There are so many promising titles scheduled to hit theaters in 2012 that only a fraction of them actually made it onto our most anticipated list for the year. The ones we chose included Marvel’s superhero ensemble teamup (The Avengers), director Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-Earth (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey), director Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien-verse (Prometheus), a “revisionist” history lesson (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and a genuinely cool-looking new spin on a classic fairy tale (Snow White and the Huntsman).

Today, we have new images (courtesy of USA Today‘s own anticipated 2012 movies list) to show off from all of those titles, along with two other significant 2012 movies: Pixar’s original princess fairy tale flick, Brave, and the sci-fi/comic book threequel Men in Black III.

The Avengers

Marvel Studios and writer/director Joss Whedon are attempting the never-before-attempted task of making a live-action superhero movie that features multiple popular comic book icons. The eponymous squad will not only be pitted against formidable opposition, in the form of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his mysterious collaborators, but also have to handle the inevitable clash between their individual larger-than-life personalities.

Early footage from the film looks pretty promising in both regards – having provided glimpses of spectacular city-destroying action, heated exchanges between the likes of Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) and Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and even brief looks at Cap coming to blows with fellow teammate Thor (Chris Hemworth).

The First Avenger and the God of Thunder are seemingly on better terms in the latest Avengers image (being united against an extraterrestrial invasion surely helps), as you can see below:

avengers today New Images From The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus & More

The Avengers assemble in theaters around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.

Men in Black III

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back as Agents K and J in Men in Black III, but early indications are that the two will be separated for most of the film – seeing how the latter spends a good deal of time back in the late 1960s, working with a younger K (Josh Brolin) to prevent a time-traveling, havoc-wreking alien named Boris (Jermaine Clement) from destroying the Earth’s future.

The MIB 3 teaser trailer suggested that Brolin has the potential to be a scene-stealer in the film; in fact, the actor’s involvement alone could very well prove to be the shot of fresh blood needed to rejuvenate this faltering franchise.

Rest assured, though, Jones and Smith will still share the screen together, as you can see in the new MIB 3 image below:

meninblack3photo New Images From The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus & More

Men in Black III hits U.S. theaters in the 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D format on May 25th, 2012.

Snow White and the Huntsman

The news that Universal was planning to rework the classic Grimm tale of Snow White as a fantasy epic in the vein of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Game of Thrones series caused many an eyebrow to be raised in confusion and skepticism. When an official teaser trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman was unveiled, pretty much everyone had their eyebrows raised – this time, in a good way.

Excitement for Huntsman is now pretty high, thanks in no small part to what looks to be one of the film’s major highlights: Charlize Theron as a beautiful, but cruel female monarch who literally sucks the life out of others, in order to maintain her lovely exterior.

Check out Theron in her threatening Queen garb in the Snow White and the Huntsman image below:

snow pg horizontal New Images From The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus & More

Snow White and the Huntsman will hit theaters in the U.S. on June 1st, 2012.


Scott’s former (current?) Alien prequel, Prometheus, sounds like a pretty fascinating mix of existential sci-fi and cosmic horror, especially as described by the filmmaker himself. The film’s newly-released teaser trailer has only heightened excitement surrounding the project, thanks to its enigmatically foreboding design and stylistic homage to Scott’s original 1979 sci-fi/horror creation.

The Prometheus cast is pretty shiny too, with people such as Noomi Rapace (the Swedish Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class), Idris Elba (Thor), Guy Pearce (Memento), and Charlize Theron, among others onboard for the trip. Hard to doubt a film with that sort of talent involved.

Check out Rapace as one of the film’s futuristic space explorers in the latest Prometheus pic:

prometheus noomi still New Images From The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus & More

Prometheus hits the scene in 2D and 3D theaters around the U.S. on June 8th, 2012.


Pixar’s new original computer-animated feature, Brave, failed to make Screen Rant‘s top 20 anticipated list for 2012, but it’s easily one of the higher-ranking runner-ups. As evidenced by the film’s trailer, this looks to be a more darkly fantastical and action-packed spin on the traditional Disney princess fairy tale – more so than even the Mouse House’s most recent animated effort, Tangled.

Brave will still boast plenty in the way of kid-friendly humor and light-weight entertainment; that it will also appeal to grown-up moviegoers is welcome news, especially in the lackluster aftermath of Pixar’s most recent film (see: Cars 2).

Get another look at the animation style of Brave in the new pic below:

brave today 570x288 New Images From The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus & More

Brave will be released in 2D and 3D theaters in the U.S. on June 22nd, 2012.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

This Seth Grahame-Smith novel adaptation is definitely a strange beast – and not just because of the attention-grabbing title. Director Timur Bekmambetov has devised a pretty clever way of encompassing the source material’s dead-serious approach: combine inscrutable amounts of historically-accurate production design with hyper-stylized action set pieces and fight scenes.

Vampire Hunter stands out as one of the more “unique” Hollywood blockbusters on the horizon, amidst a sea of sequels and reboots. We’re just hoping that the bizarre setup lends itself to an entertaining movie, when all is said and done.

For an early look at the film’s “historical biopic meets Wanted” aesthetic, check out the new official image from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

abrahamlincolnphoto New Images From The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus & More

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter arrives in 2D and 3D U.S. theaters on June 22nd, 2012.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Tolkien’s The Hobbit novel lacks the sheer scale of the author’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it’s as equally beloved a fantasy tale as that epic work. Jackson has admitted that it was the different tone and narrative structure of The Hobbit which eventually convinced him that going back to Middle-Earth was a good idea – and one that would allow the filmmaker to do more than photo-copy the style of his Rings adaptation.

Martin Freeman (Sherlock) is portraying young Bilbo Baggins in both of Jackson’s Hobbit films, beginning with An Unexpected Journey (pun not intended). By early accounts, he appears to have nailed the character and, thus, lends all the more appeal to this long-gestating project.

You can check out Freeman as the youthful Bilbo in the latest Hobbit image below:

hobbit still New Images From The Avengers, The Hobbit, Prometheus & More

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrives in theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on December 14th, 2012.

Source: USA Today