The Avengers Breaks Second Weekend Record, Crosses $1 Billion

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The Avengers Box Office The Avengers Breaks Second Weekend Record, Crosses $1 Billion

After breaking several international box office records, The Avengers opened in North America last weekend to become the biggest film opening of all time, handily beating out previous record holders The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 while becoming the first ever film to cross the $200 million mark on its domestic debut.

In its second weekend, Earth’s Mightiest continue their success story, becoming the first every film to cross $100 million in its second weekend while also crossing the $1 billion worldwide total mark, just 19 days after its first opening overseas.

Last weekend’s actual haul for The Avengers was $207,438,708 and this weekend, with only a 50% drop, the estimates have Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster earning another $103.2 million in North America. With these estimates, The Avengers is expected to cross the 10-figure mark today with a total of $373.2 million at the domestic box office and $628.9 million internationally, enough to edge out The Dark Knight’s total box office earnings. Needless to say, Disney CEO Bog Iger confirming The Avengers 2 is in development was a welcome given.

And with that, Disney happily points out that The Avengers is now one of their five films among the 12 movies which have earned $1 billion theatrically, the other four being Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

For comparison, here are the top five second-weekend performances (domestic) along with their opening weekends:

  1. The Avengers - $207,438,708 (opening), $103,163,000 (second)
  2. Avatar -  $77,025,481 (opening), $75,617,183 (second)
  3. The Dark Knight - $158,411,483 (opening), $75,166,466 (second)
  4. Shrek 2 - $108,037,878 (opening), $72,170,363 (second)
  5. Spider-Man - $114,844,116 (opening), $71,417,527 (second)

Note: The sixth, seventh and eighth films on the second-weekend earnings list are all Disney films. Also note: Three of the top five and six of the top 20 are all comic book films. So, Disney acquiring Marvel for $4 billion… Good decision.

disney marvel logos The Avengers Breaks Second Weekend Record, Crosses $1 Billion

With Battleship, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and The Dictator opening this week, The Avengers has a good chance of winning next weekend as well.

If you’ve seen The Avengers, please refrain from talking spoilers – we have a spoilers discussion thread for that and check out our discussion on The Avengers post-credits scenes.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Come on people keep going to AVENGERS!!!!!! I want it to be the top grossing film of all time instead of AVATAR, we can do this!!!!!!!!! MARVEL FTW:)

    • [Edited for unnecessary obnoxiousness]

      • I must need a life to because I’m reading about box office earnings and commenting on it.
        I’m with you. But I just think Avatar is to high up there. I think The Avengers will pass Potter and settle in at 3rd place all time.

        • Thanks for the support and not being totally rude.

      • LOL. I must say that’s a bit rude, but I concur. We’re not getting any of that money lol, so while I’m glad it’s doing well, I couldn’t care less about what records it breaks.

      • Agree with Namik. lol

        Marvel FTW! lol

        As if the higher the gross, the better the movie is ?

        Judging from all of the various Top Ten Movie Lists submitted, I think I only spotted a couple with Avatar on them.

      • lol! @ the “[Edited for unnecessary obnoxiousness]“!

    • Technically ‘Gone with the Wind’ should hold that title, but they don’t count films before a certain date.

    • They’re going wild in the streets! Yay!!

  2. You need to fix your article Rob. The Dark Knight Rises hasn’t opened yet.

    • Jay,

      Doh! Thanks, bud. We’ve been covering the film a lot and it’s so anticipated that Rob must have had it on the brain. :)


  3. to open another movie against them is like courting death itself

    • (Creepy smile)

      • (turns head slowly, creepy smile) :-P

    • Yeah, it was stupid to release Dark Shadows this weekend…this movie feels like a late August release or a trash bin February release…hope this ends the Depp/Burton love fest…

      • Even if I tried, I could not agree more with you, I hate Burtons films, everyone is like a big budget snuff movie but edited out the good parts with all the creepy colors and make-up…

      • how did dark shadows cost $150 million to make?

        • Take out Depp’s salary, it goes down to $50 million. :-D

      • I agree about the release, it’s a terrible time to release Dark Shadows-fall is a far far better release time.

        But as much as I like UR avatar, I disagree with your opinion on the Depp/Burton oeuvre and have seen everything before Dark Shadows (but plan to see it this weekend) and maybe after Big Eyes and Lone Ranger they can get together again and do their 9th & 10th films.

  4. I never realized there was a number 1 “bullion.”

    • That’s a new number, it’s more than anything any other movie has ever made EVER

    • Must be using the gold bullion standard….

  5. It will be interesting to see how well this movie does. If it continues on this pace for another 2-3 weeks we might see it catch up to an Avatar

    • That is the much better question to raise: Can “The Avengers” actually topple “Avatar” as the top grossing film of all time?

      The Avengers is already 1/3 there. A “MARVELous” feat which deserves to be commended. It’s certainly got it’s staying power and momentum.

      So, the next couple of weeks at the box office should be fun.

    • The Hulk is sitting ahead of me in the theater! Tell him to move his head so I can see or scrunch down in the seat or something, willya?!

  6. Never doubted it would reach the 1 billion dollar mark worldwide. Truely earths mightiest at the box office and I’m pretty sure it’ll still be number 1 next week.

  7. At the billion mark… warner brothers had an emergency JUSTICE LEAGUE meeting! Probably.

    And I thought no spoilers, one of the comments above qualifies.

    • my bad

  8. WB/DC Comics should’ve had foresight and made a superhero team-up flick like the “Justice League”. Now , Marvel has beaten them to the draw. 1 billion grossing Avengers means a big slap to DC Comics’ braintrust.

    • how WB/DC can do a Justice League movie when they cant do a good comic book movie who aint Batman and Superman

      • Well we KNOW it isn’t the source material. DC’s franchises are just as good as Marvel’s with similar fantastical material. So DC/WB need to look at who is actually writing their scripts, directing their movies and most importantly, making the big decisions and approving the poor choices.

        I mean GL “could” have been just as good as Thor or Cap. America but they dropped the ball on multiple levels. Of course, even if GL had been successful, they STILL made that movie as a stand alone, encapsulated universe. DC needs to catch a clue that one off characters are not the way to go anymore.

        • Right, Superman is the MOST iconic superhero there is, you could show that ‘s’ shield to just about anybody on the planet and they know instantly who you’re talking about. DC just doesn’t seem to have the character down in their movies yet. The closest we got was Superman I & II and that was 30+ years ago, every other movie sucked. If Man of Steel can do for Supes what TDK did for Batman, then DC can finally become a contender.
          I think though, that after Avengers, a shared universe will be a must for a Justice League movie. If not a shared continuity at least get the same actors.

        • I for one really liked the green lantern movie–come on, it was a first effort by a company that is not as good or experianced in making GOOD movies. So I support GL #1, and want #2 and #3! And a Flash movie. And a GL/Flash team-up movie. And maybe even a team-up movie of Dr. Fate and Hourman! I am more a Marvel movie fan than DC–in fact, did not care for the Superman or Batman movies too much, altho I watched them. However, in the interest of seeing comic book movies everywhere get better and better for the fans, I really want to see DC improve, and I think the suggestions above (GL/F/DF/HM) are the way to go. Altho I would eventually enjoy both a Justice league movie and a legion of Super heroes movie, first DC has to get their act together with the other stuff, first, and quit trotting out tired old Batman and Superman. How about my suggestions, and maybe even a Martian Manhunter flick??!!

        • Agreed (kinda).
          At this point, I don’t think DC will go the “cinematic universe” route as well (everyone will probably just feel like DC is ripping off Marvel’s idea and success).
          Nah, I think they will eventually make a JL movie (hopefully), but I doubt they’ll have tie-in films like Marvel Studios did/is doing.

          • I’ve said this before but the time to do tie-in movies like Marvel would have been 5 years ago when Marvel was doing it. trying to do so now will mean a JL movie in what, 7-8+ years? I don’t think DC can wait that long.

            The JL’s main characters are well known enough that they should be able to do a group movie first and THEN branch out into solo or smaller group efforts.

            • My thoughts exactly.

    • Artistic merit has no place in a discussion about commerce, we all know that. This movie will become the benchmark for sales and the next movie that tops it more then likely won’t be concerned with it’s artistic content.

      Just like all of these movies that make a ton of money are not always cinematic masterpieces, many Oscar nominated movies aren’t huge money makers. Fans of either type of film just like to have their taste in movies co-signed be others, and selling a lot of tickets or getting a lot of gold statues does that for some people.

    • @Longshanks.

      The likes of Avatar, HP – Deathly Hallows, Dark Knight can all point their billion grosses down to 3D or IMAX sales. As will both TDKR and Prometheus will as well.

      When researching on this , the ticket price difference between 2008 and 2012 isn’t too great and still a larger share of audiences would’ve seen the movie in 2D than in 3D.

      I completely agree that a movie’s box office doesn’t define it’s quality. But sometimes the two aren’t mutually exclusive and i think the main reason for Avengers’ sustained high level of success is because it’s a good movie. In fact in terms of it’s own artistic form as a comic book movie – it was pretty great actually. Many people do acknowledge it as a good film, and are merely celebrating its success, as its a movie that people have been waiting for decades to happen.

      And maybe just maybe, TDKR and Prometheus could turn out to be terrible movies. Unlikely? maybe but you never know.

      • I am truly excited to see TDKR, but it in itsellf will be hard to compare to The Dark Knight. As far as Avatar, i wasnt too impressed. It was the 3d effects that made it special. Avengers was truly amazing in 2d.

      • I see your point about ticket prices not being too much different from 08 until now,but the amount of theaters is enough to make a very noticeable difference.

      • @lebsta: very well said man.

    • Agree 100% with your editorial. I’ve said the same things. 

      PROMETHEUS For The Win!

      It’s so hypocritical that those who diss Avatar’s top grossing box office record do so because of higher ticket prices due to IMAX , 3D and ALL of it’s theatrical incarnations. 

      But when it comes  to “The Avengers” those who laude this movie over and over again about its box office #’s fail to mention its inflated ticket prices.  

      Hell, it cost me nearly 50 bucks ( 2 tickets ) to see The Avengers. 

      Come July 19, a new movie will come out and be THE film of the year: TDKR.

      ( interesting to see how the opening weekends will do compared to The Avengers since there won’t be any inflated 3D screenings of TDKR )

      • @ Longshanks ^

      • But it’ll have the even more inflated I-Max all to its own for 2 months. That surcharge is double the 3D surcharge.

        People are always looking for excuses why something they don’t like it’s doing well, just accept that people are loving The Avengers and loved Avatar.

        TDK fans weren’t complaining when TDK set all sorts of I-Max records which helped them reach the benchmark it did.

    • Actually they had a breakdown and even if you took away the extra $ 3-D brought in, it still would have brought in almost 180 million, so it still would have broken the record.
      As for artistic and entertaining merit, with so many people going to see this movie several times, it is clearly entertaining. Whether or not it’s artistic is entirely subjective.
      People consider Picasso art, personally I think he couldn’t draw and went for weird instead. Personally I prefer to be able to determine what the subject is without guesswork. That’s just me.

    • @ Longshanks……EXCEPT that a huge amount of critics have given it a big thumbs up and on RT, over 300k people have voted almost unanimously that it’s worth seeing. Now is this movie a deeply cerebral piece or some deep thinking mind twister (like Inception?) no, but neither was Star Wars or Ghost Busters.

      Counter that with say Transformers:Dark of the Moon which made over a billion BUT the majority of critics and a fair % of movie goers thought it was a crappy movie. With the Avengers EVERYONE seems to be on the same page this time.

      A good movie CAN be a good movie without having some deeper meaning (or whatever it is YOU are looking for in a movie).

    • @Longshanks

      You must be a lot of fun at parties.
      And since apparently are of such a literal mind, I’ll go ahead and let you know that’s sarcasm.

      “I wish that people would realize that just because a movie makes a ton of money doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good.”
      Granted, and just because a move is artsy and wins, or is nominated for, an oscar doesn’t make it entertaining.

      • Since there is no edit button I would like to strike this
        “And since apparently are of such a literal mind, I’ll go ahead and let you know that’s sarcasm.”
        from the record. Sorry Longshanks, it was a cheap shot and I apologize.

        • “why people are so hell bent on making this movie the top grossing movie of all time.” — If by “people” you mean the makers of the movie then the answer is simple: They want it to be the top grossing movie of all time because of the money. If by “people”, you meant the fans, then I’d say it’s because they loved it. When you like/love a movie, you want it to be as successful as possible – even though the fans don’t get a single cent of the profits, having your favorite movie be a top grosser makes you content in a way – I can’t explain it, but that’s how it is.

            • I agree, it is kinda petty, but then again, constantly bashing one movie (let’s call it ‘Avengers’ or ‘TDKR’ ;)) to improve the “image” of another movie (TDKR or Avengers) is also very petty – yet some of these delusional fanboys still do it.

              Like I said, I can’t explain it, but that’s how it is…

  9. This is just another great achievement, in the Avengers continued awesome success.

    I was expecting around $75 – $80 million, as it;s actually been grossing less, as it’s daily box office takings for its 1st week were actually lower that those for the Dark Knight in comparison. Obviously people were just waiting for the weekend for their 2nd, 3rd or 4th viewing.

    The £103 million is quite ridiculous, almost any other movie this year would be happy with that for their opening weekend.

    So how far can it go after wrapping up the 1st billion? I still think that Avatar is too far out of reach. I can’t see it getting the added 1.7 billion required especially in the midst of summer competition with big event films to follow.

    It will definitely pass Deathly Hallows 2 – and overall at best has a chance of topping Titanic’s initial $1.8 billion take. a figure it should be correctly compared to as it’s unfair to take Titanic’s 2.1 billion official gross as the $300 million extra comes from it’s 3D re-release.

    U honestly think now that only The Hobbit has a chance of matching Avengers’ final gross – however high it may end up being.

    Can one just imagine the potential gross of Avengers 2 , especially when sequels tend to outrgoss the original. It’s a scary and exciting thought for sure.

    • Can you imagine how much money the sequel will cost and the amount of pressure on the director to get it right?

      It’s certainly possible, especially with the villain shown in the midcredits.

      OK so the spoiler warning was for the 2 people left in the country who aren’t savy enough to know Marvel always has a button in the credits. And FWIW, I was still surprised on opening night to see a few people leave at the beginning of the credits, never mind those who left at the midway button and didn’t stay for the Shawarma! Umm, finger licking good stuff.

      • @Iakobos,


        So after the villain reveal there was more? Mid credit and end credit?

        • Yup.

    • The reason TDK was doing better throughout its first week was because there wasn’t any school.

      Ironically it’s probably the same reason why Avengers 2nd weekend was as big as it was

  10. I hope The Avengers keeps on doing well but I don’t care if it beats Avatar, which I also liked. Seriously, when these sci-fi/adventure/fantasy/superhero movies do well we all win.

    • for sure

  11. Though I’m really looking forward to Prometheus (which I am likely watching next at the theater), I’m really happy that the Avengers are doing so well.

    It just means the era of superhero movies is nowhere close to being over.

    Which is fantastic. We’ve seen just about every popular superhero on the silver screen now (in Marvel’s case, that really seems the case) so you’d think we’d be seeing a curtain call at some point now. Instead, it seems like the Avengers have just set a new standard for superhero movies to come, and we’ll be getting plenty more to come. Our appetite is not nearly close to being sated.

    DC/Warner Bros… you guys have REALLY been missing out. Get somebody new to spearhead your superhero movie operations from now on. You need it.

    • @Phil.

      I agree and we really need to see DC start making moves towards that damn Justice League movie. It is a golden cinematic age for the comic book movie.

      You have to wonder though, with the Avengers success, has the genre reached a plateau that cannot be surpassed. Every comic book movie now will be expected to reach the bar set, and most will not have the scope or budget or scale to do so. Instead of being judged on their own merits, the likes of Iron Man 3 , Thor 2, Man of Steel will now be instantly compared to Avengers and be expected to make the same kind of impact.

      Its quite possible that the superhero genre could reach exhaustion or saturation point by the time Avengers 2 arrives.

      • lebsta,
        It was just a few years ago TDK set all kinds of records and the word was the only way for future comic book movie adaptations to make bank was to go all edgy. Everyone said all other movies will now be compared to TDK and will have to follow that formula to succeed. Well as it turns out you don’t have to go all dark and edgy to have the most successful comic book movie of all time. My point is, if it’s done well and respects the characters and the audience, these films will succeed because there is a huge audience itching to watch good comic book movies at the theater.

        I think there is no question we are living in the Golden Age of comic book movies. Yes there will continue to be some flops but the wealth of comic book mythology is so rich I don’t think we’ve begun to exhaust the possibilities.

        That’s my $.02.

        • If someone offers a penny for your thoughts and you give them your 2 cents, who gets the change?

          • I’m a very generous man. You can always keep the change. :)

            • Thanks man, I appreciate it.

              • No sweat.

    • Yeah, DC/Warner Bros. You have now seen what is possible, so get back in there and start making good movies! get to work on Green Lantern #2, and get churning on that Flash movie! You may not be the champs, but with some effort, at least prove you are a contender!

  12. As a fan – this is just too good to take in – an excellent fim being so warmly recieved by just about everyone – Dreams do come true !
    Strange that here in the UK there has not been such a big advertising campaign for the movie – usually newspapers are full of ads for the big movies…just wondering if this is the same in the States too ?!

    • actually there has been big advertising campaign in the UK i would know cause i live in the UK. before the movie released it had lot of TV Spot plus it had many reviews on the paper i.e. The Sun and etc. the other day in the Sun, had a article about how Comic Book Movies like The Avenger has stop people worrying about politics lol :P

  13. He said avengers has a good chance of still holding top with battleship, and the dictator? really? has a good chance? it has more then a 100% chance those movies will bomb. Excpecilly the dictator.

    • this is what he said, With Battleship, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and The Dictator opening this week, The Avengers has a good chance of winning next weekend as well.

      Forgot about the expecting one. Avengers will beat these piece of junks.

    • The Dicktater? Who even thinks anyone will go see that? Here, you want to talk about quiet hits, how about your thoughts on The Woman In Black and The Raven? Those both look like passive hits on a low-key scale.

  14. I just have to say, the people getting up to leave on the credits REALLY bugged me. Especially considering an usher spoke to the crowd first about cell phones, she could have said, “Oh by the way, stay seated until after credits!”

    I wish I had hawkeye’s bow with a cluster arrow. I know these regular joes and janes don’t know any better, but SIT DOWN! It’s only a minute, you just sat through 2+ hours!

    • Since I work at a theatre I hate the duel credit scenes. It gives me even less time to clean the theatre cause I must wait till everyone leaves. Not to mention people seeing movies are impatient and down right messy

  15. As awesome as The avengers was i really hoped for it to get taken down. Because now this means Hollywood is going to shove even more 3D movies down our throats then they do now.

    • Dude, ever since James Cameron introduced modern technology to re invigorate 3D with “Avatar” to modern audiences, 3D is here to stay. Along with IMAX.

      At least you have Nolan who doesn’t care for 3D.

      • But this just made things worse.

    • So, you don’t like the success of The Avengers because you don’t want more 3D movies? – that seems selfish ;)

      Seriously though, you don’t HAVE to see 3D movies. It’s not obligated. You can either wait for a 2D version, or just don’t go see the movie – it’s as simple as that.

  16. You know how DC tops this? Pay Christopher Nolan a zillion dollars to come out and do one more Batman movie: The Dark Knight Returns. Clint Eastwood as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, an older actor to play the Heath Ledger Joker, etc… You get a Batman/Superman movie, it’s original, it alludes to the previous existence of a Justice League, and it appeals to Nolan as one more movie that he won’t have to follow up on with a trilogy, because it’s an ending story that paves the way to tell Justice League as prequels. And I deny that The Dark Knight Strikes Back ever existed at this point…

    • Interesting idea that feels a bit like “Kingdom Come” and “Batman Beyond”. The only problems I see are; Clint Eastwood doesn’t have the physical bulk to be Batman (although he has the gruff voice and the attitude and maybe that’s enough). I could see him playing an old GL. And Superman DOES age, just at a slower rate so Cavill wouldn’t work.

      I say NO Nolan though. His “dark gritty realism” has no place in the larger DC universe (unless he’s willing to lighten up about this angle)

    • clint eastwood as batman? really?? i cant tell if you’re joking, or maybe you don’t know who clint eastwood is. the man can barely talk (but it would make kind of a cool arc with Bales raspy batvoice) he is older than dirt. i think i have see you suggest this before.

      • Look at Batman in The Dark Knight Returns, he’s supposed to look like Clint Eastwood. That guy was the main inspiration behind Frank Miller’s revival of the character, which we can all thank as what ultimately led to these great Batman films we’re being treated to. And lack of physical bulk? C’mon now, that’s not what it takes to be a true action star. If walking action figures like Jason Statham had so much as looked at a guy like Steve McQueen wrong back in the day, Steve would have had him crying into his cheerios before you could count to ten.

        I mean, Clint Eastwood is still up and walking around, it’s not like he’s in a wheel chair, right? I’m sure they’d get a stunt actor to put on the suit when he’s leaping around but it’d be poetic for him to come out of retirement for one last role the way Batman comes out of retirement for one last great battle in TDKR, and if Eastwood was gonna do it for anybody it would be Christopher Nolan, I’d think.

        I’m sure it’ll never happen anyhow, though.

  17. THE AVENGERS is one of the best movies ever made.
    I agree with Jacob, let’s all keep going to see this
    awesome movie. This is one film that is worth multiple
    viewings. THE HULK IS THE ULTIMATE AVENGER!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ive seen it three times and each time not only did I love it more I noticed more things each go around. And I finally got to hear hulk say what he said without a over bellow of laughter. I love this film best Cbm ever

  19. The more I see this movie the more I realize how underwhelming it would have been with out the hulk. He had the 2 best comic scenes and stole everything he was in. He stole the movie the incredible hulk and friends.

  20. They are already discussing this as a trilogy. the 1st one AMAZING!! the 2nd already anticipated cause of the teaser during the credits. The only question is…Where do you go for the 3rd one…? Any thoughts..?

    • Of course Marvel and Disney will turn The Avengers into a franchise. That’s a no brainer. 

      I may have been a lil harsh on the movie but that’s because I am a huge fan. My favorite Marvel books. ( Just as Justice League has been my fave DC book. ) I know the history and the stories. 

      And I can understand why the film makers started where they did. Most peeps don’t know anything about The Wasp and Henry Pym-Ant Man.  
      It’s safe to bet the next villain could be Thanos. That would require him to be introduced, most likely, in Thor 2. 

      I’d love to see The Vision and The Scarlett Witch!! How awesome could that be!!?? And how about Captain Marvel ( Mar-Vell)? Ultron! The Beast was a member for a long time. Kang? How cool would it be to see Spiderman in the team? Spider WOMAN!!!

      Alright, I know I’m only dreaming….

      • My choices for future Avengers movies: for the heroes, add Goliath (Hank Pym in cool blue/yellow costume), Wasp, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch. Fot the villains, Thanos of course, and Skrulls, plus Kang, Ultron, and Mandarin. The more of all of these, the better the cyclone slobberknocker, and more monbey for marvel, and more fun for me! bring on those super comicbook battles featuring the Flying Fists of Fury going every which direction! LLLUUUVVV IT!

    • Ultron for Avenger 2 (which means an Ant-Man movie to set this up) and Thanos in 3. Using the apex villain in 2 would leave nowhere to go but down.

      • Right on. That’s the logical progression. ULTRON for Avengers 2.
        And The Vision and Scarlett Witch fit into these stories, although they are not legally owned by Marvel.

        Also, how cool would it be to see Ms Marvel brought to life in an Avengers movie?

        These are the types of characters and stories I was dreaming about when Marvel announced an Avengers film.

        Lofty expectations, I know….

        But I’m also a realist and expect Marvel/Disney to keep the current cor line up intact : Cap, Thor, IM, Hulk.

        However, Hawkeye and Black Widow can easily be drafted for some fresher characters.

        • See, we CAN agree on something ;)

          I’m also positive Marvel owns Vision. He isn’t a mutant so he doesn’t fall into the FOX ownership realm.

          And while I would love to see an entire roster of Avengers like the JLU Animated series, we have to be real about things. To do Ultron REQUIRES Hank Pym which also means Wasp and I would personally like to see Black Panther since the roster is a bit lacking in ethnic diversity. So that brings us to 8 with Vision being added at the end of Avengers 2 for a grand total of 9. THAT is a lot of individual actors. I know there was talk of rotating the cast so maybe they could have Black Widow and Banner/Hulk or even Thor sit out of 2?

      • I agree, I would like to see Ultron or even Kang in Avengers 2, then in the “climatic end” to the 1st trilogy have thanos.

  21. you know if the purpose of this is “winning” then that`s a waste of time because only one can win, you know. however, if its because of how when something is popular it`s a big deal not to let it go down when it`s a favored thing that we follow, then this post isn`t a waste. i don`t care `bout these films according to who plays in`em unless i have no other movie to count on. i would`ve chosen a different guy to play hulk because the bigger the closer he`ll be to the size and the easier to make him the hulk. this is great that there`s people all over the world who follow these films like us but there`s more great/greater movies on the way, such as spiderman reboot, batman 3, superman reboot, boy there are so many great film franchises that will become great and “box officing” but when there`s a movie blog let it be on the key elements:storyline,characters,plot,setting if it`s a favored film then its fans can come on it to post and give opinions about what should be in it-being a record-breaking film isn`t something i`d create a newspage about. a development or storyline of the film is what it should be about and if it`s in 3d or regular version.

  22. I’m glad the movie is doing well, but I wonder how far it will actually go. Though it has a good chance of topping next weekends charts (even though The Dictator does look hilarious), I am a bit skeptical with Men In Black 3 the following Friday.

    Anyways, I liked “The Avengers”. Its a nice movie to see with family and friends for a good laugh.

  23. okay so this is about the film being#1 grossing in 2 weeks but i must say THE CHARACTERS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So to subject as one of the global citizens who went to go see this film, i LOVE the hulk and iron man was pretty nice but i loved how captain america used his shield and i loved how thor tried to stop and offend his brother. I love how the hulk smashed the villain when the villain said”i`m a god” and how he gets angry to take down the flying alien robot. i didn`t like how they changed the science of skys and made it as though a portal that`s like a black hole to another universe needs to be the entrance from visitors of non-earthlings because astronauts have gone into outer space and came back so that`s too unrealistic and wasn`t even needed.

    • Wow … spoiler much?

    • Not only spoiler alert, but:

      ****** SPOILER ALERT ******

      The portal wasn’t to another universe, it was to another part of our universe (another sector of our galaxy or to another galaxy); and our astronauts have only been to the moon. Going to another star is quite impossible at our current state of technology.

      • i was refering to how there was an episode on the science or discovery channel that scientists had the idea that black holes possibly give entrance to another universe and was just saying that just like how something can go through something into another place like the channel`s idea the aliens went through the portal but astronauts went out into space then came back into the planet and there was no hole in the sky or portal as an entrance into outerspace or back into the planet, if it was that way in the comics then i didn`t know that because i`ve never read any of the 4 avengers comic books but i didn`t like how they changed the science of the way it looks when coming down from the sky because we want realism, don`t we?


  25. Anticipation, expectations will be thru the roof and beyond for the sequel. Seriously how do you top this film. We know who the villain will be for the sequel. And Everyone has their opinion on what AVENGERS should be added to the current line-up. I’ve seen alot of postings on adding the characters of Wolverine and Spider-man. I’m all for that. That would be so awesome i don’t know if it could be contained. Think about it Wolverine and HULK in the same movie. Totally Killer. But with the characters of Wolverine and Spiderman belonging to Columbia and Fox it would be hard for that to happen. It’s obvious to the fans that adding Wolverine and Spidey would be the most logical and the most bad-ass. And Yes Wolverine, Spidey and Storm were official/unofficial members of the AVENGERS in the comics and u still see them on a ton of different AVENGERS t-shirts. It all comes down to Columbia, Fox and Marvel being able to work together to make this a reality. They would be fools not to at least give it try. Millions of comic book fans around the world would be forever grateful.

    • triple *sigh*

    • I’d like to see Wolverine and Spidey in the Avengers too, but my inner skeptic doesn’t believe it will happen. The studios have never manifested any interest in that kind of cooperation. But as long as we’re dreaming I have no doubt Hugh Jackman and Andrew Garfield would jump all over the chance to be in it, if the studios could get their act together. But if they did bring in Wolverine and Spider-Man can you imagine how off the chain the fan base reaction would be? The comic book movie geek world would go totally nuts. If the movie was well reviewed it would probably make $300M the first weekend.


  26. If you look at it carefully, the Justice league cartoon was like a movie introduction to them.
    DC (or rather Warner) has poor track records when it comes to scriptwriters and directors of comic book movies. I wouldn’t have mind if Guillermo del Toro helm GL, that guy knows how to translate comics to films.
    He would be able to interpret the fear the green lanterns struggle with, rather than having ryan reynolds have his “Great power, great responsibility” nag.
    It’s no stranger that Disney has produced some of the best films and most of them cater to young demographics.

    • I could see them starting the justice league like they did in the cartoon. I don’t think they all need there own films cause they are all known (besides maybe martian manhunter)

  27. And the Geek shall inherit the Earth.