‘Avengers’ Director on Deleted Scene & Marvel Stipulations; New Assembled Team Image

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Joss Whedon Avengers Deleted Scene Avengers Director on Deleted Scene & Marvel Stipulations; New Assembled Team Image

The Avengers is poised to make more money than anything Joss Whedon has ever been intricately involved with – from Buffy to Angel to Dollhouse to Serenity - that is, if the overseas box office figures are any indication.

Recently, Whedon discussed a number of topics having to do with The Avengers, including Marvel’s stipulations for the movie, butting heads with Robert Downey Jr. early on, and a deleted scene between Captain America and Iron Man pertaining to the latter’s father, Howard Stark. Also, we have an image of the ensemble cast from the film that depicts a very old-school, Jack Kirby-esque Hulk.

On the similarities between writing the comic book Astonishing X-Men back in 2004 and writing the screenplay for The Avengers – courtesy of Clarence Beaks at Ain’t It Cool – Joss Whedon said:

“Those [were] pretty similar [experiences]. When I was on ‘X-Men’, there were certain things they wanted and restrictions they had. I mean, halfway through my run they were like ‘Oh, we’ve replaced Nick Fury with this woman, Maria Hill.’ I’m like, ‘What? Okay…’ ‘And by the way, most of the mutants have been wiped off of the face of the earth.’ ‘Huh?’ You sort of have to take as much information as you can, and then build within that. It’s the same with the movie. ‘We want the following things’ or ‘You should avoid the following things.’ But that’s not a problem. That’s useful more than anything else. I mean, every now and again you feel a little boxed in, like ‘How do I pay this off?’ But figuring out how to connect all of those dots and avoid all of the sand traps – yeah, way to mix those metaphors – is difficult, but also part of the fun.”

What was something that Marvel required to be in The Avengers?

“They had their idea of what the third act should be in one sentence: ‘Army, Portals…’ But again, that’s great. I know where I’m going [with that]. All I have to do is find the path, which is not easy to do, but it’s easier when you […] have a compass.”

It’s interesting to hear that one of the stipulations Marvel had for Whedon’s screenplay is also one of the few elements of the film that has been thus far criticized. Indeed, Loki’s alien army has been said to essentially function as faceless fodder for the good guys to punch ad infinitum, and are otherwise fairly uninteresting.

On whether or not he got to indulge in bringing his comic book fantasies to the big screen, Whedon said:

“Not all of them, but enough of them. Marvel had certain stipulations about what should happen in the story, and that was really all I had to go on. What I got to bring to the party was sort of […] the essence of the ideology and [what] the tone of the film was going to be, and how these people were all going to get into the positions that [Marvel] needed them to get into in this game of Twister. It just… I’ll only ever focus on bringing the audience in through character, through enough believability, and make the stakes big enough that you can actually endanger Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

On Robert Downey Jr.’s “everything approval” and the actor’s initial idea of how Iron Man would fit into The Avengers: 

“We worked it out together. There were a lot of ways you could go. They were still deciding what they were going to do for IRON MAN 3, so there was some grey area – although they had a concept. There was some grey area there, and we butted heads a couple of times early when we were sort of sniffing each other out, but then ultimately came to a vision of the thing that we both felt was right on the money. Then it was just about sort of honing it. It was actually enormous fun. When he came on set, he came on set as an eager actor and we’d go over the stuff. He likes to make changes. He likes to go through everything. I think he likes to have things fresh, so that he comes at it fresh. I mean, he could read something that was written 400 years ago and make it sound like he just thought of it; that’s one of his great talents. But the process at that point, because we were both so locked into what we were trying to do, was so much fun. I’d be like ‘Try this! What about [joke spoiler]? Try this.” He was like ‘Can I do this then?’ ‘Yeah!’ He’s anxious for direction. He’s there to make it as good as he can, and as soon as I felt like he trusted me we had the best time. There were one or two things where he was like ‘I’m not comfortable with this’ and I’m like ‘I know, and here’s how we are going to change that.’ It’s like we could read each other pretty well at that point. I would say it was one of the most fun collaborations that I’ve had.”

It sounds like there’s a more interesting story – or numerous stories, at that – buried here. Personally, I’d like to hear more about how Whedon and RDJ butted heads before eventually coming together, but I doubt we’ll be hearing the details anytime soon.

On Howard Stark’s admiration of Captain America and the deleted (unfilmed?) scene depicting friction between Iron Man and Cap:

“There was [originally] a ton more [of that]. One of the problems we had early on was that I had way more Iron Man, and at some point I realized ‘This is turning into ‘Iron Man 3.’ That’s a mistake for them, that’s a mistake for me, and it’s putting too much responsibility on Robert’s shoulders. He needs to be the rock star who shows up and says ‘Oh, let me handle this, because I’m a rock star.’ That felt very right. But I had written endless scads of pages of him and Steve Rogers arguing, and a lot of it was about [Howard Stark]. Not so much, because his daddy issues had been the thing in the second movie, but enough because of that relationship. Actually the only time Chris and Robert were in the Quinjet, I had a little run about the father, and on the day they were like ‘We’re not so comfortable with this.’ I went ‘Okay, let’s pull it,’ so there’s really just the one comment. But I feel like you don’t necessarily need to say it. It’s there. I mean, Chris is such a father figure as Steve Rogers – even though he’s young and maybe just by virtue of the fact that he is a beautiful fuddy-duddy. [Steve and Howard's] relationship I think resonates without having to call it back too much. And when [Steve] says […] ‘You know, your father would never say that’ [to Tony], I wanted Tony to say ‘My Dominic Cooper father or my John Slattery father?’ Because they were very different guys.”

Lastly, we’ve got an image (via Comic Book Movie) of The Avengers as a team, ready to punch and kick and shoot and throw shields at (presumably) the endless, faceless fodder known as Loki’s army. Check it out below — and click to enlarge:

Avengers Ensemble Old School Hulk 570x320 Avengers Director on Deleted Scene & Marvel Stipulations; New Assembled Team Image

The most interesting thing about this image is how much Hulk looks like the original incarnation of the character from the comics, as drawn by Jack Kirby. Previously, the Hulk has been depicted via CGI as seemingly handsome and statuesque — albeit twelve foot tall and an extremely garish green (see: Ang Lee’s The Hulk and Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk).

But look at that face now! Guy looks hideous, not unlike a mutated green troll, and that’s precisely the way it should be. It’s just another in a long list of examples that indicate that Joss Whedon truly loves and understands these characters, through and through, and was a prime choice for bringing them all together on the big screen.

The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.


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Sources: Ain’t It Cool & StarkIndustries.ru [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Darn you screen rant… I wanted to make a comment, then it’s addressed in the article. Then another… Darn you for your well written articles and analysis. :)


  2. I agree that this is, by far, the most Hulk-like Hulk we’ve gotten to date. He looks freakin’ awesome.

    • True. He looks like a perfect mix of Ruffalo and Hulk. He’s bulky and not handsome, and not too ripped. Perfect!

  3. For the first time
    the Hulk looks credible.
    As incredible as that sounds.

  4. still though… black widow brought a gun to an intergalactic laser fight.

    • Trust me… DO NOT underestimate the Widow in this movie. She was amazing.

    • Ha, Ha! I thought that every time I saw the trailer! :-D I was all like, “Really? REALLY?? A pistol? You’re standing next to Thor for God’s sake…” Nah, but she really owned it though–the role, I mean…even though she owned the pistol too…unless it was issued by S.H.I.E.L.D…in which case it wouldn’t REALLY be hers……..I’m gonna stop here.

  5. Kirbys Hulk had a more Karloff/Frankenstein monster flattop head though. Just as well they avoided that. Ditto on the grey skin.

    • Yes, the forehead is different. Although Kirby drew plenty of green hulk.

  6. the4 pacing and screen time is perfect, couldn’t have done a better job with this. the run time doesn’t feel long if you’re a die hard marvel fan and they manage to fit everything into the run time perfectly. everyone gets an equal amount of screen time minus hawkeye and possibly thor (though he has some cool action scenes).

  7. “But look at that face now! Guy looks hideous, ”

    that made me laugh really hard and feel bad for it because they have been bragging about how much they made this hulk look like Mark. Unintentionally you kind of in a way called him hideous lol

  8. that pic is my new background :)

  9. Bring us a Hulk Sequel!!!!!

    • Sure, a sequel! And a prequel too! A prequel for Black Widow and Hawkeye might be in order …

  10. Not having a go here or anything, but this is just copying and pasting AICN interview.

  11. LOL Hulk’s got that Clint Eastwood face, “Get off my lawn.”

    • @ Goldilocks

      You & me both!

  12. Looks like a TV SHOW screen shot !
    The Lightning in Joss Movies and some other parts are always TV feel like,
    guess here the same !

    Character interaction should be awesome thought !

  13. What’s Black Widow looking at? Everyone seems to be looking up, but she’s looking off to the side somewhere.

    • Maybe she looks at the washing instructions label which emerges from Ironmans Suit ;)

  14. Why is it in the promo art and on the actin figures, caps ears are exposed, I’m a big cap fan and I think he looks dorky with the ear caps on. Someone suggested that it was to protect his ears during battle, but still, doesn’t look right. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • They originally had the helmet sans ear-caps, but apparently it looked worse that way.

    • It was the marketing dept. and bean counters. They already had all the original posters/promo pieces in place (like for the video game) but during shooting they started second guessing weather his ears should be exposed.

      Whomever made the final decision made a mistake imho.

  15. Live overseas and saw this last night at the midnight movie. Not perfect, but darn near close. I am 48 years old and read comics back in the $.12, .15, .20 & .25 days. This movie was a little slow in getting started, but once it was rolling, it was great.

    You are going to love it in the US. Enjoy!


    • oh yeah… the Hulk pretty much owns the last 20 mins of the movie. Very, very cool.

  16. Such a great superhero film saw it yesterday in IMax 3D what an expirence it was amazing lots of funny whitey lines that will stay with you long after the film has finished. It is one of the best superhero movies that has ever been made full of action and it is amazing how every team member gets to shine and it is not revolved around one character a great great movie go and see it in IMax 3D it wont let you down

  17. I gotta agree, Hulk does finally look like he should.

    I’m excited for this movie!

  18. Agreed about Hulk finally lookin better now. There’s that old saying: 3rd time’s the Charm? I also agree about how Whedon was the right guy to bring these heroes together & believe he wants to make film best as he can. Love that scene of them standing their ground.

  19. black wido’s part is alot more significant in this film, scarjo did an awsome job :D

  20. As much as I loved this flick, the fanboy in me wished for Ant-Man and wasp to make a cameo to introduce themselves. I understand that Ant- Man and Wasp, aren’t as marketable as stand alone films, but their powers and stories are essential to the Avengers storyline.