‘Avengers’ Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

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The Avengers First Look Avengers Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

With every major superhero film comes an iconic costume adapted into live-action. In the case of Marvel Studios, they’ve kept true to the colorful and sometimes other-worldly designs of their Avengers team members and now they’re all coming together for a costume party, hosted by Joss Whedon.

We already know how Black Widow, Hulk, Thor and Iron Man look in the modern era, but we’ve yet to see Hawkeye’s full get-up, nor have we see what Captain America’s costume will be after he awakens in the current timeline. Thanks to a new promo poster, we now know what to expect.

Over a year before Jeremy Renner officially signed with Marvel Studios to play Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in The Avengers, he was dropping details on the character’s costume. Everything he ended up saying has come true and so it’s no surprise to see his costume match his description as well.

Back in 2009, Renner described Hawkeye’s film universe attire as something very close to the Ultimates design of the character:

“Yeah, but it’s going to be modernized, it’s not going to be the guy with the big purple (mask), it’s not going to be a guy in tights. It’s going to be a guy in sunglasses and a vest. He’s going to be more modernized and I’m gonna say, ‘A cooler-looking version’ and not the big weird costume he had on. I don’t think they’re going that route.”

“I think it’s going to be a little more reality-based. You can kind of tell with Scarlett [Johansson]‘s character [in 'Iron Man 2'], it’s going to be more of a uniform . . . and not a big purple, comics sort of thing.”

Coming Soon later saw concept art of the Hawkeye uniform and described it in a similar fashion, as a leather outfit with dark glasses and a SHIELD logo. As we can tell now from this photo of a promotional merchandising poster at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas, that’s definitely the case – click for full size:

The Avengers Movie Costumes1 280x374 Avengers Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

Iron Man is sporting a different set of armor than his Mark VI variant from the end of Iron Man 2, which you can tell from his circular chest plate covering the arc reactor. Since he is Iron Man, and since this movie will sell merchandise, expect one or two entirely new armor designs in the film. Thor obviously will find his way to Earth once again and he’s wearing his traditional Asgardian armor from his first solo film. Black Widow and Hulk look as we expect, but Captain America is wearing a new costume as well.

Chris Evans confirmed that his character would be getting a new outfit for his superhero closet and we can see a much more blue, much more modern costume being worn by him here. Compare Hawkeye and Captain America to their Ultimates and solo film versions, respectively, below.

Hawkeye Captain America Avengers Costumes 280x209 Avengers Poster Reveals Hawkeye & Captain America Costumes

What are your thoughts on our first, albeit non-live-action, look at The Avengers?

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon, opening in theaters on May 4, 2012.


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Source: ESQ (via Daily Blam)

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  1. Thanks for the spoiler warning Screenrant! There is clearly Avengers avenging in this poster!! :)

  2. Is that Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in the corner?

  3. 6 heroes in a 2 hour movie. usually we get about 15 minutes of hero time on screen during a 90 minute movie, so we will see about 4 minutes of each hero in this movie..
    this should be good.
    i just hope they don’t spend 75 minutes getting the team together and then split them up. the team needs to be assembled early on.

    • Well, a lot of it will be multiple characters on screen methinks.

  4. I like it. Captain Americas costume actually looks good unlike in his stand alone film which looks like a captain America shaped pillow.

    I think Hawkeye looks great lets face it the big purple costume wouldn’t work fo the general masses. I’m not a big fan that they are not going with the ex criminal angle on his character.

    Thank Goodness Iron Man went back to the circle. Iron Man 2 armor just didn’t look right. I know it’s just a shape on his chest and all, but it just didn’t look right.

    • @ Daniel F

      Imo, i think Captain America’s costume looks good for the year he’s wearing it in the solo film.

  5. loooks siccck

  6. The picture does look like a promo image for an action figure series.

  7. on Whedon I am not a fan at all but I hope I am converted with this film..Can’t wait for this next year along with Spiderman, TDKR and of course the HoBBit..which is my most anticipated film next year..Poster looks fantastic IMO..

    • watch the feature film serenity. will sway you 100% and make you trust his ensemble feature films.

  8. i think thor might have gotten a little make over to, b/c i dont recall him having those forearm straps in thor.

  9. it would be cool if they gave hawkeye that mask from avengers 4 (comic), the one with the voice scrambler, red eyes etc.

  10. I’m perfectly fine with this

  11. I never liked the ultimates Hawkeye costume look, sorry but it makes him look little too much like Blade. If this promo poster about their costumes is true, then Captain America looks fantastic! Ive said it more than once they could make the wings look good on the costume aswell. As for Ironman’s armor, doesn’t bother me if his it has a circle or triangle on the armor. Both looked great in Ironman’s solo films. Can’t wait for this movie.

  12. this sort of is and sort of isn’t about the poster but isn’t tony stark an adviser in the avengers not the one in the suit there for it would make sense that to power the suit he would make another mark without the triangle bit as for the poster itself the parts i can see properly are o.k for an attempt but the top left corner with hawkeye and the hulk are blurry so will save judgment till an official one comes out

    • All the stuff you just mentioned is the reason why I thought the poster was fake (fan-made), but like many of the other guys said: it’s only early “concept art” and isn’t even official (it was leaked)… so who knows? Maybe the public was never supposed to see this image ~~ :D

    • Tony Stark, as Iron Man, was a founding member of the Avengers and has been a part of nearly every incarnation of Avengers thereafter.

  13. All inadequacies aside… if this poster was the cover of a comic book: I would honestly buy it immediately.

  14. Was thinking maybe Marvel went the easy way with Hawkeye instead of him having the mask and them finding a way to make it work.

    • Trust me… it would NEVER have worked. I think they proved that the costumes need to be improvised to make it look cool in real life.

      PS. I am referring to Cap’s USO suit.

      • Not really the made Captains suit look that way on purpose if they wanted to make it work they could of.

      • And by the way the general public is going to think they ripped off Green Arrow with that look. Just saying. They should of used the mask and made it deeper purple.

        • @ Pawn65

          I agree. I always found his mask similiar to Wolverine’s by the way it looked but i dont know if anyone seen or remembers Fox’s animated series Avengers:United They Stand, Hawkeye’s mask looked different & imo would be more suitable for the film with what you said a deeper purple colored costume.


          None of this stuff has been confirmed to be the final product!

    • My kids love Hawkeye… I don’t know if it’s the mask or the purple, but Marvel’s missing a great marketing opportunity. A guy with a bow wearing black leather is pretty uninspired.

  15. Iron man is the green one right?

    • lol

  16. why the hell is black widow in it?! she was never in the avengers in the comics!!!!!!! oh and WHERE THE HELL IS SPIDER-MAN?!

    • Please tell me this is a joke post, and a troll looking to rile people up.

      • If not, just as an FYI Widow joined in Issue 111 in 1973. She was a full time member for quite a while. Also, Spidey’s rights are not owned by Marvel, a point that I am sure you have seen posted many other places and you just said it to get people going.

    • with Sony

  17. I love this “first look”.

  18. Wow, very nice. If Hawkeye doesn’t have a mask, then he should have sunglasses. I agree that they should have made it work with the mask. Post-Ultimatum Ultimate Hawkeye’s mask was pretty sweet, I think tht coulda worked (damn actors wanting to show their faces in the action scenes!)(I will NEVER forgive Tobey Maguire for that!)(OH and Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool, what was that!? Deadpool is like Boba Fett, his mask is his face! ARRRG!)
    Anyway, the ‘concept-art’ looks fantastic. It gives me the shrils. This movie is gonna be so epic!

    • Look… if they gave Hawkeye the glasses it would resemble Green Arrow (from Smallville) to much. People will think Marvel ripped off his (Green Arrow’s) costume.

      Marvel wants to be creative with this but still maintain a sense of “originality” and “continuity” – and that is very hard to pull of. I think Hawkeye will maybe have a mask of some sort, but won’t wear it during most of the movie (like Thor’s helmet from the movie).

      • @ TheAvenger

        Not just Green Arrow from Smallville but mostly Blade from those films aswell. I think the Ultimate Hawkeye looks similiar to Blade.. Who knows, maybe Hawkeye won’t wear the glasses in the film cause he supposed to be a a skilled archer who doesn’t glasses for a perfect shot? I liked Thor’s helmet in his movie & hope he wears it more in The Avengers or in Sequels to his solo film because it looked too great to be worn for a matter of seconds in Thor’s first film imo.

  19. looks cool

  20. Hawkeyes costume sucks, it should have been the original purple masked costume! & where is Thors helmet?!?

    • @ Jimmy c

      I too don’t care for Hawkeye’s costume very much. I liked the original purple masked costume or somthing similiar to what he wore in Avengers: United They Stand animated series where he had a mask but still had hair showin. I do hope to see Thor wearin his helmet in The Avengers again, or atleast Thor 2. The helmet looked awesome & would be a shame if Thor only wears it at all for only a minute in Thor.