Rumor Patrol: Joaquin Phoenix is The Hulk in ‘Avengers’

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The Incredible Hulk Rumor Patrol: Joaquin Phoenix is The Hulk in Avengers

Now that they have officially announced that Edward Norton will be replaced as The Incredible Hulk in the upcoming film version of The Avengers, Marvel Studios is hoping to find his replacement by the time the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con rolls around at the end of next week.

One of the potential candidates to play scientist Bruce Banner / The Hulk in the Joss Whedon-directed Avengers film is rumored to be none other than two-time Oscar nominee and (to put it politely) eccentric performer, Joaquin Phoenix.

Marvel essentially confirmed that The Hulk will appear in the Avengers movie at the beginning of this year and held talks with Norton to have him reprise his role for several months.  Despite the actor’s claims that his return would depend on fanboy support, Marvel’s final decision was seemingly affected by their previous clash with Norton over the 2008 Incredible Hulk film.

The idea that Marvel would go with Phoenix is, at first glance, a curious one – especially after they accused Norton of not being “an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members.” Phoenix does not have a reputation for being the “easy to get along with” type and his antics over the past year have left most people wondering if he’s even sane, or if his retirement from acting to pursue a rapping career was a bit of performance art that even Sacha Baron Cohen would envy.

Joaquin Phoenix Rumor Patrol: Joaquin Phoenix is The Hulk in Avengers

Phoenix's infamous appearance with David Letterman.

Phoenix was previously best known for his solid turns in independent fare like To Die For and Buffalo Soldiers – not to mention his Academy Award-nominated performances in Gladiator and Walk the Line.  The possibility that he could become involved with a comic book movie franchise would certainly be welcomed by fans that have been hoping to see him return to his acting career.

The artist would also be a relatively cheap choice for Marvel, who reportedly wants a low-cost performer to fill the role of the Hulk in The Avengers.  Phoenix will undoubtedly be denied the same degree of creative input that Norton was allowed with The Incredible Hulk, so it seems unlikely that he could prove too disruptive to the production process – regardless of his attitude on set.

Joaquin Phoenix playing a character who can suddenly lose it and erupt in an epic freakout… Nah, too easy ;-). We’ll just say that he is fully capable of playing a smart yet deeply troubled character and leave it at that.

Ultimately we’ll get confirmation of who will be playing the Hulk in Avengers during Marvel’s 2010 Comic-Con panels, which will be held next week. Be sure to stay tuned to Screen Rant’s Official Comic-Con page for the latest.

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The Avengers will arrive in theaters on May 4th, 2012.

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  1. Injured ? Yes. Died ? No. At no point did he die he passed out he got hurt but he didn’t die.

    The Doomsday fight took him out of action for a year. In Sr he passed out and woke up a minute later that’s hardly a death. By those standards I had an epic death when I was 11 wrecked my bike and was out cold for 15 mins.

    SR simply didn’t have anything going for it. Superman just was not himself that movie had him acting so out of character they may as well of called him something else. Or made it Supermans creepy scum bag uncle. Same with Lex it was said to see a great character like luthor so mis handled. Then there were the plot holes. The story just made no sense.

    I’m still amazed that someone made Clark Kent an unlikable character lol I mean the nicest guy around and they they made you feel awkward about him.

  2. Screw that, if they recast Superman you can kiss my ares goodbye.!

    (you know if they do it will be tweeny!)

    Ahhhh! I’ve had enough of this recasting bs!

    • lol, me too damnit

    • Who isn’t? As long as the pick good the next best actor then I got no complaints.

      Also 790 I still say Adrian Brody.(or Shartlo Copley)

  3. Dream on, MercWadeWilson.
    I hope you live out and enjoy your Adrian Brody fantasies on this post.
    However, he will never be cast as Bruce Banner.

    Haa haaaaa!!!


  4. I like Adam Baldwin myself as a actor. To me seems more perfect to play Hal Jordan/Green Lantern with Superman coming in 2nd.

  5. I’ll say this Wally if Lex is the main villain again I won’t even bother seeing this new Superman. Superman has more than one good villian and I’d like to see Superman actually fight some one for once. I’m beyond sick of Lex Luthor In superman films. I’d like to see Dark Seid, Brainiac or even Dooms Day for once.

    • i’d like to see Brainic..and im not talking about the Smallville version

      • Brainiac*, lol

  6. I don’t think he is at all good for Hal Jordan. Adam is huge far to large and muscular for Jordan. I’m not saying Hal is week I’m just saying in the comic he’s always smaller than Superman and Batman. By casting him as Hal you’d be making him bigger than any potential Superman lol. I want a believable Superman with muscle like in the comics. Not to the unrealistic size of the comics but a decent size certainly larger than any other hero actors roughly the same size as Thor at least. Baldwin fits that.

    • @ Daniel F

      I guess you wont be seeing it then cause i hate to say that it seems the villains so far are Lex Luthor & Brainiac in the film. I know what you mean and agree, id like to see Superman go up against a physical threat and trading punches etc. Id love to see Darkseid since he’s one of my favorites, especially if they got Michael Ironside to voice him while someone else is in costume maybe. As for Doomsday, if they went with the Death & Return of Superman idea then id only wanna see Doomsday. Not CGI, but like what they had him on Smallville. But i feel it would take two films or even a whole trilogy to tell the whole thing properly. I wouldnt wanna see another Superman: Doomsday in live-action in theaters.

      Reason i prefer Adam Balwin as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern more so over Superman is because he seems more like the military person like. And his voice sounds like a Hal Jordan Green Lantern, probly because after hearing his voice as Hal Jordan in a cameo in Justice League Unlimited.

  7. @ 790

    Seen Predators? I finally saw it last night, it sure did kinda had the feel of the original. I was hoping to see more of the classic Predator, hopfully in the sequel i will. Fishbourne didnt have that much screentime neither despite i liked how his character survived aslong as he did in the film, especially how he sneaked up on the new arrivals. The new Predator’s heads looked alittle bigger but not that big, and didnt seem that taller than the classic but ill be seeing the film again. I loved the sword fight between the guy and the Predator and how they played the same music from the original just before Billy was killed. I couldnt get good look cause it was too fast but Brody’s machete kinda looked like Billy’s too from the original, forget what scene it was where i got a glipse of the side of it.

    On a different note i read on imdb that Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, Paul Hogan are (rumored) to be in Tremors 5 while Michael Gross is listed as (In Talks)

  8. How about Bill Bixby? Oh wait, he’s dead. Then maybe Zach Levi. He’s been mentioned for every other role here.