Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ Movie Universe: Was it Worth It?

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Captain America: The First Avenger

Full Captain America Trailer Marvels Avengers Movie Universe: Was it Worth It?

Our Review Score: 4 Out of 5

Avengers contributions: Captain America Origin / Tesseract Origin  / S.H.I.E.L.D. Origin /Hydra Introduction

As a period piece, Captain America: The First Avenger had more freedom than any other Marvel movie (besides Iron Man) to tell an isolated, character-driven story. No matter how you feel about director Joe Johnston’s handling of the action sequences; the inclusion of Nazi space-age lasers; or the contrived second-act montage that left things open for Captain America sequels to once again explore the character’s WWII adventures – First Avenger, at the very least, told a great story about how a wimpy kid from Brooklyn realized his dream to become a real American hero.

The film is also a great example of universe building done the right way: While telling its own story, First Avenger also laid the groundwork for the entire age of Marvel superheroes to follow – including the technological race that would give birth to Iron Man; the super-solider research that would give birth to The Hulk; the revelation of Asgard’s ancient history with Earth; the start of advanced terrorist organizations like Hydra, and the coming together of specialized agents that would rise to combat them (S.H.I.E.L.D.).

hugo weaving red skull holding cosmic cube Marvels Avengers Movie Universe: Was it Worth It?

This little cube would go on to wreak havoc in 'The Avengers'

Captain America (which was, in part, guided by Avengers director Joss Whedon) found a coherent and relevant way to fit its narrative and character arcs around the convoluted frame that Marvel had designed – primarily by treating its various crossover elements as incidental to the story of the character around whom they revolved. To put it simply: the film did its job (told a story) and left the rest to comic book fans to geek over and piece together – and then explain to their friends.

Verdict: If not for that lackluster montage in the middle, First Avenger would be a perfect example of how to balance story in a shared movie universe. Instead, that honor goes to The Avengers


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  1. Now, after going through the entire article, I think the problem here is – we are free to say something went wrong and so we do. But, nobody that has criticized the movies for trying to be more than standalone films has suggested what could have been done to prevent it.

    Iron Man 2 is a classic sequel case. It shows us something we had already seen in IM1 and so that thrill of novelty was missed. Apart from that, it enhanced the Iron Man individual story adequately. It developed the relationship between Pepper and Tony and worked on the continuity nicely. Nowhere did it seem that Avengers portion actually tied the individual story down.

    As with Thor, it’s problem was a severely less enthralling final act and not the tie in Shield connections at all. As was mentioned correctly, the character metamorphosis seems forced and done in a hurry, but yet it’s believable. If only the last act was a bit more action packed spectacle, it would have worked much better.

    All in all, I think the universe was worth it and all the individual pieces fit in nicely if not brilliantly. I hope with Avengers an established timeline and what should be a good clear way forward, the crossovers will be better.

  2. Not going to lie would have loved to seen a Spidey cameo during the huge battle at the end.

    • I would have settled for The Punisher myself.

    • Spider-man would not have been able to be seen in the movie due to being the property of another company.

      Think about this, though. When Iron Man was falling after delivering the nuclear missile, wouldn’t it have been a pop if instead of the Hulk catching him, a spider web catches him.

      That would have been a way to have Spider-man without him appearing in the film.

      • um no that`d be bad becuz that shows that he did something in the film and besides,and though i`m no comic book historian, i would hate to see spidey make this kind of crossover you speak of. He`s not an avenger and the more characters you put in the less screen time they have or role in the film they have. let`s try to make sense we can`t have 5 superheroes in their own films while being assembled at the same time.

        • oh and i`d hate to say that i may have no more spidey so i need other films to replace spidey as my favorite superhero franchise. of the 4 avengers i love the hulk and iron man the best because their names are so straight forward and so is hulk`s powers. but when they`re all assembled together they`re the best awesomeness they can be. using a sequel to replace actors makes it

          • not make sense. That`s a completion to that sentence which i didn`t finish. I can`t enjoy the films if they don`t make sense. They have a new actor for the hulk which i thought kinda sucked and looked like a stinky fast-food eater and of the 3 actors to portray the hulk i thought Eric Bana was the best. i believe hulk needs to be serious and has to be someone who doesn`t really enjoy having a monster inside him. Eric Bana played the role completely seriously and more seriously than the other 2. Someone who looks serious and controlling.

        • spider-man had been an Avenger

          • well what i meant was he`s nothing like any of the 4 avengers.

        • no, spiderman is a avenger, thats why many fans hate thats the rights to him ARE WITH SONY!. < Get your facts straight mate.

          • Spiderman is NEW Avenger- and I don’t mean just chronologically. The first Avengers team- Iron Man, Cap, Ant-Man, Wasp etc has since been disbanded. The initiative to have a super hero conglomerate is the reason why other Marvel hero’s reformed the Avengers, but clearly are not the same team- hence the NEW AVENGERS. As far as the team we see on the big screen, Spiderman was never a part of that team. Sure, he worked along side them during arc’s like the Secret Wars (as did the Fantastic Four and other groups, yet you don’t consider Spidey part of the Fantastic ‘Five’) but he was never a member.

            Basically, after Civil War the writers needed to spice up the Avengers team. People are only just now being introduced to them in the movies, but for the rest of the fanboys they’ve been together since 1963! The comics are obviously much farther along in the timeline, where we see Spiderman become an avenger. However, he is NOT part of the Avengers we see on screen, and likely never will be- (despite the whole studio movie rights issue).

        • seem to manage that balance in a 20 min cartoon.

      • I totally agree. Thought the same thing myself.

  3. Was it worth it? Hell’s yeah! Also dc’s justice league movie universe was amazing…. oh wait ha ha ha :p

  4. was it worth it is the final question, after givign your case and idea’s, then yeah it was worth it. sure msitakes are gonna happen but let’s take a look at Doctor Who for a second. DW has been on since 1963, and is celbreating it’s 50th annveristy soon. So it ahs its own shared universe with Torchwood, K-9, and other shwos. Who made soem msitakes throughtout its long run, but tis worth it., I think it will only get better, sure amybe a few hickups in canon, but as far as I can see it can only get up, and lets hope they get spdier-man.


    • i heard somewhere that marvel have sold the x men
      wolverine included

      • The Fantastic Four have also been sold (to which studio I can’t remember, and don’t care to look). However from what I understand if another F4 movie isn’t made by 2014 the rights revert to Marvel (which will be Disney/Marvel at that junction).

  6. Actually, Marvel’s Shared Movie Universe is pretty good. It’s cool. But I still think that it could be better. One of the things that I dislike is when they’re being inconsistent with the characters.

    I mean, okay we have Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron-Man, Iron-Man 2, and The Avengers so that we know that those movies are related and connected.

    So do with Chris Evans as Captain America in Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in Thor and The Avengers, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron-Man 2 and The Avengers, Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Thor and The Avengers, and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers.

    From that we know that the movies are connected. But for me The Incredible Hulk isn’t connected well. I mean, on The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner is played by Edward Norton not by Mark Ruffalo like in The Avengers. So, who’s the “new” Hulk? Are they different? Because Tony Stark in those both movies are still the same. Personally I think that only the appearance of Tony Stark which connects both of the movies.

    The same thing goes for James Rhodes in Iron-Man and Iron-Man 2. Terrence Howard is playing as James Rhodes in Iron-Man but suddenly in Iron-Man 2 Don Cheadle is playing as James Rhodes instead, while Tony Stark is again still the same. Are those James Rhodes different? There are 2 James?

    This is what I call “inconsistent” and this is what ruins the whole universe. You have 1 Tony Stark for lots of movies, but you’ve several Hulks that makes it useless having the same Tony Stark.

    Just my personal thoughts. Overall, this Marvel’s Shared Movie Universe is cool, and probably an awesome idea. Just IMHO it can be BETTER.

    • Part of the problem lies with actors, not the continuity.

      With James Rhodes, Terrence Howard didn’t want to do IM2. However, Rhodes was essential to the plot, and will probably be in Avengers 2; as War Machine. If not Avengers, then at least the SHIELD film, as in the Avengers comic series, Nick Fury has to fake being dead for awhile, with Hill taking over then Stark taking over for a time. If I recall correctly, War Machine steps in to fill in Stark’s (Iron Man’s) shoes, as he has experience with the suit already.

      I’m unsure how or why Edward Norton did not reprise the role of the Hulk, but I thought Mark Ruffalo fit the role well. The CGI Hulk even uses Ruffalo’s face, and was terrifically expressive in Avengers. I had not expected the Hulk to steal the show in Avengers, but he did indeed. I rather enjoyed this new take on Hulk, as being more than the mindless rage monster. At least it isn’t Ang Lee’s terrible adaptation.

  7. Marvel Studios should bring their “One Shots” from the DVD extras to the screen BEFORE each Marvel film ala “Pixar Shorts” to introduce secondary characters. butts are already in the seats to see IM3, Thor 2, Cap 2… etc… give us a 10-15 minute short on Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Wasp… etc… Perfect way to inro them without investing in a MASSIVE film.

    • Tom, that’s a great idea. They could use it to test the market for each character. My only worry is that they won’t do a good job with the shorts.

      • I don’t know, Chris. The shorts I’ve seen, such as the DVD extra from Thor, with Coulson stopping at a gas station to get some donuts, was brilliant and displayed how Coulson works; and that he’s more than he seems.

        But yes, Tom, great GREAT idea.

    • Brilliant idea!

    • yeah this thought has crossed my mind would, for me it would be great!

  8. I think so long as they use a good director, be it who is directing that feature on an upcoming feature and a good writer, it’ll work.

    • No, I didn’t say that recasting characters is confusing me. I just said that recasting characters was the one that ruined the whole Marvel’s Shared Movie Universe. My point was, it’s useless to have the same Iron-Man but they change the Hulk several times. It’s the one that ruined the continuity IMHO.

      And I didn’t say that Mark Ruffalo was bad. He’s awesome. Also, I didn’t say that this idea was bad (it’s awesome), I said it could be better.

    • You really think an R rated Avengers or Avengers Tie-In movie would be good? Because I honestly think that an R-rated Avengers film would be one of the most ridiculous things ever. It wouldn’t suit the tone of the characters or series. An R-rating might fit for some of Marvel’s darker series(Daredevil, Punisher etc.) But the idea of an R-rated Iron Man, Hulk, Thor seems pretty silly to me.

    • You are wrong. Edward Norton wasn’t fighting for creative control. Louis denied it. so get your facts straight!