‘Avengers’ Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

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The Avengers First Look Avengers Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

With every major superhero film comes an iconic costume adapted into live-action. In the case of Marvel Studios, they’ve kept true to the colorful and sometimes other-worldly designs of their Avengers team members and now they’re all coming together for a costume party, hosted by Joss Whedon.

We already know how Black Widow, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man look in the modern era, but we’ve yet to see Hawkeye’s full get-up, nor have we see what Captain America’s costume will be after he awakens in the current timeline. Thanks to a new promo poster, we now know what to expect.

Over a year before Jeremy Renner officially signed with Marvel Studios to play Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in The Avengers, he was dropping details on the character’s costume. Everything he ended up saying has come true and so it’s no surprise to see his costume match his description as well.

Back in 2009, Renner described Hawkeye’s film universe attire as something very close to the Ultimates design of the character:

“Yeah, but it’s going to be modernized, it’s not going to be the guy with the big purple (mask), it’s not going to be a guy in tights. It’s going to be a guy in sunglasses and a vest. He’s going to be more modernized and I’m gonna say, ‘A cooler-looking version’ and not the big weird costume he had on. I don’t think they’re going that route.”

“I think it’s going to be a little more reality-based. You can kind of tell with Scarlett [Johansson]‘s character [in 'Iron Man 2'], it’s going to be more of a uniform . . . and not a big purple, comics sort of thing.”

Coming Soon later saw concept art of the Hawkeye uniform and described it in a similar fashion, as a leather outfit with dark glasses and a SHIELD logo. As we can tell now from this photo of a promotional merchandising poster at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas, that’s definitely the case – click for full size:

The Avengers Movie Costumes1 280x374 Avengers Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

Iron Man is sporting a different set of armor than his Mark VI variant from the end of Iron Man 2, which you can tell from his circular chest plate covering the arc reactor. Since he is Iron Man, and since this movie will sell merchandise, expect one or two entirely new armor designs in the film. Thor obviously will find his way to Earth once again and he’s wearing his traditional Asgardian armor from his first solo film. Black Widow and Hulk look as we expect, but Captain America is wearing a new costume as well.

Chris Evans confirmed that his character would be getting a new outfit for his superhero closet and we can see a much more blue, much more modern costume being worn by him here. Compare Hawkeye and Captain America to their Ultimates and solo film versions, respectively, below.

Hawkeye Captain America Avengers Costumes 280x209 Avengers Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

What are your thoughts on our first, albeit non-live-action, look at The Avengers?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Source: ESQ (via Daily Blam)

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  1. Could that look any cheesier and aimed at children?

    • What do you expect them to look like? They look like the Avengers to me.

      Are they supposed to be in clothing so revealing that it would put Showgirls to shame?

      • It just looks like the cover of a childs novelisation to me. I dont think the general movie going public are going to buy into a superhero team up movie. This has flop written all over it.

        • Well, it’s still an early promo piece. Not the official poster.

          I think they’re just giving us a preview of all the costumes, that’s all. They knew the upcoming toys were going to reveal them soon anyway.

        • Uhhh … X-men there Dr.?

          • “like”. also, to further the argument, they have all the people who have been religiously watching EACH marvel superhero movie as WELL as the people who think “why pay 10 bucks for each hero when i can get all of them in one place for the price of one ticket?” soo… bank!

        • DSB I disagree strongly. I don’t see any logical reason that the general public would reject the film. I think it will sell well enough on Iron Man alone, but add in the others and if they make some great trailers and I think it will be a huge hit.

          IMO no way it doesn’t at least bring in Iron Man numbers.

          • After the two Ironman films, Thor, and the upcoming Captain America film, I see this film doing very well in the box office. It’ got something for everyone. Ironman is there if you dig him, fans of the Thor film get to see Thor in action again, and who knows what Chris Evans will be like in his film, but I’m sure he’ll do a good enough job that his movie will draw in decent numbers.

        • IT is just a promo image.

          I don’t see flop written anywhere on this. But when you make a big budget movie that has the masses completely stoked, then you can point fingers and say FLOP. But until then, just settle for the fact that it’s a mere promo image, not an actual screenshot from the film.

    • It’s a promo poster featuring art… although they do look just like their live-action versions so I don’t see a problem.

      • I like what Todd over at IDLYITW said –

        “Marvel released the first poster today of their much anticipated flick, The Avengers today, and as you can see, it features Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) Captain America (Chris Evans), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo ), and the artwork of the guy who airbrushes 2Pac on t-shirts at the mall.”

        I agree.

        • THen Todd has no clue and is a freakin’ idiot.
          While the design of the shirt may be lacking the technical skill of the artist is superb.
          And WTH is an IDLYITW anyway? SOme kind of new terror device?

          • Todd’s smart and funny as hell.

            By the way…I don’t like you in that way.


          • chill, ink. it just means it’s an obvious picture, not an original drawing.

    • LOL. I’m very sure it could. I like the costumes though. I’d prefer grittier stuff but sticking to the made-for-kids origins and infusing it with the newer stuff while appealing to non-comics readers would probably break the camel’s back lol

    • I’m with DSB on this, it looks like the front to an old 80′s lunchbox. Like someone said below, it looks more like six individual character images photoshoped together than a cohesive team shot. Personally, I liked the photo of the director chairs with the character’s name on it better than this one.

      P.S. The 2Pac t-shirt artist comment was hilarious.

      • Yes! That’s exactly right, that’s what I’m seeing.

  2. thought spiderman was a avenger, were is he???

    • Marvel does not have his movie-rights, so they couldn’t use him in the movie even if they wanted to.

    • Marvel doesn’t own the film rights to spidey

    • Spiderman is not an original Avenger and only joined them Loooooong afterwards along with almost everyother Marvel Super hero.

      • Indeed.

        ******START RANT********

        I love how Spidey, Wolveine etc… who joined the Avengers in the mid 00′s are considered by everyone to be THE Avengers. I honestly do not consider any of them to be real Avengers. They were put in there to up the slumping Avengers sales. There is a LOOOONG list of real Avengers, and those guys arent on it in my book.

        ******END RANT*********

        • so true. that is when I stopped reading Avengers too… after Wolverine came on board.

          • Too bad for you. It was a great run.

            • I agree. Adding Wolverine made no sense before they did it, but some how it worked. Also it was some of the best stories of the last 15 years.

              I think Spiderman was a bad addition though and didn’t help anything.

        • Some of my favorite REAL Avengers (not that anyone asked, but whatever)

          Iron Man
          Scarlet Witch
          Captain Marvel
          Black Knight
          Wonder Man
          Ms. Marvel
          Moon Knight

          Any of those would be awesome to see in the movie (I know some already are in it)

          • I have nothing against the newer Avengers comics but I do agree that Spidey is not a real Avenger….

          • Marvel may have seemd to forget but how could you forget the founding members, Ant-Man & Wasp.

            • I didnt forget them, they are just terrible lol

          • I don’t like most of them honestly. The only Avengers I ever liked

            Iron Man
            Captain America
            Giant Man/Antman

            and yes Wolverine.

            I was never a fan of having Hulk in the Avengers. I thought it was a terrible fit and never really made much sense. I think the last two decades it’s become pretty obvious Marvel has struggled with that decision them selves.

        • Dont really care but if thats true why when i was watching spiderman and his amazing friends was Wolverine seen as a new member of the X-Men and remember this is an early 80′s cartoon. It was the one where Firestar was telling her origin.

          • I’m still waiting for that series to come out on DVD one day…. :(

            • @Manowar It comes on DisneyXD at 2:00-2:30 am just dvr it like me :)

  3. Needs improvement but I like it. The future ones will be better. :)

  4. oh I’am so pumped cap’s new outfit looks great I’am glade thy lost the helmet dont get me wrong I think it looks great in ww2 times but it just wouldn’t look good in mordern times I hope iron man has the hulk buster armore and thor wears his helmet.

  5. This looks odd. I doubt it that Iron Man will revert back to the circular reactor after what happened in IM2, with vibranium and all… Maybe it’s all just concept art? Cool Hawkeye though.

    • I thought the triangle looked terrible.

      • I agree with Sam. The circular reactor was much better.

        • Lol I prefer the triangle, but I find it a funny thing to dislike one or the other IMHO :P But hey, we all have preferences. I’d be ticked if Cap didn’t have wings on his helmet haha.

      • DSB I agree the triangle just didn’t look good. I never could put my finger on it, but it was bad. I feel weird hating a shape on a chest, but it just looks bad.

        • It seemed to make it look like an animated action figure rather than a real costume, there was something about the triangle that just didnt look right.

  6. Looks like bad fan art. Cap looks nothing like Chris Evans.

  7. I like Cap’s modern costume and I like that they went without the mask for Hawkeye. Good call.

    Iron Man looks like Iron Man, Thor looks like Thor. Black Widow looks like Scarlett Johansson.

    Hulk smash. I guess I’m going to have to get over the fact I never saw him as being an Avenger.

    Should be fun regardless.

  8. Good fan made poster but not that great, I hope The Avengers will great and now that Disney distributing the film instead of Paramount Pictures, I hope this film isn’t going to cheesey.

    This will be Marvel’s greatest idea of stupidest idea.

    • I think Joss Whedon will at least make it a watchable movie.

    • Good fan made poster but not that great, I hope The Avengers will be great and now that Disney is distributing the film instead of Paramount Pictures, I hope this film isn’t going to be cheesey.

      This will neither be Marvel’s greatest idea or stupidest idea ever.

  9. Wow, you guys will seriously complain about anything huh? This is the coolest thing ive seen in months, has me pumped. And DrSam specifically, i mean no offense but ive been lurking here for years and you seem to get more and more cynical by the day. Looks EXACTLY like The Avengers, what and where is the problem people?

    • I agree with everything you wrote. This site is becomming nothing but the same 5 people complaining about absolutely everything.

    • More and more cynical by the day? I haven’t been on this site for several months, up until last week when I came back.

      • See? You´re even cynical when you´re not commenting… Muahahahahaha (<- cynical laugh)

        • Your cynical laugh bears a strong resemblance to your evil laugh my friend.

  10. The problem with the poster comes with the poses……it looks like it is intended to be a group shot, yet it also looks like someone took 6 individual pictures and mashed them together like I used to when I was a kid to show my favorite super heroes on a team. Good concept, poorly executed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about it, just wish they would have made more of a group pose than a group action shot where they made no sense being where they were in the shot.

  11. The poster looks kinda fake (you know… fan made). It wasn’t created by marvel was it? Because this just looks too fake to be a REAL PROMOTIONAL POSTER.

    • But “fakeness” aside… the art does look pretty cool – A little corny and childish though…

      • did you even read the article? its real. it was taken at the licensing expo.

  12. They really listened to fans on Cap didn’t they; stripes, red boots and gloves, less hockey pads and actual wings. But what’s with the white stripe on his shoulder?

    And am I the only one who doesn’t want Thor to go all ultimate?

    • I agree with you completely.

      And, I to, think that Ultimate Thor would look stupid on the silver screen (on any screen to be frank.)

    • And I completely DISagree.

      The one thing the “fans” have wanted with Cap. is him wearing his iconic scalemail shirt. Now unless I’m mistaken I see nothing to indicate from that poster he is wearing it. Just looks like a stupid leather/spandex outfit again. /sigh :(


      Even the Ultimates look keeps the scalemail:


      • That might be an easy fix Mongoose, the scale mail thing. By the time this movie comes out the pics should have digital enhancement. This is definitely going to be the movie that the other studios will be strategically placing their own tent poles around, either trying to swoop in ahead of it or ride its coat tales. Going to be an awesome year at the movies…

        • I can only hope that the poster is a bit fanciful and the artist didn’t have all the correct pics to work from but I doubt it. CGI scalemail would be more cost effective and practical if it were real.

  13. Yeesh, I’m a fan and all but I cant believe how badly some of you are bashing this poster. Its the early stages of the movie posters where we get to see a glimpse of Hawkeye’s and caps costumes. I’m excited about it, why cant everyone else?

    • Because we all want PERFECTION!!! Everything we all do in our lives is perfect, so we want everything else to be perfect…..right?? Thats how I see it anyway……

      • by the way, I seem to have taken 1 too many sarcasm pills today. I apologize in advance.

  14. I hope that’s not how the Hulk is going to look.

    • Wow, I hope that he looks that badass in the film.

      • I know I’m in the minority here, but I’m hoping for more of an Ang Lee Hulk with Mark Ruffallo features (and acting), as opposed to the Incredible Hulk. IMO Hulk should be bulky and not look like a green-painted escapee from a muscle magazine. don’t give him so much definition and viens. I think that kind of Hulk has very limited appeal.

  15. Looks terrible. I thought it was a promo for a cartoon.

  16. I thought THOR was going to have cut sleeves
    he looks better with cut sleeves.

  17. 2 Comments
    Post a Comment

    Wepz 1 hour ago

    Lovin it!!!!
    motoko 1 hour ago

    I wish they’d do these posters more old skool. Like old movie posters, like the Indiana Jones ones for example. They just all seem very tacky nowadays. I’d never hang a poster like that on my wall or wear it on a T-shirt. A good design is a good design and will pay off dividends in the long run. If it becomes an iconic image it can have a life of it’s own within collectors, art lovers and fashion.

    It’s not too clear, but it looks like Cap actually has wings on his helmet. I actually prefered the stenciled on ones from the 40′s era movie suit. Also his ears are showing this time. But what’s that on his shoulders? Is it a captain’s rank insignia? (I really don’t know what one looks like.)

  18. Ya know several years ago I kept hearing that a Thor movie couldnt be done and it just wont work. Then a year before it comes out I start hearing that people are looking forward to it. Then it comes out and just about EVERYONE likes it. This has not been done before, EVER! I find that a lot of negative comments come from jealous Justice League fans. Or they just dont know. And that is something none of us know. The characters have mostly established themselves. Im just not real convinced about the director.

  19. And so it begins. 3 years of buildup to…more fan complaints. :-P

    • and more fans complaining about fans complaining. Oh yay.

      • It’s a vicious cycle.

  20. No one is mentioning how the Hulk looks. Is this the first we’ve seen of the new face for Hulk? It doesn’t look too bad.
    Definitely too corny to be the first promo poster.

  21. hawkeye looks like he is gonna hit up a biker bar

  22. I personally like Hawkeye’s classic mask and don’t like that he doesn’t have one. It would’ve been a cool chance for the costume designers to get creative and find a way to make it work on screen. I don’t even see the glasses they were talking about in this image. I hope they at least give him goggles…

    Cap looks awesome though! Really happy they gave him wings and didn’t stick to the Ultimate look that they seem to going for in these movies.

    • Wheres Hawkeye i dont even see him?

  23. I didn’t expect Iron Man to revert back to the Circular Chest-Piece design.

  24. It looks like it was painted by the guy who does the art on the side of traveling carnival rides or those Ford Econline vans with Vikings and half naked warrior women airbrushed on the side.

    Avengers: The Ride

    Now at Disneyland!! :P

  25. People are really complaining about this? Smh it’s a promotional poster. It’s probably only going to be used for merchandise from Hasbro. I don’t even care this here gets me more amped up for the film.

  26. I dont think it would have been the worst thing to see him wearing a mask.

  27. As in Hawkeye.

  28. Looks amazing!

  29. Rob, I thought you had fled to Mars or something! Good to have you back!

    • Cheers Matt!

      Last few weeks I was prepping and then flying to LA for E3 to make this happen: