‘The Avengers’: Helicarrier Images & Captain America Costume Talk

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Now that the Avengers Japanese trailer has offered a first look at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in motion, Walt Disney Pictures has unveiled a dozen new still frames from the Marvel blockbuster that offer an even closer look at the interior of the vessel – along with characters like Bruce Banner and Nick Fury hanging out in different areas (laboratory, control deck, etc.) of the Avengers’ massive mobile base of operations.

On top of that, we also have a new interview with Marvel’s go-to visual development supervisor/conceptual artist Ryan Meinerding discussing one of the few elements in The Avengers which has prompted a largely negative response from the steadfast fanbase: Captain America’s renovated costume design.

Have a look at the various rooms and technology housed aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier (and new pics of characters like Hawkeye and Thor, among others) in the latest Avengers photo gallery:


For our money, the architectural layout and design of the Helicarrier is overall top-notch. Most of the surfaces and equipment are observably polished and almost excessively clean, but there’s enough in the way of wear and tear marks (like on the docking bay floor) to give The Avengers‘ moving headquarters a sufficiently lived in quality. The overall shiny aesthetic and comfortably spacious structure of the Helicarrier interior also makes it more apparent just what Avengers helmer Joss Whedon meant when he previously spoke about his camera work becoming “more interesting” once the production moved off-set (and into the less accommodating real world).

Moving on…


Ryan Meinerding talks Captain America’s outfit in The Avengers

captain america avengers The Avengers: Helicarrier Images & Captain America Costume Talk

One of the preliminary points of contention among Marvel fans with respect to The Avengers has to do with Captain America’s “modernized” outfit, especially his new helmet. While it’s somewhat of a nitpicking point of debate, and one that’ll probably be largely forgotten once the actual movie is released, we’re still six weeks away from said theatrical launch date. So, seeing how The Avengers visual development supervisor Ryan Meindering has spoken out about the thought process behind Cap’s renovated costume, we might as well carry on about it for a bit longer, yes?

Here is what Meindering offered CineComics.fr with regards to Cap’s uniform in The Avengers (per usual, take all this as you will):

“… With [Cap's costume in 'The First Avenger'] I was really, really involved with trying to make [Chris Evans] look as big and strong and powerful as possible… Joss [Whedon] really had a desire with [Cap's 'Avengers' suit] to feel like the comic version… He wanted Cap to feel like the Cap that he remembered from the comics [with] red, white, and blue stripes, there’s no straps, there’s no gear… We did have a few problems with the helmet… Initially, he did have his ears exposed and people were worried that it wasn’t working, so we ended up covering the ears… In the end, I’ve seen the movie, I’ve seen how it all turns out… I think it looks cool, it doesn’t bother me in a way that it could… When the movie comes out, I think people will be very excited about it.”

For much more from Meindering about his experience working on The Avengers (and on Marvel Studio projects in general), check out the full interview.


The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, and Tom Hiddleston. It was written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.


Source: Walt Disney Pictures, CineComics.fr [via Comic Book Movie]

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  1. Take off your coat Fury, stay a while. Seriously, is there a heating problem on the bridge? That long leather coat would be warm as heck, I guess the coat hides Fury’s big gun. Ha.

    • must be uncomfortable to wear a long coat during the fights,but it looks cool. so,who cares. there were two movies i was so anticipated for. the first was -the dark knight-in 2008,and the second -the avengers-(i think i´m not the only one). this hype will became a place in moviehistory. 26th april for me,i´m from europe,hehehe !

  2. The helicarrier might steal the show for me. It is going to be awesome to see the helicarrier realized on the big screen.

  3. Not a big deal, but I liked Cap’s other costume better. Perhaps they will revise it again in the next movie.

  4. In the photo above with Chris Evans you can see the were the ears were to be exposed in his helmet and i guess they changed it and put the fabric underneath like in other photos.

  5. “He wanted Cap to feel like the Cap that he remembered from the comics [with] red, white, and blue stripes, there’s no straps, there’s no gear”

    Ugh Joss. In the scheme of things, Captain America’s costume doesn’t mean much. I’m much more concerned about the writing, directing, cinematography etc, but man, that costume is ugly. It doesn’t keep me up at night, but every time I look at it it sticks out in comparison to the rest of the characters, who seem to have modern looking and practical costumes. Ugh haha I feel like a total loser for being bothered by this, but it is what it is.

    • One man’s opinion Jim, and you are entitled to it. Personally I think the costume looks great. Its is, after all, a costume. I like that Joss is making this as much like the comics as possible. Very little conformity is what I am seeing (like the habits that the folks over at Fox have).

      • @ Alpine

        Good point about Fox. Kudos!

    • People keep repeatedly forgetting (or maybe they don’t know?) that some things look way better on film and in movement than they do in stills. It’s a general rule of film promotion: stills and in-action are two environments that can make the exact same object or setting look completely different.

      Personally I realize that the suit looks better when he’s running and throwing than it does when he’s standing in a still shot, mid-stride. A lot of the complainers wouldn’t have anything to complain about if they would attach their brainstems in this regards.

  6. I actually prefer Cap’s outfit in this opposed to the WW2 one.

  7. I like the look of the Helicarrier. I don’t don’t mind the design of Caps suit, but I do wish they went with a deeper more flag colored blue. This blue is too powder blue, and considering the rest of the team is dressed darker, it just doesn’t fit in right with the rest of the team.

    Still, I’m glad to see a movie where all of these heroes get to work together. I wish DC would get their act in gear and match it with a Decent Justice League movie.

    • The powder blue partially comes from the suede/nubuck texture of the suit, which diffuses the lighting and makes it look lighter in color.

  8. I think finally, amongst all of the negativity surrounding superheroes and their “authentic” comic book looks, Joss treats Cap with rooted respect. And yeah, it looks a little like an american gladiator tryout uniform, but, hey, everyone got what they wanted.

  9. I personally think THORS custom is the best

  10. The biggest issue with the Captain America suit for me is material choice.
    It looks like cheap polyester whereas the WWII suit looked like good
    old fashioned natural fibers suitable for rough and tumble action.
    Cap looks like a plastic action figure in some of the new pics.

    • Take a look at modern flack vests, they modeled the torso piece after it.

    • @ Robert Palmar

      You wrote 4 lines! How unusual. Usually every one of your comments is 3 lines, groups of threes. Are you on Screenrant steroids? lol

      • Thanks for making me laugh, Pitt Man.
        And thanks for noticing my comments.
        Just for you I’ll add this line to make 3.

    • It looks like suede or nubuck to me, which I love. I also dig the segmented armor sections, like a flak jacket.

  11. I was mad with the wwII costume it looked dumb and was nothing like the comics. This one looks better to me, still not completely correct, but no ones perfect.

    • What is “completely correct”? There are many different versions in the comics and all would be hard to replicate on screen.

      • They did a near exact costume as his USO suit and it looked silly. It was kind of there as a nod and to say that these things don’t always work in real life. It gave them good cause to go more practical. Although his Avengers suit looks like a step back to his USO suit to me.

  12. cap’s costume is supposed to be that way…he is the symbol of america…he is the one the others are to look to for leadership…he is not the stealth agent that widow and hawkeye are supposed to be…also I like that fact that joss chose to go a little more comic book for the uniform…

  13. What is Bruce Banner doing in that pic?

    • We’ll find out soon enough… :D

      • Correction… NOT soon enough… :D

  14. I’ve said it before and I’l say it again, Cap’s costume looks awesome when he’s in motion – like in the trailers. It’s only the stills that look… bad IMO.

    I couldn’t be more excited for this movie. Only 37 days to go man!!!! :D

    • Actually, that is true.

      • Well… don’t sound sound so surprised!
        We all know I’m usually right ;)
        (Joking of course)

    • Sir, you and I should keep repeating this litany, and hopefully a few people will remember it going forward.

  15. I take back everything I said abot Caps costume, except I wish he would wear the mask more. All the haters will be silenced May 4th..

    Ps. Vic, Im the guy who was talking all that smack about Captain Americas costume and you blocked me from commenting. IMMMMMMMMM BAAAAAAAACK :)

  16. the poster behind this guy looks awesome,why they don´t show us that one.

  17. What’s wrong with Thors trousers, they look awkward with this angulary-flat foam inside. That’s a strange design.
    I don’t know what it is for and I didn’t noticed it in earlier designs, it looks stupid.

  18. The only problem I see, at this juncture, is the acting of ScarJo. I think the costumes look great, the action looks great, and all the other actors have proven their worth. I think ScarJo may make the rating suffer a half point.

    • Scarjo as Widow is rubbing off on me.


      • That’s why I only said acting.

        Giggity. 8-)

      • Funny, I’m rubbing off on her.

      • Lolz

  19. nice nice , thor(hemsworth)looks absolutely perfect now. man, is this guy a bear. thanks to kenneth branagh that he casted him as thor.

  20. Cap’s costume is just awful. His WWII outfit was TONS better.

    TO compare his outfit to any other Avenger in this movie makes him look like a cartoon. The weakest element of this so far is definitely that awful cheesy costume.

  21. That’s the worst cap costume I’ve ever seen. If you wanted to make it look the Cap remembered from the comics, then why didn’t you use the comic book costume. This looks like something a kid put together for cosplay.

    • I seriously see nothing wrong with Cap’s costume.

  22. I am still wondering why they are using Harriers… They are already on their way out, if this movie takes place in the future, they should be long gone and there should be F-35B’s in their place instead…

  23. I think Cap’s costume looks great. What cracks me up is people saying this costume looks bad and right after say “why didn’t he just use the one from the comics” *facepalm*.

  24. I do agree that in the stills the costume looks bad, but like the others said if you watch the trailer and look at the same still in motion, he looks AWESOME!! This movie will be epic.

  25. About Meindering’s comment that….

    “I’ve seen the movie, I’ve seen how it all turns out… I think it looks cool, it doesn’t bother me in a way that it could… When the movie comes out, I think people will be very excited about it.”

    Of COURSE he thinks it looks good, he it responsible for it! This is akin to asking a yes man for their opinion. A pretty much meaningless and hollow comment imho. It’s just too funny though that they had it correct originally but then, “people got worried”. i.e. Studio execs and bean counters over thought the situation and this is what we got. :P

    As for those of you who think, “Captain America’s costume doesn’t mean much” (including the director and concept artists apparently), you are all dead wrong. There are specific and very relevant reasons why the costume was designed the way it was.

    (Forgive me but I’m gonna plagiarize myself to save time)

    The reason why the creators gave him scalemail in the first place was to reflect his knightly demeanor (you know, shield and armor?) He is also an anachronism on multiple levels. His way of thinking, chivalry, etc. is from a different era and they chose a way to reflect that outwardly; The knight out of his time, type of thing. So “modernizing” his uniform has essentially stripped that unique quality (and rationale) from the character.

    I know not many would even have known that, so maybe it’s a bit too esoteric for most but I don’t think that’s a good excuse. The fact is, they could have made scalemail work if they had been willing to put forth the effort. Plus he may have better matched Thor’s and Iron Mans outfits and wouldn’t have looked so out of place in the group.

    • I don’t really buy into your argument that changing the costume away from scale mail ditches or circumvents Cap’s chivalrous qualities. His beliefs and behavior come from himself, not from what he wears.

      Sure, in the comics they used his costume to display certain aspects of his character, but in film you don’t have to be as heavy-handed to express these things. There’s movement and dialogue and facial expressions to do that. Changing Cap’s uniform from red white & blue to red white & blue with a different design doesn’t really change anything.

      • Did I say they removed those qualities? No, only that there was a specific reason for the costume design and the modernization removed those external visual (but important) ques. Using scalemail would have also helped Cap. relate visually to the other characters like IM and Thor, instead he looks out of place in the group.

        And if it were not important then why does virtually every incarnation of Captain America keep the iconic look? Any artist over the years could have “modernized” the costume but yet the scalemail remains. (please don’t go to the trouble of finding the one picture because I know they do exist)

  26. from wikipedia – “Captain America’s uniform is made of a fire-retardant material, and he wears a lightweight, bulletproof “duralumin” scale armor beneath his uniform for added protection”
    that is in the comics universe. 616 or ultimates or whatever. this new uniform is in the MCU. different origins, different stories, different materials, just different.
    ’nuff said.

    • Yes, because we know that the scalemail NEVER shows in any of the comics.

      And using the, “this is a different universe” gambit is a lame duck argument when you can’t think of any reasonable argument against it. Might as well just say, “because”. Didn’t work for Thor and doesn’t work here for the same reasons.

      • Look man, it’s not going to happen. You made some excellent points, but the scale-mail armor won’t be making an appearance anytime soon.
        Might as well stop fussing over it (sorry if that sounds a bit harsh – you know I don’t mean any offense).

        Plus, we don’t even know the whole story yet… they might explain Cap’s new costume in the movie.
        There’s a reason they didn’t go with scale-mail, which I’m sure they’ll tell us about on the DVD, but for now, we might as well be happy with what we got – Captain America appearing in the freaking AVENGERS!!!!

        • I know it’s not going to happen and am not fussing over it. I was just responding to those who didn’t think the costume itself had any real significance past displaying America’s colors. If you read just what I posted and try not to think about our last conversation, it would make more sense.

      • oh i’m sorry, i didn’t realize i’m not allowed to have an opinion that is different than yours, and that any opinion that doesn’t conform to yours is a “lame duck”. i feel sorry for you dude. you’re going to be sitting in the theater stressing over cap’s lack of knightliness. you even said, “I know not many would even have known that, so maybe it’s a bit too esoteric for most but I don’t think that’s a good excuse.” well, what is a good excuse? i personally don’t see how he looks out of place. just because it appears he’s not wearing any metal? for me, i see the comic pics making his suit look more reptilian than knightly, but i guess thats because i’m not very esoteric. my point of “different universe, different materials…” is that we have not seen the movie, we don’t know what the suit is made of, we just don’t know. but if you wish to remain close minded about it, then go for it. sorry if this is not a reasonable argument for you. i can only go on the information i have been provided thus far, which is very little.

          • None of the characters went shopping at the same costume store and coordinated colors and materials, so saying Cap looks out of place because of his costume seems to be spurious argument at best. I would agree that he looks different from the people next to him on the team, but the other members also look different from each other. It’s expected and canon.

            It’s been established that Marvel Cinematic Universe is part Ultimates and mostly 616, so talking it down because Cap’s uniform isn’t EXACTLY like Ultimates seems like a stretch. Film makers muck around with designs and like to come up with new stuff…this isn’t a surprise, and it’s par for the course when it comes to comics adaptation.

            With all the awesome, great stuff coming out of Whedon’s take on this franchise, I’m surprised that people are glomming so hard onto what are frankly minor foibles about one character’s costume. I realize it’s because we only have a few visual details to go by, and in those situations before a film releases, people will obsess over the 1 or 2 things they don’t like, but it’s reaching absurdist levels at this point. I almost feel like I could write a one-man absurdist comedy show about the sins of Captain America’s new costume.

            • My point in that statement was, I’m not the only one who thought so. Cap looking out of place was a pretty common response when we saw the first trailer with them grouped up back to back. So forgive me if I am simply part of the majority and was just thought using his iconic scalemail shirt might have helped him relate visually to the group dynamic a bit better. I know this movie is a done deal but am I not allowed to entertain any fanciful ideas?

              And just because they do “muck around with designs” doesn’t mean they either HAD to or should have ;)

          • How about this for a reason? The Avengers are a group put together by Shield. Basically a special forces task force or whatever. Why would they give one of there members a chain mail uniform? They have the money so I guess it could be made from adamantium, but why reference wolverine when you don’t have to? I’m sure the new suit is made from some special fibre which gives fantastic protection and is designed by earths best. I’d prefer something more iconic or even TFA uniform, but until the movie comes out and the suit gets a context, just accept it.

            • First off it’s not chain, it’s scale (yes, there is a big difference). And, right out of the comics, it IS a high tech material called duralumin so why couldn’t SHIELD have made it for him? They could have been the ones to establish the iconic look in this universe but instead they went with a boring looking fabric. You can describe it as anything you like but the fact is it’s not a match to the comic version but it easily could have.

          • well sir, as i wasn’t consulted on the writing of the screenplay, or the designing of the film, you will have to ask mr joss whedon that question.
            …and i did not give any “definitive answer no one can rebut.” if i came off that way then i apologize. i happen to like the new uniform, i don’t find the colors too bold, or the lack of scale armor a bad thing, & i think the boots look better than the comic book versions.

            • No need to apologize, we are all just discussing and debating here. A long as you aren’t offensive or rude it really doesn’t bother me.

              And I’m not saying the uniform looks bad (well ok, the helmet does), just that, imho it cold have looked much better by staying true to the comic origins.

              Also I don’t really know if swashbuckler boots would ever work on anything other than a pirate in real life.

  27. I’m sure Cap’s suit will look great in motion. I want Hawkeye’s jacket so bad!!