‘The Avengers’ Character Posters Debut

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Comic-Con 2011 is in full swing and Marvel is out promoting their epic superhero team-up movie event, The Avengers. The first footage from the film premiered at the end of Captain America today, to an enthusiastic fan response (read our First Avenger review to see how that film turned out).

Avengers promotional items are showing up on the Comic-Con floor, and now Marvel is releasing character posters for each of the heroes who will be assembling next summer.

The Avengers roster consists of Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). There are several rumors pointing to The Avengers facing an alien threat in the film, but for now, all we know officially is that this team of superheroes is coming together for one big, Earth-shaking battle. ‘Nuff said.

You can check out the posters in the gallery at the top of this article.

The posters do a good job of conveying the backstory of the individual characters, as established by their respective movies. Poor Hawkeye Nick Fury and Black Widow – their posters are noticeably vacant of backstory – but hey, at least they have the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, and Quinjet, right? icon razz The Avengers Character Posters Debut

It’s good to get yet another look at the modern-era Captain America costume, which looks slimmer and overall better than the bulky WWII outfit used in The First Avenger. The helmet in particular is of a much-improved design. The Hulk design is…interesting. There is definitely more of a classic movie monster vibe to the look of the jade giant, as opposed to the titan elemental design of the first Hulk film or the more logical design of the second. Can’t wait to see how it plays onscreen.

One big question that has been circling these Avengers images and posters is the design of Iron Man’s armor. In Iron Man 2 Tony Stark of course “invented a new element” which saved his life by giving him a stable and inexhaustible energy source to power the small arc reactor that keeps his injured heart beating. That new power source was of course in the shape of a triangle, which made Iron Man’s Mark VI armor chestplate of triangular shape as well. Obviously in this poster we can see that Shellhead’s armor sports a circular reactor once again, which raises all kinds of questions about what new changes in armor and power source Tony Stark will go through in the film.

It’s almost time, folks. Start getting excited.

The Avengers will assemble in theaters on May 4, 2012.

Source: Marvel

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  1. AWESOME :o

  2. I saw that they had realeased a Black Widow one with the first shot of a Quinn jet too…

    • Thanks we’ve added Black Widow for you fellas ;-)

  3. But why not use the actors…… instead of drawings of said actors. When they put stuff like this up I usually go uh oh.. but already having seen most of them is ok…. just would rather see the actual actor than what will be on the side of a slurped cup.

    • I think I agree, especially when the artwork isn’t THAT great. If it is meant to be a live-action look at them, why render it in artwork?

    • Because these are concept art from the production. I’m surprised they’re using them for official posters, but I’m not confused at all why they look the way they do. Remember that prior to Thor, Marvel released CG concept artwork of Thor & Cap’s costumes.

      • Ok, good point.

      • Stop being logical; it confuses Kahless. 8-)

    • I hate the Kevlar but I guess I’m in the minority. Seems like a lame cop out when they could have made the scalemail work.

      • scale male would have looked so bad, the live version looks alot better with his new outfit

      • You keep saying it, but it still sounds so wrong to me. Scale mail would appear very anachronistic compared to the other stuff going on, like the advanced materials and tech in the other Avenger’s getups.

        • But why would he continue using it? I think the scale mail is cool but only in the comics.

          • My point exactly

              • Yeah, I know you mentioned Dragon Scale, but Dragon Scale doesn’t look like scale mail. If they used Dragon Skin it would look very similar to what the suit looks like now, it wouldn’t be scale mail.

                There’s a basic premise here that you seem to be skipping over entirely. Some things that work on a comic page don’t work when you’re translating it into live action. I love Alex Ross as well, because he has such a realistic approach to representing great characters…but it’s still comic book art. You’re using comic art as evidence that something you like (scale mail) that looks good in comics would work in live action, and it doesn’t function as evidence of your case at all.

                You can still SAY “they should have used scale mail in the movies!” but showing me some comic book art of scale mail and saying “see! that would work in live action!” doesn’t really work out.

                BTW I don’t have to PROVE that it wouldn’t work….I can just say “here’s the reasons,” and you contemplate them for a bit, consider what I’m saying, and either realize my points are valid or you say “oh, well I disagree.” Scale mail woud look out of place, and doesn’t look high tech to the eye upon first glance, and using Dragon Scale still wouldn’t produce the scale mail look you seem fixated upon.

                Your method of outright rejecting anything different than what you already believe is sorta strange to me…I considered whether scale mail would work long before this discussion, and added all my thought processes together to the outcome of “no that would be terrible.” You should do the same for the opposite perspective… “hm, what are they saying? why do they say it wouldn’t work…let me think about this.”

                • Well actually it does. It overlaps the same way and there is a good reason why they called it Dragon Skin ;) The only difference is the scales individual discs are stored inside a vest instead of being on the outside. Would seem like an easy explanation and no stretch of the imagination to use it as an exterior element.

                  And Alex Ross’ work is not “comicbook art” they are illustrations/paintings that happen to have comicbook characters as their focus. The thing that differentiates the two is Ross tries to do it in a realistic manner. And I also admitted it wasn’t a LOT of proof, did I not? That is precisely why I added the picture I did though, because, up until that point, it is all a matter of what each thinks would or wouldn’t look good.

                  So yes I considered what others said and still disagree. Now if someone at the Marvel costume design dept. spoke up and said they tried like the dickens to get the scalemail to work but just couldn’t, well then I would be ok, at least I know they tried. I highly doubt it went that way however.

                  To be specific, you called the look “anachronistic” (btw you get a +1 because you forced me to look up a word!). I disagree because he himself is an anachronism ( <<< see what I did there :) ) not only that but the scalemail and shield were supposed to represent the chivalric "knightly" elements of a time gone by (you could even call his mannerisms anachronistic for the time period). So everything about him is a nod to being literally a man of of time, both in thought, deed and look.

                    • That looks so ridiculous… If you wanna see someone jumping around in a dragon skin suit, go and watch a Godzilla movie…

                    • @ Scapegoat

                      Dragon skin suit for who?

                    • haha, we have reached the reply tab over limit.

                      I wasn’t implying that that’s the way the armor is actually presented for sale OR that that’s the way Captain America’s scalemail should look.

                      I was simply to show why it was named as such and that it resembles Cap’s top (Toss was probably inspired by this armor for the Avengers poster he did) and for those who might have never seen Dragon Skin before.

  4. Man, I was really looking forward to seeing hulk in these posters…

    • I guess these 4 posters aren´t the only ones we get. These are the characters we´ve seen so far, so I guess they want us to surprise with the Hulk and the new Thor outfit.

      • Still, it really seems like they aren’t going to give Banner or Hulk much screen-time in this movie.

        • He was only part of the Avengers for all of two issues so… not really surprised if that’s the case.

          • A few more than that, but it’s true…not exactly a team player.

    • I’m sure we’ll get that eventually (as well as a Thor poster).

  5. Not really fond of Hawkeye’s look so far (not saying I want the comic costume… I don’t) but I don’t think they’ve done enough on making him distinctive. I think they should’ve been a bit more bold and gone more Ultimate Hawkeye. (Yes I know what I’ve said about not liking the Ultimate Universe, but I did see Ultimate Hawkeye’s design and liked it.)

    Also, I would have preferred live-action posters as well, instead of artwork. But whatever – bring it on!

    • They shouldve gave him SOME KIND of mask, maybe not like the one in the comics, but perhaps something that looks similar…

      Im a bit disappointed that there is no hulk or thor, but I guess that they want to withhold it until later something like the dwarves on the hobbit movie… what I heard about hulk is that his face will be modeled after the guy playing banner, not just the face, but also body hair and stuff with the voice of lou ferregno (however its spelt)

      And the poster of black widow doesnt do scarlet justice, she MUCH hotter then that, I wouldnt trust leonardo di vinci to paint her…

      And on a last note, why is it that only the captain america poster says assemble? the others just say may 2012…

      • Agreed about Scarlett being much hotter than that.

        Captain America is the one who says “Avengers Assemble!” the most, so I’m guessing that’s why.

  6. I actually prefer Cap’s first costume (the one in theaters now). I mean, there’s a few gripes I have with it, but overall I think it’s awesome. I’m not really diggin’ the new one for The Avengers. At least not the drawings I’ve seen. Maybe if they could (or would) release a photo or two of the new suit with the cowl/hood on… I don’t know… I’m just not feelin’ Cap’s new suit.

  7. In the teaser for The Avengers Iron Man has the triangular arc-reactor (not the circular). I have checked and double checked again – so I am 100% sure that Tony sports his Mark 6 armor. I have no idea why the artwork is so misleading.

    Also, in all the posters and toys that I’ve seen so far, Thor has his chain-mail armor, but in the teaser trailer you can clearly see that he has a sleeveless costume.

    All the posters still look very cool, but I don’t think that that is the EXACT way the REAL costumes from the movie will look – these posters are probably more like concept art or templates for the real movie-costumes.

    • Since Iron Man had more than one armor in each of his solo films, I guess he wears both the triangular and the circular chest piece. And I bet that Thor arrives on Earth in his solo movie outfit and then adapts a more inconspicuous outfit.

      • Food for thought! That’s a good point.

      • I think they used the sleeves in the first film to make him look like his recent comic counterpart. And since the Avengers movie is (at least the look and design) based on The Ultimates, they got rid of them because Thor doesn´t have them on his “ultimate” costume. He doesn´t have a cape in The Avengers either.

        • I would be more receptive to that idea if they had actually used the chainmail look on the legs too.

          • That would look totally ridiculous IMO. Some things work on the printed page but not on screen. Just like Caps chainmail costume.

        • Yeah, I heard “sleeveless” is the new black ;)

      • Maybe the lack of arm covering will silence those blind-as-a-bat folks who claimed Chris Hemsworth was “too small to play Thor.” His arms are in the Avengers trailer.

        • Arms are Huge.

        • I think bats have more sight than those people. How can anyone say he was too small in Thor?

    • I kinda like that Thor has a sleeveless costume. Who needs armor on a mortal world when you’re a god. :D

    • Maybe it went something like this:

      • Thor: Behold! The Thunderer foresakes the need for sleeves for verily mine arms are stronger that the oaks.

        IM: What is this? Jersey Shore? You look like a jerk. Get some damn sleeves.

        BW: (snickers)

        CA: What’s a “jersey shore?”

        Thor: *sulking* Fine then. (to IM) Robot you shall never understand the meaning of being an Asgardian

        ** And then Thor puts on a real costume with sleeves and they all live happily ever after **

      • Thor: Behold! The Thunderer foresakes the need for sleeves for verily mine arms are stronger that the oaks.

        IM: What is this? Jersey Shore? You look like a tool. Get some dang sleeves.

        BW: (snickers)

        CA: What’s a “jersey shore?”

        Thor: *sulking* Fine then. (to IM) Robot you shall never understand the meaning of being an Asgardian** And then Thor puts on a real costume with sleeves and they all live happily ever after **

  8. This post has almost no relevance to the above article and is basically just a little theory that I’ve been working on (you have been warned ;))

    A lot of fans have been asking what the element was that Tony Stark created in IM2. Some said it was ‘Vibranium’ (which I doubt) and a few have even conjured up the idea that it could somehow be ‘Adamantium’ (which makes no sense).

    I think that it has something to do with the cosmic cube. There is a lot of evidence that point towards my theory for example: at the end of Thor (during the post-credit scene) When asked what the cube was, Fury answered that the cosmic cube is “power” and maybe even “unlimited power”.
    When Tony was trying to figure out how to “fix himself” in IM2 he was paging through his father’s diary which had a lot of drawings/sketches/notes about the cosmic cube… obviously that implies that Tony’s father (Howard) was doing research about the cube and all the “power” it could bring to humanity. (Nick Fury in IM2: “Your father said that the arc-reactor was the stepping stone to something greater. He was about to launch a power-race that would have dwarfed the arms-race”) – I think that “something greater” was Howard Stark trying to create his own cosmic cube (after the events of Cap: TFA).

    In short: I think that the power-core that keeps Tony alive is actually made out of the same type of “power” as the cosmic cube. I.o.w. Tony may have created something similar to the cosmic cube.

    Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’ve figured out Marvel’s big secret ;). Either way, I just wanted to share that with anyone that may be interested in figuring out a little more about the MCU.

    • Cool theory. It makes sense.

    • I like ur theory. Ur Logic makes sense.

      • If you’ve seen The First Avenger you know about the Howard Stark Cosmic Cube Connection. Researching the cube could def be a source of the new element Tony ultimately invents.

        • I actually HAVEN’T seen Cap yet, since it doesn’t make it’s premier until the third of August over here, but it’s cool to know that people agree with my theory.

  9. if there trying to over hype me up for this movie its working…there going to make my head explode before this movie comes out…

  10. Where the HELL is the THOR poster??!!!

  11. Pretty impressive, although I’d like to see Captain America’s helmet wings as, say, metal soldered onto the helmet [flush, not sticking out as per the comics] rather than just painted on.

    Also, I’d like to say how awesome it is that big name actors are involved in these movies. Talk about lending an air of legitimacy to the endeavour. This last decade of comic movies is what those of us who had to put up with the original Fantastic Four and Captain America movies had been waiting for. [Eric Bana’s Hulk not included [except for Jennifer Connelly ;0) ]]

    • A raised element similar to how the star on his chest has a raised treatment? I would support that idea. Would even help tie the uniform together a bit better.

    • Hulk with Eric Bana is actually one of the best comic book movies from the last decade. Yes, there wasn’t quite enough action, considering who the character is, but as a complete film, it was superior to the 2nd film.

      I will completely agree with you on Jennifer Connelly though. She may not have that super ‘hotness’ of say Eva Mendes but she has a more natural beautiful look that very few actresses possess.

      • Ang Lee´s Hulk is one of the most boring CBMs ever made. And the Hulk looks nothing like Bana.

        And what does Eva Mendez have to do with it?

        • Its a different take and i like it for what it was attempting to do. The final act was the weakest part. Despite that I feel incredible Hulk is the better of the two.

        • I’ll agree that it doesn’t move at the fast 100mph pace of recent comic book movies but that’s what makes it better.

          Sometimes it helps not to have an action sequence every 10-15 mins and soundtrack pounding out in every single scene. (something that the 10th year of Smallville & Doctor Who are guilty of) The quieter moments can be just as effective as the louder ones.

          There have been many comments on this year’s efforts and the fact that they all have that rushed feel about them. Thor and Green Lantern especially could’ve benefited with 15-20 mins more on the mythology of the relams outside of Earth.

          I’m sure many have watched Hulk again years after it’s release an appreciate more, the emotional weight of the film and the psychological effects caused by tragedy. Ang Lee tried to add layers to a character that essentially just smashes things up. Yes the sequel / reboot had better effects & action but once you get past that you see that there is far less substance to it.

          I don’t see why Hulk has to share a similar look to Banner. Banner transforms into a being that’s the complete opposite nature of who he is, so it makes sense that the Hulk should look different. The Hulk didn’t look like Norton in the 3nd film either

          The point of Eva Mendes was in comparison to Jennifer Connelly who is very attractive despite not having that sex siren look that Eva has. You never see Connelly in that action heroine / female fatale role with tight skirts and high heels, because that’s not her persona. She’s one of very few women who doesn’t need to gloss herself up, to look good.

          • But that’s just it, CA wasn’t a lot of action but the movie was great because it kept you involved even when there was no action. The first Hulk movie was just boring to me.

      • I agree with you, about the Hulk being a good movie.

        I enjoyed the look of the Hulk, Jennifer Connelly, and the originality. But I wasn’t as much a fan of Eric Bana (even though I am a fan of Edward Norton, I wasn’t really a fan of his portrayal either. Here’s hoping round 3 works).

        The Incredible Hulk had a better beginning and was tied together a little better. But the hulk’s scenes weren’t as interesting, maybe even a little cartoonish.

        Overall I would say Lee’s Hulk was fun but flawed. The Incredible Hulk was solid but underwhelming.

        I prefer to watch Lee’s Hulk because it’s fun in parts. If I want to see a good comic book movie I will watch anything but The Incredible Hulk, so I find it nearly worthless as a movie.

        • The Bana Hulk movie was such a disappointment. The action scenes were terrible and the final battle was almost invisible it was so dark. If I never watch that movie again, it’ll be too soon. The Incredible Hulk was a superior film in every way imaginable: acting, directing, story, effects, etc.

  12. If you looks at the edges of the posters, they look like they COULD be pieced together to make one long poster.

    Look at the left side of the Hawkeye poster, behind the quiver. Thor’s cape?

    • Thats the point actually. To have it all be one entire poster. and if thats Thors cape then theres Hulks arm above WW2 cap..

    • …and the right side of Black Widow Clearly fits on the left side of Iron Man.

  13. why is it that only the captain america poster says assemble? the others just say may 2012…

    • Cap is always the one to calls out “Avengers Assemble!!!”

  14. I still wish Whedon replaced Scar Jo with someone can, well, ACT.

    • I don’t know why I feed trolls…

      Scarlett Johansson has been nominated for 4 Golden Globes and has won a Tony award and a BAFTA Award (it’s British).

      What I think you meant to say was: I wish she would be replaced with someone more appropriate for the part. But this is also a dumb idea, because I won’t be going to see the Avengers for black widow. So the more pretty faces they put around the characters I do want to see the better.

      • No, what I mean is I don’t think she can act. Who cares if she’s been nominated? That doesn’t mean I have to believe she has talent. Oh, and I’m not a “troll” for stating my opinion.

      • Dude, Halle Berry couldn´t act if someone pointed a gun at her head. But she won an Oscar. So your statement is BS. But I disagree with Ghost as well. I think she´s a decent actress. It just depends on her role.

  15. I know there’s already a lot of characters involved, but does this mean that we won’t be seeing War Machine in Avengers?

    • Yes. Do you really need a second Iron Man in this movie?

    • Cheadle said quite a while ago that “War Machine isn’t in Avengers.”

    • In the comics, War Machine was almost never part of the Avengers and I don’t think Cheadle even wanted to be in the movie: “I’m not doing Avengers, wasn’t written into the script – thank god – but I am gonna be in Iron Man 3 and then maybe do a War-Machine spin-off thing.”

      • A War Machine spin off? Why? There´s already a couple of movies about a guy in a high tech armor. I don´t need a War Machine spin off…

        • Don’t tell me, tell Marvel Studios.

          I don’t really want a War-Machine spin-off either.

      • Wasnt WarMachine in….. WEST COAST AVENGERS!!! :D

  16. They should have considered Hawkeye’s post-ultimatum mask in the Ultimate series, it’s realistic enough. In fact the whole costume would work.
    The questions that arise in my mind is this; if we can see how Cap, Thor, IM, and Hulk are bound to the integrity of the story, how is Joss going to link BW and Hawkeye as functioning characters and not just fan-features?

    • I kinda like it better when looking at a bigger version.

  17. i mentioned the fact that his arc reactor was circular when i saw the toys, and where is Thor kinda weird to have Hawkeye but not him, and the Cap costume looks weird in this pic but the real one they showed at comic con looked good, a little too dark blue but still good

  18. holy, it’s captain puerto rico!

  19. I only got into comics since the ultimate line but I really wish they had created a unique uniform closer to Hawkeye’s 616 uniform. His costume really encompasses’ his personality with it being so flashy and bright. The cocky ***hole. I so relate.

    • Hellz yeah

    • Yeah, I agree. Of all the Ultimate re-designs, Hawkeye’s is the only one I truly liked compared to his older costume.

      Maybe it’s still in the cards eventually, though.

    • Yeah, if they could only have “combined” Hawkeye’s Ultimates costume with his 616 costume they could have gotten a superb result. By keeping the mask and the purple color scheme, that alone would have made it look so much more cooler.

      • Yeah Avenger I agree. With all the creative minds at Marvel Studios, thats the best thing they came up with? Could they have spared the purple. They should give him some kind of mask thing in they movie cause it feels boring like somethings missing

        • There’s no mask because a mask is used for disguising a secret identity…being a special agent of SHIELD means he doesn’t really have a need to keep his identity secret. You don’t see soldiers or FBI agents running around with masks do you?

          • @ Ken

            Tony Stark almost blown Natasha’s cover in Iron Man 2 while working for him. SHIELD is much more secret & higher than FBI, CIA or any other soldier you’d encounter. So Hawkeye sporting a mask wouldn’t hurt neither imo.

            • Your own example defeats your argument. The SHIELD agents running around aren’t wearing masks, Black Widow doesn’t wear a mask…Hawkeye’s face being known to his fellow agents isn’t really an issue. Hawkeye having a mask would be hugely conspicuous and out of place in the context of the films.

              • @ Ken

                Hawkeye is one of The Avenger’s original members. So his costume doesn’t need to look more like the SHEILD agent’s or Black Widow’s. It makes no differance if the costume had a mask aslong they made it look good w/ the rest in the film. If they made a Green Arrow film, what’s a real good way for him really? A mask w/ robin hood hat or the Smallville look? The could made the costume a dark purple to give it little bit of a classic feel so both classic fans & Ultimate fans would enjoy.

                • He’s not one of the original members.

                  For these films he needs to fit in with the SHIELD members because he’s an agent of SHIELD. His outfit is more like film-version Black Widow’s than it is like purple-tights-comic book Hawkeye, which I’m happy about because tights don’t work on film.

                  The costume is dark purple, he has just the right amount of purple coloring on his outfit so that it’s an homage to the comics without looking like Captain America from the ’90s movie. You know, the one with the awful costume.

                  • @ Ken

                    He was with Wasp & Antman, only those two aren’t in the film. Tights are outta date on film these days. From i read & seen the costume doesn’t look dark purple.

                    • @WallyWest: Though I do agree with you that Hawkeye would look awesome with the mask, I also see Ken’s point. Marvel is trying to make the Avengers as realistic as possible.

                      Also, Hawkeye wasn’t an original/founding member of the Avengers. The Avengers started out as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp. After a while Cap joined in when the Avengers found him in ice and way later Hawkeye, Black Panther, Scarlett Witch, etc. joined the team.

                    • TheAvenger is right, the original team was John Pym as Ant-Man, Janet van Dyne as the Wasp, the Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man.

                      Around three issues later they found Captain America in ice and freed him, and he joined the team. He may not be a founding member, but he’s a honorary founding member, since he’s been the leader for so many years. (Hulk’s “founding member” status was removed retroactively as he was only with the team for TWO issues… one reason why I don’t really relish the idea of him being in the movies. He was more a tagalong or a captive beast than contributing member.)

                      One year or so later, most of the founding members became busy and Captain America ended up having to mentor a new gang, mostly reformed criminals who decided to become heroes instead (that was a pretty new idea back then). Hawkeye, Scarlet Vision, and Quicksilver were that gang.

                    • Er, Scarlet Witch. My bad. Haha.

        • Personally I think the Hawkeye treatment is just right. The character was always more about what he could do than what he looked like, and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe things skew a little more to the “what would this be like if it were real?” zone than the “let’s go completely crazy like in the comics” zone.

  20. The posters are awesome especially Captain America and Iron Man.

  21. I just watched the Avengers bonus footage from Captain America, and Iron Man is wearing the triangle-shaped reactor as in IM2.

    • …and?

      • Man Ken, you’re kinda bumming everybody out today with your negative attitude. Buck up, buddy! ;)

        Kenobi74 mentioned the triangular arc-reactor because many people are unsure about how Iron Man will look in the Avengers (in the posters he has the circular-reactor, but in the teaser he has the triangular one). He was just trying to help limit the confusion surrounding this film.

        • LOL, buck up? I’m in a great mood, if anyone’s bummed out it’s because of their own stuff, not because of anything I’m saying.

          I realize that people are confused about the whole “which suit?” thing, but I don’t understand WHY they’re confused. In both the comics & films, Iron Man upgrades and changes his armor technology, and it’s the established MO that he starts out with one suit and gets into a new one during the course of the movie.

          The Mark VI with the triangular reactor shows up in the Avengers footage, and a new suit with a round reactor is in the Avengers poster. Somehow these two things combined are making people confused? I don’t get it. For me, these two things combined just mean “oh, he gets a new suit again. okay.”

          • @ Ken

            Some people have different opinions on things, such as costumes in a film and thats ok. But if you’re in a bad mood & feel like rubbing in people’s opinions, i suggest go another site.

    • I think a bigger question will be what will Thor wears. This outfit was a lot different than what he wore in his own film. My guess was that the artist was given concept art for characters/uniforms we hadn’t seen (I.E. Hawkeye and the new Cap uniform). He just went off of other images for everyone else.

  22. Boring.

    • Really? Well if it’s so boring why did you bother to continue reading? B)

      • Roldan is just a troll who likes to play superior to all of the comic book nerds who are pumped for “The Avengers.”

        I myself am a huge comic nerd, so I’m excited for the film.

        I like Cap’s new costume for the Avengers film. Instead of a helmet it’s actually a mask that comes down to the collar of the suit, more like the comic book version. Not to take away from the suit in “FIrst Avenger.” That suit was pretty sweet as well.

  23. Vic, did you realize that these posters fit together to make one big banner? The last one is Hulk. In order though they go… Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Nick Fury….

    • The Guy,

      Thanks, I did not. :)


    • The order of the posters(from left to right):
      Hulk (NYR*), Cap, Thor (NYR*), Hawkeye, Nick Fury (NYR*), Black Widow, Iron Man.

      * NYR = Not Yet Released

      • Wooopps! I’m soo embarrassed now :D

        I didn’t now that the Nick Fury and Thor posters have been released! It seems my entire “order of posters” comment is wrong!

        Sorry about that :(

      • Your order is not correct…

        • The correct order:

          Iron Man, Hulk, Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, Fury, Coulson and Hill.

        • I know it’s not correct dude! I did apologize. I didn’t know that there had been more posters released. I now know the correct order and that all the posters have been released.

          If you scroll up you’ll see my apology and if you scroll down you’ll that I acknowledged that “The Guy” was right.

          • And if you don’t scroll either way you’ll see yourself writing at length for no apparent reason about something that’s been addressed and forgotten.

            • Why do you have to be so rude?

    • @ The Guy: your “poster order” IS right after all.

      I took all the available posters and edited them together… left to right: Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk (not yet released), Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, Nick Fury and the agents of Shield.

      Now we just have to wait for the Hulk then this whole poster-banner thing will be complete! ;)

      • The Hulk poster was released today! Ye-Haw!

        • I know. It looks so awesome.

  24. Where’s Hulk at?

  25. Hey look, it’s Robin Scherbatsky! I was a bit apprehensive of the short hair at first but it looks good.

  26. These posters look epic!!!!!!!