‘The Avengers’ Character Posters Debut

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Comic-Con 2011 is in full swing and Marvel is out promoting their epic superhero team-up movie event, The Avengers. The first footage from the film premiered at the end of Captain America today, to an enthusiastic fan response (read our First Avenger review to see how that film turned out).

Avengers promotional items are showing up on the Comic-Con floor, and now Marvel is releasing character posters for each of the heroes who will be assembling next summer.

The Avengers roster consists of Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). There are several rumors pointing to The Avengers facing an alien threat in the film, but for now, all we know officially is that this team of superheroes is coming together for one big, Earth-shaking battle. ‘Nuff said.

You can check out the posters in the gallery at the top of this article.

The posters do a good job of conveying the backstory of the individual characters, as established by their respective movies. Poor Hawkeye Nick Fury and Black Widow – their posters are noticeably vacant of backstory – but hey, at least they have the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, and Quinjet, right? icon razz The Avengers Character Posters Debut

It’s good to get yet another look at the modern-era Captain America costume, which looks slimmer and overall better than the bulky WWII outfit used in The First Avenger. The helmet in particular is of a much-improved design. The Hulk design is…interesting. There is definitely more of a classic movie monster vibe to the look of the jade giant, as opposed to the titan elemental design of the first Hulk film or the more logical design of the second. Can’t wait to see how it plays onscreen.

One big question that has been circling these Avengers images and posters is the design of Iron Man’s armor. In Iron Man 2 Tony Stark of course “invented a new element” which saved his life by giving him a stable and inexhaustible energy source to power the small arc reactor that keeps his injured heart beating. That new power source was of course in the shape of a triangle, which made Iron Man’s Mark VI armor chestplate of triangular shape as well. Obviously in this poster we can see that Shellhead’s armor sports a circular reactor once again, which raises all kinds of questions about what new changes in armor and power source Tony Stark will go through in the film.

It’s almost time, folks. Start getting excited.

The Avengers will assemble in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Marvel

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  1. @ Vic

    Hey Vic, would it be possible to have The Avengers teaser trailer on the site sometime soon? Reason i asked is because after watching Captain America, i loved it as alot of people did in the theater.

    • @Wall – officially it is not a teaser, it is a “button”. Paramount says it won’t be officially released online until the DVD comes out. Since we dont post bootleg footage you aren’t going to find it here. Sorry bud.


  2. awesome! can wait for this movie. all Im worried about at the moment is that the Dark Knight Rises will probably make more money because batman.

    also wheres the hulk poster? not released yet?

    • U do know they’re coming out like 4 months apart, right? And who cares who makes more money. Honestly, I am way more stoked for this than TDKR.

      • it doesnt matter that theyre release dates are far appart. TDKR will still make more money at the box office next year despite the fact that it wont affect the Avengers at all. It will still likely be the highest grossing movie of the year with the Avengers being a close second… but youre right, who really cares? Im still seeing both movies.

        • Avengers > TDKR!

          • Aahh! Math! That proves it then!

            The Avengers will definitely be more awesome than TDKR.

            • @ TheAvenger

              It would be a great accomplishment for Marvel Studios, thats for sure.

        • I hope both make EXACTLY the same amount of money. I hate this competition between DC fans and Marvel fans. I hope both films make a billion dollars so many more can be made.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if TDKR made more because of the facts its the last Batman film that involves Nolan & Bale and after TDK, people will expect that same kind of greatness or more with the 3rd film. Like CapAmerica & you Ojex i could care less how much it makes aslong as its good. Like CapAmerica, im more anxious to see The Avengers little more mainly because Batman franchise ran it’s course which is hard to explain. I look forward to seeing both films greatly next year.

  4. posters look awesome!!

  5. Sweet! Will War Machine be in it at all?

    • *Sigh*

      For months now it has been confirmed that the War-Machine WILL NOT BE IN THE AVENGERS. In the comics he was almost never part of the team and Cheadle himself said that Rodey won’t be in the film.

      • But but, will War Machine be in the film? (runs out of the room really fast) 8-)

  6. ok the marvel films are pretty good right? but they need to explain what happened to the scientist from the hulk movie that tried to help bruce banner turn human again, and made emil blonsky the abomination, his name was samuel stern, and in the comics he was the hulk biggest villian besides general t, and abomination. well anyways remember he was left with a gash on his forhead, and hulks blood leaked into it causeing his head to multiply in growth? well where is he?what happened?are we going to see him in the avengers?

    • Samuel Sterns turns into The Leader – a villain (Hulk’s arch-nemesis) who’s mind is as powerful as the Hulk’s strength (he is as smart as the Hulk is strong). Leader won’t be in The Avengers (to my knowledge), but will most definitely be the main villain in any possible Incredible Hulk sequels.

        • He´ll be in the Hulk TV show. I guess.

          • Doubt it. Marvel said that the Hulk TV show will focus on the “relationship between Banner and Betty Ross and the early day of the Hulk before people knew about him”. I think this will be like an “origin” type show. So I really doubt we’ll see the Leader.

  7. Show us the Abomination locked up by Shield, and HULK, AND LEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Just have to say this: Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) can move over because Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill) looks amazingly hot :D .I was worried about the short hair – but I actually really like it now that I’ve seen it for real.

  9. Just a heads up… They released The Hulk poster just a little bit ago

  10. Are these just fan-made art posters?

    • read the first line of the article…

      • LOL. I just hate it when people only look at the pictures and don’t even bother to do any actual reading.

    • Concept artwork from the Avengers film, being used as promotional posters.

      Not fan made.

    That poster looks awesome.
    Stupid question: on the Hulk poster – left side of Hulk – is that huge face a picture of Mark Ruffalo, because it doesn’t really look like him?

    • Yeah its supposed to be him, I guess to try and get everyone to know its know its Ruffalo and not Norton anymore but looks like brando if anything…

    • Eh? It looks exactly like Ruffalo.

  12. I will see the film of course as I’m a huge Avengers fan (fave comic as a kid) but I’m dumbfounded as to why founding members Ant-Man & the Wasp were excluded. Yet we get Hawkeye (whom I love) & the Black Widow? Avengers fans can only hope that Pym & his partner are included in the film somehow or in a future installment. How can there be Avengers w/no Hank Pym & his various super-hero incarnations? Preposterous.

    • I think Hank and Janet will get cameos (or at least be mentioned in the film).

      I have a little idea that there will be a Wasp cameo: at the premier of Captain America: The First Avenger an unexpected person turned up to watch the movie. No one knew why she was there because she had nothing to do with Cap or anything to do with Marvel at all (to our knowledge)… she was just THERE!

      This celebrity happened to look a bit like Janet (IMO) and is even the appropriate height and build. Who was she? Vanessa Hudgens (personally I don’t like her, but she can act and she does resemble Wasp).

      Now, I’m not saying that she has a cameo in Avengers or even plays a role in any future Marvel movies, but one has to ask… why would she be there?

      The more I think about it, the more I keep telling myself that it isn’t true (she ISN’T playing the Wasp)… but anyways… you guys can let me know what you think…

      • Oh that would be horrible! Now all I can think about is the team singing We’re All In This Together.

        Also, where have you seen Hudgens act? I’m curious as I’ve NEVER heard anyone (except a few tweens) say that about her. Examples please!

        • She did okay in Sucker Punch.
          I also hate the idea, but we all know Hollywood has a mind of it’s own.

        • She was in Sucker Punch, and another movie called Beastly, with Alex Pettyfer, the same guy who starred in “I am Number Four”.

      • If they cast Vanessa Hudgens in the avengers , I will have no faith left in humanity whatsoever, And will cause the apocalypse myself.

      • Vanessa Hudgens…Highschool Musical…Disney…wait a mo! I just realised: Disney owns Marvel now, don’t they! Oh, crap on stick! looks like Hudgens on the Avengers is plausible after all. Let’s just hope Disney is still PO’ed at her for those leaked photos.

        • What leaked photos :D :D … Naahh, I’m just kiddin ;)

    • because they probably feel that would be to much for mainstream audiences to grasp without their own film first, and they have a big enough challenge with the characters they have lol

  13. Been excited for a long time and now after the posters and the trailer at the end of Cap I am ecstatic :D

  14. POsters are AMAZING. If they cast Vanessa Hudgens in a marvel film in any capacity i will be very upset.

  15. looks awesome and like i have said before ,and just trying to get people thinking of marvel kinda leaving us hanging, where is The Leader?

    • yeah, and Doc Samson? anyway, hope Modok and A.I.M. appear at some point.

  16. In the Avenger trailer, Iron Man is sporting the triangle arc reactor.

    • And Thor has no sleeves

      • yep, but after Tony Stark says something to Thor, they show a clip of Thor throwing his hammer at the camera and he HAS sleeves.

        • Thor and Iron Man probably have 2 different costumes in the movie.

    • Yeah.

      What are you attempting to say?

  17. Looks like the star-spangled man has a plan!
    Can’t wait!

  18. That poster is awesome. Hulk looks freaking FANTASTIC!! Looks like he could rip the planet in half. LOL.

  19. I wonder what it would be like if the Leader was the villain? The Leader would create more ‘Abominations’ which would force the Avengers to assemble.

  20. I can make it any shape I damn well please! – Stark

    • Well what’s taking you so long to get that Hulk-buster armor going?! :-D

  21. Can people stop going on about The Leader. He wasn’t even a major Avengers villain.

    I seriously doubt he’ll get a part in the Avengers if there are so many better possibilities like Thanos, Ultron, Kang, etc.

    MAYBE he could get a part as a minor/side villain in POSSIBLE AVENGERS SEQUELS, but it’s kinda obvious that he won’t play a part in Avengers 1.

    • What if there ara a bunch of mini- criminals leading up to a mastermind. I’m still a favorite of Doom, the real Dr. Doom, not the pansy that was in the fantastic four flicks

      • I love Doctor Doom (my favorite Marvel villain of all time), but think about this realistically: there is no way that these villains will be in the Avengers’ first run. They can’t have such a large amount of characters.
        Also, most of the main stream audience still remember Dr Doom from the FF movies, so I’m sure there will be some confusion as to why he is in the Avengers.

        Like I said… all great ideas for SEQUELS. But forget the idea that The Leader or Dr Doom will be in Avengers 1.

      • Dr. Doom is still going to be reserved for the Fantastic Four.

        I agree he’s awesome, but they need to be practical and try to put in villains that will be more unique to the Avengers.

        The Avengers have PLENTY of pretty fun villains themselves – this shouldn’t be a problem. Ultron is obviously up there, Thanos is another (though I’d prefer that Thanos be saved for a Cosmic Marvel movie – but I guess it’s not happening), and Kang the Conqueror is another (time-travel, oh my!)

      • Also, the Masters of Evil provided one of the most memorable Avengers storyarcs and I’d love to see Zemo and his gang appear, maybe not in the first movie but maybe the second movie.

        • Agreed.
          The Masters Of Evil could work very well for Avengers 3 (if some of the villains are introduced before hand):
          Zemo can be introduced in a Cap sequel, the Enchantress and the Executioner in Thor 2, Abomination has already made his appearance in TIH and the Black Knight could possibly be introduced into the Black Panther movie. Wonder Man, Radioactive-Man, Melter, etc. can then be written into the Avengers 3 script…

          I can already see it: at the post-credit scene of Cap 2 we see Zemo searching/meeting up with other villains (Abomination, Radioactive-Man, etc.) and asking them to join him. At the post-credit scene of Thor 2 we see the Enchantress and Zemo meeting and disguising the potential ways to take down the Avengers. Then when Avengers 3 hits the silver screen we finally see the Masters Of Evil “Assemble” and attacking the SHIELD helicarrier! :D IT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!

          (The reason I’m saying Avengers 3 instead of Avengers 2 is because I would like to see Ultron in Avengers 2 – it would also give Marvel Studios a little more time to introduce the Masters Of Evil in upcoming movies, like I mentioned before.)

    • I agree. I don’t even understand this whole love affair with the Leader.

  22. I agree. The Leader was really more of a Hulk enemy than he ever was an Avengers one. Now – Ultron, Kang, Grim Reaper, Masters of Evil, etc. These characters make alot MORE sense. As for Hawkeye being an original Avenger (someone mentioned that earlier)? The original line-up was Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man & the Wasp. Hawkeye didn’t come along until issue #16 (Vol.1) along w/Quicksilver & the Scarlet Witch. As for Doc Samson? Again, wrong comic book…

  23. Seeing them all together does a LOT to make the poster feel more awesome to me. Overall composition is really key here.

    So I’ll take back what I said about the art not being good, apologies to the artist.

    • The one thing I don’t like about the banner is that it’s way too long! I want to use that thing as my computer’s wallpaper/background, but it’s way too long to fit nicely… it either squeezes the poster or it cuts it in half…

  24. The marvel movies leading to the Avengers is just not consistent. I guess the Norton Incredible Hulk movie doesn’t exist now. Thor sucked. Capt. America was not much better, and Iron Man 2 didn’t have Terrence Howard who would have made a much better War Machine and what was all that orange stuff on Justin Hammer’s hands?, that was way overboard in my opinion….

    • You wanna give a reason why you thought they all sucked so that way your comment can be more relevant? Just because Norton isnt Banner anymore doesnt mean TIH doesnt matter anymore, they just replaced the bloody actor, its still in the Film Universe. and “orange stuff” who the hell would notice something like that…

    • The Incredible Hulk still “exists” – it’s still part of the MCU – it’s just a different actor – maybe that’s a little hard for you to understand ;)

      The “orange stuff” was spray on tan – it was part of the character’s whole “persona” – to show how shallow and (frankly, kinda stupid Hammer was) – it was the actor’s idea and I thought it was kinda funny – maybe that’s a little too difficult for you to understand too ;)

      It’s a part of the business: ACTORS GET REPLACED… their contracts expire or they they have other obligations to perform… I don’t see the big deal – frankly, I liked Don Cheadle more than Terrance Howard.

      I thought Thor was good (a few too many continuity errors though) and I can only assume Cap was awesome from all the positive reviews it’s been getting (I haven’t been fortunate enough to see Cap yet :().

      If you pay attention you’ll find all the answers to your questions, but blatantly criticizing each movie without any relevant reason – well that’s just wrong ;)

      • @ TheAvenger

        I agree. I thought Don Cheadle well as Rhodey as Terrance Howard did & im willing to give Ruffalo the benefit of a doubt in Norton’s place. I assure you, you won’t be displeased with the film. Be sure to stay for the after credits scene & teaser trailer if you havn’t seen it yet for The Avengers. Looks awesome!

        • @WallyWest: I’m one of the biggest Marvel fans around so I definitely know about Cap’s post credit scene ;), but thanks for the heads up anyway mate :)

          I just love it when I watch a Marvel film and at the end, when the credits start rolling, all the non-fans start to walk out – leaving only the real fans left to watch those brilliant post-credit scenes that we’ve come to expect from Marvel Studios. It’s the best feeling ever: when I get to think to myself “Yeah, walk out people, this isn’t meant for you, Marvel made the next scene for US the REAL FANS of the franchise”.
          Man… it’s great to be a nerd ;)

          • @ TheAvenger

            No Problem. Im big Marvel fan as i am DC fan. I love to see a film that comes out from ethier two of them. I only wished i could of seen Superman 1-4 & Batman(89) films in the theaters but i wasn’t born yet & too young. I know what you mean about after the credits as people walk out,lol. First time is seen the first Iron Man film i had someone ask me (Is there somthing after the credits?) i said yeah, its after the credits because he noticed i was one of very few people who stayed sitting down. From there i say to myself, (you’re gonna miss the after credits scene) lol, oh well. I kinda hate it but the Iron Man films had good music playin during the credits & during Capt. America’s credits i liked the Star Spangled Man song. If only WB/DC could step up their game & do the same with characters from DC comics that can share a universe. I been waiting a long time for a team-up film, whether it was gonna be The Avengers or Justice League.

  25. Question about Captain America film. Did the Arc Reactor technology that Tony Stark had is the same kind of energy from the Cosmic Cube. Howard Stark was seen studying a tiny sample of it & just before Capt. America rescued the missing soldiers, there were big pieces of metal parts that kinda resembled Tony’s ticker in his chest. Just curious.

    • That was my theory as well. (Ever since I saw Iron Man 2 in 2010 I’ve been working on that theory… it seems to true after all :))

      Here is my theory that I also posted on the first page of the comment section (remember, I haven’t seen Cap yet, so I managed to figure this out without the additional info that most of you got from Cap)…

      A lot of fans have been asking what the element was that Tony Stark created in IM2. Some said it was ‘Vibranium’ (which I doubt) and a few have even conjured up the idea that it could somehow be ‘Adamantium’ (which makes no sense).

      I think that it has something to do with the cosmic cube. There is a lot of evidence that point towards my theory for example: at the end of Thor (during the post-credit scene) When asked what the cube was, Fury answered that the cosmic cube is “power” and maybe even “unlimited power”.
      When Tony was trying to figure out how to “fix himself” in IM2 he was paging through his father’s diary which had a lot of drawings/sketches/notes about the cosmic cube… obviously that implies that Tony’s father (Howard) was doing research about the cube and all the “power” it could bring to humanity. (Nick Fury in IM2: “Your father said that the arc-reactor was the stepping stone to something greater. He was about to launch a power-race that would have dwarfed the arms-race”) – I think that “something greater” was Howard Stark trying to create his own cosmic cube (after the events of Cap: TFA).

      In short: I think that the power-core that keeps Tony alive is actually made out of the same type of “power” as the cosmic cube. I.o.w. Tony may have created something similar to the cosmic cube.

      Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’ve figured out Marvel’s big secret . Either way, I just wanted to share that with anyone that may be interested in figuring out a little more about the MCU.

      • @ TheAvenger

        Ive seen the film 3 times & i can’t help wonder if theres connection there after what’s shown in IM2 & in this film.

        • @WallyWest: I am 95% sure that you and I are right. If you watch Iron Man 2 again then my theory might become even more clear to you.

          After hearing people talk about Cap, I have almost no doubt left that my theory is correct.

          I guess we’ll find out in either The Avengers or Iron Man 3… ;)

          • @ TheAvenger

            I what what you’re sayin from Iron Man 2. Im pretty sure there’s a connection. You’ll know what i mean when you see Captain America for yourself. I wonder what Iron Man 3 will be like from the way they talk they wanna go with it. Especially if they use Mandarin as the villain & how his ten rings will be played out. Just a hunch i have they won’t bring Fing Vang Voom on film. Just a hunch imo.

  26. if the story is well written and the center of the movie is the hero’s
    themselves along with the action, not only will this movie beat the xmen but also the dark night rises will not outgross it….. but its a big if because if samuel jackson’s nick fury drowns out all the other hero’s screen time,then this movie will really suck….

  27. So I just saw Captain America. I totally think there is a connection with the element that keeps Stark alive in Iron Man. and there is a connection with Thor’s world as well…. If we have all seen Thor… And I think the daughter of Peggy is Black widow…? (never read all the comics)

    • @ Becca

      I too believe there’s a connection with Thor’s world aswell by the way it ended & i doubt we’ve seen the end of you know who. For Marvel’s sake i hope not.

      • I think its mind blowing to think how all the comic book heros are connected…
        I know its early… but do you think Marvel will plan an Avengers 2??
        with spiderman and Xmen? I mean it seems they are re doing all the series to add up to something right?

        • @ Becca

          I agree, and it’s exciting to see a film with multiple comic book heroes in the same film together. In response to your question, im sure there will be a Avengers 2. But with Spider-Man & X-Men making any appearances seems unlikely anytime soon. Only way that happens is if Fox,Sony, & Marvel Studios come to a agreement over characters being used for Marvel Studio’s films & how much money Fox & Sony would get in return from proceeds. Sony already rebooted Spider-Man & im sure Fox would do the same before selling those rights to Marvel Studios unless of-course Marvel makes a offer neither of the two studios can’t refuse. It’s a long shot id have to say but we’ll never know.

          • Just we will have to wait and see if Justice League comes out….
            Maybe they can redo the Superman Series and make it epic with dark undertones and an amazingly evil villan…

            • @ Becca

              So far from what i read on here, they plan to make a Justice League film aswell reboot the Batman & Superman franchises again due Justice League film lead off the two character’s solo franchises. Im not holding my breath though. One for sure is WB/DC don’t have to worry as much about what characters to bring to the screen into the same universe for justice League films & solo films while some Marvel characters are sadly owned seperately by different studios.

  28. Maria hill is hot…