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Here in the States, we are now officially one month away from the release of Marvel Studio’s The Avengers, as is being brought to life on the big screen under the watchful eye of writer/director Joss Whedon. What better way to celebrate the “occasion” than by watching the first official clip unveiled from the comic book movie juggernaut?

There are also new Avengers character wallpapers available for viewing (and downloading), for all you out there who’ve been waiting for high-resolution images of characters like Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, or S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Black Widow to set as your computer’s background. Speaking of ScarJo’s Marvel universe alter ego…

The first Marvel-sanctioned clip released from Avengers picks up with the Black Widow, a.k.a. Natalie Rushman and/or Natasha Romanoff (a.k.a. actress Scarlett Johansson) on a covert mission where she’s been “captured,” tied to a chair and “interrogated” by what appears to be a Russian ex-general/war criminal and his thugs – and no, that’s not secretly the description for a scene from The Avengers adult film parody. Moving on…

Marvel made a wise decision by selecting this scene as the first to unveil from The Avengers. It offers a nice taste of Whedon’s trademark quippy dialogue for those not familiar with his previous work (see: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly), features a welcome appearance from everyone’s favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. employee, Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) – as nonchalantly professional as ever – and involves Black Widow kicking some serious butt in a somewhat more grounded (and less cheesy) fashion that she did during her (in)famous hallway fight scene in Iron Man 2.

That’s all to say: we remain as psyched as ever to see the additional 134 minutes (or so) of Marvel’s biggest superhero movie to date.


The Avengers Character Wallpapers

Shifting gears a bit here – thanks to Wyndham Rewards’ Avengers marketing tie-in (just one part of the film’s $100 million promotional campaign), we can offer ten new character wallpapers featuring the film’s most important players – ranging from pure-hearted Captain America (Chris Evans) to sociopathic, but sympathetic Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

On a related note: We’ve approved of the Hulk’s Mark Ruffalo-based design prior to now, but the giant green man looks downright fantastic in this new wallpaper. Kudos to The Avengers‘ digital effects team for making the superhero look just as “realistic” in still form as when he’s frog-hopping around skyscrapers and bashing in alien skulls.

See what we mean by scrolling those the Avengers gallery below (click each image for a larger version):


The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor Odinson, Scarlett Johansson as Natalie Rushman/Black Widow, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk, Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, and Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill.

Look for The Avengers to hit theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.


Source: Marvel, Wyndham Rewards [via Coming Soon]

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  1. the tv spots are killing the movie, but ill never stop watching them AHHHHHHHH

  2. Tv spots show basically the same thing so I’m not too worried. I really liked this scene (even though they cut it short

  3. pretty weird since they’re keep on giving Hawkeye glasses in the poster but not having it in the movie

    • who said it’s not in the movie? just because we haven’t seen a scene (ha!) yet, doesn’t meant they (the glasses) wont make an appearance.

  4. MMM… If this movie was just ScarJo not doing anything, I would still pay just to see her… :D

    • I would assume that Loki’s is different because he isn’t part of the team, but it does look a little weird paired up with the others.

      • Wow, this was supposed to be a reply to Manowar’s comment. If any admin can fix that it would be nice, thanks.

    • I second that!!!

  5. Too bad the Loki top right symbol doesn’t go with the theme of any of the other ones. maybe a crest with his helmet as a symbol or something…

    • I would imagine a half wolf’s head/half human skull, stylized of course. After all, what better way for him and his evil to be succinctly represented than by his children? ;)

  6. The A on Cap s Helmet must stand for April Fools joke , they are seriously not going to put that thing on a big screen ? LOL !

    • They put it in the trailer…so yeah, its in the movie.

  7. So is it a hair whip or a headbutt that knocks the guy out in the video clip? :)

    • it was her hair the beat the guy LOL

    • lol

  8. Damn she looks fine!
    Seriously the way her boobs jiggle in that scene. i’d pay just to see that.

    • You keep saying what I’m thinking. GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!

    • Oh shucks! I’ve been trying to avoid any more images but that is starting to make me….anxious to push play. Why do you do this to me DrSam??!! :-D

    • and imagine seen them in 3D

    • jiggle ?
      bounce ?

  9. Who hot compromised??

    • Barton. As in Hawkeye.

  10. Reminds me of Jason Statham in Killer Elite. :)

    • Statham’s breasts aren’t that nice.

      • LOL!!!!!

      • HAHA!! Nice. :D

  11. “There’s absolutely no evidence in the world to disprove my theory that Scarlet Johannson could save the world using only her breasts.


    More comments from the Widow’s Clip http://bit.ly/HWoXA0

  12. I love the daily doses of Avengers news but Im ready for the real thing. The tease is hurting me at this point, LOL!

    • My head is nearing nuclear meltdown! :-P

  13. That clip was great. If that is representative of the movie as a whole then it is going to be awesome (not that that was ever in any doubt).

    The character posters are pretty sweet as well. I like the minimalist approach over the previous posters that involved explosions. I agree with Sandy that the Hulk looks realistic and absolutely fantastic. I hope that carries over to the movie. I agree mith manowar that Loki’s poster doesn’t really fit the theme of the other posters. Using his helmet as a crest would have been a nice touch. I cannot decide which to put as my computer background. Hulk or Iron Man?

  14. My goodness the Hulk looks fantastic in that still. I just hope this continues when he is in awesome Hulk smashing mode.

    • I agree. This is, by far, the best looking Hulk to date. It looks like Ruffalo! So excited to finally see Hulk as he is meant to be.

  15. Dam black widow is sexy and can kick some ass idk y some ppl complain that she doesnt belong in here

  16. But… but my desktop icons go on the left side of the screen. I can’t put them over their faces.

  17. Emily Blunt would have owned the role. And used a russian accent.

    Less talkin, more flaunting..

    • She was the first choice to play BW, but she had schedule conflicts. :(

      • In a recent interview she actually said she didn’t want to play the role of Widow… she said something about the character not being a “strong empowered woman” or something like that?
        I think she meant that she didn’t want to be “the hot chick in the leather outfit” – she wanted more… so she didn’t accept.

        • That’s understandable. I’m not mad at Scarlet though. ;)

        • Scarlett is hotter anyway. Either way the big winner is us.

  18. read my article about Avengers [Link Removed]

    • Sorry, but we’d prefer it if you didn’t use the comment thread to promote your own work.

      Complimentary links are fine so long as they contribute to the overall discussion, of course.

  19. Bwhat was infamous about the hallway beating she gave those guys in IM2? I thought it was legitimately awesome just like the beating she gave these guys :)

    • I agree. Flash aside I thought her IM2 sequence was pretty cool.

  20. Because of Stan Lieb’s distracting and self serving cameos, I usually wait till Marvel releases the blu ray so I can rent it and conveniently fast forward/skip the typical predictability of the average Marvel movie ( Lieb’s face. )

    But seeing Scarlett Johannson’s rocking body in 3D is enough for me to make an exception to see this on the big screen.

    GO SCAR JO !!!

    • Who’s Stan Lieb?

      • I figured he meant Stan Lee. So he could be doubly wrong.

        • Stan Lieb = Stan Lieber = Stan Lee

          He’s just Lieb to me.

          That’s OK, Sam Beckett. You’re not “doubly” wrong. Just wrong.

          • Wasn’t his original work when he started at Marvel done and published under the name Stanley Lieber? I don’t remember if he “Americanized” his name at that point or soon after…? If I remember correctly, there have been a number of Marvel projects whose credit feeds include his brother who STILL goes by his legal last name of Lieber.

            • Admittedly, I don’t remember ever hearing him referred to as “Stan Lieb”.

            • Ever since he first started to doing letters for comic books (believe his first job was with Captain America), he operated under the name Stan Lee.
              I don’t think he ever used his real name in his work…

              Anyway, Stan Lee is great. Excelsior! :)

          • Stan Lee deserves respect. He IS comics.

            • @ Sam;

              Yes, Stan Lee has his place in Marvel comics history (along with Jack Kirby). There’s certainly no doubt about that. He’s got my respect and I doubt my teasing will hurt his feelings.
              But you make a pretty broad stroke of a statement when you claim he IS comics. Really ? DC and Diane Nelson and Dan Didio may beg to differ.

              My criticism of Stan Lee is pretty much equivalent to the flack George Lucas gets for the Star Wars sequels. We all know this quandary. Both Lucas and Stan are/have been great visionaries. But does that mean they are not beyond reproach?? Look at the drubbing Lucas constantly gets these days.
              Lucas’ prequels ruined a lot of fans perception of what Star Wars meant to them. That’s how I feel about Stan Lee and the great characters both he and Jack Kirby gave us!
              I don’t need Stan Lee to interrupt me while I’m just beginning to become engaged in a movie like Thor or Captain America TFA. There’s no need for him to REMIND me over and over again that it was him (and Jack Kirby) who invented these great characters by making these inevitable cameos that do nothing to advance or add to the story. I already know his contributions.
              That said, I hope I will live as long and prosperous as Stan Lieber LEE!

    • Stan Lieb is awesome.

      So is:
      Lieb Majors
      General Leib
      The General Leib car from Dukes of Hazard
      Ang Leib
      Branson Leib
      Jason Leib
      Spike Leib, etc.

      All awesome!

      • That’s hilarious! Because I don’t know if all those others are awesome or not but I do know that none of them are Jewish.

      • That’s hilarious! Because I don’t know if all those others are awesome or not but I do know that none of them are Jewish.

        • So all your trash talk of Stan Lee( and I’ve seen a lot) stems from antisemitism. Good to know.

          • No.

            Nice try.

            • How can that conclusion not be reached given the above statement. You trash talk him in every post, even when he is not the focus of the other comments, then you bring out the Jew card, thereby proclaiming yourself an anti-semite.

              • i think he is an equal opportunity hater, but mosly at marvel films. the theaters will just seem so empty with out his sarcasm

      • Don’t forget Lieb Press-on Nails… :P

        (…or that fabulous Catwoman from the ’60s “Batman”, Lieb Merriwether).

      • Don’t forget Tommy Lieb Jones.

        The list could go on and on

      • Maybe I’m blind or just really exhausted, but no one’s mentioned the most famous Leib of them all, “Bruce Leib”.

  21. I’m so proud of myself.
    I checked out the pics but I didn’t watch the clip.
    With only a month to go I’m trying to avoid any new footage so when I see the movie it will be as spoiler free as possible.
    Now it’s time to buy my tickets. We are going to a early afternoon show on the 4th. That way the crowds won’t be to bad and school isn’t out yet. Can’t Wait!!

    • Smart man…

    • Me neither, but it became doubly tough to resist after those comments about her boobs. I LOVE boobs. But still I withheld.

  22. Wow. Awesome fight scene. I was really turned off by Black Widow in Iron Man 2. I thought she was a cheezy distraction from the story (among many other things). However, she actually looks like a legitimate assassin in this. Whedon has obviously been watching modern martial arts films (unlike Favreau) because this is bone-breaking bad-assness! And I like the jiggle too…

  23. Didn’t watch the clip (and I haven’t been watching any new clips or trailers since the second official trailer was released – very proud of my perseverance and self control ;)), but those new character wallpapers are pretty awesome.
    I posted a few other (IMO, even better Avengers wallpapers) on the “Coulson Poster” thread if any of you want to check those out as well…

  24. I enjoyed her hall fight in IM2. The wire work and acrobatics had been done before, but that scene had an energy to it that made the experience fresh to me. As for the corny factor, I think it was intentional. And intentionally corny scenes are okay in my book. Looking forward to the rest of the film.

    • @Levi ;
      Totally agree with your comment except the ” corny factor. ” Marvel injects too much corniness into all of their flicks. It’s too bad because if they could just stick to the intensity and dramatic tone of the peril and themes of the central conflict of their stories w/out deviating into what has now become the expected and predictable ” cheesiness ” Marvel could have a true, untainted classic movie. X Men 2 and X Men First Class ARE great movies. Captain America could have been a classic.
      Maybe one day when Marvel cuts out the cheesiness and when the VERY accomplished Stan Lee decides to skip his usual, mandatory cameo, if he should ever wisely conclude that the story comes first, even before his ego, we might have a classic Marvel based film that is good enough to be up their with ” The Dark Knight. ”
      It had been my hope that The Avengers could have been that movie.

      As for IM2 and Black Widow, you’re right on target. But IM2 was so cheesy that most of the box office revenue came from mice.

      At the very least, hopefully we will get to see a whole lot more of Black Widow in The Avengers. And I’m not just talking about her breasts.

      Well……. Maybe!

      • i think that Iron Man is as good, if not better than, TDK, and i don’t think I’m a lone voice in that opinion. they are 2 different films and are not competing against each other, but as far as “re-watchability”, i think Iron Man wins…imo. I’m not a marvel or dc fanboy by any means. just a movie fan. TDK is a bit long-winded sometimes. and putting the 2 x-men films in comparison w/the avengers is not really a good comparison, as marvel studios had nothing to do with those. If they did, the films would have been MUCH better due to marvels rigorous attention to detail (i.e., the ruined continuity)but we’ll never know

      • Alas, the inevitable TDK(R) comparison!

        Personally, I find the Stan Lee and his cameos to be quite charming. And he’s not egotistical- he’s invited to cameo in the movies.

        Also, I did not find IM2 to be THAT cheezy. I do wish they had developed the new characters better, though.

  25. I suppose Coulson’s next line would be about how long she took to subdue her captors. ;)

  26. I think Kryptonic, from reading your comments in recent threads so far, it’s clear to all your position on Marvel movies and Stan Lee (Lieb to you). At the risk of being misconstrued, I don’t think you need to over-flog the issue (especially when the topic at hand is not in that line) because some of us have started getting the impression that there is more to your sentiment than meets the eye. Something more personal. Disregarding your ‘name’ which clearly suggests a bias towards another comic group, I think we would take your comments more seriously if they had less venom. Just an advice, you need not take it.

    And your retort is…

    • Advice not taken. My tone may be ” misconstrued ” but my last post simply makes the point that Marvel and it’s multiplicity of film distributers and co owners might one day come out with a film that is different and more esteemed in hindsight , than the usual cookie cutter formula that Marvel has treated it’s properties. A film that treats it’s story and characters with a serious verisimilitude , and tone. Without the usual formulaic “cornball factor.”
      My using the example of The Dark Knight is obvious . It is not because I’m some sort of DC fanboy, as you might suggest. I read both Marvel and DC in equal measures.
      What I would ask is; is there any Marvel film that has taken it’s subject as seriously TDK? Has marvel come anywhere near the critical acclaim and box office success and mass appeal, even to those who don’t care for the comic book genre , that TDR earned?

      I believe that to be a fair question and it is my hope that Marvel will eventually lose the cornball and standard formula an engaging film that will appeal to all and not just the “fanboy audience.”

      You use the word “venom.” Maybe if I switch my name to Venom, I’ll be seen as a Marvel guy. But I doubt it lol.

      • I bet you’re a big Red Skull fan

        • Not at all! I can’t drink that stuff. It makes me TOO hyper.

      • “What I would ask is; is there any Marvel film that has taken it’s subject as seriously TDK?”- yes; Iron Man
        ” Has marvel come anywhere near the critical acclaim and box office success and mass appeal, even to those who don’t care for the comic book genre , that TDR earned?” – yes, see above answer
        and, (i’m playing devils advocate here) TDK should have an asterisk beside it, as it has been said many times, in many forums, that that movie would not have performed as well had Heath Ledger not suffered an untimely death. be that as it may, yes it’s a good movie, but it’s all a matter of opinion. whichever movie you like, wins.
        what ever the “cornball” formula is or what you even mean by that, i don’t know, but, apparently it’s not enough to put you off of their movies, as you still watch them. i’m just sayin.

      • I actually consider The Incredible Hulk to be a very serious movie. It didn’t have the mass appeal that TDK had (and I believe because the first Hulk was underwhelming) but it was a good, serious comic book movie. Also, IMHO, Iron Man was a better film than TDK.

        • I actually agree about the Incredible Hulk. When I first saw it I was pretty impressed actually. I loved seeing the Abomination making snide remarks and the huge battle between the two at the end. It was satisfying to see the Hulk taken to a dark place that wasn’t silly and was exciting.
          And when he said “Hulk smash” I almost crapped.
          But I have to disagree about Iron Man being better than the Dark Knight. This might, of course, have something to do with my bias towards Batman, but still. I just thought that Chris Nolan delivered to Bat-fans everything they could have asked for. He and Ledger perfected the Joker, kept me on the edge of my seat, gave some truly sweet action sequences and (this is a little thing) how cool was it when the lenses went down on Batman’s cowl and his eyes were all white like in the comics? I still get all giddy when I think about it.
          I LOVED Iron Man, but upon more recent viewings it struck me as less enthralling than it was at first. It was the first movie to hint at an extended universe, and I guess since then everything’s expanded so far that it almost seems lackluster. Which is disappointing because very few of the subsequent Marvel movies can hold a candle to it.
          Actually, disregard everything I said. I feel this way because I’m totally Bat-biased. I apologize for wasting everyone’s time.

          • I understand what you’re saying; most people feel the same way. I, for one, thought Batman Begins and Keaton’s Batman was better than TDK. For me, IM stands as the best comic book movie there is (that is until May 4th, hopefully). I just found TDK, upon multiple viewings, to be a bit boring.

  27. So the aliens look like Beta Ray Bill.

    • I was thinking Gonzo the muppet but Bill works too.

  28. That’s a good fight scene, and a perfectly timed clip of that nonchalant Agent Coulson, too. I’m looking forward to this movie. Oh my yes!

  29. She’s pushing the boundaries of believability with that poundage. Looks like it’s lifted right off an episode of Buffy the Vamp. This action wreaks of no budget and over rated fight choreography. Not looking good at all for a supposedly epic film.

    • yes, this film is indeed headed for utter and total failure. Joss Whedon should turn over his directors and writers guild cards, and be forever banned from working in the industry. marvel should just give disney back all the money, and just sell the rights to all their I.P. to DC, and have Stan Lee publicly caned.

      • I thoroughly agree.