The Avengers: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier & Quinjet Concept Art

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the avengers movie logo The Avengers: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier & Quinjet Concept Art

Along with Captain America: The First Avenger a few weeks back came our first look at The Avengers through a special post-credits sequence the studios call a “button.” Fans of the Marvel Studios movies should be familiar with these teasers that hint at what’s still to come and he Marvel movies this year were of no exception.

The Avengers footage briefly introduced us to the roster of heroes and some of the settings of the film, most notably the infamous S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier from the comics which Joss Whedon and co. are making sure to adapt into live-action for the film franchise. We got a brief glimpse of what it and the smaller Quinjet fighters it holds look like through The Avengers character posters that released during Comic-Con and now we have concept art that matches the designs.

On the personal website of Michael Meyers, a design visualization artist, there are several galleries of conceptual art he’s done for films for big budget blockbuster films. In the ‘Vehicle’ section of the website, there contains a variety of goodies, showing off designs of vehicles used in Transformers: Dark of the Moon as well as new designs for G.I. Joe 2 and The Avengers.

These include basic sketches for the Helicarrier which perfectly matche what is confirmed by the official poster art, as well as several images of the Quinjet, a vehicle Joe Quesada confirmed would be in the movie in early July.

Take a look and see what new rides The Avengers and the SHIELD organization get to play with:

[Images removed by request of the artist]

Both designs follow the essentials from the various incarnations of the vehicles in the books. The Quinjet is a smaller, faster fighter jet, capable of carrying several passengers and appears regularly in the Avengers Marvel comics. The same can be said for the SHIELD Helicarrier whose design in the film is very close to that of the Ultimates version of the airship which depicts a sleeker, aircraft carrier design with four main engines for flight. See below for reference (click to enlarge).

Ultimates SHIELD Helicarrier 280x280 The Avengers: S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier & Quinjet Concept Art

To see what the inside of the Helicarrier looks like, check out the stills we pulled from The Avengers footage. Are you pysched to see Marvel Studios bringing to live the fictional vehicles of the comic universe?

Seeing artwork is one thing, but how will the real thing compare the recent images and video of Batman’s new flying ride (Batwing?) in The Dark Knight Rises?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.

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Source: Michael Meyers (via CBM)

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  1. Well the quinjet looks viable though I don’t know if I’d want to ride the Helicarrier through a severe storm. It looks aerodynamically like it would get downed pretty easy. I know its feasible to put designs like these in virtual wind tunnels. I wonder what it would cost to do something like that? Probably prohibitive because of all the engineering data and sheer number crunching power the computer has to have. Machine time on something like that has to be costly.

  2. Obviously this would never work in the real world man cmon, if you have just one engine failure and an engine goes out it will completley capsize lol. These pics are lookin pretty damn good

  3. Man, that looks so awesome. Just as I imagined the vehicles would look. It’s as accurate to the comic books as it can get and it still manages to look realistic (although, we should keep in mind, this is only concept-art)

    Dark Knight Rises, MOVE OVER, we have the new “biggest 2012 blockbuster” right here and it’s called THE AVENGERS! 😀

    • While I am a lot more excited about The Avenger than I thought I’d ever be, I don’t think it’ll beat The Dark Knight Rises. Don’t get me wrong. It’ll make over $100 Mil opening weekend, and probably make over $350 Mil during it’s run – it’ll do very well. But I see The Dark Knight Rises topping $150 Mil opening weekend and $500 during it’s run.

      • Well, (and I know I’ll get some “hate” for what I’m about to say)… from what I’ve seen and heard of TDKR it is looking like a mess (to me)… they have Hathaway as Catwoman (without the “cat” part), they have a short, Bane (who isn’t as “buff” as he should be), they have the same ol’ vehicle (Tumbler) and the new vehicle (the jet thing) doesn’t look good at all. The plot points also seem a bit off (from what I’ve read)

        But sadly it is true… TDKR will probably make more money due to the reputation from the previous movies alone. *Sigh* :(

        • I agree 100%.

        • I think people are way too quick to judge. To make a final opinion when they’ve barely seen anything. From what i’ve read and heard by the actors, the story is the best out of the batman movies. I don’t see how having the same vehicles is such a bad thing, sure it would be cool to have new stuff, but is it really that negative? The jet looks ugly I agree, but oh well. It’s just a minor detail. Maybe it will bug me in the movie and maybe it won’t. And I don’t care about the Bane and Catwoman issue. I’ve seen a few set photos. I’ll wait until I see some real footage. And you really judge when you’ve only read a few plot points? really?

          • Very well said.

          • Thats probably what people thought about Spiderman 3 and we see how that turned out.

            • Yep you’re right. That is exactly what people thought. So this isn’t going to be any different. Why am I so positive? Clearly, this movie will suck. LIKE spiderman 3!

  4. This is what a jet is supposed to look like.

  5. Everythings looking pretty cool. Right on schedule. Maybe they’ll be done filming in time for a December, 2011 release. :)

    • I hope not 😉

      I want this movie to be EPIC – that means they should take as much time as possible with the CGI, the score, etc.

  6. They look alot better than the bat terd Nolan came up with.

    • True dat! 😀

  7. this looks friking amazing

  8. Like the “bat turd” or not, you can’t change the fact that people can’t stop talking about TDKR, even on a post concerning The Avengers. TDKR will be THE movie to beat, quit whining and complaining about Nolan’s creative liberties, let the man work his magic and complete his movie, which will kill audiences from over exposure to Pure Awesomeness.

    • The only good thing about TDKR is that Nolan is done with Batman after and the way TDKR looks ill probably just wait for the Blu Ray. Especially if it makes me fall asleep in the theater like TDK did.

      • No, there are quite a few good things about TDKR, actually.

  9. Haha fanboy wars.

  10. Hahahaha

    Batman dominates every comic book/movie forum there is regardless of relevance. Feel the Nolan. Love the Nolan. Hate the Nolan.

    • Ikr what the heck, this article literally has NOTHING to do with Batman and of course they have to add:
      “Seeing artwork is one thing, but how will the real thing compare the recent images and video of Batman’s new flying ride (Batwing?) in The Dark Knight Rises?”

      • And people still wonder why we call it a cult…

        • You mean cultS, right?

          There is the the “Cult of Nolan”, AND there is YOUR cult: “The Cult AGAINST Nolan”.

          You do as much complaining as they do praising.

          • If you say so…

  11. Looks pretty good, I hope this turns out well.

  12. I do have to admit, im a little worried about TDKR. Reason is because, sites are leaking set photos and videos like cray, and people are being spolied by it. Thats why i am no longer looking at ANYTHING this related to TDKR. Unless its a new trailer. I want to have that suprised feeling when I watch the final product.

    But for the Avengers, im pretty excited to see what they do with this movie. ILM is doing the visual effects, which is one of my fav visual effects company. So visually, i think its gonna be a treat.

  13. Wahh! Put the photos back up!!! Wahhh!

  14. Wahh! Put the photos back!!! Wahhh!

  15. Man… I REALLY shouldn’t have brought up TDKR topic 😉

    I know TDKR will be the moneymaker of the year, and I know more people will go and see it, but I still think, QUALITY WISE (from what we’ve seen) The Avengers will be the better movie. I’m not gonna cast a “final judgement” until I’ve seen both films, but I’m merely saying I THINK Avengers will be better than TDKR.

    …So… uuuummm…. let’s move on to ACTUAL subject of this post: THE AIRCRAFT 😀

    • “At this point, they can’t stop us. But the Bat—man has a talent for disruption”

      • What? A random quote from TDK? LOL 😀

  16. Hope it doesn’t end up looking like the old Thundersub cartoon. I would really like the Avengers movie to be as realistic as possible when it comes to human achievements. A monstrous helicarrier is not an item that can be kept secret from the rest of the world. With SHIELD into covert missions, it’s hard to imagine how such a massive ‘aerial’ battleship can pass unnoticed in the sky or to rival governments. I know many would disagree with me but I’d rather leave the incredible stuff to the superheroes. I mean it’s acceptable in the comics for SHIELD to build stuff like that but in the movies it begs the question: why do they need Iron Man if they are capable of designing such technology themselves?

    I’d let SHIELD do only James Bond/Mission Impossible-style gadget stuff and yes the quinjet but flying carriers in the comics.

    • Dude wth the Helicarrier is awesome! Your like the only guy anywhere ive seen complaining. I’m glad they actually put it in the movie, wasn’t sure they were awhile back. And its a CBM and SHIELD is super high tech anyways, they aren’t like the CIA or FBI.

    • Claude, SHIELD isn´t that secret in Marvel Movie Universe. They´re comparable to the CIA. And they need Iron Man, because a Helicarrier can´t go down the street and punching bad guys. And besides that, I think it´s not impossible that Stark designed the Carrier. Or at least his company built it.

  17. I hope they take forever to make this movie and just as long in the editing room. I’m hoping for a two hour (ATLEAST) long movie, not counting the credits. This movie has been along time coming and honestly until Cpt. America I didnt think they could pull it off but if this is happening it needs to be done right.

    • Because the fanboys asked Mr Wheadon how long he had to keep The Avengers caged up in post poduction like a slave, he said “FOR-EV-FUR-FOR-EV-FUR-FOR-EV-FUR-FOR-EV-FUR”

  18. I think that it could go both ways on the avengers or the dark knight rises for who gets a bigger box office record. Pesonally thou i think the dark knight rises will have a much better script and storyline i also believe that even thou lately the dark knight rises has had alot of critisism, so did the dark knight, and batman begins, for the dark knight they all thought Heath Ledger was going to do a shiitty job as the joker but no his acting was superb, for begins they thought it would turn out like batman forever but no it didnt. I also think it will not get the third movie curse, as not all movies get it plus it has the director Chris Nolan who many people think is highly overated but the majority think hes great and to me every film he done has had great succses from people who watch it to reviews online.
    I will stall watch The Avengers and think it will be good but absoulutly nothing to the dark knight rises.
    That is only my opinion thou.

  19. Hey when I critiqued the Helicarrier I saw the art as perhaps something intermediate, of course it would have some aux thrusters and such for stabilization. Heil I wouldn’t be surprised if their use wasn’t written into the script! Looking at modern jet technology and the thorough upkeep they get these days one can justify a straightforward design with four main pods developed by Pym and Stark and manufactured using Stark’s arc technology as a core component. On top of this we don’t know how many carriers will be deployed in the movie-verse, so repairs and upkeep is going to be a natural thing. Especially with wild cards like The Hulk running arround… 😉

  20. HA! I know it’s been years, but I have to say it. XD Everyone who said that TDKR would make more money than the Avengers was WRONG! BWAHAHAHA WRONG WRONG WRONG BWAHAHAHA. Made my day. XD