New ‘Avengers’ Character Posters & Midnight Screening Information [Re-Updated]

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[RE-UPDATE: We’ve added the full Avengers character posters & completed banner to our gallery.]

So… have you heard about this flick called The Avengers?

Yes, it’s been literally impossible to escape more news and/or marketing material for Marvel’s superhero team-up blockbuster around the movie blogosphere of late. Today we have even more Avengers stuff to show, in the form of new character posters – and a Facebook application which allows individuals in select cities to purchase tickets (from a theater of their choice) to the Avengers midnight premiere screening.

Those who are solely interested in securing tickets to an Avengers midnight screening, go HERE.

Everyone else? Here’s Screen Rant’s own unofficial synopsis for the dream team comic book hero adaptation, as overseen by writer-director Joss Whedon:

‘The Avengers’ sees such iconic comic book heroes as Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth), and The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) unite in order to defend Earth against Thor’s megalomaniacal brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his mysterious alien armada. Joining those warriors for the battle are the capable agents of the international peacekeeping organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D., which is headed by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and includes such combat-trained warriors as Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), among others.

Now have a look at six new character one-sheets for The Avengers (click on each image for a larger version):


Say what you will about the design and layout of these new Avengers banners (or any of the numerous posters released for the movie to date), but the final product looks to deliver the goods. The impressive full-length Avengers trailer is now screening in theaters around the world, so as to help convince the non comic book-loving masses that Whedon and Co. have produced the end-all of superhero flicks: a grand blockbuster which offers the rare mix of engaging character drama and awe-inspiring spectacle.

We will find out for certain whether or not the longest Marvel movie to date also ends up becoming the biggest hit at the box office, when The Avengers opens in theaters (2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on May 4th, 2012.


Source: Walt Disney Pictures [via The Film Stage]

Re-Update via  GeekTyrant

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  1. its times like this where i wish there was an IMAX theater nearby. oh well, i guess im lucky enough to have a BigD theater in town.

  2. I’m so ready for the midnight show!!! :)

  3. I still don’t understand why Hawkeye and Black Widow are there…

    • because they are in the avengers?

      Hawkeye has been for along time, and widow has been on the team as well.

      So why do you not understand?

        • “Get over it. They aren’t in it.”

          As far as we know. ;)

          • One could hope right!?!? Who would you have playing Ant-Man?

            • they may have cameos as their alter egos. How about John Hamm as Ant-Man? Think about it.

              • The dude who plays Dexter. He looks like an obsessed geek and possible wife beater. Although I doubt the MCU would do anything as deep or complex as spousal abuse. Didnt even have Cap battling Nazis.

                • Domestic violence is bad for selling toys.

                  • LOL I know. Hence the Ewoks & Jar Jar Binks tone in these movies.

            • I´d love to see Nathan Fillion as Pym. Far fetched, I know. But as you said, one could hope.

              • i would like to see Eliza Dushku as the Wasp

                • I wouldn’t. She’s a terrible actress.

                  • True, however yummy.

              • Nathan Fillion is AWESOME!
                But IMO, he doesn’t really look like Pym… as Ignur mentioned, the guy who pays Dexter… he looks like Pym.

  4. Cant wait I dont know if I should watch this in IMAX or the Cini Capri

  5. I find it interesting that Thor and Iron Man are only in one poster each, while Black Widow and Hawkeye are in two, when they strike me as “minor” characters in the grand vision of this movie.

    • They may be minor characters, but they are well known actors.

    • cap is in two as well as the hulk.

  6. Whats up with Captain America’s “Got Milk” upper lip?

    • He’s Captain America. That’s what he drinks.

      • Indeed. The milk of human kindness.

  7. Wonder if Hawk-Eye will eventually become Goliath as he did in the comics.

    • Ant-man was the first Goliath and so they would have to introduce him first.

      • Not necessarily. Hank Pym can always be Ant-Man. Leaving Hawk-Eye to become Goliath. But can you imagine a giant with a giant bow and arrows? That might be cool.

        • How will they make giant arrows?!? Will he be shooting trees?

          • Exploding trees!

            • If that doesn’t get you in theaters, I don’t know what will. :)

  8. Hope this film fares well in the box office :{ It looks epic though :/

  9. Awesome posters.

    The trailer was epic so hopefully The Avengers turns out to be awesome.

  10. +1 for directly me specifically to the midnight screening link!

  11. Caps cowl is looking a bit better in that poster. Man I’m gonna have a viewing of all the Marvel movies myself…who’s coming over?

    • I’ll bring the beer!

  12. it pains me to think that The Dark Knight Rises will probably gross more than the Avengers overall.

    • I’m not sure on that. You through in the overseas market, I bet it’ll be a tight finish. You take out the death of Heath Ledger and his awesome performance, the hype for The Dark Knight isn’t nearly as much and doesn’t attract the box office.

      Part of me things that the critics might be “disappointed” with this one because of following up such a great performance by Ledger with a hard to hear Bane…

      • Have to agree about that.
        As awesome as TDK was, it would never have made so much if Ledger hadn’t passed away.

        I’ll tell you, it’s going to be a REALLY CLOSE finish for highest grossing movie of 2012 IMO…

        • The hobbit will outgross both

          • We don’t know that yet…
            LOTR was extremely popular a few years ago, and while the fans remain, the general public’s attention span is way too low.

            Still, it’s very possible that it’ll outgrows both, we just can’t be sure yet…

            • *Edit: outGROSS both…

        • Not to mention that, from what I’ve seen TDKR doesn’t even look that good IMO, not following TDK especially. I think TA will take it.

          • How can you judge a movie on 2 trailers and pictures? It hasn’t released its final trailer. If you saw the prolouge then you can judge that. The DKR will have an amazing we’ll written story but if your looking for explosions and action 24/7 it won’t be your kind of movie

            • It’s the catwoman pics i’ve seen, she looks ridiculous, and Bane’s Hannibal Lecter mask bothers me. But mostly I just don’t see how its gonna live up to the standard TDK set. I might be wrong, it might be the Best CBM yet, I don’t know. I’m just saying that what I HAVE seen doesn’t impress me. TDK is one of the best movies I’ve seen not just CBM, but just in general. The tone was perfect for the character.

      • Yeah, I’m not as interested in Batty. We all know what to expect from Batman. The Avengers has never been done. Even though we’ve seen the characters before, it feels like the first time and for many, it will be. Now if the rumors of Adam West being in Dark-knight are true… I’ll be there.

        • “We all know what to expect from Batman”
          And what is that exactly?
          Because as far as I know, we don’t have a freakin clue of what to expect.
          Batman could even die in this movie – I’d say if that were to happen, it’d be pretty unexpected.

          • Not unexpected. There’s already been talk of that.

            • It’ll be unexpected.
              Even if there was talk and rumors.
              I don’t think anyone is EXPECTING Bats to die… even if the thought has crossed their minds.

      • Holy spelling errors. I swear I’m not a 7 year old kid. :)

        Throw instead of through
        Thinks instead of things

        • You all also need to consider that the batman movies appeal to people who don’t like comic books. I work at a theatre and tons of people see the avengers poster and say “ehh I don’t like superheros” those same people see the dark knight rises poster and say “I loved the last one ill go see this” the avengers is a superhero fans dream where DKR is the sequal to the highest grossing superhero movie ever. Even tho ledgers performance carried the film people will be intrigued enough to see the
          final installment. That being seeing DKR has already sold out midnight show tickets… well before the last trailer has been released. The DKR is the most anticipated movie of the year around the world because batman is so popular. But stranger things has happened in movies I’m just excited to see them both.

          • Good point. That’s why I think TA won’t open as well as TDK.
            In saying that, TA looks more kid friendly and it has more star power.

            The Hobbit will probably top them all anyway.

            • Well not from a skill standpoint I think the avengers crew has more appeal cause its cast do fun roles while the DKR cast does academy movies and wins awards

    • who cares? why is this constantly an issue? all that matter is which movie YOU like best, and really, you cant compare the films. 2 totally differnt stories. you could compare burton’s batman to TDK as they both deal with batman v joker. the only thing you can compare the avengers to is that episode of the incredible hulk show where thor and daredevil were in it. thats the closest we ever got to having some avengers assembled (live action anyway)
      i’m just sayin…

  13. Stark looks cool.
    Cap looks f’n awesome in that poster. Don’t care what anyone else thinks.
    Widow’s poster looks sexy as well, but Cap in the background looks like cheap Photoshop.
    Hulk should have been in the front in his/Hawkeye’s poster – but Hawkeye does look bad-ass though.
    Thor’s poster ain’t that good IMO – it kinda looks like he’s camera shy ;)
    Nick Fury… well he looks like he usually does: ready to kick some motha #@$%@ ass (but I have to say though, his head looks a little too big for his body)

    • There´s someone else in the Widow poster? Didn´t notice.

  14. Fury’s poster looks like it is the logical spinoff to “Snakes on a Plane”, but called “Aliens on a Planet”.

    Insert profanity laced tag line here ->


  15. Its nice to see Colbie’s character getting some love in the marketing now. I am looking forward to how they are going to portray Hill in the movie. Otherwise, I think the posters look pretty good overall.

  16. Thor kinda looks like he asked Widow to dance at a Junior High School dance and he got severly denied.

    • Yea I can see that poster as spin off for Prom Night, just amped up to 11 with thunderous Godly powers.

    • Maybe she knows about Jane already.

  17. With the embers floating around the bottom, it looks like they are stealing the Mission Impossible poster’s look.

  18. Maybe I missed it but I am glad I didnt read a comment saying something like “whats wrong with Cap’s helmet?” The entire team looks great! May 4th cant come quick enough. This will be a movie I pay to see more than once. I already know.

    • what’s wrong with caps helmet? it looks kinda ugly.

    • just joking :)

  19. I saw the latest trailer in 3D last weekend and to be honest it didn’t look impressive at all (the 3D), so it might not be worth seeing in IMAX. Just a heads up people don’t let them fool you into the “experience” unless it was filmed for Imax.

    • Have to disagree.
      And just so you know, I thought the 3D would suck (since it’s post converted).
      But after seeing the trailer in 3D, I’m as psyched as I can get: Cap falling out the sky, Hulk catching Iron Man, Iron Man chasing aliens through NY, ScarJo in 3D (giggity), Hulk running through the exploding building… all those scenes were incredible in 3D.
      In my opinion at least…

  20. I’d shoot Iron Man in the face

    A set of Super Armor aint too good without helmet

    Why is Shaft in there? He’s like 67 years old he might fall and break a hip

  21. I have yet to see a poster or set pic with Hawkeye wearing his glasses. I know the avenger has told me that he has seen pics of him wearing them I would like to see some too if anybody has the link.

    • Screenrant’s Avengers gallery has a few…

  22. i cannot believe they are not having a midnight showing here! i live in the 16th largest U.S. city gosh darn it!

  23. im sure its not that hard for someone to look intimidating without trying too hard/ ending up looking angry all the time.. why is it so hard for johansson

  24. Employers better prepare for a incredible amount of call ins on may 4th. I’m pretty sure everyone will want to be part of this historic

  25. Employers better prepare for a incredible amount of call ins on may 4th. I’m pretty sure everyone will want to be part of this historic cinimatic event :D

    sorry if this double posts I accidently hit publish before I was done lol.
    :-/ (an edit button would be nice)

  26. i made a discovery last night in super bowl trailer on 00:30 when aliens jump out behind the gray aliens there are another one wearing a gold armour but you have to pause the video on the first frame with aliens i wil post a photo if anyone wants

    • yeah, post it. I know I saw Loki flying on one of those things. Maybe that’s what you see? He has on his horned gold helmet and green cape.

      • o it wasn’t loki it was when they jump out of ship wait a minute i wil post it

  27. can’t quite make them out. But it wont be long now. Just three more weeks to go.

    • Three?!
      That can’t be right…
      Geez, you nearly gave me a heart attack ;)

  28. Black widow sexy as always :) but hulk and hawkeye pic looks best