The Avengers Breaks Second Weekend Record, Crosses $1 Billion

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The Avengers Box Office The Avengers Breaks Second Weekend Record, Crosses $1 Billion

After breaking several international box office records, The Avengers opened in North America last weekend to become the biggest film opening of all time, handily beating out previous record holders The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 while becoming the first ever film to cross the $200 million mark on its domestic debut.

In its second weekend, Earth’s Mightiest continue their success story, becoming the first every film to cross $100 million in its second weekend while also crossing the $1 billion worldwide total mark, just 19 days after its first opening overseas.

Last weekend’s actual haul for The Avengers was $207,438,708 and this weekend, with only a 50% drop, the estimates have Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster earning another $103.2 million in North America. With these estimates, The Avengers is expected to cross the 10-figure mark today with a total of $373.2 million at the domestic box office and $628.9 million internationally, enough to edge out The Dark Knight’s total box office earnings. Needless to say, Disney CEO Bog Iger confirming The Avengers 2 is in development was a welcome given.

And with that, Disney happily points out that The Avengers is now one of their five films among the 12 movies which have earned $1 billion theatrically, the other four being Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Alice in Wonderland, Toy Story 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

For comparison, here are the top five second-weekend performances (domestic) along with their opening weekends:

  1. The Avengers - $207,438,708 (opening), $103,163,000 (second)
  2. Avatar -  $77,025,481 (opening), $75,617,183 (second)
  3. The Dark Knight - $158,411,483 (opening), $75,166,466 (second)
  4. Shrek 2 - $108,037,878 (opening), $72,170,363 (second)
  5. Spider-Man - $114,844,116 (opening), $71,417,527 (second)

Note: The sixth, seventh and eighth films on the second-weekend earnings list are all Disney films. Also note: Three of the top five and six of the top 20 are all comic book films. So, Disney acquiring Marvel for $4 billion… Good decision.

disney marvel logos The Avengers Breaks Second Weekend Record, Crosses $1 Billion

With Battleship, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and The Dictator opening this week, The Avengers has a good chance of winning next weekend as well.

If you’ve seen The Avengers, please refrain from talking spoilers – we have a spoilers discussion thread for that and check out our discussion on The Avengers post-credits scenes.

The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg, Tom Hiddleston and Stellan Skarsgard. It is of course written and directed by Joss Whedon.


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Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Am I the only person who doesn’t want to see people added for the next avengers? Id even be fine with someone being kciked out. I want the next one to be more personal more emotional. I want to see pain and agony. Like joss said he wants to go smaller and that’s what I want. New villian uf you do add someone add ant-man and take out hawk-eye and romanoff. I don’t think it needs a lot of people to be great.

    • I just saw it and I’d not like to see Hawkeye or Black Widow go, although I thought Hawkeye’s character seemed off, wasn’t he more of a wise-cracking southerner? I couldn’t help but think Woody Harrelson would have played him better, nothing against this Renner guy tho. I like them with Cap as a trio.

      I’d like to think Captain Marvel and/or Warlock will be in the next one, considering where they’re going with this. Kree/Skrull war seems on the horizon.

      • I would like them to delve more into the characters as a team how they act what they think of each other ect. I don’t need another 40 minute action spectacle I saw that. Now let’s get personal. Just an opinion

        • I just started watching avengers:earths mightiest heroes on netflix and that show is how I want the next avengers movie to be. (Not the story just the characters) having the hulk feel like he is a monster and that everyone hates him is a simple addition to a character that id like to see them delve into. The reason I like the x-men movies so much is
          because the story arc of how the mutants are treated and how that affects the 2 groups. Its an interesting thing to me. The avengers was a very good movie, but I will be upset if they follow the same path for a sequal. Less action more emotion. Less comedy more seriousness I want the avengers to feel like there is a time to joke around cause everyone is in danger including themselves.

        • I agree, but expect a spectacle. This is part of the reason I think they should just make Avengers movies. That way, instead of solo movies, they could focus on smaller plots and fewer characters. They could still build up to the spectacle.

          Not going to happen soon. They’ll milk the present model first.

          • I sincerely hope so. Why mess with a winning formula? Does everything have to become darker and more serious? The world needs a bit of fun lighthearted escapism, this movie just proved that.

    • I think the solo films are where the emotion needs to be. The reason Avengers is doing so well, IMHO, is because of the spectacle. Disney/Marvel needs the film to cater to a large audience, and I don’t think a more serious movie would cater to the younger crowd.

      • Get ready to be mortified … I’m agreeing with you again.

    • Joss Whedon has already said that if they do bring him back for the sequels (given the box office numbers, there’s a pretty good chance he will be hired), he plans on “going smaller” and focusing on the characters.

      • But… how do you go smaller with, uhhh… that villain they teased in the secret scene which I’m assuming some people still haven’t seen…?

        I think the Avengers are going into outer space in the next one.

        • How do you know they’ll use him in Avengers 2 though?
          They might use that character in Avengers 3 (it’s unlikely… but possible).
          Still, when Whedon said “go smaller” he meant it wouldn’t be as big of a spectacle as TA1. He said he wanted to focus on the team dynamic in TA2 – thus smaller, intimate themes — you can still have a huge villain and have the movie be “smaller” in that sense.

          Anywho, I doubt the Avengers will “go into space” in any of the movies though – if [insert villain from mid-credit scene] invades, he’ll come to earth.

          • Well, they will definitely go into space to battle the Villain That Will Not Be Named if you’ve read the comics. He’s already bothered invading Earth, they’ll go to him in the next one, if the Starlin material is what they’re mining, which I think they are and they oughta be…

            • Somebody told me that Guardians Of The Galaxy is Marvel’s next big move and that Avenger’s secret scene has everything to do with that. I don’t know what to think of that…

              • The Avengers don’t even know that the villain exists yet.
                Why would they go into space to fight a villain they know nothing about? That just seems silly IMO.

                I stand by what I said: the villain will come to earth – from there? who knows, the battle might escalate into space, but the thing is, there are only a few Avengers that can survive in space (Thor and MAYBE Iron Man if he upgrades his armor and Hulk if he’s like the comics version – being able to adapt to any environment).

                I just can’t picture the Avengers (like Cap, Widow and Hawkeye) putting on space suits, getting in a space plane and going to outer-space to fight an alien – it just seems so incredibly corny.

                As for the GotG movie – I think it’s safe to say that if that movie ever does happen, that the villain from the credit scene will be featured in it – I’m sure it’ll be something of an “origin story” of how that villain came to be.

                Guess we’ll find out in a few years…

                • Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?? The Avengers went into space all the time, wasn’t that a running joke in Spider Man? Spidey: ‘Where’s the Avengers!??’ Jarvis: ‘I think they’re in space on a mission!’ Spidey: ‘groooaaannn.’ :)

                  Here’s how I think it’ll happen: the new secret scenes at the end of the Marvel movies instead of teasing The Avengers will now start teasing… we’ll call him Mr. Blank. So at the end of the next Thor or Cap or Iron Man, Nick Fury or one of the Gaurdians Of The Galaxy or Odin or somebody will say, we’ve got a bigger problem, ‘Mr. Blank’ is coming and we need to reunite the Avengers to stop him. And each scene will probably end with Tony Stark or whomever will go, ‘Mr. Blank? Who’s that?’.

                  Also, it seemed clear that Odin was in possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, so I think Thor will have major dealings with this subject. I could be wrong but the reason I don’t think he’ll come to Earth is that he can’t be bothered, isn’t that why he had Loki do it for him? He’s too busy trying to collect things to take over the universe with. And who was his intermediary Loki was dealing with? I gotta go get my comics out again…

                  Aaaand I think Agent Coulson will be the prototype for LMD’s at SHIELD, which Ant Man/Giant Man/Yellowjacket could tie into, introducing Ultron and The Vision, and hopefully the Wasp and Scarlett Witch as well. And unless Marvel is incredibly stupid they’ll introduce Captain Marvel into all this, that seems like a no-brainer.

  2. I see alot of people on here that arent as huge of a fan of the film as I or others on here bring up the inflation aspect and the cost of tickets. I know I saw someone say that it cost them $50 for 2 and I have to ask, where are yall going? The most I have to pay is around $13 for a movie in 3D, or if I’m lucky and can go to a matinee it will be $4.50. And the Theaters I go too are top of the line so paying more than $15 to me sounds ludacris. (Not including popcorn or drinks but I rarely get those.)

    • $4.50 for a 3D matinee…? Where’s this again…???

      Average price for an Imax 3D that I’m aware of is 21 bucks. I’ll gladly pay it for TDKR, Prometheus, Hobbit, and Skyfall…

      • Sorry $4.50 for the ticket, $3 extra for the glasses. IMAX 3D prices in Dallas were $15.

        I live in East Texas, so I dont know if that is why they are cheap or if yall are just getting screwed.

        • Combination of both, in New York the price for IMAX is on average 19 dollars, and 12 for the early showing. Some theaters got slick and aren’t even having an early show in IMAX.

          • $16.50 IMAX here in the Chicago suburbs for a non matinee ticket.

            The thing is,it’s more than the inflated price for 3D,it’s the fact that there are more 3D showings per day then regular 2D showings.There are more than double the amount,hence the inflated prices,but that’s probably more of the individual theater’s decision than the movie studio.

            • it would be nice to see how many tickets were sold, not just revenue.

              • OMG, thank god someone else is thinking apples to apples.

                • Good point. How do you track down that kind of information?

    • 2D was sold out, I ended up paying $6.50 for 3D (I hate 3D). it was an early show, I also hate crowds lol. 2D would’ve been $3.50, also a Dallas area.

      @Shiny, I comletely agree.

      The Dark Knight Rises deserves day one IMAX :)
      Let’s help break box office records!

    • i see you are suffering from the “butthurt” syndrome. a lot of people here seem to be suffering from it too.

      inflation has been in effect for a LONG time. it does NOT discredit this movie or its critical and commercial success.

      • If your referring to me, then no I understand inflation has been and will always be an attribute. But to me when people that dont like it or dont like it a lot brings it up its just seems like a cop out excuse.

  3. DC won’t beat the Avengers in box office with the accomplishment the Avengers has done. Marvel were at the right place, at the right time, DC lacked vision.

    That said, I am still eager to see a Justice League film.

    • I wouldn’t say DC “lacked vision”, their priorities were just messed up IMO – DC needs a Kevin Feige ;) – not whoever they currently have making their movie decisions.
      For years the fans have been saying Nolan’s Batman movies should be the starting point to a JL movie. And when MOS was announced, the fans’ voices were even louder – the problem is, DC/WB isn’t listening to their fans (look at Green Lantern).

      With the Avengers’ success, I’m sure we’ll see a JL movie in the next few years though I just can’t see it being as “groundbreaking” as The Avengers.

      • Well it can’t be groundbreaking because someone beat them to the punch ;) Ironic considering The Avengers was Marvels answer to the Justice League’s debut.

      • DC needs to make their own movie section like what Disney did to Marvel.

        The Arkham game has shown the best representation of Batman outside comics, it mixed the supernatural and grounded aspects of Batman, with cool designs and pacing. This is the Batman needed for a JL movie.

        Zach Snyder has shown he can be faithful to a source material (300, Watchmen), but being too faithful can confuse the people. I believe the main reason why Watchmen flopped is because besides the unknown characters, it lacked a story the public can comprehend, I mean the film didn’t explain well their origins, all they got were some bits why they became superpowered. I hope that Snyder learned his lesson and base his Superman story with the best storylines and not confuse the general audience, which is why I preferred Brainiac, a new face in the film that people already know through the cartoons.

        GL I believe, just fell to the wrong director, he turned Hal Jordan to Peter Parker (Great power, Great responsibility problems). They didn’t explain well the vast GL Universe and just put in some weird representation of fear. The fear the GL corps face are quite more interesting than the one shown in the film.

        • Pretty sure Marvel Studios existed before Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment… but I get your point: DC needs to hire a Kevin Feige-type to run and produce their movies.

          Anywho, I completely agree about the Arkham games: when they reboot Batman, it HAS to incorporate some of the elements from that game: More spectacle, more “out there” stories/villains/action, make Batman a DETECTIVE with GADGETS, etc. but they should still go with the dark, gritty, realistic and grounded themes as well – it sounds like a lot of different things to combine, but the games have done it and there are a few superhero movies that have proven that you can go “out there” while still having a sense of realism.

          I’m not a fan of Snyder though. I’m hoping MoS will be good, but I have VERY low expectations until I see the trailer.

      • Just to prove that DC is capable of doing something right, I present the cinematic trailer to DC Universe Online. This thing is freakin’ AWESOME so why they couldn’t do something just as epic in a movie format I just don’t get.

        I absolutely LOVE Wonder Woman is this.

        • I love this intro to DCUO. I played the game briefly but I watched this intro over and over when I first bought the game. It is absolutley brilliant. I agree a JL movie could be done in similar fashion.

        • Yeah, that is a stellar take on DCU, those fights seem a little too expensive to present in film, I know budget is the main struggle since most DC heroes require a lot of special effects.

        • That was a great clip, but I felt Superman was a bit too brutal; what he did to Black Adam was very…unSuperman like. I would love to see a film like this, but I feel that the post above is right, it would be too expensive.

          • Well I’m not going to claim they could make a movie with this level of action for 80 million but The Avengers proves, go BIG or you might as well not compete. If it takes 250 mil to make a billion+, I think DC/WB would go for it. My point is, THIS is the type of story and action DC/WB should be making movies about, not screwing around with another lame, solo Superman reboot and a “dark, gritty and realistic” Batman.

            As to Superman’s actions……if you notice he is at the end of his mental rope as it were. Unshaven, enraged with red eyes, WW dead and knowing Brainiac has basically won at this point….he dealt with the situation in a quick manner so he can get to Lex. Otherwise it would have been a LONG drawn out battle considering they are about equal.

  4. Imax/3D tickets in Kansas City, MO. $11.00

  5. What is Joss Whedon’s DAR (dollars above replacement)?

    I’m using the baseball stat WAR (Wins above replacement) that’s supposed to tell how valuable a player is. So it’s the number of games won over the amount if another player in the same position had replaced him.

    So how much more money is this movie making because of Joss Whedon? I think his input has at least doubled what this movie would have made otherwise.

    • Not much. Joss Whedon is pretty unknown to the general public, before this hit. I mean, he’s well respected in the TV area, and I knew from there (loved Firefly, for example).

      But he’s not an household name, like James Cameron, Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg. But after “The Avengers” saga, I suspect he will be!

  6. neither the darknight rises nor amazing spiderman will have these type of numbers. its good to see marvel back where they rightfully belong in comic book cinema and thats number 1. joss whedon did an excellent job of following the comic book as best as he could.

    • Can I get the next Powerball numbers, please? :-P

    • Ya know, I just saw The Avengers finally yesterday and… I have this weird feeling that Spiderman is either going to be another flop like Green Lantern, or more likely it’s going to be even bigger than Avengers. Just because it’s Spiderman. And that’s just my intuition speaking, I really, really don’t care about the Spiderman movies, but I got a weird vibe it’s just gonna bust loose if it’s any good at all. I think word of mouth will make or break Spiderman…

  7. Could Hulk appear without Banner?
    If they make Hulk mature, get his own persona, could we see a Hulk who’s always Hulked out? Training, sitting in on team meetings, etc.
    In the comics Hulk and Banner are portrayed more separate. Hulk is the main one not Banner.
    Its the older generation who grew up on the Hulk tv show always attempting to re create Bill Bixby as if he turns into Hulk not Banner.
    I say we see a CGI hulk the entire time, Banner isn’t always needed, besides, in current Marvel mythos, Banners the villain to the heroic Hulk

    • If you want the movie to be $300+ million, sure. I do want to see the Hulk, not Banner, but I do understand that CGI’ing Hulk requires a lot of money.

    • I somehow think that we will see that Dr. Doom has a lot to do with Banner being the villain in the new IH series. Something doesn’t seem right there.

  8. I’m thrilled to hear how successful The Avengers movie is so far. Many people I know who’ve watched the movie, admit to have watched it more than once-regardless of the recession. It is a memorable piece of cinema. Like some have tagged it- an event like Star Wars. Having a Marvel fan and writer helm the ship was definitely a plus. The fact that each character had already been showcased in a previous movie also lifted the burden of introductions.

    It would be interesting to see how it goes from here. Right now I’m still relishing in the euphoria. One step at a time. This is definitely a comic/movie milestone. What I’d like to see now is a successful Marvel TV series.. and perhaps a Namor or Black Panther cameo somewhere.

  9. I think the most logical sequel to Avengers would be Ultron for Avengers 2 then Thanos or Kang for Avengers 3. An Infinity Gauntlet movie could still be made with Thanos as the villain, it would just be more difficult. Ultron as the villain for TA2 would make the story more character driven and contained in dealing with blaming Pym and or Stark for the creation of Ultron and their feeling responsible for Ultron’s destruction on the world and it could tie into IM3′s techno virus as Ultron creates a new version of it to not only infect the humans but everything on the planet in order to recreate a whole new techno species of everything on earth.

  10. Still ,
    the MORE important question would seem to be;

    “But what have the Romans ever done for us?

    Nuff Said!