t stay that way haha.

      2. If it was just space around him then yeah he would float. but since he’s right near portal to a world that HAS gravity, then he’s gonna get pulled toward it.

    • Thors is not a god if you watch his movie they say it’s not like earth where you call a little thunder and they call you a God. And I would think the blast from the nuke pushed him back.

      • Thor is a God and immortal until the battle of Ragnarök. Did anyone every read Thor Marvel/Avengers comics??? Hello Joe wake up! Demi God, one parent mortal and one God, they have it wrong in the movie….

      • Thor is probably a full god even though his father is Odin leader of the Aesir spirits and lord of Asgard. Jord is Thor’s mother and she is a giantess of uncultivated. primitive and unpopulated Earth.

        The legends and sagas of norse myth were handed down orally and was not til a century or two later that christian writers started writing down the legends of norse mythology and because they were christian and were writing down the myths they put their point of view on it. So we don’t know if are getting the original legends and sagas or the the christian view point on it. Plus the fact that the church was destroying and trying desperately to bull-doze anything that was considered pagan in their eyes. So we cannot say that Thor and Loki were related

    • Calling him a demigod means less probability that the Christian Right will boycott the movie.

      • 1. There were Gods in Thor and we didn’t care.
        2. It’s a movie based off of comics I don’t think we care.

    • my theory is that the thruster on the missile provided the force that pushed stark back towards the portal, and I’m not entirely sure why but marvel has called Thor a demigod on a number of occasions with no explanation, just some strange quirk they seem to have

    • 1. Thor isn’t in fact a full God.
      2. Iron Man was close enough to the opening of the portal to be pulled back. The Chitauri didn’t need any gravity to get through as they were travelling out of the portal, not into it.

      Seriously, did you even watch Thor or The Avengers? :P

      • Thor is in fact a God in the Marvel Universe and you have it wrong TH Goast and they have it wrong in the Movies as well, He can be defeated but not killed until the battle of Ragnarök.

      • Thor in the comics is a god (one of many to be featured). however, so far in the movie universe, it has not been fully established whether the asgardians are immortal beings, aliens or gods.

        according to greek mythology, a demigod is half human, half god, but marvel characters aren’t greek mythology (even if some characters have been borrowed from time to time).

    • 2. I think that maybe he was pushed out by the power of that missile’s blow?

    • Okay, all I can say is that I loved EVERYTHING about that movie. ♥_♥

    • Thor is referred to as a demigod because he is not actually a god. He is an alien from the planet Asgard where the inhabitants are stronger and live longer than humans. He is capable of being killed and was only thought of as a god by the early vikings and earthlings who witnessed his power. Captain America said it all when Natasha told him to sit this one out because Thor and Loki were basically gods. His response was “There’s only one God ma’am and I’m pretty sure He doesn’t dress like that.” A perfect response to her statement. Also, Iron Man pushed himself away from the missile back towards the rift and as he drifted closer to it, the gravitational pull of the Earth directly on the other side of the rift pulled him through just before it closed. It made perfect sense.

    • He is a demigod, because Loki says they weren’t immortal right?

    • the portal pulls things with gravity from earth through it so the chitauri fell through. I guess someday you earthlings will understand portal phyysics…

    • The portal pulls things with gravity from earth through it so the chitauri fell through. I guess someday you earthlings will understand portal physics…

    • The Nuclear explosion caused a gravity wave to ‘push’ IronMan back thru the wormhole, and the EMP pulse knocked out his electronics in his suit.

    • 1) While Thor may be called a “god,” he isn’t technically a god. They didn’t want to offend religious people, I guess. The movie made it very clear that Thor and Loki were “basically gods” (Black Widow) with which Captain America retorted with “There’s only one God…and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.”

      2) Haha, with all the other scientific impossibilities, you focus on that? It’s fiction, and it’s a damn good movie. We can close our eyes to a few inaccuracies, right? And besides…the alternative would be for Iron Man to die. And that’s just unacceptable.

    • What? Nothing about Loki? Nothing about the stunning performance from Tom Hiddleston? Bah…

  2. #1 hulk
    #2-10 everything else

  3. The best thing was just the movie in general. My favorite film of all time. Except Star Wars.

  4. Hulk, go smash!!

  5. In 2014 transformers4 will own this movie

    • I seriously doubt Bay’s TF movies can even come NEAR the shear awesomeness of The Avengers ;)

      In term of VFX: sure, I can see it being pretty good (and maybe surpassing TA’s FX), but as for the dialogue, character development & interaction, humor, cast, etc (basically, all the things John mentioned), hell even the plot! – TF won’t be able to come close IMO.

      Guess we’ll see.

      • You’re wrong. Transformers 4 will surpass The Avengers in humor. Not in the quality of the humor but in the quantity. It will be full of crass and cringe-inducing humor, hehehe. :D
        On a serious note, yeah, except for the VFX (which was better in even TF3 than the Avengers), it won’t surpass it in anything, at least not if Bay continues to have the same formula that’s he’s followed till TF3.
        But if it does, and Bay can turn down the stupid humor and make it better, I won’t be complaining :D For now, The Avengers FTW!

        • (Sadly) I’ll have to watch the TF trilogy again, because I never found anything even remotely funny in ANY of the three movies – and I’m not a snob when it comes to comedy… I’ll laugh at almost anything: family guy, south park, modern family, big bang theory, how i met your mother, british stand-up, monty python, hell even mr been makes me laugh ;) but transformers? never noticed any signs of humor in those flicks…

          • MBay humor is really forced down your throats in his films lol its only been funny in “Bad Boys 1 & 2″ TFs was always awkward… although, his mother calling his masturbation happy time was hilarious in the first movie…

          • Well, they tried to sell it off as humor and some people actually liked it, that’s what I was on about :D
            I will laugh at tastefully done jokes and humor, of which TF movies had none. Stupid kiddish and crass humor I just hate with a passion. I even hated Iron Man 2 because of the excessive and unnecessary humor in that movie. TF1′s jokes were tolerable to an extent, but after that, TF2 and TF3 were totally messed up.
            Also, please don’t talk about Mr. Bean and even those other shows in a discussion related to the TF movies’ humor, it’s a crime to do that :P

            • lol I laughed at all the jokes in the Transformers series and Iron Man 2. ;) After watching TF enough times the jokes get more annoying instead and you just want to fast-forward through them to see some robot action.

            • I actually liked the humor in IM2…

        • transformers is boring and cant match avengers

          • Transformers and The Avengers are equal on the “epic level”. I love Transformers way more, but I’m slowly learning more and more about the Marvel universe as a whole and becoming a fan. While I really want Transformers: Age of Extinction to blow out The Avengers, I really do enjoy both.

            • Transformers is a car commercial and a fireworks show and little more than those two things. There’s been nothing epic about Transformers. I’ve been a fan of the retro Transformers and even much of Beast Wars. Seeing them live in the M. Bay movies was cool until you looked at Bumble Bee (for example) and realized they’re selling you on wanting the new Camaro. Then he drives off in I think the second one and comes back as an upgraded vehicle? Man… that Sam Witwicky, he gets the newest Camaro every year. Bet you wish you could have one too, huh?

              • Oh, and Sam’s just a college student. DAMN, he’s got the coolest car and he hasn’t even graduated! You have to want that!

    • Transformers 4 will fall flat. No matter what they do it will come nowhere close to anything marvel has. T/3 sucked till the last 30 mins.

    • yea—NO! The avengers is better than all the transformer movies combined! Dont get me wrong i love transformers(esp bumblebee) BUT THE AVENGERS!? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

    • yea—NO! The avengers is better than all the transformer movies combined! Dont get me wrong i love transformers(esp bumblebee) BUT THE AVENGERS!? Pure awesomeness

    • then TF4 will get owned by avengers 2 in 2015

    • Then TF4 will get owned by avengers 2 in 2015!

    • I sure do hope so! Please make it happen!

  6. What were the some of the comments that Scarjo said on the battlefield? I don’t really remember.

    • I was too busy staring at her to notice.

    • Stuff like “that doesn’t look like a party” and the bit with her and Cap:
      Cap – “you sure”; Widow – “yeah, it’s gonna be fun”
      It just felt a little out of place IMO…

      She was freakin awesome in the movie though… and pretty hot ;)

      • Oh yeah, I remember. I didn’t think those parts were that funny, honestly. Now the RDJ scenes, those were funny. And the best line in the movie may have been Thor’s “He’s adopted”

        • Funniest moment in the movie, though, has to be Loki vs Hulk. Everyone in the cinema was cheering and clapping for at least 2 or 3 minutes at that. even rewatching it on blu-ray now and it’s still laugh out loud funny

    • Don’t forget about the exchange between Hawkeye and Black Widow!

      Natasha – “This is just like that time in Budapest.”
      Clint – “…You and I remember Budapest very differently.”

      Though, technically, Jeremy Renner had the punchline in that exchange, I still laughed.

  7. loki calling scarjo a quim was pretty unexpected.
    its a lesserknown english version of c**t basically.

    • Actually when he finished yelling my jaw dropped cuz I thought he called her a c**t and was like holy crap lol but I realize that could not have happened, my second viewing I heard him clearly lol

  8. I was expecting #10 to be Hulk, just because he is finally, THE INCREDIBLE HULK…he was the star… Im looking forward to a new Hulk solo movie more than anything…

    • U mad bro? :D

    • Yep. Tony Stark is Nick Fury’s team player. The Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s trailer shows Captain America questioning Fury/authority and reverting from his S.H.I.E.L.D. costume and back into his regular costume. Looks like we’re getting the Civil War story.

  9. HULK was just being HULK no surprises…What did we think he was gonna do play cards…It was Cap and IRON MAN running the game and saving the day.

  10. I just saw the Avengers yesterday for the first time and I plan on seeing it again later today. I think the funniest part of the movie is when Hulk and Thor are fighting side by side and when Hulk sees how strong Thor is he sucker punches him because Hulk is strongest there is :D

    • I cracked up! That was hilarious.

      • The movie was just all around awesome and I’m about to go see it for a third time

  11. I think Black Widow was overused, just to appease the drooling male fan base. She has more screen time than Thor, who was really underused given the fact that it was his brother they were up against.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure they’ll make Coulson not really dead somehow in the future.

    • Yeah Coulson is not dead, Clark Gregg has a multi-pic deal and I don’t think it’s finished yet. I’d say bring back Coulson as Vision and tie it to Antman and Black Panther in an avengers 2 battle with Ultron.

      But Thanos/Guardians of the galaxy seems to be the push for avengers 2, however I’d prefer they wait for Avengers 3 for the cosmic side and have a more grounded sequel.

    • Yeah, I simply had no interest in Black Widow, but they just had to give her so much screen time. Thor really was underused. I seriously hope they don’t put too much importance in Black Widow the next time just because people want to see Scar Jo in a tight outfit.
      As for Coulson, yeah, I’d take even a stupid reason to see him alive in the future, sad moment when he died :(

  12. The only character I thought was underused was Hawkeye. But he came around during the final half though.

    • Really….I wouldn’t say underused but I think Thor got less screen time, not far less tho.
      Great movie and one of my favorites, I think people are just overly excited in stating it as the best comic book movie when there was Watchmen and V for Vendetta which were well done. BB and TDK also take your pick.

      • The Avengers is the best superhero movie, not comic book movie. The Dark Knight would be considered the best comic book movie because technically Batmans not a superhero. Plus if that movie could be classified as anything it would be a comic book/action thriller. Also I would consider films like Watchmen and V for Vendetta comic book films since they don’t follow most of the standards of the superhero movie.

        • Well, Avengers IS still a comic book movie (not just a superhero movie)… so IMO, it’s the best comic book movie ever.
          Watchmen (which has superheroes) was good, but it doesn’t even come close to my top 5 CBMs:
          1. The Avengers
          2. The Dark Knight
          3. Iron Man
          4. Batman Begins
          5. Captain America: TFA

          • If we’re doing top 5 superhero/comic book movies, here’s mine:

            1) The Dark Knight
            2) The Avengers
            3) Batman Begins
            4) Iron Man
            5) Spider-man 2

            • sorry but spiderman 2 or 3 were completely horrible

  13. My top 5
    1. The Avengers
    2. Spider-Man 2
    3. The Dark Knight
    4. Iron Man
    5. Watchmen or Captain America

    • My Top 5
      1. The Avengers
      2. The Dark Knight
      3. Incredible Hulk (with E Nawton…not Bana)
      4. Iron Man 2
      5. Spiderman

  14. The funny thing is that Michael Bay just couldn’t make the transformers series the best. No matter how many times he tried. I am severely hoping and praying that the avengers gets a sequel! It deserves one. Everything that makes any movie is what the Avengers had. Comedy, Action and more importantly heart. Only once in a lifetime does an action movie have all these key components. Other studios need to take some hints from Josh.

  15. with regards to this topic- 10 best things about the avengers –

    for me, there where many but the #1 thing:

    was when the Hulk confronted Loki, who went all Deity on the Hulk – and the hulk grabbed and smashed like rag doll on the ground.. and i think, hard to hear cause of the laughter- but i think the Hulk said “punny deity”.. i laughed My A$$ off even brought a tear to one eye i was laughing so hard..

    Great Movie – really enjoyed.. looking forward to A2.. hopefully JOSS will be directing it..

    • I don’t know what version of the movie you saw, but Hulk said “puny god”

      • dont know the reply you read- since i stated, a few times i wasnt sure what the Hulk said.. but rest assured, i saw the same movie as you..
        (reading comprehension is your friend)

  16. I dont see anything coming close to this movie. I’ve been twice now and every time its packed and every walks out running lines and talking about how great it was.

  17. I loved the this cast from loki to Iron man. from when loki tryed to put the hulk in his place. or RDJ asked the hulk what his secret was a big bag of weed. RDJ ran away with alot of his scenes. When Shoot to thrill came on I knew what my father must of felt watching the death star coming in to frame. Best movie of the summer can’t wait for the blu-ray to get 30 more mins.

  18. the only bad thing in this movie Agent Coulson must live no matter if it was a lie to get the team to gather or if he becomes Vision Coulson must live!

  19. You forgot Loki, he’s one of the top 10 best parts of the entire film. Tom Hiddleston gives an amazing performance of Loki. Oscar worthy if you ask me. He was outstanding, and I loved when he called Scarlett Johannson a “mewling quim”. It fit his personality perfectly. It had a great connection to Thor as well, and hopefully they will use the tesseract to travel through out the 9 realms now, as Thor is needed as one of the Avengers as well as his trips to Midgaard to see Jane. Tom Hiddleston is signed on for Thor 2 as well as other Marvel movies so we will see what comes from Loki in the future.

    • This. A million times over.

  20. I agree with most of the points. But you had to include the Music. The theme and the score provided by Alan Silvestri was truly brilliant and kept the adrenaline flowing throughout the film.

  21. Ok, I understand all the exciting and the wow comments made by teenagers, it may show great visuals, music score and adrenalinic action, from a comic-book reader point of view, but now, let’s face it, from a film making perspective, forgive me, IMHO, it is an INCONSISTENT MESHUP.

    The characters belong to completely different universes, they look silly standing beside one another, they simply do not fit each other at all, especially the demi-god or whatever he is, with his “magical” powers, compared to the super-techno-logical Iron Man.
    They are hardly believable taken one by one, and it actually took plenty of movies to introduce them properly. Like, take for example Captain America, it took 3/4 of a single movie to present how he became what he is, and now they expect the audience to suddenly jump into a single story full of a bunch of them, easily thrown into battle together like that??
    As someone said: “too many Avengers”. So, sorry, I just don’t buy it.

    The villain himself does not appear to stand a chance against them from the start. The Hulk alone should be able to get rid of him with a single smash.

    As for the humor, I laugh at Big Bang Theory, Southpark, Futurama jokes etc., but I watched Avengers three times in a row now, and I didn’t laugh at any humurous line, not even once.
    In conclusion, IMO the only emotionally involving moment of the entire movie was the almost realistic death of Agent Coulson, with some neat bits here and there. End of story.

    P.S. I personally hate The Black Widow and The Hawk.

    • Complaining about realism in The Avengers is like complaining about the south park kids still being kids because they should have grown up by now. And for all your disapproval you’ve seen the movie 3 times already. That’s sad, man.

  22. It’s really a cool and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Thor is not a demigod. He is a God. And someone said Asgard is an alien planet and that is why they referred to him that way. Well, I’m not sure how the comics are but Thor is a Norse mythology god and Asgard is the equizilant of Olympus in Greek mythology. So they got it wrong….