‘The Avengers’ Deleted Scene: Who is Bruce Banner?

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Clocking in at almost two-and-a-half hours, The Avengers was certainly not a movie that minced words. Director Joss Whedon’s script, while succinctly tying in several years of Marvel movie world-building, still gave the appropriate amount of time for each major character – from Iron Man to Black Widow – to breathe. But, if Whedon were to tell audiences that there were minor scenes left out of the film – scenes that delved deeper into the minds of these self-searching characters – few would be surprised.

Such is the nature of this new Avengers deleted scene, which comes to us by way of Entertainment Weekly and is packaged in with the Blu-ray/DVD release of the film. The scene itself is placed between the moment Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk comes crashing down from the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier and when he arrives at Stark Tower for the film’s climactic showdown, and shows viewers a little more of the soul-searching Banner had to do before finally accepting his “condition.”

More importantly, though, it gives Mark Ruffalo a chance to explore the character of Bruce Banner, while adding a new sense of vulnerability and uncertainty to a man capable of turning into an indestructible wrecking-ball. Banner, while being able to keep the Hulk under control since the events of the Edward Norton film, still wrestles with who he is and what defines him.

In addition to giving Ruffalo an extra minute to shine, the clip allows Harry Dean Stanton’s security guard character to pose some pretty weighty questions to the doctor. In the finished film, Stanton fit the cameo role nicely, giving audiences a brief moment of relief and laughter between action sequences; here, he gets to add a new dimension to his unnamed character. It might be reading a little too much into the scene, but it also feels like Stanton’s choice of words, “Are you a big guy that gets all little, or a little guy that sometimes blows up large,” could also be a playful nod to the character of Ant-Man, who we know to be a part of Marvel ‘Phase Two.’

Avengers Deleted Scene Bruce Banner The Avengers Deleted Scene: Who is Bruce Banner?

The Avengers Blu-ray and DVD, which also come packaged in a bombastic 10-disc ‘Phase One’ Collector’s Set, don’t release until this time next month, but already we’re getting our fill of the type of content Marvel has packaged in with their six feature films.

High on the list of must-see deleted scenes is a portion of the film that reportedly features Captain America/Steve Rogers visiting an older Peggy Carter in 2012 – a sequence Whedon wanted to put in the finished film, but couldn’t find space for. There was no official confirmation that such a scene was filmed – Whedon only discussed it in the context of scenes he wanted to include – but hopefully somewhere in the 10-disc set is a reference to it. We’ll know for sure in September.

The Avengers releases on Blu-ray and DVD on September 25, 2012.


Source: EW

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  1. Awesome article.
    IMO the scene was spectacular… really wondering why they didn’t include it in the final cut.

    • I’m not sure either. I kind of feel like the scene is a little too short, like Banner was about to come to a big realization and be motivated to rejoin the Avengers, but doesn’t.

      • I disagree, its a poorly acted scene with poorly written pondering

        • l’m with you on this one. l mean ruffalo did a good job as a whole but this scene? nuh uh

  2. That’s a pretty cool scene. Maybe appropriately placed in the ‘Deleted Scenes’ section of the Blu-Ray or DVD. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  3. I wish it was kept in. It gives more of a look into Banner’s mind and his devotion to come back.

    • *Decision*

  4. All their movies desperately need scenes like this. Character moments that are not so quickly undercut by humor.

    Thor had many of its best chracter developing scnes cut. Thor and Loki had some great scenes together and seperately.

    • Oh I agree with this so much! The Thor-Loki scene before the coronation showed a great insight to the brothers’ relationship, and the Loki-Frigga scene explains so much about the circumstances about how Loki ended up on the throne. That he didn’t just grab it in a crazy power-hungry ploy, but that is was his mother (the queen!), who told him that is was his duty to do so and that he had to become king regent, because there was nobody else to take on the throne in that situation. The power was handed over to him, he didn’t steal or force anything.

      I went off-topic (sorry), I just wanna say that I agree completely. Sometimes such scenes get deleted that change a great deal about a character. Maybe most people are satisfied with the action and humor, but I for example want to know the motivation or emotional state of a character. Let that character be a hero or a villain.

      I am looking forward to the deleted scenes from the DVD the most! I saw there will be extended Thor-Loki and Loki-Barton scenes, so I am very intrigued and excited to see those.

      Making a coherent story with clear character story-lines and great character interactions is a lot more important than a huge action scene. IMHO

  5. I had hoped for a scene with cap and nick at the end to tie everything together.
    Fury: You led well considering eccentricity of the team.
    Cap: I did okay.
    Fury: Youll need to be better, youll all need to be prepared
    Fury: For next time.


  6. I liked how I saw the video first and thought it was a nod at Ant man and then you thought so too…

    • I caught that too but it was more a philosophical question given the circumstances.

      Are you a man turning into a beast? or a beast turning into a man?

      • I could be both, asking who is in control, but also giving the fans a little taste of what is to come.

  7. The playful nod to Ant-Man” was just what I thought when I heard the guard’s dialogue…Ant-Man/Goliath/Giant-Man…hmmmm!

  8. I don’t necessarily think it was an Ant Man reference as much as him asking who was the “real” person: Hulk or Banner. Much like any hero has to ponder, is it the secret identity or the hero that is the individual.

  9. Uh hello?

    Harry Dean Stanton!

  10. Allowing for the fact that (depending on the film) not every cut scene (or extended scene) from a film is finished, I believe that every major theatrical release that makes it way to sell-thru should include the ability to watch the film with every cut scene added and every extended scene included in place of the shorter scene version with the viewer being able to choose if they want to include the cut scenes and see the extended scenes in place of the original scene used in the final print.

    By cut-scenes I mean those scenes cut from the film because of time constraints or that the director felt were not necessary to move the movie forward; not the scenes cut because they turned out to be bad or undesirable. In other words, a complete version of the film that the viewer gets to decide if they want to see the longer, more complete version or the original theatrical release.

    I can’t member which DVD it was that had this feature (to include all cut & extended scenes in the movie in real time and not as additional material you watched separate from the movie) as it was a number of years ago (5-10 years) but I do recall that when I saw it I said to myself that all DVD’s should include this ability to see the cut scenes and extended scenes within the movie in real-time. Sadly no DVD/Blu-Ray since then has included this ability. All extra scenes are only viewable outside the movie itself.

    For movies like THE AVENGERS I get why the full/compete film could not be released (due to time constraints) but those same reasons don’t apply to the sell-thru/rental markets where the viewer watches the film on their schedule and not the theaters.

    I imagine most directors and actors would all for including this kind of capability. It will be the rights holders who like to release multiple version of films over time (so as to sale the same thing more then once to a consumer) that will block this kind of change.

    If Josh Wheedon has a more compete and longer version of the AVENGERS that he was forced to scale back on due to temporal constraints with theatrical releases then at least those who purchase the film in the sell-thru markets should be allowed to see this more complete version of the film.

  11. Can’t wait to grab the movie in September!