‘Avengers’ Secret Scene Update & Black Widow Featurette; ‘Wolverine 2′ in Australia

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A couple bits of Marvel movie news have been dropped around the Web in the last few days, so we thought we’d pull them together for you in a nice quick breakdown.

Below you’ll find an update from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige on that alleged secret scene being added to The Avengers; a new Avengers featurette that centers on Scarlett Johansson’s character, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Black Widow; finally, news that The Wolverine will be headed down under to star Hugh Jackman’s homeland of Australia.

The Avengers: Black Widow

The Avengers premieres in international markets this week, making the next few days truly the final stretch for all promotion materials (trailersimagesfeaturettesclips,  interviewsTV spots and early reviews). In that spirit, take a look at this latest featurette, which spotlights Natasha Romanoff – a.k.a. Black Widow – as played by Scarlett Johansson:

If you missed it, get a good look at Black Widow (pun intended) kicking ass in this clip from The Avengers:

The Avengers Secret Scene Update

When news dropped that a secret scene was being added to Avengers – a scene that not even those at the early press screening were able to see – fans went giddy. Would it be one of Marvel’s super-secret post-credit “button scenes,” which revealed a new direction for the Marvel movie universe? A special cameo a la X-Men: First Class? Or something else entirely?

Well, not wanting to get fans’ hopes WAY up, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige offered a little bit of insight into the matter. Scroll down for Feige’s words on the matter (as reported by Blogomatic 3000 (via Bleeding Cool)):

“I will tell you this… It was not a scene. It was not a scene. There’s little things. It’s been blown out of proportion. Which is fun, I like that things are blown out of proportion. Sometimes they’re true sometimes they’re not… There is the potential that there will be one little change. People might not even notice it. It’s not a big thing.”

So… basically this “secret scene” is neither a scene, nor anything that secret. Bummer. Way to rain on our fan parade, Mr. Feige.

Of course, if it’s any consolation, we DO know about one big secret revealed at the end of Avengers. Click the link to the left and read on at your own risk to find out!

The Avengers will be in theaters on May 4 (in the U.S.) 2012.

The Wolverine Filming in Australia

It was recently reported that the sequel/reboot The Wolverine will be headed down under to film in Sydney, Australia. 20th Century Fox’s blockbuster superhero requel will reportedly add about $80 million to the local economy – money sorely missed when other films set to commence production in Australia (including Paradise Lost and Mad Max: Fury Road) ultimately hit brick walls because of budget.

The question that is already circulating the Web is: Does this new venue for the production (which was originally slated to film in Japan) mean that the story of the film  will be something other than the Japan-set story of samurai code and personal demons, based on the famous 1980s Wolverine limited series by Chris Claremont?

wolverine 2 japan story Avengers Secret Scene Update & Black Widow Featurette; Wolverine 2 in Australia

Director James Mangold’s latest words on the approach to Wolverine 2 indicate that the story – first written by Usual Suspects scribe Christopher McQuarrie and now being polished(?) by Die Hard 4 scribe Mark Bomback – is going to be the same as originally intended. Given their shared locations within the Pacific region, it’s not hard to imagine that Australia will be able to double as a pretty good 1970s or 80s Japan – at least in terms of exterior terrain.

The Wolverine will be in theaters on July 26, 2013.

Source: Australia News

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  1. for a second I thought they were going to add wolverine in the secret clip for the avengers only because I didnt read the headline and just saw the picture before reading. lol. I should read before getting excited on assumptions.

  2. Concerning The Avengers’ “secret scene”: I never thought it would be something big (I mean, they already had the premier which got great reactions – so why change anything? Plus, the premier screening already had a post credit button, which is apparently really awesome).
    I’m thinking this “secret scene” (that “isn’t a scene”) is either an added thing for the DVD, or more likely, some little tweak to be implemented in one of the versions of TA (maybe it’s a slight alteration for a certain scene, of which, the original version included some dialogue that could have been seen as offensive in one of the many countries it’s being shown in)

    As for Wolverine: I was really getting hyped to see him take on the Silver Samurai in Japan – I’m just hoping the story-line stays the same, even though they aren’t shooting in Japan anymore.

    • Since tony stark seems involved i’m thinking as u suggested they might just be redoing a specific line/moment from a scene. Either as you said it could be offensive in some countries or perhaps the line/dialogue in question could contradict something about stark in the upcoming Iron Man 3 so they are changing it to fit with continuity.

      • Hmmm…something offense in some countries? Maybe a mention of the Mandarin? Offend anyone? The heck with ’em, let the good times–and the Mandarin–roll!!

        • Doubt it’s anything that big (like a Mandarin reference).
          They changed the title of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ to ‘The First Avenger’ in some countries, just because of political reasons… so it wouldn’t be too surprising if they just make a small alteration that could be interpreted the wrong way in some parts of the world.

    • i agree with that theory. i don’t see how they could film something, re-edit it, and make all the prints for 1000’s of theaters to be showing it in (what was then) a little over 2 weeks. i don’t even know how they show movies anymore. do they use DVD’s now? or blurays?

  3. Black Widow is a great spy/secret agent and all but when the Leviathan (or whatever it is) comes around the corner trailing IM, what the hell is she gonna do, fire her little cap guns at it or maybe kick it? Even Hawkeye I’m sure has a special arrow to use against it but she is just out of her element. She is great at kicking normals butts but against super powered beings she is a liability. Wasp would have been a MUCH better choice for the “token” female in this group.

    • Let’s just wait and see huh? 😉
      We don’t know what Whedon has in store for us with BW.

      • I know what she has in store, saw the movie two weeks ago (it was amazing, really really amazing). she has her place on the team, and she can certainly hold her own. people will find anything to complain about if they can, the fact is, everyone on the team has their talents, some better suited for specific situations that others. hence the idea of a team of differently talented people not just a bunch of hulks smashing everything.

        • I agree that each has their talents but taking out alien hordes has never been the Widow’s forte. She is about infiltration and subterfuge, something none of the others like Hulk, Thor or IM should be attempting but by the same token she should not be bringing the proverbial, “knife to a gun fight”

          You can still be on a team without the need for the entire team to be in the same place at the same time.

          Sorry but I guess I’m still a bit bitter they excluded part of the original Avengers roster for a SHIELD agent. Hawkeye could have been the token SHIELD person on the team alone.

    • Bull crap. I think they made a good choice by using black widow.

    • maybe she will trow chairs at it, since she can break them like nobody else.

    • How about Wasp & Scarlet Witch for Avengers #2? And they could bring Goliath (Hank Pym, blue/yellow cool uniform, please!) & Quicksilver along for the ride!

      • I’m down with Scarlet Witch but the movie makers might have a problem with the “magic” aspect.

        My only stipulation for Avengers 2 is Ultron and ultimately Vision. So this will require at least Pym. One thing we have yet to see in a superhero movie is a 50′ tall guy (or a microscopic one for that matter). I honestly don’t understand how people can say that Ant-Man (and Giant-Man) is, “boring”. If you saw the opening episode for “Avengers, Earths Mightiest Heroes”, having someone grow large enough to pick up an oil tanker and dump it on the bad guy is the epitome of “bad-assed” imho.

    • First off, I agree with you for the most part.
      However, I dont see Wasp as a “token” part, I like her. But even though I like Wasp, I still say Black Widow is much more dangerous.

      • While it may be an unseemly fact, it is the truth. I’m not saying I like it or even agree with it but to not call it what it is is just fooling yourself. They included Black Widow so the roster wasn’t all male, plain and simple.

  4. I really wish Aronofsky was still directing The Wolverine…

  5. I might have said this already since i’ve said it to myself like 40 times but, The Avengers takes the coolest scene from Killer Elite-Does it better- replaces Statham with a hot girl…This movie will be killer

  6. This is one time I don’t want Wolverine to regenerate and that is because this sequel just won’t die. Go towards the light Fox!

    • I actually think ‘The Wolverine’ could be a huge success.
      Everything I’ve heard about the plot has been terrific so far.

  7. I wonder if Japan will end up being changed to Madripoor by the time this Wolverine movie starts filming?

  8. You’ve never been to Australia have you… When I was there I thought I was Japan sometimes… Even when I was downtown Sydney. There is alot of Asian influence and culture there due to the massive amount of Asians living there.

  9. ‘Shared locations in Pacific region’? Look at a map. You may as well say China looks the same as Australia – it’s right next to Japan. Or Egypt could fill in for the UK because they’re in the same hemisphere. While any city could fill in for any other city really (given film tech these days), the Outback in Australia is nothing like the Japanese ‘exterior terrain’. Sure you could find some areas that could stand in as substitutes, but If it ends up feeling very Japanese, that’s due to the artistic talent of Aussie filmmakers, NOT some uneducated assumption that Japan is right next to Australia. Blimey, you win a world war, you should learn about the world!

    • Yes, I’m an Aussie.

    • With movie sets, people could make the outback look like the Wild West, Mars, Hoth (Star Wars), or even Atlantis if they wanted to…

      And maybe they are flying into Australia and filming there until they fly to Japan? IDK, I’m American and I assure you, nobody I know would think that Australia is the same thing as China, then again, I’m from Minnesota where we take our education seriously unlike some southern states.

  10. Why am i looking at a blonde haired wolverine at the header of this article?

  11. Any chance “The Wolverine” would retcon X-Men Origins? I kinda hope Fox does that with that movie and X3. Both were just so terrible. To me, it’s Singers X-Men films plus First Class that should be official canon.

    • Ive been hoping they choose to ignore origins and just rework wolvies past since there were so many flaws in origins (like how an unbreakable metal skull, shot with a bullet made of unbreakable metal, wouldnt just cancel itself out and at worst just rattle woverines head severely. that annoys me sooooo much)

  12. Little things … not noticed? Ant-man and Wasp?

    • Wohoo!! A very smart notice!!

    • I didnt see ether of them. I was hoping for a Fillion as Antman cameo but sadly no.

  13. It actually makes sense that they film in Australia, for two reasons I can think of.

    1) They are still close to asia and possible multiple film locations.

    2) In uncanny x-man #229 the team took over the northern australia Reaver base. Wolverine carved his way through about forty Reavers and the x-men settled down in their new base with the aboriginal Gateway as their teleporter. THE WOLVERINE may be focused on Japan & silver Samurai but I’d bet they’ll have aspects of the x-men’s reavers storyline or at least a set-up for Wolverine 3 or x-men 4/first class 2.

  14. Just saw the avengers here in New Zealand it was honestly an awesome movie. I hated the Thor movie but this made me change my mind on Thor the man. Everything about it was great

  15. I just finished watching Avengers Australian midnight release. Holy mother of god. Best marvel film buy a factor of over 9000. The post credits scene was very unexpected! no spoilers.