‘The Avengers’ Deleted Scene: Captain America Gets Used to Modern Life

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Yet another deleted scene from The Avengers has surfaced online – in the form of a 3-minute alternate introduction to Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his experience adjusting to life in the 21st century.

This clip harkens back to when writer/director Joss Whedon had plans for Avengers to be told from Rogers’ perspective. Hence, we have some quiet moments highlighting the character’s loneliness in our modern world, being a man out of his time who’s wrangling with the knowledge that all his friends and loved ones are long gone (save for his sweetheart, Peggy Carter).

Furthermore, this scene includes the initial setup for the waitress (Ashley Johnson) who sings Cap praises after he saves her during the climactic Manhattan battle – as well as a more subtle, but still amusing, cameo from Stan Lee, compared to the one that made the final cut. It’s apparent why this footage ended up on the editor’s floor, seeing how it doesn’t mesh well with the structure and pacing of the first act in Whedon’s theatrical cut; nonetheless, it’s satisfying as a self-contained piece.

That holds true for the other deleted Avengers scenes unveiled so far, including an introspective moment with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) in the aftermath of his Hulk-out aboard the Helicarrier – and an alternate opening sequence that touches on Maria Hill’s (Cobie Smulders) discontent with Nick Fury’s (Samuel L. Jackson) way of running things.

captain america avengers deleted scene The Avengers Deleted Scene: Captain America Gets Used to Modern Life

No doubt, the theatrical Avengers cut does an excellent job finding screen time for the vast cast of superheroes and deadly secret agents, but inevitably certain plot threads had to be played down or dispensed altogether. Cap’s struggle was among the elements that ended up being watered down, in order to allow more room for bigger story beats to breathe; in fact, a good chunk of the 30 + minutes of deleted scenes on the Avengers Blu-ray are expected to be focused on Steve Rogers.

It might all work out for the best, though, seeing how Captain America 2 will, in no small way, revolve around Rogers’ efforts to integrate himself into the modern world – not to mention, find closure when it comes to a certain person from his past (hence the sequel’s subtitle, The Winter Soldier). Thus, that film won’t be at risk of treading on territory already sufficiently explored by The Avengers.

The Avengers releases on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 25th, 2012.

Source: Marvel [via Latino Review]

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  1. Cap couldve really used this scene as he barely had anything.

    • he had the longest screen time among the actors, his funny scenes including fights with tony, mistrust of shield when finding hydra weapons clearly showed that he was as important if not more than iron man

      • He did have alot of screen time but not much in the way of exploring who he is. I think he meant it more as to having substantial character building scenes. Anyways understand why it was removed for pacing purposes, avengers was an action movie first and formost. Do hope they delves more into stuff like this in the solo films of phase 2 though.

        • Not to mention a team movie. It wasnt Captain America and The Avengers.

          It was The Avengers. Cap will/can/should be ‘addressed’ in his own movie.

          As stated in multiple places The Avengers came together very well and Im thinking in part (most parts) because of the non central focus on any one character.

          • Yep totally agree on u with that. Having a non dedicated pov was the way to ensure as much as possible a well balanced movie (side note unlike a dirct jump into say a DC JLA without solo movies.. Now that movie would need an anchor a pov to help the audience see and understand the world etc be it superman or batman..). The previous solo movies introduced the characters and as you stated it about a team coming together, character figuring their roles etc within that team yes, not indiviuals figuring thing out for themselves or about the world there in.

    • For me, in a sense, Cap showed up barely at all despite screen time.
      This was not the Captain America of Joe Johnston from the first film.
      Joss Whedon does not have the same feel for the character as Joe.

  2. This was a great scene (IMO, best of the whole collection of deleted scenes – with Banner and the security guard’s deleted scene in second place).

    It’s good to see the whole waitress-thing put to rest as well(In the movie, after Cap saved her life, she looked shocked – as if she recognized Cap – this scene just showed that she served him at the cafe…

    In other words: she’s not Sharon Carter people! 😉

  3. It’s an interesting insight into the directorial decisions made in the production of a film. The scene was filmed, so it at least was good enough and worthy enough for Joss to consider putting it in. Otherwise they wouldn’t have gone to the expense of filming the scene. Who knows how many scenes were cut from the script or in pre-production. Now that would be even more interesting. But because it wasn’t actually filmed, it’s not, I guess, as legitimate. Now, in the beginning, the newsreel footage that Cap was watching, I wonder if that was extra stuff filmed during Captain America: The First Avenger, or did Joss go back and film that himself?

    • Exactly right, felt the “ascension” of cap america in his movie felt short because of how they cut the film. Like alot of people felt that they glossed over way too much of the bulk of his experiences during the war. He took down several bases etc over a long period of time. Would of been cool to add more in so we could really come to understand his status in america and the world really as the first superhero/legend. Felt his movie lacked how it was conveyed. Movie like braveheart and such did it right, they didnt rush it and at the end of it due to great world building and charactirisation u truly get he sense of the man’s impact on the poeple. In capt they say his all great and stuff but really they never really did a good job of showing it. So when ironman or shield etc are all gushing on capt in avengers it just left a bit hollow. Idk my personal take on it.

      • I totally agree with this comment. People gave Cap a lot more respect in the comics (with the exception of Hawkeye lol). It weirded me out to see Tony and some of the other characters just be so nonchalant to Cap when they’re border line Phil Coulson obsessed in the comics. I just think Cap needs to be shown with that “first hero, always knows the right thing to say, unbelievably good and upstanding, etc” flare. I can see parts where Joss tried to show that (the cop scene “why should I take orders from you?”), but a lot of people missed the point because EVERYONE I know was talking about how Captain America is useless and the most pointless of the Avengers.

        • They should have kept this scene as it shows us how alone in this modern world Steve Rogers really is. Just showing Him beating up a punching bag was really lame. This actually could have been at the end of The First Avenger movie as a lead in to Avengers. Hopefully they will deal with his “Man out of time,” issues in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

  4. So Stan Lee had 2 cameos?

  5. thanks screenrant ! very nice,i would liked to watch more of caps lone wolf scenes,it was cool.

  6. Wow. Is it me or are most of these deleted scenes great? I understand the need for it to be this big happy optimistic movie, but I really think they should have written it along the lines of these deleted scenes. The Maria Hill one was excellent, and so was this.

    It would’ve made the impact of the story seem more real, and made the stakes appear higher – as it was the action never really got me because I never saw there being any risk, despite the crumbling buildings and alien army.

    • I agree, the deleted scenes so far have been brilliant.

      Although, I’ll respectfully disagree with your point about the feel of the film.

      The grass is always greener on the other side – if Joss Whedon had decided to keep these scenes in and make it a little darker, perhaps people would be complaining that the film should have been more fun?

      Overall I can’t wait for the Blu-Ray. Looks like they’ve really gone all out to give fans some excellent extras.

  7. As much as I’m more of a DC fan, I gotta love Stan Lee.

    “Ask for her num-b-rr, yah more-ron!”

  8. @Bellcurve, I concur

  9. Use this for Winter Soldier.

  10. One thing this scene helps with is it portrays a little of what the outside world thinks of the Avengers. They wait at that cafe just to get a glimpse of Iron Man. I know I would if he were real.

    I think we should keep this in mind b/c things are going to change. There will always be support, but the public is going to turn on them at some point.

  11. I really liked this scene and I kinda wish they kept it in the final movie. Definitely provides more insight into Cap’s character.

  12. I’d really love to see an extended cut of this movie now that i think about it.

  13. OK – how awesome that the SHIELD file photo of Iron Man was an actual fan photo from when the first Iron Man started filming. It was the first leaked photo of the actual armor in use on the set of the film. That’s not a production still.

  14. I’m wondering what did Stan Lee say right before “Don’t be a moron”? Couldn’t make it out.

  15. That was a great deleted scene. I really wish they had kept it in the film. For me, Cap always seemed more reflective and measured. More thoughtful than the show boating Tony Start.

    Considering we had to endure Stark supping wine and choosing home furnishings, I think a little of Cap’s back story wouldn’t have been asking too much.

    I do think Iron Man was a little dominant and I’d be interested to see how many of his scenes were left on the cutting room floor.

    In answer to J. I believe Stan says “Ask for her number”

    • I gotta agree with you .I guess they felt the audience would enjoy more Iron man scenes because he was more established then Cap was.I gotta admit though I enjoy how this scene was put together.

  16. it’s so sad when he’s on the train. he’s so alone.he was hero where/when he came from, and now he’s a nobody-probably no one’s heard of him. they better make Cap more likeable in Cap 2, and they should make him a tad more aggressive too. he needs a reason to be in the leadership position besides a heart of gold-we really need that badass boy scout

  17. Great clip! I had no idea the waitress was in the movie earlier. And the scenes of Cap fighting in WW2 were real clever. Hope we see more in Winter Soldier.